Chapter 2 - The Drinking Battle

They sat down in the yellow sofa in the living room. Misato turned on the TV. Shinji noticed that the game show program had ended and now the evening news was on. Misato was quick to change the channel to the music video network. A happy and quick song was playing, mostly an instrumental one. Shinji had heard it before; he had a tape with it somewhere. The music actually suited the Drinking Battle very well or at least Misato seemed to think so, humming to the tones while piling up the beers on the table.

“This beer has a seven percent alcohol rate so it’s pretty strong, but it is only 33cl cans. The good news is that I have more then enough so we won’t experience any shortage for a long time.” She said with a big smile on her face. Misato was really in to this kind of games. Shinji wondered if she did this all the time or only on rare occasions. Probably all the time; he concluded while watching while she opened the cans. Misato putted the first beer in front of him at the wooden table. Shinji swallowed hard. He had no experience with drinking alcohol and he really had no idée how well he would handle it. From what he had seen on TV and talked about with the other students at school he had a rather good picture of its effects. The question was now how well he could take it. Misato opened the first beer and looked at him.

“Are you ready Shinji-kun?”

“I think I’ll be as ready as I ever will be Misato, so let’s just get it over with.”

Misato hit him in the head with the back of her fist.

“Ahhh! What did you do that for?” Shinji said with surprised look on his face.

“If you think you can get out of this game while trying to act all boring Shinji-kun you are mistaken. Don’t be such a little boy and start to drink your beer, I promise it will be fun in a while.” She said, still having that sinister look in her dark brown eyes. Shinji looked at the beer and then decided. With a strong hand he grabbed the can and put the opening to his lips. A dry carbonated sting felt thru his tong, spreading to his throat as he began to drink the brew. To his surprise it didn’t taste that bad or at least not as bad as he had thought.

"See, it’s not as bad once you get to taste some of it." Misato said while opening her own can. Shinji put his beer on the table after finishing half of it.

"I admit that it didn’t taste as bad as I imagine, but it’s still the bitterest thing I have ever had, except for mountain tea." Shinji paused for a moment, looking at Misato hulking down her first in one single act. She was good at this, he thought. The contest is already over, but she will not let me go so quickly. I could try and act like I’m about to drop after finishing this can, but then again I don’t really know how you act drunk since I never have been intoxicated with alcohol. Maybe I could just pretend to fall asleep. How would she know the difference? Misato is a clever woman, but she is really drunk now so I don’t think she will notice. I have to act out now so I don’t have to sweep more of these cans.

"Ohwww! This drink is really getting to my head Misato! It feels like everything is spinning around. I can’t seem to focus on the walls anymore.” He fell to the side as he spoke the last word. Trying to lie as still as possible he waited to see what she would do. He could feel Misato rising from the sofa, probably heading for her bed room; he thought when he felt a pain in his side. He couldn’t control his reflexes and jumped, sliding of the edge of the yellow pillows and crashed down on the wooden floor.

She had kicked him in the ribs, something he was not prepared for and it took him by surprise. Now complaining about his ribs Misato saw Shinji fully awake and smiled to herself.

“You know Shinji-kun, something’s you just aren’t good at. Acting drunk after drinking half a beer is one of them. No one becomes that drunk after so little, not even you.” The tone in her voice was that of teacher scolding one of her students. Shinji could not help but smiling. The idée was bad from the beginning. He knew he wouldn’t fool Misato with such a poor act. Well, he thought. If she wants a drinking battle she will get one. With this he stood up and grabbed his beer, finished it in three gulps and then hit the can hard on the table.

“Ok Misato! Let us see who will be the champion. I will show no mercy!” Shinji said with confidence. Misato looked surprised at first, but then smacked Shinji with an open palm over his back, laughing at the change in Shinji’s mod she eagerly opened her second beer and began to drink it. Shinji, now serious about the contest would not show any weakness and opened his second beer, gulping it down just a little slower then Misato.

“Yeah! That’s the way to go Shinji-kun!” Shinji on the other hand was too caught up drinking to listen to Misatos words, trying to swallow the content of his third beer as quickly as possible. He knew that the game was not based on how quick one could drink the beer, but the faster he drank the shorter he was forced to taste the brew. Misato was also drinking her third one and thou Shinji would not admit it yet he was starting to feel the effects of the alcohol.

The game went on like this until the seventh beer. Shinji was now having great difficulty coordinate his hand to the beer cans on the table. So this is how it feels like, he thought. Being drunk is not so bad after all. Suddenly everything doesn’t seem so serious anymore, he reasoned.

He noticed his eyes played tricks on him, showing things out of focus and sometimes the room itself began to spin to the side. Despite this Misato still seemed to be in control of things. Shinji tried to stand up but failed the first time, dropping back to the sofa. The second time he manages to avoid falling down again and reach for his eight can of beer. This proved a little difficult he noticed as he felt his leg hit the table in the effort. He loosed his balance, shifting his weight to his left side. Of course there was nothing to grab on to in the process, trying to hinder the now unavoidable fall. Gravity took charge over his body and sent him tumbling right over the sofa again. Misato herself was really drunk now and only noticed the shadow coming before she felt a heavy object crash down on her. The air in her lungs were forced out from the impact, making Misato do a loud shout in surprise. Shinji on the other hand felt his face landing on something very soft and warm.

"Shinji you Baka!" Misato said with a slight irritated voice.

"I’m so sorry Misato! I tried to avoid you but it was impossible. I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry! Shinji said, now scared that Misato would punish him for his recklessness. Only then they both realised that Shinji's head was pressing against Misato's breasts. Shinji could feel the nipples pushing through the white t-shirt she wore; they were very stiff he noticed. As a reaction to his discovery, Shinji's instincts automatically began to force blood to his lower part, making his member rise from its slumber. Misato felt Shinji's penis through his pants as it began to grow against her leg. Maybe it was the beer, but something inside of her was creating an erotic feeling in her body. Am I getting excited because of this boy? She thought. Shinji quickly removed himself from the sofa. He feared that Misato would feel his erection and he certainly wouldn’t want to be thought of as a pervert. His action however was yet again a result of bad judgment as his senses were still clouded by the alcohol and once again gravity showed no mercy when he stumbled back. He could feel himself losing all sense of direction. A sharp pain shot through his body as he hit his head in the nearby wall when he fell.

"Shinji, are you alright?" Misato shouted as she jumped up from the sofa. Shinji brought his hand to the back of his head and felt the beginning of a small bump forming. He had not hit the wall as hard as he thought, but it sure hurt like hell, he thought.

"I’m alright!" He said. Because he was drunk the pain quickly was replaced by a throbbing feeling and after a couple of seconds he carefully lifted himself from the floor.

"Let me take a look at it Shinji-kun." Misato said with the kind of voice a mother would, comfort her child with when it got hurt. Shinji placed himself in the sofa again and Misato began examine the bump on his head. Still drunk Misato was a little clumsy in her effort to actually help Shinji. The more she felt at the bump on his head the more it hurt and finally he shouted in pain from her hard touch.

"Don't scare me like that you hear! If anything would happen to you while under my supervision Ritsuko would have my head, not talking about what your father might do to me should he found out what happened!" Misato said worried. Shinji felt like laughing. His father would probably be glad if his son fell and hurt himself.

"I don’t know what Ritsuko would do, but I don’t think you have to worry about my father." Shinji said with a low voice. Misato then remembered that Shinji and his father were not close to each other. He had not really known his father as he was always working at NERV headquarters. The only time they really had talked was over the phone and those conversations were not the typical father and son talks like normal families might have.

"I’m sorry Shinji; I forgot that Mr Ikari is not the typical father you might wish for." Misato said as she gently stroke his shoulders.

"It's not your fault Misato. I hate my father because he doesn’t spend any time with me. Sometimes I wish that he could be like a normal father. Then I think of his responsibility to the world and at NERV. I understand that he has a lot to think about and don’t have time to talk with me." Shinji said with an understanding voice. Misato was not fooled however. She knew how it was, being brought up without a father. In her case her father had died in the second impact and that was probably better then having a father that actually stilled lived, but didn’t care for his child. She could feel Shinji's sad emotion as he silently was staring down at the floor.

Then Misato did something that she herself wasn’t prepared for. Suddenly Shinji felt something warm against his chin. Misato’s lips were touching him, kissing him. Not the kind of kiss a friend would give, but a kiss filled with love and care. She held her lips pressed against him and then broke it off.

Shinji felt all warm inside. What had just happened? He thought. He then felt Misato’s arms embrace him, hugging him tightly against her chest. Her hair tickled him a little and her warmth was spreading though his body. Shinji felt safe with her, he began slowly hug her back, feeling his way around her. He could sense her breasts pushing against his chest only with thin fabric separating them from him. His eyes sought out hers and he saw the face of a beautiful woman with eyes as dark and passionate as anything he had ever seen. She kissed him again, now directly on his lips. Shinji was a little unascertained about what to do at first, but then began to meet it with the same passion Misato was showing him. Finally she pushed her tong inside Shinji’s mouth, feeling his own and its surroundings. She felt so nice, Shinji thought. Is this how it feels when you are truly loved by someone? Shinji began to slowly meet her tong with his and soon they were both exploring each other, carefully at first, but as time flowed the kisses became more daring and fierce. Misato was lost in a dreamy state of mind. She could only feel the warmth of Shinji in her arms and the loving tong in her mouth. She felt hot, hotter then anything she felt before. The boy was craving for love and she wanted to give it to him. In a way she needed him as much as he needed her. The result of being separated from love for a long time was now showing as she felt herself become more daring in her efforts to taste Shinji and giving him the love he deserved, but at the same time a tiny moment of clarity struck her. She was his guardian, not his lover. Could they possibly engage in this kind of activity? She was much older then him, she should know better then trying to use him for her own needs. Was it right to give Shinji false hope like this? But was it false? Could they actually be lovers? How would the rest of her friends and the colleges at NERV react if it got out that she was seducing him? She decided to brake off the kiss, worried that the short insight might get loosed if the lust for him continued.

"I’m sorry Shinji. I don’t think it's a smart idée to continue this." She looked away as she said it, not wanting him to see the sadness in her eyes. Shinji didn’t understand. First she was kissing him like there was no other in the world that would do it like he could and now she was rejecting him? Rejected, he thought. The word suited him like a glove. In the end he was always rejected from the people he cared about.

He stood up, forcing himself to ignore the effects of the alcohol. He looked at her. She was sitting with her arms between her legs and face down. She would not even give him a look. He felt like running away. The Drinking Battle had transformed into something warm at first, but change to something cold now. What should he do? He thought. He turned around and headed for his room, thinking of what he had done to make it all go so wrong…

End of chapter II