Chapter 3 – Desire or Love?

Misato was sitting in the yellow sofa. Just minutes ago she and Shinji had engage in an act of passion, but shortly thereafter she had decided to stop what they were doing. They had kissed like lovers, but it was wrong she had thought. Not because of the age difference or that she was his guardian, but because he had the responsibility of saving the world. How would he manage to pilot the Evangelion if his feelings were confused? How would she manage to do a good job if she constantly worried about him? Still the feeling she experienced while kissing him could not be denied. Was it love?

“Stupid boy!” She said silently. Misato turned the TV off and headed for the kitchen. The effect of the alcohol made it a little difficult to walk straight, but she was used to it and compensated by shifting her balance and supporting herself with a hand against the wall. Taking a new beer from the fridge she placed herself at one of the chairs at the table. PenPen looked out from the freezer. Apparently he had been woken up by the slamming of the door at the neighbouring fridge.

“Sorry PenPen. I just did something terrible. Sorry for waking you up.” Misato said, still with a quiet voice. The penguin looked at her and tilted his head, then shut his little door with a bang.

“Well, thank you for even listening at what I had to say!” She said with an angry voice and threw an empty can at his door. What should I do now? She thought. Starting to think about it she opened her beer.

Shinji was lying on his bed. Tears were coming from his eyes. It was always like this, he thought. Always rejected by the ones he cared about. He had never been with a woman, not sexually anyway. Misato had been so nice to him these weeks when he had moved in to her apartment. He didn’t know if it was real love, but when he kissed her he had felt something that he never experienced before. The arousing feeling of Misato’s warmth, her smell and touch. He could still taste her on his lip and feel her tong in his mouth. When they had kissed it felt like he was in heaven. Perhaps it was not meant to be, he thought? Damn, the room is really spinning, the beer really got to me. With that last thought he drifted of to sleep.

Shinji didn’t know how long he had slept before he woke up from something. He opened his eyes and before him Misato was lying beside him, hugging him and sharing her warmth with him. The room was only lit up by the moon shining through the window, but in the dim light he noticed her beautiful face. His eyes meet hers.

“I’m sorry Shinji-kun. I can’t help it.” Then she suddenly kissed him again. Shinji was surprised, but he meet the kiss, welcomed it and embraced her with his arms like Misato also did hers around Shinji.

“I don’t now what will happen Shinji-kun, but I'm ready to take the consequences. I must have you this night. I can’t explain my sudden feelings, but… Do you want me? Do you want me Shinji-kun?” Misato was looking deep in his eyes. Shinji could feel the intensity in her words and the powerful passion burning in her eyes.

“Misato, I think… I think I want you to.” Shinji said trembling at first, but after the words were spoken he smiled at her. His hand automatically searched for Misato’s soft hair hanging in her face and stroke it back her ear. He had seen this in a movie once when two lovers had expressed their feelings for each other. This time it was Misato’s turn to be surprised, she didn’t know that this boy, barley half her age could be so romantic. Kaji used to do that with her, she had loved when he did that, and now she loved it when Shinji did it. To others it may look stupid, but to Misato it was a sign of love or at least caring. She took Shinji’s hand from her face and began to kiss it gently.

“Make love to me Shinji-kun.” She said whispering barley enough for him to hear, but she knew he would. They both began to undress until they only were in their underwear, Shinji in his regular white boxer shorts and Misato in her black sexy lingerers. Shinji was instantly turned on by how hot Misato looked. Her body was that of any model, they only thing Shinji could find that was not perfect was a scar by Misato’s left ribs.

“You hurt yourself?” Shinji asked while touching the scar on her side.

“That’s something I got from the second impact. I was very young when it happened. I don’t remember much of it.” Misato said while gently touching and stroking Shinji’s chest. Shinji lowered his head down to Misato’s trimmed belly and kissed her scar. Misato let a small sound of pleasure slip from her lips. He noticed that her skin made small goose bumps as he began kissing it.

Misato’s hands went to her back and unhooked the braw. Her firm and womanly breasts were just seconds away to be revealed for him. Shinji’s head went up to look as she completely removed it. Surely his face must be flushed with red from the excitement this was generating, he thought. Misato’s cast her braw to the side showing Shinji the full view of her. Her breasts were nothing but perfect, firm and big. Not oversized, but big. Her nipples were dark and small almost so seductive that Shinji felt like he was meant to suck on them, to touch them and caress them.

“You can touch them if you like, they will not bite!” She said with a small laugh. Shinji slowly moved his hands to Misato’s breasts almost feeling the intense heat emanating from them. He began to slowly feel his way around the sides, feeling the weight of them in the palms of his hands. Misato was sitting up now, bending her head backward and enjoyed Shinji’s exploration of her body. She felt her breathing getting more and more intense, she had not felt like this in a long time. Shinji was amazed at how Misato’s nipples reacted when he touched them. Her dark nipple gardens contracted and the nipple itself went completely stiff, pointing towards him and appeared to almost inviting itself for him to suck on it. He began to caress them both, his thumb and fingers gently felt and then grabbed the nipples lightly. As a result Misato moaned a little, clearly enjoying the feeling his touch generated.

“Mmmmm, do it a little harder Shinji-kun. Don’t be afraid to be a little ruff with me, she said and smiled to him while searching for Shinji’s boxer shorts with her hands. Shinji didn’t notice her action before he jerked at the sensation that Misato’s hand closed around his semi hard penis, only separating the textile from flesh against flesh.

“See, I’m a bad girl Shinji-kun. Don’t be afraid to treat me like one!” Misato grabbed the back of Shinji’s head with her free hand and pushed him towards her, kissing him hard and passionately. Her tong made its way in to his mouth, luring Shinji’s own to dance with hers. Meanwhile she stroke his now hard cock with her other hand. The fabric of the boxers was making it difficult so with a quick shift and a digging motion she slipped her hand through and made contact with his flesh. Shinji felt it right away. Misato’s hand was grabbing around his erected penis, shaking it and moved it up and down in a fast rhythm. Like her he to made a moaning sound while kissing her. The feeling of her hand brought a tingling sensation through his body. His legs went numb from the pleasure and his hands pinched Misato’s nipples real hard as a reflex.

“AHHHHHHHH!!!” Misato broke the kiss as she shouted with a voice mixed with pain and lust, feeling her nipples getting a hard treatment from Shinji’s fingers. This only got her more excited and her arms throw themselves around his body pushing his naked chest against hers. Breathing heavy she talked with a low voice against his ear.

“I know another way to use my breasts. Do you want me to give you a special treatment Shinji-kun?”

The question gave Shinji wild thoughts in his head and he could only reply with a slight nod to Misato. She in return only smiled at him.

“I don’t do this often you know! Consider yourself lucky my little lover boy.” Misato said, still smiling as she pushed Shinji to the bed. Now laying on his back Shinji could only dream about what was going to happen to him. He already felt like his stomach was going to cramp up and his cock explode. Misato still in her black thong made her way up Shinji’s legs. She was so sexy, he thought. Her head came up to his groin region.

“Your smell is so manly Shinji-kun.” Misato said while drawing the air above his cock in to her nose.

“Misato!” Shinji said a little embarrassed about her daring remark.

“What? You were not embarrassed when we made out and you felt my nipples a little while ago, she said making a little girlish giggle in between.

“Now get ready for a little Katsuragi special!” She said, eyes peering with excitement. Shinji braced himself. Misato moved her breasts to his crotch, placing his hard cock between her fully sized D-cups. Shinji’s head flow back against the pillow as Misato began massaging his penis with full force. The sensation shot through his body like fire. He could feel the softness and warmth from her breasts pushing his cock up and down, up and down. Misato's dark nipples grinded against his belly and they were getting harder with every stroke.

“Do you like it Shinji-kun¬?!!!” Misato shouted to him while working him with all her strength.

He could feel it, the ultimate sensation building up. His legs went numb again, his eyes began to see white dots and his breathing sounded more intense with each jerking movement Misato made.

“Ah….ahh…ahhh, Misato! I’m close!” Shinji barely manage to say while enjoying this new and definitely most enjoyable moment in his life.

“Are you going to cum for me Shinji-kun?! ARE YOU GOING TO CUM FOR ME?! She shouted while trying to speed up her motion. Misato also felt a great sensation of pleasure having her nipples constantly rubbed against Shinji’s stomach. Shinji felt it coming, the sensation was about to explode, his penis felt like it was going to brake and erupt. He began to scream out loud.

“Misato !........ Misato!!!!.............MISATOOOOO!!!!!!”

“CUM FOR ME SHINJI-KUN!!!” LET ME TASTE YOUR SPERM!!!” Misato shouted and placed her face just above his pulsating cock.

Shinji almost blacked out. His entire body stiffed and his stomach cramped as his sperm shot out violently from his swollen cock. Misato opened her mouth to receive his white cream.

The first jet of thick semen hit her right on the chin, the second spurted right in her mouth almost making her gag from the force it had hitting the back of her throat. Her lips took the third blast and the rest of his cream shot all over her face, hitting her forehead, hair and the final one catching her in the left eye.

Misato was totally unprepared for the force and quantity that Shinji had in him. Even Kaji paled in comparing to him. His boyish sperm was the thickest she ever encountered and he had a lot of it. Shinji had surely shot at least five times the normal quantity of sperm then a normal full grown man would. Her face was drenched in his essence.

Shinji was breathing heavy and his eyes were wide open, staring at the sealing. The feeling he had experienced just now was the most forceful and intense feeling he had ever known. Sure, he had jerked of before, but this was beyond that, beyond everything. Meanwhile Misato began to taste Shinji’s sperm in her mouth. It was nice and salty. Actually the sperm was probably the best she ever tasted; maybe it was because of the young stud it came from? The blast in her eye burned, but she didn’t care. Thou not cuming herself she was really enjoying bringing Shinji to such a climax. This had to be his first experience with a woman and she knew he would remember it for the rest of his life.

“You came like a fucking freight train my lovely Shinji!” Misato said smiling with her whole face still covered with his white thick cream. Shinji could not speak. He was so caught up in the moment that he was still seeing dots before his eyes. Misato brought her fingers to her face, catching the rest of Shinji’s load with her hand and licked it. She swallowed it with the rest in her mouth, gulping it down and enjoying the lovely taste. It took her a while to finish drinking his gigantic load. When it was finished she noticed the burning feeling in her eye again, now much more noticeable.

“You did a really good job at creaming me Shinji-kun! I have to go to the bathroom and clean up. Wait for me will you!” Misato lifted herself off the bed and walked out from the bedroom.

She came to the bathroom and began washing her face in the bathroom sink. It took her some time to wash all of Shinji’s semen out of her eye.

“Jesus, that boy surely had a lot of it in him.” Misato said to herself while drying her face on a white towel. She noticed that she had sobered up rather well from the lust full act with her new lover. Her mind was clearer then before. She looked at her reflection in the mirror. The thoughts came flying in to her mind.

“Have I done something I will regret for the rest of my life?” She said quietly.

“Was my actions only a result of desire? Or am I in love with this boy, this boy who is only half my age… Misato…..what have you gotten yourself into?”

She returned to Shinji’s bedroom only to find him breathing slowly with eyes shut. He had fallen asleep while she was cleaning up.

“Looks like we have to do the real loving some other time…” She said while looking at his innocent face.

She then turned away and walked to her own bedroom, still with many thoughts swirling in her mind.

End of Chapter III