Doujinshi Adaptations Part 01: Right Here

A stop-gap fanfic short series by Warpwizard

Started: August 07, 2004

Finished: August 07, 2004

Last Updated: August 08, 2004

Disclaimer: I don't own Eva, its characters or settings. Blah blah blah.

Based on a Doujinshi which I also don't own, which is why this might seem familiar.

The usual Big-Time-Lemon-Warning.

* * *

Explanation: Just something to get me back in the writing mood. "Don't expect Shakespeare" warning is doubly in effect.

Man, this is doubly degenerate, isn't it? I'm effectively fanficing a fanfic. How utterly spineless of me.

* * *

To start off, we have "Right Here", doujinshi by Saigado, judging from the art style. One of the less shitty English-translated ones I have…

* * *

"Oh! Oh fuck yeah!"

Shinji crouched atop Asuka's slender, sweating body. His hips pumped, slapping against the redhead's pelvis, driving his stiff member deep into her slippery inner reaches, again and again.

"There! Right there!" she panted, hooking her arms around his shoulders, holding him against her. "Fuck yeah!" She panted through her mouth, relishing the wet sound of Shinji fucking her.

Shinji panted, his face next to hers, their hot breaths mingling. He grunted, loving the feel of her sweat-slick body sliding against him, the more intense, focused pleasure of her hot, snug pussy gripping his penis with each deep penetration. "I have to stop, Asuka!" He could tell she was getting tired.

She snarled into his ear, bucking her hips upwards to increase the intensity of her pleasurable violation. "Don't you even think about it, bitch!"

Despite her bravado, seconds later her limbs went slack and she collapsed onto her back, eyes closed and mouth wide open as she panted for air, sweating like mad.

Shinji got shakily onto his hands and knees, enjoying, through the burning in his limbs and lungs, the feeling of his penis being reluctantly released by Asuka's excruciatingly tight pussy, slipping from inside the hot, juicy inner flesh and popping into the humid air of his bedroom. He suspended himself above her, feeling the wash of her body heat and the warm skin of her thigh against the head of his cock as he looked concernedly down at her face.

Images of the past mingled with the present:

Asuka in her plugsuit, eyes shut and face distressed as she shouted, "I'd rather die than have you take it easy on me! God damn you Shinji!" She'd shouted at him plenty of times before, but this time she'd looked like she was going to cry while she did it.

Asuka on her back, naked and gorgeous, her face fierce as she lewdly held open the lips of her pussy and snarled, "More! C'mon, FUCK ME! MORE!"

Asuka in her plugsuit, sitting on the floor with her knees drawn up to her chest, shaking, while he watched from behind her. "I hate them all! STUPID BITCHES!"

His own thought…was it occurring now, or in the past? 'Now I see how weak Asuka really is…"

Asuka's face, open and vulnerable, right next to his own as she pled, "I can do anything you want, *anything*. Take me, please!"

His stomach roiled as a familiar loop of memory replayed. Asuka lying on her back in a hospital bed, face half-covered with an oxygen mask, her usually blazing blue eyes staring upwards, blank and dull. 'She tried to kill herself…at least here at the hospital she'll get proper treatment…'

He felt Asuka stir underneath him as his mind flashed back to the start of the whole unfortunate affair, the aftermath of the Angel that raped her mind…

* * *

The three children concentrated in their plugs. The faces of Rei and Shinji were serene, looking remarkably alike, while Asuka's face was tilted downwards, allowing her to hide beneath her long auburn hair.

In the observation chamber, Maya Ibuki was at the controls. Her sempai, Ritsuko Akagi was supervising, and NERV's chief tactical officer, Misato Katsuragi was there as well, as she always was when she could spare the time.

"Her brain is showing only a minimum of activity, Sempai. We cannot do much to help her. I'm going to end the test."

Misato leaned over Maya's operator chair. "Wait! We should try changing the settings."

Maya shook her head minimally and repeated herself, hands automatically inching out to start test shutdown. "…her brain is showing only a little bit of activity."

It was as simple as that. Despite all the technology that surrounded the Children, piloting an Evangelion came down to their individual, unaided performance. There was really damn little that the NERV science team could do to help them if their scores were flagging. Not that they ever advertised that fact, to the Children or anyone else.


Misato and Maya both jumped as Ritsuko's clipboard was slapped down onto a nearby table. "Call them back in here! Maya, stop the tests."

Misato stood back up, moving away from Maya as she hesitatingly tapped keys and murmured the update in status into the Children's audio pickup. The red-jacketed NERV officer automatically crossed her arms and put one foot out at a "relaxed" angle, an unconscious maneuver that a competent psychologist would recognize as a defensive posture.

'That's it. Asuka's scores have finally gotten too low. My poor little redheaded fury…'

* * *

Ritsuko's gaze was without pity, tinged with a touch of distaste, the look of a scientist for a tool that has unexpectedly failed. "There is nothing wrong with you, Asuka. You can go back home now."

Asuka's eyes widened, her mouth dropping half-open in shock. Shinji, and even Rei, gave her sympathetic glances. All three knew very well what the lab-coat clad woman meant by Asuka being told she could "go home".

Misato whirled on her friend. "You- fucking *cunt*-"

Ritsuko turned away, unimpressed with Misato's command of profanity. She shook her head minimally, showing where Maya had picked up the gesture. "There is nothing I can do."

Asuka tilted her face down, hiding behind her bangs as her body shook. She struggled to repress her tears as the voices of the arguing adults swirled around her. Misato's voice was a fierce whisper, but the redhead could still hear her loud and clear, as well as Dr. Akagi's cool reply.

"Help her! Don't you see how fucked in the head she is?!"

"She's too far gone. I can do *nothing*."

Asuka cranked her head up, keeping tears from eyes by sheer willpower. Her voice was a hoarse shadow of its usual self as she rasped, "What did you say, bitch? WHAT?"

Shinji was stunned by the naked dislike that appeared on Ritsuko's face as she sneered, "You will be easily replaced, you skanky little bitch." The fake blonde made a gesture that included both Asuka and Misato. "She's not my problem. Get out, both of you."

Asuka dropped to her knees, sobbing, as it became clear exactly how final her expulsion was. She was worthless, broken, no longer a member of the team. Shinji knelt beside her and tentatively placed his hand on her shoulder.

Rei stood, back straight, as her fellow, former pilot sobbed into her plugsuited hands, mumbling to herself in broken German and Japanese. It was possible that a trace of…discomfort?…sympathy?...crossed her face as Ritsuko's uncaring voice rang out again.

"Your visa has now been terminated, so you'd better say good-bye to your friends. Clean out your locker and go home."

Misato stared at her friend, appalled. What the hell had happened to the Ritsuko she used to know?

* * *

Snap back to the present: Shinji grimaced in pleasure, leaning back on his arms as Asuka licked and sucked at his penis, rearousing him for another go. Her face was marred by a shadow of underlying depression, but was intent on her task. She lay partially on Shinji's thigh, stroking his cock with one hand and lapping at it voraciously, indifferent to the semen and pussy juice coating its hard length.

As he enjoyed the touch of Asuka's hot mouth, his mind continued to drift over the recent past, the flow of events getting closer and closer to the present moment…

Misato turned towards him as she headed out the door. "I'm going to be out for most of the night, Shinji-kun. Could you take care of Asuka for me?"

He nodded. "Okay, no problem, Misato-san."

Once she was gone, he walked over to Asuka's room, finding her kneeling on the floor in the corner. He thought her eyes looked thoughtful in the instant before she detected his approach and put her head down, hiding her face.

He tried a tactic he'd been using for a while: being a bit harsh with her, making jokes that would have gotten him slapped in the old days. "Looks like I'm babysitting tonight."

Her head jerked up, for a moment looking indignant before the emotion faded.

'Damn, that almost worked. Let's try again…'

"Umm, Asuka…I think you should take a bath before we have dinner tonight."

Her shoulders slumped. "Why? I don't need it."

"WHY? Asuka, you reek. Take a fucking shower, it's been over a week now!"

Her beautiful face was dark with pent-up emotions as she replied, staring at the floorboards. "Why does it matter how I smell? No one looks at me. Misato, Rei, Kaji - THEY WON'T EVEN LOOK AT ME!"

"Why the hell am I even living here? I would have been better off to have just died in the hospital."

He could only stare, feeling a big hollow gap in his stomach.

* * *

Shinji sat at the kitchen table, his back to an astonishing array of full liquor bottles.

"Phew. At least she finally took a shower."

Inside the bathroom, Asuka knelt on the slick tiles, shaking. It felt so good to be clean. 'Why does he care? WHY?!'

Dinner was quiet, but both teens enjoyed their food.

* * *

Shinji lay on his side in his futon, resting.


He opened one eye. "Yeah?"

He got up as his door slid open and saw Asuka, dressed in a thin T-shirt and shorts. She didn't meet his eyes as she said, "…I had a bad dream. Can I sleep with you?"

"…no problem, Asuka."

He lay back down but kept his eyes open as she got into bed behind him.

'What am I doing?'

* * *

They lay there for a while, neither sleeping, but both pretending. Time passed.

Shinji's eyes popped wide open as bare breasts pressed against his back, their heat instantly penetrating his thin sleeping shirt. His body jerked as if to move away.

"WAIT! Oh God, please don't leave me."

"Asuka, you - you're so warm…"

All they did for the next minute was breathe. Shinji's heart pounded as Asuka molded herself to his back and he realized that his bedmate was completely, utterly nude. He became very hard, very fast, as Asuka pulled his hand down into a patch of curly hair.

She spoke in a voice that was seductive in its raw, open neediness. "Hey, Shinji?" She didn't wait for his reply. "Why do I always have to be alone?" She pushed his fingers against a warm, moist slit, dipping them into the hot, juicy interior of her body. "I don't want to go back to that place where no one likes me." His breath caught as her hand slid inside his boxers, grasped his pulsing erection and began to gently stroke. "I want to stay like this forever."

* * *

The present…

Asuka pushed her head against Shinji's stiff penis, her beautiful young face displaying only honest sexual hunger. She moaned as she lapped at the glistening piece of male meat resting against her lips, using her hand to maneuver the head of Shinji's cock within reach of her tongue. "Mmm…"

Shinji leaned back on his hands and panted. Since that night, Asuka stopped going to school. She spoke only to him. He still attended classes, but his attention was elsewhere. All of their collective energy was consumed by their unusual relationship.

Asuka took him into her mouth and began bobbing her head at a furious pace.

Shinji grimaced fiercely. "Oooh! FUCK YEAH!"

The young redhead released him from her hot mouth, a look of complete sexual abandon on her face as her partner's penis spurted thick white semen onto her delicate features. "So good!"

She pulled her head back as Shinji's body twitched in orgasm, licking her lips in enjoyment of the salty white goo. "So sweet…"

"Oh God! Oh God! Oh God!" Shinji cried out frantically as his lover bent her head and applied direct suction to his cock, vacuuming the sperm out of his genitals and straight down her hungry throat.

When the flow finally ceased, she released him and said, with an expression on her face like a child who wants more candy, half-pleading, half-indignant, "I want more, fill me up!"

"Unnh…whatever you want, Asuka-chan, just keep sucking."

Asuka returned to her work, sucking double-time to get that second load. Her face was alight with the pleasure of sex, sucking and slobbering on her partner's penis without sign of hesitance or embarrassment.

This time, her craving for Shinji's sweet cum was overpowered by her desire to be fucked like a crazy animal. With that pleading, demanding expression back on her face, the sex-crazed young girl flopped onto her back and pulled her pussy open, staring into Shinji's eyes. "Now! I want it now!"

He eyed her small, perfect boobs and flawless little body and instantly mounted her, sliding himself into the offered hole and thrusting. They stared into each others eyes as their hips slapped together in practiced synchronicity. Asuka moaned with the joy of having something long and thick to grip with her inner muscles, Shinji's hard use of her body numbing her emotional wounds deliciously. "Fill me up!"

"You wan' it?" he panted out, thrusting desperately into her tightly squeezing little hole. She was so hot and slippery inside, it was driving him crazy.

Asuka's face twisted as orgasm rapidly approached, each push of Shinji's tool into her body producing a wave of intense pleasure. "Harder, fucking harder-"

Shinji's face twisted as well, the bite of Asuka's fingernails into his shoulders somehow transforming into something pleasant as he fought the urge to come, wanting to extend their pleasure a little longer. "Oh God Yeah!"

The young Ikari supported himself with hands on either side of Asuka's ribcage, letting her hold them together via her hands being hooked under his armpits and gripping his shoulders from behind. He pumped into her with his hips, making her body slide back and forth with each hard thrust. He panted. "You ready?"

Asuka flung her head from side to side with her eyes closed, her long auburn hair spread out on the bed sheets above her. "Oh, you know it!"

He looked down at her, his face softening with affection and red with exertion. "I could fuck you forever…you're so tight, so good…"

Asuka looked up at him through slitted eyes, her mouth gaping wide, desperate for pleasure, her body bouncing as she was fucked. "Never stop! NEVER FUCKING STOP!"

They cried out as an explosion of cum ripped through Asuka's body, Shinji's thick load intertwining with the redhead's sweet juices.

Asuka's fear of being alone stimulated her to fuck like she'd never fucked before. Her sweet juice and tight hole were enough to keep Shinji hard despite coming inside her.

The two teenagers were little more than animals as they continued to rut, the slippery semen inside Asuka serving to lubricate Shinji's penis as he powered it in and out of her slender body.

Shinji used his weight to press Asuka to the bed, fucking her with short, savage thrusts. "You like that, bitch?"

"Fuck yeah!"

Over the next hour they explored every position, Shinji putting his cock deep inside Asuka's throat, taking the redhead from behind while she crouched on her hands and knees, and many variations on the missionary position.

Shinji was drunk on the sound of Asuka's cries, the taste of her sweat and saliva, the soft yet firm feel of her velvety-skinned body. She had given herself to him, and he was determined to make full use of her. She never refused him, as long as he could make himself hard he was welcome to push his cock inside any of her tight, slippery orifices, no matter what the time or place.

Asuka reveled in being fucked. "So yummy…" She guzzled his sperm the way Misato knocked back beer, with relish and in such quantity that you wondered if she bothered to taste it. The intense physical rush of copulation was a refuge from herself and she was lost in it, lost in him.

"YES! Yes YES *YES*!"

Asuka shrieked at the top of her lungs, her breasts jiggling up and down as Shinji hooked his arms under her knees and bounced her on his cock, the stiff organ sliding in and out of her swollen pussy with a slick wet noise. Sweat poured down their joined bodies as they strove for one final climax, Asuka supporting herself with a slender arm looped around Shinji's neck.

Affection softened her crystalline blue eyes as they moved together, pleasure radiating from where his thick organ was sliding so intimately inside her body. "I'm ready, Shinji…fill me up!"

Shinji opened one eye, the other blinded by sweat. The feeling of Asuka's soft body sliding against his front was great, topped off by the unbelievably tight, warm and slippery friction of her pussy gripping his penis. "Unh…you sure?"

She smiled, her hair moving slightly as she bounced. "Ahh…you can shoot it inside me."

They sped up, Asuka gasping with each deep, satisfying penetration as the entirety of Shinji's shaft disappeared inside her body.

He cried out. "Oh God, Oh God, *Oh God*!"

Asuka wailed. "*OH GOD!*"

The two young lovers groaned and gasped disorientedly as an intense climax ripped through their bodies. Asuka's crotch was painted with globs of semen as they slumped to the sheets, Shinji's spurting member sliding out of her as their bodies uncoupled. She lay back, legs open, face flushed bright pink and eyes glazed, drunk with sexual pleasure.

She held Shinji's arm as her lover grunted in the extremity of male orgasm and ejected his seed onto her belly and groin. She was content. 'Only 3 more days…I feel as if Shinji and I are two parts of the same body, I want more and more and more…only 3 more days before we're torn apart…'

* * *


* * *

Well, that wasn't too bad, now was it? I knew some good would come of collecting all those Doujinshi. Damn, this took 6 hours to write! So much for writing this way being faster. :P

Dialogue was mostly taken from the doujin, with a fair number of changes, edits and additions. No subtractions though, everything from the doujin is here in one form or another. This was kind of a fun exercise, I'll probably do it again. :)