Dream Machine Sidestory 2(?)



The young technician jerked up at the sudden call of her name.

"S-sempai! Eh... can I do something for you?"

"Well, as you don't seem to be that busy as you have time enough to fall asleep during duty..." Ritsuko grinned teasingly, making Maya blush in embarrassment. "...you could do me a little favor."

"Eh... sure..."

She still held her head down in shame. Unlike Ritsuko, she hadn't much to do lately than paperwork. But that was so boring that she couldn't keep herself awake for long. So the thought of doing some testing or programming was definitely appreciated.

"You know about that device?"

"That...? Oh!"

Maya blushed now even more as she nodded.

"Well, Asuka said she had some problems with it. Though I don't really believe it, someone should check it out. But I just don't think I can find the time, so could you..."


Why had she even agreed to this?

Though she knew that no one could see her, she felt quite uncomfortable, as she stripped naked and climbed up to the hatch on top of the LCL-tube. That she had to dive in that orange goo didn't really help to get rid of her anxiousness. But if she wouldn't keep her promise, what would Ritsuko think of her. She would never be able to look at her again.

So, taking a deep breath (even though she knew that it was completely unnecessary with the breathable LCL), she slid in.

When she opened her eyes, Maya was blinded by a bright light above her. She lay on some cold table, though there was something else that made her feel strange, but she couldn't quite tell what it was. It was then, that she noticed a person next to her, but she could only make out a silhouette.

"...test-subject today is a female, about 20-25 years old," the figure spoke into a portable dictating machine. "Since this specimen is at an age of a sexual height, the results should be rather interesting."

Maya's eyes widened as she finally recognized who the person was.



Squeak? Something was definitely not right here, and that was not only the fact that her sempai was here, apparently wanting to run some tests on her. Almost franticly, she looked down her body, but on first sight everything seemed normal - besides the point that she was still completely naked. She reached up to her face - nose, mouth, eyes, everything as it should... where were her ears?? Her hands moved up a bit more, through her hair, until they came in contact with something fleshy and round.

'Mouse ears?'

She didn't have much time to wonder, as Ritsuko started to move in front of the table.

"The specimen seems to get anxious, so I will start with the tests. First we will give the specimen a visual stimulation."

With a click, the tape was stopped and the recorder was put into one of the lab coat's pockets.

Even if she would have wanted to, Maya found herself unable to look away. The doctor had cupped her own breasts and was kneading them seductively. One finger found its way up to the ring on her top's zipper and pulled it slowly further and further down. As soon as her breasts were finally freed from the tight fabric, the hands went down to the hem of the black skirt. It went to the floor in a matter of seconds, leaving the doctor only in her lab coat.

Maya hadn't even notice her drooling until now, as she stared wide-eyed at the woman in front of her, who started to enter her pussy with a finger; moving it a few times in and out and eventually used it to spread a fine, glittering line of her wetness over her body.

"The subject is obviously getting excited at the sight of a female's body," Ritsuko continued her 'report' with a rather casual voice in contrary to her previous passionate playing. She must have activated the recorder in the pocket again, when Maya had been distracted by... other parts of the blonde...
"I will continue with physical contact."

As the doctor approached her, Maya's instinctive reaction was to cower away, but stiffened immediately when she felt Ritsuko's hand on her thigh. The young technician held her breath at the caressing of her skin, slowly from her legs up her body, as Ritsuko stepped closer. When she stood beside her, her hand had reached Maya's breast and started to play with it. A soft touch on her cheek snapped Maya out of her trance and looked questioning up to her sempai, who was leaning closer and closer until she could feel her breath on her lips.

"S-s-squeak...?" was all she could bring out, before the little space left between them was closed and their lips met. Maya was too shocked at first, when she felt Ritsuko sucking gently on her mouth, brushing longing over it with the tip of her tongue. But it lasted only a few seconds, until she closed her eyes and gave in to the kiss, opening her mouth to invite the other to a furious tongue battle that lasted for several minutes.

But eventually, Ritsuko pulled away from Maya completely, leaving her almost in frustration.

"The subject showed definite signs for confirmation of our theory," the doctor said and went back to the end of the table. "Next we'll test the reaction on direct stimulation on the genitals of the specimen."

Still a bit dizzy from the previous 'test', Maya failed to comprehend, until she felt her legs spread by the blonde. She arched her back, as Ritsuko caressed her inner thighs, running her thumbs over her pussy and eventually - finally - pushed both inside. Maya would have groaned in pleasure, when the lips were pushed open and the scientist's tongue began to lick rapidly in this highly sensitive area, but the only thing she heard from herself were more squeaking-sounds. However, just when she thought she was about to explode from the unbelievable pleasure, the sensations emitting from her crotch subsided much too soon.

"The subject is showing a strong reaction on my stimulation. Its body fluids have readied her vagina for penetration as natural reaction to ease the mating process. I think I've gathered enough information to say, that she is willingly affected by another female. The last test will solve if she's just as well willing to return this affection. For this, I'll use a traditional training method: If the subject is doing its task well it will get a reward."

Heavily panting and with a blurred view, Maya was barely aware of what Ritsuko was doing. That was, until she felt a thick, large object pushed into her pussy. Wide-eyed she wanted to scream in protest, but before she could say (or rather squeak) anything, her mouth was covered by something fleshy. Ritsuko was kneeling over her face, pressing her crotch against Maya's lips; some kind of remote control in her hand. 

Taken by surprise, Maya wasn't sure what to do at first. Carefully, she eventual reached out with her tongue. As soon as she made contact, she suddenly felt the vibrator inside of her weakly coming alive.

"Continue and it will increase as well," the woman above her answered her questioning look.

Somewhat hesitantly, the younger complied; licking softly over the presented slid; slow at first, but increasing her efforts steadily. In return, Ritsuko increased the power of the vibrator, the more Maya managed to please her. It didn't take long until the technician had understood this pattern and, driven by desire, she worked hard to get as much pleasure as possible by giving more and more. She licked hard and wide, pushed her tongue as deep as she could; causing the fluids to flow in her mouth.

The fake cock pulsed extremely against her inner walls, when she managed to reach Ritsuko's clit and started to suck on it; both squirming in ecstasy. Maya knew, she wouldn't be able to hold on much longer and, judging by her moaning, Ritsuko was even closer. Just after one more lick, the doctor screamed out her climax.

"Our theory seems to be proven; the subject shows strong lesbian tendencies," she panted satisfied, but all that Maya really noticed was the hand holding the remote, as it pushed the switch to the max. A loud squeak escaped her, when the vibrator's power was suddenly doubled; sending waves of extreme pleasure through her body, way too much for her too handle. She was hit by the most intense orgasm she ever experienced.

As she opened her eyes, she found herself back, surrounded by LCL...




The young technician jerked up from her desk.

"S-sempai! D-don't...! I... I just...!" she stuttered hectically.

Ritsuko raised an eyebrow. "Everything's alright with you?"

"No... I mean... yes!"

"Well, I just wanted to know if you've checked our problematic device," the doctor inquired, still puzzled by Maya's behavior.

"Eh... y-yes... I did that yesterday..." she answered stuttering and heavy blushing.

"And? Anything wrong with it?"

"No, sempai," Maya said with a sheepish smile. "It worked perfectly fine..."

A/N: Yeah, another sidestory done! If you're wondering, I thought after all those cat-girls, why not a mouse-girl for once, since mice are more common as lab-animals (yeah, rats are even more common, but not as cute...)

And if you're wondering some more: this takes place during chap 2. And since we're at it: As I said, the Rei-sidestory can take place about any time in the story, the upcoming Hikari-one plays during chap 3, the Ritsuko-one will be pre-chap 1; I'm just not sure yet where the Misato-one will be...