Fallen Angel - Chapter 1
By Psaiyan Prince Vegeta.

The setting sun... the ending of life. This was not how she wished it to be.

Dark shadows cast by the monolithic skyscrapers of Tokyo-3 grew long in the golden light of the cool evening air. The cicadas chirped their repetitive dirge as Rei Ayanami ran for her life.

Her soft azure hair was damp with sweat, plastered to her forehead in places as she sprinted at full pelt through the deserted, almost ghostly downtown streets.

Part of her training at NERV as the pilot of Evangelion Unit-00 was to memorise the locations of all the emergency shelters in the city in case such a situation occurred. Armoured bunkers, deep beneath the surface of the earth - almost inside the geofront itself, in which the population could cower, safe from all harm from the world above, safe from the malice of the beings known as the Angels, safe from the worst of their powers. It was hoped...

If only she could reach safety... everything would be okay...

If only they would let her in...


Rei let out a sigh of frustration as she pounded her fists fruitlessly at the triple-sealed titanium blast doors leading to District 4 Municipal Shelter 6-D. This was the third one she had tried, all the while becoming more desperate.

The Angel's attack had knocked out the power supply for most of the city, meaning that it was next to impossible (without a conveniently-placed plastic explosive charge or mortar shell) to open the inch-thick shutters from the outside, access only being possible by swipecard. This also meant that outside surveillance systems were offline. The people many stories below simply had no idea that she was outside, that Eva-00 had been defeated, that she had ejected and was in need of help. Or that the Third Angel was coming...

Clutching a gloved hand to her chest, she panted for breath, perspiration dripping from her face and running down her neck. The plugsuit was most definitely not built for cardiovascular activities. Her firm C-cup breasts ached from her exertions - the plugsuit did not offer much in the way of support either - it seemed to her that it must have been designed by a man. Still, the manmade polyfibre created interesting, but not unpleasant sensations as it rubbed against her nipples and the contours of her crotch.


Rei liked her plugsuit. She kept a spare at home for her own amusement. She had secretly taken it from supplies when Dr. Akagi had been called away to deal with a system crash. She loved the feeling of the soft, smooth, silky, yet incredibly strong fabric against her skin. She couldn't get enough of rubbing it against her naked body as she lay in bed, her nipples hardening to twin pegs of ruby as she crushed the garment between the smooth, pale skin of her thighs, pressing the fabric firmly into her crotch, moaning involuntarily as her womanhood grew moist with excitement.

More fun still was to slide it over her naked and very turned-on body, almost reaching orgasm from the sensations of the cool cloth brushing against her most sensitive places. After softly stroking the delicate petals of her womanhood, probing her fertile depths and the centre of her heat with a finger or two, bringing her to the point of being pillow-humpingly horny, she would depress the button on her right wrist, sucking all the air from the suit, creating a vacuum and causing it to cling to her skin like saran wrap, squeezing every inch of her skin with incredible pressure caressing her boobs, her rock-hard nipples, her ass, her thighs, the lips of her throbbing pussy and her pulsating clit simultaneously, bringing her to an earth-shattering orgasm, as she huskily gasped Gendo Ikari's name.

She always fantasised about Commander Ikari. What did she have to do to make him interested in her? Every day she imagined what it would be like to be fucked by him. She wanted to be HIS woman; she wanted to make him happy. She wanted to be there for HIS pleasure, totally submissive to him, his strong, rough hands on her body, groping her tits, his beard brushing against her soft pale skin, his hairy chest pressed against her, those intense eyes burning deeply into her, his deep voice telling her over and over how much she excited him...

All he had to do was ask. There would be no chase, no seduction. She would be easy. She would let him do whatever he wanted to her. She wanted him to do whatever he wanted with her. All she wanted to feel was his manhood inside her, him fucking her hard, pounding her into the mattress, his hot seed squirting deeply into her body. Sometimes she wished that he would jump on her in the darkness, throw her to the floor, tear her clothing, pin her down and ravish her without so much as a single word.

To Rei, Gendo was the ultimate male, carved from granite, wise, deep, rugged invincible, yet strangely incomplete. She could be the one to fill the gap in his life, she would please him, take care of him and give him as many children as he desired.

If only she could find some way of showing the Commander the fire which blazed beneath her icy exterior.


"Kuso!" Rei cursed as she shook the lurid fantasy from her mind. The plugsuit was pressing deeply into her crotch, riding up the contours of her womanhood, sending sparks spiralling upwards into her belly. A damp patch - which was definitely not sweat, had appeared. She shook her head. Now was not the right time to be thinking about sex.

She knew that the Angel was close, she could sense its, presence somewhere close, in the encroaching darkness.


She remembered little of the actual battle, save for the pain. It had been her first time in the Eva since recovering from her injuries and her first actual live combat situation. She remembered catching a glimpse of the creature; roughly humanoid, smooth olive green skin, razor sharp claws, those creamy-white armoured bony protrusions and that pale, beak-like skull which crowned the duly glowing red jewel set in its 'chest'.

An explosion. A cross. Agony. Stars. Falling. The dull 'crump' of explosive bolts being fired. The roaring of solid fuel rocket engines. Acceleration. Descent. Blackness. Perhaps 30 seconds had passed since she had emerged onto the surface.

Standing shakily beside the still-smouldering entry plug, coughing and shivering as the LCL swiftly evaporated from her body and drained from her lungs, Rei had pondered as to what NERV were going to do next. Perhaps Commander Ikari could now persuade the new boy to try his luck in Unit-01? It was no longer her concern. She had tried her best, but had been defeated. It was simply a matter of waiting for a retrieval team to be sent to pick her up.

Perhaps 500 metres away, the Third Angel, Sachiel continued to rend asunder the inactive hulk of Unit-00. At least it did until it spotted Rei...


Those eyes. Those terrible eyes. She knew immediately that the Angel was looking AT her. They were little more than dark, unblinking pits in the bony carapace, yet the malevolence of their burning gaze seemed to tear directly into her soul. She trembled uncontrollably, every hair on her body standing endwise, as though charged with static electricity. This was not good.


Somehow She Had Known. If the Angel was merely going to kill her, then it would have done so by now, without a second thought. No, she had a very bad feeling about this - the way it glared at her across the cratered wasteland seemed to scream ill intent. The fact that the monster was now shimmering, resonating, glowing, growing smaller, much smaller before her eyes, all the time looking at her almost hungrily did little to allay her fears. This was wrong. So very, very wrong.

For the first time in her life, Rei Ayanami turned and ran.


She guessed that Sachiel was now about seven feet tall. Large by human standards, but still small enough to find hiding places in the concrete jungle. No matter how far she ran, how much she dodged down side streets and changed direction, she knew that the Angel was not far away. It was playing with her, of that she was certain - a heavy footstep, a claw scraping against concrete or a hissing respiration giving away its presence.

Was it hunting her? A game of cat and mouse? Perhaps it could smell her? She did not wish to think of the implications...


The sun finally admitted defeat and slid below the horizon, the sky turning the colour of blood. Rei hated red. This could only be an ill omen. The coming darkness meant that the Angel could move even more freely. There would not be time to reach the next shelter, twelve blocks away. She redoubled her efforts, pounding her fists upon the unyielding doors, growing more and more frustrated, panic rising in the pit of her stomach. There had to be someone down there who could hear her and come to her aid. She longed for the Commander. His touch, his kind words, his mere presence.

Rei leaned against the shutter, head in her hands, the hopelessness of the situation weighing heavily upon her. She sighed heavily, but she did not cry.


A fast moving shadow. The skittering of chitin upon steel. An unearthly hiss. Rei did not have time to react as a glancing blow to the side of the head sent her reeling. Above her was a bulky blackness, moving with impossible speed. She had not yet come to rest before long talons encircled her waist, halting her fall.

Sharp, murderous-looking claws. She could feel them pressing into the succulent flesh of her toned tummy. If it wanted to, the Angel could tear her in half merely by tightening its grip. Rei grasped at the spindly wrist, the cool, smooth skin hard and unyielding. Sachiel's looked on impassively, its eyes were twin black holes absorbing what was left of the day and what remained of Rei's courage.

The scent of an Angel washed over her as Sachiel exhaled through its gills - thick, greasy, oily, cloying. She felt as though she were going to vomit. She knew this smell. It seemed so familiar to her, yet she was unable to place it. It swirled inside her, nostrils, the strong cocktail of pheromones overpowering her. She felt the sudden urge to escape from her skin.

It tilted its 'head', the 'beak' clicking against one of the riblike structures protruding from its torso. Rei found herself being raised into the air and brought before the demonic skull. Unable to prevent herself from flinching, Sachiel's claws caused small tears to form in her plugsuit, teasing the skin beneath, yet leaving it unbroken. A prickling sensation ran down her spine. The last thing she wanted was to be any closer to this monster, yet to move even an inch would mean certain death.

The Angel inhaled deeply and somehow Rei understood. The shock ran through her body like ice water causing her pale skin to grow even whiter. Her crimson eyes widened with the horror of realisation as her still cum-soaked crotch was raised to within inches of its, no *his* face.

The Angel wanted her. The look on its, his face was one of unbridled lust and hunger. It could smell her sex and now it wanted to mate with her, no to *fuck* her. There was no one else around, no one to save her from the lustful attentions of the perverted creature. Not even Gendo Ikari could help her now.

Rei Ayanami screamed. And screamed. And screamed.