Rei Ayanami - Fallen Angel
Chapter 15 - Trust

A gap in the curtains showed that the sky was light, but the hour was early. They had been dozing for perhaps two hours.

Commander Ikari was holding her firmly against himself, his body entwined with hers, face to face with her in sleep. His breathing was slow, deep and warm against her face. His prickly beard tickled her cheek, his weathered skin seemingly kissing against her own all over, his thigh pressing against her sticky mound.

As Rei Ayanami slowly awoke in his arms, she became aware of just how sore her body was feeling. Her crotch ached, throbbing in time to her beating heart. A symphony of discomfort - the pain in her breasts from his rough groping; the stinging welts his fingernails had given her in his excitement; the sharp twinge in her neck where his teeth had entered her soft, pale, willing flesh.

Rei had always considered pain to be a terrible, horrifying thing, something to fear and avoid at all costs. Her every experience of pain thus far has borne out this belief. Pain was bad - no one would choose to feel pain...

Now she was uncertain. Everything ached, yet Rei felt strangely serene. She hurt more than she had for a long time but somehow, this did not feel bad at all. She did not know the words for this feeling, but it seemed to be almost one of satisfaction and contentment.

Masturbating several times a day to her fantasies of Commander Ikari, she had never believed that it would hurt so much to be taken - to be filled by him. Her own fingers upon her womanhood had been gentle in their intrusion; even when she had used whatever objects were available to satisfy her ravenous snatch, she had only gone so far in her penetrations as to be comfortable.

The Commander's touch had been rough, violent even - his desire for her obvious. He had groped her hard enough to bruise her creamy skin, pawing her, mauling her. When she had winced and gasped aloud from the sensation, he had engulfed her mouth with his own and silence her cries.

Feeling her muscles stretch to accommodate him entering had almost been too much for Rei to endure. The moment she had dreamed of for as long as she had been able to understand the mechanics of what men and women did together in private had finally arrived. She had wanted Commander Ikari for literally as long as she could remember and had prayed for the day when he would take her. There was only one major difference - this being that in her fantasies, she had never imagined that it would *hurt*...

He felt so thick, so long - she imagined that the head of his manhood was pressed firmly against her cervix whilst her walls were stretched almost to breaking point. She grasped Commander Ikari's body tightly, her fingers digging into his shoulders as she trembled in discomfort. She feared the moment that he would begin to thrust within her. There did not seem to be sufficient space to allow it.

"Are you alright, Rei?" The Commander's words to her - there was a look in his eyes that she did not understand. His touch became much, much gentler, massaging her breasts and rubbing himself against her as he played with her hair. He nuzzled his face against hers, lapping the perspiration from her skin with his tongue. He made tiny purring noises in her ears that somehow made her feel more at ease.

Commander Ikari would never do anything to harm her ever again; of that she was certain - she trusted him impeccably. Perhaps it only hurt at the beginning because her body was not used to doing this? The pain seemed less as she tried to relax herself, to let him be in control. After all - he was very experienced with women and must be sure of his technique by now...

He was whispering her name over and over and telling her how excited he was, his desire for her almost at boiling point. Inside, she could feel his cock beginning to twitch. Closing her eyes, she decided that any pain could be endured to make the Commander happy - for the sensation of his seed inside her.

Ikari's body stunk of sweat, sex and alcohol. The thick scents combined in Rei's nostrils to form something that was uniquely Gendo. She rubbed her nose against his cheek, unable to get enough of his manly smell. She found the concept of smelling like she had spent the entire night having sex with him agreeable.

The first time, he had released so much of his essence within her that she could almost imagine it filling her womb. She could feel the pressure of the seed inside her, an expanding warmth in her belly that was unlike anything ever experienced before. He had kept his penis inside her, never fully losing his erection as he kissed her, licked her, nibbled at her skin and drooled all over her. Feeling his teeth entering the soft skin of her neck somehow seemed a perfectly natural conclusion.


"I believe that I love you, Commander."

Words stolen from other people. She did not know where they came from, nor understand what they meant, yet somehow they seemed appropriate - the right thing to say at the time, to the man whom she had excited.

The Commander tensed upon hearing her speak, his sweat-soaked face tightening momentarily. He smoothed back his damp hair, cradling his temples between his thumb and forefingers, regarding her intensely. Without his glasses, she could see his eyes flickering from side-to-side, as though in deep thought for a few moments. Had she offended him - displeased him, with her outburst?

"I love you too... Rei..." his rumbling voice gave her goosebumps. He was smiling too. She parted her lips and accepted his kiss.


His tongue swirling inside Rei's dripping womanhood felt even better than she had ever imagined it could. She spread her thighs and allowed the Commander full access to the succulent pinkness of her inner folds, running her hands through his short greasy hair as he lapped away furiously at her dripping hole. She was so turned on, producing so much lubrication, so much cum for him... she could hear his slurpy licking and rapid swallowing as he gorged himself upon her sweet nectar; his beard occasionally ticking her sensitive inner thighs.

Every so often he would encircle her erect clit with his lips and gently apply suction, or flatten his tongue against the swollen half-inch nub, causing her to throw back her head and gasp, her fingers grasping the sheets beneath.

Her orgasm seemed to be one drawn-out continuous wave of pleasure, her cunt spasming over and over as his oral ministrations repeatedly brought her to the peak of ecstasy, never allowing her to fall back all the way. She felt herself getting more and more sensitive as he continued, cumming harder with every lick.

Rei's legs encircled his waist and pulled him closer. Deeper. She wanted him deeper. She fondled her own breasts wildly, tugging hard upon her erect nipples, almost unto the point of causing pain. Her cheeks and the creamy-white skin of her chest were flushed with a pale, rosy glow.

"Commander..." she found herself softly uttering his name.


"Commander..." her usual quiet, husky voice.


"Commander..." she felt something building within her.


"Commander..." her crotch tightened as a pleasant burning rippled through her womanhood.


"Commander..." his tongue was so deep inside her, touching an extra-sensitive area within. Rei nearly leapt into the air from the stimulation.

"Command-mmph!" she threw back her head and squeaked softly as the floodgates opened and she experienced her best orgasm for a long time.


Perhaps a minute passed in silence as Rei slumped limply against the headboard and attempted to catch her breath, her sweat-soaked azure hair fallen across her eyes.

He had swallowed as much as possible, but was unable to cope with the sheer volume of girlcum squirting forth from her vagina. Coughing and spluttering he had fallen backwards and landed in a heap on the floor.


The Commander stood uncertainly at the foot of the bed; his face, head and neck completely soaked with her warm, sweet love juices. His hair was as wet if he had just come from a hot shower, his beard speckled with drops of moisture. He stared at her in disbelief, his eyes bulging. Licking his lips, he scooped a rivulet of girlcum from his chest and brought it to his mouth.

A few seconds passed. Then he smiled.

"I want you again."

The sight of his penis standing firmly to attention once again caused a fresh stirring within her pussy. Even after everything, she still needed something more.

So wet was she that he was able to sheath himself inside her with a single thrust. He kissed her roughly, allowing her to taste herself in his mouth.

Commander Ikari now smelt of her. This was also agreeable.