Rei Ayanami - Fallen Angel
Chapter 14 - Property

By David 'Psaiyan' Hawthorne

"You're beautiful, Rei."

Gendo whispered breathlessly as he laid her upon his unmade single bed, the blue cotton sheets - unchanged in weeks, looking very grubby in contrast with her pale skin. Her body was limp and relaxed as she rested her head upon his pillow, her eyes half closed in the blissful afterglow of her orgasm.

Climbing up onto the bed beside Rei, he smoothed her damp hair back and kissed her forehead. Smiling, he reached beneath her back and unhooked her bra. He slowly lifted the cups from her splendid breasts and dropped the garment to the floor.

The hardness in his pants grew more pronounced as he rolled her soaked panties down over her curvy hips and smooth, toned thighs. Rei raised her right leg, allowing him to pull her foot out, making the rest easy. Rubbing the sticky, wet fabric between his thumb and forefinger, he gazed reverently at her naked body.

He had seen her unclothed before and knew well of her divine form - her skin without a single mark, blemish, scar or imperfection anywhere; her breasts large, round and firm with pink nipples that jutted outwards just enough to be perfectly suckable, surrounded by rose-coloured aureoles that rose from the surrounding flesh by just the right amount. He knew of her perfect ass, just the right size for his hands, her waist - almost slim enough to encircle with both hands, the gentle swell of her hips, the secret velvety cleft between her thighs.

Two kilometres beneath the surface, it had all seemed so detached, so clinical. He had been aware that Rei was attractive in a theoretical sense, of course - but seeing her floating inert form immersed in LCL had never aroused him.

Seeing the same feminine form lying in his own bed, illuminated by the light of his 20-watt reading lamp, seeing the want for him in her eyes...

It made it seem like a universe away.

Rei's eyes followed him as he stood and hastily began to remove his own clothing, kicking off his shoes first, uncaring of where they may land. Never taking his eyes off Rei, he saw the faintest of smiles upon her lips as he slid his trousers and boxer shorts down around his ankles in one movement, his throbbing erection standing straight up and poking out from beneath his shirt.


Rei rolled onto her side to face him as he lay down next to her. A single bed afforded such opportunities for intimacy. It was impossible to avoid flesh touching against flesh - he remembered what it was like for himself and Yui when she was in college, their bodies pressed together as they cuddled all night, with no room for either of them to turn over. He smiled at the memory.

He was so close to her again - her body smelt so good. Her breasts squashed against his smooth, flat chest and her skin pressed damply against his own as his hands began to explore. He kissed her noisily, sucking her tongue into his mouth. The fact Rei seemed happy to lay passively in his arms as he groped and fondled her succulent young flesh turned him on incredibly - he had to resist the urge to hump himself against her as his hard-on rubbed against her thigh.

Rei trembled as he captured her bullet-hard nipples between his thumbs and forefingers and applied pressure, tugging them upwards whilst squeezing, noticing the reaction of her flesh to his touch. He grasped a breast in each hand and squeezed firmly, the excess bulging from between his fingers, the skin throbbing beneath the surface with her rapidly increasing heartrate. Her small, delicate fingers began to stroke the small of his back as Gendo played.

Laying a light trail of kisses down her neck, along her collarbone and between her heaving mounds, Gendo could feel Rei growing more and more excited beside him. He rubbed his face in her soft cleavage and licked the tender skin, savouring her taste.


Rei practically leapt into the air as Gendo's fingers found the centre of her womanhood, gently parting her smooth lips whilst stroking her inner folds. He was unable to prevent his hand trembling nervously. She was so warm and sticky; he could feel her flesh throbbing in her heat as he probed the entrance of her vagina with his index finger. He brought his mouth to hers once more, feeling Rei's kissing growing less restrained with every passing second.

His thumb found the sensitive nub at the juncture of her labia. She pulled away and drew breath sharply as he pressed down upon it. Smiling, he placed his forehead against hers and met her eyes.

"Did that feel nice, Rei?"

A brief pause.

"Yes, sir."

"It pleases me to see you excited." He slid his hard-on back and forth against her leg.

"I see."

Rei rubbed her thighs together with excitement as he brought his fingers, coated with her gooey love nectar before his face and made a show of sucking each one clean individually, licking his lips in an exaggerated manner at the sweet, tangy flavour. She tasted just like Yui.

"It's so good, Rei." He kissed her again, allowing her to taste herself on his lips.

As he parted her thighs, Gendo saw that her entire crotch was flushed pink with arousal, the lips of her blood-engorged snatch splayed wide. She was dripping wet with fluids from her last orgasm and her present excitement and the strong, musky smell of her cunt tantalised his nostrils. She smelt just like Yui.

"You're so turned on..."

Rei spread her legs wider still, giving him a perfect view of her warm, tight hole.

"Please touch me, Commander." There seemed to be almost a note of pleading in Rei's voice.


Her sugar walls clamped down firmly upon two his digits as Gendo slowly, teasingly slid them into her. Never in his life had he felt such tightness - he could actually see the skin at the base of his fingers turning white. Rei arched her back and made small mewling noises, her lubrication increasing in volume.

"Tell me, Rei - how does it feel?"

"Your fingers... so strong... so thick..." she panted for breath.

There was a wet, slurping noise as he began to slide them back and forth within her, using his thumb to make small circular motions around her prominent, throbbing clit. Rei began to lick wildly at the upper slopes of her breasts and tug on her own nipples. Pushing her head back, he devoured her mouth once more.

Her love juices coated his palm, overflowing and trickling down Gendo's wrist. She was so horny - the sight made his cock feel larger and more pumped-up than ever. His free hand encircled his purple-headed, tumescent shaft, feeling the thick veins beneath his fingers, the skin slick with his oozing precum.

Seeing her so turned on - turned on for him, thrashing about on his bed, almost completely silent - yet responding to his touch. Such an erotic sight for him; it was completely unlike any sexual encounter he had ever experienced.

He could imagine his hot seed built up within him to record proportions by almost two weeks without release. At that moment he wanted to wank - to wank all over Rei; to cover her in his jizz, his spunk, his cum. He wanted it on her skin, in her hair, in her eyes, in her mouth, down her throat. He wanted her to be swimming in it, almost drowning in his sperm. He wanted to fuck her hard, to use her for his own pleasure. He wanted to fill her vessel, even her womb with himself.

Not even with Yui - not even with sweet, beloved Yui had he ever felt like this. Not even with Her had his urges grown so intense, the fire in his loins so white-hot. The thought should have disturbed him, but he found himself unable to care...


"Rei! Stop!" he barked loudly, causing her to pull her hand back from her first uncertain strokes of his penis, almost like she had suffered from an electric shock. Her snatch spasmed from the surprise, holding his fingers immovable inside her. She eyed him uncertainly; her fingers still clenched in the same position they had been in as she had reached for his arousal.

"Too much... Too excited... Too sensitive..." he could no longer keep the icy composure in his voice. He didn't care.

Rei blinked.

"I would like to make you climax, sir." Rei had no such problems with her voice.

"Inside... inside... I want it inside..." he wiped the perspiration from his forehead.

Rei smiled.

"Yes, I would like that, sir." She calmly lay down as he pulled his fingers from her, spreading her legs. She slowly closed her eyes as he rolled himself on top of her.


Rei felt so small, fragile beneath his bulk. Everything about her was so small, so delicate. His hardness pressed against her belly. It excited him to feel her rapid, birdlike heartbeat and rapid, agitated breathing being transmitted to him through his flesh.

Gendo found himself growing angry at the thought that this would not be the first time that Rei had done this, that there would be no virginity to take, that he would not feel the tightness of her maidenhead, or its breaking - that she would not cry out in pain and hold him for comfort as he penetrated her. It was the only thing missing from his perfect fantasy. It was not the physical act of rape - rather it was the affront to himself as a man that enraged him. The Angel had stolen Rei's innocence from him - stolen what was rightfully his to take - his property.

His eyes glazed, staring at a point somewhere beyond the world. He wished horrible, dark, murderous things upon the shade of the Third Angel. The desire to pound upon that beaklike skull until it split grew within him. At that brief moment, he wanted nothing more than to rip Sachiel's black heart from its quivering flesh and devour it whilst it was still alive, to smear himself with its villainous blood, to pull out its brains and throw them at the wall with all his strength, to tear it into gory chunks with his bare hands and then piss on its corpse, to scream and scream and scream until his own throat bled. He wanted to gouge out his own eyes and have the whole world burn. He gnashed his teeth in blind rage, tears forming at the corners of his eyes...


He looked down. Rei was smiling at him and holding his hand.

"I want you, sir."


Rei wrapped her arms around his broad shoulders and pulled him to her as she accepted him into her.

Gendo groaned in pleasure.

She was so warm... so wet... so tight... so soft inside...

He could feel her bands of muscle stretching to accommodate his girth as he sheathed himself inside her. All the way inside her, she fit him like a glove.

Rei's face contorted in pain, her cheeks covered with a rosy blush. As her mouth opened to draw breath, he took the opportunity to kiss her, his lips twisting back and forth against hers. He held her tightly, as her body shook from the discomfort. He cuddled her until she relaxed, playing with her hair and licking her face.

"Rei..." he closed his eyes, enjoying the sensation of envelopment. Her snatch held him so snugly; he could feel her walls pulsating slowly around him - it felt heavenly. He was already on the verge of orgasm without even moving.

"I'm so excited, Rei. I don't think that I will be able to last long."

"I would like your seed inside me, sir."


As Gendo began to thrust into her, he tried to remember what Yui had looked like, the first time. In his mind's eye, he looked at his Yui, then he looked at Rei lying beneath him, breathing heavily, but otherwise silent as she attempted to meet his rhythm with her own body. Everything seemed so blurred, indistinct. He looked from Rei, to Yui, to Rei, to Yui and back again.

Was there a difference?

Had there ever been a difference?

Did the difference matter?

If Yui had left him by choice, had his own choice returned her to him?

He looked from Rei, to Yui, to Rei, to Yui and back again. Both faces merged into oneness before his eyes.


Rei's juices flowed from her, coating Gendo's crotch and balls and soaking the sheets beneath. Tears rolled down his cheeks as Rei climaxed quietly beneath him, his own pounding accompanied by animalistic grunts.

Throwing his head back and crying out in his release, every muscle of his body tensed, he spurted deeply inside her. His cock spasmed again and again and again pumping forth his boiling jizz in thick torrents, Rei's strong inner muscles pulling it further into her body, gladly receiving everything he had to give.

Gendo Ikari collapsed limply atop Rei Ayanami kissed her passionately, his own copious perspiration pouring down his body and mingling with hers. He held her - enjoying the sensation of still being inside, the last of his cum flowing from his softening member. His eyes were still damp, his vision blurred.

His face was buried in the small of her neck, his mouth sucking and nibbling at the super-soft skin. He stroked her smooth, creamy thigh with one hand and cupped a breast with the other.

"Commander Ikari...?" uncertainty in her voice.

Gendo made a small "Mmmph" of recognition, continuing his attempts to give Rei a love bite.

"I believe that I love you."


Holding her face between his palms, he gazed at her. Seemingly as emotionless as ever, she looked different to him now, somehow more relaxed, content. Her eyes were bright - almost sparkling.

There was now only a single face looking back at him.

Was there a difference?

Had there ever been a difference?

Did the difference matter?

At that moment - in that face, Gendo Ikari found all his answers.

He stammered slightly and cleared his throat, unused to the uncomfortable words now resting upon the tip of his tongue.

"I love you too... Rei..."