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~Expedition Shinji~

-Hikari Hunt-

/Shinji's room/

Shinji Ikari had just waken up to his alarmclock as he reached over and hit it throwing it against the walk. Soon he managed to sit up and yarn a bit, looking alittle on edge about the dream he had just went through in his sleep. "stupid alarmclock" he said getting up and looking down feeling a strain. Thats right, a strain. He had a huge morning woody.

He peeked out his room making sure it was safe and he hurried to the bathroom before Asuka or Misato had a chance to get up and see him. While in the bathroom Shinji had bathed and brushed his teeth getting ready for the on coming day. He thought for a moment as he still had alot of time to spare to get breafast and the lunches ready so he looked around and soon got to alittle work.

Ikari. Shinji. The Baka. Shinji Ikari. Ikari, Shinji. Pilot Ikari. The Thrid Child. Was in the bathroom, masturbating. Not just any ordernary masturbation. He was choking his chicken. Beating his meat. Spanking his monkey. He delivered this masturbation to end all masturbations. The way he was going, if he was to be seen, someone would have thought off the back of their minds, that he was trying to break his dick off.


Asuka and Misato were now up eating the food that Shinji had cooked. He and Asuka were soon out the door. Asuka called him a few Baka's and perverts and Shinji split up with her when he saw Toji and Kensuke and Asuka went with Hikari after she came to get her.

"Oi, Shin-man. Whats happening this morning." Kensuke said "Yeah. What that demonbitch do to you this morning" Toji added

"Nothing. But I did have this rather weird dream last night" Shinji said.

"What, was it you giving Asuka a dick lashing. Or mabye even Rei. What about. MISATO" Both Toji and Kensuke said Misato's name as Shinji just sat there and blushed out his mind.

"maybe even Hikari" Kensuke added and in response Toji gave him the elbow to the ribs from hell and just evil grimmed him.

'I never thought of that...hmm...Hikari, Asuka, Rei. I got a new game.' Shinji laughed until they got to the school and saw Asuka and Hikari talking.

"Heres the Three Stooges now." Asuka said.

"Shut up Demon girl" Toji said before Asuka gave him the evil stare "What was that?" she added to it as he just didn't pay any attention to her.

Kensuke laughed as Shinji did nothing but take out a pocket sized note pad and a pen and wrote on it while thinking abit.

'Hmm...lets see. A list of girls to try.' he thought and just started writing 'Hikari, Maya, Misato, Asuka, Rei' Shinji wrote those names down and just started to write random girl names down that he knew from NERV and class.

"CLASS, STAND, BOW, SIT" Hikari said in the same fassion and then they were underway.

/Later That Day/

"Oh come on Asuka. You said you would help me. Ya cant just back of now. I cant get this class cleaned all by my self" Hikari pleaded with Asuka. Asuka was starting to get alittle sad at letting her friend down. "I'm sorry. But I promised Kaji that I would water those 'DAMN' watermellon for him today. Sorry. BYE" Asuka said and ran before anymore guilt was put on her.

Shinji was standing right there and he walked off with a grin on his face. 'Access Plan A' he thought and walked off with Toji and Kensuke. Shinji waited well while walking that he knew that everyone was gone from the school except Hikari and stoped. "Oh Man. I forgot my notebook" he said.

"Okay then Shin-man. We'll catch ya tommorow" Toji said as they all said there goodbyes and Shinji ran back to the school with the fullest of speeds possible. Shinji saw Hikari there cleaning the class while mumbling "I'll never get this done and still have time to do all my homework" she said.

Shinji grinned and stalked up behind, like a Lion hunting prey. He slowly and quitely approached her and tapped her on her back as she jumped and screamed. "Hikari calm down. Its just me" he said. "Oh Shinji dont ever do that again. You almost gave me an early heart attack" she said while holding her chest.

Shinji grinned a bit "Aww...I'm sorry Hikari...I'll make it all better" he said and just kissed her. Hikari was shocked and blushed pushing him away "What are you doing. We cant do that." She protested "Why not. Whats stoping us." He said easing up to her while she backed away and ran into the wall.

"Its a sin and it against the Law" she said "So what about the damn law" Shinji just said and kissed her. Hikari tried to get away but she soon stopped the fight and melted into the kiss. Hearing Hikari moaning Shinji knew he had her.

He started to kiss her with more passion and he had her on the dest kissing her neck and collarbone, hearing nothing but moans. "Please, Shinji. W..We have to stop" she managed to get out "No. You want this as much as I do Hikari" Shinji said as she just moaned.

He started to unbutton her shirt and removed her bra revealing two nice shaped mounds. He licked his lips and started to lick and suck on her right nipple like it was no tomorrow while he was playing with the other. He soon moved from the other one. Hikari didn't know what to think or what to do. All she knew is that she was in heaven right now and she didn't even wanna stop no matter what she thought.

She didn't even notice that Shinji had removed all of his and her clothing and was soon kissing her down her stomach. He had stopped at her nice little cunt and when she looked at him, he burried his face inside of it licking everything he could. Hikari could help but scream out in pleasure.

"you like that don't you class rep" Shinji said in a teasing voice as he stuck one of his fingers in to help. "AHHH....SHINJJJIII....PLEASE..PLEASE DONT STOP" Hikari yelled. She now had her hands on his head pushing his face in more. She was so close to coming on his face, and Shinji didn't have anything against it. "SHINJJJJIIIII IM GONNA...AAAAHHHHHHH" she screamed as she released her juices all over his face.

Shinji grinned and licked it all up. "I knew you'd like it. and If you liked that you'll love this" he said as he stood up and grabbed his nice 7.5in monster and soon slowly entered the now screaming Hikari. Shinji went in and just stopped not wanting to over do it. "you okay." he said to the girl who was lost in outerspace and just fell back to earth. "I take that as a yes" he said as he felt her legs rap around his waist.

Shinji soon started to slowly thrust in and out of her. Now they were both moaning out of this world. "Holy, Eva its so good" Shinji said "your so tight" he said. All that was to come from Hikari was moans and screams of his name.

Shinji looked at her and soon they were lost in a passion fury of kisses. Shinji started to kick it up a bit as his orgasim started to build up. Hikari was on her way again as well.

Shinji started to work fast as his monster was driving in and out of Hikari like a lightingfast Jackhammer. Hikari was on the floor. Without removing himself from her, Shinji managed to get Hikari on the floor and on her knees. He rammed into her with all the power he had until she let out a scream and covered his dick with her juices.

It was so much that with each time Shinji pulled himself out and went back in the juices with dribble and fly out of Hikari's now worked pussy.

Shinji soon felt up and just yanked himself out of her pussy and let the biggest wad of his cum fly on her ass. She collased to the floor breathing hard and Shinji just leaned back with a cool-aid smile on his face. They both got up after a while and dressed and cleaned up the rest of Hikari's work.

They both walked out of the school and looked at eachother smiling and blushing "Not a word Shinji." She said to him "You got it. But hey you know where to find me if you wanna do it again. Just keep me after school for, special duties" he said and walked off. Hikari blushed a tomato red and did the same.

Shinji walked away with a smile and took out his little pocket book and just put a star next to Hikari's name. "I'm really gonna have a good time." he said and ran home.

Chapter one Done.

Next in chapter 2

-Shinji and the great Soryu- in NGE Expedition Shinji. Risking all of body and soul. Gonna burn some muscle.(Street Fighter 2v quote ladies and Gents.)

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