Dream Machine
Chapter 4 - The Forth Chapter

Asuka looked around in the empty classroom. Her classmates had already left and now she was alone - aside from the boy that was sitting a few desks further from hers.

"Geez, Shinji!" she began, walking over to him. "What are you still doing here? You should be home by now and cook me something!"

"Well..." The boy looked sheepishly up to her. "You... you know the test that is coming up..."

"What's with that?" She grinned as she saw him blushing. "Is little Shinji embarrassed of the topic?"

"That's not it!" he denied, but his red face was talking another story.

"Ohh, little Shinji is embarrassed by a little sex-ed," she continued as if she hadn't even heard him, and ruffled his hair.

"I'm not! It's... it's just that I forgot to learn and I don't see how I can, till tomorrow..."

"Well, maybe I'm generous enough to help you. What do you have problems with?"

He averted his gaze from her. "T-the... the female body..." he muttered.

Asuka grinned broadly. "Well, what do you now? I am a female!"

"Uhm... yeah... I guess so..."

"What do you mean: 'I guess so'?" she hissed and gave him a knock on the head. Once her initial anger calmed, she sat down on his desk in front of him. "Thanks to my generosity, I will still help you! We'll start with... let's see... Show me the 'sensitive areas' of the body female body." She ordered and lay down on her back.

Shinji rose from his chair visibly nervous. His eyes retreated immediately every time they fell on her body. "Well, there is..." he began, moving a quivering hand towards her crotch, but she caught it with her own before it could reach her.

"No!" she said sternly, then softly added: "Not yet..."

Asuka rolled her eyes as she thought back when she got this idea...


The school had just been over and Asuka was on her way home, accompanied by her friend. But for once Asuka was more than embarrassed to have Hikari with her.

"God! I created a slut!" the redhead eventually burst out.

"I'm hardly a slut as long as I'm only with one guy..."

Asuka glared at her friend. "You just went to that idiot and asked him if you could suck his cock!"


"YOU ASKED HIM IN FRONT OF THE WHOLE CLASS! Really, it's a wonder that we didn't all drown in the blood that was shooting out of his nose!"

The pigtailed girl let out a loud sigh. "Well, I decided to live out my fantasies; I don't see what's wrong with that. And unlike you, I don't have a machine that I can use for that whenever I want, so I'll just do it for real..."

"Your fantasies...?"

"Of course. Don't tell me you never used that thing for that. Have you never dreamed of a highly arousing scenario that turned you on?"

"Well... sure... But I don't know if that machine could do something like that..."

"It worked for me."

It really could bring fantasies to life? It would surely be more interesting than doing it in a black void. But why has it never worked before when it had worked for Hikari on her first try? Could it be that she had been too distracted by thinking who she did it with than how and where? Well, that problem should be solved by now...


Meanwhile, 'Shinji' brought his trembling hand up to her breast, barely touching it.

"You know, you don't have to be that nervous to play this role," she groaned in disappointment.

"Sorry..." he apologized, but barely increased the pressure.

Asuka tried to give him some time to relax, but it rather seemed to get worse. "Psst... time for the next step..." she whispered.

"Oh... eh... yeah..." He cleared his throat to continue his acting. "W-well, I'm not sure i-if I can remember it well enough this way. M-maybe I should... take a closer look..." he said exaggerated and brought his quivering hands to the buttons of the white blouse of her school uniform.
Asuka had enough. "Okay, stop right now!"

"Wha...? Did I... Sorry..."

Sighing, she decided to ignore that. "Look, I know you're still nervous about this for whatever reason, but that is kind of killing the whole fantasy for me!"

"Oh... you...? I didn't know... sorry..."

Asuka rolled her eyes. Just why did he have to be such an exact copy...?
"Hey, there's nothing to be nervous about. I mean, we're going to do it anyway! And once we started, you never seemed to have a problem with it. So, if you have an idea where to touch me or how to please me or even if you just want to talk dirty, just do it, or at least ask me as long as it's not disturbing the scenario!"

"Well... okay, I-I'll try. It still seems somewhat strange..."

His hands went back to her breasts, but though he seemed more eager in groping them it became soon apparent that the lesson hasn't been very effective. Asuka rolled her eyes once more as the buttons of her blouse slipped through his quivering fingers for the third time when he tried to open them.

"Okay," she said harshly, pulling him away from her by his wrists and sat up. "Okay that's enough! Just WHAT - IS - YOUR - PROBLEM?"

"Sorry... It's just... I can't ... I always keep thinking that someone could come in..." he mumbled sheepishly.

Asuka couldn't do anything but blink in disbelieve. A virtual being that was afraid to get caught by other virtual beings? Not to mention: in a setting where no other 'persons' were supposed to be attending?

A grin suddenly found its way to her lips. If he was afraid of that, maybe she should give him a little desensitization...

"Fine! A small change in plans then," she announced as she led him to a desk a few rows apart. "Sit down!"

"But isn't that your desk?"

"Yes. So what? Oh, and take your pants off. You won't need them."

Asuka kept her grin as she watched him visibly nervous reaching down to open his fly. More than once he shot a glance towards the door while he pulled his trousers down. Much to the redhead's disappointment, the bulge in his underpants seemed much smaller than anticipated. But that was nothing that couldn't be changed.

"That too," she ordered, pointing to the last remaining piece of fabric in her way.

His face was beet-red, but he did as she told him and sat down on the chair, now only clad in his shirt. Trying to hide his private parts, he nervously watched her predatorily advancing. She flashed him a smile as she kneeled down in front of him, took his protective hands out of the way and placed her own on his limp member, eliciting a sharp hiss from him. Licking her lips as she began to stroke him carefully, the hot, hardening flesh throbbing between her eager fingers, she contemplated if she should 'take a suck', but she didn't want to risk to let herself go out of control like the last time. And she just needed him hard now anyway. So, she settled for giving the tip of his erection a goodbye-kiss when she was finished stroking it to its complete length, and stood up.

Before he could really comprehend that she had stopped her action, Asuka reached under her skirt and pulled down her panties. Then she turned around as if to sit on his lap, but not before she grabbed his dick and slowly guided it into her. She failed to suppress the moan as she felt him filling her with his entire length. Once he was completely inside, she wiggled around on his lap to find a good position, teasing him and herself with the sensations the small movements caused.

"Okay," she eventually hushed in a seductively low voice. "Are you ready?"

"I... I guess..."

"Good." She grinned at him and brought his hands back to her breasts. "Then here we go..."

"Good morning, class!" the teacher greeted.

Shinji jerked noticeable (much to Asuka's delight) as the classroom was suddenly filled with people, but the redhead firmly kept his hands in place and him down with her weight.

"Shh," she tried to calm him, but he remained tense. He obviously still hasn't realized that neither their classmates nor their teacher seemed to pay attention that she was holding his hands at her tits, sitting on his lap, while he had no pants on.

Meanwhile the teacher was checking the attendance list. "...mi is absent as always. Ikari...? Ikari is absent as well?"

"Yes!" Raising her hand, Asuka got the old man's attention. "He was assigned for a..." she squeezed his dick lightly with her inner muscles, causing him to groan, "...special mission..."

"Oh? Very well..." the teacher muttered, before he began another boring lesson about the boring Second Impact.

"They... they can't see me...?" Shinji, who finally relaxed slightly, whispered as she leaned back.

"No," she answered, "but they can see me, so you better not undress me. I think we can both feel enough through the fabric." She leaned forward again, not only to emphasize by press her breasts against his hands, but also to lift herself just slightly off of him.
"Let's just keep this slow and quietly, and nobody will notice..." she added as she slid back.

"Miss Soryu!" The stern voice of the teacher now startled her and she blinked at him in surprise. "I don't care if you want to learn something or not, but at least don't disturb your classmates with your mumbling!"

"Eh... Yes, Sir..." Asuka replied, rolling her eyes as the teacher turned and continued with the lesson. The simulation was obviously a little too 'realistic' again.

Since the old man was the last thing she wanted to see during a good fuck, she closed her eyes to give herself completely into the sensations. It would have been a little obvious if she would guide Shinji's actions, as it would look like she would pleasuring herself, but fortunately it seemed that he didn't need any guides anymore. He was already working quite well on her breasts; his hands slid under the broad straps of her skirt, groping her through the blouse. He started to massage them gently, almost too gently for Asuka's taste, but whenever she thought she would drift into a peaceful daze by the somewhat calming movement, he pinched her erect nipples hard enough to bring her back to 'reality'.

"Hmmm- Ah! -nmm..."

He couldn't move his hips very much though, so it was mostly up to her to take care of the action in their lower regions. Sadly, moving up and down only so little and slow that it wouldn't be noticed was surely pleasurable, but hardly on a satisfactory level. So, Asuka decided to get a little bolder; just slipping a bit more of his dick, but still sinking back with the same, slow pace. Shinji was obviously getting frustrated by this as well: When she dared to go up high enough that she was almost halfway off of him, he suddenly got hold of her waist and rammed his hips up.

"Ah- uhhhn..."

Asuka's clenched hands trembled on the desk. That had caught her off guard, but she wouldn't...

"Miss Soryu?"

Unbelieving, Asuka forced her eyes open. She had completely forgotten that they weren't alone. "W-what...?" she stuttered weakly.

"Are you feeling fine? You sound as if you were in pain,"

In pain? This guy had no idea...

"N-no, it's nothing." As if to prove that he was not nothing, Shinji pumped in her once more. "Ah!"

"Really? Maybe you should go to the sickroom?"

"I-I'm... fine..."

"Oh? Very well then..."

Asuka shook her head free and concentrated on her task again. Maybe bringing more people in the simulation hadn't been such a good idea after all.

"Slow," she hushed at him and resumed the low pace and intensity they had in the beginning. "We have to keep it slow."

She couldn't tell if he was disappointed by this, but if he was, he didn't show it yet. As she had rested her back against him again, she could feel him breathing softly at her ear. She couldn't tell why, but for some reason it really turned her, especially as he started to nibble at her earlobe.


And he didn't stop there. Ever so slowly, he kissed, he licked and sucked his way up and down her neck carefully to her shoulder as far as his mouth and tongue could reach without ripping her blouse open.

While one hand continued the fondling of her breast, the other had trailed down under her skirt to assist the much too slow humping. He started with stroking her thighs, slowly moving inwards and towards the point of their joining. His thumb was the first thing she could feel against her filled pussy, soon followed by his fore- and middle finger, rubbing and tugging along the lips and this way simultaneously adding a little more pressure to his own meat as well. If he wouldn't hold her that close to him, she would already have slumped forward from the sheer ecstasy, judging by the way she arched her back, pressing herself more against his hands. Only barely she could resist her own trembling hands from the table to join his play. If only his thumb would go a little higher to her clitoris...



To weakened to get annoyed, Asuka's eyes fluttered open to look at the girl next to her. Next time, she would definitely not add other people - way too many interruptions.

"Asuka?" Hikari whispered. "Are you sure you're alright? You're sweating and your face is completely flushed. Maybe you've got a fev...?"

"I... said I'm... okay..." Asuka quickly cut her off and resumed her task.

But as she enjoyed it Asuka was growing frustrated by the slow pace. It was more like she was teasing herself, but she couldn't tell if she would reach her peak like this anytime soon. Even his little rubbing session didn't help much, and much to her disappointment, he eventually even stopped with that. Obviously, she wasn't the only one who wasn't satisfied with this.

"A-Asuka," Shinji panted, "Sorry, but I... I don't think I can keep doing it like this any longer..."


Taking her by surprise, he suddenly stood up, causing her to fall forwards on her desk. Before she could object (if she would actually wanted to), he grabbed her hips, pulled his dick out of her and rammed it back in with one swift stroke. Asuka's hands were clasped tightly around the edge of her desk; the only hold she had as he repeated this as fast as he could, fucking her as if there was no tomorrow. There was no way she could still suppress the load moans and cries of pleasure.

"Miss Soryu!"

"Wha -Uhnnn...?" Asuka couldn't raise her head high enough to look up. Only dimly, she was aware that everyone was looking worried at her. No real surprise...

"I think that is enough now! You will go to the sickroom right now!"

"Oh-al-alright... Alright..."

As she tried to get up, Shinji entered her one more time, then flung his arms around her waist and helped her to stand up on her weak legs while keeping him inside.

"Should I come with you?" Hikari asked concerned, but Asuka shook her head.

"No. I... I can do this alone..."

She turned to go, but since he pressed her crotch close to his not to slip out, she bowed forwards and had her hands clasped around his, unknowing if she wanted to get them off that she could walk properly or hold them tighter to her, what still had to look to the others like she was writhing in pain.

With each step she made, he was slipping out a bit and immediately closed that gap. Panting and shuddering in pleasure, she could only make small steps towards the door. It seemed like an eternity until she finally managed the usually short way to the exit.

"YOU ASSHOLE!" she cursed at him the moment she closed the door behind her, though she didn't try to get away. "You could have at least warned me!"

"Sorry... I-I thought I did?"

"I thought you meant that you were about to come," she groaned, bucking her hips. "But I guess that means you're finally not afraid to fuck anymore." She grinned at him over her shoulder.

He smiled back at her and nodded. "What now?" he whispered. "Do you want to go to the sickroom? There's a bed..."

"No!" she quickly interrupted. "Right here! I don't think I can hold out much longer!"

She slipped off his dick, eliciting a grunt from him, then turned around and leaned against the hallway's wall, openly presenting herself to him. He didn't need any further invitation, cupped her buttocks and pushed him back into her. She flung his arms around his neck and lifted her feet from the ground, resting completely on the wall not to fall down.

Panting, she looked him demanding in the eyes. "Remember: Hard! Fast! Now!"

He lost no time to fulfill her wish and pumped inside of her while trying his best to keep her up.

She hadn't lied when she said that she was close, and now that they could finally 'go with full speed' without any interruptions, she could feel her climax coming any moment. And she was obviously not alone with that. His thrusts got slower, but more intense.

"Asuka! I'm... I'm..."

She didn't hear the rest of the sentence; she let out a scream of ecstasy, her limbs clenching around his body as an intense orgasm hit her.

When she opened her eyes she was back in the LCL...

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