by Lara Bartram

Yui gave in to the kiss, her right hand idly stroking the cheek of this man who was not her husband-to-be. Though her fingers felt the details, the differences and similarities of this man's face to her fiance's, her mind wasn't making comparisons. Her mind was absorbed in the heat and sweat and pleasure of the moment with no consideration as to who was who.

She was simply herself, a being made up of, it felt like, all nerves, all being stimulated at the same time. A very small, very far away part of her brain was trying to tell her how wrong this was, that it was unfair to all of them to be doing this, but... It was drowned out so completely by the passion and ecstasy of the experience, she didn't care. They were adults, they would deal with the consequences of their actions later. For now....

A hand caressed her neck, sweeping aside her hair, and then a pair of lips left kisses even hotter than her skin down to her shoulder. There was a brief moment of stillness, when they didn't seem to know what to do, which brought Yui almost to laughter. She brought her left hand up and ran it through the short, sweaty hair of the man in front of her, her eyes dancing with humor and lust.

They had gotten a little too close for comfort, she could guess. She could feel their legs tangled in a heap and wondered if that made any difference, or if they were numb below the groin. She wouldn't have been surprised.

Things changed as quickly as they had paused when a hand grabbed her left breast and squeezed. Normally, she would have admonished Gendo for such rough treatment, but this time, she couldn't find voice for such things when her nipple, poised between two fingers, was then trapped between a pair of lips.

Cooperation. This wasn't a competition, though they seemed to want to use her as a battleground, which, in its own way, was thrilling. It might have been her imagination, but she could almost swear she could hear Gendo growling softly in her ear. No matter how she felt about the man in front of her, Gendo was really the only one she would trust to such a delicate position.

Leaning her head back and closing her eyes, Yui held Kozo's head to her chest as he continued to work at the breast still in Gendo's grasp. She let out a surprised groan of pleasure when Gendo strained against her, pulling her body to his.

Kozo seemed to take this as a personal challenge, as her body was pulled away from him, and did the same, eliciting another moan from Yui. It all blended together though; Gendo, Kozo... it didn't matter. She lifted her hands above her head, stretching out, and let the heat from two bodies wash over her own.

Gendo nuzzled the back of her neck, burying his face in her hair, then whispered something in her ear. While she couldn't tell what he was saying, the sound of his voice alone was enough to push her higher, her body burning and senses reeling.

She looped her arms around Kozo's neck and kissed him soundly. Her body trembled as everything inside her seemed to peak at once. After breaking the kiss, she shivered violently as the two strained forcefully at the same time. That was the end, for all of them, of the escalating heat and absolute... velvet of it.

She rode the wave, enthusiastically maintained by the men with her. Again, she was their battleground, and she didn't mind at all.

Completely filled and then emptiness, repeatedly, forcefully, exquisitely. With Gendo's hands still on her breasts and Kozo's gripping her thighs, she was moved back and forth, the only sounds in her ears those of panting and grunting until....

Everything came to a standstill for just a few moments, when Yui didn't feel like one person among three, but three people brought together to form one entity. Something inside told her that it was all for a reason, that the three of them were together for a very real purpose that she just wasn't aware of yet.

And then.... The two men pulled away, leaving her physically empty yet emotionally brimming. If it had been a possibility, she would have seriously considered marrying them both, but things were not to be that way.

Yui leaned over and kissed Kozo chastely on the corner of the mouth as he lay there, and felt him return it. She turned, took Gendo's hand in her own and kissed him more thoroughly. "I'm going to take a shower." And through it all, she had to hold back the tears of happiness.


The two men lay in bed, with a suitable distance between them, and looked up at the ceiling.

There was silence until the shower came on. "What if she ends up pregnant?"

"She won't."

They stayed silent after that for a bit, just listening to the shower. In unison, they sat up, and quickly exchanged glares. They each swung their legs out of bed and paused.

"You're using her, Rokubungi."

"And what do you call what you just did?"

They stood, and each spared a glance to the bathroom, where the shower was still running. Slowly, trying to be nonchalant about it, they each headed for the bathroom.

"This won't go on forever; she'll be mine soon enough."

"Then I'll take advantage of it while I can." Kozo smiled faintly.

"And you call me the bastard."

"I can guess this was her idea; if it's what she wants...."

Gendo reached the bathroom first and stepped inside, turning off the light.

"Who...? Gendo." There was almost a sigh in her voice when she said his name. Moments later: "Kozo...."