Dream Machine - Side-Story 1


Rei Ayanami. She was the designated First Child, pilot of Evangelion Unit-00.
And for the first time in many years she was lost in the complex of NERV-HQ. While she had been concentrating on reading a book, she failed to notice that the elevator had come to a stop in another area than she had desired.

A faint orange glow emitting from one of the rooms along the corridor evoked her interest. As soon as she entered, the door closed behind her with a hiss.

There was a familiar sight for the blue-haired girl: A cylinder-shaped capsule filled with LCL. A small ladder led to the opening on its upper site.

It had been a while since she had a bath in the liquid. And somehow it had an attracting effect on her. Before she could question her actions, she had undressed herself and climbed up the ladder. From there, Rei closed her eyes and let herself slide into the LCL.

When she opened her eyes again, she noticed that she was not in the same surrounding that she had entered. This was unexpected. She did not remember having or being moved since the time of her entrance.

But there was no doubt; this basin was not identical to the prior one, as its size excelled the other by far and what was visible through the orange LCL, the glass now bent inwards opposed to the small, tube-shaped capsule that just fitted one person.

More interesting than the size however was the fact that she had a feeling of familiarity with this place.

But before she could reach a conclusion for her questions, her attention was drawn to a sound - a giggling sound. Obviously, she was not alone in there.

A fact that was proven when a pair of arms reached around her waist and a female body pressed itself against her back. As Rei turned her head to inspect the person that touched her in this intimate way, she looked directly in two blood-red eyes, just like her own. Exactly like her own actually, just as the rest of the other's body - except for the smile the copy's lips.

But before Rei could realize that it was indeed one of the others, her counterpart silenced every possible question, even before it could be raised, by placing her lips on those of the First Child. Though she was surprised by this action, Rei did not fight it. Actually, this sensation felt... interesting...

"Join with her..."

She did not know where this voice had come from, but she was not in a position to deny its request anyway; especially not when the clone started to move her hands slowly up over the pilot's body until they cupped the breasts.

A moan that she could not suppress made Rei breaking the kiss, when her other self started to massage the firm mounds of flesh. But before it could be renewed, Rei felt another pair of hands cupping her face and turning it around, where her mouth were greeted by yet another copy's lips, while the first one started to nibble on her neck. The second was even bolder than the first though, as she brought her tongue into the game. And Rei's mouth did nothing to deny its access.

"Become one with them..."

And while the first one's hands were still kneading her breasts, sometimes playfully tugging the nipples, the second's fingers trailed down Rei's body until they reached the entrance of her womanhood; stroking its whole length up and down with the fingertip, but not entering yet.

Rei was overwhelmed by the emotions emitting from those fondled areas. Even if it was hardly possible inside of LCL, she noticed her lack of oxygen when her kiss was interrupted yet again by a hand cupping her chin up far enough that she could see another version of herself for an instant, floating upside-down above her, before she was pulled into the next kiss.

A giggle was heard again, just before she felt a touch at her left leg, then the right, roaming up to her inner thighs. And eventually a finger entered her vagina.

Her eyes snapped open at the sudden sensation. Another laughter was raised. And all she could see now was a mass of blue and red.

"Join them all..."

Dozens of hands reached out for her, touching her everywhere, tenderly stroking every inch of her body; massaging her buttocks, her breasts. Mouths were sucking on her nipples, and also on her toes and fingers, others trailed kisses along her skin. Her own lips met a pair after another constantly. The finger that moved in and out of her was soon joined by a second, while a third played with her clitoris. And there was a last one that trailed around her anus, before it was slowly pushed in.

Rei would have shuddered in delight when they started to increase the speed of their rhythm, seemingly penetrating her insides deeper and deeper. But there were so many of them around her that she could not move at all. And as if sensing her increasing desperation, the clones even multiplied their efforts, causing the unknown heat inside of her to grow to an unbelievable height.

Everything seemed to explode as a third finger was suddenly slammed into her vagina.

For a second she believed to see the blurred vision of a giant white being.

"Come home..."

She fell forward, suddenly freed from the grasps, and immediately made contact with a glass pane. She had returned to the tube she had originally entered.
Had this all been... a dream?

Slowly Rei climbed out of the LCL-filled tube. And while she dried herself, she wondered if all dreams were as intense as this...

A/N: Meh! I actually wanted to do the Maya Side-Story first, as it takes place during chap 2, but I got kinda dared to rush with this one. ;)
And since it could fit during almost the whole story, I guess it doesn't hurt that much either...