Fallen Angel - Chapter 2
By Psaiyan Prince Vegeta.

"I hate this ceiling".

Rei's eye flickered open as the murmur escaped her lips. Fluorescent strip lighting, suspended polystyrene tiles, the smell of antiseptic. A familiar ceiling.

Attempting to turn her head caused a thunderbolt of agony to shoot down her spine. Gritting her teeth and tensing her muscles, she endured, trembling as the waves of pain washed over her, refusing to cry out. Tiny pricks of perspiration appeared on her face as the worst of the deluge passed. She relaxed. Now it only hurt.

They'd bandaged her up again. She could feel the sling supporting her arm and the bindings around her head. Those she could understand; but why had they placed a wad of gauze over her eye? There was nothing wrong with her eye. Did the doctors think she looked cute that way?

The warm, comforting sensation of the opiates suspended in her veins did little for the shooting pain when she tried to move any part of her body, but seemed to somewhat take the edge off the dull ache in her lower belly and the throbbing of her jaw, mouth and throat.

For want of a better word, Rei Ayanami felt completely and utterly fucked. She closed her eyes, exhausted from her efforts.


The passage of time. With no way of orienting herself, Rei could not have been entirely sure how long she lay in her hospital bed. Days? Weeks? Her life became little more than snatches of consciousness between periods of darkness and blinding pain. Her world ended at the foot of her bed, fading rapidly into the grey. A world of silence intercut with snatches of garbled conversations and the soft thumping of her own heart.

She was certain that sometimes there were other people in the room with her. Shadows keeping watch over her, discussing her, performing tests. She hoped that the Commander was there for her.

In her more lucid dreams, he would hold her in his strong arms and run his fingers through her flowing azure locks, all the time whispering sweet nothings in her ear. She felt safe here.

"Is it okay if I stay here?"

Commander Ikari always dissolved into the ether before he could give his answer.


Commander Ikari... Rei had longed for the day when she would be able to call him 'Gendo'. Even as a young girl, she had eyes only for one man, the man she wanted to marry, from the very day she learned what it was to get married.

She had heard many whispered scornful remarks from various NERV personnel regarding the Commander, that he was weird, creepy, insane even. She could not even begin to understand what they were talking about. He was her life. The rest was mere window dressing. She went to school to please Ikari, she brushed and cut her hair the way she knew he liked it to please Ikari, she piloted Eva to please Ikari.

She had wanted so badly for her first time to be with Gendo, to see his eyes burning with love and lust for her as his heart and body became one with hers. She wanted so badly to remain pure for him. She knew that it was supposed to hurt the first time and she wanted Commander Ikari to be the one to silence her cries of pain with his lips. There was no place in her ideal world for a bony-white beak-like skull.


The monster, the Angel, the demon, the bastard had forced her to enjoy it. The cocktail of pheromones blasted forth by its rank, hot, fetid breath had poleaxed her. It had smelt so strong... so male... so virile. Somehow she could feel the sex chemicals pinging insidiously against the neurotransmitter receptors in her brain, disabling enough higher functions to make her do the unthinkable.

By the time it had split her plugsuit down the centre with the flick of a talon, her pussy was sopping wet and her crimson eyes heavy-lidded with lust. Even the stinging pain of the claw strike and the blood flowing down her creamy white abdomen did not detract from the primal feeling of arousal she had experienced.

Inside she was screaming, yet outside she moaned softly as the Angel spread her legs effortlessly and his 'beak' slowly slid between her silky thighs, her hips jerking involuntarily as the hard, bony ridges gently parted the soft petals of her warm, tight shaven snatch, teasing the sensitive nub of her womanhood. She could hear it inhaling her scent, savouring her arousal. The dark, empty eyes seemed to be staring directly into her own. She wanted to pound away at the domed carapace, smash it into a million pieces with her fists, but all she could do was groan in pleasure, arching her back, begging for more delicious contact.

Tri-clawed hands found her round, firm tits, capturing the soft orbs of flesh in their razor grasp. Small drops of blood appeared as Sachiel began to knead them, the delicious pain pouring petrol on the fires of her arousal. Rei found herself bearing down, trying to mash her cunt into the Angel's face. Throwing her head back, she squealed in ecstasy as her orgasm hit, panting and crying as the wetness flowed from her, coating his face with her love honey.

The Angel allowed her to stand. Her sane mind told her to run, to run as fast as she could and to never look back, yet her legs refused to obey even such a simple instruction. Sachiel's body trembled slightly as Rei lapped her own juices from his skull.

"I taste good... Your bone is so smooth... so warm..." she sounded as though she were drunk. A little wobbly from her climax, she placed her weight against his wide, yet spindly form for support, running her tongue up and down his beak, around both eye sockets, looking for a mouth to kiss, but finding none. Her hand inadvertently brushed against the glowing red jewel on the creature's chest.

"Hmmm... You like that, don't you?" Rei stroked the round, smooth globe with feather-light strokes of her fingers as the Angel growled and hissed, his whole form shaking. It began to output heat. The desire to press her aching and tortured breasts against it was immense.

Sachiel's beak clicked against the bony ridges of his carapace as Rei kneaded the slightly yielding matter of the glowing core with both hands. She yelped in pain as steely claws crushed her body against the creature's chest, cutting into the tender flesh of her back. It felt so good to feel her nipples pressing against the warmth of his ruby jewel. Her own arousal grew again, more love juices being secreted by her pulsing womanhood.

Full of unwelcome and uncontrollable desire, she lapped at the centre of his arousal like a kitten at a bowl of milk. Sachiel roared, his whole body tensing. It was no surprise to Rei to feel a long, slick protuberance pressing against her leg.

NO! This was not what she wanted! This was not the way it was supposed to happen! Her detached mind fought for control as she found her head being pushed down to what passed for the Angel's crotch.

Rei had never even seen a real penis, let alone a foot-long, perfectly smooth olive-green phallus which freely dripped pinkish fluid from the tip. Somehow she found herself on her knees on the cool concrete, having shrugged off the tattered remains of her plugsuit, running her hands up and down its not-inconsiderable length. The scent of its precum intoxicated her further. She was practically running on autopilot now. Above her, Sachiel's howling reverberated from building to building - a crescendo of echoes. Looking upwards, her terrified eyes met his empty sockets for a moment.

For a brief moment, something seemed to shimmer in those dark pits of evil. Then the hurting started.

It was still too painful for Rei to remember aside from a series of broken images, shards of memory. Perhaps it was her mind's way of protecting her from that which was hateful.

The agony. The feeling of her jaw dislocating as the monstrous member was forced inside. The sucking, popping noises in her throat. The gush of bitter, foul smelling fluid. The sensation of choking. Claws tightening on her head. The desire to do it all again.

Her hymen shredded by the phallic invader. The stretching of her insides. More blood. More pain. Howls. Snarls. Pounding. Thrusting. Flesh sliding against flesh. Weight. Crushing. Bones snapping under the pressure. Fuck me harder. Screams, male and female. Split me in half. Forced orgasm. One. Two. Three. Cumming blood. The betrayal of the body.

Fluid. Gush. Too much. Fill my womb. Spurt. Spurt. Spurt. Squirting out. Cover me.

I can't see. My head hurts. Dizzy.

Starlight. Starbright.

Wish upon a star.

Freedom from Pain

Dissolution of Agony.

A weight off my mind.

Weight off my body.

Weight? Wait!






Go Shinji!


Fade to black.

Anointed with the blood of Angels.



A voice calling across the void.








Her uncovered eye flickered open once more, the light banishing the demons to the recesses of her mind.

Gendo Ikari stood at the foot of her bed, his face as calm and impassive as ever. In his hands he clutched a bunch of tulips, some magazines and newspapers tucked under his right arm. In the distance, some doctor called for another doctor over the tannoy.

"Rei..." he leaned forwards, the beginnings of a smile forming at the corners of his mouth. He seemed more attractive to her now than he ever had before.

Rei Ayanami broke down and cried in front of the NERV Commander. Her tears burned on her cheeks for that which she had lost.