A Change of Heart
a Neon Genesis Evangelion fanfiction by Kodora Ikkitousen

Asuka stood against her door, her heart racing. *Ach meine gott!* She
was still breathing heavily. *I...I enjoyed that!* She shook her head
violently, trying to forget the incident of earlier. *What's wrong
with me?!* She sat down on the edge of her bed and put her head in
her hands. *How could I let Lt. Ibuki do that?!* She was surprised to
find that she really wasn't all that mad about it. In fact... She had
kind of enjoyed it. *Lt. Ibuki is cute...* She smacked herself in the
forehead. *What am I talking about? Why am I even thinking this?* She
started as Misato knocked on the door.

"Asuka, are you alright?" Misato peeked her head around the corner of
the door. "Asuka?" The young German smiled and nodded. "Okay, it's
just that you totally ignored us when you came in. I just wanted to
check." She turned closing the door behind her and went back to the

As soon as she was gone, Asuka jumped up and grabbed the phone. Before
she knew what she was doing she had dialed the NERV HQ number. "NERV
Headquarters, Lt. Ibuki speaking, can I help you?"

Asuka's breath caught in her throat and her response was nearly a
whisper. "Maya... It's Asuka." There was a deathly silence on the other
end and Asuka was afraid she had hung up on her. "Maya, we need to talk."

"Asuka-san, I apologize. I don't know what came over me, I just-" Asuka
cut her off.

"Maya, it's alright." She took a deep breath and continued. "I think
that after work tomorrow we should go out. To a movie. Or dinner. Or
both. Or something..." she finished lamely. "We need to talk about it."

Maya paused. "Alright," she said finally. "After work. I get off at
8:00. I'll see you then." She quickly hung up and left Asuka sitting
listening to a dead phone line.

*Ach meine gott, ach meine gott, ach meine gott!* She hung up the cordless
and sat there, stunned by her own actions. *I think I just asked her out!*
She wandered aimlessly into the kitchen and got a bowl of ramen to take
back to her room. "Misato, I'm gonna be home late tomorrow night. I'm
going out with a friend."

"As long as you come home in time for work." Misato eyed her
carefully. "Just what kind of a date?"

Asuka blushed. "It's nothing. I'm just going to the movies with
Lt. Ibuki."

"Oooookay... Fine by me."

The redhead walked back to her room and settled in to sleep.


It was an altogether uneventful day. The usual routine was followed
and nothing went amiss. For Asuka however, the day seemed to drag. By
the time 7:30 rolled around she was nearly apoplexic from waiting. She
rushed down to the operations room and waited impatiently for Maya. The
pretty young tech came strolling out and seeing Asuka hurried over to her.

"How long have you been here?" She looked anxious. "Did anyone see you?"

"Well, Commander Ikari came by..." Seeing Maya's freaked look she quickly
explained. "I told him that I was going with you after work to discuss
my synchro ratio. He bought it." She follow Maya out to her car and got
in. They sat there for a few minutes before either of them spoke.

"Well, where to?" Maya looked over at the gorgeous young girl and
smiled. *I know where...* Asuka looked at her and smiled shyly. *Is she
thinking the same thing?!*

"We could go to your place..."

The Lieutenant's jaw almost dropped. *Oh my god, she IS!* "I... I guess
we could." She started up her vehicle and they made their way back to
her apartment. As she unlocked the door and stepped inside she could
see a smile hovering at the corners of Asuka's mouth. *I can't believe
this... The Third Child is in my house, and she wants to-*

"Were should I put my stuff?" Maya looked up quickly. Asuka was standing
silluetted against the balcony door, the sunlight forming a halo around
her auburn hair. "Well...?"

"I, uh, in there." She pointed to the living room where Asuka promptly
made herself comfortable. "Can I get you anything? A coke or some tea?"

"No, thank you. Just sit down." Asuka smiled and patted the spot next
to her on the dark blue couch.

Maya sat down and found herself in the warm embrace of her new found
lover. Asuka pressed her soft pink lips against Maya's and pushed her
back to lay on the couch. Asuka could feel the older woman's hands
roving across her body, taking in her curves and pressing her body
closer. Her tongue slipped between Maya's lips, exploring her mouth,
as her hands quickly undid the clasp of the other woman's bra. She
could feel the Lieutenant's hard nipples pressing againt her own and
she broke the kiss. Maya gasped as Asuka took her nipple in her mouth,
rolling her tongue and lightly dragging her teeth across it. She smiled
as the brunette shuddered. Asuka could feel her body tautening under her,
and suddenly found herself on her back, Maya on top pulling her shirt
off viciously.

The older woman yanked off Asuka's bra and rolled her nipples between
her fingers. As Maya bit playfully at her neck and sucked on her ears,
Asuka could feel a spreading warmth between her legs that was aching for
release. She rubbed her mound against Maya's and moaned softly. Asuka
gasped and shuddered as Maya slipped a hand up her skirt and gently
inserted her finger into Asuka's warm body. The beautiful young German
could feel her juices leaking out of her onto Maya's couch and hand. *Ach
meine gott! I... It feels so good!* Maya grinned happily as she slid two
more fingers inside of the young pilot. Asuka writhed underneath her and
moaned. "Please... more..." It was a whisper. Asuka's eyes rolled back as
Maya's tongue slipped across her clit and into her wet vagina. She rubbed
against Maya's face and cried out as she bit down on her clit causing a
wave of pleasure to surge through her. She could feel herself nearing
her climax as Maya pumped her fingers into her and sucked on her hard
nub. Asuka came with a earsplitting scream as torrrents of come flowed
from her. Maya licked up the precious liquid and kissed her way up to
Asuka's mouth. She kissed her deeply giving the young girl a taste of
herself in the process. Asuka sucked on Maya's tongue savoring her flavor
and let her own hand drift down to her lover's crotch where she slipped
two fingers inside of her. Maya shuddered and smiled as Asuka fingered
her and she let her get on top. Asuka licked down to Maya's soft brown
snatch and inhaled the warm husky scent of her. Asuka had never done
this before to anyone except herself. She never thought that she'd be
fingering a superior officer, much less someone almost ten years older
than her. She pushed another finger into Maya's cunt and pumped as hard
as she could. Maya's hips bucked beneath her and Asuka's hand was soon
covered with her come. She pulled her fingers out and stuck her tongue
in instead. Maya moaned loudly and Asuka could feel the soft walls of
her vagina contracting on her tongue, trying to pull it further in.

She licked the brunette to her climax then lay down on her,
exhausted. "Maya..."

"Hmm?" She wrapped an arm around the young girl and kissed the top of
her head.

"I... I love you..." Asuka hugged her tightly and smiled happily.

"I love you too, Asuka. I always will." Maya smoothed her lover's long
red hair. "I would love to see you tomorrow night, too. If that's okay
with Major Katsuragi, that is."

"Oh, I'll convince her. But I don't know how long we can use the excuse
of us working on my synch ratio, or any other work-related thing at
that. She knows that I'm not THAT dedicated to work." Asuka kissed Maya
passionately and smiled. Her bright blue eyes shone with happiness as
she picked up the phone. "In fact, I believe that I'll stay the night
tonight. Misato is having Kaji over so... Well, you know."

Maya grinned and stretched. "Yeah, I know."