Flame Angel, Frost Angel (part 2 of 2)
	The next morning, Asuka woke feeling renewed.  She remembered 
the dream only vaguely, but the emotions were still with her.  They 
had felt so clean, so right to her.
	She was very pensive as she showered, dressed, and started 
driving.  She’d planned to go directly to Rei’s, but deviated from the 
scheme to pick up another bouquet from a flower stand.  From there, 
she sped across town.  Then she was standing, fidgeting, in front of 
Rei’s door again.  It was 9:56.
	Rei accepted the flowers with a crooked smile and invited Asuka 
into the room.  “I’ll just be a moment,” she said as she vanished 
behind her bedroom door.  Then she came back out…
	“No, no, no,” Asuka shook her head.  “What did I tell you about 
your uniform?  It’s only for school.”  She held out a garment bag.  “I 
figured that you wouldn’t have anything else, so I brought this.  
Don’t worry, we’re going to fix your clothing deficiency.”
	When Rei emerged from her room again, Asuka permitted herself a 
low whistle.  Rei had donned a mint green denim miniskirt, a white 
blouse with green and blue dots, knee-high white socks, and her usual 
black shoes.  “Are you wearing the pendant?” Asuka inquired.
	Rei nodded with energy.
	Asuka gulped back her fear and stepped forward.  “I can’t see 
it; the shirt is buttoned too high.  May I?”  Her voice and fingers 
trembled.  She undid the first three buttons of the blouse, so that 
the pendant was visible on the blue-haired girl’s chest.  She noticed 
that Rei was breathing rather fast.  Asuka took her hand and led her 
to a mirror.  The emerald and turquoise pendant winked with reflected 
light.  “Looks better on you than me,” Asuka said softly.
	“I love your clothes, Asuka.  They look good and they feel 
good,” Rei stated gratefully.
	Asuka shook herself away from an approaching reverie.  “The 
pleasure’s all mine,” she stammered.  “Everything we get you today 
will look as good or better.”
	They made it to the open market.  Asuka found that Rei had a 
cool sense of style.  Still, Asuka kept trying to steer the 
blue-haired girl toward the more risqué, revealing outfits.  It didn’t 
work very often.  The hours slipped past the happy girls.  Their feet 
and legs were tired, but they were making serious progress.  They’d 
gotten shoes, skirts, dresses, a jacket, blouses, and a belt.  Rei 
allowed herself to be led toward another shop.  She gasped when she 
saw what it was selling.  “Do I…need any of this?” she protested in a 
low voice.
	A lot of wicked answers to that question leaped into Asuka’s 
head.  She used all her discipline to quell them and wordlessly pushed 
Rei into the boutique.
	“Many choices,” Rei observed with budding curiosity.  “I had no 
inkling that there were so many choices.  What should I try?  Where 
should I begin?”
	“Play to your strengths,” Asuka said as she took a hanger from a 
rack.  “Red looks great on you.”
	Red was just what Rei’s face was.  “I’m not sure-“
	“-Then you need to check.  Try it on.”
	With a resigned sigh, Rei finally submitted.  She grabbed the 
hanger and went to the changing room.  A minute later, she stuck her 
head out of the curtains.
	“Well?” Asuka said with fake impatience.  “Come out, so I can 
	“It’s-I-I’m in a public store?” Rei whispered in horror.  “Come 
in here and advise me.  Please?”
	After glancing around, Asuka slipped behind the curtain.  And 
she stared.  She just couldn’t help it.  She caressed Rei’s body with 
her eyes until she regained control of herself.  
“I’ll-be-right-back-just-wait-for-me-here,” she muttered in a rush.  
She charged out of the fitting room and into a nearby bathroom.
	The red lingerie set that Asuka had selected suited Rei very 
well, too well.  Asuka closed her eyes and remembered the sight of the 
beautiful, blue-haired girl standing innocently in the skimpy cotton 
teddy and stockings.  Desire, stronger than she’d ever known, surged 
in Asuka’s body, especially at certain key points.  Her hands moved 
automatically to those points.  Asuka wrestled with herself, making 
war on her body’s demands for immediate pleasure.  Somehow, Asuka 
found the strength of will to suppress her primal desires.
	“For crying out loud, Rei’s a girl!  I don’t like girls.  I 
mean…I like Rei, yes, but not like that…”
	Are you sure, Asuka silently questioned herself.  No.  Admit it, 
Asuka; your little girlfriend has gotten you hot and bothered.  You’ve 
been interested in her since Day One, and now…
	Asuka angrily broke off her thought chain.  What about Rei, 
standing there in the changing room, wondering what had gone wrong?  
The redhead composed herself and hurried back to where she’d left her 
friend.  She stopped right outside the room.  “Are you in there, 
Wonder Girl?” she asked worriedly.
	“Yes.  I’ll be out in a moment.  Where did you go?”
	“I needed to…use the bathroom,” Asuka half-fibbed.
	“Oh.  The urge just snuck up on you?”
	Asuka went so red she was almost violet.  She couldn’t answer 
the question.
	“I’m here…”
	“What did you think of the undergarments?”
	Asuka could have sworn that Rei was suppressing a snicker when 
she asked the question.  Or was she?  “They looked terrific on you,” 
she answered warily.
	“They felt nice, too,” Rei confided.  “That soft, cool fabric 
against my-“
	“-Um, yeah,” Asuka cut in desperately.  Please don’t turn me on 
more, she begged in silence.  “I think that one set of lingerie is 
fine for now, don’t you?  We can get others later.”
	The blue-haired girl exited the changing room.  The red lace 
outfit was back on its hanger.  “For now.  Yes.”
	The girls left the boutique and continued through the open 
market.  “There are only two stops left,” Asuka said.
	“And they are?”
	“Raijinitsu Jewelry and Wondrous Scents Salon.”
	“Jewelry?  But I-“
	“-Stow it, Wonder Girl, it’s my treat.  You will get something 
while we’re in there.”
	The two friends searched the store for nearly an hour.  “I 
really like these.  I want to get them,” Rei pronounced as she held a 
box containing two exquisite jade earrings.  “I guess I’d better get 
my ears pierced.”
	“Are you sure?”
	“Yes.  Your earrings always look lovely, Asuka; I want to be 
able to wear earrings too.  Just wait for me, please.  I’m going to 
get it done now, before I change my mind.”
	She’s changing, Asuka thought as she waited for Rei.  She trusts 
me.  But she’s so innocent, naïve.  I shouldn’t be thinking about her 
the way I am.  She has no idea how she’s affecting me.  I will be her 
friend-only her friend.  She doesn’t want more.  I have no right to 
ask for more.
	“All done!” Rei chirped as she strode up to where Asuka was 
sitting.  She turned her head to one side, then the other, giving 
Asuka a view of the jade earrings.
	“They’re beautiful,” Asuka said with conviction.
	“Thank you.”  Rei dazzled Asuka with a brilliant smile.  “You 
got them for me, after all.  We’ve got one shop left.”
	“Ah, yes.  Follow me,” Asuka invited.  She led the way to the 
perfume shop.
	“There are a lot of choices here, too,” Rei said with approval.
	“Yeah, but most of these are junk.  See, most perfumes have an 
alcohol base, but that just won’t do for anyone who’s looking for the 
good stuff.  We want oil-based fragrances.  And they are all over 
	“It’s still quite a selection.”
	“That’s why I like this place,” Asuka declared cheerfully.  “So 
try a couple on.”
	“Try them?”
	“Sure-just a dab on your wrist will do.”
	“But you know how these smell,” Rei said.
	“I know how they smell on me.  On you, they’ll be different.”
	“They will?”
	“Every person has different chemistry which combines with the 
perfume in a unique way.  So try on a few.  Go ahead.”
	Rei didn’t need any more encouragement.  She sniffed at a few 
bottles, found one she liked, and sprayed a bit on her forearm.  She 
checked it, smiled, and held her arm out for Asuka.  “What do you 
	Asuka inhaled.  “Very nice, like a sea breeze,” she said in a 
somewhat hushed manner.  “It’s calming.”
	“Well,” Rei said after another few bottles, “how about this?”
	“It’s crisp, almost sharp; it reminds me of early spring.”
	Before long, Rei had gone through nearly all the oil-based 
perfumes and had tried six of them.  Then she found another bottle she 
liked.  “This one seems nice,” she told Asuka.
	“So try it on,” the redhead prodded.
	“I’ve got no room,” Rei countered.  She thought for a moment.  
“Actually, yes I do.”  Very deliberately, with a hint of a smile on 
her face, she wet her middle and index fingers with the perfume.  She 
put her fingers on her chest and brushed slowly down, till her fingers 
disappeared beneath her shirt.  Then she recapped the bottle.  “Last 
one.  I can’t smell it, though.  Can you tell me how it is?”
	Asuka was extra pale.  She wanted to scream, why are you doing 
this to me?  But Rei probably had no idea.  She was asking for help, 
that was all.  Asuka swallowed hard and bent toward Rei’s chest, 
inhaling deeply.  She nearly swooned.  “That’s the one,” she rasped 
through her suddenly parched throat.  “It’s enticing and tangy.  This 
perfume will make you irresistible.”
	“Sold,” Rei said triumphantly.
	Asuka was strangely quiet on the drive back to Rei’s apartment.  
She didn’t trust herself to talk.  Every time she glanced in Rei’s 
direction, Rei looked back at her with uncanny timing, making Asuka 
blush and hastily look away.  Finally, the car reached Rei’s building.  
There were a lot of bags, so Asuka helped her friend carry them into 
the apartment.  When Rei had told her where to set them, she put them 
down and nearly ran for the door.
	“Asuka?” Rei called, her voice full of confusion.
	The redhead wanted to bolt, to escape, to flee from her gorgeous 
friend.  But the earnest voice was too powerful; it stopped her and 
turned her around.  “What is it, Wonder Girl?”
	“If you have a second, I’d like to show you something.”
	“Okay,” Asuka somehow replied.
	Rei unbuttoned the blouse she’d borrowed from Asuka and slid it 
off her shoulders so it would stay open.  Asuka was a wreck.  
Controlling herself had never been so difficult.  She saw a gleam of 
silver over Rei’s navel.
	“I got it done when I had my ears pierced.  She’s a cute little 
kitten, don’t you think?  I’m calling her Arjono.”
	Asuka moved her mouth as though speaking.
	“What did you say?” Rei asked innocently.
	“Can I…touch it?” the redhead whispered.
	Rei’s cheeks bloomed maroon.  But this was her friend, and Rei 
trusted her.  “Be gentle,” Rei said in a whisper of her own.
	It seemed as though someone else was manipulating Asuka’s body.  
She locked her eyes onto Rei’s.  She advanced on the blue-haired girl, 
until their noses nearly touched.  Sparkling blue eyes stared into 
swirling red eyes.  They stood that way for quite some time.  They 
kept eye contact as Asuka sank slowly to her knees.  At last, the 
girls’ eyes released each other.  Asuka looked longingly at the tiny 
silver cat perched on Rei’s belly button.  She reached out with her 
forefinger, which was surprisingly steady, and lightly stroked the 
ornament, just as she might pet a real kitten.  Then she traced the 
smooth skin around the cat with a feather-light touch.  Rei gasped 
sharply.  Asuka’s eyes widened and she pulled her hand away from Rei’s 
abdomen.  “Oh, you must still be sore from the piercing; did I hurt 
you?” she asked in concern.
	“N-no,” Rei panted.
	Asuka placed her fingertip carefully on the silver cat.  Again, 
she stroked it and then began to outline it on Rei’s flesh.  Her other 
fingers joined her index finger, her other hand soon joined the first 
hand.  The skin was soft, but any pressure at all betrayed the lean 
muscles of Rei’s abdomen, just beneath the surface.  Asuka caressed 
her short-haired friend’s belly very gently.  She leaned forward and 
kissed the tiny cat, her lips brushing the skin around the silver 
figure.  She heard an unexpected sound.  Prolonging the kiss, she 
glanced up at Rei.  The girl’s eyes were closed and she was biting her 
lip.  The strange sound was a growl coming from deep within Rei’s 
throat.  Asuka detected a strong, musky scent-an odor that seemed 
familiar.  She tenderly kissed her way up Rei’s body: to her ribcage, 
her chest, her neck, her chin, finally her lips.  “I want you, Wonder 
Girl,” Asuka confessed.  “What do you want?”
	“You’ve taught me happiness.  Teach me love.  Please, Asuka,” 
Rei implored.
	The fiery redhead would never let such an opportunity go to 
waste.  As soon as she heard the words, she realized how badly she’d 
needed to hear them.  Raw emotions guided her.  She pulled Rei against 
her and kissed her deeply, her lips and tongue doing their best to map 
Rei’s mouth.  Her hands pulled Rei’s arms free of the blouse.  Asuka 
kissed the blue-haired girl’s shoulders, her collarbone, then her 
chest, all around where the pendant hung.  She kept whispering the 
whole time.  “You’re so gorgeous.  I need you so much.  I’ve been 
going mad.  You didn’t know it, but you made me desire you more and 
more these last few days…”
	“Mm,” Rei breathed.  “I might have had a hunch--”
	“-What?”  Asuka ceased all movements and leveled an appraising 
stare at Rei.  She was recognized the truth.  It was shocking.  “You 
did know.  You’ve been teasing and flirting and driving me out of my 
mind on purpose!  No one teases me.  The gloves are off now!”
	Asuka launched an all-out attack of passion on Rei.  She seemed 
to have forty or fifty fingers and they were very busy, tearing at 
Rei’s clothing with abandon.  Her mouth was in continuous motion, 
licking, biting, and kissing every bit of Rei’s neck and shoulders.  
“You wanted this, huh, you little minx?  Well, let’s see if you can 
handle it,” she hissed.  Rei’s simple white brassiere vanished.  Then 
her skirt disappeared.  Her panties were yanked off next.  Her breath 
was shallow and fast.  Asuka’s right leg shoved itself between Rei’s 
legs and began to mash against Rei’s sensitive vulvae.  Asuka bent and 
took one of Rei’s nipples into her mouth, tugging on it while licking 
the stiff disc.
	Rei was moaning whenever she could find the breath to do so, 
which wasn’t all that often.  Asuka’s assault had her reeling.  Her 
senses could only process so many stimuli.  Pleasure overwhelmed her 
nervous system and her knees buckled.  Asuka didn’t stop Rei’s fall, 
she just slowed it and guided Rei to the floor, never missing a beat.  
Rei yelped and squirmed ecstatically.  She moved her hips, rubbing her 
labia against Asuka’s still-clothed groin.  But with Asuka fondling 
her breasts and nibbling her ears, there was more than Rei could take.  
Her eyes rolled back and she shrieked delightedly.  She came like an 
earthquake, spasms rocking her body.  Her tremors pushed Asuka over 
the brink and she came right behind Rei.
	Rei lay powerless on the floor, trying to get air back into her 
lungs.  The room was spinning; she felt like she was hovering in 
midair.  She felt something awfully wonderful wriggling between her 
legs.  Her eyes opened, but she couldn’t see; her senses had too large 
a workload already.  Rei knew what it was, though: Asuka’s tongue just 
barely inside her.  The feelings were so enormous that they scared 
Rei.  “Asuka!” she screamed.  “As-uka!  Don’t!  Ah!  Stop!  As-As-Ah!  
	“Don’t stop?  Okay,” Asuka said maliciously.  She intensified 
her tongue-lashing.  Rei somehow maintained consciousness as she 
writhed beneath Asuka’s mouth.  Every breath burned and produced 
another shrill yell.  Asuka continued her meticulous licking until Rei 
hit her second climax.  When the orgasm had begun to show signs of 
subsiding, Asuka focused her attention on Rei’s clitoris and besieged 
it with her mouth, licking and kissing.
	Rei was too hoarse for her screams to be loud, but they were 
screams nonetheless.  Incredibly, she still didn’t pass out.  Her body 
was shaking uncontrollably and she was sweating profusely.  Asuka was 
enjoying her taste.  The redhead felt a twinge of guilt but suppressed 
it.  Rei had asked for this, after all; she could deal with the 
consequences.  She drew Rei’s enlarged clitoris into her mouth and 
tugged gently as she licked across and around it as fast as she could.  
Rei came again, this orgasm the most potent yet.  Her nectar trickled 
rather than gushed, because there was so little left; Asuka lapped it 
all up with a mischievous grin.
	Rei finally fell back toward the earth.  Asuka couldn’t resist 
giving Arjono another light kiss, eliciting a long moan from her 
friend.  The redhead was tired, but she brought up her head to regard 
Rei.  The blue-haired girl’s chest rose and fell rapidly; her body was 
wet with sweat and other fluids.  Her eyes remained closed.  She 
twitched again and again.  Asuka considered giving her a fourth orgasm 
but took pity.  She really doubted that Rei would be able to attain 
consciousness to enjoy it.
	Asuka sat on the floor behind Rei.  She carefully rested Rei’s 
head in her lap.  She absently played with the fine blue hair, pausing 
every so often to stroke Rei’s cheeks.  “I love you, Wonder Girl.  I 
love you more than anything.”
	“I thought…I’d die before…anyone said…that…to me.  I love…you 
too…Asuka…I…am yours,” Rei said quietly between subsiding gasps.
	Asuka bent forward and kissed Rei’s lips tenderly.  “Can you 
write about love now, Rei?” she jibed.
	“I’ll…try,” Rei panted with a gleam in her ruby eyes, “but 
I…could always…use…more research…”

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