Dream Machine
(couldn’t think of a better title…)

Chapter 1 – Introducing the ‘Plot’-device

“You think, I’m WHAT??”

“Sexual frustrated,” Ritsuko repeated casually for the fuming redhead, that followed her through the depths of the NERV-HQ.

“But I’m…!”

“Listen, it doesn’t matter, what you are thinking about it. We can’t afford pilots, that aren’t in top-form; that also includes a professional calmness in critical conditions – something you seem to be lacking more and more lately.”

“And you think that’s my fault?” Asuka blurted. “That’s just because I’m getting distracted by stupid…”

“Well, you’ve reached an age, where you develop certain needs, which’s result would be either built up frustration, or a search for relief of that by copulating with the next best on their way. And since we can’t risk having a pregnant pilot, what could be the side-effect of the later, we decided to let you undergo our special program.”

‘Program?’ Not only that all this talking about this topic was embarrassing enough, now Asuka grew really nervous. ‘What the hell are they planning to do with me?’

“Can’t I just… you know… masturbate…?”

“I’m afraid, that wouldn’t be sufficient enough. And the actual frustration might even grow worse, if you just go with an insufficient compensation.” The blonde doctor suddenly stopped in front of a massive door. “That’s why we developed this,” she announced and opened the door.

The room was rather small, compared to most others in the NERV-HQ. The only things in there seemed to be a chair and a table, a small shower-cabin and, what was most eye-catching, a big tank, seemingly filled with LCL and a few devices attached to it.

“What… is this… thing?” the redhead questioned.

“This ‘thing’ is a device, that is able to emulate every possible sexual situation, that the user can think of. Based on EVA-technology, you will be able not only to feel everything, that is simulated, but actually be a part of the simulation, where partner, environment, events; everything will be created from the user’s thoughts and desires.”

“So, it’s some kind of cyber-sex-device?”

“If you want to put it simple; yes. But this is far more advanced, as it not only creates exactly what the user wants, but also simulates everything that perfectly, that it’s hard to notice the difference to the real thing. Anther positive side-effect is, that you won’t feel any pain, even when using techniques, that might hurt otherwise.”

Ritsuko’s grin at that left not much doubt for Asuka, that she had tested it herself. But that didn’t really help much against her uneasiness. Sex had always been a topic, she preferred to avoid and now, she was practically forced to it by NERV, as it was either this, or not being allowed to pilot sooner or later.

“Is… isn’t this a bit exaggerated?” she finally asked.

“Maybe, but Misato dared me, that I wouldn’t be able to built it, so…”

“You mean, she knows about this?”

“Of course; this is an official order and went the usual chain of commands.”

Asuka went even more red than before. As if the situation wasn’t embarrassing enough, no, half of NERV might knew about it.
What if stupid Shinji knew? Who could tell, what his perverted mind would do with this knowledge?
What if Kaji knew? She could never face him again.
And what if someone in school get to know about it? Then her reputation would be ruined forever!

“How… many…? I mean, NERV-Command can keep a little secret, can’t they?”

“Oh, I don’t have much doubts about that…” Ritsuko rolled her eyes. “However, I can assure you, details won’t leave this room anyway, besides in your mind. There are no cameras in here, and the data will not be saved, besides encrypted parameters to let the program adapt better to the users interests in further sessions…”

“Further?” Asuka cut the doctor off. “You… you mean, I have to do this again?”

“Well, this room will be ready for you, whenever you feel the need to use it, but you are expected to come here at least once in a week. A sensor will notice, when you’re in.” Before the redhead could say anything, Ritsuko continued: “The simulation will start as soon as you get in the tank and end automatically once you’ve reached your climax. The door to this room will be locked and can only be opened from inside, so you don’t have to fear that anyone comes in, while you’re floating naked in the tank.”

Asuka opened her mouth to protest, but was cut off again.

“Well then, have fun,” Ritsuko said, as she turned to leave; flashing her grin once more. “I know you will…”

With that, she was gone.

It took several moments, until Asuka found herself able to move again. What the hell were they thinking? Forcing her to do something as disgusting as this!? She... she just wouldn’t do it! What could they do anyway?

Besides restricting her duties with her EVA…
Maybe discard her completely…
It was not that they would still depend on her anymore…

And on the other hand… She could have anyone in there…?

No! This was still just too sick!

But… as she had not much choice anyway…

After checking that the door was indeed locked and sheepishly looking around for hidden cameras, she slowly took of her dress, followed by bra, panties and socks, which was carefully placed on the chair.

Somewhat nervously and exited (though, she wouldn’t admit it), she bit her lower lip, as she climbed up the ladder that lead to the entrance of the tank on the upper side and let herself slip in the gooey mass of LCL. She closed her eyes…

She found herself in a black void. The program was obviously still in an early stage and would take some sessions until it was properly adapted to her wishes. At least, that would explain, why it was nothing there, not even clothes as she noticed. Not that they would be necessary here. But otherwise the simulation seemed to be perfect; she didn’t noticed or felt any difference to the reality.

A sound behind her made her stir up and her heartbeat started to quicken.
Excited, she turned around. How long had she waited for this? Even if it wasn’t real, she would soon be with the most charming and handsome…

“Oh fuck…”

Ritsuko’s program obviously had still several major bugs. There was no dream-man; not one she wanted; no Kaji.
As it seemed, it had done the exact opposite, of what it was supposed to do; creating the one person, that would be the last she would wanted to be with.
To be exact, there was a meek, dark-haired boy named Shinji Ikari.

She quickly spun around again, barely noticing that he was just as naked as her.

‘Come on, think of Kaji! Muscles, broad shoulders, ponytail, stubbles… oh well, forget the stubbles, they’re most likely just scratching…’

Carefully, she cracked her eyes open and slowly turned her head around… to see Shinji, not having moved at all.

“THAT’S IT! I’m out of here!” she screamed in anger.

But that raised the question: How? Ritsuko just said, it would end as soon as she reached her climax, but not how or if she could get out before.

Oh well, then she would just wait, until someone noticed her unnatural long absence.

“And you will stay there and don’t do anything, you hear me?!” she spat over her shoulder at him.

After what seemed to be at least two hours, it became aware, that no one would come. Of course, Ritsuko said, the door to the room couldn’t be opened from outside, but hadn’t they taken any security measurements? Or did they simply thought, she wanted to take this long?

However, Asuka got more and more frustrated. She had even tried to end the simulation by rubbing herself off, but she couldn’t really get into it, while knowing that Shinji, or at least something that looked like him, was most likely watching her.

There was obviously no way around it. Though her stomach felt like turning upside down, she turned around, to see him standing there, just like he did before. Either, the program’s AI was extremely low, or it did make him a perfect copy of the original.

“Okay,” she sighed, holding her head in disbelieve at what she was going to do, “let’s get over with this, so I can go home and take a very long shower!”

His only reaction was to move his head slightly to the other side, with a quick glance towards her in between.

“Lay down!” she commanded him, angrily. “You know? Put yourself down on the… ground, if you can call something in a black void a ground.”

Finally, he did, what he was told. As she stepped closer, her eyes unnoticeable wandered over his body, especially a certain part in his lower regions.

Blushing, she quickly tried to avoid her gaze and focus on something else, as she positioned herself over him. He gave surprised gasp, as she suddenly grasped his erection.

‘If anyone will ever know about this, I can definitely kill myself...’

It was now or never. Slowly, she guided his erect member into her. Ritsuko had been right, she didn’t felt any pain; still was the sensation of him inside of her much greater, than she had ever imagined. She closed her eyes and bit her lip again, as she tried to concentrate on that feeling, when she started to move up again. Her breathing quickened in synch with the rhythm, she repeated her movement. Maybe sex wasn’t as bad as she had feared.
At least not, if she would have a more active partner…

‘Oh, geez. They really would have come off much cheaper, if they’d given me a vibrator.’

“Ah, come on, do something!” she cursed at him, grabbing his hands and put them to her breasts.

A surprised moan escaped her at the contact of his fingers with her nipples. And it shouldn’t be the only one. As she rocked up and down his shaft, feeling the hesitant, but firm pressure of his, by her guided hands on her breasts, she wondered, how good it actually felt. Her breathing quickened, her eyes were squeezed shut, as this unknown pleasure hit her again and again. The program must have a stimulating effect as well. Otherwise, there was no explanation, that she enjoyed it that much; that she was moving faster and faster, until… until… she…


Breathless and exhausted, she collapsed forward on top of him.

She opened her eyes. Obviously, she was back in the real world.
She shivered in the tank. Was LCL always that chill?

AN: Well, first chapter of my first try at a “typical” lemon, or in other words: a totally senseless “plot”, that is just there to justify that they have sex in all variations. And for that, this scenario works pretty well, I’d say. Well enough, that I have actually already ideas for a possible sequel and it shouldn't be too hard to get some side-stories, where someone else uses the device.

Okay, this chapter did kinda suck, but it was just the introduction; the later ones hopefully get better.