Legal stuffs: this story, it has teh sex!!  Don’t read it if you’re like, under 18 and stuff, cuz that’s bad.  Oh yeah, and I don’t own no Evangelion, I just write smut about it, so don’t sue me.  That cover everything?  Good… now on to the naughtiness!


By Rx7

Asuka was hot… and not in a good way.  “Hurry up, Third Child,” she snapped, pushing the boy’s shoulder as the elevator arrived.  “I don’t want to be squashed in the front of this thing.”

“B-but if we get in now we’ll get squashed against the back,” Shinji protested, letting her shove him into the small car and casting a nervous look around all the impatiently waiting NERV employees.  “Sorry,” he mumbled.

“We’re going farther down than most of them,” Asuka pointed out, entirely exasperated, “this way we won’t have to move out of the way every time someone has to get off, besides – hey, watch your hands!  This isn’t free-feel-Sunday, ya know!”

“Sorry!” Shinji gasped, his hands shooting down to his sides as people started climbing onto the elevator, at first giving the Children a certain amount of respectful breathing room… but finally forcing them further into the corner.

Asuka blew out a disgusted breath.  “What a day for one of the elevators to be under maintenance,” she grumbled, “I mean, I know it’s better than having them break or something, but… damn it, how many more people are there!?”

Shinji turned – with much difficulty – so that she was facing his side.  “Can’t see,” he muttered, taking a step sideways and bumping into her as more people got on.  “Oh, sorry.”

“Oh forget it,” Asuka yawned, “I just hope we get there fast.  Stupid Ritsuko – a sync test on Sunday?  What is she-” the redhead gasped as she felt something press against her in a most intimate way.  “Sh-Shinji,” she hissed, trying to get the boy’s attention as more people crowded into the elevator.  “Your… your hand,” she muttered, trying to squirm free, but finding herself effectively pinned to the back of the elevator, “move your hand!!”

The Third Child shifted.  “I can’t,” he whispered apologetically, “s-sorry… I can’t even move.”

You have to! Asuka thought, trying once more to get free.  Your wrist is… is touching my p-

“What f-floor are we going to?”

Shinji blinked, turning his head to try to look at the redhead.  “132,” he replied, studying her face closely, “are you ok?  You’re all red.”

Asuka bit her lip as someone jostled her, making Shinji’s wrist move slightly.  “Just… hot in here,” she muttered, thanking whatever god was up in Heaven that the boy was entirely clueless about her predicament.

The doors finally slid shut, and the elevator began to descend, ticking off the floors in an endless succession as Asuka struggled to remain perfectly still.

“Hey Toyo!”

She gasped as someone on the other side of the elevator called out to a coworker, who – standing impossibly close to Shinji – somehow managed to jostle the Third Child as he craned to look for whoever had called his name.

“Oh, Shugo!” the man replied, raising his hand to wave, and knocking into Shinji again.  “What’s up man?”

The man named Shugo laughed.  “Just got back off vacation… how’s things been?”

“Not too bad, you?  How was the trip?”

Asuka bit her lip harder as the man shrugged, bumping Shinji once more and sending another jolt through her body.  “Eh, no complaints,” Shugo said brightly, “got too much sun, though – hadda spend the last three days inside so I didn’t get sunstroke.”

“Wow, lame!”

Impossibly… the man laughed again, sending shockwaves through Asuka’s body as it jostled Shinji’s shoulder.  “The price of fortune, I guess,” he chuckled.

“The expression is ‘the price of fame,’ dumbass!” Toyo laughed, shaking his head.  “This is my floor, man – call my extension, let’s go drinking later.”

“Oh, hell yeah!!”

Another laugh, and Asuka slumped back against the elevator wall.

“You ok?” Shinji asked.

“Uh… huh…” Asuka whispered faintly, trying to focus on NOT noticing every detail of what was happening to her.

She could feel the bone in Shinji’s wrist, so innocuous and unseen in day to day life, pressing gently between her vaginal lips, caressing her tender, sensitive sex with every move the boy made.  How can he not feel that!? Asuka thought deliriously, I’m… I’m already soaked down there – how can he not feel it on his hand??

Stealing a glance at the boy, she found him glancing unconcernedly at one of the other passengers – a marginally pretty technician from one of the other departments.

Figures, Asuka thought, now feeling slightly lightheaded, I’m about to come and he’s scheming on… on… ohhh…

Asuka closed her eyes tightly, whimpering weakly as Shinji was jostled once more, sending her easily over the edge.  She could feel his radius (or was it ulna? she thought. Not that it mattered to her TOO much just then) press firmly against her clit, rubbing the fabric of her panties against it and causing the world to explode into vibrant shades of red and orange, the blood vessels in her eyelids seeming to dance as pleasure electrified every cell in her body. 

Then it was over – the rush of ecstasy fading into a dull throb between her legs.  He’s still touching me… she thought, slumping against him, too weak to stand. She shook her head as he quickly asked what was wrong.  “Nothing,” she whispered, feeling dreamy and tired, “what… floor are we on?”

Shinji glanced over his shoulder, trying to see through the throng of people… and inadvertently moving his hand again.  “Umm… 65,” he said finally, turning back to face her.

“We’re barely halfway?” Asuka murmured, feeling weak in the knees as Shinji shifted once more, sending a jolt of pleasure through her.

When he nodded, Asuka had to swallow, feeling herself starting to grow warm once more as the crowd seemed to press all around her, that one, wonderfully stimulating limb still pressed intimately close to her.

Oh… God…



Misato’s head whipped up as the door to her office slid open.  “Shinji-kun what- Asuka!”  She shot to her feet and scrambled to the door, making it just in time to catch the two teens as they collapsed.  “What happened?” she demanded, relieving Shinji of Asuka’s limp form.

“I…I don’t know,” Shinji panted, winded from having hauled the redhead all the way from the elevator.  “She just… gasped and slumped over on floor 130…”

“Asuka,” Misato said firmly, gently slapping the girl’s face, “Asuka, wake up!”


Asuka’s blue eyes fluttered open.  “H-uh…?” she rasped, her voice rusty and thick.  “Wh-where am I?”

“Shinji said you passed out,” Misato said, helping the redhead to her feet.  “Are you alright?  Do you need to get to the infirmary?  You’re not hurt, are you?”

“I’m… I’m fine,” Asuka stammered, putting a hand on her head and discreetly squeezing her legs together to hide just how wet her thighs were.  “Just… it was hot in there, I guess,” she whispered, avoiding Shinji’s concerned eyes, “do you have any water?”

Shinji bit his lip.  “It was really hot,” he pointed out, “should I get her a soda or something?”

“No, you stay with her,” Misato said, helping Asuka over to the small couch in her office, “I’ll get her something… and you, too – you don’t look so good either.”

Strangely, Shinji kept his eyes averted and nodded.  “Ok.”

Misato frowned, then shrugged as she decided it must have been the extreme heat.  Those things CAN get really hot if there’s a lot of people in them, she thought, heading for the door, but to actually black out?  Must have been stifling…

As the door hummed closed, Asuka raised her spinning head.  “You… you knew, didn’t you?” she accused weakly.

Shinji jumped at the unexpected topic.  “Knew what?” he asked innocently.

“Don’t… play stupid,” Asuka muttered, leaning back on the couch and putting a hand on her forehead, “at… the end, you were moving by yourself…”

“I really don’t… don’t know what you’re talking about,” Shinji said uncomfortably.

Asuka tried to will her dizziness to stop.  “Can’t… believe you did that to me,” she whispered, forcing herself to her feet, “pervert… you’re just… a big pervert…”

Shinji shifted from one foot to the other, the color in his cheeks rising dramatically as he mumbled, “I didn’t do anything…”

“Did it make you feel like you were in control?” Asuka whispered, staggering towards the boy on unstable legs, “do you even… even know how many times I came?  You had to feel me leaking all over you – look, your hand is still wet, I be-”

“Stop it,” Shinji cut in desperately, backing up until he hit the wall, “I didn’t mean to touch you, it was an accident, I swea-”

“You just said you didn’t know what happened,” Asuka interrupted.

Shinji’s eyes clenched closed.  “I… I, ummm…”

Asuka’s back straightened, and she slowly walked over to where he stood paralyzed with fear.  “Just… tell me why you did it,” she whispered tremulously, “were you trying to prove something?  Did you think I wouldn’t know you did it on purpose?”

“Please,” Shinji licked his lips nervously, “it was… a mistake, I-”

“Tell me,” Asuka said flatly, “or I’ll call security right now.”

Shinji paled.  “I just… wanted…”


“…to make you feel good.”

Asuka put her hand on her head once more.  “You could have… bought me some chocolate or something,” she managed, swaying on her feet as another wave of dizziness washed over her.  “This was…”

Black spots danced in front of her eyes, and slowly, she fell forward, slumping against Shinji’s chest.

They stayed like that for several moments – Asuka resting against Shinji, Shinji holding her as if she was made of finely crafted china – until finally, Asuka turned her head, resting it on Shinji’s shoulder.

“Do you know,” she whispered faintly, “how hot you made me…?”

“S-sorry,” Shinji stammered, “there were… so many people, I-”

“Don’t be stupid,” Asuka cut him off softly, “you know what I’m saying… you got me all worked up three times – and got me off every single time.  How did you do that to me?  I don’t… I didn’t even like you – how can you make me feel like that?  How come I can come for you so easily?  God, it usually takes me ten or fifteen minutes…”

Shinji swallowed.  “Y-you… liked it?”

Asuka nodded slowly.  “I was shocked at first,” she admitted, “but then… when I thought you weren’t doing it on purpose, and I started getting into it… it was like heaven – it was so good.”  She pulled slowly back staring into his wide, shocked eyes, and whispered, “I won’t tell anyone about it… if you do it again.”


“You heard me,” Asuka said quietly.  “I want you to touch me again, and… and maybe more – but just touching for now.” Her eyes were lidded and dreamy.  “Touch me, Shinji, I want to come again…”

She cried out as she felt Shinji’s hand slide immediately to where it had been before, his middle finger pressing hard against the cleft of her sex.

“S-slow!” she gasped, putting her hand on top of his.  “Do it slow… like last ti- yeeah… like that… uuhhhh…”

It was as good as she remembered.  Shinji slowly caressed her, driving her wild with desire as her already sensitive pussy reported new contact, slow and delicate and endlessly exciting.  And somehow, because it was deliberate, perhaps, it seemed better than the last time.

I’m already close, she thought, biting her bottom lip.

Asuka shivered.  “Don’t stop,” she gasped as he slowed, “that feels so good, Shinji… how can you do that?  Why does it feel so good when you do it??”

Shinji said nothing for a long moment, concentrating on continuing to do what he was told.  He could feel her slickness much better this time, coating his fingers with the proof of her excitement and making the long, smooth passage against the front of her panties that much easier.

It’s like stroking silk, he thought, belatedly realizing that he actually had an answer for her rhetorical question.

“It’s… because I like you…”

Oh God!!”

Asuka shouted out loud at his soft admission, shuddering violently as the combination of his words and his touch, sending her spinning into yet another intense climax.  Her body shuddered, and the tingling in her pussy grew more pronounced.

It’s starting to hurt now, she thought, collapsing weak and shivering into his arms, I can’t… he can’t make me come again too soon or I’ll die… but…

“Shin…ji…” she gasped, wrapping her arms around him and burying her face in his chest, “I want you to fuck me, Shinji…”

Shinji’s jaw dropped, his fingers freezing against her as her words hit him like a hammer.  “Wh…at?”

“I’ve… m-made up my mind…” 

She pulled back, putting her hands on his shoulders and looking him in the eye, her body still shaking from her recent orgasm.  “I want to make love to you,” she said seriously.  “I don’t care anymore – if it feels this good having you touch me, I want to know how it feels to have you inside me… and I want it right now.”


“Yeah,” Asuka nodded, looking around the office, “we’ll get rid of Misato, and… and use her couch, ok?”

“I don’t think that’s how it’s going to happen.”

The Children jumped.  “M-Misato!”

“An… interesting display,” the purple-haired woman said quietly, setting two cans of juice on her desk and folding her arms.  “And Ritsuko said you weren’t adept at living… man, if she could see you now…”

Shinji stumbled for something to say… but Asuka simply glared and whispered, “It’s none of your business.”

Both Shinji and Misato blinked in surprise.  “Excuse me?” Misato asked incredulously.  “You’re planning to have sex in my office and it’s none of my business??  How do you figure?”

“Then we’ll do it somewhere else,” Asuka said softly, taking Shinji’s hand and pulling him towards the door, “stay out of it.”

Misato stepped in front of them.  “What’s the hurry?” she asked coolly, assessing the two with keen eyes.  “Yesterday you hate him and now you’re ready to screw his brains out?  Please explain how you think that makes sense.”

“You know the beauty of this situation?” Asuka replied.  “I don’t have to.  Now get the fuck out of my way.”

As she attempted to push past the woman, Misato reached out and keyed in the locking sequence for her door.  “Now then,” she said levelly, “explain yourselves.”

Asuka gaped at her.  “Y-you bitch!” she stammered, quivering with anger.  “Open the damn door!”

Misato ignored her, turning her attention to Shinji.  “Are you really ok with this?” she asked him bluntly.  “I mean… Asuka’s right.  As long as you fulfill your obligations as a pilot, what you do with your spare time is in your hands… but do you really want to jump into something like this after one little groping session?”

“If… if she likes me, it’s ok,” Shinji whispered, keeping his eyes on the ground.

“I like you, Shinji,” Misato said flatly, “are you going to fuck me now?”

Shinji blushed… but to Misato’s very great surprise he replied, “…do you want me to?”

A very odd silence fell as the two women stared at him.  Finally, Misato cleared her throat and mumbled, “I doubt Asuka would appreciate the competition.”

“What competition?” Asuka snorted.  “Look at you – old, drunk, bossy, and starting to sag… tell me, why would I have to compete with you?”

Misato’s mouth moved, but no words came out.

“Asuka,” Shinji whispered, “that was… mean…”

Asuka shook her head, looking Misato in the eye as she replied, “She deserved it, Shinji… playing all high and mighty on this when she slept with Kaji on their first date!  She’s a hypocrite.  Like I’d have to worry about her… please.”

Misato turned away.  “Yeah, so what?” she managed, her voice thick, “So I’m not as young as I used to be, big deal – at least I know why I want the things I want out of life… you just jump in without looking.”

“No,” Asuka shook her head, her tone entirely serious, “I just know what I want as soon as I see it – I don’t waste time thinking about the how and the why.  If you want something, you take it – worry about why you want it later.”

“Shinji isn’t an it,” Misato shot back, quickly wiping at her eyes as she rounded on the redhead.  “He’s a good, kind person – and you’re trying to take that away!”

“How??” Asuka asked, stunned.  “Because I want to sleep with him?  Because I want to know how it feels to have him in me?  Because I want to be closer to him?  How will that make him less of a good person?”  She pursed her lips.  “I just think you’re jealous – that’s what it is.  You want him for yourself, but you’re too busy trying to rationalize the ‘why’ of it to actually make a move.  Well you know something?  That’s too bad, because I don’t have that problem!”  She turned for the door.  “Open this thing right now or I’ll tell the Commander you wouldn’t let us get to our sync test.”

There was a moment of absolute silence, broken when Misato quietly walked over and keyed in the security code.  “You’re wrong,” she said, standing between the two Children and the door, “I just don’t see him that way, that’s all.  I like him… but that doesn’t mean I want to jump in bed with him.”

Asuka considered this for a moment.  “You’re bad at lying,” she said finally, taking Shinji’s hand and stepping around the woman, “I’ve seen the way you look at him, Misato – that’s not motherly love in your eyes.  You want him… bad.  Maybe if you stopped lying to yourself, you’d be a happier person.”

“Shinji,” Misato said quietly, staring down at the floor as she stepped out of their way.  “What would you say if I wanted you too?  It’s… improper, right?”

Shinji swallowed, looking at Asuka as he replied, “I wouldn’t say no, Misato.”  He nodded as Asuka’s brow drew down. “I’m sorry,” he whispered to Asuka, “but I like both of you… and I don’t care that she’s older, but she doesn’t see me that way, right?  So it doesn’t mat-”

“But what if I did,” Misato cut in, “you really wouldn’t say no?”

“Does it matter?” Asuka supplied.  “He said he would be with me, so it doesn’t.”

Misato pondered this for a long moment before answering, “Who said he has to choose…?”

Now it was Asuka’s turn to look stunned.  “What?” she asked incredulously.  “You mean… have us trade him around – you have him this weekend, I have him next weekend, or what??”

Slowly, the purple-haired woman lifted her head, her voice soft as she breathed, “Who said anything about taking turns…?”

This time, both Asuka and Shinji’s jaws fell open.  “You… I don’t believe this!” Asuka stammered.  “You’re saying… share him??  At the same time??”

“Why are you so shocked?” Misato asked, her back straightening as she regained control of the conversation.  “You’re the one that wanted to do it with him on that couch right there after a little touchy-feely, so why are you so stunned at the idea of a three-way?  Hmm?”

The redhead was at a loss for words, so Shinji whispered, “Are you serious, Misato?  …or are you just trying to make Asuka look stupid?”

Misato averted her eyes.  “What would you say if I was serious?”

“I’d say it was up to Asuka,” Shinji replied, blushing brightly as the redhead stared at him.  “I like you both, so I… I wouldn’t stop something like… like that from happening…”

“So what do you say, Second Child?” Misato asked calmly.  “Game?”

Asuka returned her stare levelly.  “I’m calling your bluff,” she said bluntly.  “Lock the door again, if you’re really serious – kiss Shinji, come on… put your money where your mouth is, Major.  Give him some tongue – touch his cock if you’re serious.  You won’t – I know you won’t!”

Before Shinji could blink, Misato grasped him by the upper arms and pushed him back against the door.  “Sorry about this,” she breathed, slipping her right arm around his back and pulling his mouth to hers.

Having expected the woman to back down, Asuka was totally stunned as Misato boldly kissed Shinji in front of her, pushing her tongue aggressively into his mouth as her free hand reached out and easily tapped the security code into the door, driving the locking bolts home with a decisive thud as her hand moved down to caress his ass.

“Mmmmmmmmthere,” Misato declared breathlessly, breaking the kiss and pulling back with a triumphant look.  “Believe me now?”

Asuka was livid.  “You took his first kiss,” she whispered, her voice quaking with rage.  “You… you bitch!!”

Pushing the older woman out of the way, she grabbed Shinji by the shoulders and yanked his lips to hers, kissing him clumsily, but with just as much intensity and passion as Misato had.  She held the kiss for as long as she could, straddling his thigh and rubbing the front of her panties against it with a deep moan.

“There,” she whispered, feeling weak in the knees as she let Shinji go.  “Now open the door… I know you’re not really going to sleep with him, Misato, you don’t-”



“Are you scared?” Misato said coolly, reaching out to caress Shinji’s face as she looked at Asuka’s dumbfounded expression.  “I’m ready to do it… if Shinji is.  Why think, right?  Isn’t that your motto?  Well, right now I want Shinji to have sex with me… so I’m not going to think about why.  What are you going to do?”

“I… I…” Asuka swallowed as Shinji met her eyes, nodding minutely as if to say ‘I’ll let it go, if it’ll make you happy.’  “I’m in,” she said finally, shivering as she realized just how excited the prospect of a ménage-a-trois made her. 

Shinji was looking from one woman to the other with an expression that screamed, ‘this is a setup, isn’t it? I’m being punished for touching Asuka.’

As if reading his mind, both women pressed their bodies against him, each offering him a deep, passionate kiss to ensure that he knew this was absolutely serious.


“So… we’re really going to do this,” Asuka murmured, resting her head against Shinji’s shoulder and glancing at Misato from the corner of her eye.  “Should we… set up, like, rules?  Who touches who and stuff?”

Misato bared her teeth in a cruel grin.  “What’s the matter, Souryu?” she whispered, “Afraid you might like a woman’s touch more than a man’s?”

Realizing that the two were about at the snapping point, Shinji quietly whispered, “We’re supposed to be at a sync test in three minutes…”

Both women blinked, glancing first at him, then at the clock on the wall.


After a brief moment of quiet, Misato shot Asuka a quick look.  “So what now?” she asked, her tone heavy with sarcasm, “I don’t suppose you’ll still want to do this when we get home – that would give you too much time to think – so-”

“Shut up,” Asuka cut in sharply, “just shut your mouth!  I’m not like you, Katsuragi – when I make up my mind, it stays made up…” she lowered her voice to a harsh whisper.  “I don’t make up boyfriends to break up with people.”

Misato’s face went dead white.  “How do you know about that?” she breathed.  “Who have you been talking to!?”

Before any further discussion could be had, the intercom on Misato’s desk beeped.

“Misato,” Ritsuko’s voice blared, making them all jump. “Where the hell are you?  Shinji and Asuka are late too, so if you see them, get their asses here!”

Disentangling herself from Shinji, Misato hurried over and pushed the Send button.  “We’re on the way,” she said quickly, glancing up at the two Children with a look of poorly disguised fascination – as if she could not quite believe what she was seeing… or as if she was actually seeing them for the first time.

“Just had a… home-related thing to work out.”

“Whatever,” Ritsuko replied flatly, “just get down here.”

Misato hit the button again.  “Right.”

“So,” Asuka said clearly as the woman stepped away from the desk, “at home then.”


Nodding, Misato answered, “That’s right… you… me… and him, as soon as we get home.”

“Do you… have condoms?” Asuka blurted suddenly, the intensity of her passion fading a bit as the nuts and bolts of preparing for sex truly settled in on her.

“Kaji used to take care of that end,” Misato returned smoothly, “but I… have something at home that we can try.”

Confused, Asuka asked what it was, but Misato simply unlocked the door and ushered them out, thinking that there was something she was forgetting, but finding herself unable to bring it to mind.

Must not be that important…


In silence, the three residents of the apartment made their way inside, kicking off shoes and dropping schoolbags on the floor as they wordlessly slipped into the living room.  A quick survey of the premises showed that PenPen had already gone to sleep.  This was not a crucial detail, to anyone, really, but somehow all three felt better that the bird was not around to witness what was about to happen.

“Shh,” Misato murmured, throwing her jacket carelessly over the back of the couch.  “Alright, I thought I heard him moving around, but I guess it was just my imagination.”

The two Children looked around uneasily, wishing there was a place in the apartment with a little more privacy.  Unfortunately, both of their rooms were too small… and Misato’s room was too messy.

“Alright,” Asuka said abruptly, folding her arms.  “You said you had something we could use besides condoms.”

Misato chuckled.  “Wow,” she murmured, “you’re anxious, aren’t you?  If this was a date, I’d be concerned that your intentions were purely physical.”

“They are, for now,” Asuka countered, her brow furrowing slightly, “I just… want to know what it feels like.  After that, I dunno… I mean, I know Shinji’s the only one that’s ever touched me like that – and yeah, I’ve done it to myself, I’m not ashamed of it… but for tonight, I just want to see if it gets better.”

“Don’t think, right?” Misato sighed.  “Fine… I’ll go get it.”

She headed into her room, leaving Asuka and Shinji alone for the moment.

After a second’s hesitation, Asuka cleared her throat.  “Look,” she said quietly, “what I said just now – I don’t mean that I don’t like you, Shinji, or that I don’t… want to see where this might go.  But… Misato’s right – I don’t want to think about all that right now, I just want to see how it feels to be with you.  You understand that… right?”

Shinji nodded immediately.  “Yes,” he said softly, “but I… I really do like you, so… I… I hope you end up liking me too.”

Before Asuka could reply, Misato came back out of her room, keeping her hands behind her back.

“We can use these.”

Shinji frowned as Misato held up a small cardboard box – like a condom box, he thought, only with the words ContraStill VCF! Emblazoned on the front.

“What are those?” he asked, feeling suddenly foolish as both women rolled their eyes.

“Don’t you pay attention in sex-ed?” Asuka muttered, taking the box and turning it over to read the back.   “It’s like… you put it…” she blushed suddenly, thrusting the box into Misato’s hands.  “You explain it to him…”

Misato arched an eyebrow.  “You sure you want to do this?” she asked lightly.  “If you can’t even describe how to use VCF, do you really think you can-”

“You keep trying to stop me,” Asuka cut in waspishly, “are you that selfish?”

Heaving a sigh, Misato turned to Shinji and said, “It goes inside of us and kinda… covers the opening to the uterus and makes sure no sperm gets in.”  She turned to Asuka, dropping her a wink.  “That about sum it up, Professor Souryu?”

“Yes, fine,” Asuka snapped, “can we drop it now?  This is not what I’d call sexy!”

The others agreed, and they set the box aside for the moment, trying to decide how to proceed.

“First things first,” Misato said – more to keep them from falling into uncomfortable silence than out of any real desire to be in charge, “Asuka, you said you didn’t want me touching you, but – and don’t get offended by this, Shinji – Shinji’s kind of… inexperienced, so if you really want to enjoy yourself, you’re gonna have to bend that rule a bit.  I mean, I can’t disintegrate at will to keep your hand from touching me or something, and Shinji’s going to need to rest SOME time, so-”

“Alright, I get it!” Asuka cried.  “Fine, look…” she drew a deep breath, dropping onto the couch and looking up at the other two.  “I came here to be with Shinji,” she said quietly, “this… situation, does sound really sexy – but I’m not a lesbian!  I…”

Misato shrugged as the girl trailed off.  “Neither am I,” she pointed out, “Hey, I’m the first to admit that I like a nice, hard, deep fu-”

“We get it,” Asuka said dryly, “what’s your point?”

“My point,” Misato all but growled, “is that just because I know how to please a woman doesn’t mean that’s what I prefer, ok?  …but as long as it’s just the three of us, and Shinji’s still learning how to control himself, it’ll be very dull if we don’t… amuse each other.  Understand?”

Asuka considered this for a minute, but it was clear by the expression on her face that she was still skeptical.  “Let’s just see what happens,” she said, her voice carefully neutral.

Abruptly, Misato turned to Shinji.  “You’ve been very quiet,” she observed, “what do you think?”

Shinji raised his hands defensively.  “I, umm, it’s up to Asuka if she wants to… to do that,” he said quickly, “I just-”

“I know it’s up to Asuka,” Misato cut in coolly, “I’m not going to rape her.  What I’m asking is, would that turn you on?  Or rather, would it help you get ready again after the first round?”

Shinji, his mind clearly supplying some visual examples of what such a display might look like, averted his eyes, shifting from one foot to the other as his erection became more pronounced.


The silence Misato feared so much fell as she and Asuka considered Shinji’s admission.  “Alright,” she said quietly, “let’s…” she smiled suddenly.  “Hey Shinji?”

“Hmm?” Shinji asked, pulling his eyes away from the box – and everything it implied.  “What?”

“Do you want us to strip for you?”

Asuka shot up from the couch.  “You’re making this more complicated than it needs to be,” she accused, “you’ve done this before – you know how!  You’re going to make it so he wants to do it with you first!”

Misato glanced at her from the corner of her eyes.  “I thought I wasn’t competition,” she whispered silkily, “so what’s your problem?”

Seeing that yet another argument was about to erupt, Shinji quickly stepped in.  “Why don’t we just… undress this time?” he suggested.  “Maybe… maybe next time… ok?”

Shrugging, Misato said, “You’re right.  This is an… intricate situation already.”

Without another word, she reached down and grasped the bottom of her shirt, taking great pleasure in watching Asuka scramble off the couch and follow her lead.  How the HELL did I end up like this? she thought, pulling her shirt up without a moment’s hesitation.  I’m about to have sex with two Children… yeah, it’s LEGAL, technically, but still… me, Shinji, and ASUKA??  Sure, I… I could see Shinji and me ending up in bed, but I never thought Asuka would be with us.

She blinked as she realized that Asuka was no longer trying to mimic her.  The redhead had stopped with her shirt half unbuttoned, watching as intently as Shinji as Misato threw her shirt to the side.  “What are you waiting for?” Misato asked, sounding a bit sharper than she’d intended.

Asuka shook her head, her voice entirely serious as she replied, “I’d forgotten about your scar…”

A pause, far more awkward than any before it, fell as Misato glanced down at the jagged scar running across her lower chest.  “Do you… have to stare at it?” she asked, her confidence wavering as Shinji’s eyes traced the old wound.

Instead of replying, Shinji stepped forward and hugged her, looking up into her eyes as the scar was hidden against his body.  “Do you want me to undress now?” he asked softly.  “I… I wouldn’t mind going first.”

Misato bit her bottom lip, smiling warmly as she replied, “I’d rather have you see me…”

Keeping Shinji’s eyes held with hers, Misato reached down and slowly drew the zipper on her skirt down, letting it fall to the floor with a quiet hiss of fabric on skin.  From the corner of her eye, she could see Asuka pulling her shirt off and setting it on the couch, her gaze flicking from her own breasts to Misato’s and back again with a decided frown.

“I think we should… start a little slow,” Misato said carefully, “you know… build up to it instead of just jumping into bed – that sound ok?”

“What did you have in mind?” Asuka asked suspiciously, following as the other two walked into Misato’s room and closed the door.

Misato rounded on her.  “Losing the attitude for one,” she growled, “like it or not, I’m part of this – so quite acting like I’m going to fuck him and leave you out in the cold, alright?!”

For a moment, the two stared daggers at each other, but ultimately Asuka looked away, muttering, “Fine, but I get to go first.”

“This isn’t a fucking ride!” Misato pointed out.  “If you want to HAVE SEX, or MAKE LOVE, or get FUCKED first, fine – say that… but you’re not ‘going’ first, because this isn’t grade school, this is REAL.”

Looking more subdued, Asuka whispered, “I understand.”

Misato nodded her approval.  “Good, now… I think we should keep our underwear on for now, and-”

“Why keep our underwear on?” Asuka asked, confused.

“Because it’s sexier.”

Misato grinned.  “Shinji’s right… it’s way hotter to leave SOMETHING up to the imagination for as long as possible.”

“Wh-what are you doing?!” Asuka demanded, stuttering as Misato carefully knelt in front of Shinji, reaching out and putting her hands on his belt buckle.

“I thought we should start simple,” Misato murmured, looking up into Shinji’s eyes, “now shut up… this is just for him.”

Asuka’s eyes glittered dangerously, but she held her tongue.  Thinks she’s so smart, she thought angrily, shifting a bit to the side to get a better view as Misato unbuckled Shinji’s belt, just because she’s a slut, she thinks she knows every damn thing.

Of course, in this arena, Misato DID have the advantage.  Asuka had no idea how many lovers the purple-haired woman had taken, but based on the certainty of her movements and the intense, unwaveringly seductive stare she was giving Shinji, it was certainly more than a handful.

“Do you want me to do this for you, or do you want to do it?” Misato asked softly, unbuttoning the boy’s pants and laying her forefinger on his zipper.  “And… do you mind starting this way?  I mean… we can go straight to the rest if you want, I just thought it might be better to warm up to it.”

Shinji shook his head, trying his best not to break eye-contact.  “This is… fine,” he said awkwardly, “and… and you can do it…”

Asuka shifted from one foot to the other, feeling suddenly very useless.  Not like I can HELP with this, she thought ironically, well, I guess I COULD – but that kind of thing’s for the future…

As Misato eased Shinji’s pants down, Asuka realized that this was the first time she had thought of the future.  Up to now, she had been so focused on recapturing that feeling of ecstasy Shinji had given her in the elevator that she had spared no thought for anything past… but if this evening turned out satisfactorily, there could be a tomorrow night, and a night after, and a night after – all filled with pleasure and intimacy most only dream of.


Heady thoughts, Asuka realized, and much too deep to be pondering now… especially since Misato’s hands were on the elastic of Shinji’s underwear.

“You ARE turned on, aren’t you?” Misato whispered, leaning forward to kiss the front of Shinji’s briefs before slowly sliding them down.  “You’re hard as a rock, Shinji…”

“Y-yeah…” Shinji gasped, licking his lips as he stared down into Misato’s eyes.  “It… kind of hurts… from being so hard…”

Misato smiled, putting her hands on his hips as she breathed, “Now THAT… I think I can help with…”

Asuka watched, mesmerized, as Shinji’s cock slowly vanished between Misato’s lips, reappearing moments later as the older woman drew it gently back out, pausing with just the head in her mouth before dipping forward once more, developing a smooth, unhurried rhythm with a clear air of practice and skill.

Look at that… the redhead marveled, licking her lips unconsciously as Misato took Shinji’s right hand and led it to her head, encouraging him to guide her.  Now that we’ve started… she has no problem leading the way.

Raising her eyes, she looked into Shinji’s face, shivering slightly as she found him staring down with rapt attention, his eyes cloudy with lust, desire, and a hint of something deeper and truer – something that actually scared Asuka to consider.

He’s… connecting with her, she thought, amazed, she’s sucking his dick like a pro… and he’s falling in love.

“I… I want to try…”

Misato looked up, an echo of the same emotion stirring in her chocolate brown eyes as she focused on Asuka.  “You gonna do it from there?” she whispered, stroking Shinji with her hand as she met Asuka’s gaze.  “For something like this… you have to give something up, Asuka… a little bit of that pride you throw around all the time.  Think you can do that?”

Asuka’s nostrils flared as she considered this, taking in the nearly-submissive posture of the older woman kneeling at Shinji’s feet.  There really isn’t a dignified way to suck someone off, is there…? she thought ironically.

Feeling somehow that she had lost to Misato’s experience, Asuka sank to her knees.  Tentatively, she looked up at Shinji, brutally forcing her pride into silence as she whispered, “Can I… suck your cock, Shinji?”

She almost laughed as Shinji vigorously nodded his head.  Why do I keep forgetting that he doesn’t know any more about this stuff than I do? she thought, licking her lips again as Misato took Shinji into her mouth for one last stroke before moving to the side.

“Go slow,” the older woman recommended softly, “he’s pretty close already…”

“R-right,” Asuka murmured, rising a little higher on her knees and looking up into Shinji’s flushed face.  “You… you ready?”

“Uh huh…”

“Then… here I come…”

Before she could think about it anymore, Asuka opened her mouth and leaned forward, wrapping her lips around the head of Shinji’s shaft and sliding down until she felt it brush the back of her throat.

“Easy!” Misato said quickly, patting the girl’s back as she immediately pulled away, coughing roughly.  “Damn – did you think you were going to deepthroat him on the first try??  Settle the hell down!”

“Are you ok?” Shinji asked nervously, instinctively putting a hand on Asuka’s head.

“I’m… I’m fine,” Asuka panted, feeling the oddest sensation of warmth at his gentle touch.

Misato must have noticed, because she leaned closer to Asuka – most likely with the pretence of seeing if she was really ok – and whispered, “It’s nice, isn’t it?  When you know someone cares about you…”

Without meaning to, Asuka found herself nodding, swallowing a few times before turning back to Shinji.  “I’m… ready to try it again,” she said, noticing that the Third had softened slightly in his concern for her.

“Remember,” Misato whispered, “slow.”

Asuka nodded again, putting her hands on Shinji’s hips and taking him back into her mouth.  It’s so warm… she thought, experimentally taking more of his penis in, a little… salty, but it’s not too bad…

“Yeah,” Misato nodded encouragingly, “like that… fuck, I had no idea this would be so hot…”

Asuka ignored her, closing her eyes and concentrating on the smooth, hard feel of Shinji’s dick.  Listen to him… she thought wonderingly, he loves it… I’m driving him crazy… I’m… oh god, I’m sucking Shinji’s cock!

This last thought hit her like a hammer, because not only was there a definite lack of disgust at the idea – which there would have been days, or even hours before – but instead a certain… excitement warmed her, making her move a bit faster as she grew more and more used to the feel and taste of his shaft.  She closed her eyes, finding that if she held her breath and focused, she could get the tip of it into her throat without gagging.

I can’t believe I’m doing this, she thought, feeling Shinji’s hand settle on the top of her head, guiding her to move a little bit faster.  We’re going to fuck tonight… me… Shinji… and Misato – we’re all going to get on that bed right there and fuck like cra-

Misato’s sharply whispered warning drew her back to what she was doing.

“He’s about to come – hold your breath and get ready to swallow.”

“Mmm!!” Asuka grunted, trying to pull back.

I can’t… swallow! she thought frantically.  Only… only bad girls do that!

Where this idea had come from, she was not sure… but it was a decidedly old memory, and therefore, rather strong.

Shinji’s hands, however, were stronger, and he cried out as he climaxed, thrusting forward convulsively and burying his cock in her throat.  Asuka’s eyes went wide as she felt something warm and salty erupt from the head of his cock, shooting straight into her throat, and out of pure instinct… she swallowed, drinking it down and shivering violently as she felt the warmth travel all the way to the pit of her stomach.

That… that feels so good! she thought, moaning low in her throat and swallowing over and over again – trying to milk every last drop.  Doesn’t… TASTE great, but it’s so warm, and smooth, and… I wonder…

Asuka’s crystal blue eyes opened, and she gazed up, meeting Shinji’s wide-eyed stare head on.  She could only imagine how she looked.  On her knees… her brow covered in a light sheen of sweat… her lips stretched wide around the cock she had just sucked like an experienced whore… staring up at the boy who was going to take her virginity before tomorrow’s sunrise.

Unexpectedly, she found that she had never been more aroused.


Asuka’s eyes shot to the right, widening in surprise as she pulled back from Shinji’s tool.  “Wha…?” she gasped, blinking as she remembered, rather suddenly… that Misato was there too.

“Holy shit,” the woman murmured, shaking her head from side to side, “you can let go when he stops coming, you know… Christ…”

Looking away, Asuka whispered, “I didn’t want to… it felt too good.”

Misato grinned.  “You have NO idea what GOOD is… but you’re gonna find out.”

Slowly, the two women rose to their feet.  “What now?” Asuka asked after a moment, trying to hide the wetness on her thighs by squeezing them tightly together.

“I’m not a tour guide,” Misato said rather coldly, “and I’ve never done THIS before, so we’ll just have to make it up as we go.”  She stepped in front of Shinji, looking him square in the eyes as she whispered, “For now, I want Shinji to touch me…”  So saying, she reached back and unfastened the clasp on her bra, leaning forward and putting her hands on his waist.

When she made no further movement, Shinji swallowed, slowly bringing his hands around her hips and gently caressing her and looking into her eyes for approval as he slipped his palms up to rest just under her breasts.  When she nodded, licking her lips in anticipation, Shinji brought his hands up, cupping her breasts as she shrugged her shoulders, allowing the bra straps to slide down her arms.

Damn, Asuka thought, impressed in spite of herself, guess I was wrong about the sagging bit huh??  She’s not like, defying gravity, but… damn…

Since they lived together, Asuka knew for a fact what size bra Misato wore – several inches and a full cup larger than the size Asuka, for the record – but in spite of her age and drinking habits, the older woman’s breasts seemed to be holding up just fine.  They settled into Shinji’s hands like pieces of a puzzle falling into place, filling his palms and moving slightly with each breath the older woman took, the rosy nipples that crowned each generous rise of flesh stiffening in the cool, air conditioned atmosphere until they were pointing straight ahead.

This, it seemed, was too tempting an invitation for Shinji to pass on.

“Mmmmmyeah,” Misato hummed, closing her eyes and rolling her neck as Shinji tentatively wrapped his lips around her right nipple.  “Not so hard at first… build it up.  Yeah, like that – we’ve got all night… don’t rush it…”

Easy for you to say, Asuka thought, glancing down at her own breasts with a decidedly skeptical frown, you’re the one getting what you want.

Slowly, a smile spread across the redhead’s face as she realized that she was not limited to watching.  Keeping her eyes on Shinji’s face as he switched from one breast to the other, Asuka slowly unhooked her own bra and tossed it to the side.  Then, hesitating only a moment, she slipped her panties off and tossed them into the corner, leaving her naked, but warm in spite of the coolness of Misato’s room.

Without a word, she stepped closer to the two, swallowing as Misato hissed, throwing her head back and pulling Shinji closer to her as he accidentally grazed her nipple with his teeth. I’ll get mine too, she told herself, laying her hands gingerly on Shinji’s shoulders, I got to taste him first, and I’m going to fuck him first… this little situation is all well and good, but in the end, I’m going to be his FIRST, damn it.

Slowly, Asuka pressed her breasts against Shinji’s back, sliding her hands around to his chest and pressing her lips against the back of his neck.  She smiled as he stopped sucking on Misato’s tits for a second, gasping softly as her tongue brushed one of his vertebrae.  Closing her eyes, she contented herself with planting soft kisses all over his neck and shoulders, keeping her body tightly pressed up against his as he continued licking and sucking at Misato’s sizable chest.

I could definitely get used to this, Asuka thought, pausing for a minute to simply watch, and I guess I don’t have to ask HER if she’s having a good time.

Misato had one hand on Shinji’s shoulder, her free hand guiding his mouth to the spots she liked best.  Currently, she was leading his tongue around her areola, humming softly as he readily licked at her… but letting out a pleased cry as he abruptly brought his teeth into play, scraping them against her as he had moments ago in an attempt to bring forth another moan.

“Here,” Misato whispered, grabbing Shinji’s right hand, “Right here… soft… yeaaahhh…”

Asuka shifted slightly, craning to see past Shinji’s shoulder.  She’s so wet, Asuka thought, amazed as Shinji’s fingers stroked the damp spot on the front of Misato’s panties.

“Hey,” she breathed, “don’t forget me…”

Shinji nodded, keeping his lips on Misato’s breast while reaching around with his free hand and awkwardly hooking his arm around Asuka’s waist in a clumsy, but somehow tender reverse embrace.

“Mmm, you like watching, don’t you?” Misato hummed, smiling languidly at Asuka.  “I think… you’ll be getting plenty of chances.”

After several minutes, Misato broke free, stepping back to pull her panties off.  Shinji and Asuka both stared as she stood naked before them, her pussy glistening with sweat and excitement… and shaved as smooth as a summer peach.

“I like it this way,” she said softly, noticing the paths of their gaze, “guys are more willing to go down on you if they’re not going to get hair in their mouths.  Oh,” she smiled wolfishly, “and THIS I don’t mind you staring at…”

“You think about sex a lot, don’t you?” Asuka muttered, discretely running a contemplative hand over her own neatly trimmed patch of pubic hair.

Misato’s smile widened.  “I like everything about sex,” she said boldly, “and I’m really looking forward to doing it with Shinji.  You were right, Asuka… I HAVE wanted him for a long time, so I guess I should say thank you.”

Asuka’s brow drew down.  “Don’t mention it,” she muttered, “really.  To anyone.  Ever.”

In spite of her best attempt to sound indifferent, Asuka found her eyes wandering back to Misato’s shaven mound, her fingers still stroking over her own as she stared, finding herself inexplicably curious about what it might feel like to be entirely bare… or to touch someone who was.

Unfortunately for her, Misato noticed her looking.

“Shinji,” the older woman said suddenly, “are you ready yet?”

“N-not yet,” Shinji admitted, shaking his head… but keeping his eyes glued to her crotch with an expression of open wonder – as if he still could not believe that he was really seeing what was in front of him.

Misato nodded.  “Alright then, umm… Asuka…?”

Asuka gave a start, quickly pulling her hand away from the thatch of hair between her legs.  “What?” she blurted.  “What is it?”

Instead of replying, Misato stepped closer to her, putting a hand on Asuka’s cheek and looking into her sky-blue eyes.  “Have you thought more about letting me touch you?” she whispered, slowly moving her hand down from Asuka’s cheek to her shoulder, clearly meaning to go lower if the opportunity presented itself.  “What do you say?” she pressed gently, “are we really going to do this all the way…?”

Before Asuka could answer, Misato slid a hand down her chest and softly wrapped it around Asuka’s left breast, squeezing it lightly.

“Let’s make this real – for all of us,” she whispered, leaning slowly closer as Asuka’s jaw slowly fell open, “You… me… and Shinji – all the way.  Yes or no?”

Unable to actually say the word, Asuka simply closed her eyes and nodded, blushing as she arched her back, pressing herself more firmly into Misato’s hand and tilting her head back to show that she was ready.

Shinji’s mouth was as dry as a desert as Misato wrapped her free hand around Asuka’s slender shoulders and pulled the redhead’s lips to her own, caressing and squeezing Asuka’s breast as she slipped her tongue into the younger woman’s mouth.  Something inside the Second Child’s mind must have finally given out at that point, because she immediately began sucking on Misato’s tongue and moaning heavily in the back of her throat, her hands sliding easily over Misato’s sweat-sick skin until they were resting on the older woman’s firm ass.

The intense kiss was broken as Asuka brought her hands up to Misato’s shoulders and gently pushed her away.  “E…enough now…” she gasped, making no move to pull the woman’s hand away from her breast.  “Shinji… kiss me…”

Doing what he was told, Shinji stepped forward, putting his hands on Asuka’s cheeks and gently pressing his lips to hers, allowing her tongue into his mouth as one of her hands grasped his ass.

“That’s… what I like,” Asuka sighed, looking somewhat relieved, “no offence, Misato…”

“None taken,” Misato grinned, “I like it better with a man too… but it’s not too bad with you, either.  Now… he can have your mouth for a minute…”

Asuka gasped as the older woman leaned down and wrapped her mouth around her breast, engulfing her entire areola and immediately sucking her stiff nipple, her raspy tongue running almost harshly over it.  On impulse, Asuka put a hand on Shinji’s shoulder, pushing down until he was at the same level as Misato and guiding him towards her neglected breast.


Shinji closed his eyes as Asuka hissed, carefully taking her succulent, pink nipple into his mouth and licking it as gently as he could.  Her breasts were much smaller than Misato’s, and for some reason this brought the word ‘delicate’ to mind, making him much more tentative with the sensitive bud between his lips.  He was aware of Misato next to him, but he did his best to tune her out, focusing all of his attention on pleasing Asuka.  After all, he figured, he had ignored the redhead while he was sucking on Misato’s fabulous tits… didn’t he owe her the same consideration?

“Mmm,” he grunted as he felt Misato’s hand wrap around his semi-hard prick, stroking it lightly as the older woman continued to lick and suck at Asuka’s other breast.

And Asuka… was in heaven.  What was not to like, she figured.  There were two hot mouths nipping and tugging at her hard-as-iron nipples, and someone – Misato by the size of the hand – was lightly stroking her inner thigh, making her already copious pussy juices run that much faster and harder.


A soft gasp filled the air as the redhead felt a smoothly manicured finger run up and down her pussy lips, then easily dip inside, seeking her soaking channel at the exact same moment that Shinji decided he would like to see how her ass felt in his hand… which, incidentally, felt very good indeed.  Asuka’s body began trembling.  Almost all of her erogenous zones were being stimulated at the same time, sending signals to her pleasure center in increasingly intense waves and making her LITERALLY weak in the knees.

“Mmm… mmmmm…” Asuka could not keep herself from whimpering as the tip of Misato’s finger pulled out of her pussy and began lightly circling her erect clit, making the little nub pulse and throb.  Faster and faster the older woman’s skilled finger worked her, making Asuka’s hips buck… and all the while, Shinji kept feeling her tight asscheeks and sucking her nipple, and Misato kept sucking, and the room kept spinning faster and faster, and then Misato pulled back and whispered.

“Come on, Asuka… let it go…”

And she did.  Throwing her head back, Asuka cried out, her hips thrusting uncontrollably as she came on Misato’s hand, her nerve endings kicking unimaginable amounts of feedback into her brain and signaling the single biggest rush of endorphins the young redhead had ever experienced.  On and on her climax stretched as Misato and Shinji continued to lick and suck at her aching nipples, compounding her pleasure until the swirl of colors slowly faded, leaving the world around her somehow drab and boring.

Asuka took a step back, breaking from the other two with some difficulty (and reluctance) and dropping onto Misato’s bed with a weak groan.  “D-don’t touch… me…” she panted as Shinji quickly stood and moved to the edge of the bed, reaching out to see if she was ok.  “I just… I need a minute…”

She expected Misato to mutter ‘lightweight’ or something similar – some type of comment about how Asuka was not half the woman she was seemed inevitable… but instead, the older woman laid down next to her and forced Asuka to look at her, holding her head in place and giving her a deep, sumptuous kiss, slipping her tongue delicately into Asuka’s mouth and lightly caressing her tender breasts.

“Shinji,” Misato murmured as she broke away and looked deep into Asuka’s eyes.  “You should get on the bed and fuck Asuka, if she still wants to be the first… she’s nearly dripping wet – it’ll never be easier than right now.”

Asuka swallowed, for once bowing to the older woman’s superior knowledge.  “Hand me those things,” she murmured, pointing to the VCFs, “come on… she’s right, it’s now or…” she grinned weakly, “in an hour or two.”

Shinji nodded, picking the box of contraceptives up and tearing it open with hands that would not quite stop trembling.  He handed Asuka one of the foil-wrapped packages and looked away, allowing her a moment of relative privacy to insert it.

“Ok, I’m ready.”

He turned around, swallowing as he stared at the redhead’s lithe body, spread out on the bed in preparation for him, and him alone.  He took in her firm, scrumptious breasts, rising and falling with every uneven breath she took.  Moving down, he marveled at her hard, flat stomach, perfectly shaped from an unyielding, NERV-tailored exercise regimen designed specifically to make her the fittest, most effective pilot she could be.  And finally, his attention came to rest on the glorious, glistening wonder that was her pussy.  Her lips were parted slightly – a result of the fingering Misato had given her coupled with her intense orgasm – and shone with her abundant juices, waiting only for him to come and part them with his rock-hard cock, which had quickly recovered from the breathtaking blowjob the two had given him.

At her side, Misato was equally ravishing, her older, more mature body tempting for other reasons.  Her firm, hefty tits swayed with every move she made, creating an almost hypnotic pattern as the woman rolled onto her side, propping her head up on one hand and lightly caressing Asuka’s taut stomach with the other as she watched Shinji’s every move.

“You know something?” Misato whispered as Shinji carefully climbed onto the bed, “I’ve always wanted to watch someone do it for the first time…”

Asuka bit her bottom lip, deciding that she should put her hands up over her head to keep from pushing Shinji away in her nervousness.  “You know something?” she muttered, closing her eyes as Shinji grasped his cock by the base and moved it closer to her waiting pussy, “I wish you’d shut up.”

Misato chuckled softly.  “You want to hold my hand when he puts it in?”

“Fuck off.”

Asuka hissed as Shinji touched his cock to her pussy, pushing lightly against her sensitive clit.

“Too high,” she whispered, putting her hands on his upper arms as he leaned over her, “move down a little bit, Shinji – it’s too- ahh!!”

The redhead’s face went pale as Shinji, hurrying to try and please her, found the right place… and plunged right in, the moisture from her orgasm providing more than adequate lubrication to allow his cock to drive all the way inside, brushing her maidenhood aside as if it was not even there.  With a soft grunt, their pelvises met, and Shinji’s shaft was balls-deep in Asuka’s tight hole. 

Asuka wanted to be mad.  This was her First Time, for God’s sake, and Shinji had just rammed it right into her!  There was no poetry in this – no elegance or subtle distractions to keep her mind from the fact that he was deflowering her… there was just a swift thrust, and a hard cock stuffed into her throbbing pussy.

What came from her throat, however, was a low, satisfied, “Mmmmm…” as she licked her lips and looked up into Shinji’s amazed eyes.

That didn’t even really hurt, Asuka thought, shifting her hips a bit to make herself more comfortable, he’s in me… I’m not a virgin anymore, so…

“Fuck me.”

It was Shinji’s turn to go pale, but he managed a nod, bracing himself with his hands on either side of Asuka’s chest – just under her armpits – and pulling out a little ways.  With a quick, unspoken prayer, he thrust forward, sheathing himself in Asuka’s warm tunnel and trying not to pass out as the head of his cock reported pleasure rivaled only by Misato’s talented mouth… and since this move did not get him any more angry looks from Asuka, he did it again.  And again.  And again – until, mere moments after he had first entered her, Shinji was fucking Asuka with slow, careful strokes, never looking away from her sparkling eyes.

Asuka resisted the temptation to close her eyes.  This is… fucking incredible, she thought with some amazement, God, this feels good!  His cock is so damn hard… but it doesn’t hurt – it feels like it should be there… like it belongs there.  She tilted her hips up a bit, gasping as she felt something warm and wet descend on her right nipple.  Misato…

The older woman was looking up into Asuka’s face as she licked and sucked at the girl’s sensitive skin, her eyes dancing with mischief as if to say, ‘NOW do you see why I like it so much?’

And Asuka did.

She could easily see why everyone talked about sex in whispers and giggles – it was amazing.  She could feel every inch of Shinji’s dick as it forced its way in and out of her tight pussy.  The most she had ever put into herself while masturbating was two fingers – and that had felt bold to her at the time – but Shinji’s cock felt three times that size, forcing her swollen lips apart and making them conform to his shape.

As he thrust in and out of her, seemingly unaware that he was moving faster every few minutes, Asuka (with what was left of her rapidly deteriorating reasoning ability) made another discovery: sometimes it really was ok to let someone else be in control.

“Oh yeah – like that!”

Shinji was panting as he leaned back to give Misato more space.  He wanted to say something to Asuka – to somehow let her know that he had really wanted to have this experience with her alone – but it seemed unnecessary now.  Having Misato there was not that bad, and while he had intended his first time to be with a single person, this way seemed somehow… appropriate.  For them, anyway.

“Harder,” Asuka urged, bringing her hips up to meet him with every thrust, “fuck me harder, Shinji… I want to FEEL it!  God… this is good… it’s so good!”

Asuka would think – much later – that the conversation of that night was definitely something that could have been improved upon.  Screaming ‘fuck me harder’ seemed, in hindsight, rather vulgar and unneeded.  After all, Shinji WAS fucking her pretty hard already, and grunting with every thrust, as if his sole intent was to screw her until either he passed out or she begged him to stop… which she definitely had no intention of doing at that point.

I can’t wait to try all that shit I’ve read about, Asuka thought, somewhat astounded that she could have such a detached thought while having her pussy pounded like this.  I want to be fucked from the back… from the side… on my stomach… everywhere.  I want to 69, and have him suck my tits for hours.  I want to go down on him in a movie theater, and have him fuck me in school – God, I even want to have him fuck me in the ass, just to see how THAT feels!  I want… I want to… I…


Shinji gasped as Asuka rose halfway off the bed, dislodging Misato from her breast and crushing her lips to his in a frenzied kiss as her body arched against his.  He could feel her pussy walls clamping down around his cock as her tongue rammed into his mouth, wildly fencing with his own as she possessively wrapped her fingers in his hair and yanked him down on top of her, writhing and convulsing as a massive orgasm ripped through her slender body.

“Uhhh…” Asuka moaned again, weaker this time, as she let her arms fall back to her sides.  “S… slow down… a bit…” she begged, wrapping her legs around Shinji’s thrusting buttocks, “Mmmm… do it slow now… yeah… oh that was incredible…”  She slowly opened her eyes as she felt Shinji stop, his cock buried all the way inside her as he tried to catch his breath.  “What’s wrong?” she whispered, lifting herself on her elbows to give him a soft kiss.

“I…” Shinji swallowed, panting for breath as he shook sweat out of his eyes, “I… came…” he managed, his shoulders shaking from the exertion of holding his body up.

Asuka nodded, keeping her legs wrapped around him as she noticed a great deal of moisture leaking from her tired pussy.  “I guess you… liked it too, huh…?” she murmured, finally allowing her eyes to drift closed.  “Sorry you… didn’t get to… have him… ‘sato…”

At her side, Misato yawned and stretched.  “Mmm, no big deal,” she hummed, puttingher right arm behind her head and staring up at the ceiling with a small, secretive little smile.  “For one thing, it’s only midnight… there’s PLENTY of time left to play around.”  Her smile grew a bit as Shinji eased out of Asuka and collapsed on her other side, still breaking hard.  “And for another… I think this is only the beginning for us.  Don’t you?”

When Asuka and Shinji made no reply, Misato glanced over at them, chuckling softly as she found the two already drifting off with identical, dream-like smiles on their faces.

Yeah, she told herself, pulling the sheet up from the bottom of the bed and covering them all, this is just the beginning.  And don’t worry that I didn’t get to have him this time, Asuka… I will soon – BELIEVE that.

With this thought in mind, Misato leaned over and kissed the two pilots, one by one.  Then she put an arm over her eyes and slowly drifted off to sleep, already imagining all that they would do together.

Bonus Scene

(because Omakes aren’t always jokes)

“Sempai?” Maya knocked on Ritsuko’s apartment door, frowning as no answer was immediately forthcoming.  “Sempai… are you here?”

Strange, she thought, pushing the door open and peering into the dark hallway beyond, she told me to just come in if she didn’t answer, but…


Maya bit her lip, hesitating for a moment before crossing the threshold.  She knew her way around Ritsuko’s apartment, of course, having been there on several occasions, so she knew that this hallway went for about ten feet before terminating in the apartment’s small living room.  On the right side of the hallway was the door to the bedroom – currently open, though dark – and on the left was the bathroom, whose door was firmly shut, with no light leaking from underneath it.


This is… huh, she always keeps a light on, she told herself, venturing further into the apartment and trying to will her eyes to adjust to the gloom.  She glanced into the bedroom, seeing nothing but darkness, and continued on towards the living room.

Her sempai would never use the bathroom with the lights out, she considered it too low-brow, so Maya didn’t even tap on the door.


By this point, the dark and quiet were unnerving the young tech.  She reached the living room, carefully extending her hand just inside and feeling around for the light switch.

Click.  Click.


With a sigh, Maya took a single step into the living room, trying to imagine the layout of the kitchen and bring to mind exactly where her superior kept the candles.

She didn’t get a chance to take another.


Maya grunted as something hit her from behind, a larger, physically stronger form steamrolling her into the wall as a hand clamped over her mouth.

“Don’t make a sound.”

A powerful shiver ran through Maya’s body as she instinctively froze.

The other person’s free hand wrapped around her waist, pulling her into a tight embrace, and in the recesses of her mind, Maya registered the telltale curves of another woman.  “D-don’t hurt me…” she pleaded as the hand was removed, tangling in her hair and yanking her head back so hard it made her eyes tear.  “Please…”

“Shut… up.”

Maya gasped as the woman’s free hand reached up and grasped the lapel of her NERV uniform, ripping it wide open with sudden, vicious force.  A soft hiss slipped past her lips as the woman’s hand slipped up her bare stomach, roughly fondling her left breast.

“Your nipples are hard,” the woman growled, “and look at this bra… what a slut…”

Maya blushed.  The bra in question was made of black mesh, and was nearly transparent.  She had bought it on a dare from her friend Yume in Section 3, and could not even remember why she had chosen to wear it that night.

She cried out as the woman pinched her stiff nipple, sending a jolt of pleasure through her body.  “P-please,” she sobbed, “don’t hurt me.”

“I warned you to shut up.”

Maya’s breath was taken away as the woman whirled her around and slapped her across the face, knocking her into the wall. “OW!!”

“Oh God, Maya I’m so sorry!”

In an instant, the fantasy dissolved.  “I’m… I’m ok,” Maya said weakly, rubbing the back of her head.  “Don’t stop…”

In the dim light from the front door, she could see the concern on Ritsuko’s face, and in spite of her assurance that she was fine, the older woman did not continue with the elaborate scenario they had come up with the day before.  Maya had honestly thought that her lover wasn’t taking her seriously when she’d detailed the rape fantasy, so she truly was taken off guard.  And now, due to a little bump on the head, the mood was gone.

“I’m sorry,” Maya sighed, leaning back against the wall and closing her eyes.  “Do you just want to go to the bedroom, or whaummm!”

Her eyes sprang back open as Ritsuko abruptly shoved her back into the wall, clamping her mouth over Maya’s and thrusting her tongue into the younger woman’s mouth.

“Mmmm, Sempai!!” Maya panted, lifting her arms to allow the blond to pull off the tattered remains of her shirt.  “Uhh!!  Ooo, I like this…” she gasped, throwing her head back as her superior attacked her breasts, licking and sucking at them through the thin fabric of her sheer bra.  “Mmm… tell me what happened so I can make sure it happens again!!”

Ritsuko made no reply, focusing her attention on mauling her young lover’s delectable, apple-sized tits.  In her mind, she could hear Misato’s voice – clear as day – murmuring, ‘That’s right… you… me… and him, as soon as we get home.’ And Asuka’s answering whisper of, ‘Do you have condoms?’

“AAhhh!” Maya cried out as the blonde bit down on her right nipple, sending a jagged bolt of pleasure/pain almost directly into hear leaking pussy.  “Yes, God I love it!” she babbled, immediately parting her legs as Ritsuko’s right hand shot up between them.  “Oh play with my pussy – like that LIKE THAT!!”

Clenching her eyes closed, Ritsuko grabbed Maya’s left leg, lifting it up off the floor and draping it over her shoulder as she knelt between the younger woman’s thighs.  I can’t believe it, she thought, tearing Maya’s panties off almost automatically, They’re going to fuck – all three of them… right in her own fucking apartment!

“OH GOD!!”

Maya shrieked and wrapped her fingers convulsively in Ritsuko’s hair as the woman latched onto her throbbing clit.  Usually the blonde liked to tease and torment Maya until she begged to come, but tonight she was unlike anything the younger woman had felt before.  She was passionate… driven – as if she was furious about something and was trying to make Maya pay for it somehow.  Which, if it made her feel like this, was just fine with the younger tech.

“Uh uh uh,” Maya panted, “I’m gonna come – I’m gonna COME!!  Ritsukohhhh…!!”

Almost cruelly, Ritsuko drove three of her slender fingers into Maya’s spasming pussy, driving them in and out as the tech screamed her name, climaxing with a rush of sweet juices all over the blonde’s face.

Long into the night – keeping her in the hallway – Ritsuko worked Maya’s slit, making the younger woman come over and over again until she was lying on the floor and deliriously mewling that she loved her sempai with all her heart and soul, begging her not to stop no matter what – anything to keep the seemingly endless cycle of orgasms she was feeling rolling over and over through her aching body.

When she finally passed out, Ritsuko barely noticed… she simply continued licking lightly at the young woman’s sex, imagining that it was Misato there screaming her name.  A fantasy she had long denied herself because she knew that the purple-haired woman was as much a whore for men as Maya was for her.

But as Maya groaned and began to stir again, Ritsuko smiled to herself.  If she’s willing to do it with ASUKA then she’ll do it with me… I might have to get her drunk first, but she’ll do it with me – I guaran-fucking-tee it.

With renewed vigor, she attacked Maya’s soaking hole, already plotting the best way to get her old college friend in a compromising position and thanking whatever god was in heaven that the button on Misato’s intercom had a tendency to stick…

The End… for now.

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