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Class Project 2: Extra Credit

By Stormofdragons

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“Sorry, Kensuke, but I’m beat. I think I’m just going to go home, get something to eat, and relax,” Shinji said.

“With Asuka?” Kensuke taunted.

“Well yeah. I mean, we’ve been going out for a while now.”

“Aw. Isn’t that sweet. The lovebirds gonna snuggle up on the couch and touch each others naughty bits?” Kensuke teased.

“I don’t know if I’m up for that. I spent the whole day grading papers for my History Professor, I’m whipped.”

“Well, take it easy. Hell, Ikari, take it any way you can get it,” Kensuke said, slapping Shinji on the back.

Shinji smiled at his friend, and stood up, taking his jacket off the seat, and leaving the College Cafeteria with his backpack full of books.

Shinji took his car back to the apartment, stopping on the way to buy some groceries at the corner store, and picked up some of Misato’s dry-cleaning just down the street. He pulled into the parking garage, and dialed Misato.

“Hello Shinji,” came the woman’s voice.

“Hey Misato, I got the dry cleaning,” he said.

“Oh, you’re a dear. Just leave it in my room, and pin the receipt to the bulletin board. I’ll leave some money for you.”

“You going to be home for dinner?” Shinji asked.

“No. Makoto asked me to join him for drinks after work tonight, so I’ll probably catch something at the lounge.”

“In other words, I shouldn’t expect you home tonight at all?”

“Hey, what does that mean?” Misato tried to sound outraged.

“Nothing. Nothing,” he laughed.

“Oh, not like you and Asuka won’t find something to do while I’m out,” she teased back.

“Hey,” he tried to protest.

“Never mind, Shinji, I’ll talk to you tomorrow.”

“Alright, Misato. Goodnight,” He said, and hung up.

Carrying all the groceries, Misato’s dry cleaning, and his own schoolbooks upstairs was no easy task, and twice he managed to drop something that he had to go back for. Finally he made the apartment, and opened the door, quickly moving everything inside, and taking his shoes off, closing the door with an elbow as he tried to sling his backpack onto it’s hanger while holding onto everything else.

He failed to notice the three pairs of shoes that were also sitting in the entrance, as well as two unfamiliar coats hanging from the hangars. Instead, he continued into the apartment, trying to think of something fast, yet filling, he could make for dinner.

“I’m home,” he called, not really expecting to hear anyone answer. Asuka had been spending a lot of time at Hikari’s the last few weeks, and he was beginning to feel neglected.

He came into the kitchen, and saw Asuka’s empty bento box sitting on the counter.

‘So she is home,’ he thought, depositing the groceries on the counter, and putting Misato’s clothes on the kitchen table.

He didn’t hear anything from her room, and peeked down the hall, noticing that Asuka’s bedroom door was open, and her light was on.

“Asuka? I’m going to get dinner going in a few minutes, is there anything you want?” Shinji asked, approaching the doorway.

“Yes, now that you mention it,” Asuka called, her voice reaching him as he came abreast of the entry.

“What’s that?” Shinji said, stepping through the door, where he stopped and stared. Asuka was there, lying on her bed, the sheets tossed carelessly aside, and her clothes scattered on the floor.

‘Wait a second; there’s three bras there. What the…!’ he started, before he felt four soft, strong arms grabbing him, and two blurs of motion were coming up on either side of him.

“You,” he heard three voices call in unison, recognizing Hikari’s voice instantly. He blushed furiously when he noticed Hikari was nude, and so was the other person. The soft blue hair could only belong to one other woman.

‘Rei. And she’s just as naked as Asuka and Hikari. And… and the room smells like sex,’ he thought.

“W… w… w… w…” Shinji blushed and stammered as Hikari kicked the door closed behind them. The sight of the three naked women, and the smile on Asuka’s lips told him he was in for a long night.

“What’s wrong, Shin-chan. Isn’t this what you’ve always wanted?” Asuka asked in a sultry voice.

“No,” he said flatly, finally getting at least one word out.

Asuka pouted, “What do you mean ‘No?’ Don’t you want the three of us? Don’t you find us attractive?” she asked, as the other two women dragged him to her bed.

Shinji found himself blurting out the first thing that came to his mind.

“I mean, you’re the only woman I’ve ever wanted, Asuka,” he glanced at Rei, and Hikari, making sure to keep his gaze on their faces. “No offense.”

“Shinji… how sweet,” Asuka said, rising to her knees, and walking toward him. “I love you,” she said, “but poor Hikari and Rei here really need help with their little ‘problem.’ And I know that I need you.”

She ripped his dress shirt open, sending buttons flying everywhere.

“I need you now,” she said, running a hand over his chest, and, using the other hand, grasped the short hairs at the back of his head, and pulled him to her.

The redhead captured his lips with hers then, and kissed him with a passion that told him she was as serious as an Angel attack. Shinji’s head swam, and the blood rushing through is body made him lightheaded. He felt weak, and a slight tremble spread through his body. He snaked his arms under hers, so he could pull her closer, and she locked her arms down on his, holding him in place. He barely noticed that his poor abused shirt had been removed, and his pants had been undone and lowered to his ankles.

He did, however, feel two hands reaching in on either side of his waist, under the elastic band of his boxer briefs, even as Asuka played with his chest. Even as he tried to protest, Asuka kept his mouth occupied with hers, preventing him from voicing his objections to what she and her friends apparently had planned.

Then a soft and grasping hand made contact with his manhood, and he moaned into Asuka’s mouth. The hand stroked him, gently traveling his entire length, first up, then down, brushing against his testicles. Suddenly there was another hand there, from the opposite side, and it too, traveled slowly up and down, but it seemed hesitant, inexperienced.

“What do you think Rei?” he heard Hikari ask.

“For being so hard, it is actually rather soft,” Rei commented.

A shudder traveled through Shinji’s body, as the three girls caressed him. Finally, with a groan, he gave in to Asuka.

“Alright,” he said, breaking the kiss, “whatever you want.”

Asuka giggled, and the other two girls did too, finally stripping the last of Shinji’s clothing off of him, and pushing him on the bed fully. As he landed, he was twisted around and laid out on his back, and the three women were on him in an instant. Asuka’s bed was large, and he’d never complained about it lacking ample space, but he doubted there was an inch to spare anywhere on it at the moment.

Asuka captured his lips with hers again, and he kissed her, his tongue stroking hers, in the way he knew she loved. She tried to capture his tongue with hers, but suddenly Shinji inhaled, and sucked her tongue into his mouth. Once he had it, he puckered his lips, and sucked on her tongue, teasing the tip of it with his, until she thought she would go mad.

Hikari and Rei, meanwhile, were rubbing and stroking Shinji’s manhood, growing excited themselves as they saw him respond. Soon, his manhood was so stiff and swollen that it was jerking and pulsing in time with his heartbeat. Hikari thought it was beautiful, and it was definitely larger than Toji’s. Thicker too. She wondered how he would taste.

Moving quickly, she leaned forward, and, with a quick inhale, sucked Shinji deep within the confines of her greedy mouth, the tip of his member lodged deep within her throat. She reached her hand around the base of the shaft, gripping it tightly and began to bob her head up and down, keeping a slight suction, and flicking the tip with her tongue when she reached the top.

She bobbed her head back down, keeping her tongue pressed against the underside of the shaft the whole way. She was salivating hard now, her saliva coating his member, as she bobbed back up, and then down again. She could hear Rei next to her, breathing hard, and Asuka above her was keeping Shinji occupied. Every time she would bottom out on her stroke, Shinji’s hips would buck convulsively, and he would surge up into her just a little more.

Hikari raised her eyes, hoping to see Shinji’s face, but could only see the back of Asuka’s head. She knew he was enjoying what she was doing, but Asuka was keeping him too distracted for her to be sure that he was really enjoying what she was doing. She decided to demonstrate a little technique that she’d picked up a few months ago from one of her classmates.

She moved her hand up, until it was just below the head of his member, and then gripped it firmly, setting her lips against the finger and thumb. She sucked hard, and bobbed her hand down, pulling her hand down his member. She felt Shinji shudder beneath her, as she came to a rest, and this time, he broke his kiss with Asuka, and a loud groan escaped his lips. Hikari repeated the maneuver again and again, each time eliciting a gasp and groan from Shinji.

Hikari raised her eyes again, and this time Asuka’s questioning eyes met her. She was trying to figure out exactly what it was that was distracting her lover from their kisses. She marveled at Hikari’s technique; as she surged up and down again, the pressure driving Shinji slowly mad. Asuka watched closely, noting that Shinji’s member was sliding easily between Hikari’s fingers and puckered lips.

Up and down, again, and again, the pressure and suction was driving Shinji insane. Hikari looked Asuka in the eyes, and her girlfriend began to breath faster, her own excitement nearing a peak. Hikari smiled, knowing that Shinji himself wasn’t that far away, by the way his voice caught, and the way his hips were arching, and his toes were curling.

Then, with a final bob, she slammed her lips and hand down completely to the base of Shinji’s member, and felt him twitch deep within the bounds of her throat. She greedily swallowed all of it, only raising a little to allow the last few drops to spill onto her tongue.

She finally lifted off of him, and smiled up at Asuka, who pouted.

“No fair,” Asuka pouted. “You didn’t share.”

“Oh, I think I shared quite a bit, the top half was yours, the bottom half was mine and Rei’s.”

“Asuka is right, you monopolized Shinji’s member to yourself. I did not even get to taste it myself.”

Hikari smiled, and kissed Rei, depositing the remainder of Shinji’s load into Rei’s mouth. They kissed for several moments before Rei pulled back. She reached a hand out, and began to softly stroke Shinji’s flagging member.

“Shinji is delicious. I must have more,” she said, before locking her own lips around the head of his member.

Shinji almost convulsed as he felt his member sucked between another pair of lips, his sensitive head coming under assault by the girl’s tongue.

Asuka stared as the normally reserved former pilot bobbed her head up and down upon her boyfriend’s manhood. Smiling she turned back around to look at Shinji’s face. He was obviously enjoying what was happening to him, but he kept giving out these little gasps and groans, almost as if it were painful. Asuka decided to let Shinji concentrate on something besides the blowjob.

Standing up, she lowered herself onto his face, and looked down at him. Shinji, having done this many times before, opened his eyes and smiled up at her, before attacking her sex with his tongue. He probed at the folds of skin that hid her pleasure centers from him, until they parted, and her clit was revealed to him. He stroked his tongue upward, and when he finally made contact Asuka gave a sharp intake of breath, throwing her head back.

“Oh God yes,” she moaned, and Shinji reached his arms up around her, and grasped her breasts, massaging the nipples, stroking and pinching them just the way she liked it. His tongue worked her clit until it was hard and throbbing, and her tunnel was almost gushing her juices out onto his chin. He dipped his tongue down to take a long loving lick at her entrance before returning to her clit. Then it was back to her entrance again, where he licked slowly around the edges, until he finally penetrated her with it.

Shinji’s tongue was far more flexible than anyone else she’d ever heard of, and he was pushing it as far up into her as he could, stroking the inner walls of her womanhood, and making her gush even more. His gentle massaging of her nipples was increasing at a frenzied pace, and she could feel her first orgasm of the night with Shinji about to burst upon her.

Shinji brought his tongue out, and assaulted her clit, then returned to her tunnel, alternating the thrusting with long, slow licks of her clit. Thrust and lick, lick and thrust, back and forth, Asuka thought she would explode. Suddenly he licked her clit and then locked his lips around it, and sucked hard, flicking the end of it with his tongue. The slight vibration caused by the suction, and the additionally stimulation caused by his tongue and his hands on her breasts pushed her over the edge, and she cried out as her orgasm hit her.

Rei, meanwhile, was continuing her task, and was continually bobbing up and down on Shinji’s member, deep throating him with every stroke. Hikari was marveling at Rei, as she’d never known of anyone who could do that without coming up for air at least once in a while. Rei, however, was still bobbing up and down, one hand reaching up to grasp Shinji’s testicles softly. She slowly massaged them, and rubbed her fingertips on the inside of his thighs.

Hikari, extremely turned on by this, and by Asuka’s groans, couldn’t help herself, and buried two fingers in her womanhood, stroking her clit with her thumb. Her other hand was busy caressing her own breasts, and alternately pinching her nipples. She grabbed the vibrator from it’s hidden location at the edge of Asuka’s bed, and plunged it into her dripping sex. The knobs and ridges of the device stroked and stimulated her as she thrust it in and out. She turned it on to a low buzz, pulled it all the way out, stroked her clit with it, and then thrust it back in hard. She repeated this several times, each time the sensation seemed to burst through her, and she felt her clit give several hard throbs, telling her that she was going to cum again. Releasing her breast, she used her free hand to stroke her clit, rubbing at it furiously, as she plunged the vibrator in and out of her dripping sex faster and faster.

There, she was almost there. Pushing hard on her clit, and thrusting the vibrator into herself repeatedly, she was so close, but she couldn’t get there. A loud sob escaping her lips at almost the same moment that Asuka started moaning Shinji’s name, throwing her head back as Shinji brought her to climax.

Rei looked up at Hikari, and recognizing her predicament, lifted her lips from Shinji’s stiff manhood, and grasped it with one hand.

It was now held almost straight up.

“Hikari. I think you need this more than I do,” she said calmly, and Hikari nodded in agreement. There was a slight reshuffling of bodies, and Rei leaned back against the wall, taking the vibrator from Hikari, and allowing the blond to position herself over Shinji’s pulsing member.

‘Oh my God. I can’t believe I’m about to fuck Shinji Ikari,’ she thought, as she lowered herself down above him. She hovered over him, her hips raised, as she reached between them to grasp him. She didn’t find Shinji’s member, however, but Asuka’s hand. She looked up into the sapphire blue eyes of her friend.

“Let me help you with that Hikari,” Asuka said, lifting off of Shinji’s face so that she could guide Shinji’s manhood as it entered Hikari.

Hikari could only nod, as she began to lower herself, and soon she could feel the tip of Shinji’s manhood against the outer lips of her sex. A wicked grin lit Asuka’s face then, as she pulled Shinji’s manhood away from the entrance to Hikari’s woman hood, and instead used it to stroke her clit. Hikari gave a sob, as Asuka teased the blood engorged nub, and then stroked it back to the entrance to her sex. Before Asuka could move, or tease her again, Hikari thrust her hips downward.

It took two good thrusts, mostly because Asuka’s hand was in the way the first time, but she finally managed to get Shinji completely within her. She could feel a bump deep within her, and knew that the head of his manhood was penetrating deeper than any man had ever done before. She marveled at the feeling. Shinji was longer and thicker than anyone she’d ever had, and she felt gloriously full.

Hikari lifted herself up, and thrust her hips back down, feeling herself stretch to accommodate the large member, now buried deep in her sex. She thrust up and down again, trying to find a comfortable rhythm, and looked into Asuka’s eyes. Her friend was smiling down at her, and had turned around, so that Shinji’s face was still assaulting her sex, but she could see what Hikari was doing.

Hikari had fantasized about this often enough to know exactly what to do.

She reached out and grabbed Asuka, pulling her into a scorching kiss, tongues intertwined, hands roaming down to her breasts. She stroked and teased the redhead’s breasts, as Asuka returned the favor.

Hikari thrust up and down, driving Shinji deeper and deeper into her, harder and harder she pounded. She could feel her orgasm approaching now, and knew that this time there would be no holding it back. She stopped her furious thrusting then, and ground her hips down onto Shinji’s, hoping to bring herself to completion, suddenly there was a strong firm hand there, and she gasped as she looked down to discover Shinji’s hand. He parted her lips, and pushed his thumb onto her clit, rubbing it in time with here thrusts, and she threw her head back in ecstasy.

“Oh God,” she cried as the orgasm hit her. Her whole body convulsed, and she jerked forward, hunching up, as her muscles spasmed. She tried to slow her motions, but discovered that as her orgasm had started a pair of strong hands had locked onto either thigh, and her body was being pulled and pushed along. Shinji was forcing her to continue, not letting her rest, and relax, so instead of peaking and then fading, Hikari found her orgasm continuing to pulse through her body. Already it was the longest she’d ever had, and Ikari just kept her moving, grinding their hips together, as he continued his manic pace.

She could feel him tense, and thought that he must surely be close, but then he gave out a muffled sob from beneath Asuka, and let go of her hips, allowing his arms to flop out to either side.

“What’s wrong?” Hikari almost cried, as her orgasm finally faded.

“Shin-chan’s having a hard time cumming. We need to switch positions,” Asuka explained.

Hikari nodded, and the two girls climbed off Shinji, leaving the poor young man gasping and breathing heavily.

Asuka was about to take up her favorite position, and tell Shinji to go for it, when she noticed Rei was leaned against the wall and banging away at her sex with the vibrator. Rei appeared to be in almost as much distress as Shinji was, and Hikari had been in. Feeling exceedingly generous, and somewhat sated from the three orgasms that Shinji’s skilled tongue had already ripped from her, she took the vibrator from Rei and motioned the girl to lie on her back.

Rei eagerly complied, and shuffled herself into the middle of the bed, she closed her eyes and lay on her back, legs spread, one hand massaging her breast, and the other buried in her sex.

Asuka nodded and turned back to Shinji. “Shin-Chan, I have something for you,” she whispered.

Shinji opened one of his eyes, and allowed Asuka to bring him to an upright position.

“Rei-chan really needs you,” Asuka said, and Shinji simply nodded, and repositioned himself so that he was lying on top of Rei.

Rei felt someone moving between her legs, and then two arms were placed on either side of her body, as the person supported themselves above her. Then there was a slight nudge at the entrance to her sex, that she knew came from no sex toy.

“Are you ready Rei-chan,” Shinji’s soft voice asked.

“Yes,” she almost whispered.

Shinji slowly pushed his hips down and forward, and the head of his manhood penetrated Rei’s outer lips. Rei bit her lips in anticipation of what was next. She’d seen how large Shinji was, and was a little nervous about something that size fitting into her tight little hole. She hoped that her own natural juices would be enough lubrication.

It was, barely, and she felt her warm folds pulled and stretched as Shinji slowly pushed himself into her. Rei bit her lip, and whimpered softly. Shinji continued to slowly push in and out, and Rei was beginning to feel a tension within her again.

Shinji himself was feeling pretty good. As he had sex with Rei, his eyes were locked on Asuka’s, who was looking at him lustily, while she played with her breasts. He watched as she slid a hand down her soft belly, and over her pubic mound. Slowly, teasingly, she brought her fingers to her womanhood, and gently teased her outer lips, until they parted. She began fingering her sex, slowly slipping a finger into her opening, and then gently pumping it in and out. She leaned forward, and rested her free arm on Shinji’s shoulder, locking her eyes with his, as she spread her legs to allow him to watch her.

Shinji’s breathing was rapidly increasing, as he watched Asuka’s moist and glistening digit slid in and out of her tight opening. He felt like he was going to go mad, and suddenly Rei was letting out pleased little whimpers beneath him. He looked back down at her, and she had her eyes closed tight, and was clutching at his back. He looked back up, and Asuka had her mouth open, licking her upper lip with her sexy tongue, and encouraging him.

He watched as Asuka’s breath caught in her throat and she began a series of spasms, her breath coming in fits and jerks. He watched as Asuka began thrusting two fingers into her convulsing hips, and her hand was soon drenched in her own juices. This set Shinji on a collision course with his own orgasm, and he knew he was close.

Suddenly, a flush of warmth and wetness, as well as a throbbing convulsion surrounded his manhood, and he looked down at Rei. Her head was thrown back, and a silent scream was wracking her body. Her back was arched, and she was pressing her hips against his own, clutching at the sheets.

Unable to move, trapped within her vice-like grip, Shinji was helpless as her tight inner muscles massaged his manhood. Suddenly Shinji felt an explosion in his groin, and he convulsed, as his seed began to fill Rei. He dropped onto her, almost collapsing, and Rei clutched at him, wrapping her arms around him, and carving deep gouges in his back with her fingernails. Shinji lay there, as he and Rei spent their remaining strength into each other.

When Rei finally released him, he slumped back onto the bed, drained and panting. Asuka leaned over and kissed him lustily.

“Enjoy that Shin-chan?” she cooed.

“That was great,” he said.

Asuka looked down at Shinji’s organ, still pulsing slightly, and noted that it was still hard. She saw a glisten drop of Shinji’s fluids, surrounded by a wash of Rei’s, and wrapped her lips around it. She licked and slurped the remains of their love making, letting go of his member with a wet slurp.

Shinji shuddered as she released him, and looked up at her. Asuka was licking her lips, and running a hand up his chest, stroking his nipples, as she played with her own with the other hand.

By unspoken accord, Asuka knew that Shinji wanted her. Despite the fact that he’d already cum twice, his erection showed no sign of flagging. Asuka shuffled over to him, and threw her leg over his hips, straddling him. She positioned both of her hands on his shoulders, and shifted her hips until she could feel his manhood slip between her outer lips. When it was positioned just right, she flexed her hips back, and felt him drive an inch or two into her tight opening.

Shinji brought his hands up, cupping her face, and drew her down into a soft and gentle kiss. Asuka kissed him, letting the heat between them build to a fever pitch, as she kept him within her opening. She broke the kiss then, unable to stand it any more, and sat up, shifting back, and driving her hips down, impaling herself fully onto his member.

Shinji let out a groan, as she began to work her hips back and forth, grinding her hips against his. The tug on her clitoris was maddening as she moved back and forth, and she felt that her own peak was building up. So quick after her last one, she was rather surprised, but then again she had Shinji inside her, and that was all it really took. Her fingers crept down her body, and when they found her engorged clit, she gave it a little tweak. The contact sent waves of pleasure through her body, and she began to tease the hard little nubbin, rubbing it furiously as her passion built.

Finally, with a convulsive jerk, she cried out as her orgasms overwhelmed her. This one was better than the others, as she had something long and hard buried deep within her for her muscles to grip. She finished, and looked down at Shinji, who was lying there looking up at her.

Realizing that he hadn’t cum yet, she motioned him to change positions, and got on all fours, as he maneuvered to get behind her. His strong hands grasped her hips, and she felt him thrust forward, slamming into her completely in one thrust.

As the couple began to pound each other at a furious pace, Rei and Hikari were both getting hot watching the action. Hikari glanced at Rei, who like herself had a finger buried in her flesh, teasing her opening. Hikari had a wicked thought then, and got up to hurry into Misato’s bedroom. A minute later she was back with a small black harness and a large dildo. Smiling at Rei, she put the harness on, and seated the dildo in the appropriate slot in the front of it, and got Rei’s attention.

Rei noticed that Hikari had apparently sprouted a penis while she was gone, but decided that this wasn’t necessarily a bad thing. Positioning herself like Asuka, she allowed Hikari to move up behind her, and could feel the other woman slowly nudge the fake penis between her lower lips before finally pushing it inside.

Rei gasped as she felt herself stretched almost as much as Shinji had done, and rocked back into Hikari, impaling herself even more. The two of them quickly found a rhythm as Hikari withdrew almost completely before driving back into her. Soon Hikari was pounding her hard, and Rei reached a hand up under herself to stroke her throbbing clit. Hikari was moaning softly with each thrust, as the nub on the back of the dildo banged into her clit, sending spikes of pleasure through her small frame every time she bottomed out in Rei.

Shinji meanwhile was closing in on his long awaited release, and Asuka was doing her level best to make him cum. Her inner muscles were massaging his member, and she had her hand between them, so that she could play with his member, caress his balls, and stroke her own clit, all with one motion. Shinji slammed into her, gaining speed, and feeling a tightness in his manhood signally the impending arrival of his orgasm when he looked down at Asuka. She had her hair thrown to one side, and was looking back over her shoulder with a smirk.

Determined to wipe that smirk off her face, Shinji pulled his member completely out of her, and gripped it in his hand, teasing her entrance, before slipping it into her just a bit. He repeated this over and over, and soon noticed that Asuka was no longer smirking, but instead looked pleadingly at him. Shinji moved his hand from himself, back to Asuka’s hip, and pulled her back to him, slamming into her with abandon, deciding that they’d both had enough.

Rei and Hikari both were also on a collision course with their impending orgasms, and Hikari was pounding away behind Rei with abandon. Rei opened her eyes to find that Asuka’s pouting lips were only a few inches from her own, and she twisted her head to kiss the redhead.

Asuka returned the kiss passionately, tongue battling with Rei’s for dominance of their joined lips. The two of them began to moan deeply into each other, and suddenly Hikari’s cries seemed to overwhelm the grunts and soft cries that were filling the room.

Shinji heard Hikari’s cry, and shifted his focus from the round globes of Asuka’s rear, grasped firmly in his hands, to what was going on before him. Hikari’s head was thrown back, and she was crying out her pleasure, as she gripped Rei’s behind in a mirror image of his own position. Rei and Asuka were locked in a passionate kiss, moaning their pleasure into each others mouths, and Rei was letting out the high pitched little squeaks in time to every movement Hikari made. Asuka was letting out small whimpers into Rei’s mouth, and finally broke the kiss, moaning low in her throat, in a way that Shinji knew so well.

Almost immediately he felt her convulse, and her tunnel locked down on him like a vice, trying to hold him so he couldn’t move, but his own momentum, and her extreme wetness conspired against her, letting him continue to move. The sounds of the three women in the throes of pleasure, combined with Asuka’s bucking and clutching womanhood was finally enough to drive him over the edge, and with a final thrust, and a loud moan, Shinji pounded his seed deep into Asuka’s womb.

Asuka’s cries rose in pitch, as she felt him contract within her, and then his warm seed was filling her. Shaking as the waves of pleasure coursed through her, she finally collapsed, crying in pleasure at the intensity of their shared orgasm. Rei and Hikari likewise collapsed, spent by their own orgasms.

The four lovers lay there slightly touching one another, as their passion ebbed. Shinji, more exhausted than he could ever remember, just lay there on his back panting, and trying to relax while hoping that his heart wouldn’t explode.

“So,” he finally found enough breath to speak, “um… can I ask what brought this on?”

“Well” Asuka giggled as she pulled herself around to look down on him, “Our Art Professor gave us this assignment, and then made the three of us partners. We came back her to get started on the project, and one thing led to another, and then you showed up.”

“Okay,” Shinji said, too tired to really care or say anything more.

Asuka looked over at Hikari and Rei as Shinji closed his eyes, and drifted slowly off to sleep. As one Hikari and Rei got out of the bed, Rei, heading for the bathroom, and Hikari, for the kitchen. She could hear Hikari getting things together in the kitchen, and knew the woman was probably preparing to make the dinner they’d all missed when Shinji had been co-opted for this project. She smiled down at her sleeping lover, planting a tender kiss on his lips.

She and her friends were going to be spending a lot of time together in order to finish this assignment, and he was going to need all the rest he could get if her suspicions were correct.

A/N this fic is based off of the first one, which is based off of a conversation in IRC and a picture of Rei, Asuka, and Hikari. Hikari has blond hair in it.