Legal stuffs: this story, it has teh sex!!  Don’t read it if you’re like, under 18 and stuff, cuz that’s bad.  Oh yeah, and I don’t own no Evangelion, I just write smut about it, so don’t sue me.  That cover everything?  Good… now on to the naughtiness!


Second Stage – Voyeuristic

By Rx7

“Hey Shinji,” Asuka murmured, tapping her finger idly on the table, “is there anyone at school you like?”

It was an afternoon like any other, with the sun as hot as usual and the cicadas just as loud as usual.  The two teens, following what was quickly becoming a habit – or even ritual – were waiting until the sun went down to engage in their favorite pastime.

Shinji looked up from his magazine.  “Ummm, couple people,” he said quietly.  Since the first night with Asuka and Misato, Shinji had become more forthcoming with the intimate details of his life.  Of course, this honesty only extended to Misato and Asuka, but a certain bond had developed between the trio – a bond forged in sexuality, but tempered in emotion.

“Anyone you’d do it with…?”

Looking back to the article he was reading, Shinji frowned.  “Why would I want to?” he asked simply, wondering why the Second was testing him on this.

A weeks and a half prior, he had mentioned – very innocently, actually – that Rei was looking very nice that day.

Asuka had not let him touch her for two days.

“Come on,” Asuka pressed quietly, “I really want to know – and don’t say Ayanami… I already know what you think of her, pervert.”

Shinji sighed deeply.  “One or two,” he muttered, knowing that a lie would be detected immediately.  He never had been good at deception, and the idea of lying to someone he was having sex with on a nightly basis seemed downright preposterous.

“How about Horaki?”

Setting the magazine aside, Shinji glanced at her, trying to read her neutral expression.  “She’s… yeah, she’s pretty…” he whispered finally, adding a soft shrug to show that it did not matter that much to him.  “I like you more, though.”

Asuka snorted.  “Well I’d hope so,” she grumbled, “we’ve been doing it for weeks!”

“Mmm,” Shinji hummed noncommittally, reopening his magazine and trying to find his article again.

Silence stole over the two for several minutes, broken when Asuka rose to her feet, pulled Shinji’s magazine out of his hands, straddled his hips, draped her wrists over his shoulder and looked him in the eyes, murmuring, “I want to watch you fucking Hikari.”

Shinji just gaped.  No matter how he tried to force his mind around it, there simply was no other interpretation of the redhead’s words – but for the life of him, he could not understand why she had spoken them.

“I’m serious,” Asuka whispered after a moment of quiet.  “I want to watch while you fuck Hikari Horaki… in your bed, on the couch, on the floor, I don’t care – but I want to see it… and I don’t want her to know I’m there.”

“Wh-why?!” was all Shinji could say, finding his voice as he stared into Asuka’s crystal blue eyes.  “Why would you… why…??”

Asuka pursed her lips.  “I couldn’t explain it to you if I tried,” she said calmly, “but I’ve been fantasizing about it for a week now.”

“But… but you watch me and Misato do it like, every night, almost…” Shinji pointed out.

“I know,” Asuka nodded, “and that’s hot… but I want to see Hikari’s face when you stick it in her – I want to see what she looks like when she comes.”

Shinji averted his eyes.  “It sounds like you hate her,” he said quietly.

Asuka’s lips quirked up.  “Hikari’s my best friend,” she whispered, “and she told me one day… that the only way she could ever lose her virginity is if someone forced her.”

“Whoa!” Shinji blurted.  “Virginity?!  FORCE?!?  I can’t-”

“Stop,” Asuka cut in sharply.  “Listen.”  She waited for Shinji to stop sputtering, then said, “She wants to be forced, Shinji… I talked to her about it for two hours on Saturday.  She wants a man she likes to force himself on her and take away her control.  Her father’s really strict, I guess, and has told all her all of her life that he doesn’t even want them to get married because there’s no man out there good enough for his little girls. The only way she’ll ever be able to enjoy sex is if it’s not her choice, Shinji – we’ll be doing her a favor.”

“I… I don’t know,” Shinji stammered, “It… it sounds like… like rape, Asuka.”

For the first time since her unusual conversation starter, Asuka looked uncertain… but she quickly pressed forward.  “It’s not, Shinji… she told me that’s what she wants.  It might not be how she thought it would be, but it’s her fantasy…”

“But you said she wants it to be someone she likes,” Shinji reminded her, “she doesn’t like me.”

“Oh yes she does,” Asuka grinned, “I asked.”

“She… huh??”

Asuka nodded.  “Mm hmm,” she hummed, stealing a kiss from the boy as he stared at her, “I said, ‘So who – in class – would you give it up to?’”

Shinji shook his head in amazement, stunned that girls actually had this kind of conversation.  “And… and she said ME??”

“Well, you weren’t her first choice,” Asuka laughed, “but you were in the top five.”  Seeing that the boy still had doubts, she kissed him again, feeling his hardness against her panties.  “Think about it,” she breathed, slowly grinding against him, “the class rep… begging you to stop… then coming all over your cock and screaming your name.  I know you like the idea… I can feel that…”  To emphasize her point, Asuka ground herself harder against his stiff cock.  “So will you do it…?”

Swallowing, Shinji said.  “I… I don’t know…”

Asuka nodded.  “I know you don’t, but I do,” she murmured, shivering as she continued to rub her pussy against him, “you’d be fulfilling two fantasies, Shinji… and I know you’ve thought about doing it with her – she told me you used to stare at her during class.”

Shinji blushed.  “She… she knew?”


“And… you’re SURE this is what she wants?” Shinji asked hesitantly, feeling an odd trickle of excitement work through his stomach as he laid his hands on Asuka’s hips, moving her to a slightly more pleasurable position.  “Really, really sure?”

“Yes, Shinji,” Asuka sighed, “I’m positive.”

“Really positive?”


“Really, really p-”

“Oh my GOD!” Asuka cried, “Yes, Shinji – I’m one hundred percent on this!  Hikari said she likes you, she said she wants to be forced the first time she gets fucked, and she said she wants to be forced by someone she likes.  One, plus one, plus one, equals YOU inviting her over this weekend and giving her what she wants!  Damn it, most guys would be all over this!”

Shinji looked away.  “I am,” he mumbled, almost too quietly for her to hear, “I just… as long as she really wants t-”


Conversation broke down at that point as Asuka decided she was getting nowhere.  I’ll work on it tomorrow, she thought absently, yanking Shinji’s mouth to hers and kissing him roughly to show that talk-time was now over.  Tomorrow, the next day, and the day after – until you agree to do what I want!

As it turned out, Shinji didn’t need more than the remainder of that afternoon – and the strongly persuasive sounds Asuka was prone to making when they were alone – to be convinced that Hikari could benefit from getting a little help in the passion department.


Hikari arrived at Shinji’s apartment five minutes early, ringing the doorbell with the slightest hint of trepidation.  It was unusual enough that Ikari had asked her over to study in the first place, but when he had offhandedly mentioned that his guardian would be out, Hikari had found herself inexplicably uneasy.

Stop it, she told herself firmly, it’s IKARI, for crying out loud!  You know, the cute, quiet one.  He might look a little, but he’d never do anything… which is kind of too bad.

Unconsciously, Hikari straightened her hair as she waited, trying to push aside the suddenly exciting idea that Shinji might have invited her over to tell her he liked her.  She had made no secret of the fact that she kind of liked the reclusive pilot, but she seriously doubted that he knew she existed.  She had spotted him looking at her a couple times in class, but she did not really think that much of it, since he often looked at Ayanami and Souryu as well.

No, she thought with a mental sigh, I’m sure this is actually for school… not that I’d really mind if he wanted to ask me out, I guess, but-

She cut the thought off as the door finally opened.  “S-sorry about that,” Shinji said awkwardly, “I was in the shower…”

Hikari blushed.  “Well, er, that’s…”

I did NOT need to know that, she thought uncomfortably, shifting from one foot to the other as Shinji apologized again.  You don’t… tell someone that when they’re coming over to study!  Oh man – now I’m picturing it!

What she did not know, of course, was that this was the intent.  Asuka had carefully plotted several offhand comments for Shinji to make – seemingly innocuous and mundane, naturally, but designed specifically to undermine Hikari’s defenses from the subconscious level up. 

‘But take it slow,’ she had warned Shinji the night before, ‘throw out a few comments to get her thinking about fucking, offer her some lemonade or something to put her at ease, study for a while, more comments, a little smile, then say you need something from your room and ask if she wants to come with.  If she goes for it – you’re in… trust me, I know Hikari’s mind.  Once she’s on the bed, she won’t put up a fight.  But if she says no, she’s either already figured out what you’re trying to do, or she’s not horny enough to be intrigued by the idea of being alone with a boy in his room.  Then the whole plan’s shot – so DON’T push it until she’s in your room!’

“Can I… come in?”

Shinji was shaken from his thoughts, quickly stepping to the side as Hikari flashed him an amused smile.  “S-sorry!”

Hikari laughed, immediately feeling more at ease as Shinji stepped out of the way, allowing her into the apartment.  Yeah, she thought ironically, I think I’m safe here…

She followed Shinji into the kitchen, seeing that his schoolbooks were already arranged carefully on one side of the table.  “Should I sit here?” she asked, pointing to the seat next to the one Shinji was sliding into.  “Or over here?”

Shinji considered it, surveying the scene carefully for a moment.  “Well,” he said slowly, “here, I guess… it’ll be easier to work together that way, won’t it?”  When Hikari nodded, he sighed thankfully.  “Thanks again for doing this,” he said weakly, “I don’t know how I’d get it done without you – I’m not as good at science stuff as you are.  I saw your project for the science fair… it was awesome.”

“Thanks,” Hikari said, grinning foolishly at the open praise.  “But it wasn’t that good…”

“Do you want some lemonade…?”

And so it began.  They studied for an hour and a half, giving Shinji plenty of opportunity to praise Hikari and slip more innuendos into the conversation.  Somehow – even he could not tell you quite how – he managed to work into their idle chit-chat the fact that he slept in the nude, liked a few girls in class (averting his eyes as he said it, for added effect), and had been reprimanded recently at NERV HQ for being too forceful in combat.

All of these facts seemed to have the desired result, distracting Hikari to the point that she started losing her place, giving Shinji more and more considering looks as he calmly jotted a few lines in his spiral bound notebook.  Too forceful, huh… she thought, biting her lip and quickly looking back to their textbook as Shinji glanced up and gave her a timid smile.  Stop… thinking like that! she berated herself, returning the smile as she tucked a loose bit of hair behind her ear.   Man, I should go soon – I’m getting all hentai!

“Hmm,” Shinji hummed, looking at the stacks of papers on the table.  “I know I had some more notes on thermal expansion.”  He pushed his chair away from the table, stretching and yawning as he said, “They’re probably in my room… you wanna help me look for them?”

Hikari felt her cheeks warm slightly.  “I, umm… that’s not really… appropriate,” she muttered.

Shinji blinked, looking embarrassed.  “It isn’t?” he said quietly.  “Wow… I didn’t know that…”

“Well,” Hikari said quickly, “it’s… I don’t know, my dad always said it wasn’t, but I’ve never… no one else at school…” she trailed off, feeling a sudden stab of resentment towards her father.  “You know what?” she pushed her chair back from the table, “Never mind – I’ll help.”

Had she not been so determined to defy her father’s edict, Hikari might have noticed the look of relief on Shinji’s face and questioned why, exactly, it mattered to him that she come into his room when no one else was home.  As it was, she simply followed him towards his room, hesitating on the threshold for a moment before clenching her hand into a determined fist and stepping inside, absently closing the door behind her.

Whoa! she thought, feeling somewhat breathless, In a boy’s room with the door closed – dad would FREAK!  Shaking her head, she mused, Funny… somehow I always thought it would be Touji’s room I ended up in.

She glanced over, finding Shinji just closing his closet door.  “Hmm,” he said, his voice holding the strangest hint of forced lightness, “not in there… maybe over here.”  He walked over to the desk in the corner of his room, ‘accidentally’ brushing Hikari’s hand with his own as he passed by.  “Sorry,” he murmured, “do you want to sit on the bed while I look?

Feeling deliciously wicked, Hikari nodded.


HA! she thought triumphantly, What do you think of that, Daddy??  I’m in a boy’s room, with the door closed – ON HIS BED!  She swallowed as another thought occurred to her.  I’m on Ikari’s bed… alone… wow – this is kind of sexy.  She shook her head as Shinji asked if she could see a stack of papers next to the bed with red pen all over them.  I… really shouldn’t be here, she thought sadly, Ikari wouldn’t do anything, I know… but… but I’m kind of wanting him to now!  …I should go.

She started to rise, but stopped as Shinji cried, “Found them!  Ok…”

Well, she thought, her eyes darting guiltily to the front of Shinji’s pants, maybe just a few more minutes…

“Here,” Shinji said, dropping onto the bed next to her with a discrete glance at the closet, “take a look at this.”

Hikari leaned closer, unconsciously breathing through her nose and inhaling Shinji’s scent as she took the papers.  Too far! she thought frantically, You’re pushing too far! …God he smells good, though, if I could just­-


The papers fell to the floor with a soft rustling as Shinji suddenly tilted his head to the side and put his hand on Hikari’s, pressing his lips tightly to hers in an unmistakable, open-mouthed kiss.  Hikari sat frozen as the boy put a hand on her shoulder, turning her to face him more completely and gently running his tongue across her lips.

What’s… happening…? she thought, thoroughly dazed.  Ikari…?

Her paralysis broke as Shinji gently eased her head to the side and brought his lips down to her exposed neck.  “Ik…ari…!!” she gasped, her eyes widening as she felt his lips touch the sensitive skin.  “Ikari, you… you shouldn’t… do that…”

Shinji ignored her, continuing to suckle at her soft throat, his hand squeezing hers on the bed as he leaned in closer to her.

“C-come on,” Hikari groaned, unconsciously tipping her head further to the side, “stop it now, Ikari… I… I don’t… uhh…”

She gasped as Shinji’s free hand cupped her left breast, gently massaging it through her thin blouse.  Her nipple was instantly hard, and when Shinji’s fingers found and wrapped around it, Hikari groaned again, her mouth hanging open as he expertly fondled her.

Don’t… she thought dizzily, offering little resistance as Shinji’s hand deftly undid the middle three buttons on her blouse and eased it open, exposing one side of her simple white bra.  Don’t… do that…

But no matter how she tried, her mouth would not quite form the words.  Somehow, the synapses were not firing in the correct order, or being intercepted, or SOMETHING, because for some unfathomable reason she was allowing a boy to touch her breast and kiss all over her neck.

Daddy would be furious…

Shinji, sensing that the door was definitely open, leaned down, pulling the cup of Hikari’s bra to the side and wrapping his lips around her nipple.  “Uhhhh!!” Hikari hissed between her teeth, her back going instantly rigid as Shinji sucked her stiff nipple into his hot mouth, lashing it with the tip of his tongue as his hand slipped swiftly up her thigh.

What’s… happening to me?! Hikari thought desperately, feeling her legs instinctively parting as Shinji’s hand brushed the front of her panties, the small bones on the knuckle of his forefinger pressing ever so slightly between her lips.  Why can’t I talk…?

Licking her lips, Asuka peered through the slats of the closet door, her hand straying to the front of her panties as she watched Shinji finger Hikari through hers.  From her vantage point, she could see the bright red flush on Hikari’s face, and after a moment, a soft ‘shluck, shluck, sluck,’ filled the air.

Hikari could only whimper as Shinji pulled her panties to the side and slipped two of his fingers into her wet pussy, sliding them quickly in and out as he bit down on her nipple with gentle, but intense pressure.  Don’t do that to me… she thought frantically, feeling the bed suddenly come up to meet her back as Shinji pushed her carefully down.  I’m not that kind of girl… I’m… don’t… uhh…

Eventually, even thoughts failed her as Shinji’s middle finger idly stroked her quickly swelling clit.  Hikari felt her hips rising to meet his fingers as he pulled away from her breast, and to her horror, it took all of her effort not to pull his wonderful mouth back to her nipple.

Why did I – no!  No don’t…!!

Obviously unable to hear her mental plea, Shinji slid down between Hikari’s legs and tugged her soaking wet panties off of her, throwing them carelessly to the side.


Shinji hesitated for a moment, almost letting Hikari complete the denial… but then he steeled himself, Asuka’s assurance that the class rep wanted this ringing in his mind as he slipped his hands behind Hikari’s knees and levered them apart, lowering his mouth to her oozing gash.

“Oh…OH!!” Hikari cried out, her hips bucking as Shinji’s tongue dipped into her.  “Ik…ari…” she whined, “n… no, don’t… that’s… ohhhh…”

Asuka bit her bottom lip, keeping her breathing quiet and even as she watched Shinji gently going down on her best friend.  Yeah, she thought, hardly blinking as Shinji pushed Hikari’s legs further apart and began eating her for real, making broad, long strokes with the widest part of his tongue – like an artist painting his masterwork.  It’s good, isn’t it, Hikari?  I knew you’d like this – I knew you would!  God, I better stop touching myself or I’ll come…

After several minutes, Shinji felt that the muscles in Hikari’s legs had lost their tension, so he stopped pushing on them, afraid that he might actually be hurting her.  His reward was a soft moan and a tentative hand touching the top of his head as he lapped at the girl’s neatly trimmed mound.  Encouraged, he released her legs entirely, using his fingers to spread her further apart – recalling how Asuka and Misato liked it when he really went deep – and pushed his tongue all the way into her slippery hole.

“Oh GOD!” Hikari cried, her fingers wrapping in Shinji’s hair as she bit the knuckles on her free hand.  Her back arched as Shinji expertly delved deep into her, holding her lips apart with his fingertips and licking the darkest, most private corners of her throbbing pussy.  “N…no…” she moaned, shaking her head in denial as Shinji pulled back and delicately licked her clit, “p-put it back… inside…”

Hikari’s thighs began trembling as the boy put his hands on the back of her knees once more, pushing them up onto her chest and opening her pussy like a wet, defenseless tulip.  She felt her lips spread of their own accord as Shinji gently blew on them… and she knew, in that instant, that she was lost.

“Yes – YES!!

Holding her legs for him, Hikari urged Shinji to put his fingers on her swollen vaginal lips, no longer caring if this was right or wrong as long as he kept making her feel this way.  His tongue was so deep in her that she thought she was going to go crazy if he pulled it out, but at the same time, her clit was starting to throb, pulsing in time with her heartbeat as her orgasm drew nearer and nearer.

“Oh, god, that’s so good!” she sobbed, “lick my clit, please – I want to come… oh, Shinji, PLEASE make me come!!”

Hikari’s face went pale as Shinji did what she wanted, her freckles standing out in stark contrast as his soft lips wrapped around her sensitive bud, his tongue running slowly around it as one of his fingers lightly tickled her anus.


The sudden feel of his finger at her back door coupled with the soft flicking of her clit sent Hikari into the stratosphere.  Her hips bucked violently as she came, pushing the tip of Shinji’s finger just barely inside her tight asshole.  The feel of this invasion drove Hikari wild, and she shook her head from side to side, throwing her head back to scream as one orgasm became two, sending spasms of ecstasy shooting through her body.

“Uhhh… uhhhhnnnhhh…” Hikari moaned – half with disappointment – as Shinji slowly pulled away from her dripping pussy.  Her eyes fluttered open as he rose to his feet and pulled his pants and underpants off before rejoining her on the bed, kneeling between her legs and stroking himself as he absently caressed her thigh.

“I’m going to fuck you now, Hikari…” Shinji whispered, staring into the girl’s saucer-sized eyes.  “Spread your legs a little wider for me.”

Slowly, Hikari complied, her breathing shallow and labored as she looked down at Shinji’s hard cock.  “G-go… sl- be gentle…?”

Shinji nodded gravely.  “You know I will,” he said quietly.

Hikari swallowed, watching in fascination as Shinji’s cock slowly moved forward, brushing her sensitive labia with a careful up and down movement, gathering up some of her juices as Shinji grasped her by the backs of her thighs, holding her legs up and apart… leaving her pussy totally unprotected.

From the closet, Asuka had a perfect view of Shinji’s cock spreading Hikari’s pussy lips wide open, hesitating for a moment before starting to push between them.  Her eyes shot to Hikari’s face, watching the other girl’s expression as Shinji slowly plunged into her.  Asuka knew from experience that Hikari must have been dripping wet – you can’t get eaten out and come on someone’s face without being soaked down there – but she was concerned that the class rep might change her mind at feeling Shinji coming into her.


Hikari’s deep, throaty moan dispelled the idea that there was any pain involved.  Asuka felt her mouth going dry as she watched Shinji’s shaft disappear all the way into her best friend without so much as a pause, and in spite of her earlier resolution not to touch herself, Asuka found her palm on the front of her panties – rubbing very lightly, but touching all the same.

She bit her lip as Shinji’s cock pulled back, glistening with Hikari’s pussy juices in the light from the bulb overhead, and disappear back into the girl, a soft grunt of effort filling the room as Shinji’s hips bumped Hikari’s.  Seemingly satisfied that he was not killing her, Shinji slowly began pumping himself in and out of Hikari’s tight hole, keeping her legs spread wide as he watched his cock disappear over and over inside of the class rep’s box.  He stroked her long and deep and slow, wanting to make sure that he did not come too soon, and wanting to make it so Hikari was able to enjoy it.

And on that note, he did seem to be succeeding.  “Oh fuck me…” Hikari moaned after several minutes, “oh I love your cock, Shinji… mmm this feels so GOOD!  Don’t… don’t stop, Shinji… don’t stop…”

Shinji was sweating.  It took a lot of concentration not to blow his load the second Hikari moaned his name.  She was every bit as tight as Asuka, and her pussy was sucking and grabbing at his dick with every stroke – as if her body did not want it to leave.  He slowed down a bit more, resting her legs against his chest and putting one hand on his wall for support while his other gently squeezed Hikari’s breasts.

“Mmmm,” Hikari groaned her approval, her eyes fluttering back open… but not quite focusing as she whispered, “I can’t believe you’re fucking me… I can’t believe… your cock is inside me – it feels so… mmm… Shinji, go faster – I’m gonna come again…!”

Nodding, Shinji began to stroke her faster, finding her nipple through the thin fabric of her shirt and pinching it lightly.

Asuka watched breathlessly as Shinji picked up the pace, her right hand now caressing her pussy with far more force as she imagined his cock plunging in and out of her.  She was half tempted to come out and join them, but that would ruin the fantasy – and it might freak Hikari out.  She bit her lip to keep from moaning, hoping that Shinji would not be too spent to fuck her or at least eat her out for a while… after this, she NEEDED some attention from him.

Just watching, it seemed, was not going to be enough.

“Faster,” Hikari urged, sweat now running freely over her face and matting her long hair to her neck.  “Gonna come… Shinji, I’m going to… uhhaHHHH!!”

Hikari’s third climax broke over her, sending pinwheels of light flashing behind her eyelids as she clenched her eyes closed.  She felt her pussy clamping down around Shinji’s cock, grasping it tightly as the muscles throughout her body fired at random, ultimately leaving her panting and spent on the bed.

She groaned weakly as Shinji pulled out of her, carefully easing her legs down and collapsing at her side, wrapping his arms around her waist and giving her a gentle, awkward kiss.  After several minutes spent trying to catch her breath, Hikari realized that she was exhausted.  She rolled onto her side, closing her eyes as her lungs finally stopped bellowing in and out, and laid a hand atop Shinji’s forearm as he embraced her from behind.

Silence reigned for a time as Hikari pondered what had happened.  “Shinji…” she whispered, not waiting for a reply before she asked, “did… Asuka tell you…?”

For a moment, she thought he might not reply, or that he would deny it, saying that he just wanted her that way.  Finally, though, he replied, “Yeah… she told me you had a fantasy about this…”

“Mmm…” Hikari hummed, wondering why she was not mad.  She had outlined her fantasy in confidence… and if it had only been an idle fantasy, rather than her deepest, darkest one, she might have screamed ‘rape’ before Shinji had even gotten her panties off. But somehow, deep down, she knew he would have stopped if she had really struggled or screamed ‘NO!’ rather than weakly mumbling it.

Or at least, she thought she knew that.

“Did you like it…?”

Hikari nodded automatically.  “I loved it…” she whispered honestly, “I just… I had no idea you could be like that, Shinji.”

“Neither did I,” Shinji confessed with a weak laugh, “I almost stopped a few times…”

“I’m glad you didn’t.”

Slowly, Hikari turned to face him, looking him in the eyes.

“So was this a one-time thing?” she asked softly, “A favor for a friend kind of fantasy fulfillment?  …or are you going to have me over more often, Shinji?”

“Er, do you want to come over more…?” Shinji murmured, barely resisting the urge to look at the closet.

Hikari nodded.  “I’ll come over every night this week, if you’ll do that to me again,” she said seriously, “really.  I had no idea it would be this good, Shinji.  Everyone says things like, ‘oh sex is overrated,’ or, ‘it’s better than sex,’ but as far as I can see… those are both lies – there’s nothing better than this, and it is NOT overrated.”  She lowered her eyes as something occurred to her.  “Are you… fucking Asuka, too…?”

Shinji looked embarrassed.  “Y-yeah,” he whispered, “I am…”

He decided that she did not need to know that he was sleeping with Misato as well… why make things more complicated.

“Do you think she’ll mind sharing you with me?”

This time, Shinji did glance at the closet… but he could not see Asuka’s eyes through the slat.  “I, umm… well, she DID set this up,” he confessed, once again leaving out a detail – the one about her still BEING there.  “So I guess… I guess she must be alright with it.”

Hikari sighed.  “Good,” she murmured, “because I want to try other things too, Shinji… I want to fuck every chance we get, alright?”  She closed her eyes, blushing as she realized how she sounded.  “I can’t believe I just said that.”

“It’s alright,” Shinji said honestly, “I’ve heard worse.”

 “Did you come…?” Hikari asked suddenly, propping herself up on one elbow and looking down at his cock.  “I didn’t feel anything.”

Shinji shook his head.  “I forgot to get a condom on,” he said slowly.

Hikari laid her hand tentatively on his slick shaft.  “I could… try sucking it for you,” she offered hesitantly, slowly stroking her hand up and down.

“Not tonight,” Shinji said gently, easily picking up on the note of fear in her voice, “but if you want to try another time.”

“I do,” Hikari said immediately, unable to meet his eyes, “I… I was serious when I said I want to try everything.”

Shinji nodded as she released him and laid back on the bed.  “Well,” he said carefully, “I’m… sure we can figure out how to… to try new stuff.  It might be kind of hard since Asuka and… and Misato are both here all the time, but-”

“You can come to my house sometimes,” Hikari cut in, her voice suddenly excited, “ooo… I want you to fuck me on my bed, Shinji – god that would be so hot!

Having no reply for this, Shinji simply repeated, “I’m sure we can figure it out,” and excused himself to go clean up.

In the closet, Asuka was a jumble of mixed feelings.  On the one hand, she really did want Hikari to be happy – the class rep was her best friend, and up until the moment she had screamed ‘fuck me’ Asuka doubted that the girl had ever so much as cursed above a whisper.  But if she stood by and said nothing, then Hikari would want Shinji to fuck her all the time – which would mean that she and Misato would be left out in the cold!

I’ll talk to him about it when she’s gone, Asuka told herself, frowning as Hikari abruptly rose to her feet, make sure he knows that WE’RE a top pri… what is she doing??

Instead of pickling up her panties, Hiakri was removing the rest of her clothes, tossing them quickly over the back of Shinji’s chair and sitting on the edge of the bed with her hands folded carefully in her lap.

What is she DOING?

The answer came when Shinji came back into the room, blinking in surprise as he found Hikari naked in front of him.  “Wh-”

“Shinji,” Hikari said softly, sliding off of the bed and kneeling in the middle of the floor, “there’s… a favor I want to ask you.”

Shinji scratched his head, again glancing briefly to his closest before mumbling, “Umm, sure… sure, what is it?”

Hikari took a deep breath.  “This was… incredible,” she said quietly, “the way you… you just took control and… and made me come.”  She stared at the floor for a minute, trying to formulate the right words to express herself.  “I want to do more with you, Shinji, I really do – but I can’t… let myself go.  The way I was raised I just can’t, so I need… I need to ask you… to force me – every time.”  She looked up, hope written all over her features.  “Is that too much to ask, Shinji?  I want… you to fuck me again – any way you want – I want to learn how to please you and… and I want you to… god, I don’t even know what I’m saying… I don’t even know what I want – all I know is that I have to have you tell me what to do, I can’t just do it on my own, does that make sense??”

Asuka’s mouth had fallen open, and as Shinji tried to find a suitable response, she found that she could not close it. Damn, she thought, stunned, I had no idea it was THAT deep!!

“So,” Shinji said slowly, his head feeling to hot as he struggled to make all of the dots connect, “you… you want me to be your master, or something like that…?”

A violent shiver ran through Hikari’s body.  “I… hadn’t thought of that,” she breathed, licking her lips as her eyes grew far away.

“S-sorry,” Shinji said quickly, “I didn’t mean-”

“No, no,” Hikari cut in, “that… sounds… kinda good, actually…”  She looked up into Shinji’s eyes, swallowing with some difficulty before whispering, “G-give me an order… Master…”

Asuka held her breath, mentally urging, Come on, Shinji… she’s begging you to be her master – I want to see this!

Shinji’s mouth slowly closed and he rose to his full height, turning his body so that his profile was facing the closet.  “Come over here,” he said, his voice trembling slightly as he pointed to a spot on the floor at his feet.

Holy shit…!

Finding that her mouth was entirely dry, Asuka barely contained a gasp of shock as the prim and proper class rep crawled on her hands and knees to Shinji, looking up at him for approval and humming softly as Shinji slowly patted her on the head.


“Yes, Master…?”

Asuka nearly swooned as Shinji looked Hikari straight in the eyes and whispered, “I want you to suck my cock now.”

Hikari shivered.  “Yes, Master…” she whispered, rising to eye-level with Shinji’s dick and immediately wrapping her lips around it.

I’m home!!”

Everyone froze.

“Shinji?  Asuka?  Hello?”

Hikari stared to pull back, but Shinji’s hands shot down, grabbing her head and forcing her mouth back down around his cock.  “I’m in my room, Misato,” he called, lowering his voice and looking into Hikari’s fearful eyes.  “Don’t stop sucking until I tell you to.”

Asuka could hear Hikari breathing through her nostrils – wild and frantic, but excited – and she could clearly see the class rep nod, closing her eyes as she clumsily gave Shinji head for the first time.

“Where’s Asuka?” she heard Misato call, “Ritsuko’s here for dinner.”

Thank GOD! Asuka thought.  If the purple-haired woman had been alone, Asuka knew, she might have just slipped into Shinji’s room for a quickie before dinner – but with company in the house, propriety would not allow her to even open the door without permission.  God loves the Japanese culture!

“She’s… around here somewhere,” Shinji called back, slowly starting to thrust his cock in and out of Hikari’s mouth, “I’ve… got a friend in here,” he said boldly, “we’re studying for a final.”

“I know,” Misato said, now standing right outside his door, “I saw the extra shoes by the door.”

“Say hi,” Shinji ordered, pulling free of Hikari’s lips and guiding her hand to his spit-covered dick.

“Ummm, hi,” Hikari called somewhat breathlessly, resting her forehead on Shinji’s hip and unconsciously stroking his erection, “It’s… me, Major – Hikari Horaki… how are you?”

There was a slight pause.  “Oh, hi Hikari,” Misato said finally, her voice slightly unsure, “I’m good, how are you?”

“I’m… good,” Hikari replied, trying to sound casual as she brought her lips back to Shinji’s cock, licking and kissing at it wildly as her self-control was crushed by her arousal.  “Just… getting ready for a test!”

Asuka’s hand was on her pussy again, and as Hikari’s mouth wrapped around Shinji’s dick, quickly bobbing up and down while Misato said, “Well, you guys do your best,” she came.  She had to bite her lip to keep from screaming, but it was just too hot not to let go.  Her best friend was kneeling in front of Shinji and sucking his dick while Misato stood less than three feet away – and the only thing keeping her from seeing was an inch of cheap fiberboard and laminate.

“We will,” Shinji promised, taking Hikari’s head firmly between his hands and adding – almost as an afterthought, “can Hikari stay for dinner?”

Hikari grunted as Shinji came in her mouth, swallowing his sticky sperm in three quick gulps as Misato replied, “Sure – the more the merrier.  I bought a couple frozen pizzas, so it should be ready in about ten minutes.”

Shinji let out a long, quiet sigh as Hikari licked and sucked at his quickly shrinking tool.  “We’ll be there,” he murmured, stroking her chestnut hair with the tips of his fingers and looking into her eyes.  “That was… wow, Hikari,” he whispered as Misato’s footsteps moved off down the hall.

Slowly pulling back from his shaft, Hikari panted, “Th-thank you… Master…”

She shivered as Shinji reached down and swabbed a drop of semen off of her chin, offering it to her with a glint in his eye.  Unhesitatingly, she took his finger in her mouth, sucking up the last drop of his seed and swallowing it with a very content expression.

“Get dressed and go in the kitchen,” Shinji said softly, “tell them I’ll be out in a minute.”

“May I… use the bathroom first, Master?” Hikari asked hesitantly, “I’m… I’m all sweaty – they’ll know…”

For a moment, she thought Shinji might say ‘no – fuck them, I don’t care if they know!’ and if that happened… well, she would have done as she was told – hell, at that point, as turned on as she was, Hikari most likely would have gone into the kitchen naked and announced to anyone that was willing to hear that she had just sucked, fucked, and been eaten by Shinji Ikari, and she was undoubtedly hoping for a repeat performance as soon as she could get it.

As it was, however, Shinji simply nodded and said, “Yeah, that’s a good idea… I’ll see you out there in a minute.”

“Yes, Master…”

Shinji watched her reach for her clothes, impulsively whispering, “Leave your underwear off,” as she started to dress.

Hikari’s breath caught as she imagined him fingering her under the table, and she quickly nodded, “Yes, Master, I understand…”

Giving her a quick kiss, Shinji slid the door open so she could scamper into the bathroom.  As soon as the door was closed, he whipped around and tore the closet open.  “Asuka! Are you ok?!”

The redhead was leaning against the wall of the closet, panting for breath.  Her hair was tousled and matted to her face, and her panties were resting on the floor at her feet… and even in the darkness of the closet, Shinji could easily see that her thighs were glistening with her pussy juices – a testament to what she must have thought of the encounter.

“M-Master…?” Asuka gasped, taking Shinji’s hand as he helped her out, “you’re her… master, now…?”

Shinji blushed.  “She… wanted me to,” he muttered, “sorry…”

Asuka tried to push him up against the wall, but only succeeded in collapsing into his arms.  “You’re… mine, first,” she groaned weakly, “b-be her master if you h-have to… but you’re… mine when you’re h-here…”

Smiling, Shinji wrapped his arms around her.  “I understand.”  He kissed her sweaty forehead, hesitating before whispering, “I’ll let you know before she comes over next time so you can watch u-”

“D-don’t!” Asuka hissed, shivering violently, “don’t… say stuff like that… I just came five times in there – all at once!  Are you trying to kill me…??”

“You’d better get cleaned up,” Shinji mumbled tactfully, “unless you want to tell them you were working out in your room.”

Asuka snorted, indulging in another few seconds of leaning against him.  “Since when did you grow a sense of humor?” she quipped, starting to push back. “Next thing you know, you’ll be telmmmm…”

She was cut off as Shinji put a finger under her chin and tilted her head up, pressing his lips carefully to hers.  Asuka could taste Hikari’s juices on Shinji’s tongue, an inexplicably arousing taste, and despite her admonition of a few seconds prior, she found herself pressing up against him, her sopping lips grinding against his thigh as she imagined the sex they would have once the house was quite.

“What was that f-”

“You’ll always be the first,” Shinji murmured, looking into her eyes without a trace of manipulation or guile.  “No matter what happens, it was always you I wanted first…”

Asuka was unable to match his intensity.  “Yeah, I know,” she murmured, resting her head on his shoulder, “just don’t ever forget that.”

“I won’t.”

They stayed in each other’s arms for a moment, lost in the flood of emotion that had started this seemingly unstoppable sexual rollercoaster.  Then Asuka pulled back, kissed him one last time, and made her way to the bathroom, taking one final look back at the Third Child as an intensely possessive thought flickered through her mind.

I was the first… and damn it – tonight I’m going to be the next!  Misato can fucking play with herself if she wants, but you are all mine tonight, Shinji... and if you want to tell me what to do a little, well that’s fine – but the whole master and servant thing won’t fly… that can be you and Hikari’s game.  With me… with me I want the real thing.  Give and take… eye to eye… everything for everything – and I won’t settle for even one bit less!

The end… for now.

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