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Class Project

By Stormofdragons

“Horaki, Soryu, and…. Ayanami,” the Sensei said.

Asuka had been smiling when she’d heard Hikari’s name called as her partner, but Wondergirl too? Great. What did she ever do to deserve this? Still, it might not be too bad. She’d seen some of Rei’s artwork in art class during their last year at Tokyo-3 high, and she could draw really well.

So, despite her initial objections, the three girls had eventually agreed to meet at Asuka’s place that night to discuss their art project. At 6:00 that night, Hikari and Rei arrived with their art supplies, and Asuka showed them into her room. Knowing Misato wouldn’t mind, she snagged three beers out of the refrigerator, and handed them out. Hikari smiled, and popped hers open, taking a deep drink, before giggling. She liked being naughty.

Asuka opened hers, and took a drink, glancing at Rei.

“What’s wrong Ayanami, don’t like beer?” she teased.

“No. I would prefer water,” the girl answered plainly.

“Oh, come on. Live a little. Besides, it’ll help us relax. And when was the last time you did that?” Asuka teased.

“At Pilot Ikari’s birthday party,” Rei answered, a slight blush coming to her face.

Asuka blushed herself, remembering that Ayanami had had quite a bit to drink that night, and had ended up, passed out on the couch, snuggled up against Asuka.

“So… We need to pick a subject for the Manga Art Project Sensei set for us. What do you think?” Hikari asked.

“Oh, a romance, definitely,” Asuka said.

Hikari nodded. “Sound okay to you Ayanami?”

“That would be acceptable,” Rei said.

“So, we need to divide it up into plot, script, and art,” Hikari said. “So, the question is, do we each draw a different character, or do we have one person do all the art, and the other two concentrate on shading and inks.”

“I’ll do all the art, because I’m the best artist,” Asuka said proudly.

“I’m sorry, Pilot Soryu, but I disagree,” came Rei’s soft voice.

“And just what makes you so great?” Asuka asked.

Rei didn’t say anything, but instead, pulled out her sketch pad, and handed it to Asuka.

“Oh. What’s this? You made some cute little drawings? Maybe you drew some Poke…” Asuka went silent.

Hikari looked over Asuka’s shoulder and was amazed at what she saw. There, sketched out on the pages, was Rei’s ‘body’ of work. And what a body it was. There were dozens of drawings here, some portraits, some full body sketches, and others were focused studies of musculature. There were even some that were very erotic. The female form had been sketched down to the minutest detail.

“Rei… Wow. I don’t know what to say. These are really good,” Asuka said, seriously.

“Thank you Pilot So,” she started.

“Rei, stop right there. We’re friends right? We’ve known each other for what, three years?” Asuka asked.

“Nearly, yes,” Rei confirmed.

“I’m Asuka. Not Pilot Soryu. I haven’t been a pilot in almost two years. Okay?”

“Alright. Asuka,” Rei said.

“Good, now that we have that settled. WOW” Asuka said.

Rei blushed.

“Rei, this is incredible,” Hikari said.

“Thank you Miss… Hikari,” Rei said.

They continued to browse through Rei’s sketches, noting a repeating series of drawings. Always sketches of female body parts.

“Rei. Who did you get to model for these sketches?”

“I was the model. Those are self portraits,” Rei said.

“I see. And this one,” Asuka said, holding up the sketch. Hikari blushed when she saw the sketch. It was a Nude, of a female figure, reclined on a couch, languidly drowsing, long hair hanging over the arm of the couch.

Rei blushed.

“That one I drew from memory,” Rei said.

“Well, she did do a really good job,” Hikari giggled. Looking at the fiery redhead, and at the sketched version of her on the page.

“So Asuka, why didn’t you tell me you’d posed for Rei?” Hikari asked.

“Asuka never posed for me. I drew this based on my memories of her from our time in the locker room,” Rei blushed again.

Asuka was almost mesmerized by the portrait of herself. It was surprisingly accurate; everything from the curve of her hips to the lines of her jaw.

Hikari reached over her shoulder to flip the page, and smiled broadly.

“Asuka, you never told me you did anything like that with Rei,” Hikari teased, and Asuka and Rei both blushed.

There on the page was a portrait of Asuka, her head tipped sideways, kissing Rei, one of her hands visible, tangled in the other girls short hair.

Asuka looked from the portrait to Rei.

“Why Rei. Is this what I think it is?” Asuka asked.

Rei blushed and looked away.

“It is merely a portrait. There are also several portraits in there of Pilot Ik… Shinji,” Rei said.

“I think we found the artist,” Hikari said.

“I think we found more than that,” Asuka giggled.

“And what have we found?” Hikari asked, slyly.

Asuka reached behind her and ran a hand up Hikari’s thigh.

“I think we may have found a new playmate,” Asuka said.

Hikari giggled, and reached around Asuka, massaging one of the redheads large breasts.

“Oh you think so?” Hikari asked, capturing Asuka’s earlobe in her teeth, and nibbling softly.

“Definitely,” Asuka whispered, breathing heavily.

“I’m not sure I understand what you mean, Asuka,” Rei said.

“Oh, you will Rei, you will,” Asuka said, reaching out, and pulling Rei gently, yet irresistibly towards her.

As the young albino slid towards her, Asuka reached the hand that had been fondling Hikari, and caressed her cheek. Rei leaned into it, closing her eyes, and moved her head so the caress drifted slightly. As the distance between them closed, Asuka’s hand reached around behind Rei’s head and drew her closer.

Their lips met in a kiss so soft that Asuka could barely feel the light pressure. Then, something soft and moist was pressing against her lips, and she opened them, feeling Rei’s soft tongue probing into her mouth.

As Asuka kissed Rei, she felt two soft hand unbuttoning her blouse. Then they reached the final button, and Hikari began to pull her blouse out of the waist band of her skirt. As the blouse was slowly pulled off her shoulders, she released one arm and then the other from Rei, letting it fall off of her. She could feel Hikari’s deft hand undoing her bra straps, and shrugged out of it as well.

Rei’s soft hands were almost instantly dancing across her stomach. Teasing and tickling their way up her flesh until they clasped her breasts, softly rolling Asuka’s nipples in her fingers.

Asuka moaned, as Rei continued to kiss her, and Hikari softly stroked her back, planting kisses here and there.

Asuka’s hands began plucking at Rei’s blouse, and soon she had it open, and was exploring the albino girls stomach and exposed breasts as well. Rei leaned back, and shucked out of her shirt and bra, allowing them to fall to the floor, and leaned into Asuka, the two of them allowing their hands to caress one another. Hikari, not wanting to be left out, stood up on Asuka’s bed, and stripped out of her top and shucked her skirt and underclothes.

Asuka watched as Hikari’s cloths went sailing over her head to land against the closet door. She smiled into Rei’s kiss as she felt Hikari return to her kneeling position, her breasts pressing into her back. She ran her hands down Rei’s stomach, and reached the waist band. Hooking her fingers inside, she pulled the elastic down, exposing Rei’s soft white panties, as the skirt pooled around her ankles. Rei’s hands mirrored her motions, and soon Asuka’s skirt was laying in a pool next to Rei’s.

Asuka stood up, and reversed positions with Rei, pushing the blue haired girl down onto the bed. Hikari started softly kissing the girls lips and massaging her breasts while Asuka relieved Rei of her last bits of clothing. Asuka smiled down at Rei’s naked body, noting that the small patch of hair over the girls womanhood was the same color as her hair.

“Well that answers that question,” she whispered softly, as she hooked her thumbs into the waistband of her own thong, and lowered it, exposing herself.

Asuka kneeled down, gently pushing Rei’s leg apart, and getting a good look at the other woman’s lightly furred mound. Unlike Asuka, Rei did not shave off most of her pubic hair, but hers was light and sparse, much like Hikari’s.

Asuka ran her hands up the insides of Rei’s thighs, lightly touching the young woman’s skin with her fingertips. When her hands reached the pubic mound, Asuka leaned forward, and planted a soft kiss on the juncture between her legs and her hips. Rei gave a sharp intake of breath, which was quickly silenced by Hikari’s kisses.

Asuka kissed Rei’s pubic mound, enjoying the springy texture of the azure hair. The speed of Rei’s breathing increased, as Asuka approached the small nub of pleasure at the top of her mound. Asuka smiled as the young woman’s breath hitched, as she gave a soft kiss directly onto Rei’s exposed clitoris.

Asuka brought her fingers into play, pulling back the outer lips of Rei’s sex, exposing the pink inner lips, and her rosebud entrance. Asuka flicked her tongue out, running it down the folds of Rei’s flesh, until she reached the entrance to Rei’s womanhood. She dipped her tongue lovingly into the flesh, penetrating the entrance to the albino’s inner recesses. Receiving a flood of dampness from the depths of Rei’s womanhood, Asuka moved her oral attention back up to the woman’s clit, but brought a finger into play, slowly penetrating the other woman’s inner folds.

Rei gasped, as the intruding finger stroked the sensitive inner recesses of her womanhood. She’d never felt anything like this, not even during the one time that she and Kensuke had… She’d read about this type of thing of course, but she’d never expected to experience it herself. She was trying to concentrate on what Asuka was doing to her, but Hikari’s kisses, and massaging of her breasts was very distracting.

“Do you like what Asuka’s doing Rei?” Hikari breathed.

“Yes. It is very pleasant,” she replied.

“Is it?” Hikari asked, planting soft kisses on Rei’s jaw line. “Would you like to return the favor?”

“How can I do that?” Rei asked.

Hikari smiled, and raised up. She maneuvered around the bed, until Rei’s head was squarely between her knees. She raised herself up, and leaned forward, bringing her own, desperately aching sex into range of Rei’s mouth, and allowing Hikari to stroke Asuka’s back as she ministered to Rei.

Rei smiled, as Hikari presented herself to her, and brought up a hand to part the other woman’s folds, taking her first ever taste of another woman’s pleasures.

Hikari jerked as Rei’s probing tongue contacted her swollen clit, bringing a wave of pleasure to her. Then, as if that wasn’t enough, a probing finger found it’s way within her inner folds, and began to stroke at her depths, stimulating her deepest pleasure center. Hikari let out a deep, throaty groan, using one hand to steady herself, while clutching at Asuka with the other.

As Hikari retreated from her peak, she shifted slightly, moving herself so that she was lying across the bed. Rei moved on the bed, turning over slightly, and crawling up to where Hikari had lain down, in an attempt to recapture her position between the other woman’s thighs. Her movement took her out of Asuka’s reach, and Asuka pouted as Rei moved away from her.

Asuka noticed that the other two girls were laying in such a way as to form two legs of a triangle, and decided to complete the form, laying down, and resting her head on Rei’s thighs, and spreading her legs so that Hikari could reach her sex. Hikari knew immediately what it was that Asuka wanted, and probed the redheads trimmed and manicured pubic region with familiar strokes and caresses, before gently inserting a finger into Asuka’s own dripping tunnel.

Asuka moaned into Rei’s thighs as Hikari’s tongue touched her swollen clit, and brought her the release she’d been craving. A few intense seconds of frenzied licking, and Asuka experienced an earth shattering orgasm.

Hikari smiled as Asuka came, her sweet nectar washing out of her womanhood, coating her fingers in its essence. Hikari used her free hand to fumble under the edge of Asuka’s bedding, looking for, and finding the small phallic shape she knew was hidden there. Grinning evilly, she turned the device on, and with a gentle hum, applied it to the redheads swollen pleasure nub.

Asuka gasped again, as she was stimulated intensely by the device; waves of pleasure washing over her so hard that it hurt.

“Hikari… too much,” she gasped. Hikari nodded, and turned the speed down on the device, then reapplied it to the task required of it.

Asuka merely moaned, this time, as Hikari applied it to her, and went back to the task at hand, probing Rei’s love tunnel with her questing fingers, and attempting to bring the girl to the height of her passion. She kept getting distracted, however, by Hikari’s ministrations to her own body. She felt another wave of pleasure crash over her, and decided that Hikari had had enough fun with the small device. She reached a small hand down, and pulled it out of her friends’ hand, smiling down at her as she did so.

Hikari smiled back, slightly disappointed with Asuka for taking away her toy, but smiling at what she knew Asuka was about to do. Asuka, in turn, raised the device up, and touched it to Rei, just as Hikari as touched it to her.

Rei, felt an unfamiliar vibration between her legs, and suddenly a wave of pleasure crashed over her, sending her into a moaning and throbbing convulsion. Her hands and mouth sagged in their attention to Hikari.

Hikari used the brief respite to attack Asuka in earnest, burying herself in the redheads thighs again, her tongue lashing at the woman’s inner folds, her fingers penetrating her over and over.

Asuka was seriously distracted from what she was doing now, and was unable to keep the small vibrator connected to Rei’s clitoris, and, as she squirmed under Hikari’s familiar touch, the small device penetrated the opening of Rei’s womanhood, causing the azure haired girl to cry out as her body rocked in pleasure. Focusing all her concentration on what she was doing, she began to plunge the humming device repeatedly into Rei’s tight confines, drawing a gasp from the woman with each teasing thrust. With a final convulsive thrust, Rei squirmed, shook, and moaned loudly, releasing herself to the pleasure that was coming from her womanhood.

Rei sagged, as Asuka removed the device, herself convulsing as Hikari continued to attack her pleasure center.

“Your turn now Hikari,” Asuka growled huskily, and shifted herself into a sixty-nine with her best friend. She inserted the still humming device into Hikari’s tunnel of love, and began to suckle and stroke the nub and outer folds of the girls sex.

Hikari moaned, and almost stopped what she was doing, but experience told her that Asuka was close to cumming herself, and she was determined that the fiery redhead would come before she gave in.

Unfortunately, or fortunately, for Hikari, Asuka had just made the same determined decision, and began thrusting the vibrator in and out of Hikari, alternating shallow and deep strokes, whilst humming throatily, and keeping her lips locked on the other woman’s clit.

The wave of pleasure approaching began to overwhelm Hikari, and she almost lost her concentration, but, as her lips drifted away from her target, she kept her fingers busy. One hand thrusting two fingers deep within her friend, and the other, rubbing the sensitive nub with manic speed.

A simultaneous cry of release reached the lounging Rei’s ears, and both girls next to her shook as their orgasm swept over them, their cries rising, and then fading as they both rolled away from one another.

Asuka smiled over at Rei, and looked down at Hikari. This hadn’t been what she’d had planned for the evening, but she really preferred the way it had turned out.

Hikari, likewise, was happy that they’d found a new playmate in Rei, and was trying to get her mind to form coherent thoughts.

Rei, was the most shocked of the group. She’d never experience pleasure at the hands of another woman before, and indeed, except for one time a few months ago, had never engaged in sexual activity. That vaguely satisfying experience palled in comparison to the act that she had just completed with these two women.

‘No, friends,’ Rei thought. ‘After something like this, they are at least that.’

And so the three girls lay there, exhausted, on Asuka’s bed, relaxing in the afterglow of their lovemaking.

“That was incredible,” Asuka hummed, rubbing herself against Rei.

Hikari spooned into Asuka from behind, breathing softly in her ear.

“It could have been better, though,” Hikari said.

“Really?” Rei said, genuinely curios how it could have been better.

“Yeah. Shinji could have been here,” Hikari giggled.

“Okay. That would have been better,” Asuka agreed.

“Pilot… Shinji has participated in this act with you?” Rei asked.

“Well, not yet. Asuka hasn’t let me share him with her. She’s been very selfish, and kept him all to herself. She keeps teasing me with the details of exactly what he does to her. According to Asuka he’s better at this than I am,” Hikari teased.

“Well he is. I’m sorry Hikari, you’re great, but Shinji is on another level. Must be all those Hentai Manga he reads,” Asuka said, wistfully.

“I wish Toji were that good,” Hikari said, pouting.

“What do you expect. Toji’s a Jock and Shinji’s a Nerd,” Asuka observed.

“So?” Hikari said.

“Hikari, everyone knows that all Jocks ever think about is sports, and all Nerds ever think about is sex. Who do you expect to be a better lover,” Asuka said.

“You and Shinji have engaged in sexual congress?” Rei interrupted.

Asuka blushed slightly at the other woman’s frank question.

“You make it sound so clinical Rei. But yeah, Shinji and I have fooled around a fair bit. It all started back when we were EVA pilots. See I was bored, and…”

The sound of a door slamming caught their attention.

“I’m home,” Shinji’s voice called, as he walked down the entry hallway, and into the apartment he shared with Misato and Asuka.

“Oh god, Hikari, we forgot to close the door,” Asuka whispered.

“Perfect,” Hikari smiled, and leapt from the bed. Rei, too, eased herself from the bed, leaving Asuka reclining on the rumpled sheets, looking slightly concerned.

“Asuka? I’m going to get dinner going in a few minutes, is there anything you want?” Shinji asked, approaching the doorway.”

Asuka smiled at her two lovers, as they hid themselves against the wall, next to the door.

“Yes, now that you mention it,” Asuka called, grinning devilishly at the other girls.

“What’s that?” Shinji said, stepping through the doorway, and catching sight of Asuka, and her wanton display of sexual desire.

“You,” the three girls said, in unison, as Hikari and Rei each grabbed an arm, and dragged him into the room.

Shinji blushed bright red, and stammered, as Hikari kicked the door closed behind them. The sight of the three naked women, and the smile on Asuka’s lips told him he was in for a long night.

Authors Notes:

Okay. I did another Lemon, but really, when someone in a chatroom inspires me, I have to start writing. And I can’t stop until I’ve finished. So. Chirho, here it is… and Snow… I’m sorry, but it was too good a plot to pass up. ^_^ Please don’t hate me.

This scene was also inspired by a picture on the EVAMADE gallery, showing the three girls in normal clothing, evidently as friends in college. Hikari appears as a blonde in the picture, but I chose to set this sometime before the picture was drawn, when Hikari’s hair was still black/brown. The three girls look very comfortable with each other there, and I wondered how they would become so. This fic is my explanation for that scene.