Fallen Angel - Chapter 3
By Psaiyan Prince Vegeta

"So, how are we feeling today, first child?" the corners of Dr. Ritsuko Akagi's mouth turned upwards into a faint smile as she glanced upwards from her clipboard.

"The pain seems to be less, ma'am." Rei was sat up in bed, propped up on several pillows, clad in light blue hospital-issue flannel pyjamas. She stared straight ahead, unblinking; her eyes focussed on the gently waving branches of the poplar tree which brushed against the window pane.

"I'm very glad to hear it, Rei." The blonde woman brushed back a stray lock of hair and leafed through several of the sheets of paper. "I must say, you are making a remarkable recovery."


"It says here that the bruising to your internal organs has almost completely healed." Dr. Akagi began to tick some boxes on Rei's chart.

"I see."

"You're a strong girl, Rei. Everyone here is pleased with your progress." She scribbled in vain with her biro, attempting to coax forth more ink onto the page, before finally admitting defeat and slipping it back into the pocket of her lab coat.

The blue-haired girl nodded.

"Never forget, you're not alone - you have a lot of friends here..."

"When can I get out of this place?"

"...if you ever need anyone to talk to - anyone at all..."

NERV's head physician continued to talk, but Rei tuned her words out, mentally blending them into the background noise of traffic and cicadas. What could she talk about to Dr Akagi? How she had wailed in pleasure and screamed for more, clinging onto the Angel's ridged, bony shoulders as she heard the dry snap of her own pelvis cracking? The agony of feeling her own cervix being forcibly dilated by the head of Sachiel's monstrous member? The crimson torrents gushing from her most sacred place as her entire womb was filled with demonic ejaculate?

Rei blinked back the tears, not wanting Ritsuko to see her weakness, only to find that the doctor had long since left the room. She realised that she had been digging her fingernails into her palm hard enough to draw blood.

Shinji had brought her a bunch of grapes. The boy, the third child - so unlike his father, had been unable to look at her in the eye, his cheeks red with embarrassment. He had not been able to find words to speak to her. He had left as soon as he physically could. She disliked grapes.


Rei had heard the nurses gossiping. Commander Ikari had visited her every day she was unconscious, sometimes maintaining a silent vigil beside her bed for hours at a time. They had commented on how unusual this was, how out of character for him.

Knowing this caused a sinking feeling in her stomach. Here was yet another demonstration in her mind, after the incident in which Gendo had almost burned off his hands trying to save her that Ikari harboured feelings towards her.

There was no way that she could even look at him now, after all that had happened! She was dirty, soiled, not fit to be in the same room as him. The monster had forced her body to reveal its true nature, taken from her that which could never be returned, made her into its filthy whore.

The unfairness of the situation drove Rei to despair. All she had ever wanted from life was to be Ikari's whore, to be ravished by him day and night, to lose herself in primal ecstasy, to be like a doll for him to play with whenever he wished.

Now she was so sickeningly dirty that the Commander would not even be able to bear touching her. He had not even been to visit her since the day she regained consciousness.

Rei slid down in bed and closed her eyes, her body shaking with rage and hatred.


It was in the darkness that the Angel came for her. Always in the still darkness did those hollow eyes haunt her. Before, her dreams were of running water, the moon, the stars - objects which seemed to be somehow significant to her. Sometimes she had perverted dreams about Ikari too, which often left her so horny that she had to masturbate to a climax right there in bed, creating a sizeable wet spot on the sheets. Now there were only those two pits of midnight, watching her hungrily, waiting to pounce.


With each passing week, Rei's body became stronger. Dr Akagi was amazed with the speed of her recovery from such horrific injuries. Her skin once again became flawless, not a single scar or blemish remained. One by one, the bandages and casts were removed and she was slowly weaned off the morphine. Ritsuko had personally placed herself in charge of Rei's care and made sure that she wanted for nothing.

Rei wanted to die.