Rei Ayanami: Fallen Angel - Chapter 5


By Psaiyan Prince Vegeta

The sunlight filtered through the iron bars covering the window, creating alternating zones of brightness and shadow across the bed and floor.

Rei's lay atop the pale pink duvet, her sensitive albino eyes closed against the light. She could not motivate herself to get up and close the curtains. Outside was a beautiful summer day, with not a cloud in the sky. Cicadas chirped, the birds sang and a cool, gentle breeze rustled the flowers and the long grass in the garden. Rei did not notice, nor care.

Commander Ikari had sent a peon over to her apartment the day she had arrived to collect her belongings. Underwear, socks, a couple of spare school shirts... altogether they only filled a small sports bag. There was her 'special' plugsuit too - obviously no one had seen fit to question its purpose in her dwelling...

(In actuality, the young NERV agent entrusted with the 'mission' had spent over half an hour lying on Rei's bed, sniffing the crotch of the unwashed suit whilst masturbating furiously. He had known *exactly* why she needed garment and what she had been up to with it...)

Sat atop the dusty bedside cabinet were Rei Ayanami's only other significant personal possessions - a glass beaker filled with water and a scratched metal case containing a pair of cracked and battered spectacles.


Situated some miles away for headquarters in the hills beyond Tokyo-3 and more than 10 miles from the next nearest dwelling, Gendo Ikari's house seemed much to large for a single man. Surrounded by thick, dark conifer woodland on all sides and only accessible by a narrow, rocky access road, Gendo lived precisely as Rei had imagined - as far away from his fellow man as possible.

The house itself was fairly modern, perhaps built in the early 1990's using lots of wood and glass and had obviously been designed to be bright and airy, the windows large, maximising the available natural light. Big, but not obscenely so, it seemed to be the sort of place in which a wealthy, yet modest man would live.

A spacious veranda ran along the front wall, a glass conservatory visible to the side. Perhaps at one time Gendo had sat here with his wife, sipping cool drinks and enjoying the summer weather whilst their young son played with his toys under the shade of the apple trees in the long garden.

Rei could tell that he lived alone now. The grass had not been cut for some time, growing knee-high and unruly, choking the life from the other plants. The trees and hedges grew wild and untamed by the hand of man and weeds sprouted profusely from the cracks in the brick-red patio. The windows were dirty, framed by the peeling paint of their frames. Here and there a slate was missing from the roof.

Inside, everything was unkempt, dust covering every surface. Furniture and decoration was kept to a bare minimum. Cigarette butts, empty bottles of bourbon and cans of lager had been left to lie where they had been discarded. The hallway was filled with empty cardboard boxes, the wallpaper beginning to peel in places. The distinct, musty scent of damp hung in the air.


Rei had never been upstairs. She had never seen, nor heard Gendo do so either. It seemed to her that he only actually made use of small part of the house, most doors, save for the kitchen, bathroom, toilet and her own bedroom securely locked against her prying eyes.

Commander Ikari spent most of his off-duty time in his study. Rei was also certain that he slept in there too. She had never ventured inside this most precious inner sanctum - Gendo would not let her, but had on occasion caught glimpses of rows of old-looking books, sheaves of paper, rolled documents and walls papered with charts and figures.

She found herself mostly left to her own devices. Gendo showed little interest in her, besides watching her closely enough to ensure that she did not attempt suicide again. Conversation was almost non-existent, besides occasional grunted 'hello's and small talk conducted over the evening meal. Ikari went about his business and left Rei to lie in bed all day with her dark thoughts. Perhaps he could not bear to be around a woman so soiled and impure...

Ikari... the whole house smelt like Ikari. She could feel his presence all around her. The bed she lay on - perhaps Gendo had once lain here too. With her eyes closed, she imagined him lying next to her, pretending that the warmth of the sun was the warmth of his body, that he was resting on his side, looking at her, watching, smiling.

Cradling Gendo's glass case in her hands, Rei rolled onto her side and buried her face in the pillow, tears forming beneath her eyelids. Her tears were hers alone - she would never allow Gendo to see her cry again.

Unhooking the first three buttons of her baggy school shirt, she pressed the cool metal of the case to her bra-encased breast, wanting to feel something of Gendo close to her heart, but instead causing a small twinge of pleasure between her legs. Rei sighed; despite the fact that she had been telling herself for weeks that Ikari must despise her for submitting so willingly, her body would not allow her to think of Commander Ikari in any other way except in terms of sex. She decided to go with these feelings for now - she could often sleep better after a good, hard orgasm and perhaps not have quite as many nightmares.

Carefully unbuttoning the remainder of her shirt, she rolled onto her back and allowed it to fall open. The act of admiring her own round, firm, perfect breasts caused her nipples to harden noticeably against the fabric of her plain cotton bra and the twinge in her crotch to become a tingle.

The C-cup bra was perhaps a little too small for Rei, her cleavage swelling slightly above the restraints, goose bumps apparent on her soft, warm skin. She found herself gently cupping, kneading and caressing her left breast, rubbing her thumb back and forth across the erect nub of her nipple whilst moaning softly.

With her free hand, she pressed the glass case between her tits, the coldness causing her nipples to become painfully erect within their confines. She squeezed her thighs together, the heat growing within her loins.

Arching her back she hastily unhooked her bra and allowed it to drop from her chest. Her boobs bounced slightly, but did not sag in the slightest. She rubbed the palms of her hands slowly over her almost inch-long nipples, growing more and more excited with each passing moment. She thrust the case back and forth between the valley of her breasts, trying to imagine Gendo's penis doing the same. A wet spot appeared at the crotch of her panties and swiftly began to grow.

Licking her lips seductively, her face flushed red with arousal, Rei traced patterns upon her flat, toned stomach with her fingernails, slowly descending down her body towards her throbbing snatch. The strong smell of her own arousal emanating from her sopping wet cunt poured petrol on the flames. The blood sang in her ears. She felt herself on the verge of cumming without having even touched herself.

The frustration caused her to grind her teeth. The feeling of the Angel's cock ravaging her body had left a lasting impression. After her assault, her own fingers no longer seemed enough to satisfy her. She would orgasm from two, three four digits inside her, but feel as though she had wasted the moment, that she was missing something. There was no doubt about it, she wanted the feeling of a hard member thrusting deeply into her body, filling her, stretching her, completing her.

Her panties were practically glued to her skin as she rolled them down over her hips, exposing her drooling womanhood, her warm, tight shaven slit, her soft velvety folds hiding the treasures within. There was a slight squelching noise as Rei gently parted her labia, flaring wide her hidden pinkness, her clit standing out prominently from its hood. Her love juices began to drip onto the duvet.

Sliding three fingers effortlessly inside herself, she began to make small circular movements against her clit with her thumb. She was so sensitive today, her pulsating vagina seemed to be trying to pull her whole hand inside herself - she knew that she wouldn't be able to last very long. The sweat dripped from her body as she reached onto the cabinet for her beaker.




Her fingers slid in and out of her fertile depths as she poised the beaker beneath her slit. Her middle finger probed the area on the front wall of her vagina that always elicited incredibly powerful orgasms. Her entire body felt as though it were on fire. These were Gendo's hands, Gendo's fingers inside her, Gendo thrusting away at her. She found herself hyperventilating, panting his name as loudly as she was able as she stimulated her clit with the lip of the beaker.

Rei's body convulsed and she gasped aloud as her orgasm hit.


Through the keyhole, Gendo Ikari watched with awe as Rei's writhed in pleasure, her cunt contracting rhythmically, releasing spurt after spurt of her girlcum into the waiting beaker. A drop of sweat rolled down his temple as her secretions threatened to overflow the container. A noticeable bulge stood out from within his uniform, making it uncomfortable for him to stay in the same position. He raised his eyebrow slightly as Rei called his name at the height of her ecstasy, but otherwise remained perfectly still. He liked to watch.

He continued to look on as Rei regarded, then quizzically sniffed the warm, clear, viscous fluid which filled the beaker to the brim. Her soft, azure hair was plastered to her forehead with sweat, her cheeks rosy, her eyes heavy lidded with lust. Despite her best efforts, a small pool of love juices collected on the bedding between her thighs.

He could not help stroking his crotch through his trousers as he observed Rei lifting the beaker to her lips and swallowing her sweet ambrosia in a single gulp, licking her lips hungrily.

Silently, Gendo crept away from the door and made his way to the laundry room. Rooting around in the wash basket, he retrieved three pairs of Rei Ayanami's worn cotton panties, proceeded to his study and turned the key in the lock.

He didn't emerge for dinner until it was almost midnight.