Legal stuffs: this story, it has teh sex!!  Don’t read it if you’re like, under 18 and stuff, cuz that’s bad.  Oh yeah, and I don’t own no Evangelion, I just write smut about it, so don’t sue me.  That cover everything?  Good… now on to the naughtiness!


Third Stage – The Seductor

By Rx7

Asuka gasped as quietly as she could, lifting her hips and bringing her pussy slowly back down around Shinji’s cock.  “Shh,” she hummed, leaning forward for a quick kiss, “don’t make so much noise…”

“I’m t-trying,” Shinji stuttered, grabbing the redhead’s waist and forcing her to slow her rhythm.  “Stop… moving so fast – you’re gonna make me come too soon!”

Biting her lip, Asuka replied, “Mmm, deal with it… I can’t help it – your dick feels too good tonight.”

Shinji’s room was nearly pitch-black.  Even the light that normally filtered in under his door had been blocked out by a hastily wadded up tee shirt.  The two Children could barely even see each other… but as comfortable as they had become over the past few weeks with one another’s bodies, neither really minded.

“Can’t believe… she sucked you off in the hallway…”

It had been a rather fascinating twelve hours.  Dinner had been quiet, and the conversation had been surprisingly easy for Shinji, considering that three of the women sitting at the table were his lovers – one of them receiving that title a mere twenty minutes prior to the time Misato had started her third beer.  They had discussed mundane topics with Doctor Akagi for over an hour, with both Hikari and Asuka sneaking discrete strokes on Shinji’s thigh until Hikari had announced – very reluctantly – that she really had to get going.

As Shinji had led her to the front door, the girl had breathlessly whispered, “I want to suck you again, Master.”

Taking a nervous glance over his shoulder, Shinji had nodded and stepped out into the hall with her, thrilling to the idea of doing something so dangerous.  “Just for a minute,” he told her, looking around the hallway to make sure no one was looking before unzipping his pants.  “Just… for a minute…”

“Yes, Master,” Hikari had said quickly, licking her lips as she nearly fell to her knees and put her hands on his hips.  “Just tell me when it’s enough, Master…”


Keeping her eyes on his face, Hikari took him into her mouth, still unfamiliar with the feel of his stiff cock between her lips, but clearly as excited as he was by the dangerousness of the situation.  She bobbed slowly up and down, taking it as far into her mouth as she could… then pushing a bit further forward, forcing herself not to gag as she inched more and more of his dick into her throat.

Closing her eyes all the way, the class rep gave Shinji a quick, thirty second headjob, rising quickly to her feet and looking disappointed as he tucked his dick back into his pants.

“Misato’s calling.”

Hikari had nodded.  “I understand…” she lowered her voice, bowing much lower than a friend or acquaintance would.  “…Master.”

Shinji had told Asuka about the encounter, feeling that since she was the one that instigated the affair with Hikari, she should know… but he had not banked on how possessive Asuka truly was, and Ritsuko had barely had the lights out in the living room before Asuka had knocked quietly on his door and slipped in, quickly getting all of their cloths off and guiding Shinji’s cock to her soaking pussy, sinking it in with a deep, content sigh.

They had been fucking for twenty minutes by this point, and Asuka showed no signs of wanting to stop any time soon – or slow down, for that matter.

Shinji had to take matters into his own hands.


Asuka gasped as Shinji abruptly grasped her by the waist, pulling out of her and quickly rolling her onto her stomach.  Leaving her face-down, he pulled her hips up and slipped his pillow under them, elevating her ass and giving him access to her tight pussy… which, after pinning her shoulders to the bed to keep her in place, he slipped right back into, stroking her at a much slower pace and breathing a sigh of relief as he felt his impending orgasm retreat.

“Mmmm…” Asuka groaned, squirming slightly as Shinji kept her chest pressed firmly down on the bed.  “I’m not your… slave…” she gasped, her hips rolling in time to Shinji’s strokes as she felt a delicious spike of defenselessness shoot through her, “let me up…”

Shinji swallowed, still holding her shoulders down but lightening the pressure and allowing her to rise slightly.


“Shh,” Asuka whispered, relaxing back onto the bed – though doing it of her own free will this time.  “Don’t apologize while we’re doing it… ok?  I hate that…”

This position isn’t that bad… she thought, tucking her arms up under her chest and using the leverage to push her ass back against Shinji’s hips.  It’s kinda nice to have him… well, not CONTROLLING me… but kind of IN control…

A soft moan issued from her throat as she forced herself to stop thinking of trivial matters.  Why contemplate issues of control and power when you were being so gently fucked?  The odd thing, she thought, was that Shinji wasn’t always gentle.  He was, most of the time… but if he got worked up, he could really start pounding her.

Not that she complained, of course – sex was sex… and as long as she was getting it from Shinji, it was good.

Relishing the new position, Asuka let herself go, focusing her attention on the hard cock plunging slowly in and out of her.  She loved the way he pulled all the way back, making her pussy lips spread wide with each and every carefully measured stroke – and when his hips tapped into her ass, it felt as if it was literally impossible for him to be any deeper inside.  When they did it from the back, and he was moving fast, it almost sounded like he was spanking her – and the visual of him bending her over his knee was sometimes so powerful that she almost asked him to do it.


“Mmmmmmthat’s nice…”

Asuka bit her bottom lip as Shinji paused – buried to the hilt in her pulsating pussy – to kiss her shoulder.

“Wait!” she said suddenly as he started to pull back, “Don’t move for a second.”  Pushing up on one hand, she slid her other down between her legs.  “Put it all the way in,” she whispered, “deep as you can… mmm… yeah, right there! Uuhhh…”

With Shinji’s prick thrust all the way into her, Asuka began massaging her clit, working it in slow circles as she licked her lips and imagining his hand slapping her firm ass.  Her brow furrowed as she pictured the smack, smack, smack of his palm on her skin, making her whole body quiver.  This wasn’t the same as Hikari’s fixation, she told herself firmly, this was just an occasionally indulged-in fantasy – it just happened to be very strong after witnessing the other girl begging to be owned.

So, why not give it a try…?

“…spank me.”


Shinji leaned closer, sure that he had misheard the girl.

“Spank me,” Asuka repeated a little louder, “just… softly…”

“Umm… ok.”

Asuka hissed as Shinji raised his hand and brought it down on her smooth bottom, a soft ‘swack’ sound filling the air as her fingers danced a little faster on her clit.  “Mmmm… again… a little harder… ow!! Not that hard!”


The redhead closed her eyes and clenched her teeth together as Shinji began to spank her, swatting her backside with a nice, regular pace – almost the same as the one he had been building up to when he fucked her.  She squirmed back into him, rubbing the backs of her thighs against his hips as he switched hands, slapping her again and again as her fingers started moving faster and faster.

“Don’t stop,” she hissed, her hips and ass now rolling against him as he brought his hand down on her.  “Don’t stop, Shinji… mmm… yeah this is good…!”

Her face paled as Shinji shifted his position slightly, the head of his cock rubbing up against her cervix and forcing her to understand EXACTLY how deep inside of her he was.  A low groan swam up from the depths of her stomach, drawn out by her frantically dancing fingers, his deeply planted dick, and the consistent slap, slap, slap of his hand on her ass.

“Oh GOD!!

Asuka buried her face in her pillow as she came, smothering the scream this intense combination of feelings wrenched out of her.  It was all so good that she didn’t know what she liked best – the spanking, fingering herself, or having Shinji so far up in her honeypot that she could almost TASTE him – no one thing stood out.  Each was incredible.  And together, they threatened to burn her alive.

“Uhh…” she gasped as she came a second time, thrilling as the elusive multiple-orgasm broke over her and making the world go hazy for a moment.  When she came back to her senses, she whimpered softly, because Shinji was still all the way inside of her… though instead of spanking her, he had shifted to gently caressing her tender backside, humming something softly under his breath as his hands lightly stroked her.

“What… are you humming…?” Asuka whispered, pulling her fingers away from her dripping hole.

“Oh, you’re up.”

Blinking, the Second craned her head to look over her shoulder.  “Huh?  What are you talking about?”

Shinji continued rubbing her, shrugging slightly as he said, “You blacked out for a couple minutes.  I was just trying to decide if I should wake you up or just pull out and go to sleep.”

Unbelievable! Asuka thought, stunned.  He… he actually fucked me into unconsciousness!!

Clearing her throat, she murmured, “Well, don’t pull out.  You’re not close, are you?”

“Huh uh,” Shinji answered, shaking his head for emphasis, “I haven’t really moved that much since you asked me to… well, do that, so I’m still ok.”

Asuka sighed.  “Good,” she said honestly, “because I want to keep fucking.”  She pushed herself up onto all fours, carefully moving forward until Shinji slid out.  “Mmm,” she hummed, turning around on the bed and kneeling up to wrap her arms around him.  “We’ll have to remember that combination,” she said, entirely serious, “but my ass is sore now, and my shoulder hurts from trying to hold my body up.  Let’s do it standing up for a while, you want to?  We haven’t tried that one yet…”

“Standing up?” Shinji asked.  “Ummm how would that work…?”

Grinning broadly, Asuka breathed, “I thought you’d never ask.  Come on.”  Slipping out of bed, she took his hand and led him over to the wall.  “I read about this in a magazine,” she said, putting her hands flat on the wall and pushing her gorgeous ass out towards him.  “Just… start like we’re doing it from behind, and I’ll stand all the way up.”

“What magazine was this in??” Shinji wondered, putting his hands on her hips as she leaned a little further forward.

“Shh,” Asuka muttered, “don’t ask stupid questions.  Come on, put it in – I wanna try this.”


“MmmmmMMMmmm…” Asuka hummed, spreading her legs a little farther and pushing back as Shinji started to slide back into her.  “Niiiice…”

Shinji was skeptical.  He liked doing it from the back – that was no problem – but Asuka wanted to actually push away from the wall and STAND??  He just could not grasp the logistics of it.


“Umm, I guess so…”


Remembering the magazine’s rather graphic directions, Asuka pushed away from the wall, simultaneously reaching back with one arm to wrap her hand around the back of Shinji’s head while pushing down with her hips.  The end result of this action was a rather awkward, but deliciously kinky pose, wherein Asuka’s ass was pressed tightly against Shinji’s hips, while her upper body was pulled slightly away from him.

“Mmm,” Asuka moaned, “this isn’t so bad, huh?”

Shinji could not reply.  His balance was so precarious, and his hold on Asuka’s hips was so tenuous, that the mere thought of stroking her made him slightly queasy.  Maybe with Misato, he thought, feeling sweat break out on his forehead, but… Asuka’s just not tall enough.

“Whoa!”  Asuka gasped, quickly rising to her tiptoes as Shinji staggered.  “C-careful!”

“C-can’t,” Shinji panted, grasping her shoulders and pushing her back into the wall.  “Sorry… I can’t do that…”

Asuka nodded, disappointed.  “S’alright,” she whispered, trying to straighten, “we can just-”  She winced as Shinji kept her pressed against the wall.  “What are you… ohhh…!” she trailed off, groaning softly as Shinji pulled out of her and knelt behind her, covering her still-tender ass with loud, smacking kisses.

“Spread your legs all the way and bend over more,” Shinji told her, lightly squeezing her lovely asscheeks.  “I want to lick you for a while.”

Doing as she was told, Asuka shivered in anticipation.  So they couldn’t do it standing up, so what?  There were so many other positions she wanted to try that it was ridiculous to get all depressed that one didn’t work, wasn’t it?


Asuka yelped as Shinji suddenly shot to his feet and slipped his hand under her knee, lifting her foot into the air and leaving her precariously balanced on one foot.  The color left her face a moment later, though, as the Third stepped carefully between her stretched feet and slipped easily into her dripping snatch, balancing her leg across his upper thigh and standing slightly to the side of her.


“There,” Shinji said with some satisfaction, “now we’re standing up…”

It was a compromise, really, since they weren’t quite upright, but with one of his hands on her ass and the other on the wall, Shinji was able to begin slowly pumping in and out of Asuka’s pussy, building up to a pretty respectable speed.  And that, Asuka decided was just fine with her.

“Yesss…” she hissed, grinding against him as best she could every time his hips bumped hers, “harder… Shinji, do it harderrr!!”

This isn’t really working either, Shinji thought, blinking a trickle of sweat out of his right eye, I just can’t get all the way in…

After several minutes of this position, Asuka bit her bottom lip and put a hand on Shinji’s chest.  “Stop,” she said breathlessly, “stop – my shoulder’s cramping!”

Thank god!

Shinji quickly pulled out of her, stepping back and letting her away from the wall.  “Ohh,” Asuka groaned, rubbing her bicep, “I thought I was gonna die…”  Shaking herself, she pointed to the chair sitting by Shinji’s desk.  “Sit down,” she said softly, “I don’t want to stop, Shinji…”


As soon as he was seated, Asuka straddled his lap, easing her hot sex back down around his cock with a satisfied sigh.  “That’s good…” she murmured, draping her arms over his shoulders and resting her forehead against his.  “I like fucking you, Shinji,” she said, her eyes glittering possessively, “and I don’t mean just ‘us fucking’ I mean I like it when I’m in control – I like fucking you…”

Not really sure how to reply to this, Shinji just nodded, putting his hands on her hips – not guiding, just holding… he didn’t want to cut into her fantasy.

“Mmmm… nice,” Asuka whispered, “suck my tits… yeaahhh… ooo I like that!  God, I’m such a liar – I don’t care who’s in control as long as I get to have your cock inside me.”  She tangled her fingers in his hair and forced his head back away from her chest, looking into his eyes with a hungry, almost delirious look of lust.  “Don’t ever stop fucking me,” she gasped, clearly approaching another orgasm as she began lifting herself quickly up and down on his raging prick, “I want to keep fucking you forever, Shinji – I won’t ever let you get away from me.”

Though it was not QUITE romantic, Shinji still found this comment immensely appealing.  He had never known anything that was Forever, so the idea of having someone actually wanting to stay with him was almost rapturous.

As long as I keep fucking her…

“Mmmyes!” Asuka gasped, closing her eyes as Shinji brought his mouth back to her luscious tits and resumed sucking them.  “I like that – God, Shinji, fuck me!  Fuck meeee!!”

With a grunt of exertion, Shinji put his hands under Asuka’s ass and struggled to his feet.  He took a staggering step, all but dropping her against the wall in his haste to please her.  Ignoring her cry of confusion, he put his hands behind her knees and backed away from her, leaving her braced between the wall and his body… and then he began stroking her as hard as he could, laying into her with all of his strength until she was gasping and begging him not to stop.

“Oh… oh god,” Asuka cried, arching her back and trying to scoot back up the wall, “harder – HARDER!  Oh I’m gonna come!!  I’m gonna come!!”

Shinji did his best to keep stroking through her climax, but he was not the most physically fit man in the world, and supporting another person’s body weight – even one as light as Asuka – was tricky at best.  Somewhere at the midpoint of her orgasm, Shinji let out a cry of dismay, his right hand slipping on Asuka’s sweaty leg.  Her other leg soon followed, leaving her leaning against the wall with his cock barely one third of the way in her aching hole.


“Don’t!” Asuka cut in, her body still shaking with the aftereffects of the climax.  “Don’t… say that… when… we’re fucking…”  Taking a moment to catch her breath, Asuka reached down and eased his cock the rest of the way out of her, stroking it as she looked him in the eyes and whispered, “You’re still not even close are you?”

Looking pained, Shinji replied, “I keep GETTING close, but then we change positions.”

Asuka nodded, wiping sweat from her face with her free hand as she continued to stroke his erection, her face growing thoughtful as she stared into his eyes.  “Let’s get back in bed,” she said quietly, leaning forward and brushing her lips across his.  “Thanks for letting me try some new stuff, but I want to just fuck slow for a while now, alright?  Just nice,” she kissed him, “and slow… until you come.”

His shoulders slumping with relief, Shinji nodded.  “Ok…”

He did not really MIND trying new positions.  It was exciting.  But when all was said and done, Shinji sometimes just wanted comfortable, run of the mill, one on one sex – literally the old fashioned way.  And as Asuka led him to the bed and laid back on it, he realized that if an angel attacked just then, he would gladly let them destroy the world, as long as someone was holding him when it happened.


Misato tilted her head to the side, sighing softly as a familiar sound filtered through the air vent next to her futon.  Lucky bitch, she thought enviously, she gets it every night, but because of my new schedule and screwed up timing, I barely have time for a quickie here and there.  It’s just wrong, damn it!

She leaned against the wall, closing her eyes as she considered masturbating.  The pilots, in all fairness, were actually being pretty quiet, so she would have to imagine for herself WHAT, exactly, they were doing… but it had been almost a week since she had gotten anything more than a gentle goodbye kiss from Shinji, who made it a point to slip into her room and wake her as they were on their way to school.

Sweet?  Yes… but Misato had been craving more than sweet for the past few days – and this would have been the perfect evening, if Ritsuko had not had too much to drink and passed out on the couch.  Maybe if she just slipped out really quickly…

I just can’t risk it, Misato told herself firmly, if she wakes up and comes to find me, it’ll look mighty suspicious if I’m not in my room – let alone if I’m not in my room because I’m fucking Shinji and Asuka!

As if on cue, someone knocked softly at Misato’s bedroom door.  “Come in,” she called quietly, sitting up on her bed as the door slid open.  “Oh, hey Ritsu,” she said warmly, feeling a sudden burst of hope.

Maybe there was still time for her to join the other two residents of the house in their late-night activity, if Ritsuko was sober enough to drive home.

The doctor, however, had other plans.

“Hey,” she said, her tone low and conspiratorial, “they’re asleep, right?”

Misato hesitated, absently kicking a pillow over the air vent.  “Yeah, they were pretty wiped out for some reason,” she said casually.


Ritsuko brought her hands out from behind her back, revealing a tall bottle of clear liquor and a single shot glass.

“Mmmm,” Misato hummed, grinning from ear to ear, “my favorite – Sambuca.  What’s the occasion?”

The blonde slid the door closed and crossed over to kneel in front of the other woman, carefully tucking the oversized nightshirt she had borrowed under her as she replied, “The occasion is that work sucks and we haven’t been hanging out much.  I figured we both need to let off a little steam and cut loose for a change – even if it’s just the two of us.”

Misato licked her lips.  “Amen to that,” she said fervently, “man, I haven’t had a good buzz for weeks!”

She purposely neglected to mention, of course, the fact that she had other things to keep her mind off of work and responsibility – things that she was going to start getting pretty damn pissy about if she didn’t get to partake in soon.  Trying not to be bitter about the fact that her duties were SEVERLY handicapping her sex life, Misato focused on the shot glass Ritsuko was arranging between them.

“We playing a drinking game?” she asked curiously as the blonde carefully poured a shot and set the bottle where either of them could easily reach it.

Ritsuko nodded.  “The game’s called Truth and Lies,” she said smoothly, “it’s pretty straightforward, really… each person tells the other something about themselves, and the other person has to decide if it’s truth or a lie.  If they guess right, the first person has to drink, if they’re wrong, THEY have to drink – so either way, someone gets a shot every round.”

“Simple enough,” Misato shrugged, “but why not just do Quarters or something?”

Shrugging, Ritsuko whispered, “Because this way we can remember all the things we’ve forgotten about each other.  We’ve been friends too long to be as distant as we are, don’t you think?”

Misato averted her eyes.  “Yeah,” she murmured, “yeah, you’re right.”

“Ok,” Ritsuko said briskly, “I’ll go first.”  She straitened her back.  “I didn’t lose my virginity until after I got out of college.”

“Lie,” Misato said firmly, “that Russian guy, Gustav or whatever his name was, went on and on about how you guys screwed for hours one day.”

Ritsuko grinned.  “He was lying his ass off,” she said bluntly, “he ASKED me if I wanted to fuck – just like that, too ‘hey baby, how about a fuck?’ – but he never got in my pants.”

Looking skeptical, Misato picked up the shot glass.  “Why didn’t you ever tell anyone the truth?” she asked softly.  “He totally ruined your reputation.”

“What reputation?” Ritsuko snorted, “The one about being frigid, or the one about being a dyke?  He did me a favor – I never had as many dates as after he spread that shit around.  Of course… they all expected me to put out, so they were all sorely disappointed.  Now drink up.”

Misato brought the glass to her lips, but hesitated as another thought occurred to her.  “Hey,” she said suspiciously, “How do I know you’re not lying now?”

Ritsuko shrugged.  “You don’t,” she said coolly, “you’ll just have to trust me… like I’ll have to trust you.”

“Eh,” the other woman said after a moment, “fuck it.”

Smiling as she poured another shot, Ritsuko said, “Your turn.”

Misato thought for a minute, then grinned wickedly.  “Ok, umm, let’s see – oh, I’ve got it,” her grin broadened, spiking the truth with a touch of lie to hedge her bets.  “With all the wild stuff me and Kaji did, we never once had group sex.”

Not wanting to tip her hand just yet and mention that she knew Misato was CURRENTLY having group sex, Ritsuko replied, “Easy – truth.  You told me once that Kaji tried to get you to let a girl join you, but at the time you were too shy – but you always regretted it later.”  She smiled slyly.  “Drink up.”

“This game is rigged,” Misato complained good-naturedly as she tossed back the second shot with practiced ease.  “OK, here’s a tough one – one night when we were drunk, me and Kaji stole the Japanese flag off the flagpole at school.”

“It was my turn,” Ritsuko said dryly, “but that’s a lie.  It was Naria Patil and her boyfriend… they found them passed out in a pile of coke, using the flag for a blanket.”

Misato grinned.  “Eennt!” she hummed, doing her best impression of a gameshow buzzer.  “Wrong – we found them passed out in the pile of coke after swiping the stupid flag, so we covered them up with the thing and called campus security.”

Making a sour face, Ritsuko muttered, “What a bitch!  Weren’t they expelled??”

“It was their FOURTH offense,” Misato countered, “she was a whore, he was a prick, they were both cokeheads, and they would have been thrown out in a week anyway.  We just helped them along.”  She gestured to the shot glass.  “Anyway, you were wrong – bottoms up!”

Ritsuko shrugged, carefully pouring her shot and bringing the glass to her lips.  “Cheers!” When she slammed the glass back down, she found Misato grinning from ear to ear.  “What is it?” she wondered, pleased by the flush already working its way to the woman’s cheeks.

Misato shrugged.  “This is fun,” she said simply, “we should do it more often.”

Slowly, Ritsuko returned her grin, thinking of what was to come.  “Oh,” she said softly, “we will.”

The game lasted for about twenty-five minutes before Ritsuko decided that it was now or never.  Misato’s cheeks were glowing a nice, ruddy red – which was not surprising, since she had pounded six shots, all of which, thanks to Ritsuko being the one doing the pouring, were closer to a shot and a third.  As a result, she was feeling mighty friendly… though she did have to admit that her head WAS starting to spin a little.

Just a little.

“Your turn,” the operations director said with a mild slur, slamming the shot glass back down between them after gulping what added up to being her tenth shot.  “And make it good!  All this shit about parents and childhood is killing my buzz – let’s get back to the sex!”

Smiling faintly, Ritsuko whispered, “Alright.” She filled the shot glass to the rim and set the bottle aside, licking her forefinger absently to collect a stray drop of liquor that had gathered there before looking Misato straight in the eye and murmuring, “I’ve been having sex with Maya Ibuki for the past two years – ever since the night I hired her for the project.  I’m also sleeping with a man up at NERV, who shall remain nameless, on the nights I’m not with Maya.  Neither knows about the other, because I’m very skilled at making people I’m sleeping with believe that they are the only one I have feelings for, and in the last thirty-six hours, I’ve been with both of them.”

Misato’s jaw hung open, slowly working as her alcohol-addled mind tried to process this little revelation.  “Ummm… lie…?” she breathed.

“I wasn’t finished,” Ritsuko said with a shark-like grin, “there’s more.  I like being in control with Maya, but I give it up when I’m with the man – mostly because I really do like him, and I want him to keep me around – but I’ve been hoping to find another lover… one that I can feel I’m equal too… one that I can go down on without having to worry about whispering ‘I love you’ afterward if I don’t feel it, or put up a whole bunch of false pretenses to keep things together, when all I really want is to be myself.  In short, I’m looking for someone I can fuck one night, and go drinking with the next – and not have to think about whether or not she’s wondering if the last time we kissed had more meaning than the first.”

Misato touched her cheek, feeling warmth under her fingertips at the blonde’s straightforward description of her sex life.  “Truth…” she said faintly.  “It’s all true.”

“So,” Ritsuko said, nodding her confirmation, “with all that in mind… what do you think is going to happen now?”

Feeling her head start to spin, Misato whispered, “You’re… you’re going to fuck me…”

Ritsuko’s brilliant green eyes glittered in the dim light as she set the bottle aside and gently pushed Misato down onto the bed, straddling her waist and lacing her hands with the other woman’s as she looked down into her flushed face.


Misato groaned as the blonde kissed her, holding her hands tightly in place and gently slipping her tongue into Misato’s mouth, the taste of alcohol and licorice almost overpowering her senses as the Project-E director lightly ground herself against Misato’s stomach.

“I’ve waited ten years for this,” Ritsuko breathed, gently biting Misato’s bottom lip.  “You were always so damn sexy… so funny and clever and just… sexy…”  She brushed her mouth against Misato’s, staring her right in the eye as she whispered, “I’ve wanted you for so long – and tonight…”

Misato hissed as the other woman slid off of her and dipped her right hand down the front of Misato’s pants, lightly stroking her tender pussy lips.  She fingered her for several minutes, using her free hand to pull Misato’s shirt up to suck her stiff nipples, one at a time.  The operation’s director let out a soft moan, feeling herself quickly growing wet as the blonde slowly ran her fingers up and down her slit.


Taking a moment to catch her breath, Ritsuko pulled away from Misato’s full breasts and whispered, “If you don’t want this… say something now.”

This really wasn’t a part of her plan.  She had intended to just spread Misato’s legs and go down on her, knowing that she would get into it eventually… but it didn’t feel as good as she had hoped, and she desperately wanted Misato to enjoy herself.  As someone said in a movie she had seen a long time ago, ‘This is no fun for me if it’s no fun for you.’

Misato lay still for a moment, her eyes tightly closed as she considered the offer.  After what felt like forever, she opened her eyes and looked Ritsuko right in the face.

“If you’re going to fuck me, then fuck me..”

A thin smile lit Ritsuko’s face as she gently eased her middle finger into the operations director’s tight hole.  “I plan to,” she said quietly, “now shut up… I’m going to eat you.”

Misato lifted her hips as the blonde quickly tugged her cutoffs down, tossing them to the side and staring at her shaven mound for a long moment. 



Groaning, Misato splayed her legs further apart, biting her bottom lip and yanking her shirt off as as the blonde leaned forward and kissed her damp pussy.

“I’ve wanted you this way for so long,” Ritsuko breathed, running her tongue lightly over Misato’s lips and making her shiver.  “Don’t clench up so much… you’re going to love this.”

“Wait!” Misato said quickly, rising halfway off the bed as something occurred to her.  “Asuka and Shinji!”

Playing stupid, Ritsuko mumbled, “What about them?  The walls are pretty thick here, and they’re sound asleep…”

Well, she thought ironically, if you call fucking like rabbits sound asleep.  Stupid kids need to figure out that wooden doors don’t block sound at all.

Misato licked her lips.  “It’s not that,” she said softly, “I just… they can’t know about this, alright?”

Though the reason why this would be an important detail eluded Ritsuko, she simply nodded. “Fair enough,” she whispered, “then for now… let’s just keep this between you and me.”

“Deal,” Misato replied, leaning back on the bed with a faint smile.  “Now… show me what you can do, Doctor…”

“With pleasure.”


Without another word, Ritsuko pushed Misato’s legs apart and began to eat her, a final, triumphant, At last! flitting through her mind before she focused all of her attention on the task at hand.

Ritsuko was talented – Misato had to give her that much.  Her tongue was quick and nimble, and surprisingly long, stroking deep into Misato’s pussy and licking crevasses untouched for God only knew how long.  She was also what Misato called a ‘noisy lover,’ meaning that as she licked Misato’s pussy, she hummed in the back of her throat, making almost obscene slurping and smacking sounds with her lips and tongue.

“Oh, right there,” Misato gasped, “I like that spot… fuck, this is good!”

Hardening her tongue, Ritsuko began dipping it slowly in and out of Misato’s slippery tunnel, paying very close attention to the places that made the other woman moan the loudest.  She blinked in surprise, though, as Misato gently pulled her away from her feast.

“What?” she panted, knowing her face was flushed with excitement, “Why did you stop me?”

Misato put her hands on Ritsuko’s cheeks, urging the woman up until she was close enough to kiss before breathing, “Sixty-nine with me…”

Ritsuko groaned.  “Just for a minute,” she murmured, “I want to be able to concentrate…”

To her very great shock, though, Misato pushed her onto her back, yanking her shirt up far enough to expose her fantastic tits before whispering, “Fuck concentrating – I’m not going to just lie here and let you eat me, I don’t play that ‘oh I don’t need anything’ martyr shit in bed.”

“Neither do I,” Ritsuko began, “but tonight I-”

“You talk too much!”

Ritsuko’s breath left in a rush as Misato grabbed her arms and shoved them up over her head, pressing her breasts tightly to Ritsuko’s and giving her a deep, passionate kiss.  Their tongues fenced back and forth for several minutes as Misato ground against her, but no matter how Ritsuko tried, she could not free her wrists.

“S-stop,” she gasped finally, breaking the kiss and turning her head away.  “I don’t… please, don’t hold me down…”

Misato stared into her eyes for a minute, clearly trying to decide if this was just a preference, or a real fear.  After a minute, she nodded, slowly loosening her hold before leaning down to give the blonde a longer, gentler kiss.  “…sorry.”

The reply she received was Ritsuko rolling her onto her back and turning around to swing her legs over Misato’s head, positioning her perfectly trimmed snatch over her mouth.  By unspoken accord, both woman simultaneously began licking, tentatively at first… but quickly building intensity and speed as each tried to outdo the other.

Misato tried to match Ritsuko’s moves, but after only a few short minutes, she realized that she was way out of her league in this area.  Damn, she thought, slipping her tongue in and out of Ritsuko’s tight box, this isn’t going to be like Asuka – Ritsuko does this shit all the time.  I’m actually going to have to work to make her come.

“Mmmm…” Ritsuko hummed as Misato slid two of her fingers into the blonde’s slippery quim.

“Like that?” Misato panted, smiling for a second as she pumped her fingers in and out.  “You’re close already, aren’t you…?”

Ritsuko buried her face in Misato’s bush, refusing to admit that this was true.  Normally, Misato would have been correct in her earlier assessment that the blonde was hard to get off… but the mere fact that she was actually fucking the woman she had desired for so long had turned Ritsuko on so much that her pussy had been wet long before she had even poured Misato’s first shot – and eating the other woman out had gotten her halfway to climax just from the sheer feeling of triumph it gave her.

When Misato drove her fingers all the way into Ritsuko’s honeypot and rubbed her thumb over the blonde’s clit, it was all over.


Ritsuko’s scream was muffled by Misato’s thigh, but the way her body arched up into the air was more than enough of an indicator for Misato to know that she had succeeded.  With a grin, she leaned down and gently sucked Ritsuko’s clit into her mouth, driving her fingers into her sloshing pussy in a very successful attempt to give the woman a multiple orgasm.

“Uhh uhh uhh!!” Ritsuko let out a stuttering stream of gasps as her vaginal muscles contracted over and over, squeezing Misato’s fingers like a fist until finally, the operations director relented, allowing her to come down from the delicious, orgasmic high she had just sent her to.

Misato willingly let the woman crawl off of her, spreading her legs open in anticipation of having the favor returned as the blonde eased herself down onto the bed.

“You’re everything I wanted you to be…”

Before Misato could ask what this meant, Ritsuko pushed her legs high into the air and dove back into her pussy, licking and sucking wildly on the soft folds and valleys until Misato had quite forgotten that there could be any deeper meaning to the other woman’s words.

“Ohhh yeah,” she moaned, rolling her hips in time with Ritsuko’s licking, “God you’re so GOOD!”

Well, Ritsuko thought, mentally crossing her fingers, I hope you still think so after this…

Pushing Misato’s legs higher, the blonde made her move.

“Oh FUCK!!”

Misato barely kept the gasp from becoming a full-blown scream as she felt Ritsuko spread her ass apart with her thumbs and lick her anus.  She loved a good rim job, but very few men were willing to do it for her, since they thought it was dirty… but Ritsuko seemed to have no problem with it – and actually seemed to be enjoying it more than eating her pussy, making small grunting sounds in the back of her throat as she lapped and probed the tight ring of muscles.

“Mm, mmm,” Misato panted, “oo shit… oh eat it… f-fuck I’m gonna come…!!”

Giving up all pretenses, Ritsuko flipped the purple-haired woman onto her stomach and pulled her ass cheeks wide apart, slurping and lapping at her asshole until Misato was screaming into her bedspread.

“Don’t stop – don’t stop!  Oh God – oh fuck I’m still coming, I’m still cominnng!!”

In a frenzy, Ritsuko licked and tongued the purple-haired woman’s back door almost mercilessly, drinking in every cry and gasp she wrung from her until finally, her tongue aching, she had to pull away.

“Mmmmm…” Misato groaned, panting into her bed, “you… I… oh God that was good!”

Suddenly, the operations director rolled over, pulling Ritsuko into her arms and trying to kiss her, but the blonde resisted.  “Don’t,” she whispered, turning her face away, “I was just-”

“I know what you were doing,” Misato cut in breathlessly, forcing Ritsuko’s face back around and giving her a soft, gentle kiss.  “Mmm… there… now we’re done…”

Ritsuko blushed, rolling away from the other woman and resting her head on her forearms.  “No one’s ever kissed me after I did that,” she mumbled, “it’s not really all that… sanitary…”

Snorting, Misato rolled over and embraced her from the back, biting her playfully on the shoulder.  “So it’s ok for you to eat my ass, but not for me to taste it when you’re done?” she said teasingly.

Flustered, Ritsuko just replied, “I should brush…”

“There’s a spare in the bathroom.”

Together, the two pulled on their shirts, grinning like school girls as – by unspoken agreement – they left their panties off. Together, they made their way into the bathroom, brushing their teeth side by side in amicable silence, then returned to Misato’s bedroom, removing their shirts before slipping under the covers and murmuring their goodnights and closing their eyes.

After several minutes of lying still, Misato hesitantly asked, “When I held you down… did umm… were you raped, Ristuko?”

The blonde smiled softly.  “No,” she whispered, touched by the caring in her friend’s voice.  “But one of my lovers is very dominant… and I don’t really like it that much, but since I love him, I can live with it.”

“That’s not a good reason,” Misato said seriously, rolling onto her side and resting her head on one of her hands to get a better look at the other woman.  “You know that, right?”

“Yeah, I know,” Ritsuko sighed, fumbling around on the edge of the futon until she found the pack of cigarettes she had tucked into her nightshirt’s pocket and shaking one out. “But that’s how it is with me and him, and I don’t want to ruin it right now.”

Misato let out a long breath, leaning forward and wrapping her lips around the end of Ritsuko’s cigarette to help her light it.  The blonde watched her with avid interest, biting her bottom lip until Misato pulled back and exhaled the smoke in a soft plume.

“You know what first drew me to you?” Ritsuko whispered, studying Misato’s face closely as the other woman shook her head.  “Your mouth.  The first time I saw you, you were giving a speech in Mister Tanaka’s class, and I couldn’t take my eyes off your lips – they were so sexy I just wanted to kiss them and suck on them until you begged me to eat you out…”

“Mmmm kinky,” Misato said teasingly, her voice growing serious as she asked, “so why did you wait over ten years to seduce me, hmmm?  If you thought I was that hot… you should have made a move.”

Ritsuko snorted. “You like men,” she said dismissively.  “Come on, honestly… if I had asked you, all those years ago, to try being with me – just to see if it worked out for us – what would you have said??”

In the dark of Misato’s room, her soft whisper seemed to cut the very air itself.

“If it was you asking, I would have said yes…”


Shinji could not stop rubbing his eyes as he made his way towards the kitchen.  It felt like his body was on the verge of collapse – and rightly so, considering the fucking Asuka had given him over the course of the evening.  They had gone longer than any previous night together, leaving Shinji exhausted and spent… but pleased beyond compare that Asuka had asked – rather than just telling him – to stay in his bed.

She usually does anyway, he thought as he stepped into the kitchen, but it… I don’t know, hearing her ask just feels so good!  Like I mean something to he-

“Good morning, Shinji.”

With a gasp, Shinji slumped against the wall.  “Oh, Doctor Akagi!” he panted, “Sorry… I didn’t see you.”

The blonde pursed her lips, assessing him closely as she replied, “It’s your house, Shinji, you don’t have to apologize for walking around in it.  And call me Ritsuko, ok?”

Uncertainly, Shinji nodded.  “Alright, R-Ritsuko.”

Ritsuko laced her hands together and leaned forward, forcing Shinji to look away as the top of her nightshirt pulled away from her body, clearly revealing her left breast – all the way to her dusky areola.  “Shinji,” she said calmly, “there’s something I wanted to talk to you about.”

“Umm, talk to me?” he asked hesitantly.  “What is it?  Is something wrong?”

“No, not at all,” the woman replied immediately, “it’s a personal issue.”

Shinji frowned, glancing at her from the corner of his eye, but quickly looking away as his gaze immediately fell on her softly swelling cleavage.  Good God, he thought disgustedly, I just fucked Asuka for like, two hours – and I’m trying to look down Doctor Akagi’s shirt!  What is WRONG with me??  You’d think I would’ve had enou-

“Can you meet me in NERV HQ the Saturday after next?”

“Er, I… guess,” he said slowly, “am I in trouble?”

When he looked back at Ritsuko, she was leaning back in her chair with her arms folded under her firm tits and a wide smile on her face.  “Not everything is about getting in trouble or doing something wrong, Shinji,” she chided.  “No, like I said – it’s a personal issue I’d like to discuss, and I think my office would be the best place to do it since it is… rather complicated and might take some time.”

At a loss for words, Shinji just nodded.

Ritsuko regarded him closely for a moment, remembering the look in Misato’s eye as she watched him eat dinner the previous night.  Somehow, she realized, something deeper was happening here.  It was no longer just a big fuck-fest in the apartment, as she had been sure it would be based on the tone of the conversation she had overheard.  No, there was something deeper moving under the pretense of careless hedonism… and Ritsuko was sure that not all of it was good.

The End… for now

Author’s de notes-a: Ok, this time I DO have a note!  HA suck that!  Er, anyway, the scene with Asuka face-down on the bed was inspired by ReiZig’s A.L.I.A.S.  Ok, so the whole scene wasn’t, but I DID get the idea for her playing with herself while they did it from part one.  *shrug* hey, it was a good idea… I just had to steal it.  ^_^

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