Friends 4eva
Emtar 85(


A tear of joy streaked down her seemingly ageless face as she ran over to her true love, Rei. She could hardly contain her excitement, for she was about to have a child with the woman she loved. She reached out, putting her arms around Rei, pressing her lips to Rei's. Rei reached up and began to slowly caress Ritsuko's silky locks. As their kiss became ever more increasingly passionate, they could no longer control themselves, and they quickly began undressing each other in the middle of the living room.

A skirt was tossed one way, panties another. Soon Rei's lips departed from Ritsuko's and began to venture downward. Stopping at her supple breats only momentarily, for what lay further down was her true goal. As she reached Ritsuko's slightly aged vagina, she began to lick with a force so great that Ritsuko could hardly contain herself. Ritsuko was starting to lose control, and Rei could sense that an orgasm was near. She quickly picked up the bowl next to her and placed it under Ritsuko's vagina and began to push on her stomach.

At first Ritsuko was confused as to why Rei was pushing on her stomach but she soon found out the answer. For the bowl was now beginning to quickly fill up with mung. Ritsuko was now beginning to feel a different kind of pleasure, a much greater pleasure, one she had yet to experience in her entire life. After the bowl was filled Rei wasted no time and flipped Ritsuko onto her stomach. Rei then grabbed a tube off the coffee table and thrust into Ritsuko's ass.

Rei was becoming more and more aroused with each action she took. She held the tube up and poured the mung inside. Pleasure soon returned to Ritsuko as Rei blew into the tube and the mung began rushing into her ass, filling ever inch of her colon. Then, not wanting to waste any of the precious mung, Rei slowly removed the tube. After this task was completed, she lowered her face to Ritsuko sphincter which was now doing all it could to contain the mung that had just flooded its banks.

Rei quickly placed her lips on Ritsuko's hole and began to suck with all her might. Ritsuko could sense that Rei' sucking wasn't going to be enough to get all the mung out, so she gave her a little help. She began to push; only trying to release a little bit, but it all can rushing out in a stream of luke warm pleasure. Rei's mouth and face was now being covered in mung, shit and shit covered mung and she couldn't be any happier.

Rei sat up and moved closer to Ritsuko and once more, they began to passionately kiss one another.

Exchanging the particles of mung and shit covered mung.