Legal stuffs: this story, it has teh sex!!  Don’t read it if you’re like, under 18 and stuff, cuz that’s bad.  Oh yeah, and I don’t own no Evangelion, I just write smut about it, so don’t sue me.  That cover everything?  Good… now on to the naughtiness!


Fourth Stage – Lessons in Control

By Rx7

With a deep sigh, Hikari ran her fingers through her hair, rinsing the last of the shampoo out of it and lingering for a moment under the hot water, letting it ease the day’s tension.  School was over – thank goodness – and Shinji had invited her over to his house later.  Where they would be alone.  Which meant that they would be having sex.

Which meant that she would be able to be herself.

At least I talked to Asuka about it, she thought, turning around to let the water pound down on her smooth back, couldn’t just leave it alone like Shinji wanted – it felt too much like I was stealing him away… but she was pretty cool about it, actually, and I really need to thank her for hooking us up – even though she said she doesn’t need anything.  She smiled to herself, loving the feel of the hot water on her skin.  It’s been almost two weeks…

For two weeks… Hikari had been learning how to please her new master.  It was a tough thing to do, when she reflected on it, because Shinji seemed very reluctant to give her orders or make her do anything he thought was ‘bad.’  He had, of course, loosened up after a week or so, but Hikari still felt that he shouldn’t be so nice to her when they were in the bedroom.

I DID get to fuck him in my room though, she reminded herself, feeling a pleasant chill work down her spine at the memory.

After their first time – when Hikari had realized that she was happiest when Shinji was dominating her – she had mentioned that one of her biggest fantasies was to have sex in her room.  Almost exactly one week later, Shinji had accepted an invitation from her to come over and study with her.  It was strange, in hindsight, that she really had just wanted to study.  After all, her father was going to be home, so she KNEW nothing was going to happen.

Then, when she was Showing Shinji her room, he had walked up behind her and whispered, “Put your hands on the bed.”

Her mouth dry with excitement, Hikari had done as she was told, barely keeping herself from crying out as Shinji flipped her school skirt up, revealing her white panties.  With a quick tug, Shinji pulled them down to her thighs, driving straight into her hole and giving her ten quick, deep thrusts before pulling out and ordering her to suck him clean.

It was very degrading.

…so Hikari loved every second.

Reluctantly, she turned the water off and grabbed a towel from the large stack by the door.  She liked it when school was quiet like this, because it gave her time to think.  Asuka had been showering with her, but had murmured something about needing to do something several minutes prior and excused herself… which is why Hikari gasped as she rounded the corner to the lockers and found Asuka leaning against one, patiently waiting for her. 

“Oh!” she said, grinning with embarrassment, “you scared me!”

Asuka glanced at her from the corner of her eye.  “I wanted to talk to you about something,” she said calmly, her voice friendly, but serious.  “Got a minute?”

“Sure,” Hikari nodded, “what is it?”

“Well I’ve been thinking about this whole master thing you’ve got going with Shinji, and I was kind of wondering if… you would do it with someone else if he wanted you to.”

Caught off guard, Hikari stammered, “Umm, I… really don’t like talking about stuff like this, but I, umm…” she averted her eyes.  “I’d do anything he ordered me to, Asuka, I told you that.  He’s my master.”

“So even if it was another girl?” Asuka pressed.

Hikari bit her lip.  “If he ordered it,” she said softly.  “You don’t understand, do you?  I said anything.”

“Even with another woman,” the redhead mused, “have you ever thought about what it would be like?”

“Y-yeah,” Hikari admitted shyly, “I’ve… thought about a lot of things lately.  I kept asking myself ‘ok, if he wanted this… could you really do it?’ and the answer is always yes – and if it’s sex stuff, I… I kind of hope he DOES ask, because I really want to try-”  She cut herself off, blushing intensely as she thought, I’ve said too much…

Asuka, however, was staring at her with a keen look of appraisal.  “You’ve thought about what it would be like to fuck another woman.”

Blinking at the harsh language, Hikari nodded.

“And do you think he’d be ok with that…?”

Hikari shrugged.  “Probably,” she said, trying to sound offhand, “as long as it wasn’t with another guy… I’ve never asked, though.”

“Well,” Asuka grinned slyly, “what he doesn’t know…”

“Asuka!” Hikari gasped, shivering as the redhead tucked her forefinger into Hikari’s towel and gave it a sharp tug, letting it fall to the floor between them as she stepped closer.  “Asuka… don’t…”

Putting a hand on the girl’s hip, Asuka smiled.  “Don’t worry,” she said softly, licking her lips and moving towards Hikari’s face as she let her own towel slip down to the floor.  “I locked the door.”

Hikari hissed as the Second gently kissed the side of her throat… “Don’t…” then her cheek… “Don’t…!” and finally…


Asuka grunted as Hikari planted her hands in the redhead’s stomach and pushed, sending her crashing to the floor a moment before their lips met.  “What the hell is wrong with you!?” Asuka demanded angrily.  “You said you wanted to try this!  You said you wanted to thank me for helping you be with Shinji – and you shove me down on my ass??  What the HELL!?”

“It’s… I can’t,” Hikari said miserably, “I’m sorry, Asuka… I… I can’t do that for you.”

“Why not?” Asuka asked flatly, rising to her feet and crossing her arms under her full breasts.  “Now that you’re fucking Shinji every other day, you’re too good for me??”

Flinching, Hikari shook her head.  “No, no,” she said quickly, her eye going fleetingly to Asuka’s chest before pulling away, “it’s not that!  I…” she blushed terribly.  “I really DO want to try… everything, Asuka – and I would LOVE to try, umm… this… with you.  But I can’t.”

Asuka’s nostrils flared.  “Why not?”

Hikari’s brow smoothed.  “I thought you understood how it was with Shinji,” she said quietly.  “You said you did…”

“Yeah, so?” Asuka snapped.  “You said he would be ok with you doing something like this, as long as it wasn’t with another guy, so-”

“I said probably,” Hikari cut in coolly, “and… I didn’t ask him.”

Asuka waved a hand.  “You don’t have to ask him about EVERYTHING,” she said dismissively, “he won’t care if you do this – and if you want, you can even call me Mistress… I know you get off on that shit.”

This comment, she realized too late, was a big mistake.  Hikari’s eyes flashed.  “I don’t… GET OFF on it,” she hissed coldly, “it’s the way I’ve chosen to live – I BELONG to him, not just because I like having someone to call Master or Mistress, but because I chose to give everything that I am over to him.”  Abruptly, her anger vanished, leaving her looking tired and spent.  “I wouldn’t expect you to understand,” she murmured, “but this isn’t a game for me anymore.  I go through my day to day life happy and secure and warm – because I KNOW that when we’re alone, my Master will ALLOW me to be his.”

Shaking her head in sick wonder, Asuka whispered, “You’re fucked, you know that?  Just… fucked!”

Oddly, Hikari smiled… though it lacked any kind of warmth.  “I feel sorry for you,” she said quietly.  “You’re so proud and righteous that you could never even understand the joy that comes from total surrender.  Your idea of giving yourself up is letting Shinji be on top – you’ll never understand me, not even if you live to be a hundred, or a thousand!”

Asuka was about to retort – and the words she had chosen were the kind that are NOT heard in civilized conversation… but before she could speak, Hikari’s chest hitched, and she swiped furiously at her eyes.

“You’ll… never understand,” the class rep gasped, turning away and snatching her towel off the floor.  “You’ll never understand… how beautiful it is to know that you don’t have to make any decisions, or mistakes – that your lover… your MASTER, will still allow you to kneel at his feet and kiss his shoes no matter how bad you think you are… and still love you.”

Before Asuka could say a word, Hikari brushed past her, yanking her gym bag out of her locker and storming out of the locker room, slamming the door behind her.


Shinji looked up from the TV as the doorbell went off, rising from the couch to go get it and dropping the remote carelessly on the coffee table.  “Coming!” he called, sighing as he recalled the brief, odd conversation he’d had with Asuka less than fifteen minutes ago.

“I won’t be home in time to watch.”

“What?  Why not?  I thought you wanted to-”

“I just won’t, ok?!  Have fun!”

Wonder what happened, he thought as he reached the front door, she sounded pretty mad…

“Hello, Master,” Hikari said softly, keeping her eyes on the floor as Shinji opened the door.  “May I come in, sir?”

Shinji shivered.  “Yeah… sure.  I was just watching the end of a show.”

Hikari nodded, stepping into the house and slipping her shoes off.  “Ok, well… let’s go finish then,” she said brightly, “I want to know what you like, remember?”

“I remember.”


They made their way to the living room, where Shinji dropped down onto the couch and grabbed the remote, clicking the TV back on.  After a moment of thought, Hikari slowly sank down onto the floor at Shinji’s feet, arranging her legs under herself.

“You can… sit on the couch if you want,” Shinji murmured, but Hikari shook her head, keeping her eyes submissively low.

“A slave must never sit as high as her master,” she whispered, sounding as if she was reciting. 

“Oh,” Shinji whispered, finding that he had no suitable reply for this, “alright.”

He tried to relax as Hikari laid her head on his knee, wrapping her arms around his calf and letting out a long, content sigh.  Though they had been together this way for two weeks – and had found the opportunity to be together several times during that span – Shinji found that he was still a little nervous being alone with her.  For three of the four times they had slept together, Asuka had been present and had even offered a few thoughts beforehand on what Hikari might enjoy, but this time – like their second encounter – it was just the two of them, and unlike that time… it was not rushed and frantic.

This time Shinji actually had to master both Hikari, AND himself.

Just start it slow, he told himself, putting his right hand tentatively on Hikari’s head, we’ve been alone together before – but only a little bit, and only a couple times when something could happen… so it shouldn’t be a big deal.

He blushed faintly as he recalled Hikari’s reaction on one of those occasions.  They had been cleaning up in the classroom, since they were on duty that day, and Hikari had suddenly looked up and murmured, “We’re alone, Master.”  When Shinji nodded, Hikari had immediately walked over to where he was standing and knelt at his feet, kissing the tops of his shoes submissively.  She had then risen to her feet, keeping her eyes on the floor, and wrapped her arms around him, barely breathing, “How can I serve you…?”

Though he knew it was not the best idea, Shinji had indulged in a brief, intensely passionate kiss before pulling away from her and stammering that they should really be cleaning in case anyone was still in the school – and his timing was perfect, as the door to the classroom opened less than three seconds later and a young woman Shinji did not know came in looking for her lunch bag.

That was a close one, Shinji thought, idly stroking Hikari’s hair, if we really HAD been doing something…

At his feet Hikari stirred, snuggling closer to his leg.  “I like that,” she murmured, “I like it when you touch me, Master.”

Shinji swallowed, blurting out the question that had been on his mind for over a week.  “Is there anything you wouldn’t do for me…?”

Silence fell between, broken only by the sound of Hikari’s soft, even breathing.  Shinji was just opening his mouth to say never mind when Hikari quietly whispered, “No…”

Moving his fingers down to caress the back of her neck, Shinji clarified, “Nothing?  Nothing at all…?”

Hikari kept her head down, the muscles in her shoulder slowly relaxing as she replied, “Nothing, Master.”  After a moment of quiet, she rose halfway to her feet, repositioning herself between Shinji’s knees and putting her hands on the couch on either side of him so that she was facing his stomach.  “Own me,” she whispered, her voice thick with emotion, “that’s the only thing I want, Master… just own me – treat me however you want, I don’t care.  Command me, fuck me…” she dropped her voice so low that Shinji felt it rather than heard it.  “Hurt me, if it pleases you, anything you want to do with me is fine, I don’t care, just as long… as you OWN… me…”

Shinji was trembling by the end of her speech, and as she finished he reached up and twined his fingers in her hair, pulling back and forcing her to look him in the eyes.  “Don’t say that,” he whispered unevenly, “Don’t say that or I might… I might do it… I might hurt you, Hikari…”

Hikari swallowed, her graceful throat bobbing as she stared into her master’s stormy eyes.  “…if it pleases you.”

Slowly, Shinji loosened his grip on her hair, letting his hands move down to her shoulders.  “Sit on my lap,” he directed, “facing me.”

Quickly doing what she was told, Hikari straddled him, arranging her skirt to cover them both at his insistence and trying not to be impatient as she waited for her next command.  Hurry, she thought dizzily, oh Master, why do you always do this to me?  Don’t you know it drives me crazy when you make me wait?  And with Asuka… oh God, I really wanted to, Master… forgive me… command me so I can forget how tempting it was to betray-

“Kiss me.”

This, Hikari did willingly, pressing herself tightly up against Shinji’s chest and easing her mouth over his in an intense, openly adoring kiss, her mind lazily running over every possible act they could perform in this position in order to be prepared for his next directive.  She loved the way he commanded her – when he was in the mood for it.  Much of their time together was spent with him avoiding eye contact and infrequently kissing her… but when he was fully into his role as her master, it was the most exciting thing in the world, because she had no idea what he might make her do next.  So far, he had not made her do anything out of the ordinary for lovers, and he had not hurt her, a point on which she had mixed feelings.  On one hand, she was not as sure of her promise to do anything he wanted as she sounded, but on the other hand, the idea of being even more submissive thrilled her like nothing else.  She longed to be totally subjugated – to have all of her will stripped away until there was nothing left but a pliant, willing, obedient THING, existing only to please her master.

The pinnacle of servitude was her ultimate goal, and so long as Shinji kept her around, she would keep pushing herself lower and lower until he would allow her to grovel at his feet.

Hikari hummed softly as Shinji’s hands ran slowly up and down the outsides of her thighs.  “I dreamed about you night before last,” she breathed, breaking from the kiss.  “I dreamed that you kept me in your room – in your closet – and only took me out to let me use the bathroom and please you…”

“What about, umm, food?” Shinji asked, too shocked by the idea of holding another human being captive to think of anything more poignant.

A wistful smile lit Hikari’s face.

“You fed me.”

Shinji blushed.  He knew she did not mean that he had handed her a plateful of food – and for a moment, he could even picture her bowing her head to lap a morsel from the palm of his hand with that same, slightly vacant smile she always seemed to have whenever they were alone.

Shaking his head to clear this image, he murmured, “Umm, are you hungry?”

For a moment, there was an absolute and total silence.  Shinji had meant to change the subject – he really had.  The idea of hand feeding one of his lovers made him a little uncomfortable, and in his haste to find another topic to discuss, he had touched on the faint pangs of early evening hunger in his stomach.

The results of this slip of the tongue were rather interesting.

Hikari melted into his embrace, her breathing growing short and labored as she wrapped her arms around him.  She said nothing, but as the silence stretched out, Shinji could feel minute tremors of excitement running all through her body, making it abundantly clear that she was immensely turned on – and if her shivering was not enough of an indicator, the fact that she was lightly grinding herself against him certainly was… as was the growing wet spot on the front of her panties.

“Master,” she whispered, breaking her own rule against initiating things like this, “if you would please do that for me, I’d…”

She would what?  Hadn’t she just told him, flat out, that there was already nothing she would not do for him?  What could she offer now that she had not given?

Then a thought occurred to her: perhaps she could offer something he had not thought of.

“Master,” Hikari murmured, keeping her face pressed tightly into the side of his neck, “You and… and Asuka…” she felt him tense, but before he could tell her it was none of her business, she blurted, “would it please you if I joined you, Master?”

Shinji’s jaw fell open – not from the idea of being with two women at once, since he had done that the night before… and at least a half dozen times prior, but his relationship with Hikari was based on different ground.  If he brought those two worlds together, what might happen?

“Why would you… huh??”

Hikari hurried on, feeling a slight thread of fear work through her as she realized her desire to be ruled may have caused her to say too much already.  “Asuka… came on to me in the locker room today.  She said she wanted me, but I told her I only belong to you.”  She swallowed, hoping she was saying the right things.  “I told her I only belong to you… but if it would please you to be with both of us, I would do it, Master.”

Staring at the TV, Shinji’s mouth slowly closed.  Why would Asuka go after Hikari?  It didn’t make sense.  Even with Misato, Asuka only touched her at the very height of passion, and she had NEVER actually eaten the older woman out, it was always just kisses and occasionally some fondling.  So it was a little hard to understand what her motivation was. Shinji could understand WHY Asuka might go looking for sex from someone else (in his mind, he wasn’t all that good, since he had no way of knowing that Asuka spent most of her day fantasizing about being with him) but her choice of WHO was a little puzzling. But upon further reflection, he supposed it did not matter.  The idea of exploration with two of the three women that made his life worth living was very tempting. 

And based on what Hikari had just told him – and a couple weeks worth of seeing Asuka in the closet with her clothes soaked with sweat – he knew that the Second would not object either… and her aborted phone conversation with him suddenly made a LOT more sense.

“Alright…” he murmured, “she should be back in an hour or so, and you can ask her about it then.”

Hikari nodded vigorously.  “Thank you, Master,” she said happily, already envisioning herself eating from his palm – the thought making her squirm with anticipation on his already damp lap.  “So, ummm… what are we going to do until then…?”

With a surprisingly cold grin, Shinji turned up the volume on the television and whispered, “Watch this show.”

Stunned, Hikari opened her mouth to protest… but a stern look from Shinji reminded her of her position.

“Yes, Master…”


Asuka turned her key in the lock with a disgusted sigh, slipping the door open and kicking her shoes angrily off.  What a shitty day, she thought, fucking holier than thou bitch!  ‘Oh, I can’t because of my master!’ what-the-fuck-ever!!

She stepped into the kitchen, determined to raid Misato’s beer stash before going to bed, but came up short as she found the holier than thou bitch herself standing in the middle of the room.


“What are you doing here?” Asuka asked coolly, refusing to let herself get worked up over the girl’s earlier rejection.  “I thought you’d have showered up and gone home by now.”

Hikari inclined her head in a polite bow, delicately ignoring the dig.  “I’m here to make up for this afternoon,” she said quietly, “I was hoping… I could get you to understand-”

The redhead raised a hand, cutting her off.  “I don’t want to understand,” she said bluntly, “you have your thing with Shinji, and I have mine.  Period.”

Nodding, the class rep replied, “That’s true, but I don’t think you understood that I AM interested in being together with you – I just needed my Master’s approval.”

Asuka took a breath to say ‘screw you,’ but before she could speak, the wording of her friend’s sentence sank in.  “Needed?” she echoed, glancing suddenly around the apartment, “as in… past-tense?”

“He’s in the bedroom,” Hikari informed her, gesturing towards the door.  “He said, ‘you belong to Asuka for the evening.  Treat her like you would treat me and do anything she says.’  And he told me to tell you that he understands why you want to do this… and if you want him to leave the apartment so we have more privacy, he will.”

Leaning against the kitchen wall, Asuka arched an eyebrow.  “He doesn’t,” she murmured quietly, “he doesn’t understand at all… but maybe someday he will.”  Considering the other girl for a moment, she whispered, “So you’re mine for the whole evening, huh?”

“Yes, ma’am,” Hikari confirmed softly, “that’s what my Master ordered.”

Pushing away from the wall, Asuka stretched out her hand, frowning faintly as she tested the other girl’s obedience.

“Lick my fingers.”

Without hesitation, Hikari grasped Asuka’s wrist and brought her mouth down to the redhead’s hand, looking the girl in the eye as she slowly ran her tongue from the base of her forefinger all the way to the tip.  “Yes, ma’am,” she breathed, moving on to Asuka’s middle finger, taking her time as she carefully attended to each digit with a content look on her pretty face.

As Hikari finished with her pinky, Asuka shivered.  “Kn-kneel,” she stammered, watching the class rep sink to her knees and look at the floor with a well-practiced, downcast expression of abject servitude.  “Look at me.”  When Hikari raised her eyes, Asuka swallowed, understanding why someone like Shinji could easily get into this role.  “I want you to call me Mistress.”

Since she had been ordered to look at her, Hikari did not pull her gaze away from Asuka’s eyes… though her expression grew momentarily defiant as she replied, “I can’t, ma’am… I only have one Master – and to call you that, even once, would be betraying him.  If you need to punish me for being disobedient, I understand, but that is the only order I cannot obey… ma’am…”

Asuka pursed her lips, but found that this was a concept she could understand.  She really is loyal to him.  Pulling her gaze away from the subjugated girl, Asuka said, “If I fucked you in front of your master, do you think he would like that?”

Hikari shivered, blushing faintly as she imagined Shinji watching Asuka put her tongue into her swollen pussy.  “I know he would, ma’am,” she said clearly, “he wanted us to all be together, but he decided that he would leave the choice of how you wanted to… to have me up to you.”

“You like being owned by him, don’t you?”

“Yes, ma’am… it’s all I need now.”

Considering this, Asuka stepped around the girl and started down the hall. 

“Follow me.”

Hikari hesitated.  “Do you want me to walk, ma’am?  …or crawl?”

Asuka glanced over her shoulder, looking down at the other girl with a faint frown.  “Has Shinji ever made you crawl?”

“Only the first time we were together,” Hikari said carefully, completely unaware that Asuka had been less than four feet away at the time, “but I…”

“You’d like it if he made you do it more often,” Asuka supplied as the class rep trailed off.

“Yes, ma’am.”

“Crawl, then… and keep your head down.”

“Yes, ma’am.”

Asuka’s frown deepened.  Fuck, she thought disgustedly, if it makes her happy… whatever.

Walking swiftly to Shinji’s room, and forcing Hikari to scramble to keep up, the redhead threw the door open without knocking and stepped in.  “Don’t pretend to be asleep!” she said hotly as she found the young man with his arm thrown over his eyes, “You KNOW that pisses me off!”

Shinji moved his arm, glancing at her from the corner of his eye as Hikari reached her side and rose up to her knees.  “I wasn’t,” he mumbled defensively, “I was just thinking.”

“Sure, fine, whatever,” Asuka said dryly, “listen...” she drew a deep breath, folding her arms as Shinji sat up on his bed and directed his full attention towards her.  “I’ve been thinking about fucking Hikari,” she said abruptly, “but I kinda… don’t want to now, unless you do it with me.”  Seeing his confusion, she clarified, “I just… if y-” she cut herself off, clearing her throat and averting her eyes, “if a guy’s not involved, it feels wrong, ok?  I want to try eating her out, but only…”

She trailed off, unsure of what, exactly, she was trying to say.

But Shinji seemed to understand, rising to his feet and walking over to where the two girls were.  “In here?” he asked softly, resting his left hand on Hikari’s head as he studied the redhead’s gorgeous eyes.  “Or your room?”

Asuka glanced down as Hikari very subtly moved her head from side to side, causing Shinji’s hand to pet her.  “The living room,” the Second said softly, confused by the odd combination of jealousy (because Shinji was touching someone else when she, herself, was close enough to be touched) and contempt (for Hikari looking so happy at being treated like a dog).  “I want to do it on the couch.”

“What about Misato?” Shinji asked, absently patting Hikari’s head before pulling his hand away.  “She might come home early or something.”

“She won’t,” Asuka countered confidently, glancing down at Hikari.  “What about you?  You don’t have any problem with the couch, do you?”

Hikari’s answer was immediate and succinct.  “It’s not my place to have an opinion, ma’am.”

Asuka blew out a breath, making her bangs dance.  “Of course it’s not… what a good slave you are.  Fine, come on.”

Together, the three of them traipsed into the living room, where Shinji immediately sat on the couch and waited to be told what to do, and Hikari – also waiting for directions – stopped at Asuka’s side and kept her eyes facing down.

“Hmmm… any idea on how we should start this?” Asuka asked slowly.  She opened her mouth to say ‘Misato usually does all the work when it’s the three of us,’ but she remembered suddenly that Hikari had no idea that the purple-haired woman was involved with her and Shinji – and that’s just the way it would stay.

Shinji shrugged, keeping his eyes on Hikari as he whispered, “I told her to do whatever you want… so do whatever you want.”

Alright, Asuka thought, giving Shinji a disparaging glance, THIS is how you control someone, Third Child.  Take notes.

“Slave,” she snapped, taking great pleasure in seeing Hikari’s eyes widen, “undress me.”

“Y-yes ma’am,” the class rep murmured, nodding quickly as she crawled over to Asuka and reached up to unbutton her shirt.

Asuka slapped her hands away.  “No,” she said sternly, “start with my panties.”

Hikari’s hands trembled.  “…yes, ma’am.”

“Slowly, slave,” the redhead ordered as Hikari reached up under her skirt.  “And don’t look at me – the floor will be good enough for you.”

Shinji blushed, easily catching the gleam of excitement on Hikari’s face as she quickly did as she was told.  I’m… not a good master, he thought tiredly, watching the class rep slowly ease Asuka’s clearly damp panties out from under her skirt, moving them down her slender legs with great care.  I just can’t push her down THAT low!  I mean, petting her and making her kneel is one thing, but I… I’m not a good master…

Asuka rewarded Hikari’s diligent removal of her with a quick pat on the head.  “Good girl,” she said briskly, “now… eat my pussy.”

Hikari’s breath caught.  “E-eat you… ma’am?” she whispered uncertainly.

She yelped in pain as Asuka casually reached down and tangled her fingers in the class rep’s hair, yanking her head back and looking her straight in the eyes.  “Eat my pussy,” she repeated softly, “now.”

“Yes m-ma’am…”

Tentatively – but quickly, to avoid being punished – Hikari eased her face between Asuka’s legs, giving the redhead’s damp lips a careful lick.

“Eat it!”

Hikari Grunted as Asuka grasped her hair and forced the class rep’s face into her pussy, giving her no choice but to start eating.  She tried to stick her tongue into it – the way Shinji did it for her – but she immediately pulled back as she found her tongue coated in slippery, pungent juices.  Kept from pulling away by Asuka’s tight grip, Hikari stuck to licking up and down along the redhead’s slit, wondering how Shinji managed to get in so deep when it was so wet and full of flavor.  She had never tasted her own juices before, so she didn’t know if she tasted as strong as Asuka, but she reasoned that Shinji must either like it or be used to it, because he never hesitated to get it all over his face when he ate her out.

After several minutes of Hikari’s awkward licking, Asuka allowed the girl to pull back.  “You’re doing it too hard,” she hissed.

Hikari’s face was flushed and dazed as she nodded.  “Sorry, ma’am,” she replied miserably, “may I try again?”

“No,” Asuka said flatly, “you’ll rub me raw.”

“Yes ma’am.”

Without warning, Asuka reached down and pulled Hikari’s hair again, making her whimper as she dragged her head back to look into her eyes.  “Not as much fun when someone REALLY treats you this way, is it?” she whispered, keeping her voice too low for Shinji to hear.

To her surprise, Hikari managed to smile.  “You really DON’T understand… ma’am…”

Asuka pursed her lips.  “Shinji,” she said quietly, never breaking eye contact with the panting girl at her feet.  “Do you want a blowjob?”  Before the young man could reply, Asuka released Hikari’s hair and stepped away.  “Stand up and strip,” she ordered, “slowly – make it a tease.  Then kneel at your master’s feet and show him how much you want to suck his dick.  You can beg him, if you want.”

Her voice faint as a brilliant blush lit her face, Hikari rose to her feet and breathed, “Thank you, ma’am…”

Shinji shifted on the couch as Hikari walked over to stand in front of him, smiling seductively as she lowered her gaze and put her hands on her hips, slowly running them up and over her firm young tits before slipping the first button on her shirt free.  She turned to the side, offering him her profile as she brought her hands up under breasts, presenting them for maximum effect before turning back and unfastening another button – her expression dreamy and content as her hips slowly began swaying, moved by a rhythm only she could hear.

Slowly, she danced, turning her body this way and that as a third button, then a fourth, were slipped free, exposing her to the middle of her stomach.  After two more buttons, Hikari turned to the side again, peeling her shirt off of her left shoulder and giving Shinji a glance that even blind men would understand meant: I’ll cry if this show doesn’t end with your cock inside of me.

Asuka watched, impressed by the other girl’s passion as the class rep finished unbuttoning her shirt and arched her spine, tilting her head back and thrusting her breasts forward as the garment slid down her slender arms to pool around her heels.  Damn, the redhead thought as Hikari eased her fingers into the waistband of her skirt, turning away from Shinji a moment before slipping it off and showing him only her tight ass, neatly concealed by a surprisingly conservatively cut pair of white cotton panties.  For a moment, the two girls’ eyes met… and each knew that before the night was over, their relationship would be changed forever.

Hopefully for the better.

Nodding briefly, Asuka gestured for the class rep to continue her show, shaking her head with wonder as Hikari gave her a small smile and turned back to Shinji, covering her breasts with her right arm while the left slid up to unclasp her bra, allowing the straps to fall down and rest tantalizingly on her upper arms.  Moving carefully, she pulled one of the straps off, then the other, leaving the cups supported by her forearm for a moment before drawing them with agonizingly slowness down off her chest.


Hikari beamed as the young man’s eyes locked onto her proud, slightly upturned breasts, drinking the sight of them in like a wine connoisseur savoring a rare vintage.  She knew she was not as big as Asuka, or Shinji’s guardian (that woman was HUGE), but he still liked the way they looked… and that was more thrilling to her than being a double-D cup.

Damn, Asuka thought again as Hikari crossed her arms, covering her nipples and smiling warmly at her master, when the fuck did she learn how to do that?  Has she been taking hooker lessons when no one was looking?!?

She shook her head and focused on Hikari as the class rep’s fingers slipped into the waistband of her panties.  “Stop,” she commanded suddenly, “don’t move.”

Hikari obeyed, freezing exactly where she was and waiting for her next instruction.  She let out a small gasp, though, as Asuka stepped up behind her and laid her slender fingers on Hikari’s hands.  Slowly, the redhead pulled, making Hikari move with her and bringing her panties to mid-thigh before kneeling behind the class rep and directing her not to move before grasping the girl’s panties and finishing the job herself.

“There,” Asuka said softly, “now – kneel… and beg.”

Hikari nodded, dropping to her knees and keeping her eyes on Shinji’s face as Asuka leaned down and kissed the small of her back, her gaze never wavering as the redhead experimentally touched her lips to the class rep’s sensitive skin.  “Please, Master,” she whispered, kissing his right thigh without looking away from his face, “please may I suck your cock…?”

Frowning as he recalled something she had once told him, Shinji replied, “I’m not in the mood yet.”

This, naturally, was a lie.  He had just seen the girl go down on Asuka for the first time, then slowly strip-tease herself stark naked in front of him… he was about as hard as he had ever been – but he stuck to his falsehood as Hikari’s words, ‘you could tease me sometimes, if you want, make me beg a little – I’d love that!’ echoed in his ears.

The effect on Hikari was most satisfying.  A strong shiver ran through the girl as rose a little higher on her knees and leaned forward to gently kiss the front of his pants.  “Please sir,” she murmured, keeping her eyes low and kissing him again, “how may I earn the right to have your dick in my mouth…?  I’ll do anything for you, Master, just please, please let me suck your cock.”

Shinji brought his eyes up to Asuka’s holding her gaze as he barely whispered, “Not yet.”

Hikari’s shivers intensified as she wet her lips, almost asking again before slowly leaning back to sit on her heels, trying to remain patient as Shinji let the silence stretch out in a clear display of control.  Her anxiety grew to deliciously intolerable proportions as she heard Asuka slowly pealing her clothes off and dropping them, one by one, onto her now-squirming form, until she knew the redhead was standing naked behind her.  She wet her lips unconsciously, tasting the other girl’s flavor on them, and she drew a deep breath to renew her begging.

Before she could speak, however, Asuka leaned over her shoulder, pressing her supple tits into the class rep’s back and whispering, “Watch.”  Rising to her feet, Asuka turned to Shinji and said, “Unzip your pants. Your slave is going to watch you get sucked and stay quiet until I tell her she can speak… or she’s going to go home.”

A deep moan came from Hikari’s chest as she watched the young man immediately pull his zipper down and draw his throbbing cock out of his pants, offering it to Asuka without a word.

“You get one warning,” Asuka murmured, sitting on the couch at Shinji’s side and pulling her hair up over one shoulder to allow Hikari an unobstructed view, “the next time you make a sound… you leave.”

Hikari nodded, her breath coming in short – but controlled – pants as she watched Asuka’s soft pink lips wrap around Shinji’s tool.  She bit her finger… then sucked it into her mouth as the redhead slowly bobbed up and down on her master’s crank, imagining that it was her swirling her tongue around the head and humming in the back of her throat to increase the sensations of pleasure for him.  It was pure, unadulterated torture.

And she loved every second.

This was control – this was how she wanted to be treated, by her Master especially.  She loved every command he issued, particularly the ones that forced her to do things she wouldn’t do in her day to day life, but she secretly hoped that someday he would make something like this happen.  Quickly averting her eyes as Asuka glanced her way, she offered the redhead a silent thank you for helping her feel absolutely controlled.

“Don’t look away,” Asuka ordered, stroking Shinji with her hand to allow her mouth to be free for a moment.  “Good girl…”  She smiled wolfishly as she brought her lips back to Shinji’s cock.  “He tastes good, Horaki… so hot and hard.  Mmm… delicious…”

Hikari’s cheeks were sucked tight against her finger, and the lone digit was disappearing over and over between her lips as she stared – almost forgetting to blink – at the torture before her.  After several minutes, Asuka pulled away rose to her feet, staring imperiously down at Hikari for a moment before waving her hand and whispering, “I’m done for now… you can suck him for a minute.”

With a strangled cry, Hikari lunged forward, putting her hands in her favorite position (one on either side of Shinji’s waist, pressed flat against the couch cushion) and opened her mouth as wide as she could, dropping it hungrily around his cock and forcing it all the way into her throat with one gulp.  She began sucking him wildly, bobbing her head up and down in a frenzy as she felt his hands settle onto the back of her head.  Screwing her eyes closed, she deepthroated him again, moaning raggedly as his nuts brushed her chin.


Hikari nearly sobbed as Asuka snapped that one, horrible word.  But I just started! she thought desperately, Let me finish!  Please let me swallow his come… oh God, I’m so hot – I NEED it!!

Wisely – obediently – she said nothing, trembling all over as she held Shinji’s prick all the way inside of her mouth.

“Spread your knees apart,” Asuka said, her voice hard with expectations of immediate compliance.  “If his cock comes out of your mouth before I order it to… we’re done.”

Hikari gave a tiny nod of understanding, parting her knees as far as she could and trying to brace Shinji’s cock in her mouth with the back of her tongue.  The room was silent for a moment, leaving Hikari to wonder what the redhead had in mind… but when she found out, her eyes shot wide open with shock.


“Heh,” Asuka laughed softly, “like that, huh?  Well let’s try this then.”

So saying, she slid further up between Hikari’s wide-spread thighs, wrapping her hands around the other girl’s hips to keep them from bucking and bringing her mouth back to her tender, soaking pussy lips.  She licked carefully, trying to get a feel for the best folds and ridges to focus her attacks and paying close attention to which spots produced the sharpest, most satisfied groans from the class rep.

After several minutes of careful exploration, Asuka pulled back one last time and whispered, “Hikari?”


“…don’t you ever fucking forget this.”


Shinji gasped as Hikari’s throat vibrated violently around his cock, her body being wracked by intense spasms of pleasure as Asuka went to work on her snatch.  From his place on the couch, he could not see exactly what the redhead was doing… but whatever it was, he was going to have to learn it, because Hikari was shaking all over, and the only thing keeping her from screaming out loud was the dick lodged firmly between her dewy lips.

“Mmm! Mmm! Mmm!” Hikari moaned, her vision graying around the edges as Asuka lightly scraped her swollen clit with the very tips of her teeth, driving two of her fingers into the class rep’s clenching box with brutal, almost savage speed.  “MMMMM!!”  Screaming around Shinji’s dick, Hikari felt her hole spread wide as Asuka added her other two fingers to the equation, pumping nearly her entire hand into Hikari’s squelching pussy.

Oh no, she thought frantically, oh no!  I’m… I’m gonna… come…!  Master... please make her stop.  I don’t want to come for… anyone but you… god!  PLEASE!  I’m gonna come!!

With her mouth full of cock… Hikari could voice none of these thoughts.  All she could do was groan in defeat as Asuka successfully forced her to break her own personal promise of never climaxing for anyone but her master – setting off a cataclysmic orgasm in Hikari’s sweat-slick body.

“Mmm! MMM!! MMMAAHHH!!” Hikari lost her hold on Shinji’s dick, throwing her head back and loosing a tortured cry as she kept coming, giving her a true taste of what absolute control was.  How long that earthquake of pleasure went on, Hikari did not know… all that she knew was that when Shinji murmured, ‘Asuka, stop now,’ she could barely gurgle word, “’knyou…’ster…” before collapsing against him.

“Hmm…” Asuka hummed as she rose unsteadily to her feet.  “I… I think I… broke her…”

Hikari floated for a while in a dream-like state of blissful ecstasy, her mind completely void of anything but warm, soothing pleasure.  She was peripherally aware of the other two teens (she could not QUITE think of their names just then) talking in low voices, but for a few moments, nothing else registered but the way she was feeling.

When she returned to her senses, she found Shinji staring down at her, his face heavy with concern.  Seeing the spark of recognition in her eyes, he sighed, “Guess you liked that, huh?”

Nodding, Hikari whispered the first thing that came to her mind.

“Will you fuck me now, Master?”

“No way!” Asuka gasped.  “After THAT, you still want to be fucked??”

“Please Master,” Hikari begged, reaching up with a trembling hand and stroking Shinji’s cock.  “Please…?”


“Mmm…” Hikari moaned, “where do you want me, Master?”

“Just lie back,” Shinji told her, easing himself onto the floor, “spread your legs a little more for me… yeah, like that…”

Hikari was always wet by the time Shinji slipped into her, usually from him eating her or fingering her to make sure she was ready… but today she was soaking.  “Uhhhh…” she groaned as his cock glided into her dripping hole, his hips bumping hers almost as soon as he had begun his first thrust.  “Mmmmaster,” she breathed, putting her hands on his shoulders and closing her eyes, “it’s… it’s good…”

Though she could not see him, Shinji nodded, glancing over at Asuka as she watched them attentively, her eyes moving nonstop from Shinji’s arms to Hikari’s breasts to the place the two were joined, and back again, taking in every detail of the spectacle before her.  She had witnessed this sight over a dozen times between Hikari’s and Misato’s trysts with Shinji, but this time was more thrilling somehow – perhaps because she knew she was the reason Hikari was oozing pussy juices all over the floor – so she kept her eyes moving, unwilling to miss any aspect at all.

“I’m gonna… come…” Hikari panted, her voice breathy and hushed, “I… sorry… came for… someone else… Masterrrr!!”

As the class rep cried out, pulling Shinji closer to her and burying her face in his chest as she came, Asuka frowned.  Hikari was right, she thought with some amazement: there WAS no way she could relate.  Hikari had given such a deep, darkly secret corner of her soul away that it literally terrified Asuka to comprehend it.  Beyond self-respect, beyond mere control, Hikari had surrendered to Shinji on a primal level – she had given something so base, so intensely personal, that Asuka wondered if the other girl would hold her breath and smother herself if Shinji commanded it.

Frighteningly… she thought the girl might.

“Mmm…mmmmmm…” Hikari moaned, slowly relaxing on the floor with a soft, dreamy smile.  “Thank you Master,” she breathed, opening her eyes to regard the man she considered her owner, “thank you for allowing me to feel this good…”

“S-sure,” Shinji mumbled, clearly understanding exactly how deep Hikari’s loyalties ran.

“Come inside me…?” the class rep whispered, “please Master?”

In a flash, Asuka intervened.  “Whoa!” she said firmly, “NO ONE is having any babies around here!”

Hikari looked blank for a moment, then laughed softly.  “Master,” she said gently, “I thought you would have told her.”

“Told me what?” Asuka asked suspiciously, hating the idea that there was something about Shinji’s sex life that she didn’t know.

“I’m on the pill,” Hikari said quietly, stroking Shinji’s face with open adoration.  “I wanted to be available for him any time, and condoms make it so… dull.”

Asuka just stared.  Her friend was a slut – plain and simple.  She had become a walking, talking, unthinking sex object, existing only to spread her legs for her owner.

It was nauseating.

Before she could express her disgust, however, Hikari finally spoke the words Asuka had never been able to hear – the ones she said after each of their lovemaking sessions, like clockwork.

“You’re so good to me…”

Asuka shivered.  She had always assumed that Hikari was saying ‘I love you’ or some similar, overly romantic tripe… but the tone of the other girl’s voice said loud and clear that this meant far more than any Hallmark-esque sentiment.  Hikari was truly GRATEFUL for Shinji treating her like dirt and forcing her to allow another girl to eat her out.  This observation reminded Asuka of how hard it was to get Hikari into bed in the first place, and the fact that she had been rather cold to everyone up at school lately. Asuka still felt that Hikari was a slut… but she was a one-man slut, and that was something the redhead felt she could understand.

Or at the very least, respect.

“Are you close, Master?” Hikari asked softly, “May I be on top so I can please you, sir?”

Before Shinji could reply, Asuka pressed her breasts against his side and whispered, “I want you to come on my face.”

“Wh-what?!” Shinji gasped, feeling his cock suddenly grow even harder.

Asuka and Misato both swallowed.  Any time Shinji got head, he could count on feeling his dick lodged in the back of a warm, wet throat as one or the other of the two women gulped down his sperm.  Even Hikari drank it, when he wasn’t coming in her tight pussy… though now that he thought about it, there was that one time she had been stroking him off and hadn’t managed to get her lips around the head in time, ending up with a face full of hot come for her bad timing.

And Asuka had been watching at the time… but still, why the sudden desire?  Perhaps because she was feeling left out?  For the time, it seemed, he was not going to get an answer.

“Come on,” the redhead instructed, lying down with her head near Hikari’s hips, “I want it on my face, Shinji…”


Shinji gasped, so turned on by this simple proclamation that he accidentally sent his first shot of seed into Hikari’s waiting pussy.  Quickly pulling out, he turned to the side and stroked himself with his hand, sending the rest of his load pattering all over Asuka’s lovely face with a low, guttural moan.  Closing her eyes, Asuka felt a shiver work through her spine as Shinji’s essence sprinkled her flawless skin, and unconsciously, she opened her mouth, catching a few drops of his semen on her tongue.

For a moment, all she could hear was Shinji’s rough, harsh panting… then, to her very great shock, she felt something warm and wet running lightly across her face.  She opened her eyes, staring with undisguised wonder as she found Hikari leaning over her, gently licking her face clean of Shinji’s sticky come.  She sat still as the other girl worked, not knowing quite what to say, but she allowed her eyes to close again as Hikari reached her mouth, giving her a soft, tender kiss.

“Mmm…” the class rep hummed, parting from the redhead with clear reluctance, “Master, may I have permission to kiss her again…?”

Though her eyes were closed, Asuka quickly found out what Shinji’s answer was as Hikari’s soft lips closed over hers once more.  Slowly, they kissed, sharing the taste of Shinji’s sperm as their tongues languidly rolled together, and before Asuka wanted her to, Hikari was pulling back again.

“Master…?” the hoarse, exhausted whisper filled the air, “may I… may I try to please her, Master…?”

Asuka gasped as she felt Shinji’s hands pushing her thighs apart.  “No,” the Third Child said quietly, his breath blowing against her wet pussy.  “You’re too worn out, and besides… I want to.”

“…yes, Master.”


Being unprepared, Asuka let out a short gasp of surprise as Shinji’s tongue dipped into her.  Unlike Hikari’s amateurish attempt, Shinji knew the redhead inside and out – literally.  He knew every crease and valley in her slick tunnel like the back of his hand, and without hesitation, he went straight for the most sensitive locales, driving her crazy by pulling back and probing at her lips when he felt that she was getting close.

“Nnnoo,” Asuka groaned, shaking her head wildly, “don’t… tease me!  God, I wanna come, Shinji – make me come!!”

“We ARE the same…”

Asuka’s eyes opened wide, her passion clouded mind struggling to comprehend as Hikari’s breath brushed her ear.


Rising high on the tide of her impending orgasm, Asuka barely heard Hikari whisper, “You’ve given yourself to him, too,” before she was swept away.


Asuka arched her back as Hikari gently kissed her ear and whispered, “You look so pretty when you come.”

And come, she did.  Hard.

“Ohh – OHH!!”

It was almost painful. Shinji’s flicked her clit like a metronome, driving sharp spikes of pleasure into Asuka’s brain with every fleeting contact, building the orgasm within her until it practically exploded inside of her, forcing a ragged scream from the redhead’s throat at almost the exact second Hikari tentatively caressed her right breast.


Abruptly, Asuka’s body fell slack on the floor, her chest rising and falling in rapid succession as Shinji finally relented and moved down to gently tongue her tired slit.  He ate her for several more minutes, easing her back down from the heights of ecstasy rather than just letting her fall.  Slowly, Asuka reached down and ran her fingers through his hair, smiling languidly as Hikari caught her eye.

Though she still could not imagine giving herself entirely to anyone, Asuka could definitely understand how Hikari could, and as the other girl gave her a soft smile, the Second Child finally understood how badly the class rep needed to be possessed.  As long as it’s you, it’s ok…

Finally pulling back, Shinji rose to his feet and offered Asuka his hand.  “God I’m tired,” he whispered, helping the redhead up onto the couch before sitting down himself.

“Mmmme too,” Hikari yawned, resting her head on his knee as Asuka settled in at his side.  “Sweet dreams, Master.”

Opening his mouth to say, ‘we’re not sleeping here,’ Shinji found himself caught up in an immense yawn.  Well, he thought, feeling Asuka’s body growing limper next to him, maybe for a few minutes…

Twenty seconds later, he was fast asleep.


Shinji awoke to the feel of soft lips pressing lightly against his throat.  Slowly, he opened his eyes, becoming gradually aware of a delicate hand, lightly stroking his already hard cock.  He expected to find Hikari as the world slowly swam into view, but instead he found himself looking at a head full of sweat-streaked red hair.

“Asuka…?  Why are you doing that?”

Asuka continued kissing and stroking him, answering between kisses, “Wanted… to wake you… up…”

Considering this for a moment, Shinji asked, “Why not just turn on the TV or say my name?”

The redhead shrugged, pulling back to look him in the eyes before murmuring, “Didn’t want to wake her up.”

Shinji glanced over Asuka’s shoulder, sighing as he stared down at Hikari’s peacefully sleeping form.  The class rep was sprawled on the floor, covered only in Asuka’s school shirt, with her head resting on Shinji’s feet.  She was also, Shinji noted, smiling in her sleep and every so often, a tremor of what could only be excitement ran through her.

He brought his attention back to the Second Child, though, as she swung her right leg across his body and grasped his shoulders, reaching down with one hand to arrange his cock against her pussy and slowly pushing herself down onto him with a content sigh.

“No,” she said quickly as he put his hands on her waist and tried to lift her up, “don’t fuck me… I’m not… I didn’t put anything in, Shinji – just be inside me for a while, ok?  I’ll suck you off in a little bit.”

“Ok,” Shinji said quietly, resting his hands on the girl’s shapely ass.

Asuka leaned forward and kissed him deeply, gently squeezing his shaft with her pussy.  “Mmm,” she hummed, pulling back to rest her head against his shoulder, “sometimes… it feels so good to have your cock in me…”

She closed her eyes, marveling at how dirty she was able to talk around him.  But it’s just for this kind of thing, she told herself, like Misato’s smoking – it’s something that I can’t do… or, really, I don’t WANT to do around other people.  Maybe it’s just another way this is only for us, I mean…

Again, she found herself over-thinking and forced herself to clear the useless thoughts away.

“Why is it,” she whispered thoughtfully, “that as soon as I find someone I really WANT to fuck… everyone else suddenly wants to fuck him to?  There’s so many guys at school – hell, even guys up at NERV and on the street – that would beg me to spread my legs for them, but as soon as I give my virginity away… God, I don’t even know what I’m saying…”  She brought her head up, looking into Shinji’s eyes as she said, “Don’t ever stop fucking me, Shinji.  I can… live with you doing it with other people, as long as I can have you too.  I thought at first that I couldn’t let myself have you if I didn’t have all of you – but I know now that I can be happy as long as I have SOME of you… does that make sense??”

Shinji nodded solemnly.  “I can… tell the others that it’s over, if you want,” he offered hesitantly, but Asuka immediately shook her head.

“No,” she sighed, “Hikari’s… complicated, is the only word I can think of.  For now, anyway, I think breaking up with her would drive her crazy – and I mean literally.  Misato, well, she’d get over it – but I guess if I can live with one person having you, I can live with two.”  She grinned suddenly.  “Just don’t go chasing after four, you greedy little hentai!”

With a weak laugh, Shinji asked, “What if they chase me?”

Asuka snorted.  “Look,” she said dryly, “you’re already fucking three women, Shinji… do you really think more are going to just come knocking on your door and asking for your dick?  You know what, don’t even answer that… I’ll tell you what, if another woman actually ASKS you to sleep with her, go right ahead, I won’t stop you!  …anyone desperate enough to beg for it must need to get it really bad.”

Like it’d ever happen anyway, she thought dismissively, he’s… god, he’s a great fuck – but it’s not like word is spreading all over town about how incredible his dick is!  Yeah, I don’t think I’ll have to worry about sharing him with anyone else.

After a moment of silence, Asuka bit her lip and looked into Shinji’s eyes.  “I’m… gonna get on the pill, too,” she informed him softly, “there’s been like, three times, just in the last week, when I’ve thought ‘this is the perfect place for a quickie,’ but didn’t have any VCFs with me.  I want to be more spontaneous, you know?  Like… doing it in a park, or up at school, or wherever we want to – wouldn’t that be hot??”

Shinji had to swallow before replying, “Yeah, it would.”

The image of having Asuka bent over one of the school desks while he hammered into her sweet pussy was the one that really clinched the deal – not that he would have objected to it either way, but this particular idea made him want to hop on a bus and ride all the way over to school just to try it out… and it was two in the morning.

Two in the morning? he though suddenly, wrapping his arms around Asuka as she let out a deep sigh and settled in against his chest.  Where the hell is Misato?!

The End… for now

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