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                Knap Sak Hentai Fix

              Be Gentle and Be Rough


                       It was year 2016.The Third Impact was prevented.Rei became human and removed all her Angel cells in her,but she is still boring and emotionless.. sometimes.Kaowro is dead and the Angels stopped attacking.Shinji finally has a backbone and he is developed muscles.Asuka became gentle.Shinji and Asuka fell in love with each other. Misato is still there gaurdian.They’re now college but they live next door at Misato’s apartment and still pilots.Touji and Hikari are still the same.Kensuke is still a geek but at least his inteligent.Touji,Shinji and Kensuke are still the three stooges and they made 5 goodfriends:

Touji:”You mean Rei is a prosti minded girl?”

Seiji:”Hai!Well I made love to her last week!Man she was tight!But she is a bad sucker.”

Kenji:”Yeah,right!You keep on saying “yesyes!deeper!”!”

Seiji:”Well it was kinda cool feeling!”

Raiko:”Yep!Rei is the Queen of Fucks!Her cumm is really bad that’s the thing that I don’t like her and she’s kinda boring...if she’s not having sex!”

Touji:”How did you do it?..I mean she’s usually emotionless.But how come she’s like a prostitute?”

Niko:”Just give treat her and say that you want her to make love to  you!”

Then another guy came.He’s kinda poofed from running.


Seiji:”Oh,you ass fuck Rei!”

Tadashi:”Yes!...I mean no!I havent have sex with that boring,lil boobs,fuckin shit Rei!Ass..ss..uk.k.ka and..Shhii..nn..jj..iii...suc.k.kking..the..ir..mem..ber.ss!”


Abandoned house at the park(people can’t see them there it’s in the dark part of the park)


Shinji:”Asuka..ahh..your soo tasty!Oh god!”

                        Shinji can’t resist Asuka’s tasty pussy.He licked and licked it good.His nose budge her clitoris whenever he licks her pussy making her electrified.While Shinji is licking her pussy Asuka is stimulating herself by squeezing her perfect boobs full of sweat and holding her nipples.

                        Asuka maoned.He slid his finger in her pussy.Playing it gently and then later faster and a bit harsher.He slid his three fingers and her pussy is milking it.Later,he stick his finger at her mouth enabling her to taste her pussy’s taste.

Asuka:”Shin-chan..mmmm..this taste..ahhhh!..go.good..Gott!Stop!Lick my clitoris and play with the other parts of my pussy!”

Shinji<Shit I cant believe that I’m making love to a virgin she tastes soo good!>”ok!”

Asuka:”Shin-chan..ahhh..I’m gonna ccumm..ahhhh..ah”

                       She released her girl-cum cant help except licking it.Then he begins to rub her pussy slomly and gently.She kept on moaning erotically.Later he rubbed it faster and harsher which made her shout.Seconds later,she touched his face,full of girl-cum:

Asuka:”My turn!I don’t want you to stay in my pussy forever.”

Shinji:”Ok!Lick it goo..ahhhhhh!”

Asuka<He really has a big dick!>

                       She played with his dick and licked it.He looked at her,playing with it and her boobs are bouncing like a ball.Asuka likes to lick his dick.She loves to slide her tongue in it then swallow it deeper in her throat.She rubbed its big shaft electrifying Shinji.Later she put her tongue in his hole and masturbate it.Then cumm came all over her mouth then swallowing it.But he keeps on cumming her.Semen covered Asuka’s lovely face she tried to clean it by her hands and licks it like a cat then she continues to suck his dick.She was used to lick and suck a lollypop but now she’s sucking a dick,a biiiggg dick,leaving her salive in his dick then lick and suck it fast.

                       Shinji doing nothing except holding her red hair maon in delight.She’s really good at this,especially sucking it good,like a lollypop.She cupped his balls and stroke his dick again.


Asuka:”Shinji I have you taste good and I have tasted your soul…mm..mm..”

Shinji smiled at her lovingly.

Asuka:”It’s(suck)good that(lick)you shaved(suck) your dick otherwise(suck) I might(lick) eatyour(lick)hair!..mmmmm..”

Shinji:”ahh..you..tt.too!..ah..I’m going..berzerk!LICK IT!..ahhh..deeper...faster..ahhhhh!..”

                     Then later,she stopped.Shinji gave her a puzzled look.Then shepread her legs wide open with her pussy seen visibly and erotically giving him that she’s ready to let his mighty dick in her lovely and 5 star fuckable pussy.At first she was kinda nervous,she might get herself hurt with his dick.Her dildos were smaller than his dick.Shinji gave her a loving hug and whispered  something.

Shinji:”Asuka,before the day that we became a couple I loved you and still love you.I don’t want to get you hurt.”

Asuka:”Shin-chan I’m enjoying this,just Please Be Gentle and Be Rough sometimes,this is our first time,you know!”

Shinji:”I will.”

                    Shinji slowly rubbed her fine legs then..shook!..he inserted his dick,gently.Asuka moaned in pain.She left a tear and Shinji took a look in her face.She hid it from him to prevent him from stopping(she’s enjoying sex ok?!).

Asuka:”Shin..argh!..aa.don’t stop..ahhhh..go..ooonn..nngh.”

                    Well it was wise of her to say those words,he might stop making love to her and that is boring!

                    He kept on pushing and pulling his big dick at her tight pussy.Shinji also maoned.He cant believe the sensations.Asuka kept on milking his dick.She cummed his dick and kept on maoning.Meanwhile his dick is thrusting her pussy making her moan even more louder.

                    Later,he fucked her roughly.He pushed and pushed his dick in her pussy deeper inside of her.Asuka’s eyes were full of tears.She cant help it,he’s too big and long.Then he removed his dick.

Asuka:”Shinji,let’s change our positions.”

Shinji:”Sit in my lap and lets do the sitfuck position.”

                   Asuka sit between his dick.Shinjihold his dick and insterted it in her tight pussy.Again she maoned,but this time she’s moaning in delight and in a bit of pain.

                    He kissed her neck and squeezed her  big boobs and his other hand is playing her pink nipple making it erect.Asuka is bouncing at his dick while Shinji is pushing.Tears came back.She touched his dick and rubbed it  while he is working.It was warm and real hard and also a bit smooth.

Asuka:”Shinji..ahahah..you’re so..ahahah..big!”

Shinji:”An..ah god!..You’re so..ahahah..tight..I love it!..ahahah”

                   Asuka is even more milking his dick.Girl-cum came out in his big dick.

                    Later,again,they changed their positions.Asuka is now facing in front of Shinji.He inserted his dick in his pussy.Then he licked  and gently bit her nipples.He also squeezed it.She pulle his head in her chest making him suck her nipples.Seconds later,he moved his hands in her lovely ass and opened it wide and squeezing it.Asuka grabbed her dildos and gave it to him.

Shinji:”But..there will be two filling you.That hurts!”

Asuka:”Just inseert it please?”

                     Well he cant resist her.He inserted the dildo at her pussy.She moaned loudly.There are two filling her.A big one in her pussy and a smaller on in her ass.

                     Oh my,that girl.She is really a desparado.Shinji wiped a few girl-cums and inserted it in her mouth.She likes the taste of girl-cum.But again she was teary-eyed.Just imagine two things in a pussy.

                     15 minutes later they changed postions.Asuka licked his dick fast and proceeded in their “new” position.They did the dogsytle but this time he headed first at her ass.

Shinji:”asuka-chan,I’m goin to put my dick in your ass,ok?”

Asuka:”ok,mein liebling!”

                      Shinji insterted his dickinto her pussy.He fin it a bit hard to enter his dick into her ass.Asuka maoned a bit and tears came.Finally he did it.He pushed  it into her ass,gently and later rougher and fast.Asuka’s boobs went on moving.Meanwhile,Shinji rubbed her ass to make the pain ease.Then he fingered her.

Shinji:”Asuka,which one do you like my finger or ‘your’ finger?”

Asuka:”Hhhey!You.ah..ssaaww mmee,r..aahright?”


                       Then they get back to their second position...
Next day:


ALL:”Heil Shinji!!!”

Shinji:”Guys,what did I do?”

Seiji:”Well the T-Virus saw you two making love!”


He gave Tadashi an evil look.

Tadashi:”Yyoo mmmaann,I heard you moaning and I went to check it up.But at least I ddid not told them the..lloocation!They did not saw youu!”

Raiko:”Yeah.I Crew swear did not saw you two!”

Seiji:”I Maddog did not saw you”

Kenji:”Me too as Scar!”

Niko:”XberZtern aslo did not!”

Touji and Kensuke:”Neither the two of us!”

Shnji”Guys!..well don’t you spread it!Otherwise Misato will kill us!”

All of them:”SURE!PROMISE!”

Tadashi:”and so say ASUKA RULES AND HEIL SHINJI the luckiest amn in the world!Owns Asuka the Great,more better than Rei the shit!”

All:”Asuka RULES….”

Shinji:”I’m going to be sick!”

Two months later after the fuck

                      Asuka came and kissed him.she was kinda nervous.He gave her a puzzled look.

Shinji:”Somtin wrong,love?

Asuka(sweating):”Shinji I want to talk to you.”


Asuka:”Shinji do you love me?”

Shinji:”Of course!You’re my fiance’ right?”

Asuka:Right!What if I’m pregnant now,will you still love me?”

Shinji:”Well,I will take responsibility as a father and a spouse.I will raise my child and love him/her and you!I will prove that I am more father than my Father!”

Asuka:”Promise that you will be  one and wont leave us?”

Shinji:”Promise and God is my witness!Why are you saying those words?”

Asuka(a bit scared):”Ggood..coz..I’m pregnant!And it’s a she!”



                         Shinji gave her a big amd passionate kiss and hugged her.He touched her stomach and rubbed it lovingly.She also replied.Then they broke the kiss.

Shinji:”Asuka,will you marry me?”

Asuka:”YES!I will!”

                         Then Shinji kissed her and her stomach.

Two weeks later:



Tadashi:”Congratulations!Hey Shinji,here’s our second gift!Use it wisely!”


                            Wedding day!Boy they were so happy!Misato even cried!Rei is also happy at last she showed emotion.The seven guys were the groom’s men,Rei and Hikari were the Bridesmaid(Asuka made Rei one,there friends ok?).Kaji and all the NERV were there,even Gendou.At least he ws there and gave them money as there gift.

                             The seven stooges gave them a sum of great money.The other five guys were famous band group.They gave them maybe 70000yen,or maybe more.They are rich,ok.The 5 guys live in on house and they are rich.Of course Ken and Touji gave some money and joined it together with the the other guys.Arent they kind?

                              NERV paid all the expences and set their wedding in the Catholic church near NERV.

Several moths passed by.


Asuka:”Guten aben,mein liebling Shinji!”


Shinji:”HI Teri-chan!MMMA!”

Asuka:”She’s really behave,Shin-chan!”


Asuka:”Hey Teri wanna go to our fourth HONEYMOON?”

Shinji:”Well..Happy Aniversary Asuka!”



Asuka and Shinji:”oh,sorry!”

Asuka:”Hey Shinji,when we’re there lets get nasty!”

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