Dream Machine

Chapter 3 - The really crappy one

"Asuka?" Shinji knocked on the bathroom door. "I... eh... have those new toothbrushes that you wanted..."

The door was slammed open in an instant, startling Shinji visibly. Asuka, still with foam from the constant brushing for three hours in her mouth, grabbed the shopping bag from his hand immediately.

"You better haven't forgotten the mint-flavored toothpaste! There's only a small rest in the last of the three we had here!" she cursed as she went through the bag's content.

"Eh... sure..."

"And what the hell are you staring at?"

"Huh? I-I was just wondering, why do you need this stuff? I mean, you... you're in there for hours. Are you ill or something? Be-because every time I see you, your face is all red. Sure, you don't have a fever or...?"

"My face is what??" As for affirmation, she reached up to her heated cheek. "Don - DON'T THINK THAT HAS ANYTHING TO DO WITH YOU!!" she screamed at him and slammed the door shut.

She could only hear him mumble a "What have I done wrong this time...?" to himself on the other side, before she resumed to clean her mouth with the third new toothbrush this day...

Another week past and Asuka had found herself often in trouble even just to eat a popsicle or a banana without getting a beet-red face from the lone memory of that last 'session'. Just facing a certain roommate proved to be a task that she avoided as best as she could. But sadly; since teasing the said roommate had been one of her favorite things to kill time, the week had also been quite boring.

However, that didn't make the sight of the orange LCL, that she was about to enter again, more welcoming. If this would go on like now, she wouldn't be able to leave her room out of embarrassment. But she hadn't much choice...

...she dived again in the liquid.

Once more, she was greeted with nothing but a black void. One should think, a virtual reality would be more... well, interesting...


...which, of course, also applied to a virtual sex-partner...

Gritting her teeth, she turned around and was AGAIN confronted with the meek naked body of Shinji Ikari.

How could this be? Akagi had assured that this thing would work correctly; even the only thing that had been clearly understandable of Hikari's babbling was that it had been more than pleasant for her. So why didn't it work properly for her? It's not like she subconsciously actually longed to do it with him...

- was it?

"God, no, of course it's not! It can not be!"


"YOU JUST SHUT UP!" she cursed at the flinching digital image.

"Uh... eh... o-okay..."

Sighing in frustration, she massaged her forehead, as if it would help her thinking.

What now? She couldn't risk anything to happen like last time. And if she would have to look at him the whole time while they were doing it, who knows if those stupid thoughts wouldn't get upper hand again?

But - what if she hadn't to look at him...?

She abruptly turned around, showing him her back.

"What are you waiting for?" she growled at him over her shoulder. "Get behind me, so we can get over with this!"

"Y-you want... from behind?"

"Well, it seems like it's the only real choice I have, so come on!" she growled at the hesitatingly approaching boy.

She grinned inwardly, as she closed her eyes. Actually this was the perfect choice. Like this, she could easily imagine that it was someone else than him, no matter if the program had a special 'Asuka-gets-Looser'-bug or not. She just had to tell herself that it wasn't Shinji.

That wasn't Shinji's warm body that she could now feel against her back.

That weren't Shinji's arms around her, when they got down on the 'floor'.

That weren't Shinji's hands that were holding her; slowly roaming over her heating skin, starting at her legs, over her buttocks, her waist; brushing only a little against her pubic hair, then finally aiming straight for her breasts.

That weren't Shinji's fingers teasing her hardened nipples and clit just by circling around and barely brushing them.

That weren't Shinji's soft lips that blew hot kisses along her neck; trailing over her shoulders.

That wasn't Shinji's cock that slowly began to penetrate her pussy, filled her completely; just to be withdrawn with the same slow pace; building up an ever so slowly increasing rhythm.

That wasn't Shinji who made her moan and gasp in excitement and pleasure.

That wasn't Shinji who made her heart beat like a drum in her chest.

That wasn't Shinji who made her feel like this.

That wasn't Shinji who...

"AH, DAMN IT!" she cursed, as the last remains of her stubbornness shattered. Without disturbing their rhythm too much, she managed to turn around and threw her arms around him, pulling him closer.
"Why?" she hissed, panting from her up-building orgasm. "Why, of all people, you have to be the one I want to do this with?"

If he answered, she didn't hear him anymore; her senses overloaded when the speed of their up-and-down movement increased a last time. Her climatic scream faded in the LCL...

A/N: So after another short chapter, which's crappy-ness is only rivaled by chap 1, she finally accepted to fuck with Virtual-Shinji. A good point to end the story...

...yeah, right, just when I can finally start with the fun parts...
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