Dream Machine Sidestory 3 (I think)


"Come on, Hikari!" Asuka plead angrily. "I had enough trouble to smuggle you in here! You said you would help me!"

"I-I know, but..." The blushing brunette kept her eyes down on the floor in shame. Yes, she had agreed to help her friend, but that was before she knew what exactly that machinery in front of her would do.

"Please! I mean... it's not like anything really happens to you, that's all just in your head. You don't have to tell anybody what exactly happened, I just want to know if it... 'works right'."
Hikari shot another nervous glance at the glass-tank filled with this orange liquid... what did Asuka called it... LCL? "But... didn't you say that this Dr Akagi had assured that it worked fine? What do you need me for?"

"No offense against Akagi, but I don't trust her more than anyone else around here. And it just CAN'T work correctly!"

The furious blush on the redhead's face was hard to miss, but Hikari was much too anxious herself to make any further remark. Asuka seemed really desperate about this and she was her friend...

"Well... o-okay..."

Asuka's assuring thumbs-up didn't really help to calm the butterflies in Hikari's stomach, as she sat on the edge of the tube. But she couldn't just chicken out now, could she? She had said she would do this and she wasn't someone who broke promises so easily.
Just a second later, her body was engulfed by the liquid.


It was lunch time for class 2-A. The weather was nice, so most pupils decided to eat outside, leaving her alone in the class room. Hikari still had to clean the blackboard for the next lessons and planned to follow them afterwards. Sadly, the teacher had actually done his job properly for once and had used the entire space. And of course she couldn't just wipe over it; as a good class representative, she had to clean it properly.

"Still busy?"

Hikari almost dropped the eraser, startled by the voice behind her.

"Suzuhara!" she noticed, as she turned around to see the boy, as always clad against the uniform code in his tracksuit, standing in the door. "What are you doing here?"

"I forgot my lunch," Toji shrugged, but instead of going to his seat to get his the food he bought, he stepped closer and examined her work. "Geez, I'm sure glad that I'm not class rep. Way too much work," he commented.

"If you think so..." Hikari replied flatly.

"As if all those responsibilities weren't enough," he continued, obviously ignoring her as much as she did with him. "And what's with these?"

Fear gripped her heart, as she noticed that he had picked up the printouts, which she had neatly sorted for several minutes, from the desk.

"Could you place them back?"

"What?" he groaned annoyed. "Afraid I could mess up your perfectly ordered..." Doing one exaggerated movement, the papers accidentally slipped from his hand, spreading wildly on the floor. "Whoops..."

"SUZ-" Hikari cut herself off and sighed angrily.

She got on her knees to clean the mess up, not feeling like arguing for hours to get him to work on such a seemingly trivial matter. But as soon as she started to pick up the papers, his hand suddenly grabbed her head, pressing her firmly down.

She started to struggle immediately, but not only he was stronger than her, she wasn't in a good position to fight either.

"Suzuhara! What the hell are you thinking?! Let me..." She was silenced, as he pulled down the pants of his tracksuit enough to reveal his erect member. In panic at what he was obviously planning to do, she struggled even more violently, trying to push him away, but to no avail. To whimper softly was the only thing she could do as his dick touched her lips.

"Come on, open up," he begged playfully. "I'm sure you waited for this a long time."

She regretted immediately that she opened her mouth in protest; he lost no second to force his cock fully inside, almost gagging her, before he slightly withdrew. He had to be crazy to do this. In this state, he frightened her enough that she didn't dare just to bite down or to hurt him otherwise, fearing what he would do then.

He kept his firm grip, moving her head up and down on his shaft, while she felt paralyzed by the thick object in her mouth. Her eyes were wide in horror while it throbbed against her cheeks and her throat and, judging by his grunting and moaning, he even seemed to enjoy her feeble attempts to fight it with her tongue.

"Yeah, that's it!" he eventually groaned. "I'm about to come!"

No! This just wasn't right. This wasn't something a good girl would do. But he didn't give her a choice, his hand was just to... his hand wasn't even there! She was moving on her own!

Shocked by this realization, she pulled away at once. But the moment his cock escaped her lips, Toji reached his climax, ejaculating all over her face.

Hikari's mind raced. With shivering hands she reached up, but his was faster. She snapped out of her trance, as his finger came in contact with her cum-covered cheek, trailing down to her quivering, still open lips.

"I knew I was right," Toji said grinning, as he helped her up, gently and forcefully at the same time.

"Wha... what...?" she muttered, still somewhat dizzy in his arms.

He didn't answer her; instead he turned her around and began immediately to fondle her breasts through the fabric of her blouse, pushing the green straps of her skirt slightly over her shoulders. Her knees got weak at his touch, much too weak to escape him.

"P-please," she breathed. "Please, s-stop..."

"You know, there's been this rumor for quite a while that you had set your eyes on me," he started, ignoring her pleas. "I never really believed it; why would a good little girl like you want to be with a troublemaker like me?"
Her heart raced, as his fingers found their way between the buttons, slowly tearing the blouse open far enough that her breasts were exposed.
"But I guess I know it now," he continued whispering and yanked down her bra in one swift tug, causing her to gasp.


"You - want - this!" he declared, squeezing her bare breasts and licked with his tongue up her neck.

Hikari's eyes widened in shock. "Please... The... the others will be back soon..." she begged, shuddering in his grip.

"Yes, you want that. You want everyone to know!"


Before she knew it, she found herself pressed against the window. The panic threatened to overwhelm her again, seeing all the pupils, classmates and friends down on the schoolyard, enjoying their lunch and free time.

"No," she pleaded once more, wriggling in his grip, while he lifted her skirt up and pulled down her panties. "T-they will see..."

"But you want them to see," he whispered in her ear. Keeping her legs spread with his own, her hands captured in his, forced apart on the glass, he gave her no chance to escape him.
"You want them to see, how you really are..."

Her denial was suppressed by sharp gasp, as she felt his cock brushing against her pussy. And one thing she couldn't even deny was the wetness that made it incredibly easy for him to enter her with one swift stroke.

He didn't give her much time to recover from the first shock and started to pump inside of her. Hikari felt whatever was left of her resistance fading and began to moan loudly, her cheek rubbing up and down on the glass.

"The louder you are, the more will notice us..." he panted in satisfaction. "The more will see what kind of girl you really are. Just look for yourself..."

Wearily, she forced her eyes open and pried her face away from the window far enough for her to look out. A large blot of sperm, she had smeared on the glass with her cheek, blurred her view, but she could somehow make out some of her fellow students pointing up to them with shocked expressions on their faces.

As this new excitement hit her, Hikari could no longer suppress her grin.

Thrusting her hips back to meet his, impaling herself fully onto him, she let out a scream of ecstasy that could be heard even in the furthest corner of the school. Hungrily, she reached out with her tongue, wiping the window clean of the cum with slow, savoring licks, while their combined efforts multiplied their speed and intensity of their humping.

"God damn it," she cursed prying one hand free and guided his to her chest. "You're supposed to play more with my tits!"

He complied willingly, squeezing and rubbing her flesh.

"I... I don't think I can hold much longer," Toji panted. "Do you want to turn around now?"

Hikari turned her head over her shoulder to meet his lips in a furious kiss.
"No," she grinned, as she returned her view to the stunned mass below. "I want them to see me come..."

With that she arched her back to expose her cunt more and reached down to it. Rubbing her clit while his hand was working desperately on her tits and his cock thrusting in and out of her, she knew that she would soon get her wish. The last thing she could hear was his groans as he came inside of her; triggering her own intense orgasm. The last thing she thought to see were her fluids spraying against the window. Then she was back in the LCL.

Asuka awaited her friend with a towel that she threw immediately around the shivering girl.

"And?" the redhead inquired impatiently.

"Great..." Hikari mumbled happily, still dizzy and weak on her legs. "...Was... jus'... per... perfect..."

And now that she had finally felt this, she would make sure that it hadn't been the last time for her to fulfill her fantasy...

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