Rei Ayanami - Fallen Angel
Chapter 7 - Chair

By David 'Psaiyan' Hawthorne.

Gendo had prepared a vegetable curry for the evening meal. Rei was a vegetarian, so this also made him a vegetarian - he had neither the time nor the inclination to prepare his own food separately. He did not particularly care. All instant food tasted like cardboard to him anyway.

If Rei had not been with him, he probably would not have bothered with dinner. His diet usually consisted largely of pre-packaged sandwiches, chocolate bars and toast when not too drunk, or hung-over to eat. When not working (his usual routine was to show up perhaps three days a week, whenever he happened to feel like it), he spent most of his time hunched over his reading - arcane tomes on the subjects of biology, genetics, religion, myth and philosophy; the ashtray beside him steadily filling to the point of overflow, the bottle of whiskey steadily draining.

Mealtimes always seemed to pass in silence, save for the clatter of chopsticks upon china. He could no longer talk to Rei about school - she did not attend. He could no longer talk to Rei about piloting Evangelion - she had not been into NERV for weeks. Her days invariably consisted of lying in bed, staring at the walls and ceiling or sleeping. As for discussing the current situation with regards to the Angels, he could not even bring himself to mention the name in front of her.

So he stared across the oak dining table and watched Rei Ayanami eat.


Rei just wanted him to do something. It had been two nights since he had stood over her bed and taken pleasure in her and this was the first time that they had been in the same room since.

She no longer felt the strong urge to die. She had seen the way that Gendo had been looking at her in recent weeks, something akin to a wolf looking at cattle - but only when he thought that she could not see him. She understood a lot more than he gave her credit for. Now this had been her final confirmation.

She had wanted so badly for him to lay his hands upon her body... she dare not open her eyes any more than the slightest degree for fear of scaring him away, though every fibre of her being wanted her to reach out and pull him on top of her. She could feel the arousal growing; the warm wetness seeping from her velvety depths as she had parted her thighs just enough to show Gendo what was on offer. At the same time, she had thrust her chest forward, allowing her hardening nipples to stand forth prominently through the fabric of her T-shirt.

In her mind's eye, she pictured him burying his face in the sopping wetness of her silky-smooth mound, his beard tickling the soft, sensitive skin of her inner thighs as his tongue lapped hungrily at her secret pinkness, savouring the taste of her freely-flowing love juices.

She wanted his large hands upon her body; groping her lustfully with his rough, manly touch, his taking pleasure in the gentle curves of her pale, feminine body. She wanted to feel his weight on top of her, pressing her into the mattress, his tongue in her mouth, his rough, callused palms engulfing her luscious breasts, squeezing them until they throbbed with her arousal, her nipples red with excitement. She wanted to see his bulging erection, knowing that it was her that excited him. She wanted to feel it pressing against the her soaking wet entrance; the first real cock she would ever feel inside her, stretching her slick inner walls, her flesh parting for him, allowing him into her most sacred place...

Her body cried out for him. Only for him...

Gendo's grunting self-gratification had left her unfulfilled. He had watched her, but had not touched. He had not even let a single drop of his seed spill onto her. She needed relief so badly and masturbated more vigorously than ever before after he had left her, her warm, sweet juices soaking into a bathtowl positioned strategically between her legs as she frigged herself with four fingers and tugged rabidly at her pulsating clit.

Once, twice, three times she came, panting slightly each time, but otherwise remaining silent, her mop of blue hair completely soaked through with sweat. It was not enough for her. She needed something else - something inside her.

Her pens and pencils, her toothbrush, the handle of her hairbrush. Nothing gave her the release she craved. Her pussy ached after nearly three hours of constant stimulation.

Looking back, she wondered what Gendo's reaction would have been to seeing her lying on her back, completely nude on the wooden bedroom floor in a spreading pool of her own fluids; her body glistening with perspiration in the moonlight, tears of ecstasy running down her face, her firm C-cup breasts jiggling back and forth with the exertion of sliding the smooth brushed metal leg of her study chair back and forth a good ten inches into the depths of her pulsating cunt, rasping her knuckles over her almost inch-long clit as she let out small squeaking moans of sheer orgasmic joy.

Rei thought that he would probably have had a nosebleed from merely hearing the wet, squishy slurping noises as she fucked herself like a woman possessed; the smooth, rounded end of the pole banging repeatedly against her cervix. He would probably have died of a heart attack had he been there to see her ejaculating what seemed like gallons of delicious girlcum several inches into the air from her spasming twat, her arching back, her trembling limbs, her eyes rolling back into her head, groaning aloud as the waves of animal lust crashed over her.

Lacking the energy to return to bed, she had pulled the duvet down over her and curled up on the floor beneath it, lying in her own secretions, soaked almost to the tips of her toes with her own cum. She passed out almost immediately and slept until almost midday.

She needed to keep the window open all the next day to rid the room of the musky smell of her sex.


"So, how is it? Not too spicy for you, is it?" Gendo noticed that Rei's attention seemed to be elsewhere. She had lowered her chopsticks and moved around uncomfortably in her chair. Her eyes seemed to be flicking around the room and her face even seemed a little flushed.

"The food is good, sir." Rei blinked twice and resumed eating. "...and I would like to pour it all over myself and have you lick it off me."

The second part of her reply was only in her imagination...

"But not for much longer..." Rei stared blankly downwards into her bowl, her hair spilling forwards over her forehead.

Gendo Ikari thought that he would like to rub his face against her luxuriant mop of unkempt azure, but he steadfastly concentrated upon his curry, his expression unreadable behind his highly reflective spectacles. He had not had a drink for several hours and his hands were beginning to tremble.