(This Evangelion lemon is the first lemon I ever written. It is also the first novel I have written in English since my native language is Swedish and so I have to beg your forgiveness if there are some verbal mistakes and odd looking sentences. Though I write my novels in Microsoft Word there are some things that surely will slip through even with the spelling and grammar correction program. I hope you readers can give me some feedback at mistakes in the text and other oddities you may find. If you have suggestions about how I can write better lemons in the future I would be really glad to hear them. You can find my e-mail at the end of these notes.

I have enjoyed reading lemons for some time now and I think it is only fair to the other writers out there to give my best shot at doing one myself. Evangelion is the first anime series a watched and got me interested in anime in the first place. I hope you enjoy this erotic story and I’m looking forward at writing a lot more in the future. //Salamander)

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What’s the difference?

The story of Days of Desire is like an alternate universe or something like that. The event’s that takes place in the original Neon Genesis Evangelion universe also takes place in this story except that there are sexual relationships in this story. This may change it a bit, but not entirely. So if you notice that something is off between the original story and my story like time for different events and ooc characters, remember that it is a slightly different story. Though I will try to hold off the ooc syndrome for as long as I can, but as the story progress who know what will happen? My intent is however to stay as close to the original as possible.

IS it hard to understand? Well… I guess you have to read it to figure out what I’m trying to say.

So without further delay on to the actual story! ^_^

Days of Desire

Chapter 1 – Apartment 402

The TV made loud noises from the new game show that had become an instant hit with viewers. The concept was to compete for one million yen, doing the most humiliating things you could possibly do in public. Right now a woman was singing bad karaoke in a shopping mall.

Shinji was not really in to this show, but nothing else was on right now. He had been working hard all day at NERV headquarters trying to fix his Eva-01 to sync properly, but with no success. Ritsuko had been awfully mad at him for not trying to do a better job, but how was it his fault if the stupid thing didn’t answer to the commands a hundred percent? The only time his Evangelion had worked at full capacity was when it went berserk five weeks ago. That was the first time he had tested it, or rather was forced to pilot it.

He could still feel that piercing feeling in his eye from the Angels brutal attack to the Eva’s frontal lobe. It was so typical that when the Evangelion was hurt the person controlling the robot also felt the pain and why was that by the way? Shinji thought.

After that, all went black and he woke up at NERV hospital staring up at that familiar sealing.

The TV made a high noise waking him up from his thoughts. He rose from the sofa and walked to the TV and shut it off. The thing went blank. The laughter and voices disappeared and only the faint sound of crickets was heard from the open balcony door.

It is a warm night, Shinji thought. The summer was longer now after the second impact some twenty five years ago. The weather had change all over the globe, some countries had longer winter and others like Japan had longer summers now. It never snowed here or at least not in the Tokyo region. Hokkaido still got snow though.

Shinji moved to the balcony and rested his arms on the steel frame the protected him from falling over the side. The sky was full of stars this night and the moon was not completely full. Nights like these were beautiful and now when he was alone in the apartment he could enjoy the solitude the he liked so much. It was good to be alone sometimes getting away from it all, especially when a day hade been as hard as this one.

“Damn that Ritsuko! Why does she have to be so mean all the time? I really try to do my best. It’s not like I’m not trying or anything, it’s just so damn hard.”

Shinji was muttering to himself when he heard the door slam shut. Misato was home, late as usual, He thought.

“Shinji I’m home!”

Her voice was higher then normal. Maybe she was in high spirit or maybe she had just taken a few beers while driving home. It was probably the later, he thought. Shinji walked in from the balcony and headed towards the kitchen. Not to his surprise he saw Misato holding a plastic bag full of imported beer.

“So what is the occasion?” Shinji said.

“The occasion is that you my dear boy have synced with the Eva at eighty-four percent efficiency today. I think that cause for a celebration.” She said, cheerfully unpacking the beer.

“Do you really have to buy more those? You have the refrigerator full already. Maybe you could actually buy some food for once, and besides, Ritsuko thought I was practically worthless.”

Shinji was getting annoyed with it all. The last sentence he spoke with a harsh tone in his voice. He felt like he was getting nowhere with all this. And the thought of more Angels coming and trying to destroy the world was not a pleasant one either. Still there was no other he had heard, capable of piloting the Eva, but he had his suspicions about that mysterious Rei girl he had seen.

“Don’t be such a cry baby Shinji. Ritsuko is only hard against you because she cares about you, don’t you see? If anything bad would happen to you she would not be able to forgive herself for not trying her best at training you properly. That’s why she is like she is. You should actually thank her for putting so much effort in it.” She smiled to him as she said it. Of course he understood what Ritsuko was trying to do and the pressure on her must be as high as it was on him. But still, she was not the one who actually was to do battle with the Angels.

“Yeah, I know she is only doing her duty and the faith of mankind is lying in my arms and so on, but she is not the one who pilots the Eva. I am the one of has to fight the Angels.”

“You are such a cry baby Shinji-kun.” Misato said with a voice that had sarcasm written all over it and Shinji was not late to answer.

“I’m not a cry baby! I just think that I could deserve a brake from time to time. All this stress is not good in the long run. You saw what happened today. My sync ratio has not change that much since the first Angel appeared. I deserve a brake and maybe then I could actually make some high results.”

Misato smiled. “If it makes you happy I will talk to her in the morning. Now lets party Shinji-kun!”

“Wha..What? Did you just say party? Shinji said while thinking about the last time Misato got drunk. He had been forced to clean up the whole apartment the day after, but Shinji understood that there was no way out of this. Whenever Misato had set her mind on something she was relentless in her effort to accomplish it. Right now that something was drinking beer. It was her favourite hobby, that and cruising bars on Saturday nights. How could anybody drink so much beer? Shinji thought.

It didn’t take long for Misato to become more intoxicated then she already was. Now she was joking and teasing him like she always did. Even PenPen, Misato’s warm water pet penguin couldn’t stand her in this condition and shut the freezer door were he lived. Now Shinji was all alone with this drunken maniac.

“Hey! Shinji-kun! Why don’t you drink some beer to? Are you afraid?” Her voice was jokingly sinister, clearly meant to provoke him into drinking.

“I’m only fourteen. I am not allowed to drink yet.” Shinji said smiling for himself.

“It doesn’t depend on the age Shinji-kun. It all depends on how mature you are and how well you can hold your liquor.” She said. But Shinji was not convinced. He had been in this situation before and soon Misato would be all to tier to continue and he was not the best drinking buddy either.

“Your so boring Shinji-kun, can’t you drink just a little bit to hold me company?” Misato said in a seductively. She looked at him with tearful eyes, trying almost desperately to get him to take a sip of her beer.

“You are so predictable Misato. You always get like this so please don’t drag me in to this to. I’m happy with not drinking beer and I would get sick if I drank it.” She looked at him with a smile of triumph as he said it.

“So you say that you are not man enough to drink beer?” Misato stood up from her chair and lean over the table, it was more then enough to see her cleavage. Shinji suddenly felt all warm inside. This was a normal reaction for Shinji when he saw a girl, well Misato was a woman, but at the age of twenty-nine she was a real hot lady.

“I don’t think my manliness is an issue here since I am only a boy.” Shinji was having trouble speaking as he felt his throat close up, no doubt because of the arousing effect Misato’s well shaped breasts were having on his teen hormones. What size could those be anyway? He thought. It has to be at least a big C or a minor D cup perhaps? He could not determine the exact size because of her lose t-shirt was in the way, but enough to see that they were really big.

“Oh, Shinji-Kun, your cheeks are all red. Seeing something you like perhaps?” Her tone was soft and teasing.

“Ah! What are you talking about? He said nervously.

“I’m just a little warm from .... Fever, that’s all.” He knew he had been caught peeking at her tits and his bad explanation didn’t help him one bit. She was going to use this as an excuse to get him to drink, he knew it. There was no way out now.

“So you like my breasts Shinji-kun? Well, I clearly have to punish you for peeking at them don’t you think? Misato had the smile of a devil as she said it. Shinji feared this would be the result of his careless look. Now he would be forced to drink and that would probably be the start for a night of living hell once he began to feel sick from the alcohol. Misato was used to drinking so she would probably not feel as bad as Shinji were going to feel tomorrow.

“You tricked me!” Shinji said with a loud voice.

“No one forced you to look young man. You have to take responsibility for your actions.” Misato said with a pleased tone. She was certainly not the one to go and say, take responsibility for your actions, he thought, not with the way she acting right now.

“Ok, what is my punishment then?” Shinji asked with a depressed voice. Misato sat down on her chair again and thought for a moment and then said.

“I know just the right thing. We will have a drinking contest to determine the drinking master of this apartment!”

The idée was just as bad as Misato’s judgement at this time and just as predictable. He knew he would lose and he knew she knew that he would lose, but still she had to tease him and drink him under the table. Well, there was no way out of it now. Let’s just be done with it, he thought. Misato started to tilt her chair back and forth as she explained the rules.

“Ok, the rules are that we drink until one of us drop. We start with one beer can each and drink it until it’s empty, we must wait for the other to finish the beer OK?"

“What about handicap? I am the one who has never tasted real alcohol in my entire life. I will surely get knocked out cold after the first or second can. And you have a more resistant body then mine. I’m short and thin, I wouldn’t stand a chance.” Shinji was looking for ways to get out of this mad drinking race, but as he knew it wouldn’t work against Misato, not even if she already were drunk.

“You don’t need a handicap Shinji-kun, besides I have already had five beers and that does not included the once I had before I got here.” She said this with great pride and triumph and all that Shinji could do was to accept that this was not going his way.

“Ok!” He said. Misato looked at him with a victorious smile and then shouted.

“Good! Now let’s begin the battle!”

End of Chapter I