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Epedition Shinji.

New challenges! Four is Hot!

/Shinji's room/ 1:59 A.M.

Shinji layed in his room, on his bed peacefully. The only thing that was different, was that the so called 'great' Asuka Langley Soryu was laying in it with him. She was laying on his chest and her leg was drapped over his. One catch. They were both naked under no sheet with a fan set on high blowing on them.

Shinji and Asuka wernt really a couple but they knew how to keep eachother intune. They were rather, sex buddies. For the past 3 days its been Shinji, Asuka, and other people they decided to fuck.

Shinji's little notebook was coming along rather nicely. He had been with half the girls in his class over the past 3 days. Asuka didn't really care, because she still fucking guys from the classes as well. Shinji didn't care much about Asuka's activities neither because they always ended up in the same prediciment after the night. Naked in one of their beds.

Shinji had known that it was only a week of freedom before Misato came back. They only had 2 days left of absolute sex. The two seemed to act like two horny bunnies, hamsters, or what anyother animal you can think of.

Their sex expirements went far. Shinji even perswaded Hikari to join them one time and it was no easy task getting Asuka and Hikari to share the one thing that was totally worth keeping all for themselves.

~next morning~

Asuka had woken up to see she was in Shinji's room naked with no Shinji. He had washed up and started cooking breasfast. Asuka was awaken by a call from Shinji at that. She had made her way to the bathroom to wash up herself and about the time she was dressed Shinji was finshed with the breafast and had made their lunch.

The two sat down eating glancing at eachother every now and then coming up with breif conversation. "So Baka. Whats going on threw that little head of yours" Asuka stated while eating a piece of sausage. "If anythings, the stuff that we tried out last night. I didn't know you were that flexible Asuka" Shinji said with a smirk as he finshed up his food.

"Alot of things you don't know." She said back. Asuka had grown closer to Shinji a bit. They even were considered friends now. Asuka held back on smacking him around sometimes, wanting him in the best condition for the time being. She knew she only had 2 days left of Shinji dick, before Misato came back. "Come on Baka. Lets get to school" She said putting on her shoes and walking out the door followed by Shinji who gave her ass a quick grope before they got to far down the street.

"Baka. You didn't tell those stoges about us did you" Asuka asked. She was alittle pissed at them knowing at first but soon got over it after she had her helping of dosage Shinji. "Nope. They found out. It was your fault in the first place, Miss I forgot to program the answer machine so when he had ruff, ruff sex on the floor that saved as the message" Shinji stated back with a smirk. Shinji too was pissed at them knowing at first but soon he felt at ease after diving into Asuka's sweet, hot tunnel.

"What don't you dare blame that on me" Asuka shouted at him. "Its your fault. Your the one that couldn't wait till we got to a room." she stated. "Yeah, well your the one who wanted it in the ass" he said. Asuka was about to say something but Shinji was rammed by Toji and Kensuke while Hikari followed the up.

"Oi, Shin-man, and Shin-man's sex toy" Toji said and felt the hard slap of Asuka followed by one of Hikari. "Watch it buster" Hikari said looking at Shinji and Asuka. "What were you two just talking about" She asked as they blushed alittle.

"New things" Asuka said. "Your more than happy to join us again Hikari" Asuka stated again and laughed as Shinji grinned. Toji fell out flat after hearing that and Kensuke had to help him up. "Stupid Jock" Asuka said as they all made their way to the school.

"Why are you so lucky Shin-man. Come on. I want the secretes." Toji said pleading with Shinji a bit. "Their are none." He said and laughed looking at Hikari. "Hey. Toji, maybe you should join us sometime" Shinji said and looked at Asuka. "WHAT? NO WAY" She yelled. "Oh come on Asuka. It'll be fun." Shinji said and leaned in close to Asuka. "He doesn't have to fuck you. But. A nice plan to get him up with Hikari finally" he whispered and let out a demonic laugh.

"Okay. Its settled. Hikari and Jock boy. Come with us after school" Asuka said. Toji stood their dumbfound as the others walked into the school.

~After School~
/Katsuragi, Ikari, Soryu redisence/

Shinji, Asuka, Toji, Hikari. All nude. On the floor. Getting it on. The ever so lovely Naked Combat Asuka was stradling Shinji with her tounge down his throat as Hikari and Toji were just getting over themselves and starting to make out. Shinji has moved his hand down to Asuka's clit and was rubbing it earning a small moan from her every few seconds.

Toji and Hikari were just kissing. He magaged to get over himself and just come out with it all. He was fingering the moaning Hikari while he moved his head down sucking on her breast. Hikari soon started to get in the mood even more and moved down. She took Toji's cock in her hand and starte to wank him off a bit before she started the blow job process. Toji was in heaven. He was moaning, grunting and making all noises with his hand on Hikari's head. She was bobbing her head up and down with no remorse. Licking his dick all over and even went down to his balls sucking them.

Shinji and Asuka on the other hand were both in the 69 posistion. Asuka was sucking off Shinji like their was no tommorow and Shinji was licking Asuka's pussy like he was a dog lapping water out of a bowl.

Shinji's tounge probed his way into her pussy and instead of just licking it he was now fucking her with his tounge. Asuka loved when he did that. She moaned and started to just go all out. She licked Shinji's dick, sucked his balls. She even deepthroated him to pleasure himf for the on coming activities.

Shinji and Asuka soon felt it was about the right time so they did a swift movement so Asuka's back was facing Shinji. She eased her was onto his dick and started to ride like a cow-girl. Shinji had laied down and Asuka leaned back as Shinji held onto her legs and was thrusting in and out of Asuka with the speed of a horse. Asuka was moaning and Shinji was grunting. Ever so often They both glanced over at Hikari and Toji who were now fucking theirselves.

Toji had Hikari on her back thrusting in and out of her. This was Toji's first time but yet he was bringing it. Hikari was moaning but still prefered Shinji's moves to Toji. Toji was good to her and she wanted to keep him considering her feelings for him but Shinji was just a tad bit better. Okay a whole lot better. But this was his first time and she was loving the look on his face.

Toji was thrusting like this was his life's purpose. He soon pulled out hearing about Shinji's and Asuka's little expeirments and turned Hikari and soon entered threw her ass. Hikari screamed as his dick ripped threw her ass and he soon started to slowly thrust in and out moaning.

"Hikari...loosen...it up...it won't hurt so much" Asuka said in pulses from the moans of Shinji fucking her. "Like this Hikari" Asuka said and she got off of Shinji's dick and soon started to force it up her ass with Shinji's help. Asuka couldn't help but squeal and Shinji couldn't help but let out a loud grunt. "Holy Fuck" He said. "Your telling me. Now get to work baka" Asuka said breathing heavly. "Holy Shit. Fuck Yeah....Yeah....Harder" She said as Shinji managed to get to doggy style posistion and saw ramming into her ass while Hikari soon picked up on Asuka's tips and Toji was ramming as well. "Toji...don't be to rough. Force it. Wait a bit and then to it again" Shinji said to him as he did it on Hikari and kept it up.

Asuka had managed to her a hand under her legs and soon was fingering herself while Shinji fucked her in the ass. Toji let out a loud grunt as he came emptying his sack in Hikari's ass. He sighed a bit but kept thrusting as Hikari was doing the same as Asuka and came herself. "That was...great" Toji said pulling out of her and just fell back followed by Hikari. "Your telling me" She said. The two were sweety and looking around.

"Hey..Stooge...go...plug up that Fan" Asuka managed to get out as Hikari and Toji watched on as Shinji and Asuka were still fucking. Toji followed orders as they were all feeling alot cooler.

Shinji yet again pulled out of Asuka and turned her. She was now on her back and Shinji was in her dripping pussy again. He has pinned her legs back. They basicly were at her Shoulders. He now was thrusting at full power and speed when he felt Asuka cum. She let out a loud moan. Shinji kept going and soon felt his. He pulled out as Asuka quickly sat up and started to wank him off and he came all over her face.

The four teens layed under the fan all getting cooler by the moment. Shinji had to go and get towels for everyone to lay on be cause if not they would have been in a big pile of sweat.

"This was. The best day of my life" Toji said as everyone laughed at him.

~Next Day~
/At School/

Shinji, and Asuka were in the class room looking tired. They had a few after sessions after Toji and Hikari left. Shinji heard his last name called and looked to see the pale skinned, blue haired girl know as Ayanami Rei standing infront of him. "Hey Rei." He said.

"Is there something the matter Ikari. You look. Rather Tired and worn out." She said with the plan stare. "Im fine Ayanami." he said. "Good. Ikari, if it is okay I would like to talk with you after school." she just said. "Okay. You got it" Shinji said with Asuka blinking at him. "What is it wonder girl" She spat out looking at Rei. "None of your concern second. Ikari please meat me at my apartment." She said and walked to her seat.

Shinji looked at Asuka who was getting alittle brain stormy. "Hey Baka. I got a new challenge." She said and grinned. "Oh yeah. What is it." Shinji said looking at her and grinned. "I bet..I bet you cant score with wondergirl" She said to him and laughed seeing his grin disappear. "What. You scared of what daddy will do to you." She said stilling laughing and stopped seeing he was a bit serious. "Your...ON" he said and smirked. "I'll think up some steaks tonight at dinner" Asuka said and demonicly laughed.

~The Bet. Who wins~
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