A Little Different
By James
"Well so much for that loser." said Asuka as she exited the park. This
was the last time she allow Hikari to set her up on a date. The boy had
been so boring. If only they were all like Kaji. *Speaking of Kaji,
maybe I can find him.* That in mind, Asuka went off in search of her
dream man.

For the next few hours Asuka roamed the streets looking for the wedding
Kaji was supposed to be going to. By six she had given up, realizing
that the wedding would be over by now. Turning to go home, Asuka
stopped dead in her tracks and jumped behind a tree. There standing in
the street were Misato and Kaji, kissing. Asuka's temper flared. She
wanted to march right over and tear into both Misato and Kaji. Suddenly
her anger left her as she found herself in the mist of depression. She
had known that Kaji saw her as a child, but this drove the point home.

They started walking again and for a moment Asuka thought to follow
them. However, the chance of seeing them suck face agian, sicken her.
Instead Asuka turned to the opposite direction, towards NERV


Maya was a little surprised to see Asuka in the elevator. From what she
knew today was supposed to be the pilot's day off. *Wonder if Sempai
called her in?* The girl certainly didn't seem happy. Maya decided to
strike up some conversation. "Good evening Asuka, what brings you to

The German girl didn't bother to look at the Maya. It was almost as if
Asuka was refusing to acknowledge her existence. "I'd rather not talk
about it."

Maya raised an eyebrow. Normally people would have just left it at
that, but she had nothing to look forward to tonight except a boring
time in the control room. "Oh, why don't you try me?"

This time Asuka did look up. "Oh really? All right. Have you ever
really been in love with someone and found out you really don't mean
anything to them?"

"Well ah..." Maya stopped as a picture of Ritsuko popped in her mind.
It was followed by an image of her Sempai and Commander Ikari making
love in the lab. No, she really didn't want to go there. Maya tried to
think of a response, but unfortunately couldn't think fast enough for

"Heh, figures. I bet you've never even had a boyfriend."

"Excuse me!" Maya glared at the younger girl. *Why you little brat!*
"I'll have you know, I've been in plenty of relationships."

Asuka sneered, somewhat happy to be in familiar territory. "Oh yeah? It
isn't like I've seen you hanging around with anyone." *Like I've seen
you at all outside Headquarters.* "Name the boys you've gone out with."

"I've..." Maya started to yell. She was stopped short however as she
realized a problem with naming 'the boys'. "I-I fail to see how that's
any of your business."

"Ha! I knew it. You've probably never even kissed a boy before."

*How dare she!?* "Is that so? And what does a little girl like you know
about kissing!?"

Asuka glared at Maya. "Apparently just as much as you! Being that you
can't provide any proof of ever kissing anyone!"

*Oh you want PROOF huh?* In an instant Maya bent down and grabbed Asuka
around the waist. She then pressed her lips into Asuka's. The German
girl stood stiff, her eyes wide. Asuka's eyes widened even more, as she
felt Maya slip her tongue in her mouth. What really surprised Asuka
however, was that she was enjoying it and responding in kind. The kiss
lasted thirty seconds. During this time Maya's brain tried to make her
come to her senses.

[Brain to Maya. Brain to Maya. ALERT! ALERT! You are frenching a
fourteen year old girl, inside NERV Headquarters. Advise you cease
activity NOW!]

It was the chime of the elevator that finally woke Maya up. Pushing
away from Asuka, she back up to the door. Her face paled as the reality
of what she had done hit her. *Oh my God...* Asuka, for her part,
leaned against the wall of the elevator, her head spinning. She then
looked up at Maya nervously.

"Ah ah...WellI'vegotalotofworktodointhelabIreallythinkyoushouldgohomeAsuka
Bye!" in an instant Maya was out the door and gone.

"Yeah home." mumbled Asuka as she raised her fingers to where Maya had
kissed her.

"Well look who's home. What do you have to say for yourself, Little
Missy? Staying out so late." said Kaji as Asuka entered the apartment
an hour later. He then blinked as she walked past him as if he wasn't
even there.

Shinji watch as Asuka headed to her bedroom. "Umm...Hi Asuka. How was
your day?"

"Es war...erleuchtend." (It was...enlightening.) said Asuka as she
entered her room and closed the door.

The End?

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