Author: Steve VADER
Genre: Lemon

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".." = speech
<..> = thoughts
(..) = computer message

------------------------------------------------------------------------ ---------------------------

A day at Horakis

Shinji was in a relieved state as the bell rung, signaling the end of yet another boring day at school.
He would never understand how their teacher was able to tell the same stories again and again, and yet
still hand out the normal tests about the things they should have learned.

Happy that it was over for this week, a beep from his laptop stopped him from immediately packing up his

(We need to talk. Please come tomorrow at 10.00h to my residence. HH)

He blinked in surprise. The class rep never sent him a message before, and what could she want to talk
about? And why at her home, when she had enough possibilities to talk in school?
Shinji looked around, wanting to ask her what this was about, but the pig-tailed girl had already left.
Shrugging, he decided to go. He had nothing better to do anyway.
Touji was in hospital, Asuka in a coma and Misato was wherever she thought that she could find the truth.

The first of those thoughts lingered in his brain, as he realized that she probably wanted to talk
about Touji. She visited him regularly, while he himself avoided the hospital.
A deep sigh escaped his lips. He doubted that this would be a pleasant talk, still, it would be better
to give in now, than angering the freckled girl until she beat him into submission and dragged him
to a place where they could talk. She wasn't Asuka's best friend for nothing.


After a lonely lunch in Misato's apartment, which he had redeveloped the problem of actually calling it
'home', he laid down on his bed and listened to his SDAT. Classical music filled his ears, but failed to
calm his troubled mind.

The reluctance to visit the class rep tomorrow had changed to pure terror. Horror-scenarios of Hikari
accusing him of hurting Touji, or beating him up because he had failed to save Asuka flashed through his
mind, each one more cruel than the prior ones.
He fell into a light, nightmare-plagued slumber, only to awake bathed in cold sweat.

He knew that nobody liked him, the he was unwanted by everyone. Asuka told him often enough that he was
worthless, Misato was buried in her own quest, forgetting him completely, as he was most likely never
important to her, Rei was indifferent to anyone beside his father, and the other was currently away.
Kensuke had left the city, he never sent a message.

And what hurt the most, Mana was gone. The only person who really liked him, the only person who ever told
him that she loved him. He didn't know if she was dead, or if she had somewhere to hide, but she wasn't here
anyway. As he remembered the times with the cute redhead, a rare smile graced his features.

Later, another lonely meal followed, before he retired for the day, hoping to be able to sleep without
nightmares. A hope in vain, but still, hope dies always at last.


A night full of unspoken horrors survived, Shinji awoke and fixed himeslf a lonely breakfast, then looked
at the watch. If he wanted to go to Hikari's, he would have to start his preparations soon. His mind fought
a hard battle, before the always winning side managed it again. Whatever would happen, he couldn't escape
destiny, so if Hikari wanted to kill him, she could do it today. It would only shorten his misery anyway.

Clad in his usual garb, consisting of black trousers and a white shirt, he walked to the Horaki domicile.
The sun shone brightly, only a few white clouds decorated the sky. Birds were chirping, insects buzzing,
a perfect day to relax and revel in the beauty of nature.
Shinji didn't notice any of this. His mind was busy with new versions of his demise at the freckled girls
hands, he had an aura of brooding looming over him, like a dark cloud that hovered directly above his head.

Way too soon for his liking, he arrived at the building and entered it. A short time in the elevator later,
a turn to the left, followed by a few steps, and he stood in front of the door that led to the apartment
of the Horaki family.

Resigned to his fate, he pressed the doorbell. He heard the chime and waited, but nobody opened the door.
Maybe Hikari needed time to sharpen her knife? Hesitantly, he pressed the button again.
After another half minute of waiting, he had high hopes that nobody was at home. Already in the progress
of turning around, he saw only on the verge of his vision that the door opened. Turning back to face the
now open door, he was greeted by a surprising sight. It wasn't Hikari who had opened, but her elder sister,
Kodama. He saw her once from far away, so he recognized her.

"So, you came? And punctual too? I'm impressed." she greeted.

Shinji gulped and nodded. "Yes. Is Hikari here?"

Kodama stepped out of the door. "Come in."

Shinji did as told. After taking off his shoes, he followed the elder Horaki inside. She led him in the
living room, where she pointed to a large and comfy looking couch. Shinji understood and sat down.
Kodama took her place in a chair opposite of him, looking at him; evaluating.

Gathering his courage, he asked again if Hikari was here.

And again, he received no answer. "Do you know why you are here?" asked Kodama.

He shook his head. "No."

"You are not here because Hikari wants to talk with you." clarified the brown-haired beauty. "You are here
because I have a problem."

Shinji fidgeted in his seat, looking nervously at the girl.

Kodama smiled amused as she saw this. "You are neither part, nor the source of my problem."

His look changed from nervous, to confused and questioning.

"You are here, because there is a good chance that you can solve it."

Only wanting to run away, he managed to ask: "How?"

"You'll see. But, are you willing to help? You wouldn't only help me, but Hikari as well."

Reluctantly, he nodded. "What do I need to do?"

"At first, I need 24 hours of your time."

"Twenty-four hours?" he asked confused.

"Yes. I need you for one day. Tomorrow morning, you are free to go and do whatever you want again. If you
want to forget this day, do it, I will not hold it against you. Is this acceptable?"

His mind still screamed to run, he wanted to oblige this call, but the helpless look of the beautiful girl
gave him the resolve to defeat his inner voice for the first time. Unable to give a verbal answer, he nodded.

Kodama rewarded him with a big smile. "Very good. We will do this in several steps. Firstly, I'll tell you
what bothers me, and why."

Shinji relaxed. Hearing a story didn't sound too bad.

"Then I'll tell you the solution I found," continued Kodama "followed by some training to implement the
solution flawlessly. If all goes well, the solution can be implemented this evening. You'll have to sleep
here. Will this be a problem?"

So far, things didn't sound bad. Answering her question was easy. Misato was never at home, Pen-Pen fed
himself, and there was no one else. "No, It won't be a problem." He was rewarded with another smile that
captivated him.
Two years older than Hikari, Kodama had more mature features. Still, her body was slim and lithe, perfect
for a young Japanese girl. Hair of the same color as Hikari's crowned her head, was bound in a loose
ponytail. Warm brown eyes in a mature version of Hikari's face, but without freckles, looked friendly at
him. Shinji realized that there was only word to describe the girl in front of him. Beautiful.

"Oh, and before we begin, there is no need to worry about Nozomi. She won't be here until tomorrow

Shinji let a small, relieved sigh escape. He had met the younger Horaki once. At the age of twelve, she
looked pretty much like her sisters. But how she gushed about his status as pilot was more than embarrassing.
He was glad that she wasn't here, a blubbering girl was the last thing he needed.

"Do you want something to drink?"

"A soda would be nice." replied Shinji, now feeling a lot more comfortable. No Nozomi, and no Hikari
killing him, heightened his spirits on levels he hadn't reached since Mana's disappearance.

Kodama placed a can of soda and a glass in front of him, causing Shinji to blink. She noticed this,
and asked what was wrong.

"Nothing." he assured the girl. "It's just...I can't remember the last time I used a glass. At Misato's,
I always drink directly from the can, so..."

"If you want to, no problem."

He formed a little smile. "No."

After this was settled, Kodama sat down again. "What do you think of my sister?"

This question caught Shinji unaware. He blushed and stammered, wasn't able to give an understandable answer.

"Take a deep breath, hold it, then release it slowly." advised Kodama.

Shinji followed this advice, then managed to answer. "She is a good class rep. She takes her duty seriously,
and keep us in line, despite our teacher."

She smiled amused at him. "Nice to hear that. But I didn't ask what you think of her position, or how she
fulfills her duty. I asked what you think of her."

As no answer came, Kodama sighed. This would be harder than she had thought. "Do you like her? Do you hate
her? Do you thinks she's good looking? An answer would be nice."

"This is a personal question." he made a last attempt of avoiding an answer.

"I know. Still I need to know for the solution of my problem. If you want to puke each time you see her, it
would make no sense to continue."

"No, no, that isn't the problem." waved Shinji frantically off.

"So you like her?"

A light blush told her enough to continue. "As you can guess, the source of my problem is Hikari. You know
that she visits Touji regularly?"


"Before he was crippled, was he interested in her? Did he ever say something positive about her?"

Shinji thought over it, then shook his head.

"Thought so. You know what Hikari thinks about you?"

Shinji shook his head again.

"She likes you."

He looked surprised at Kodama. "What?"

"She likes you. After you came into her class, she found you cute. She told it to me herself, on the day of
your arrival. One of the reasons why she reported Touji to the director as he had hit you.
And while Asuka told a whole load of bull about you, she still likes you. She was only too shy to admit it."

"How do you know what Asuka told her? And that it is true?"

She smiled genuinely at him. "Hikari tells me almost everything. And your name isn't Happosai, or?"

Shinji allowed himself a weak chuckle.

"What I want to say is, that she didn't know who she should favor. You, or Touji."

"And now she has made her choice." dead panned Shinji.

"A bad one." countered Kodama. "I never liked the idiot-boy, as Asuka calls him so fitting, but I never knew
how bad he really is, that damned leech."

Shinji wanted to interrupt, but a gesture from the girl stopped him. "I know what you want to say, you want
to defend you friend."

He nodded.

"That's why I'll tell you as I see it. Then you will understand what my problem is. Hikari and Touji
have been in the same class since elementary. Ever since middle school, she liked him. While she is shy, she
still managed to ask him several times out. He always turned her down. The last time a year ago.
He never showed any interest in her. As she asked him if she should make a bento, he said yes, but didn't
show up the next day. While he had a good excuse for that, he still told her to go away the first time she
visited him."

Shinji had no clue as to where this was leading, but listened closely to the story nonetheless.

"Sadly, she didn't give up. She visited him again, after he had realized what had happened."

She stopped her tale as she saw Shinji's guilty face. "You weren't responsible for it. I know that your
Guardian thinks that, and she is your commanding officer, and I know that nobody else beside you think
that you are responsible. Not even idiot-boy himself."

Shinji flinched, but finally got a grip.

"And now guess what happened?"

"He turned her down again?" he asked unsure. If he should play match-maker for those two, Kodama had surely
chosen the worst person possible for this job.

"Wrong. Suddenly, he got all cozy. Complimented her looks, praised her cooking, thanked her politely for her
visits. He had transformed to a perfect gentleman."

Shinji had now his suspicions where she was going, and he didn't like them one bit. Sadly, if he was right,
it sure looked like the way Kodama thought.

"This change came very abruptly, so I questioned his motives. It wasn't hard to find a logical explanation.
His dreams of becoming a sport-star are now impossible. Instead he will need someone to care for him.
To go to work to earn money, to cook, to do the household chores. He knows that Hikari would be perfect for
this job, and she is interested in him. A perfect solution. He just needs to destroy her life, and
in exchange, he gets a nice one of his own." Kodama finished grimly.

Shinji sighed. He had no arguments that he could use against this line of thinking, as it seemed frightfully
accurate. Everything Touji did supported the theory of Kodama, and while he was his friend, at least he
thought that they still were, he couldn't defend him, as he had nothing to do with. At least he saw no way
how to do anything to interfere in this mess. "I don't understand why I'm here. You need to talk with Hikari
and tell her what you think. But what does it have to do with me?"

Kodama grinned at him. "Simple. I want to show her that there are others out there as well. Other she likes

Shinji's eyes widened in complete and utter shock. "You want me to try something with her?"

"Why not?" she asked calmly. "You like her, and there's nobody else. Or are you madly in love with Asuka?"

Alone the mentioning of a possible lasting relationship with the volatile redhead was enough to send him into
panic. He tried to crawl backwards, and would have succeeded, if the couch wouldn't have been a solid

Kodama's eyes sparkled amused as she saw this display. So much for Hikari's theory that Shinji and Asuka
would be looking good together. "No? Then maybe Rei?"

Shinji managed to calm down, shook his head. Slow and sad.

"Or do you like alcoholic sluts more?"

"Misato isn't a slut." he protested weakly.

"But you don't love her this way."


"And Mana isn't here, you don't know if she ever comes back."

Again his expression became downward, as he nodded with tears in his eyes.

"So you need to move on. Why not with Hikari?"

He just wanted to run away, escape from this surreal conversation. Yet the things Kodama said were making
sense. Besides, why not Hikari? Sure, he was worthless, but that didn't mean that he couldn't at least try.
If she liked him, hadn't he deserve a little bit of happiness?
Those thoughts ran through his mind, before he spoke again. "So you want me to date her?"

Kodama relaxed. She knew that she had won. Now it was only a matter of patience to get everything she wanted.
"No, for that it's too late. I want you to seduce her."


"I want you to seduce her." she repeated.


"This way, your bond to her will exceed hers to Touji immediately. You can show you how you feel about her,
and get some fun for yourself too. A perfect solution. After a night with you, you will be her boyfriend.
Everyone will be happy. Hikari will have a gentle and caring boyfriend, who treats her right. You will get
a nice and good looking girlfriend, who doesn't treat you like shit, and I get the knowledge that my sister
is in good hands. A sure winner for everyone. And if you don't like it, you can go. After it." she explained.

After he heard this speech, Shinji understood that Kodama had everything planned in advance. Whatever he
would bring up, she would have an answer for. He could only try to run away, but he wouldn't be surprised if
she had locked the door. Being in the 6th floor, jumping out of the window wasn't an option.
He could only try to stall for time, and maybe find a hole in her plans. For this, he had only one idea to
topple her plans. If this didn't work, he knew that he was doomed. "How?"

"I will arrange everything. You will get a nice opportunity, everything will be fine."

Damn. Maybe another approach. "No. I...I meant that I have no clue how." Another reason for this last
desperate attempt was because it was truth. Beside a bad porno, he had no experience with anything related
to sex.

As she grinned like the Cheshire cat at him, he knew it was over. He was in the hands of a plotting
mastermind, with no way to escape.

"That can be easily corrected. I'll give you a little crash-course, and you won't have any problems."

"Crash course?" he asked frightened. That didn't sound good.

"Yes." That said, she stood up, went to him and grabbed his hand. Then she led him out of the room.


While Kodama dragged him through the apartment, Shinji saw how huge it was. He didn't know where Hikari's
father worked, but he sure had to be important.
The excursion ended in a spacious room, which was a perfect mix between Japanese and western style.
Two times bigger than his own, it was dominated by a spacious western style bed. On the wall opposite to
the entrance, stood a desk with a computer, opposite to the bed, a closet with a large mirror dominating the
area of the door. Beside the entrance, a beautiful worked folding screen cut off a portion of the room,
most likely for changing clothes. Dense woven tatami mats covered the floor, countered with the folding
screen the otherwise western impression the room gave.

Kodama led him to the bed and signaled him to sit down, which he did. She went two steps back from him,
fondled at the side of her dress, which was rewarded with a zipping noise. With a quiet rustling, the dress
fell down and landed on the floor, leaving a completely nude girl standing in the room.
Shinji's eyes bugged out, before he shut them forcibly.

"Open your eyes." Kodama ordered. "If you are unable to look at a female body, how should you seduce Hikari?"
As Shinji didn't react, she added: "You are supposed to look, you dummy. I won't clobber you for looking."
Finally, this statement came: "Look at me or I really will have to clobber you." Kodama threatened, finally
getting the response she wanted.

So far, Shinji had seen several girls nude. Misato, per accident. Rei, as he had brought her the new ID,
Asuka also via accident. Mana was the only one who flashed him, and posed a little, still, it was only for
a few seconds though. Kodama was the first girl who really showed herself to him.
While still embarrassed, he was thankful for this view. She was beautiful. His view roamed from her slim
shoulders to her cute little toes, memorizing the impression as well as possible. The small breasts, very
similar to Mana's, crowned by small pink nipples, the flat belly, the long and slender legs.
Her bare sex had a profound impact on his senses and sent his mind nearly into overload.

She smiled at his reaction. "Like what you see?"

Shinji nodded so fast that his face was only a blur.

"Good." She turned around, showed him everything she got. He had almost a heart attack only by seeing her
nude. She really needed to give him a crash course, or he wouldn't survive his first kiss with Hikari.
That she would have a little bit of fun on the way was only an added bonus. Hikari was right, he was a shy

After spinning a few times, she sat down beside him. "Have you ever kissed?" she asked shyly, giving him the
impression of an innocent young maiden.

"Yes. One time." He didn't count the experience with Asuka as a kiss. As far as he knew, a kiss shouldn't
asphyxiate the partner, so he counted it as cruel joke.

"With tongue?"

He shook his head.

Kodama looked deeply in his eyes. "Shinji, I will kiss you know. After our lips met, please open your mouth
a little, k?"
Without waiting for an answer, she brought her face closer to his, laid it lightly to one side as she came
closer, and touched his lips with her own. For long seconds, it was a shy and innocent kiss, before he
followed her prior demand and opened his mouth a little.
Slowly, she licked over his lips, then she started to invade his mouth with her tongue. Using playful
little licks over his tongue to tease him to participate more actively, she took her time.
Clumsily, he started to reciprocate the kiss, touched her tongue with his own, searched actively for contact.
Carefully, she guided him into her own mouth, where she started to suckle on his tongue. Low moans from
him indicated that he enjoyed this very much, so she continued it for some time.
The next step was to see how much he had learned. Letting his tongue back into her home, hers followed
closely. Much to her surprise and joy, he tried to mirror the action she did to him. Still inexperienced,
but at least eager to learn. The kiss continued for some time, changing techniques and dominance several
times, before Kodama broke it.

After she opened her eyes, she saw that his were still closed, his face calm and awed. She found it cruel
that nobody treated him well. So gentle, so caring, so desperate for attention he was, yet he didn't get
She waited for him to open his eyes, then asked him gently: "You understand that you need to know how a
female body works before you can please a woman?"


She smiled at him, gave him a short peck on the lips, while reaching for his hand. She took his right one,
pulled it to her body, placing it on her breast.

Shinji's eyes widened as he felt the soft globe that he had only felt one time before. He knew immediately
what he was touching, and looked into the brown eyes of this nude beauty with a mildly shocked espression.

"You can move your hand to feel it properly." she encouraged him, and hesitating, he followed her advice.

"Do you feel the hard nub? That's my nipple, and the hardness means that you are doing well."
She took his hand off from her cleavage. "Do you want to kiss it?"

He blushed again, but nodded. If this goddess wanted to let him do this, he wouldn't refuse. Kodama arched
her body back to give him better access, and he slowly brought his face closer to her body.
He smelled a hint of perfume, intoxicating his nostrils. He saw only her flawless skin, the wonderfully
formed hills of flesh with the pink crowns, like bulls eyes, the target he had to hit with his mouth.

Kodama shivered as she felt the gentleness of his lips against her skin. She placed one hand on the back of
his head, pressed him gently, yet more firmly against her bosom. He got the idea and created more contact,
but was still incredibly careful with his movements. She again took his hand, placing it on her other breast,
and led it into kneading motions.
Yes, this was good. She chuckled shortly, as she felt his tongue flicking over her hard nipple for the
first time. She caressed his head to encourage him more, and he followed her wishes obediently.
Kodama let him continue, until she felt a wave of heat coursing through her body. Her eyes flew wide
open as she had a mild orgasm, just from the feeling he gave her by fondling and kissing her tits.

Gently, she pushed him away, breaking his contact with her cleavage. Shinji looked ashamed at her.
"Did I do something wrong?" he asked bashfully.
Kodama felt a strong urge to race into the hospital and shut Asuka's life-support off. Wrong? That
was the best thing she felt...ever, and he asked if he had done something wrong?
She kissed him gently, then looked long in his face.

"No, you did nothing wrong. On the contrary, you did very, very well."
She suppressed a relieved sigh as a small satisfied smile lightened his features. "And now lay back,
After she said that, she realized what exactly she had said. She hadn't commanded that he should lay
back, but asked for it. Yet it seemed much more right this way. This boy deserved some attention, some
respect. He had saved their live several times, it wasn't right for her to order him around.

She looked down at him. "Have you ever seen a female sex?" Kodama asked, hoping for a negative answer.


"Then I will show you now mine." she announced and stood up, turned to the bed and kneeled on it.
Shinji brought his arms close to his body, to make it easier for her to get in a comfortable position
over his face, which made her wonder again. Even inexperienced, his gentle nature made him a perfect
gentleman, even in this situation.
He also positioned himself in a very weak position, made himself vulnerable just for her. She gulped
as those thoughts ran through her head, then she finished the way up.

Shinji looked in awe at the unfamiliar, intriguing sight. A strange thought flashed through his brain,
fitting, but nonetheless strange. <Another unfamiliar ceiling.>
A drop of fluid hit his face, just under his lips. He blushed profusely before he informed her about it.

"You are dripping."

Kodama blushed beet red as she heard this. "T..that's normal. As you..kissed me, as you kissed my...nipples,
I got excited. Aroused women are producing those fluids to allow easier...penetration." she explained.
Kodama didn't understand the world anymore. Here she was, sitting on the face of a younger boy, stammering
like a schoolgirl on her first date.


Using both hands, she spread her nether lips apart, giving him a clear view on the hidden treasure.
Pointing with one of her finger to the top of her flower, she started to explain.
"This knob is my clit...It is the most important part of the female sex...It's very sensual. A lot of girls
don't cum.." She blushed even more as she used this word "..if they have only intercourse. Then they
stimulate themselves here....A gentle lover does that for the girl."
Kodama had a hard time explaining this. Pauses between each sentence showed her insecurity. It was
frustrating for her. She should have complete control, should tell him what he needed to know, but now,
her confidence was gone. Damn, she already had more than a few boys, and even some girls, so what was
wrong with her.
She gulped, then continued her explanation, as her finger pointed a little bit lower.
"The little hole is the piss slit, where we girls pee." An urge she suddenly felt strongly. Only a fast
reestablishment of control saved Shinji from the treatment of a golden shower. "Carefully licking
it can have some strong effects." Finally, a sentence without stammering. Her finger pointed lower
again. "This is the vagina, the direct entrance to my womb....Here you penetrate to couple."
And this was exactly what she meant: Her love tunnel, for him to penetrate.
Sure, she had planned to have her way with him, but why was her desire to do so suddenly so strong?
"If you want, you can take a lick. You need to get accustomed to the taste anyway."
Her eyes widened as she realized the words her mouth had spoken without her consent. Where did that idea
come from?

Hearing this offer, Shinji looked wide eyed at the slime dripping sex over his face it. With the offer,
it had lowered, was now just a centimeter above him. He opened his mouth, brought it closer, as another
drop fell, landing in the back of his mouth. Extending his tongue, he came closer, finally, the tip made
contact with the warm, glistening folds of the girls sex. Very slow and careful, he drove his tongue
from the dark hole of her vagina up until he broke the contact right under her clit.
The taste was weird, somewhat fishy, but not unpleasant. And was it him, or was she dripping faster?

As she felt the gentle contact between his tongue and her sex, Kodama tensed. It moved so slow, so
painfully slow upwards. She awaited the contact with her hard nub, sending her into oblivion, as the
contact broke just before it. She nearly started to cry in frustration, but regained her coolness through
an immense amount of willpower.
After this, she dismounted him immediately and stood up to bring some distance between herself and him.
At least he didn't ask if he did something wrong again. She breathed deeply through, then looked at him.

"I am nude and you are still fully clothed. A little bit unfair, or?"

As she saw him blushing, Kodama wondered again over herself. This was originally planned a little bit
later, yet she wanted to see him now. Deciding to help him, she sat down beside him and started
to work on the buttons of his shirt. One after another was opened, as she reached the belt, she opened it
and the button of the trousers to finish the last of the shirt. He sat up, eased the removal of the suddenly
offending cloth. This was accomplished, so it was time for the next move. Gently pushing him back on the bed,
she drew his zipper down, then pealed him out of his black trousers. With only his briefs left to hide his
body, Shinji decided to take another measure to hide his body by blushing into new realms of red skin tones.
Kodama saw this, but didn't stop. Instead she grabbed this last item and drew it forcefully down over his
legs. However, she only got a short glimpse on his bare sex, before he covered himself with his hands.

"You shave?" she asked surprised, only earning a nodding head as answer. "Why?"

"Plug suit." he whispered as answer.

Kodama nodded, she heard from Hikari how they looked and how tight they were, then laid her hands over his,
taking them into her own, removing this obstacle between her eyes and their intended goal.

As he laid naked before her eyes, she wandered with her all over his body with her eyes. He was too thin, on
the verge of being scrawny, and his half erected sex was an average sight. His body was nothing great, yet
it was the look on his face that captivated her once again. Complete and utter fear, contrasted with
curiosity. She had planned to simply fuck him, but now she found this...insufficient. It was clear that he
wasn't accustomed to physical contact with others, that he had no clue how beautiful it could be.
It would be wise to show him this first. This way her urge to spoil him logically explained, she moved on
with this new plan.

"Now that you know how a woman looks, feels and taste, I will show you that it isn't a one-way road. Love
and affection needs two, and what you give, shall you gain too."

She sat again beside him, bowed down and kissed him shortly, but intensely.

"Relax. I won't hurt you. I want to show you how great it can be to be touched." she whispered soothingly.
Then she started to drive a line with her finger down from his chin to his flat chest. She rubbed him
carefully with circling motions, feeling his nipples become hard.
The look of fear in his place was changed to surprised, then awe. It hurt her to see this, as it showed
that he never was touched in a loving way, most likely not even casually. Slowly kissing him again,
dancing a slow duet with his tongue, she took him in a full embrace. His hardened sex pressed against her
hip, which she ignored for the time being. If he didn't know that touches can be good, can be gentle, can
give happiness, he would never be a good boyfriend.
Holding him close to her, she continued the kiss, showed him that closeness could be very exciting and

Shinji enjoyed the kiss, the feeling of skin against skin. Sure, the hugs from Misato were nice, but so
exaggerated that he was often nearly suffocated. He knew that holding hands with someone was nice, Mana
had showed him this, but this situation was completely new. Her entire body pressed against him, while
kissing passionately was a sensation he never thought to experience.
He felt her breasts pressing against his body, felt the hard nubs of her small nipples rubbing over his skin.
Her hands held him close, caressed his back, something he started to reciprocate. Tears of happiness stung
in his eyes as he felt loved for the first time he could remember.
His erection was pressed against her, yet she didn't mind, didn't protest, didn't hurt him for something
natural. He was accepted, and that alone was more than he could say from all the other persons around him.
Her tongue in his mouth, and his in hers, he relaxed completely, letting himself fall into the sensual
world that Kodama showed him.

As she felt his body relaxing, she knew that he started to enjoy it. Ever so slowly, the kiss broke, and
she started to travel along a path of little kisses downwards, over his chin, his neck, down to his breast.
Not only girls enjoy attention on this place, showing him this would surely let him realize that this area
always deserved some attention, be it his, or hers.
Mirroring his earlier actions, she started to kiss the hard nubs, one after another, circled with her tongue
around them. Then she went further, sucked gently, finally taking one of them between her teeth and nibbled
on it.
A chuckle of pure delight escaped Shinji, something he didn't even knew that he was capable of.

Kodama heard this and decided to get bolder. One of her hands wandered further down, drew a line over his
belly, then moved side wards over his hips to his thigh. As he was still relaxed, her hand moved again
side wards, back to the middle, then upwards. He tensed shortly as her fingers touched for the first time
his testicles. Caressing them gently, it was time for her to wait for him to relax again.
The oldest Horaki started to enjoy this game immensely. Going further, waiting, then going further again.
The tip of her index finger moved upwards, reached the root of his erection, travelled upwards, rested
finally on the small slit that crowned the smooth, purple head.
His hands were still caressing and holding her. Kodama found it amazing how fast he trusted her.
Was his life so empty that for a little bit of affection, all his defenses were crumbling?
And didn't she use thus only for her own gains? A pang of guilt shot through her at this last thought.

Her hand encircled his hard meat, started to move up and down, jerked him gently. Shinji started
immediately to moan her name, getting lost in the feeling of sexual desire.
Her eyes widened as she heard the soft "Kodamaaa" from him. Was her impression to him that good?
She wanted to use him, use him as a way to make her sister happy. Was he so used to be abused that he
enjoyed it simply because she did at least somewhat in return?
Kodama glanced at his face, saw the dreamy expression on it, met the soft looks he stole of her.

It was too much. If he wanted to be grateful, he should have at least a reason for it. A real reason, not
a lousy hand job. She slid from the bed on the floor, kneeled before him, studied his pulsing erection.
It pulsated with his heartbeat. The purple head was clearly visible, no longer hidden behind his foreskin,
and it drew her to it like a hypnotic light.

Shinji was first afraid that he had done something wrong as Kodama left his side and moved on the floor. A
fear that was forgotten as he felt her soft lips kissing the head of his sex, her tongue flicking over
his little slit. Immediately, he relaxed again, gave himself to the new world of sensations and emotions that
Hikari's older sister showed him, guided him into. The world of adulthood, where he could live out his
feelings and desires. Without getting hurt, without being ridiculed, without being made fun of.

Kodama licked gently over his shaft, took it in her mouth, let it invade her mouth. Then she ran her tongue
slowly over the side of it, from the head down to his balls, sucked one of them into her mouth and played
with it, using her tongue. Shinji's breathing became louder, the pulsating of his sex faster, indicators
that he liked what she was doing. She changed sides, spoiled now the other sperm factory, finally, she
released it and drove on the side upwards, ended this round with a light kiss on the purple head. His slit
glistened with a drop of clear pre cum, which she licked up before she took him in her mouth again.

Shinji was out of the world of rational thinking. He didn't know what he had done to deserve such a treatment
from a goddess, nor did he question it. His world consisted of his sex, and the things an eager mouth did to
it. Sensations of unknown strength, degrading his solely explorations to nothingness, ran from his sex
directly into his brain, overloading it completely.
Yet this wasn't neither the end, nor the peak, as it grew stronger with each sensual contact between her
mouth and his erection. He was taken in heights he was so far unable to imagine, all by one girl that showed
him one great thing after another.
His vision grew white as a more pointed sensation, stronger than before ran over his length, sending him over
a border he never knew that it existed.

With slow, gentle and deliberate motions, she gave him a classic blowjob. Using lips and tongue to satisfy
him, his moans made pretty clear that she did better than good, that she gave him something he had never
experienced before. Kodama took him fully in her mouth for the grand finale. Very, very carefully, she took
his root between her teeth and moved upwards. Slow, gently, but with enough pressure to elicit the strongest
sensation for him. She felt his hips tensing, breaking the action before she reached the head and started to
suckle on it.
His hips bowed to her, tried to bury his cock deeper in her mouth, the throbbing reached a new height as
the time had come. Her lips enclosed only the head, as the first spurt of his seed splashed against the back
of her mouth, running forward over her tongue. A second and third wave followed, filling her mouth with the
metallic tasting liquid.
Carefully, not wasting one drop, she removed her mouth from his rapidly deflating organ. She used her tongue
to roll the liquid in her mouth around, filling it with the taste of Shinji's emission completely, before
she gulped it down in very small portions.

After this, she looked at him. He lay on her bed, exhausted but happy, and smiled gently at her. Kodama
smiled back, stood up, turned around and sat down beside him. Shinji spread his arm away from his body,
offering her a place to rest, which she used.
Seconds later, Kodama's eyes widened in complete and utter shock.

Later, she would be glad that Shinji didn't see her face in the seconds that followed the realization what
she had done. Kodama Horaki wasn't what people would call a 'good girl.' She liked sake, and had several
lovers, men and women, since she started her sex life over a year ago. Still, she wasn't an easy lay.
Kodama was very selective about people she wanted to be intimate with, yet there were still things she never
did. Like giving a blowjob.
She found this act derogatory. If a boy wanted to fuck her cunt, ok, but nobody would fuck her head. And now
she did it, out of her own free will. That she swallowed was another disturbing detail, as she found the
thought of a cock in her mouth alone disgusting. Swallowing was only a minor concern, compared to the fact
that she did give him a blowjob.
Kodama was proud that she wasn't controlled by her emotions. She liked her liberty, and defended it against
everything. Be it glompy boys, or plotting sisters.
It was not hard to guess for her what Hikari saw in the young Ikari. He was gentle, careful, charming in a
shy kind of way, vulnerable. It was also easy to admit that she liked him. Which didn't mean that she was
interested. And exactly here, she found a problem. She was interested. If she hadn't know that Hikari
wanted him, that she needed him only to make Hikari happy, she would go for him.
Her relationships so far were all more or less disappointing. But Shinji was so different that she was sure
that it could work. So, she felt something for him. But that wasn't enough reason to do this.
Was it the wonder in his eyes as she started with it? Or the way he had moaned her name as she jerked him?
What was it that made him so special that she did something she never wanted to do, and enjoy it?
She had liked doing it to him. Another mystery to solve.
Her thoughts centered along those events for some time, running in circles, without coming to a conclusion.

As Shinji lay on the bed, holding the beautiful girl in his arms, he didn't know what to think anymore.
Kodama was the first one who touched him in those ways, who showed him what it meant to be with someone else
close. He had appreciated that she showed him the details of a female body, that she had kissed him.
But what followed later blew his mind. Sure, she had said that she did this only for Hikari, to enable him
to seduce her properly. Hikari was cute, it was easy for him to admit that, but she wasn't the one he wanted
to be with. He wanted to be with Kodama. Shinji wasn't dumb enough to believe that he felt real love for
her because she did suck him off. Still, he felt a lot for the girl, emotions that could easily become love.
He thought over the possibility of talking her out of her plans with Hikari, if such a thing was possible,
as he realized that he was tremendously selfish.
Kodama did so much for him, showed him her body, kissed him, let him touch her, and gave him the first
orgasm he received from someone else, yet he had done so little for her. This was something he had to
correct immediately.


"Yes?" she asked after a little pause, because he disrupted her thoughts.

"May I .... make your orgasm too?"

"You want to make me cum?" she asked surprised. Then she left his embrace, sat up and looked in his face.

Shinji blushed. "You did it for me. And is only fair...if I do it to you too. Shouldn't sex be
something that both are enjoying?"

Kodama raised an eyebrow as she heard this bold statement. "And where did you hear that?"


She suppressed a sigh. Who else could have it been? Trust the drunken slut to talk philosophic about love,
but never giving it to her ward. She had met the Major once, and didn't like her one bit. Like all
beer-drinkers, the woman had no style at all. Loud, boisterous, always playing the good one, but in fact,
she was plain and simple a prolet.
"And what she says is true?"

"No." admitted Shinji. "Not always. But sometimes, the things she says make sense, like this one.
You gave me an unbelievable gift today, that I want to return."

She blushed as she heard this sweet statement. There lay this boy, two years younger than her, and was
more gentleman than most men twice his age. He looked so serious, he really wanted to give her back what
she did to him, because it was the right thing to do. Which was correct, it was the right thing to do.
Still, so many people ignored this little fact. Something he never would, as she realized.
Kodama smiled down at him, nodded slowly before she laid down.
"You can start whenever you want."

Shinji turned at his side, looked at the beautiful girl who had turned her head and looked in his eyes.
Slowly, he moved closer, until their lips met lightly.
Contrary to their prior kisses, their tongues didn't met. It was just a light kiss, broken, started again,
and so on. Those kisses were not meant to inflame her lust, but to show her what he felt.
For long minutes, this went on. The little smooching noises were accompanyed by their breathing, the only
sound in the room.

Later, he started to move his right hand over the side of her body, caressing her gently and carefully.
Shinji knew that he had no reason to rush, but lots of reasons to enjoy this experience. It was his first
chance to touch a female body, to explore it slowly with his hands and his mouth.

Kodama encouraged him to go on, she tried to deepen the kiss, but was denied. As she wanted to maneuver his
hand to her breast, he evaded her carefully. She didn't understand what he had planned, what his intentions
were. His actions made her unsure how to proceed.
Breaking the kisses for some seconds, she took a short look in his face, saw how curiously he looked at her.
She understood what he was doing almost immediately and relaxed even more. If he wanted to explore her, she
would let him, especially as she already knew how it would end.

As Shinji left the warm, inviting lips of Kodama and wandered away with his mouth, he didn't plan to
immediately assault her nipples. There were so much other places to discover.
He slowly drove with his lips sideways, caressing her cheek, before wandering further and reaching her ear.
Flicking his tongue out, he made a wet trail on her earlobe, before he suckled shortly on it.
Kodama moaned silently, telling Shinji this way that she liked this.
He became bolder, drove his tongue a little bit into her ear, which sent her into a giggling fit. This broke
his administrations on this body part, still, he had gained useful information if they were together again.
Which he seriously hoped.

After Kodama had recovered, they shared another kiss, where they exchanged some saliva due to extended
tongue play. Much shorter than the series of pecks, it didn't take long, and Shinji's mouth started to
wander again. This time southwards over her chin, to her delicate neck. Planting one kiss after another
on her smooth skin, he drew a large smiley on her skin. Two pecks on the forehead as eyes, one on the nose,
and a line from ear to ear as mouth.

She enjoyed all the little kisses. As he suddenly stopped kissing along her neck, she looked at him. What she
saw surprised her. A mischievous glint was in his eyes, that sparkled pure joy in her.
After the first three pecks, she didn't understand. It dawned her after the smiley was finished and he
was chuckling. Then she chimed in. Such a playful mood during intimacies was alien to her, but she enjoyed
it immensely. Being together with someone not because only of lust, but also because of affection and joy
was new to her. A very nice experience.

Another long frenching session followed, then Shinji wandered again side wards. This time, her shoulder was
his target, which he reached pretty fast. Using only the tip of his tongue, he drew a wet line from her
shoulder down her arm, adding a little kiss on her elbow, then moving further down until he reached her hand.
There he paused, inspected her long and slim fingers intensely, before carefully selecting her index finger
out and sucking on it.
One finger after another was treated this way, the last one was her pinky.

Kodama found it strange that he spent so much time with her hand. If he continued to waste so much time with
rather uninteresting parts, it would take way too long. She knew that presenting herself, or encouraging him
to go faster wouldn't work, so she tried a new strategy. Shinji looked every few minutes in her face, as if
he was searching for approval. He did it again, and found himself confronted with a pleading look.
He didn't understand, but a short movement of her eyes, pointing to her breasts, made the message clear.
She sighed contented as his lips found her nipple, while her other breast was massaged with slow and circling

As he was busy fulfilling Kodama's unspoken request, Shinji understood that he moved too slow for her taste.
It was clear that sometime, Hikari would come home, and she obviously wanted him to be finished before this
happened. This made him a little bit sad, as he would have liked to explore her entire body, but he was
willing to oblige.

She frowned shortly, as his mouth left her sensual cleavage pretty soon. She wanted to ask what was wrong,
as she felt his lips again on her skin, but this time lower on her body. Shinji kissed his way down, leaving
her rib cage and moving to her belly. Giving her short, tickling licks that made her laugh, he encircled her

Kodama's laugh pearled through the silence of her room, filling him with odd satisfaction. For him, happiness
was always intertwined with laughing and fun, and he had no reason to believe that sex was different.
Making her laugh made him happy too, and he had to fight hard to suppress a big grin, as he stopped his
assault on her flat belly and started to lick her button directly, which tickled her again, but was also
was arousing. Her giggles were mixed with short moans and words of encouragement. He would have liked to
continue, but what else could he do? Not finding an answer, he moved downwards again.

The oldest of the Horaki sisters had to admit that she had never thought that sex could be so playfully.
So far, it was the sating of lust, maybe followed by some cuddling. But laughing during it was foreign to her.
She enjoyed it, found that it made the intimacies much more relaxed, more natural. Again too soon for her
taste, Shinji moved more downwards, to areas that were more sensual, but less ticklish. Her laughter died
down, was replaced instead by moans as his lips wandered over the skin of her shame, supported by his tongue
that regularly flicked out and tasted her. Kodama was happy that she used a chemical hair-remover instead of
shaving, otherwise Shinji wouldn't enjoy this so much. She felt his stubble as she gave head, but hadn't that
much contact between lips and this area than he had.

The silky skin of her was so much fun to kiss. It felt so good against his lips. He also smelled her arousal,
which had quite an effect on himself too. As much as he liked this place, he slid further down and took his
place between her spread legs. Her thighs rested against his shoulders, as he watched on the swollen sex in
front of his eyes.
Carefully, he blew on it, making her shiver with anticipation. Then he brought his lips closer, extended
his tongue, and brought it down on her skin, to the left of her sex.

Again, she wanted to groan in annoyance. Sometimes, he was too playful for her taste. He should have started
immediately to eat her out, not continue to teasing around. Still, she was unable to complain, as exactly
the playful things he did to her made it impossible to act properly. She enjoyed them too much, and while
she waited for her much needed release, she would have also been content if he would have played for hours
to no end with her body.

Using a long lick, he encircled Kodama's cleft, from her hooded clit down to her backdoor, and back above.
He broke the contact, gave her a soft peck on her nether lips before he broke contact again.
Shinji looked another time at her sex, saw that her wetness started to ooze out, used this as start signal
to begin with the serious stimulation of her slit.

As she felt his tongue on her outer labia, licking gently over it, Kodama released a long and satisfied sigh.
It parted her nether lips, started to invade her, only to withdraw again and vanishing out from her.
She wanted to protest, but found it unnecessary as it parted again her lips, made another short exploration
of her insides.
His fingers parted her, made her wide open for his tongue to explore. She felt how his mouth pressed fully
against her, while his tongue drove up and down, before it darted as deep as possible into her.

Shinji felt the tensing in the muscles of her thighs as his tongue entered her, felt them a little bit
relaxing as he moved it out. Now that he knew that this action brought the desired effect, he repeated it,
again and again. He had never thought that it would be so easy to please a woman with his mouth.
Insert the tongue in her hole, lick around, repeat. She surely liked it, as Kodama's groans became louder.
Suddenly, her thighs clapped together, imprisoned his head, while his mouth was still firmly planted over
her sopping pussy.
His brain shut down. Her taste filled his mouth. The smell of her arousal flooded his nostrils. He felt the
skin of her legs on his cheeks. It was so intoxicating, so intimate, so wonderful. There were no words known
to him to describe his feelings as he continued to lick Kodama.

She felt how he took his time, how he enjoyed spoiling her, realized it on a level of pure instinct.
Coherent thoughts were long since impossible, as her feelings built up to a level she never knew to exist.
Kodama started to grind herself against his face, searching for release before she suffered a heart attack.

Shinji compensated for her motions by moving his complete upper body, before fulfilling her unspoken need. In
one swift motion, his tongue darted from her hole upwards, hitting the hard button of her clit fully.
Her muscles tensed so much that it hurt him, as a long wail filled the room.
Suddenly, she relaxed completely, as if she were a doll whose batteries ran out. Himself too groggy to
be concerned about this, which he categorized as normal on an instinctive level, he freed himself from her
legs and panted heftily, getting much needed air in his lungs.
After this, he used some short and very careful licks to clean the dripping fluids from her, until they

Out of order, she felt his careful touches and licks, felt how he cleaned her, before he moved on the bed
and laid down, taking her in a soft embrace. His hands ran over her hair, caressed it softly, while soft
spoken words met her ears, but didn't make much sense to her overloaded brain.
Being held and gently touched made this sexual peak perfect. Feeling completely secure and loved, Kodama
relished those sensations, getting lost in them.

Shinji had asked her several times if she was ok, but never received an answer, so he continued to hold her.
It took some time before her eyes fluttered open, and her brown eyes met his. He bowed slowly down on her,
kissed her gently on the lips. As she opened her mouth, giving him entrance, he complied and frenched her

Tasting her own fluids in his mouth aroused her again, the feel of his erection pressing against her hip
strengthened this. She was surprised about herself. Normally, she was out of commission after a peak, but
this time, she craved for more. Kodama knew that Shinji would be more than willing to comply.

"Take me." she whispered.

He stiffened as he heard that. This had to be a dream, a wonderful dream. There was no way that this
beautiful young woman would let him become one with her.

"Take me." she said, this time with clear need in her voice.

Shinji did the same as always when he heard a command, he complied. He started to change his position, as
she made herself ready for the following. By spreading her legs, she gave him the needed access, then she
carefully guided him into a comfortable position on top of her.

He even feared to breathe, he didn't want to end this dream, as his erection touched the petals of her
wet flower for the first time. The wetness of her honey met the purple head, smeared it with the lubrication
needed for more. Shinji felt that Kodama grabbed his posterior, drew him slowly upwards.
Following her careful lead, he felt his erection parting her. Starting its way inside the beautiful girl,
the head vanished in her slit. Moving deeper, more and more of him entered her, until there wasn't more.
Buried up to the hilt inside of her, Shinji relished the warm, wet feeling. Muscle contractions emitted
wonderful sensual feelings in his sex. Not knowing what to do now, he waited for further guidance.

Feeling his meat inside of her, she waited for him to start moving. After some time, she realized in her
hazed mind that he had no clue what to do.

"Move it." she ordered silently.


"Take it halfway out, then ram it inside again. Repeat. At first slow, then increase the speed."

Slowly, he followed her instruction, moved halfway out of her, only by using his hips, then buried himself
again in her. He felt her hands encouraging him to move more, so he repeated the action slowly.
It took him some time before his motions became more fluid, and he was able to move faster.
Increasing the pace very slowly so as not to hurt her, he enjoyed the unbelievable feeling of his first real

She enjoyed this slow motions at the beginning, as they were perfect to arouse her tender pussy more, but
then, she needed a faster pace.

"Faster." she commanded in a lusty voice.

He sped up a little bit, tried to be gentle, despite the faster pace.

"Faster." she demanded again.

Using his hands to get a better position to move faster, he complied, started to move faster, but without
ramming his full length in her.

"Harder. I'm not made of porcelain."

Shinji then moved nearly out of her, only to ram his entire length back into her. A wet, smacking sound
filled the room, shortly followed by a "Yes." from Kodama.

Moving her hands along his hips, she gave him the rhythm and pace to give her what she wanted. The single
"Yes." was soon a long cascade of "Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes." that followed the rhythm of his trusts.
Between them, she sighed relieved. This was simply perfect.

Shinji was lost in the world of his own lust, and as much as he wanted to fulfill her wishes, the strong
feelings were overwhelming him. He felt how his testicles moved, as the seed was pumped in the pipe, moving
along his length, then burst out of him, deep in her womb. His own cries of passion mixed with her moans
as his release shot into her.

The Horaki girl felt his orgasm, heard his passionate screams. She was close, so close, just a minute more.

"Faster. Faster. Faster." she chanted, using her hips to increase the pace. He just needed to hold out a
little bit longer. She felt him softening, but it was enough. Her vision went dark, as her most intense
orgasm she ever had crashed in Tsunami-like waves throughout her body, unstoppable and violent.
The last thing she felt was Shinji collapsing onto her, exhausted and barely conscious. Then the world
faded away.


As she awoke a hour later, he still laid on top of her. Carefully, so as not to wake him, she rolled him
down, because she needed to go to the bathroom. Not only that she was sticky down there, she also needed
to pee.
After this and a little cleaning operation were done, she went to bed, laid down beside and looked in his
sleeping face. It was relaxed and happy, he looked so cute. Maybe she should keep him to herself.

Kodama shook her head, but started to analyze this thought. Did she like him? Yes, she was sure of that.
Was the sex good? Again yes. With a little bit of training, he would be perfect. Would he like to be with
her instead of Hikari? Well, a simple question would answer that.
He deserved to be treated well and gently, not to be used and abused by the people at NERV, his guardian,
his roommate, his father. And herself. This thought hit her like a ton of bricks. She wasn't any better.
She wanted to use him to make her sister happy, regardless of his own wishes.

It took her some time to digest this. She wouldn't let this happen. She wouldn't force Hikari onto him.
If he wanted her, fine, but if not, she would let him go. Or if he wanted to be with her, she would take
him as her boyfriend.
What had Hikari ever done to earn his love and affection?

She blinked as this second strange thought shot through her gray cells. What had she really done to get him?
She had never told him that she was interested, that she liked him. Had never tried to get closer to him,
to spend some time with him. It would have done him a world of good just to hear some kind words, but they
never came. Not from Hikari, not from anybody else.
And did she ever stop Asuka tormenting him? Did she stand up for him, telling the German brat that she should
stop her belittling of him? No. Hikari told her often enough that she found it annoying, but she never
intervened. Shinji had no reason to be kind to Hikari, to take her feelings as serious, as she never had done
anything for him. Not even a few words when he was down, or a protest when he was belittled. Nothing.

Finally, Kodama decided on a course of action. Her original plans were no longer suitable for the situation.
She wouldn't be a manipulating asshole like so much others. He had deserved better than that.
Still, Hikari was her sister, so she would get a chance. But it would be very different from her original


As Shinji awoke, he felt the warm body of Kodama beside. There was some fabric between their skin, but the
last time he saw her, she was nude. He was pretty sure that their encounter wasn't a dream, as he had never
heard that it is possible to dream sleeping. Which he did, much better than in a long time. He forced his
eyes open and sat up, then turned around to look at Kodama. She was clad in a bathrobe and munching on an
egg roll.

"I ordered some food. Want some?"

Shinji looked at the selection of Chinese take-out boxes, as his stomach started to rumble. He blushed and

They ate together in silence, only as she gave him a can of soda, he thanked her. She was finished before
him, then watched him interested in his eating. It didn't take him long to feel her soft gaze. As his eyes
met hers, he blushed again, which made her giggle.

"Eat up, then go in the bathroom and wash yourself." she told him, and was answered with a fast nod.

It was hard for him to continue eating at a normal pace under the watchful eyes of her, but he did his best
to manage it. Then he went to the bathroom. As he was about to enter, he heard her calling.

"Use the blue cloth."

"Ok." he answered, and did as he was instructed.

Later, he searched for his underwear on the floor of her room, which made her ask: "What are you doing?"

"Searching my underwear."

"You won't need it for some time, so stop searching and come back to bed."

He looked shocked and surprised to her, which was soon replaced by an expression of complete and utter
happiness. He crawled to her on the bed, and placed himself beside her under the blanket. As she snuggled
closer to him, he felt that she had discarded her bathrobe. The feeling of her skin triggered a strong wave
of emotions in the boy, and he enjoyed the contact immensely.

They lay cuddled against each other for some long minutes, until Kodama started to speak.

"I like being with you. You perform well."

Shinji's head put any tomato to shame, then he gathered all his courage and answered. "Maybe you should keep
me, then?" he asked hopefully.

Kodama was unable to suppress her laughter. So much for the question who he would prefer, herself, or Hikari.
She felt his questioning look, answered. "Maybe I should."

A smile of pure joy graced his face immediately. The older Horaki sister was determined, if Hikari wanted
him, she wouldn't get him too easy.
Besides, who was she to stop her sister wasting her life on a leech? Well, the question included the answer.
Her older sister, so she should at least somewhat watch out for her.

"I won't force you on Hikari. Later, when she comes, she will have to face her feelings for you. And then it
is up to you to decide what to do."

"I don't understand."

"It's simple. If you want her, after you heard what she has to say, take her."

"Take her?"

"Like you took me." she clarified.


"Then you would have to make your decision after it."


"Who you want."

Shinji gulped, as he understood that he had all the options in his hands. That he had to made the decisions
of his own. But contrary to all the other times, there was no pressure attached. No orders to follow. No
burden on his shoulders. "I see."

She smiled on him. "And now its cuddling time. We have lots of time before Hikari should come home."

Shinji smiled in answer and cuddled against the girl he would surely choose.


Hikari was in a bad mood as she came home. She stopped at the door, tried to gather strength for the next
confrontation with her older sister. That Touji acted exactly as Kodama prophesied didn't sit well with her
either. The precision of her sister's predictions were more then disconcerting, and she wondered if she
wasn't right with her accusations.
Maybe she was right with the other things too? That she herself didn't know what it would mean to care for
a cripple for the rest of her life, that she would ruin her life.

She sighed. It was so hard for her. For years, she tried to get him, now that her dream came true, it was
bitter and became quickly stale. Shinji on the other hand was practically out of her reach. The last events
in the battles against the angels made him more withdrawn than Ayanami, her chances of getting closer to
him now were nil.
An even more important reason was the fact that she was afraid of trying it. Kodama had said that he would
most likely react to care and kindness, if this was true, the things she said about Touji would be
undeniable. From the angle she looked at the situation, it screamed at her that she was deadly wrong.
Still, she hadn't forgiven Kodama for the shooting down of her most cherished dream. While they still talked,
and Kodama still was her outlet for her thoughts, the relationship between them was strained, and growing
worse with each passing day.

Opening the door, she strained to hear if her Nemesis was already waiting for her. But no reaction came, so
she entered the apartment. As she slipped out of her shoes, she saw something weird. There was another pair
of shoes, male shoes. Kodama had never brought her friends home, and considering the curses she spoke over
the male population as her last boyfriend had left her, it was unlikely that she already had a new one.
Shrugging, she went into the kitchen, where she drank some water. Several empty boxes of take out littered
the place around the sink, along with some dishes. Definitely a meal for two. A look in the fridge showed
that there were some leftovers, enough for dinner.
This didn't make any sense at all.

The living room was empty, so she went to the room of her sister. Stopping at the door, she heard two voices
inside. Anger flooded Hikari's consciousness. At first, her pure, so innocent sister cursed all males, then
made up weird theories about the boy she wanted, or at least one of them, and now she screwed around at home.
What did that slut think who she was?

She opened the door forcefully and stormed in, with the intention to make a scene and belittling her sister.
The storming part, she was able to finish, but as she saw who laid in bed with her sister, she froze, unable
to say anything.
This was something so far out of her room for expectations, that the shock overwhelmed her completely.
Shinji, her Shinji, had slept with Kodama. It wasn't hard to guess what had happened. Her Shinji was way too
shy to initiate something like that, so her slutty sister had seduced him, most likely just to piss her off.

"RAAAAAaahhhhhhhhhhhh!!!" she cried, attacking Kodama without hesitation. She would beat her into submission,
then take care of Shinji. The poor boy had enough on his shoulders, he needn't to be raped too.

Shinji laid still shocked in bed, completely surprised by Hikari's appearance, as she leaped at Kodama.
The elder Horaki made a fluent move side wards, rolled out of the way of the attack, then used the momentum
for a fast maneuver of standing up shortly and landing on Hikari's back, as the younger girl landed heavily
on the bed. She grabbed both of her little sister's hands, putting her completely at her mercy.
Kodama looked at Shinji, smiling strained. "Typically little sis. Lots of brute force, but no technique."

"Damn you!" shouted Hikari. "What have you done?!"

"What do you mean?"

"What have you done to Shinji, you slut?"

Kodama whacked her once on the head, then answered. "I showed him what you never gave him. Care,
kindness, love and affection."

"He's mine, dammit!"

"So you aren't together with idiot-boy?" came the dry question of the elder sister.

Humiliated by the situation, her powerlessness against Kodama, and the cool logic that confused her anger,
tears ran over her face. "Yes, I It's irrelevant, Shinji's still mine!"


"Because I say so."

"And he has no part in this decision?"


Shinji followed the strange conversation. Hearing that Hikari really had feelings for him hit him hard, but
her actions and statements started to make him angry.

"You never claimed him, You never did anything for him. What gives you the idea that he is yours?"

"Because he is. I him, liked him ever since he started to come in our class. I know him much longer
than you, you have no right to take him from me."

"Yet you still deny that you love him. You never did anything for him. You didn't help him as Touji hurt him,
you didn't stop Kensuke from grating on his nerves. But most of all, you never said a word of Asuka's
treatment of Shinji. Not to her, to stop her, not to him, to show him that you care. Instead, you did
nothing. Even an Angel would have more right of claiming him than you, as they are at least truthful. You
were never. Not to him." Kodama spat.

This truth hurt Hikari more than any insult could have done. Kodama's words were truth. Nothing more,
nothing less. She really had never done anything for him, only watched as others played with him, belittled
him, hurt him. Still, he should be hers. She was the one who loved him, was the one who could make him happy.
But what about Touji? Damn Touji, this was more important, or was it? Shinji was defiled by the evil
succubus her sister was, and she had to rescue him, no matter what. But what after it? Claiming him would
mean giving up Touji. Who was more important to her?

"So, what now? Trying to take Shinji, or not? Who is more important to you?" cut Kodama's voice in her
musings. With teary eyes, she tried to look at Shinji, but was too constricted by Kodama to do so.
Then she made her decision by making no decision.

"I will rescue Shinji from you. I will bring him safely home, and I will meet him tomorrow to school. I will
talk with him, see what is possible and what not."

"And on the afternoon, you go and visit Touji."

"Of course." Hikari replied before thinking.

"So you just want to change from ignoring him to playing around with his feelings? Disgusting."

Hikari flinched, as she heard this truth. Still, she had one last possibility to try.
"You are talking about the things I didn't do, but what did you ever do for him? You fucked him, and that's
all. And this only to piss me off you slut. I hate you! You toy more with him than I ever did, you whore."

"She did more for me than anybody else ever did." interrupted Shinji the heated discussion.

Hikari's eyes widened, this was something she didn't expect. Why should Shinji side with Kodama? What was
going on here? He was hers, or not?

"Kodama never toyed with me. She told me the truth from the beginning. Why she wanted to see me, what she
wanted to do, what her plans were. And none of this included malice towards you." he continued.

"What do you mean?" Hikari asked subdued. She didn't understand this strange turn of events one bit.

Kodama looked uneasy, as she knew what he wanted to tell her, she knew that it put her in a bad light. But
she trusted Shinji to do the best for her, himself, and maybe Hikari as well, so she kept silent.

"As I came here, Kodama told me why she wanted to speak with me. She trusted me with her thoughts, with her
concerns, with her fears. More than anybody else ever did."

Hikari kept silent, found no answer to this statement.

"Kodama did this not for her personal gain, she did it out of concern for you. Because she is worried about
you, about your future." made Shinji clear.

Hikari flinched at the disapproving tone he used for 'you' and 'your', but kept otherwise silent.
Was it really possible that Kodama wanted to do something for her? But why did she molest Shinji then?

"She knows that Touji is my friend, still, she told me how she saw his actions. She even gave me a chance to
defend him, but I can't, as I found no flaw in her thinking." he admitted sadly.

It hurt Hikari to hear this. She herself was unable to defend Touji from the accusations of her sister, to
hear that his best friend was unable to do it too, hit her into the core of her being.

"Then, Kodama told me her plan to ensure your happiness. How she wanted to bring me back into the equation,
to give you a chance for a better future. For this, she was ready to go to great lengths, only to ensure that
I learned everything necessary to help you. Do you know why she invited me?"

The freckled girl shook her head slowly. She had never thought that this scenario wasn't what she had assumed
as she found them together.

"She invited me, so that I could try to seduce you."

The still tightly held girl gasped. "But..why?"

"To give you a choice. Nothing more, nothing less." he answered.

"And why did she fuck you?"

Shinji chuckled coldly. "Do you really think that I could have seduced you? How should I have done this? I
had no clue about the female body, had no clue that touching someone can be comfortable and beautiful.
She showed me all this. Can you even imagine how it felt to be asked to do something, instead of being
ordered? How it felt to be caressed, instead of suffocated or hurt? How it felt to be accompanied by the
learning, gentle nudged towards the goal, instead of thrown into the cold water? How it felt to be gently
touched, instead of hit?"

Tears streamed over the class-reps face. She had heard that Shinji had it hard, but never thought that it
was so bad. And it would have been in her power to help him. A few words to him, or at least asking Asuka
to be nicer to him. But she did nothing.
And now, Kodama did this to him, not for herself, but to enable him to be with herself. Despite their
disagreements, she wanted to ensure her happiness. Even if it meant to sleep with a boy she barely knew.
Kodama understood that she herself wouldn't share her view of Touji, so she took this action to try to
help her, to rescue her from a possibly ruined life. She still didn't believe that Touji was a leech,
but Shinji was complete. And she liked him, wanted him too. Now she would get a chance to make a decision.
Her decision, that would shape her own future.

"I like your sister, very, very much. She did more for me than everybody else. And I think that she started
to like me as well." he added hopefully.

This statement stabbed Hikari in her heart.

"Yes I do." the older girl admitted.

Another stab for the freckled girl.

"I didn't believe her that you really like me, yet you said you do. Is this true?"

"Yes." sobbed Hikari.

Shinji looked unsure at Kodama, who nodded in approval. "Then I will give you a chance."

Hikari felt that she was released, and looked shocked at Shinji. He wanted to give her a chance? Despite her
inaction, despite her stupid behavior towards him? And Kodama was willing to give him up, to make her happy?

"But things have changed." stated Kodama. "It won't be as easy to get him, as I will not give him up easily."

That sounded more like Kodama. Hikari had to admit that she did the girl terribly wrong, but this was
typically her. She had found something she liked, so she wanted to keep it. That she still gave her a
chance showed how deeply she cared for her little sister.
The freckled girl sat up and looked at her sister. She knew how much she had hurt her in the last weeks,
during their arguments over Touji.
It wasn't so long ago, and they were closer to each other than most people could imagine. They did everything
together, were an example of loving siblings. They lived together in one room, slept beside each other.
A few times, they even practiced kissing, which were Hikari's most cherished memories of the times as they
were close.
It all broke apart as they had a stupid fight over her plans for their future. She told Kodama her dreams,
and how she should be included in them, without hearing her opinion, or asking her if this was what she
wanted. The older girl was independent, told her that she had her own plans, which erupted in a heavy fight.
From this point of time, things went downhill rather fast. She was too stubborn to admit that she had gone
too far, and Kodama too independent to make amends first. A week later, they had separate rooms. Ever since
then, their relationship worsened slowly, but steadily. They still talked with each other, stuck together
against problems from outside, but the closeness was gone.
As Kodama started to tell her her concerns about Touji's sudden change, she had dismissed it as pitiful
payback. Now she was confronted with the hard reality that this wasn't the case. That she did her wrong.
She loved Shinji. Hikari was able to admit this to herself, but not to others. Now, Kodama liked him too.
And she was further with him than Hikari had ever dreamed about the shy and polite boy.
"What do you mean?" she finally asked her older sister.

"That it will be his decision, who he finally wants."

It was hard for Hikari not to sigh defeatedly. There was no way that she could top the things Kodama did with
and to him. Even if she would let her defenses fall, even if she admitted to him that she loved him, even if
she gave him her virginity now, it would be unlikely that he would choose her.
She looked at Shinji, saw how he looked uncertainly to them back and forth. Seeing that she had at least a
small chance, she crawled to Shinji, brought her lips close to him. Never having kissed a boy before, Hikari
was unsure how to accomplish this. Her fears were cut short as Shinji took the initiative and kissed her
fully, licking gently over her closed lips in order to send her the message to open her mouth. She complied,
and found her mouth instantly invaded by his tongue, as it explored her teeth, her tongue, as it tasted her
fully. Then she did the same to him, and he sucked on her tongue, an incredible feeling.
Kodama had trained him well. Hikari knew, if she would have kissed him yesterday, he would have freaked
out and ran away. Maybe it wasn't so bad that Kodama had seduced him.

After the kiss was over, Shinji looked deeply in Hikari's eyes, saw her affection for him. Now it was
undeniable that she felt something for him, what made things much more complicated for him.
Choosing one meant hurting the other, and this truth was unacceptable to him. He couldn't choose
one and hurt the other. His heart clung to Kodama, yet he was also unable to discard Hikari's
feelings for him. If she really liked him, loved him, he didn't want to hurt her.
Such emotions were too precious for him to ignore them.

Kodama and Hikari, both felt his dilemma. While Kodama simply waited for things to come, Hikari was
determined to use her chance as best as possible. It wasn't hard to guess that her declaration gave her
a possibility to get him.

The freckled girl kissed him again, as she stiffened shortly, because she felt her sister starting to undress
her. But only seconds later, she relaxed, cherishing the kiss, while one button after another of her blouse
was undone by experienced hands. The skirt was opened and the blouse finally discarded. The skirt was the
next item that had to go, she had to move her legs to allow this. Then followed by her bra. Kodama undid the
clasp on her back, removed the piece of cloth carefully, using this action to gently cup her breasts in her
hands. Hikari gasped as she felt this. Sure, they had kissed, but never went this far.
The next item was her panties. Doing this, Kodama's hand gently brushed against her sex.
The socks were her last clothes, before they too were removed by gentle hands.

The kiss broke, and Shinji looked at her nude form for the first time. He had to admit, Hikari was as
beautiful as Kodama. Her small and firm breasts were crowned with the same small nipples, a neatly trimmed
patch of dark-brown pubic hair was, along with her freckles, the greatest difference between them.
The differences were small, but the appearance was very different, at least in his imagination.
Kodama looked sexy, erotic, mature and arousing. Hikari was cute and sweet. She gave the impression of a
proper young lady, perfect for a relationship, not for a fleeting erotic encounter. Both were stunningly
beautiful, he wanted them both. Forever.

"Like what you see?" Hikari asked blushing, and Shinji nodded as answer.

He stroked her hair gently, then brought his other hand to one of her breasts, cupped it gently. Another
kiss followed, while he fondled her carefully, eliciting feelings Hikari had never felt before. Her nipples
hardened as his fingers brushed gently over them, pinching them lightly.
Finally, she laid down, ready to let him access all parts of her body.

Kodama watched those actions, felt the sickly feeling waves of jealousy cruising through her body. Especially
as she realized that Shinji was now torn between them. It was hard for her to hold back, to not grab him and
show him who was his girl.
Still, it also hurt her as she saw how Hikari looked at him. Now, that she was forced to admit her feelings,
or lose him completely, she let all boundaries fall. It would hurt her deeply if Shinji would not choose
her. On the other side, she herself didn't want to give him up too. If such an event would have happened
two years prior, there wouldn't be a problem, but now, she didn't know what to do anymore.
She saw how he spread Hikari's legs and kissed his way slowly downwards to her sex, as she had an idea.
Placing herself beside Hikari, she asked her sister silently, so that Shinji couldn't hear her:
"What if he wants us both?"

Feeling his kisses closing in to her sex, the soft spoken question didn't come as a surprise. The next action
however was. Kodama's lips met her own, and she looked shocked and questioning in her face after it.
Her earlier actions were already surprising, but this showed that there was more to come.

"Maybe there is no need for him to choose" whispered Kodama in her ear. "Maybe he is the key to your dream."

His tongue met the wetness of her sex, as she realized what Kodama had meant.
Her dream was simple and easy. Gifted with the ability to cook better than most others, she wanted to open
a restaurant. She would be the chef, and Kodama should do the financial side, and maybe manage a little
bar. They would be together forever, happy and secure. But as she ordered her to do it, she went too far.
They argued over it heftily, which led to the end of their former closeness.
Shinji was an adapted cook too. And contrary to her, he loved cooking, while she simply saw it as talent
that she could use. They could easily accomplish this dream, especially if Kodama agreed to play her part.
But now, her sister had a price: Sharing Shinji. There was no long time to consider it, no time to think
over it again and again, to analyze it until she was sure to made the proper decision. So, she could only
hear to her heart.
Hikari knew well that she was attracted to girls too. As Asuka slept in her bed, she comforted the redhead
often, offered her to relax her by having sex. She didn't only like the redhead, but found her arousing as
well. Asuka's biggest problem was loneliness, a state she hated, but kept herself into by forcing all others
away. Asuka stated disgusted that she would never do such a thing, and left the next day for good. So, this
wasn't a problem. Also, she wanted Shinji, and he would most likely want all two of them.
But what would others say? Others be damned! It was their life, and if they were happy in a triple, than
so it shall be. They hurt nobody else, so it was their decision what to do with their life.
A big smile of pure joy enlightened Hikari' face as she made her decision. She took Kodama's face between
her hands and drew her close, kissed her passionately on the mouth.
She would share him with her. She would sleep with both of them in the same bed, would lick her sex as often
as giving him a blowjob. It didn't matter to her what others would say. They would find their happiness.

Shinji was too busy with lapping at Hikari's wet flower to notice any of this. Her taste was stronger than
Kodama's, he liked it pretty much. His tongue darted into her hole, came back into his mouth, coated in
her juice, only to repeat the action immediately. Between those tongue insertions, he licked several times
over her pee hole, what made her flinch each time. He liked this reaction, he found it amusing.
It was strange. Not even a day prior, he would have run away after her kiss. Now he was licking her
sex and enjoying it, all because of Kodama's gentle actions.
Still, some doubts gnawed on his mind as he started to touch the freckled girl. While he wanted to help
her, and more importantly, to help Kodama, he felt a pang of guilt, as he surely destroyed Touji's future.
But if the older Horaki was right with her suspicions, he didn't deserve Hikari anyway.
As this thought entered his mind, Shinji understood that the two brown-haired girls were more important to
him than anybody else. And one thing was sure. He didn't want to choose between them.

Long and wet kisses were followed by a change of position. Kodama placed herself along the same axis
as Hikari, but turned around. This way, she was in perfect position to move downwards, from her lips, over
the chin, to her first long stop at Hikari's firm breasts.
She felt her sister gently suckling on her own, as she took one of the nipples between her teeth and tugged
on it. Hikari moaned protesting, reciprocated the unwanted action in kind, which was exactly what Kodama
wanted. Shinji was very gentle, but sometimes, she liked it more raw. Shinji would never do this to her, so
she needed to make Hikari clear that she liked it a little bit rough too.

Later, she wandered more downwards, over the flat belly, where she licked around her bellybutton.
Then she continued her way, stopped at Hikari's shame, where she took one of her hairs between her teeth
and ripped it out, which was again followed by a moaned protest. Then she was in the position for a
sixty-nine. She spread her sisters legs more, to be able to join Shinji on his feast on Hikari's sex.

At the same time, Hikari was confronted with the wet sex of Kodama. It glistened with the wetness of her
arousal, looked inviting and delicious. She always wanted to taste pussy, and while she hoped that it would
be Asuka's, she surely wouldn't complain that it was Kodama's.
As the older girl placed herself on top of her, presenting her dripping sex to her, Hikari had two short
visions, that showed her that she made the right choice, as she found them extremely arousing, despite their

She saw Kodama and Shinji making love. He fucked her gently, kissing her constantly. She sat beside, watched
them, while touching herself. Their moans grew louder, until they reached the crescendo only an orgasm could
produce. Shinji buried himself deeply in her as he shot his load, withdrew only after his sex had shrunk to
normal proportions. He laid down beside her, then Hikari took her place between Kodama's legs. Using her
hand, she spread the wet sex, saw how the combined juices of her lovers started to drip out of her tunnel.
Without hesitation, she dove in, licked the fluids up, enjoyed the mingled taste of the two persons she loved
the most. Then she placed her mouth over the cleaned sex and sucked as much sperm as possible out of Kodama's

The scene shifted, and Hikari found herself lying under her sister, engaged in another sixty-nine. They
devoured each other, but Hikari's feast was disrupted as Shinji entered the scene. He placed himself behind
Kodama, pushed his throbbing erection into her tight sex. Hikari saw how he stretched her, only
centimeters in front of her eyes. Now, that her delicious meal was interrupted, she settled on licking the
clit, as Shinji withdrew his sex after only a few pushes. The tip of his penis brushed against her mouth,
and she gathered lots of spit in her mouth, before she started to apply this additional lubrication on the
purple head of his engorged sex. She wasn't completely finished doing this, as his cock withdrew, and was
placed a little bit higher, against the puckered hole of Kodama's backdoor. With the access restored, she
started to lick her pussy again, while also watching Shinji slowly fucking her bum. Slowly, he increased his
pace, while Kodama already cried in an earth-shattering orgasm, as the assault on her two most sensual
orifices was too much. But neither herself, nor Shinji stopped their assault, strengthened it instead.
As his balls went upwards, she knew that his explosion was imminent. Opening her mouth, she waited for the
things to come, which happened only seconds later. Shinji drew his cock out of Kodama's back-door entry,
then exploded immediately. The first spurt of his seed landed in her mouth, the rest splattered in three more
gushes over her entire face, drenched it with this sticky, whitish liquid. Kodama would enjoy cleaning her
face, using only her tongue.

She shook her head a little bit, found herself in a position that looked awfully familiar, as Kodama's sex
was directly over her mouth, waiting for her to start eating it out. Her resolve strengthened by those
visions, Hikari didn't hesitate any longer. Placing her mouth over Kodama's sex, sealing it with her lips so
that no drop of pussy juice could escape, she plunged her tongue immediately as deep as possible in the wet
hole. The thought that Shinji fucked her only a few hours prior aroused her even more. Maybe she could find
some leftovers from their prior lovemaking?

Kodama's eyes widened surprised. She felt the hesitation of her younger sister, and was surprised by the
sudden assault. She hadn't expected much, from a careful, hesitating first lick, up to complete denying of
this act, but that she started to eat her out like a pro was unexpected. Hikari deep-tongued her hole,
licked around it and flickered over her clit at a fast pace. She was surely a natural.
A smile washed over Kodama's face, then she brought her head beside Shinji's.

Shinji was surprised to suddenly have Kodama's face beside her own. She stopped his administration of
Hikari's sex, kissed the older girl passionately. Their tongues played with each other, then she broke the

"Hikari tastes good." she stated.

Shinji's eyes widened as he realized that he gave her a good taste of Hikari, unintentionally. He was on the
verge of apologizing, as he stopped. Kodama hadn't complained, besides, she should have known that this
would happen.
Still, what came next, was quite a surprise. He saw that she started to lick Hikari. Her wet tongue made
contact with Hikari's slit, drove over its entire length. As she retracted it back in her mouth, a thin
strand of Hikari's juice still connected her mouth and Hikari's sex. It was the most erotic sight he could
It took him some seconds before he placed his head on the other side, so that they could lick her together.
At least that was what he was expecting, but Kodama had other plans. She made the mutual licking a dance of
their tongues, with Hikari's wet slit as dance floor.

Busy with exploring a female sex with her tongue for the first time, the feelings of Shinji's administrations
wandered a little bit in the background of her world. Hikari didn't even get the fact that he paused
entirely. Kodama's taste on her tongue, the velvet texture of her outer labia when she licked over it, that
was what mattered. The smelling of arousal entered her nostrils with each breath, showed her that she did
well. Her view of the world was limited. Beside the sensations from her own pussy, only the honey-dripping
flower over her face mattered. Kodama did so much for her, gave her the possibility to be with Shinji,
would be her lesbian lover. So she could at least give her something back. An orgasm would be a start.
But as two tongues assaulted her simultaneously, the sensations were soon to strong for her aroused state
of being. They flooded her body, ran from her sex through her entire body, peaked soon in an immense
explosion of formerly unknown feelings. She cried, but didn't know that she did.

The two didn't mind the loud noise, but Hikari's shuddering made it impossible to continue the step dance of
their tongues. A small gush of liquid came out of the dark hole, and was licked up instantly.
As the shuddering died down, Kodama looked at Shinji.

"She'll never be more ready than now."

Shinji's face changed his direction as he reciprocated the look, then he nodded. It was true, the time for
taking Hikari's virginity had come.

Because Hikari's orgasm had interrupted her administrations of Kodama's sex, the older girl dismounted her,
laid down beside her younger sister. Softly stroking over her hair, she gave the freckled girl several short
kisses, as she waited for her to come back to her senses.
While doing this, she had placed one of her feet at Shinji's crotch, taking his hard meat between her toes
and stroking him slowly. He knew that she didn't want that he simply molested Hikari while she was out of
order. Even if it meant that she'd feel the sweet pain of loosing her innocence, this wasn't an option.

Hikari's eyes fluttered open, and she was greeted by a soft kiss from Kodama. The two girls looked each other
long in the eyes. She felt that Shinji took position between her thighs, understood what would happen now.
Kodama looked knowingly in Hikari's eyes, she knew that anxiety, mixed up with expectation and fear.
She had seen just a few hours prior in Shinji's face too.
Kissing her again, she did her best to calm the younger girl down.

Shinji was nervous. This wasn't a coupling with Kodama, who was experienced and ready, this would be
lovemaking to Hikari, a girl that no experience at all. He would take her virginity, an action that would
hurt her. She would be in pain and bleed, because of him. While knowing that this cannot be helped, he was
still unsure about this event. It would be only his second time with a girl, so how should he know if he did
it right?
His fears were calmed as Kodama reached down and took hold of his erection. Shinji relaxed immediately as he
realized that she would guide him, to make it as perfect as possible for Hikari. She placed him against the
soft outer petals of Hikari's flower, then stopped him shortly as she kissed her fiercely. Tugging, she
nudged him onwards, and he started to penetrate the freckled girl. Slowly, his helmet-shaped purple head
forced its way through the outer parts of her sex, started its way in the dark tunnel that led into her

Hikari tensed as she felt Shinji's erection starting to enter her, but the passionate kiss from Kodama, along
with the fingering of her clit forced her consciousness to other things. As he paused in front of her last
barrier, she knew that she would soon be in pain, despite Kodama's distractions.
The pain came, but from the wrong body part. Kodama had twisted one of her nipples sharply, eliciting a moan
of pain from Hikari. At the same time, Shinji got a gentle push, so that he entered Hikari fully.
It hurt her to have suddenly stuffed his meat into her body, but the pain from Kodama's action overlayed it
to some extent, so it didn't appear as bad as she had feared. This made it easier for her to relax, and a
few minutes later, Shinji started to make love to her, very carefully and gently. At a slow pace, he moved in
and out of her.

After being fully in Hikari, Shinji marvelled in the extreme tightness that Hikari had. He waited for her to
relax, which happened soon enough, mostly because of Kodama's maneuver. He hadn't expected that she would
hurt Hikari to make it easier for him, but she did, and he had no intention of wasting her efforts.
Feeling her muscles relax, he started to couple with her slowly. Her pubic hair tickled against his bare
skin, as he moved forwards to go in a position on top of her.
Seeing her laying under him, joined with him, he realized that he felt strongly about her too.
He had often admired her strength, and envied her aura of normality. But first it was Rei who was more
important to him, because she was a fellow pilot, and he had seen her nude, then it was Hikari's friendship
with Asuka that hindered all efforts to get to know her. As Mana came, she ensured that his interest laid
no longer with the freckled girl, but that didn't mean that he found her unattractive. She simply wasn't
in his mind anymore, which had changed considerably during the last hours. The suppressed attraction he felt
towards the girl came back now with a vengeance, much stronger than before.

The class-rep had feared that the weight of a boy would be uncomfortable, but as Shinji laid down, she took
it with ease. Her breasts pressed against his chest, and they kissed, while his pace got faster.
What she didn't know was that Kodama had a hand on his butt, giving him rhythm and pace.
For her, it was simply awesome. The pain faded more and more into the background, while she learned what it
meant to be loved. The sensations of him moving inside of her, making wet sounds, his hands roaming over her
body, his lips against hers, were simply overwhelming.
When she was alone, she would have to smack herself, because she nearly lost all chances for this to happen.
If it wasn't for Kodama's intervention, it wouldn't have happened. She was deeply indebted to her sister.

Kodama watched her two lovers coupling. Hikari bled, and she used her fingers several times to catch some red
droplets that made their way out of her sex, down to the sheet. At first unsure how to dispose them, she took
the easiest and most arousing way, by licking her fingers clean.
After Shinji has found the right pace, she stopped giving him instructions, instead she started to fondle
Hikari's sex. She wanted her to have an orgasm at her first time, a thing she herself didn't experience.

The sensations in her body grew at an exponential rate, as someone started to manipulate her clit too.
It could only be Kodama, her experienced hands found exactly the right places, pinched her clit at the
right times.
Stuffed with a cock and being kissed wasn't enough to bring her again into the heights she had learned as she
was licked, but these strengthened erotic sensations sent her catapulting that way again.

Feeling Kodama's hand manipulating Hikari's sex, and her other hand playing with his testicles, aroused
Shinji pretty strongly. As Hikari's muscles started to contract around his hardness, because she neared her
own peak, he was done for. He felt the familiar pressure of his seed making its way through his erection.
Burying himself as deep as possible in his lover, he let the juices flow, shooting his load in the wet
love hole of Hikari.

As she felt Shinji entering her deeper than before, whilst Kodama pinched her clit stronger, she couldn't
hold back either. Again she cried loudly as the sensations became too strong for her. Reaching her peak, it
was intensified by the feeling of something hot spurting into her, and the knowledge she received on a
subconscient level that he had cum in her, made it even more intense. She cried again, but found herself
silenced by a strong kiss from Kodama.

Hikari was certainly loud. Maybe too loud, so she decided to take some measures before someone started to ask
who was decapitated here. Using her mouth to seal Hikari's, Kodama held this position until she was sure
that Hikari was done. It was a kiss without tongue, as she didn't want to be bitten in passion.
Then she broke the kiss and rolled Shinji, who laid completely knocked out on Hikari like a dead weight,
down from her, on the side. Seeing that Hikari leaked more fluids than ever, she dove down to the now
angry red folds of her sex and started to lick her. Not only for cleaning, as she didn't concentrate on the
flow of juices, but to give her a nice aftermath of her first fuck.

Relieved to have the suddenly heavy Shinji down from her, Hikari's eyes shot wide open as she felt a gentle
tongue running over sex, licking it not only clean, but also stimulating all of her most sensual spots.
A short look down confirmed the brown haired head of Kodama between her thighs. Unable to resist, she gave
in into the spoiling she received. Not really having came down from her orgasm, another peak came quickly.
Her throat sore, this new cry was much weaker than the previous ones.

It was interesting that Hikari reacted quite different on her stimulations than she would herself. Kodama
had licked the outer folds, tugged on them gently, without much effect. Even nibbling on her clit hadn't
led Hikari to a new orgasm. But as she started to tongue-fuck her sister, she came pretty fast. Especially
as she placed her mouth over the slit and tried to suck all juices out of her womb. Well, she didn't get
everything that she wanted, but another few drops of Hikari's juice were a fitting reward too.
Then, Kodama brought her slowly down, before she laid beside Hikari and embraced her.


Shinji was still out of order, as Hikari came back online. Finding herself between a sleeping Shinji, and
a softly smiling Kodama, her mind finally managed to register the things that had happened to her in the
last few hours. That she found Shinji and Kodama in the bed, that they seduced her. Her first time
in so much things. Her first kiss, her first erotic touches, her first oral sex, her first taste of pussy,
and, finally, her first fuck with the boy she loved.
She analyzed her feelings, and while she still liked Touji, it was Shinji who held her heart captive.

Kodama waited patiently for Hikari to understand what had happened, before she asked: "And now?"

Hikari looked at Kodama, understanding completely what the question was. "We are three." she answered.

"And your plan?"

"Only if you want to. I don't want to force you again." Hikari stated, hoping that Kodama would give in.

The older Horaki smiled, nodded as answer.

"Then everything will be fine." the freckled girl said relieved.

"There are still some problems." Kodama answered.

"Which ones?"

"Plenty. How will Asuka react if she comes out of coma and finds you and me as Shinji's girlfriends? And
what if Mana comes back? Shinji still feels strongly for her. And the biggest problem of all, how do we
tell Nozomi about it?"

Several minutes went by, before Hikari answered. "Asuka will throw a fit, but in the end, she will accept it.
Maybe I will loose her friendship, not because I am with Shinji, but because I'm with you too. I hope that
this will not be the case, and first, she needs to awake anyway. I hope this will happen soon."

Kodama nodded as she heard this, it was the best solution for this situation. And while she wasn't fond of
the German girl, she wished her a soon awakening too. Hikari missed her, and if they continued to be friends,
she would tolerate her as well.

"And for Mana: there won't be a big problem at all. A restaurant and bar can always use a good looking
barmaid and guardian."

Kodama gaped at her sister. "What?" she asked dumbfounded.

Hikari chuckled. "It was Asuka who had problems with her, not me. I got along with her pretty well. If she
would have stayed longer, she would have been my first girl, not you."

"What?" Kodama asked again.

"Mana is very open-minded. And we were becoming friends fast. Also, she was the first girl who grabbed my
breasts. We talked during a change for sports, and she made her way behind me and grabbed me, complimenting
me playfully." Hikari admitted blushing.

"You know that it was most likely a joke."

"Of course I do. That she said that we could share Shinji if I had a better taste in boys was a joke too.
Still, I'm pretty sure that there won't be a problem if she comes back. Quite the contrary would be the

Kodama didn't knew the spygirl herself, so she didn't comment this strange turn of events.

"But Nozomi will really be a problem. She has an EVA-sized crush on Shinji, and will surely throw more than
one fit because we 'stole' him from her. I think we can only give her some time to digest it."

"That's only the best case scenario." Kodama commented dryly.

"Yes." admitted Hikari. "But there isn't so much she can do. She would never take active action against us,
especially because we make Shinji happy. So she can either sulk, or try to butt in. And a decision concerning
the latter rests entirely in Shinji's hands."

"We both know what will happen. So we agree to let him decide?"

"Yes, we do. Where is she anyway?"

"I let her stay the night with a friend of hers. She'll come back tomorrow at lunchtime."

Hikari, amused, shook her head. How Kodama managed to get rid of Nozomi was surely a longer story than this.
She was well aware that despite Nozomi being the youngest, she was also the most intelligent one. Deceiving
her was almost impossible, yet still, Kodama managed to do it. "Good to hear."

"Yes. So you'll already have a waitress too." Kodama declared.

Hikari laughed as she heard how much faith Kodama had in Shinji's abilities of resisting Nozomi. "True."
Then she looked at Shinji, who was still sleeping, before turning back to Kodama again. "There's something
I failed to do properly."

"What do you mean?"

"During our lovemaking, I had one failure."

"And that would be?" the oldest Horaki asked surprised.

"I didn't lick you to orgasm." Hikari answered, smiling coyly.

Kodama smiled back. "And you want to rectify this?"
She got a nod as answer, for which resulted with her spreading her legs.

Hikari gave her sister a short peck on the lips, then immediately took her place between her long and slender
legs. She didn't want to move down slowly, she wanted to devour her. The taste of a female sex was
intoxicating to her, almost as much as feeling a hard rod in her own.
Using her fingers to spread the outer parts, she admired the pink insides, before she started to place the
tip of her tongue on the knob of Kodama's clit.

It was surprising to her that Hikari wanted to eat her out, yet she hadn't a problem with it. Giving her
proper access, she looked down as Hikari admired her sex. Kodama smiled as she realized that her sister
was completely bisexual like herself, that she liked pussy munching very much.
Feeling her tongue on her clit was just the beginning, as then, she moved in circles around her slit, only
making contact with her clit, avoiding all other parts.

Finished with the surroundings, it was time to go to her primary target. Following with her tongue the lines
of Kodama's labia, she moved after this last circle inwards. Pressing her mouth against her sex, Hikari
started to dart with her tongue as deep as possible into her hole, that became wet again.
Along with the wetness, the taste intensified, giving Hikari what she wanted. The taste of young pussy.

Getting the best tongue-fuck of her life, Kodama simply enjoyed the attention Hikari gave her sex.
Her little sister licked her pussy like a pussycat. It didn't take long, and she neared to the brink of
orgasm. But it wasn't enough. It was close, but something failed, something to send her over the edge.

Hikari held her long on the brink, enjoyed the knowledge of having Kodama completely under her control.
She felt that she could tongue-fuck her for a long time, without giving her the needed release, but her lack
of training cut it short. Her tongue hurt from the overuse, so she drew it a last time out of the now
sopping lovehole and assaulted her clit. The end came immediately, as Kodama tensed, sighed heavy, then fell
back and laid there, limp like a broken doll.
Not as spectacular as her own cries, but still quite satisfying. She kissed her way back up, finally, she
held her in an embrace, as Kodama did to her after her first fuck.


Later, the older Horaki pointed out that Hikari had still something to do, before she was even with herself.

"What do you mean?"

"You haven't sucked him off."

Hikari looked at Shinji. "He's still out."

"But after he awakes, you will?"

The freckled girl wasn't so sure of this. She had no problems of slurping pussyjuice, but having seed in her
mouth was a different matter. Doing it in her fantasies was one thing, but reality was another matter.
"Maybe together?" she asked hopefully, relieved as Kodama nodded understanding.

This little conversation was just completed, as Shinji started to wake up. He breathed in deeply, then his
eyes opened. He saw his lovers and smiled at them. Happy and content in the knowledge that love existed,
even for him. Both girls greeted him with a short kiss.

"You know that you'll have both of us around your neck?" asked Kodama.

He nodded happily.

"You know that you'll need a lots of strength for that?" questioned Hikari.

He nodded again.

"What plans do you have for your future?" came another question from the older girl.

This caught him unaware, so he needed some time before he answered. "I don't really know. Finishing the war
against the Angels, protecting you, but afterwards....I don't know."

Hikari smiled at him. "How about a career as cook? We could open a restaurant, and you could be the chef."

Shinji thought over this. The idea appealed to him. He liked cooking, more than making music. Having a
restaurant seemed like a good idea. It would secure their future, and he could do what he liked. "Sounds
good to me."

The freckled girl beamed, kissed him passionately for the answer she wanted to hear. After the kiss, she
proclaimed: "Time to show you one of the bonuses of being with us."
This said, she licked her lips, sending a clear message to Shinji.

One day prior, it would have been impossible to lie calmly in a bed and wait relaxed for the touch of
another person. Now he was able to, and he did it with joy.

Hikari and Kodama took their places on both sides of him, laying beside him, with their heads in perfect
positions for the sexual act they wanted to commit.
It was again the older girl, who took the initiative. She took Shinji's flaccid member delicately between
her fingers, started to caress it with jerking motions. Hikari only watched, seeing no chance of doing
anything. So far, there wasn't enough for her to fondle it too. Kodama's disapproving look startled her,
only as the older girl pointed with her eyes on his balls, Hikari understood.

Still watching, Hikari took his testicles in one of her hands, as if she wanted to weigh them. She could
feel the two balls, his production facilities of sperm. The liquid that could inseminate her, that could,
and most likely would, make her pregnant and give her a child. Sure, this would happen years in the future,
but it was still an incredible feeling of holding them in her hand, feeling how fragile and vulnerable they
were. She brought her face closer, planted a kiss on his bag. Unsatisfied, she sucked one of his balls
into her mouth and licked it.

Kodama continued to jerk him, with limited access. But as Hikari brought her mouth into the fray, his
reaction was imminent. Within a few strong pulses, his half-hard member regained its full strength, stood
now proudly in the air. Seeing that Hikari showed no intention of switching places, Kodama started to lick
his hardness like a Popsicle. Shinji started to moan lowly, clearly enjoying the combined assault of two
eager mouths on his most sensual places.

Hikari was completely concentrated on her task. She felt Kodama's moving, knew that she started to suck him,
but that was irrelevant. She liked the feeling of his ball in her mouth, the power she had through this
simple act. It turned her on.
This continued for some time, then Kodama gave her a light whack to send her the message to concentrate on
another place. Hesitating, she released her captive and moved upwards to the hard shaft. Running along his
length with her tongue, she was surprised that this thing fit into her. Well, it was a proven fact that
it fit, so she concentrated on the immediate sensations. The throbbing veins that ran over it, the smooth
texture of his purple head, Kodama's tongue that played with it as well.

Each girl taking one side, they took it rather slowly. Only licking, they stimulated Shinji up to the brink,
but due to the avoidance of a real suck, they didn't let him over it. They tongued each other regularly,
with his erection between them. Shinji's moans got louder, and he tried to buck his hips instinctively, in
search of the much needed release. Using her mouth, Kodama shoved his hardness fully into Hikari's mouth.
The freckled girl started, due to Kodama's guidance, immediately to bop her head up and down, sucking as
hard as she could.

This was what Shinji needed. A satisfied groan escaped his mouth, as he released his seed in Hikari's mouth.
One spurt after another entered her, until he was spent.

Hikari's eyes widened as he shot his load. She expected to taste different from pussy, but not so slimy and
metallic. And she should swallow this? No way!
She let her head in position, took his small load in its entirety in her mouth, then removed it carefully, to
not spill anything, from his softening member. She sat up, unsure of what to do.

Kodama looked amused at her. "Swallow it, dummy." she whispered, but Hikari shook her head. Realizing that
Hikari needed a little prodding in the right direction, she looked smiling at her.
"Then give it to me."

A pang of jealousy and anger flared through Hikari's mind. She didn't need to be reminded that she wasn't
Shinji's first, and that Kodama had no problems of gulping this slime down. Glaring at her, Hikari
swallowed, one time, two times, until the content of her mouth was securely in her stomach.
As she was finished with this, she realized that Kodama had tricked her into swallowing. Using her jealousy
and her flaring temper, Kodama played her like a piano. But this time, the result justified the means, so
instead of making a scene, she reciprocated her smile. To refuse Kodama the kiss she wanted was enough
punishment. This Shinji-juice was hers, and she wouldn't share. At least not this time.

Later, they ate dinner, consisting of leftovers from the takeout, before going to Hikari's room for some
much needed sleep. Kodama's mattress was too damp to be comfortable, so Hikari's futon was used as the dry


It was early in the morning as a car stopped shortly in front of the apartment complex and released a young,
brown-haired girl. Nozomi didn't have a good day. Her visit by her friend was cut short, as the girl had a
bad tooth that started to act up violently. So she was brought to the dentist, and she herself was early at
home, over two hours before the deadline Kodama told her.

Nozomi wasn't dumb. She knew that whatever her sister had planned, was something she surely wouldn't like.
That their father wasn't at home because he had to work through, gave her enough ideas to what was
going on. That her oldest sister steeped so low to let her stay the night at her friend so that she could
fuck around was disgusting. Contemplating if she really should already go home or not, she stood at the
entrance of the building.
Nozomi shrugged. It wasn't her fault that she was already back, and if Kodama wanted to act like a slut, she
would have to live with being caught.

At the entrance of the apartment, she encountered a surprise. Not the shoes of a boy, she had expected that,
but that Hikari was already at home too. She had suspected that the uptight middle girl of their family
would be away too. Hm, if Hikari didn't want to give Kodama fire, she would. Innocently whistling, but silent
enough to wake nobody, she made her way to Kodama's room. The door stood open, which surprised her, and the
room smelled funny. But beside that, there was nothing and nobody.

Confused, she went to Hikari's room. Maybe she would know what was going on. She opened the door, and the
sight that greeted her was not appreciated. That Kodama fucked around was acceptable, because it had nothing
to do with her. That Hikari wanted to ruin her life with the crippled idiot was also her decision.
But that they seduced her Shinji was definitely not allowed. She wanted to storm in and beat her sisters into
submission, and if she would have a chance, she would have done it. But that wasn't the case, which she knew
perfectly. Kodama had often enough subdued her.

It surely was Kodama's plan, she was the one to ensured that she herself was out of the way. Why should she
seduce Shinji? To prepare him for Hikari, to get her away from the idiot. Kodama never liked him, and she
knew that Hikari liked Shinji as well. So she seduced him, and brought them together. This let the question
why all three were in the bed, open. The explanation was easy. Shinji was cute and yummy, so Kodama fell for
him. And instead of handing him over to Hikari, she decided to keep him as well.
Nozomi would never know how exactly her musings fit the reality.

Kodama and Hikari were always very close, despite their arguments in the last two years. She envied them
always for their bond, now that it showed its strength again, she felt hurt and lonely. However, this didn't
change the fact that he was HER Shinji.
It surely was planned that he would leave at 10.00h, when she should come home. But it wasn't even eight.
An impish smile graced her face as she formed a plan. She would not be an outcast, and Shinji was hers.
Maybe not alone, but still hers.


Shinji awoke as some strange movements under the blanket awoke him. It was as if someone crawled around, but
quick looks to both sides confirmed that Kodama and Hikari still slept. He wanted to take a look under the
blanket, as a brown mob of hair made its way from under it. Seconds later, he looked in the cute face of
Nozomi Horaki, the only girl who ever asked him to marry her. If the sensations his nerves transmitted
were correct, she was nude. Her nipples pressed against his upper chest, and her few pubic hairs tickled his
lower belly.

" you..want?" he stuttered.

She grinned at him. "You are invited up to 10 o clock."

Shinji thought over it, then nodded. Nozomi pointed with her face to a nearby clock. He followed her look,
and saw that it wasn't even eight.

Her grin became broader. "There are still two hours left."

And Shinji started to sweat.


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