[Shinji and the great Soryu]

/Shinji, Asuka, Misato residense/

Shinji has just gotten home and saw Asuka sitting down watching Television. Misato was working late and left money saying she wouldn't be home until tomorrow. Shinji had notice something about Asuka, when Misato was working until the next day. Asuka was inviting guy from school over.

He looked around not seeing anyone and just walked past her. "Hey baka. Why are you late. Out with the othere stooges." Asuka said while flicking threw the channels. "Nope. I was....I volunteered to help Hikari after you blew her off." He said and looked around "What, no sex buddy today" He asked thinking that his life was about to be over.

Asuka stood up in protest and walked over to him as he slowly moved back and raised his hands to defend himself "He already left" she said and walked away. "Gomen" He said looking at her. "What are you sorry for. Stop apoligizing you peverted weakling" Asuka said.

Shinji couldn't help but grin in his mind 'you have no Idea' He thought as he sat down on the floor. "Hey Asuka...Can I ask you something" he said in the shyest of tone. "Hurry up baka, before this show starts." Asuka said and gave him an evil look. "Okay, Asuka. Why do you sleep with all those guys. I thought you said you wouldn't ever do that when you found out about Misato doing it" Shinji just out and said it with a grin "Doesn't that put you up as a Sl..." Shinji fell back as he was hit with the flying TV remote.

"Dont you ever ask me anything like that again you pervert" She yelled at him. "What I do is none of your business, and if you ever bring up something like that again I will" She was intrupeted by Shinji "Kill me. Beat me bloody. Asuka, your threats grow old you know" he said. "This isn't the same as it was before." He said "Shut up you spineless coward" She yelled at him standing up "No, you listen you Slut" He said standing up and stopped after he thought about what he said. About the time he came back to earth Asuka's fist was in his face and he was on the couch holding his Jaw with her trying to strangle him.

Shinji was holding her hands trying to force her away and she was on him trying to rip his eyes out. "You...I will kill you" She said as he managed to throw her off of him and retreat behind the couch. "Asuka calm down. I didnt mean it" He said ducking flying objects.

He was so caught up with trying to defend himself that he never failed to notice that his book fell out his pocket. This kept up until the end of the night and stopped when the phone rung and it was Misato. "Hey. Shinji. Its Misato, I'm not gonna be back tommorow, or the rest of the week at that. I have some money under my bed in my room. Should last for you kids. See ya" Misato said to Him. Shinji was holding his face which a large bruse was on it.

The fighting settled and Asuka was in her room after a rampage she had just let on her roommate. Shinji was cleaning up the mess before he magaged to tell Asuka what Misato said.

/Next day at School/

Asuka had left with Hikari and they were talking pretty heavely about things. "I can't believe Shinji actually said that Asuka" Hikari said in the most shockest tone. "Well. He has been more straight foward with things" She added to the red head who had steam coming out of ears. Hikari was into Asuka's story but was still thinking about her incounter with Shinji which had happened yesterday. Just thinking about it was making her get alittle wet.

"Whats wrong with you Hikari. Are you listening to me" Asuka protested getting a nod from Hikari she continued talking. "I do have company coming over tonight" Asuka said. "Shinji isn't that bad Asuka. He was rather...umm...'helpful' yesterday." Hikari said adding the extra voice on helpful part. Asuka looked at her with her eyebrow cocked "Did the Baka try something Hikari." Asuka said.

"No. No he didn't do anything. He just helped me." Hikari said "He Did try something. God I'll kill him" Asuka said. "See ya Hikari" She said and ran home. "He tried something alright and boy did he get what he deserved" She said to herself and walked off.

/Shinji, Asuka, Misato residense/

Shinji had just gotten home after walking about and ran into a girl from school. Before leaving home in the morning he had found his notebook under the chair, and was very happy that Asuka didn't find it during the fighing. Shinji wasn't alone though and he knew Asuka had company. He walked in with a girl and they both heard the moaning of the guy in Asuka's room.

"Whats that" The girl asked. "Just my roommate. Come on, to my room" he said leading her in his room.

/Asuka's room/

Asuka was in her room listening to the guy moan. She was on her knees and he was in a chair, as she was blowing his lights out. He had his hand on the back of her hand making noises out of this world. Asuka's head was bobbing up and down so fast that it was looking like a piston. She was even deepthroating him and soon felt a loose liquid and removed her head from his cock and started to jerk it until he let out a gaint wad of cum.

She soon stood up not even moving him from the chair and got on top of him and started to ride his dick like she was a cow-girl. She was now moaning as he thrusted in and out of her from the bottom. He even had his face in her nipples sucking them with no remorse.

/Meanwhile in Shinji's room/

Shinji was driving himself out of the girls pussy like he was a machine. He's thrust were fast and full of power. As he rammed in and out of her, she screamed even drawing the attention of Asuka and the guy in her room every blue moon. Shinji had his almost 8in monster hitting everything it could in the girls pussy.

He soon switched posistions as he was hitting it from behind with her face burried in his pillow. She screamed muffeled screams in the pillow and soon she was coming on Shinji's cock as he kept raiding her tomb with his cock.

/A few minutes later/

Shinji and his company were walking out of his room and the same was with Asuka and her company. They all happened to look at eachother and Asuka said nothing but evily grimmed Shinji as the guy couldn't help but look down at him and grinned "nice work dude" he said to Shinji as he left out and the same from the girl he had.

"You fucking pervert. Who was that girl." Asuka yelled at him after the door was closed. "None of you business. Who was that guy." He said back and she was prepared to fully swing on him as he walked into the kitchen to get dinner ready. He washed his hands and started cooking.

/An Hour later/

Shinji and Asuka were eating while Asuka was watching a show as well. "How was he Asuka" Shinji said trying to make small talk. "...he was the best I've had in a while" She stated "not that its any of your business baka." She added. "What about that little slut you brought over." She said and looked at him evily "She's not a slut, and she was great" He said and went back to eating and something came over Asuka "oh Yeah. WHAT DID YOU DO TO HIKARI" Asuka yelled and stood up hitting the table making Shinji nearly jump out of his shoes.

"n..Nothing..." he said with a smirk "Don't lie to me" she yelled "what happened...don't tell me...no you didnt. you, you Fucked Hikari" She yelled with the most udder Evilness in this world. Shinji hung his head and nodded "Yeah, so what" he said. "Its none of your business." he shoued back.

Asuka was close to slapping him and just sat down. He looked up at her and grinned a bit "Hey Asuka. If you looking for a real sex buddy just get me. I already have a good resume" he said and grinned. Asuka looked at him evily. "You know what. I'm gonna give you a try and then kill you. Come on lover boy" She shouted at him on her way to her room. Shinji stared thinking for a minute and just happily got up following her. "I'll show you who's a spinless coward." Shinji said as Asuka just started to rip his cloths off and kiss him.

Shinji did the same thing back. He was finally going for the biggest challenge of his life. He was about to fuck the Great Asuka Langley Soryu. The girl who made his life a living hell for the past year and he thought that it would never happen. Soon the two were just kissing ontop on eachother, both naked and on Asuka's bed.

"No time for foreplay Baka....lets get straight to it" Asuka said kissing him. Shinji grinned and just grabbed his cock lining it up at Asuka's open. "I wouldn't have it anyother way" He said and he just thrusted in with all the power he had. Asuka had her toes curled, and was moaning loudly as Shinji's huge cock was slaming into her with no remorse.

"Oh Fuck...its bigger that other guy" Asuka said in pulse while moaning. "Fuck yeah...its so good" Shinji said slamming into her pussy like he was trying to break a brick. He was so caught up he didn't even notice that Asuka was now ontop moaning and screaming like crazy and he still thrusted upward. She rode him like she was on a machine.

Alittle later Asuka was on her side and Shinji was behind her on his side with his and her leg in the air as he continued to fuck her brains out. Shinji had now turned so that Asuka was ontop of him again but with her back facing his front.

"Oh Fuck...fuck me, fuck me, fuck me." Asuka said moaning as she felt her orgasim coming. Shinji had the same feeling right about now as his hands played with her Breast and her had was rubbing the top of her pussy." Asuka soon came all over Shinji's dick and after a few more thrust he pulled out of her and let a gaigantic wad of cum out on her cunt and stomach.

Asuka and Shinji were just laying their in her bed in the after glow of both their greatest sex expierence yet. "How was that" Shinji said in a tired voice. "The best...were gonna have to go another round" Asuka said as she just managed to get on top of Shinji and he grinned. "Misato's not coming back until next week." he said and grinned again. Asuka grinned right along with him. "then were gonna have some fun" She said and started to his him "Round two" He said as they started to get the next session underway.


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