Dream Machine

Chapter 2: Then... more stuff happens... or not... you know?

The water slowly deceased, when Asuka hesitantly pushed the lever to its starting position. She had used the shower in the room which was originally supposed to be just for washing the LCL off for about 3 hours straight by now. But it became clear that this wouldn’t help to get rid of the memories. That she had done it with him – him of all people! Even if it was just a digital replica…
But worst was, that she actually… almost… li…


In an instant, she slammed the lever completely to the left and forward at the same time; causing the shower to release a load of shocking-cold water over her head.

“And now,” she spat, “I’ll have a word with Dr Akagi…”

Well, maybe she wouldn’t, as said doctor dismissed her.
Sorry,” she had said, “but I have a lot of work to do, as I lost way too much time for your ‘special device’ already. I’ll get someone to work on your problem. Though I seriously doubt anything’s wrong with it. Sure that you didn’t got the partner you wanted?

Asuka could have killed her for that smirk she had given her. If she wouldn’t know it better, she’d say that the doctor had put that ‘partner’ in on purpose. Who knows; maybe she simply wanted to cover up that her ‘great work’ wasn’t so great and couldn’t create the ‘perfect’ partner after all.

“I’M HOME!” she screamed angrily, as she entered the apartment.

“Welcome home!” the reply came from the kitchen.

Oh great...’ she thought, hearing his voice.

Still, she followed it anyway. Asuka found Shinji, as it wasn’t unusually, at the stove, preparing dinner. And even while he seemed uninteresting as always, even somewhat laughable with his white shirt and black trousers that were his school uniform and that silly apron; she couldn’t keep her eyes from wandering all over his body, especially a certain lower area. Pictures of the recent event just kept popping up in her mind, as much as she tried to shake the memory off. She didn’t even notice that he was now looking back at her.

“Asuka?” he asked concerned, snapping her out of her trance. “Are you okay?”

“I... eh...” For once she was on loss for words. Until... “AND WHAT ARE YOU STARING AT?” she yelled, hoping the heat she suddenly felt in her face resulted from her anger.
Before he could say anything she slapped him without any reason than to distract him long enough until she was back in her room.

“What is it with her...?” Shinji wondered, rubbing his cheek, as he looked in the direction where she had disappeared to.


The week passed faster than she had hoped. Then again, she could also be happy that time hadn’t slowed down as it usually seemed to do when you were stuck in an embarrassing situation and constantly had to avoid certain people.

Now she was just about to reenter the dreaded LCL-tube. Ritsuko had reassured her that everything worked just as it was supposed to do. But somehow that couldn’t really ease her mind.

Oh well, better get over it as fast as possible,’ she thought after sitting at the edge for several minutes and staring in it; then took a (though unnecessary) deep breath, before diving in the LCL.

In a matter of seconds, she found herself back in the black void. Before she could see anything or anyone else, she quickly shut her eyes.

Come on, Asuka! Concentrate! Concentrate! We don’t want the same as last time!

Carefully, she cracked an eye open...


“Eh... s-sorry...”

Oh great, now he’s even talking like the original....’ Asuka thought, rolling her eyes.

Suddenly, she noticed that one of his hands moved slowly towards her breasts.

“Stop that!!” she warned and slapped his hand away.

“S-sorry,” he whined. “Wha-what are we going to do then...?”

Good question actually. Asuka didn’t really like the idea of having to do it yet again with him. But as it seemed it was the only way out of this... this... perverted sex-trap! And since even masturbating didn’t work...

Asuka pondered about this. If it didn’t work when she did it herself, maybe it would work if...

“Lay down...” she ordered as she did last time.

But instead of aiming for a certain, well proportioned...

Damn, Asuka! Keep your eyes off of there!’ she scolded herself.

...Instead, she stepped towards his head and positioned herself over his face. She saw his eyes widen at the view she presented him. As she slowly got down on her knees, she slightly parted her pussy lips with two fingers.

“Now lick!” she said, as she pressed it against his mouth.

After a short, muffled scream in surprise from him, she could feel his tongue slowly creping out, licking the presented slit.

Now it were Asuka’s eyes that widened in surprise. She knew that it was supposed to be pleasurable, but she didn’t expect it to be this intense.

In no time, her legs got so weak of the pleasure that she needed to lean forward, having to rest her weight on her forearms. Meanwhile, this ‘Shinji’ got a gentle, but firm hold of her butt, pressing her even closer against his mouth.

This was just too much for her weakening senses. She felt like she was high and drowning at the same time.

It was then that she noticed it. Big and stiff, yet lightly swaying with the movements from the body below her, it was almost hypnotizing. Somehow she felt the urge to... touch it.

And so, with one hand she reached for it, touching it just with a fingertip before quickly withdrawing, startled, as Shinji’s body jerked in surprise of the contact. But immediately the fingers returned with feather light caress, moving up and down its entire length, gently pulling down the prepuce to expose the glans, swirling around this head, sometimes brushing right over the little hole. It didn’t take long until she noticed the first pre-cum flowing out, wetting itself and her fingers.

And somehow, as she saw his erection glittering in the light of an unseen source, she felt an unknown hunger. She wasn’t even sure why, but ever so slowly her tongue reached forwards until its tip touched the head of his manhood. In shock, he stopped his actions for a second but soon resumed, while Asuka started to lick. She could feel his breath becoming more ragged, the hot air blew in long, heavy puffs from his nostrils against her buttocks, all the while his tongue played with her vagina, sometimes darting inside as far as he reached, sometimes just nibbling at the outer lips. Asuka rewarded him with her own tongue-action, sometimes licking up and down the whole shaft, sometimes flickering over it again and again as fast as she could, sometimes placing small sucking kisses around the little head.

It must have been this program.
The pleasure alone wasn’t a reasonable explanation for disgracing herself like this, licking Shinji’s – Shinji’s – dick! And even worse: she wanted more, to feel more of it. Accompanied by Shinji’s muffled moans, her lips greedily engulfed his hardened flesh. Slowly she took it further and further in her mouth until she could feel it against the back of her throat, before releasing it up to his head again.

And while she build up a rhythm of sucking and slurping, always brushing it against the inside of her cheeks, the palate and of course her constantly playing tongue, she could feel him concentrating on her clit, teasing her by just barely brushing against it or in contrast to that by carefully tugging at it with his teeth.

She could hardly keep his cock in her mouth instead of screaming in ecstasy. She knew she couldn’t hold on much longer. And just the very same moment her mouth was suddenly flooded by a huge load of his cum, on that she would have choked on in reality, an orgasm not even matched by her first rocked her body.

As she swallowed, she noticed the disturbing taste of LCL. Shivering, she noticed that she was back again.



AN: Geez, I almost gave this thing an actual plot. Good that I noticed soon enough to throw out all unnecessary scenes...  ;)
Oh well, one more of those sucky black void/one-action-only chapters before we can go on to the real thing. Not that those chapters won’t suck then...:P
Btw, for the fans of, well, somebody else than Asuka, as said in the ANs of chap1, I’m also planning side-stories in which the other EVA-gals will get into the tube (though I’m still not sure how to explain that Hikari gets in there. But I guess some completely unexplained and senseless change to the original story, like a school trip to NERV or making her a pilot will do fine enough...). Though, regarding how long it took me to finish this small chapter, it all might take a while...