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Written by Lord Ultima Havoc

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=Dream and / or flashback=

Story line: One month has passed since the famous Shinji Ikaria and EVA Unit 01 single handedly destroyed the EVA series, where after that he crushed SEELE's headquarters. Third Impact was successfully stopped all thanks to him. Who survived? That list is composed of Shigeru Aoba, Makoto Hyuga, Maya Ibuki, Kozou Fuyutski, Misato Katsuragi, Asuka Langly Soryu, and the great hero Shinji Ikari. Who died? That list is composed of Rei Ayanami (killed by Akagi), Ritsuko Akagi (commit suicide), Gendo Ikari (killed by Akagi), half of the low-ranking NERV staff (killed by the JSSDF), Keel Lorentz plus the entire SEELE staff (killed by Unit 01), and a forth of the JSSDF squad sent to Tokyo 3 (killed by some NERV resistance). The JSSDF's massacre at NERV H.Q. stopped once the Japanese government was informed that the TRUE enemy was SEELE. While NERV (now the official army of the United Nations) slowly began repairs on Tokyo 3, Misato and her charges took temporary housing in a 5 bedroom estate located in Goura. At the Goura high school, Shinji met a girl name Mana Kirishima, and fell and love with her. Asuka was feeling jealous. Who will score with Shinji? Read to find out, damn you!

Setting: Misato's tempory house, the bathroom. Shinji sat in the bathtub, stroking his rock hard prick. Ever since he kissed Mana Kirishima for the first time, his sex drive has been unstable.Every five minutes or so, the thought of nailing that girl to the wall like a jack hammer possessed his mind.

"Oh yeah, let's get dirty." Shinji whispered, thinking of the things her could do to her.

Misato Katsuragi was off that one day, and she was drunk as hell. She could hear Shinji's dirty words, and it made her ever so horney. Two voices were conflicting in her mind, a sober one and a drunken one.

*Go have sex with him, you KNOW you want him. You deserve it.* The drunk voice said.

*Don't you dare! He's too young. More so, he's too good for you.* The sober voice said.

Misato, overwhelmed by the alcohol, was unable to fight off the drunk voice. Shinji's eyes were shut as he imagined Mana whipping him in one of those leather S&M get ups. He could feel his testicles were about to give, he felt he would soon spray his aura of man juices all over, but suddenly his fantasy was interupted.)

"Shinji... You've been a VERY bad boy. You need a spanking." The drunk said, seductively.

Misato giggled. Shinji turned pale as he saw Misato looming above him, completely naked.

"Mi... Mi... Misato, what in the blazes are you doing?"

Misato got into the tub, strattling him.

"You handsome, SEXY devil, let me feel your manhood inside me!"


"Come on now, you know you want this just as much as I do." Misato said, with her seductive voice still present.

Misato giggled right before she forced her womanhood onto his special zone, which was still hard. Shinji was scared straight. Tears flowed from his eyes.

*She's going to rape me, she's going to rape me! I HAVE TO DO SOMETHING.* The young man thought.

Shinji now knew his only chance of being rescued was with the help of Asuka.


It was then Asuka stormed into the bathroom.

"SCHIESSE!!" Asuka yelled. "Uber drunkard, get the fuck off of him!"

Asuka dragged the drunk off of her fellow coworker. Soon after, Misato passed out. When Asuka checked to see if he was alright, she accidently caught a glimpse of his love stick, which was still erect. She quickly looked away from Shinji. A look of of embarrasment formed on her face as she blushed a bright red. Shinji figured this much, and blushed as well.

"Well third child, I don't want to disturb you." Asuka said.

After she dragged Misato out of the the bathroom and shut the door behind her, the blush was still present. A smile crept on to her face.

*Wow!* Asuka thought. *He's definately way to good for that Mana girl.*

The smile turned into a look of despair.

"But, he loves her. Not me."

Asuka dragged the drunk Misato to her room, hoping this event would not repeat itself. Shinji was finally out of the shower, dressed in a tuxedo. When Asuka saw this, the blush overtook her face again, forcing her to look away in embarassment.

"Is something wrong, Asuka?" Shinji asked.

"You really love her, don't you?"

"Yes Asuka. We've talked about this already."

"It's not fair." She muttered.

"What was that?" Shinji inquired.

Tears flowed down the face of the fiery redhead.

"What does she have that I don't?" Asuka asked, in a soft tone.

Shinji buried his head, afraid of seeing the pain in her eyes.

"She has no trouble showing kindness towards me. Perhaps if you had admitted your feelings sooner, we could have been together."

"You don't even jerk off to me anymore, do you?"

Shinji's blush was of a brick red hue.

"Well, I... um. If I said no, I would be lying. But don't get me wrong. Just because I jerk off to you, doesn't mean I love you."

"Then what does it mean?"

"It just means I want to fuck you."

Asuka smiled demonically.

"Well, Misato is off this up coming Sunday. Maybe we should..."

She giggled, and Shinji returned the demonic smile.

"You're on."

A few moments later, the door bell rang. It was Mana in her white sun dress and hat.

"Ohayo Shinji." Mana said, bowing.

Shinji returned the bow.

"Ohayo Mana."

The two left exchanged greetings and they were on their way.

*I better get ready for Sunday.* The devil girl thought.

She then wandered into her room. Hidden under her pillow was a key. The went with a chest. This chest had a label, marked Open and feel Satan's eternal wrath. Inside were her sex toys.

*Leather dominatrix uniform? Check. Leather switch? Check. Ball gag? Check. Blindfold? Check. Handcuffs? Check. Thirteen inch dildo? Check.*

Asuka giggled mischeiviously.

*He'll never know what hit him.*

Three hours later, at Mana's door.

"Shinji, I had a great time tonight."

"I did as well."

Shinji and Mana leaned in for a soft smooch. After fifteen seconds of tongue jousting, the parted. Mana took a bow.

"Good bye, Shinji."

She went inside with a smile on her face. After she noticed he was gone, the smile turned inverted. Tears formed in her eyes

*I'm such a disgusting parasite. I'm toying with his emotions, just so I can steal his Evangelion.*

She dropped to her knees with her hands in her face.

*This isn't right, I shouldn't have to do this.*

Sunday - 8:07 a.m. Shinji woke up as the felt someone strattle him. He could feel someone brush against his morning wood.

"Shinji." A familiar devil girl said seductively. "It's time to whip out that bolonga pony."

The young man smirked.

"I don't think you can handle the bolonga pony."

"Let me be the judge of that." The young devil woman replied.

Asuka put the blindfold on Shinji.

"What the hell are you do..."

Before Shinji could mutter another word, Asuka had put the ball gag over his mouth.

"Be patient third child, you'll get the goods you deserve soon enough."

With Shinji oblivious to what is going on, Asuka stripped herself of the usual blue tank top and lavender coochie cutters. She put on her S&M get-up which was composed of; 1) a red, skintight, strapless, laced, leather top. 2) red, leather, thong panties. 3) red, leather gloves that covered the forearm. And finally, 3) red, knee-high, high-heel boots. When dressed, She removed the ball gag and blindfold form Shinji's face. The look in the male juvenile's eyes was total astonishment.

"Well?" She asked.


"Good boy. Now, strip."

Shinji did as she said.

"Now, lay down on your stomach. Hands behind your back."

Shinji did as she said, unaware of what was to come next.

"Excellent, now we can have some fun."

She handcuffed him. He saw the evil grin on her face as she pulled out the dildo.

"What the fuck are you doing?" Shinji asked.

"That's a dumb question. I'm going to shove this up your ass and have a good laugh while you squirm."

And that's pretty much what happened. She laughed her ass off, spanking him with the switch as he screamed in ecstasy. Of course, it made the girl very horney. She stopped with the butt pluging and unlocked the handcuffs.

"I want to watch you jerk off."

Shinji nodded. While he stroked the pelvic lever, Asuka could feel a tingling sensation in her legs. She threw off her panties, stroking her sensual spot while he jerked his pump. An evil smile formed on Shinji's face. He walked up to Asuka, penis still in hand.

"Idiot, what are you planning?"


"You want a blowjob? I think I can manage that."

Asuka kneeled and placed her hand on his one eyed snake.

"Fooled you." Shinji said.

He nutted in her left eye. Asuka frowned.

"You must think your're pretty funny third child. Let's see how you like this."

Asuka, still massaging the slit in between her legs, strattled the pillow on the boy's bed.

"I hope you'll appreciate the smell of a woman while you sleep tonight." She said.

"You wouldn't dare." Shinji insisted.

Asuka was now panting, one hand was massaging her right breast while the other her womanhood.

"Just you wait."

Asuka let out a soft moan before downloading the love fluids onto his pillow. Shinji smiled.

"Maybe I should clean you up." He said.

"Maybe." She replied.

Shinji squeezed Asuka's rear end as he buried his face in her love hole. Asuka squirmed while he licked up the leaking fluids from her special place.

"Hey idiot, that tickles!"

Shinji's demonic smile returned to his face.

"What of it?"

Asuka returned an equally demonic smile.

"I'm impressed. The invinclible Shinji even has a spine now."

"That's not all I have." he said.

Shinji dug two ultra thick, spermicide latex condoms out of his pocket.

"I planned ahead. I guess I must have brains too."

"Of course you have brains. There isn't a doubt in my mind you're the smartest person I know, next to me of course."

They both giggled. Afterwards, silence filled the room. They looked into eachother's eyes. Shinji could still see a look of despair in Asuka's eyes. He could tell that she felt the need for him.

*After this, there's a chance she might not be able to let go of. She could be obsess with me forever.* Shinji's eyes looked over at the devil girl while she slowy took off the remainder of her s&m uniform. She caressed his face as tears of torment began to flow down her face.

"Shinji, I'll never let you go. Even if today is our only day to be together like this, even if you choose Mana to be your soul mate, I promise... I promise I will always love you, and no one else."

Asuka buried her face in Shinji's lap, sobbing intensely. Shinji ran his hand through her hair, then smiled.

"Asuka, please don't cry."

She looked up to meet his eyes.

"Let's concentrate on this moment, concentrate on making love just this once. We should do everything to make this memory last."

Asuka nodded. Not too long after, Shinji wrapped his sex in the latex. Asuka slowly mounted herself on top, slightly rotating. Shinji had placed his hands on her hips.

*This moment will end soon, so I have to make it as pleasant as possible.* The fiery red-head thought.

Shinji's next move took Asuka by surprise. He moved his tongue inside her mouth, feeling everything there was to feel. She returned the kiss without hesitation. What really took her surprise however, as the fact the Shinji was giving her tush a feel with his left hand. He even had the odacity to massage her anus with his fingers. Asuka moaned in bloody ecstasy.

"Oh Shinji, it feels so good!" Asuka cried.

With her left hand still on his face, she used the right one to massage her breasts. She moaned and moaned, when suddenly, she ejaculated a second time. Her body collapsed, pushing Shinji down to the bed. Shinji came a second before Asuka, but she didn't feel it because of the condoms.

*It's one thing one a guy orgasms during sex, but a girl...* Shinji thought. *She'll probably never be able to let this moment go, let me go...*

Asuka rested her head on Shinji's shoulder, the tears started to flow in greater mass.

"So, is this where you tell me we can never be together again?"

"Well Asuka... Mana is a nice girl, though I can't be with anymore. According to what Fuyutski told me yesterday, she's a spy from one of the Anti-NERV companies. When the enemy found out that we had knowlegde of their plan, they fled. They feared the wrath that NERV could have placed upon them."

"Either way, that doesn't change the fact you don't want to be with me."

"No Asuka, you're wrong, I do want to be with you. I want to be with you and no one else. I love you Asuka, more than anything.

"Alright you idiot, kiss me again."

And kissed they did. For five minutes straight, the explored eachother's mouths with their tongues as they moaned, each minute gasping for air.

"Hey stupid, wanna take a bubble bath?" the devil woman asked. (Asuka smiled, as did Shinji. He nodded)

"Of course." The young hero replied.

And that was the beginning of their insanely perfect relationship...

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