Rei Ayanami - Fallen Angel
Chapter 16 - Slide

By David 'Psaiyan' Hawthorne

It had been almost a week since he and Rei had become one and Gendo Ikari was feeling very pleased with himself.

As he sat in his cavernous office filling out the usual piles of paperwork that required his signature - one of his more boring daily chores, he allowed his thoughts to wander to ones of *her*. He imagined what Rei - *his Rei* was doing, back at the house whilst he was at work. He found himself unable to suppress a flickering smile.

She would not have taken the time to wash. She liked to smell like she'd been having sex with him.

She would more than likely be lounging around in one of his old work shirts. She liked things that smelt like him.

She would have spent most of the day lying in his bed and snuggling the duvet. She liked things that he had touched.

Perhaps she would have been idly leafing through a few of his books and academic texts? She liked to read - even if she did not fully understand the Latin and long scientific words.

Perhaps she would have fixed herself something to eat? He always left something in the refrigerator that could easily be reheated. Rei could not cook to save her life.

Perhaps she had lazed away the hours thinking about him?

Perhaps she had been slowly stroking her warm, sensitive areas with her slender fingers in anticipation of his return home...?

He felt the beginnings of an erection to strain against his underwear (technically, it was *Rei's* underwear, but no-one would *ever* know that) and found himself unable to stop openly grinning like an idiot. He offered a silent prayer of thanks to all the gods in Heaven that Commander Fuyutsuki was away - overseeing the latest synch test with Ritsuko - after all he had a fearsome reputation to uphold.


Sex. The more sex that Rei gave him, the more he wanted. Never in his life had it been like this for him - his libido seemed to have gone into overdrive with her. The feeling of her flawless alabaster skin against his, her warmth, her bright crimson eyes staring into his, her soft azure hair rubbing against his neck, the musky smell of her femaleness - everything about Rei Ayanami gave him the urge to make love to her forever. The second night they had shared, he had climaxed seven times in as many hours for her - he had been unable to ejaculate more than a few drops for the sixth, whilst the final time had left him curled up in the foetal position, crying out and cringing in pain, clinging to her tightly as the spasms in his groin subsided; his middle aged body completely drained of raw materials.

Ten more minutes of kissing, licking and sniffing Rei's hair rendered his manhood hard once more. For the sake of his health, he chose to make no further use of it that particular evening.

It had been a very long time since anybody had shown him the type and magnitude of attention that Rei did. Now that she was no longer unsure of his feelings towards her, It seemed that she tried to keep in physical contact with him as often as humanly possible - he constantly found himself being hugged, held, kissed, stroked, rubbed against, groped, licked and nuzzled. To Gendo, it felt like his entire home life was 24/7 foreplay. Not even Yui had been into him like this.

Gendo did not feel smothered by Rei's behaviour. On the contrary - he *loved* every second of it.


The first morning had been incredible too...

A quick glance at his trusty Rolex had told him that it was early afternoon, though the brown velvet curtains held back the bright sunlight admirably, only the faintest nebulous glow illuminating the study-cum-bedroom.

Reaching for his hip flask, Gendo took a long swig of bourbon - just enough to steady his nerves and stop his muscles from trembling. Closing his eyes as the burning sensation in his throat passed, he reflected on the fact that it had been about eleven and a half years since he had last woken up with a warm female body at his side. He tried hard to remember how many days it had been, but his brain threw him a blank - vexing him considerably more than the fact that his presence had been required before the Committee for an important meeting at 9:30am that very morning...

It had also been a very long time since Gendo himself had woken up with morning wood. Somehow, he and Rei had assumed the 'spoons' position whilst they had slept. It felt pleasant just to lie there and enjoy the feeling of skin on skin. She was curled up in his arms, her back and shoulders pressing against his chest, causing his semi-firm manhood to rub invitingly against her round, generous ass.

Chairman Keel would be displeased (if not furious) with him, but he was certain that Fuyutsuki would have taken it upon himself to make the necessary excuses and cover for him. He was aware that his commitment to the cause and even his competency were now being openly doubted, but he did not allow it to concern him. It was a matter for another day. Neither SEELE, Second Impact nor all the Angels in Heaven would have prevented him from spending the whole afternoon with Rei.

"Would you like to take a shower with me?" he'd asked her, after spending a long time happily kissing, cuddling and fingering her in bed, Rei completely silent throughout. He liked the idea of watching the hot, steamy water cascade over every curve of that heavenly body and getting the chance to rub soap into those large, perfect breasts. He fantasised about leaning her against the tiled wall of the shower stall, wrapping her legs around his waist and sliding himself into her beautiful, moist, pink womanhood.

He'd run his fingers over her flawless albino body, fondling as much smooth skin as possible. He'd take her firm, coral pink nipples in his mouth and suckle them, his face buried in the weight of her breast. He'd play with her azure hair - he'd rub his face on it, he'd lick it - kiss it. He'd slide his tongue down her sweet throat. He'd make love to her over and over again, the warmth of the water reducing his recharge time to almost zero...

Rei broke his train of thought.

"I would very much like it in my mouth." She stroked his penis - now standing fully erect and pressing against her leg, with the tips of her fingers.

Her boldness had surprised him. He looked at her, his eyes narrowing slightly behind his spectacles. Rei was regarding him with her usual benign expression; her head cocked a little to the right. There was an almost imperceivable rosy tinge to her cheeks.

"Yes, Rei. Please proceed."


It was truly the best oral sex he'd ever had. Rei's tongue was so soft and gentle, her licks small and fast - it seemed that she instinctively knew how to best please him. She'd spent a long time just lapping at his balls and shaft, taking Gendo higher and higher without ever having touched his sensitive head, the precum beginning to flow downwards into her eager mouth.

He lay back on the bed, his hands behind his head as he murmured contented words of encouragement to his beautiful, crimson-eyed lover. He closed his eyes and concentrated on the pleasant sensations she was giving him.

Rei's lips parted and accepted his tumescent penis into her warm mouth, her tongue immediately going to work on his cockhead, licking at it almost like an ice cream, wrapping round a little bit at the same time.

The feelings of delicious envelopment and gentle suction upon his member were exquisite - much more intense than with any other sexual act. Even full-on sex could never compare to a good, sloppy blowjob. Ritsuko was useless at giving oral sex - he hadn't had a *good* hummer since Yui...

Gendo opened his eyes and focussed on Rei, dispelling a train of thought that he did not wish to follow at present. She was gazing at him with desire sparkling in her stunning red eyes as she knelt on the floor, her fingers rapidly massaging her engorged clit and probing the slick depths of her womanhood. It seemed that she was really enjoying sucking him off - every so often, she would make a tiny gasp of pleasure that vibrated up the shaft of his dick and caused his seed to boil and churn even more forcefully within him.

"Rei... make more noise with your mouth..." he slid his fingers through her silky hair and slowly applied pressure against the back of her head, forcing her to take him even deeper inside. Rei used her tongue to make wet, squelching noises, causing saliva to dribble down over Gendo's crotch and balls. He was in heaven - he imagined that he could hear imaginary valves opening up inside him to allow a torrent of himself to flow forth.

He panted her name over and over, his hips bucking against her face. She rested her arms upon his hips to still him and continued to mercilessly fellate him.

The volume of his ejaculation caused Rei's cheeks to bulge outwards in a most pleasing manner. She swallowed one, two, three full mouthfuls of his hot essence as he continued to spurt - he loved the sound her throat made. After the previous evening's activities, Gendo was surprised that he was able to muster such quantities. He closed his eyes and rested for a few minutes, Rei continuing to suckle him, making sure that she did not miss a single ounce of his seed.

He sighed contentedly as Rei kissed him deeply, allowing him to taste himself in her mouth. This was something he could get used to...

As he lowered his face to her smoothly shaven, dripping snatch, the delicious scent of last night's sex emanating from deep within her - he decided to go without a shower. There were days to be clean. There were days to be dirty.


The days had passed in a blur of simple biological ecstasy, each blending seamlessly into the next. Sometimes he didn't know what date it was until he arrived at his office and glanced at the digital clock on his desk. Compared to Rei it was unimportant.

When not at HQ, he was with Rei. When at HQ, he was thinking of Rei. He found himself making excuses for his late arrival and early departure - a few more minutes in Rei's arms were worth enduring their frowns.

It was as though somehow the volume had been turned down. NERV, Keel, the Committee, Ritsuko, perhaps even The Plan itself - the importance of everything seemed to fade from view, replaced by a pair seductive crimson eyes and the memories of a soft, quiet, seductive voice and a warm, pliant female body. It disturbed him greatly that this fact did not disturb him.

As he doodled aimlessly on the back of a parts requisition form that was due in Hamburg yesterday, he fantasised about cuddling up to Rei when he got home. They would be totally naked on his big leather sofa, a thick, fluffy towel beneath her to prevent any 'staining' and he would spend the evening lying beside her, stroking and rubbing her body. Not necessarily having sex, (though he was sure they would before bedtime) rather he would just be touching her - enjoying how soft and warm she was and exploring her exquisite form.

The fact that Rei was virtually silent unless he spoke to her first was a huge turn-on for Gendo. He had to rely on his other senses - to feel her body's favourable reaction to his touch, in order to know that he was giving her pleasure. He couldn't get enough...


"Commander Ikari?"

Gendo snapped back to reality, blinking rapidly behind the protective shield of his tinted glasses. He re-focussed his attentions upon the World, giving no outside indication that he had been anywhere else other than sat at his desk - his face hidden behind his customary folded hands.

Major Katsuragi stood before him, looking at him expectantly. He realised with shock that he had no idea how long she had been stood there.

"Yes, Major?"

"So, what do you think, sir?"

With horror, he realised that an answer of some kind was expected of him; an answer to a question or request that he was oblivious too.

He could not allow himself to appear foolish in the eyes of his subordinates. His mouth twitched slightly.


Major Katsuragi frowned. Gendo found himself drawn to her long, thick, lustrous hair.

"You think it's a GOOD idea, sir?" he reasoned that it must have been a warm day outside - she was wearing a short black mini-dress, exposing acres of smooth skin.

"Indeed, Major. Make it so." He could see the outline of her bra straps beneath her clothing. Containing that swell of ripe feminine flesh would be a major feat of engineering in itself - he began trying to deduce her cup size.

"Well... If you're sure, sir." She had a look of surprise on her face. Gendo figured an E-cup or bigger. He wondered what they would look like unclothed.

"Yes." He could make out the faintest impressions of her nipples through her top. He wondered if she wore a padded bra to smooth their profile...

Katsuragi nodded. He pondered how heavy each one of those breasts would be in his hands.

"Will that be all, Major?" She had nice, wide womanly hips too.

"Yes, sir." He liked that way that she wore her clothes perhaps a size too small - it seemed that she liked men looking at her.

"Please keep me informed of any developments." Her dress probably ended just over an inch below her panties - if she wore panties.

"Yes, sir." The Major turned to leave. Gendo could not help but stare at her round ass rippling and swaying as she walked. He could not see a visible panty line. Was she wearing a thong, or did she wear nothing at all?

When the door closed, Gendo shook his head and smoothed his fingers through his hair. He hated being put on the spot like that and he had absolutely no idea what he had just agreed to. Perhaps he should finally get himself a proper secretary...

Still, Katsuragi was a nice piece of eye-candy. It was no wonder that she got good results and that the men liked working for her so much. He found it a little strange that this fact had only just occurred to him, that he was looking at her from a man's viewpoint, rather than that of an employer. Gendo started chuckling dryly, unable to stop himself no matter how hard he tried. Once again, he thanked God that Fuyutsuki was unable to see him like this.

Alone again, he let his mind drift back to thoughts of Rei's tight and eager little vagina. It seemed that a lot really *could* change in a week...


Meanwhile, in another part of Central Dogma - Asuka Langley Sohryu was just as surprised as Misato Katsuragi (maybe even moreso) to learn that the Commander had approved her request for driving lessons.

Perhaps Misato had caught him in a good mood.