Rei Ayanami: Fallen Angel
Chapter 13 - Tongue

By David 'Psaiyan' Hawthorne

"May I kiss you, Rei?"

She thought that Gendo would never ask - the more that he stared uncomfortably downwards and played with his food, the more the tingling feeling between her legs had increased and the urge to disregard his authority and leap across the table and onto his face had grown.

Rei had never heard the commander's voice sound so frail. As he stared at her, his eyes burning with lust, she could feel that his hands were trembling as they clasped her shoulders. Her own stomach knotted with pent-up excitement; this was the moment that she had dreamed about for so, so long. She briefly closed her eyes and imagined the delicious things that lay ahead.

"Yes." So many more meaningful words had lined up to escape her lips, but she chose the most relevant to her needs. Talking was unnecessary.


He was so close that she could smell him. Whiskey, cigarettes, aftershave and perspiration. The smell that was characteristically Gendo. The smell that made her so horny and wet. The smell that she wanted to be covered with.

The commander licked his lips and smiled weakly at her, small beads of perspiration beginning to dot his forehead. He brought his face close enough for hers to feel his hot breath on her sensitive skin.

"Rei... you look so good." Closing his eyes, he clenched his teeth, causing his jaw muscles to ripple slightly. It was as though some deliberation had troubled his mind momentarily, before being dismissed. He blinked once, a new firmness in his gaze. His fingers tightened powerfully around her shoulders. Then he pressed his lips tightly against hers.


Rei's heart pounded in her chest as a prickling sensation swept over her entire body, before localising itself within the depths of her femaleness. As the scent of Gendo washed over her, she felt the roughness of his lips rubbing against her own smoothness, giving her goosebumps all over. Gendo held the kiss, neither breaking away, nor pulling her closer. She closed her eyes and enjoyed the glorious sensation of physical contact. She allowed herself an appreciative "Mmmmm".

Slowly but surely, Gendo's fingers roamed from her shoulders and across her slim back, their pressure never abating. She slowly opened her mouth; her heart skipping a beat as the Commander's wide, thick tongue demanded access.

As his tongue filled her mouth, she noticed that Gendo's saliva was much thicker and gooier than her own, his kiss tasting like his ashtray smelt. A burning sensation grew in her loins as he tilted his head, deepening the embrace. Her nipples stood almost painfully erect against the fabric of her bra, sweat trickling between the valley of her velvety cleavage. His fingernails tightened against her shirt-covered back. His tongue began to lash around within her mouth, probing every line and depth with a quiet, slurping noise, gently applying suction - it felt nice. Unsure of exactly what to do next, she flicked her own tongue tentatively against the intruder.

Growing more and more excited by the second, Gendo kissed her harder still. It seemed to Rei that he was trying to force his tongue down her throat. The fingers of one hand were now exploring the small of her back whilst the other roughly tousled her soft, azure hair.

Saliva dripped down her chin as Gendo's spectacles fell noisily to the floor. The commander was almost snarling with lust, he made no effort to pick them up. A warm, wet, familiar and pleasant feeling spread within her panties. Gingerly, slightly unsure of what to do next, she made her first movements towards the commander, placing her palm firmly upon his chest, feeling the hard muscle beneath his crimson shirt.

Gendo's body tensed and immediately pulled away.

He stared at her with an expression that she had seen only once before. His eyes were flicking wildly from side to side, his face tightened and pale, his bottom lip was clenched firmly between his teeth. Commander Ikari looked as though he wanted to kill her. She realised that she had led him on, that she pushed him to far once again. She closed her eyes, preparing herself for the impending blow to the face.

It never came. Instead, Gendo buried his face in the small of her neck and lapped catlike at the soft, smooth skin whilst murmuring in excitement, licking his way across her cheek until he found her eager mouth once again.


"I want to touch you." it seemed more like a command than a request. Rei slid her school shirt from her shoulders and cast it to the ground.

His hands went straight for her breasts, encircling her round, soft mounds. These were not like the slender, stimulating fingers of her frequent masturbation sessions. She could feel the roughness, the strength in his touch as he frenziedly pawed her tits through her bra, taking his own pleasure in her.

She had to contain a gasp as he squeezed her soft, ripe boobs with all his strength, his other hand doing likewise to her firm buttocks, the generous flesh bulged in his grasp, giving Rei equal measures of pain and delight. He squeezed her tightly against him and kissed her passionately once more. She encircled his waist with her arms and melted into the embrace.

Gendo groped her ass with both hands, pulling her even closer to him still. Through the fabric of his trousers, his firm erection was pressed against her toned stomach as Rei felt her own breasts being forcibly flattened against his chest. The crotch of her panties was entirely soaked through with her sweet nectar; her delicate petals flared wide with arousal, her prominent clit easily to be seen through the near-transparent fabric. She could smell her own sex in the air and knew that the Commander must be able to smell it too.

Breaking off his kiss. No! Why had he done that?

"You excite me." He snogged her harder and more noisily stills. It felt to Rei as though he were trying to suck the breath from her. She almost fainted in pleasure as Gendo raised his knee slowly between her thighs and applied pressure upon her sopping-wet womanhood, the seam of his trouser leg pressing directly upon her throbbing clit. He fumbled roughly with the back fastening of her bra, unable to release her aching breasts, swollen at least another cup size from excitement, from their confines.

She was so sensitive. Her body cried out for him, his every touch was like electricity upon her skin.

Bucking her hips against his leg, she gasped weakly. His scent covered her body, making Rei feel so indescribably female. She wanted him inside her, filling her, completing her. She wanted nothing more from her life than Gendo Ikari's weight pressing down upon her, his hot seed squirting deeply into her belly, him finally claiming her as his woman, his property. She rubbed her pulsating snatch against him, faster and faster, silent save for her panting breaths. She left large wet trail of her juices upon Gendo's trouser leg as he tugged with frustration at her bra strap.

A weak, husky cry of "Commander!" escaped her lips.

Rei almost fainted as her orgasm tore through her body; her pussy contacted rhythmically, her cum flowing forth. Tears formed at the corners of her eyes and she ground her teeth from the intensity of it. Her fingernails dug into Gendo's lower back as she thrust her crotch repeatedly against his thigh, her ejaculate thoroughly soaking his pants. Popping her tongue free from his mouth, she licked his face, smearing him with her saliva, his wiry stubble and facial hair tickling the sensitive flesh.

She collapsed limply in his arms, gasping from the intensity, her body drenched with sweat.


Gendo Ikari did not speak a single word. Supporting her shoulders with his arm he gently teased her bottom lip between his teeth, then once more entered her mouth with his tongue. Rei shuddered with pleasure as he slipped his hand slowly inside her soaked, sticky panties and began to massage her cleanly-shaven crotch and still-pulsating womanhood with his rough, callused digits, tracing her slit with his index finger. His erection now pressed against her thigh.

Having shot her load, this felt soothing, rather than stimulating. She relaxed, becoming like a ragdoll to him, allowing him to continue, her heart rate slowing - she felt safe with him.

Minutes passed. Her crimson eyes were heavy-lidded as her thoughts turned to a nice, soft bed, her head upon a feather pillow and the Commander holding her possessively in his arms.

It was as though he had read her mind.

"Would you like to go to bed with me?"

Rei blinked twice.

"To sleep, sir?"

The corners of Gendo's mouth rose into a smirk.

"Not yet, Rei."