Caught In The Act

Started: December 01, 2003

Current Revision: December 16, 2003

A Oneshot By WarpWizard

A Neon Genesis Evangelion Fanfiction

Big-time Lemon Warning! This is self-indulgent X-rated fantasy piece. Read at your own risk.

PWP Warning! This fic has no plot, just sex. Somehow I doubt that I'll get complaints…

* * *

Asuka grumbled to herself as she entered her home, the apartment that she, Misato and baka-Shinji shared.

`Damn it, I was looking forward to this weekend! Why did Hikari have to get sick?'

She knew she was being selfish, since her friend had no control over when her appendix chose to malfunction. In truth, she was mostly covering up a bit of apprehension over Hikari having to undergo surgery, even if it was a very minor operation. She would likely be fine. Still, having her weekend ruined rankled.

`Now what am I supposed to do? Hang out with the baka? As if!'

Misato was out, probably with Kaji. Asuka suppressed the pang caused by the thought of the two of them together.

She herself was *supposed* to have been away. Shinji was the only one who had declared his intention to remain, giving a typical sheepish smile at her remark about him being a "boring little boy".

`He would probably have spent the weekend cleaning, if he couldn't hang out with the other two Stooges that is. Well, he may have a more exciting time now that I'm back…'

An unidentifiable noise caught her attention.

`That sounds like it's from Shinji's room…'

For some reason she felt like being quiet. Moving on soundless feet, the athletic redhead slipped towards her flatmate's Lovely Suite.

The noise resolved itself into the sound of voices. Asuka slowed her approach even more, listening intently. `Sounds like Shinji and - Wondergirl!?'

She was sure it was her blue-haired adversary's voice, but at the same time she was uncertain. If it was Ayanami, she sounded much more…animated, than usual.

Asuka was instantly furious. `Was he going to sneak Wonderslut in here while we were away? Was that his plan? Who does he think he is!?'

`Calm yourself Asuka, calm…Wondergirl has no more romantic sense than a fish, and the baka is too much of a wimp to do anything with a girl.' It never occurred to her to question why she cared one way or another, or why there was a touch of disappointment caused by the second part of her thought.

`The two of them are probably doing math homework together or something…'

Telling herself she was acting out of idle curiosity, as well as the desire to surprise her idiotic and perverted fellow Pilot, Asuka moved stealthily to where the sliding door was a bit ajar, lowered herself carefully to the ground and put her eye to the crack.

`Lets see, what are they - eep!'

* * *

Any thought of the two supposedly shy, introverted teens doing something as innocuous as homework was instantly blasted from Asuka's mind as she saw, as well as heard, Shinji's boxers rustle softly to the floor. His pants were already pooled around his ankles, evidently removed via the same method as his boxers, that of being pulled down by Rei's eager hands. Her heart suddenly pounding, after a first unavoidable glance Asuka refused to look at what was revealed and instead examined the body of her fellow female Pilot.

Rei has already doffed her clothing and was kneeling before Shinji, unashamedly nude. Her slim body glowed like ivory in the room's soft lighting. Whether she was a natural bluehead was answered with an unquestionable yes.

Asuka's eyes were drawn to her shapely breasts, which were full and firm, equipped with a pair of cute, pale pink nipples. Rei's slim build made her boobs look even bigger then they really were. They were of a size more suitable to a full-grown and well-fed woman, rather than a girl in her middle teens who looked like she ate a lettuce leaf for breakfast and a strawberry for dinner.

Asuka fought down a sharp spike of jealousy. `Mine are just as big, and nicer looking to boot!' Despite her disparaging remark, her eyes traced the shapely contours of Rei's full boobs for long moments before reluctantly returning to Shinji.

Asuka's eyes grew to the side of pie-plates as she saw what Rei had been so uncharacteristically eager to get at. Her tongue automatically moistened her lips and her mouth paradoxically grew dry, even as her saliva glands generated a small flood of fresh moisture.

Both girls stared, captivated by the sight of Shinji's erect cock. It stood tall and proud, in its own way as unusually large and well-developed as the breasts of the two girls. Though not grotesquely hung, he had a penis more suited to a six-foot-two Greek god than a skinny adolescent boy.

Though…when Asuka managed to pull her eyes away from Shinji's manhood and give him a once-over, she saw that he really wasn't all that skinny. Rather, he was slim, with a body as honed as an Olympic runner or diver. She could see strong muscles in his thighs shift under the skin as he stood by the edge of his bed, smiling down at Rei.

`I suppose it's not like I've been looking at him in the nude a whole lot…maybe I will in the future though….' Asuka's cheeks reddened as the content of her careless thought registered on her conscious mind. `Down girl, down! This is baka-Shinji, remember? The guy so spineless it's hard to imagine how he walks upright each day?' Her eyes automatically returned to the only object in the room that deserved the title of "upright" and stared, mesmerized.

Rei's slender right hand came into Asuka's field of vision and slowly encircled the stiff column of flesh, gently caressing it, moving up and down. Licking her lips constantly and breathing more deeply and quickly, Asuka noted that it was not only big, but in its own way as well-shaped as her own boobs. Shinji was circumcised, unusual for a Japanese. Asuka liked that, thinking that it revealed more of his manhood's distinctive shape.

His cock was smoothly symmetrical and without obvious flaw, reminding her of the phalli of statues she had seen in coffee table art books. Her eyes followed Rei's hand as she ran it down Shinji's length, from the helmet-shaped head, all the way down to his wiry tangle of black pubic hair. Her heart pounded when Shinji let out a masculine little groan as Rei squeezed gently at his base, and then slowly pulled her hand upwards. He reached out and ran his fingers through her fine hair, muttering, "Suck on it…please, Rei-chan... Get it nice and warmed up and I promise to use it to make you feel good."

Asuka's eyes widened in shock as Rei turned her face up, looked into Shinji's eyes and smiled brightly. `Is the same albino I know and loathe? She looks so different when she smiles like that!'

The feisty redhead watched in fascination as Rei's attention returned to the task at hand. Her face became intent as she gently fondled Shinji's penis, slowly bringing her face closer to it as if being pulled in by a magnetic current. Part of Asuka's mind noticed that Rei was handling Shinji's member with great care, but with equally great familiarity. `She touches it like she knows every inch of it…like she's touched it, maybe sucked on it, a hundred times before…'

Her attention was distracted from pursuing this line of thought by an exquisite sensation radiating from her nether regions. As her eyes remained locked on the sight of Rei bringing the head of Shinji's penis to her pale pink lips, she became aware that her right hand had seized the initiative and was rubbing the moist front of her panties.

`Oooooohh, that feels so good…Gott, I'm a pervert, spying on two perverts…unnnhhhh, I'm not gonna stop though…hell no!…rub, rub, rub, Asuka…ah, that's nice…'

Breathing heavily through her mouth, almost panting, Asuka continued to spy on her two comrades in arms while rubbing herself as though her crotch was on fire. Her arousal jumped a full notch when she heard Shinji's groan as Rei began to lick at the head of his cock.

Her eyes stared intently at the albino's pink tongue as it flicked out of her mouth, wetting Shinji's pulsing cockhead with saliva. After a few seconds of this, she was amazed to see Rei begin to kiss it, taking it between her lips and then letting it slide wetly out. Shinji's harsh groans indicated his profound approval of her actions. "That's the way, Rei-chan…be affectionate to it…" Rei smiled sweetly and gave his penis another wet kiss.

After a bit more of this pleasant torture, Rei seemed to be overcome by a need for more contact and took more of Shinji's manhood into her mouth, beginning the motions of a traditional blowjob. Asuka was beginning to wonder if she had a voyeuristic streak, as she couldn't seem to pull her eyes away from the erotic spectacle, and the pleasure coming from her groin was the greatest she had ever experienced. `Scheisse, I've become as perverted as these two…' She rubbed more desperately, feeling that she could cum at any time.

Asuka found the transformation in Shinji's demeanor to be almost as remarkable as the one she had observed in his blue-haired paramour. His face was both happy and tranquil as he enjoyed being sucked off. Shinji caressed Rei's cheek lovingly as her head bobbed above his groin, several inches of his member constantly disappearing and reappearing between her pale pink lips.

The redhead's eyes narrowed at the display of open affection, feeling a sharp spike of emotion lance into her heart. Turning the strange feeling over in her mind, she listened with growing puzzlement to the uncharacteristic way Shinji's voice sounded over the next few exchanges.

His voice was a low, confident murmur as he said, "I think you like having my cock in your mouth, don't you Rei-chan? You'd fight me if I took it away from you, wouldn't you?"

Rei's cheeks blushed pink as Shinji's words penetrated and she sucked more urgently on his penis, making arousing little noises as she did so. "Hnh! Hnnnph…"

Shinji threw back his head and groaned with pleasure. "God, yeah…" He ran his fingers through her short blue mop, looking down at the girl so eagerly blowing him. A mischievous expression crossed his face as he continued to tease. "You'd love to deep-throat my big, hard cock down to the nuts, wouldn't you, Rei-chan? You just can't get enough of it!"

Rei's blush intensified further at her lover's teasing words. Her eyes widened in panic as he slowly pulled his hips back. She strained to follow the retreating male organ with her head, making more urgent noises as she sucked on the tasty piece of meat. This changed to a low, satisfied hum as Shinji groaned at the caress of her mouth and reversed his retreat, sliding his penis deeper into her face.

Asuka watched, unable to pull her eyes away as Shinji's entire length disappeared into the cock-crazed albino's hungry maw. Rei's eyes were half-closed with contentment as she buried her nose in Shinji's pubic hair. She gave a happy little croon around her mouthful of hard penis. "Mmmh, mmmmm…."

Asuka's vision tunneled until she could only see Rei's throat pulsing as it massaged Shinji's captive erection. Staring at the erotic sight, she heard Shinji's voice shaking with the intensity of his pleasure. "Rei-chan, oh Rei! So good, that's so good…." His hand come down and administered another tender touch to the side of Rei's face. Asuka felt the pang from her heart join with a boiling ball of emotion in the pit of her stomach as the blue-haired girl glowed from Shinji's caress.

It was jealousy, she realized. She wanted to be the one being touched that way, with such obvious caring, such open affection. With a disorienting jolt, she realized that she also wanted to be the one sucking on Shinji's member. She was a bit amazed that she felt no revulsion at the thought of taking it into her mouth. Somehow, it seemed appropriate to treat such a wonderful thing so affectionately.

Perhaps it was a female instinct, but from her first sight of it, so potent, so male, she wanted to touch it, to have it touch her, to feel it fill her up. The smooth, hard, thrusting shape of it…she knew in her bones that it was designed to fit into the special place between her legs, the warm, moist crevice that was currently screaming for satisfaction. To fit, and to penetrate, sliding deep inside her body…a little shiver passed through her as the primal thought appeared unbidden in her mind.

The horny redhead licked her lips, watching distractedly as Rei smoothly disgorged Shinji's penis, dripping with her saliva, and used her mouth to make love to its mushroom-shaped head. She administered a rapid series of licks and then more kisses to it, taking the pulsing helmet between her lips and caressing it, evidently flickering her tongue on its tip at the same time, if Shinji's increasingly desperate groans were any indication. "Yes…kiss it, Rei-chan…kiss it, unhhhh…do a good job and it'll give you a present…"

Asuka shivered with excitement as the hot buzz of pleasure between her legs approached critical mass, knowing what Rei's "present" would be. Rei seemed to be familiar with this particular gift as well, both her sucking and the frankly hungry sounds she was making peaking in intensity once she heard Shinji's promise. She alternated rapid head-bobs and ferocious suction with sensuous lip and tongue caresses, attempting to shorten the time to her payday. "MMMphh! MMhhhghh, MMMhhhh…"

Shinji groaned frequently and loudly in response to Rei's voracious use of her mouth, within a minute saying in a shaking voice, "OH GOD! I'm going to cum Rei, unh! I'm going to cum in your mouth, darling…" Asuka felt another jag of pain to her heart as he used the intimate word with her rival.

Panting and sweating with excitement and tension, she saw the muscles in Shinji's stomach tense as he made a little thrust with his hips, simultaneously letting out a series of urgent grunts. She viciously ground her clit between her fingers and moaned loudly as she saw Rei's crimson eyes blazing with delight, her throat visibly working as she swallowed Shinji's emission. Asuka's voice failed as she shook with the force of her climax, drenching her panties as she witnessed a thick white strand of semen escape from the corner of Rei's mouth and drip onto her bare torso.

* * *

Shinji and Asuka panted in synch as they recovered from their debilitating orgasms. Asuka felt downright mellow as she lay on the hardwood of the hallway's floor. `Oooh yeah…that was the best…I don't care about anything right now…" She idly turned her head to see if anything new was happening inside the room. It struck her that she was becoming almost careless about being caught peeping, but the warmth of her recent climax lingered in her bones, retarding her ability to give a damn.

She saw Rei affectionately cleaning Shinji's penis with her mouth, or perhaps she was warming him up for another go, it was impossible to tell. Shinji was sitting on the bed, idly running his fingers through the albino's hair, which made Asuka feel the now familiar ache in her heart.

She turned her head away from the tender scene, frowning to herself. `Why do I feel this way? It's not like I like that idiot or anything…do I?'

Feeling like she was sinking into the hard floor, she realized that she in fact did, and had been hiding it behind her usual façade, even from herself. She had been in close contact with him for a long time now, at least as measured by the brief span of time she had been alive. At fourteen, a year *is* a long time.

Asuka remembered from her psychology class, `If people are stuck together, closely, for a fair while, they'll *always* form a bond, either positive or negative. So if I don't hate the baka…' She shied from completing her thought.

She glanced back into the room. Shinji's head was thrown back, eyes closed, with his hands buried in Rei's hair. His penis was once more rock-hard, with Rei's furiously bobbing head attached to its end. Asuka felt her own arousal rebuilding rapidly as she felt the impact of the intense sexual heat between the two.

Her heart jumped as Shinji opened his eyes and smiled down at his lover. `Gott, that *confident* smile, oh *why* haven't I seen it before?' She bit her lip and stole her hand down between her legs, grimacing at the wetness of her panty. As she enjoyed the renewed rub of her hand on her swollen, achingly sensitive pussy, it occurred to her with a pang of guilt that she was part of the reason that particular smile was never directed at her.

With no witnesses, in the privacy of her own mind, Asuka was reluctantly able to admit part of her own culpability in Shinji's severe case of "Wimpius Maximus".

`Gott, I have been a bitch to him, haven't I? But if he wasn't such a wimp-!'

Rubbing herself a bit faster, she completed the thought as she enjoyed the sight of Shinji's eyes, brimming with attractive masculine confidence as Rei serviced him.

`Vicious circle, remember, Asuka? Kicking him in the balls at every opportunity isn't going to help him with his spinelessness. If only he was the way he can be in battle when he was around me…' She grinned to herself as she masturbated, taking care to dampen her moan as her clit awoke, filled with blood and transmitted sweet pleasure to her brain. `If he was like that from the start, that might have been me in there, sucking on his cock…'

Again, she was taken aback by her lack of reluctance at the thought. She was appalled that her mouth actually watered at the thought of having the hard piece of male flesh held captive inside it. `And after, he could put it inside me…' Her clit gave a powerful throb at the thought, making her tremble and give a little whimper of enjoyment.

`Ohhh, scheisse, I'm thinking like a verdammt slut!' Squeezing her eyes closed, she masturbated herself furiously for a moment, thoughts of being penetrated by a large, hard cock, Shinji's cock, dominating her mind. `Ooooh, *scheisse*! My pussy is tingling, unh, Gott, no, no, watch him and his slut, I'm not that way, get a grip Asuka!'

Asuka fought her hand back to a slow rub and wrenched her head to the side to look into the bedroom, needing a distraction, even it was that of watching Rei gulp down more of Shinji's ejaculate.

Instead, she saw Shinji put his hands on either side of Rei's head and gently, but firmly, pull her away from her hungry suckling. Asuka's eyes dropped momentarily to his penis. It was huge and hard, with blood visibly throbbing in the raised veins. She felt her heart bang against her ribs as she was mesmerized by the sight of the potent male organ.

Asuka hardly recognized Shinji's voice, so charged with passion that it was actually rough. "I'm going to fuck you now, Rei." Unable to stop staring at his groin, she could imagine his blue eyes darkening with intensity as he spoke. "I'm going to fill you up with my hard cock and make love to you until you can't walk tomorrow."

Asuka's heart pounded with jealousy and lust as she heard, more than saw, Shinji gently but urgently pull Rei onto the bed and give her a little push, making her flop onto her back. Rei's excited moan whispered to Asuka's feminine intuition that her rival loved it when Shinji treated her with such passion.

She carefully pulled the door open a fraction wider, enabling her to see the two bodies on the bed. Shinji held himself suspended above Rei, with his penis barely touching her between her legs. Rei whimpered in entreaty, spreading her legs wider in submission and desire.

The fire in Asuka's pussy was a torment as she listened intently to Shinji's low, confident chuckle. He rocked his hips, rubbing the bulbous head of his cock against Rei's wet outer folds. "You want this inside you, don't you Rei-chan?" She whimpered louder in response, elevating her hips in an effort to capture the elusive member. Shinji easily anticipated this and raised his butt in response, keeping the head of his cock resting on her outer labia.

He chuckled again. "Ah, ah, ah. You have to answer me in words, Rei-chan, or I'll go practice my cello instead…"

"Please…" The soft, sexy whisper seemed to make the air in the room grow thicker and more humid. Asuka swallowed against a dry throat.

Shinji smiled. "What was that?" He rocked his hips fractionally, rubbing himself teasingly against Rei's sensitive flesh.

Rei let out a frankly desperate moan and begged openly, "Pleeeeease…I need you inside me, deep inside me, please Shinji, oh *please*!"

The contrast between her passion-filled voice and her usual robotic tone was astonishing. Asuka noticed uneasily that the sexy female voice was making her leak like a broken bucket from between her legs. `I'm not like that, no, I can't be…'

Seeing an incredibly beautiful nude girl of her own age in such an intensely sexual situation was stirring desires, and fragments of memories linked to those desires, that Asuka normally suppressed out of habit.

She had long suspected herself of being borderline bisexual, which was something she had learned in University was surprisingly common among women. The thought of deviating from the norm in such a way was not acceptable to her, thus she suppressed it in the same way she suppressed other, more traumatic thoughts and memories.

Regardless of the cause of her increased arousal, simply rubbing herself was no longer enough. Moaning deep in her throat, Asuka began to use both hands to make herself cum, sinking the bundled index and pointer fingers of her right into her juicy sheath while rubbing at her swollen clit with the left.

`Unnhhh…Gott, I'm on fire…ohhhhhh….I'm losing control, I should leave, *now*...'

Instead, she resumed watching, almost hoping that one of them would catch her and end this tormenting loop of observing what she couldn't have.

The heat in Rei's tone seemed to move Shinji as well. In a passion-deepened voice, he said, "Good, Rei-chan. I have to know what you need in order to make you happy." His statement seemed serious to Asuka, though it also had a teasing component. It occurred to her that perhaps this was why Rei was so much more expressive, that Shinji had been training her to show her feelings.

He rocked his hips again, penetrating Rei shallowly and then slipping out. Both partners let out a little moan at the sensation. Shinji seemed to have given up on conversation for the time being and concentrated on gradually increasing the depth of his penetrations. Rei's cries of pleasure grew sharper and more intense as Shinji fed more and more of his weapon into her body.

Asuka held her breath as Shinji finally buried himself to the base in Rei's pussy. As if this were a signal, Shinji lowered himself onto the lovely albino girl's body, making her remarkably full boobs flatten beneath his chest. With a mixture of passion and tenderness, he pressed his mouth to hers and kissed her deeply. Rei instantly responded, kissing him back and giving forth a soft moan of happiness.

As lust and jealousy roiled hotly inside Asuka, Shinji began to thrust into his blue-haired lover, deep and hard, alternating speeds constantly. At times he would thrust almost viciously, at times more slowly, always using only the muscles of his butt and hips, each powerful motion sinking the full length of his impressive manhood into the slim girl's yielding body.

Asuka's hands worked feverishly between her legs as the couple on the bed bucked in the motions of full-out copulation. The redhead let out low, sexy moans of her own which were lost in the squeak of the bed and the muffled moans and groans of Shinji and Rei as they made love. Their torsos remained plastered together as their hips danced, their arms wrapped around each other as they kissed. She could see the occasional flash of tongue as the two lovers explored each other's mouths.

Asuka's eyes widened as it struck her that the position they were using was an advanced one, requiring far more strength and skill than the basic missionary position. The insight combined with her earlier confusion at the sight of Rei touching Shinji's penis so familiarly, forming a hypothesis whose likelihood appalled Asuka anew. `How long have they been doing this? Has he been sneaking over to Wondergirl's apartment and giving it to her for *months*?! Surely not…'

Returning to her observation of the vigorously rutting couple, she also realized that the position provided great intimacy, as the bodies of the participants were in complete skin-to-skin contact, as well as maximum pleasure for the female. Manipulating her nether parts ceaselessly, Asuka stared at where Shinji's pelvis was grinding against Rei's.

`…every move he makes is rubbing her clit raw…' Her envy reached new heights as she listened to Rei's constant, feverish moaning and high-pitched cries with a new ear. `Scheisse…she's probably cumming her brains out every minute that they screw like that…'

Rei's legs had come up and wrapped themselves around Shinji's waist, as if to prevent him from getting away. Asuka masturbated herself furiously, her mouth having dropped open to pant with lust as she enjoyed the sight of Shinji's surprisingly muscular butt flexing within that silken cage. She let out a sympathetic little moan every time Rei got to enjoy being invaded by Shinji's hard cock. Asuka could see some of it, dripping with the albino's juices, every time he pulled half-way out. Her mouth was watering uncontrollably.

Though the intense haze of pleasure radiating from between her legs, Asuka's sluggish brain realized they were kissing at least partly in order to muffle Rei's increasingly loud shrieks of pleasure as Shinji slapped his hips into hers, penetrating her with savage force. The wet squish of Rei's vagina being filled was driving Asuka crazy, the sexy sound fueling the convulsive motion of her hands.

She had thought that the noises of sexual activity depicted in the few hentai anime she had seen were ridiculously exaggerated, but she now had to revise her opinion. Asuka knew from her human sexuality course in college that the amount of lubrication a woman typically generated varied tremendously. As she desperately frigged herself, she bit her lip and decided that from the tormenting sounds coming from the next room, Rei's pussy had to be exceptionally juicy.

The worst part of her situation was that she was finding her eyes attracted to Rei almost as much as Shinji. The albino's delicate features were aglow with passion as she moaned and cried out into Shinji's mouth, clinging to his body with her arms, lips and legs. Her round, full and remarkably big-for-her-age breasts were half-visible, squashed against Shinji's chest. Asuka eyed the attractive lines of Rei's bust, hip and thigh with a hunger that disturbed her. `Gott she's sexy…no, NO! I'm *not* into girls. Look at *Shinji*! Look at that nice, tight butt…'

It seemed the fates had a sense of humor, as in the next instant, the two rolled over so that Rei was on top, treating Asuka to the appetizing sight of Rei's pale, flawless behind. She failed to pull her eyes away from it as the two firm, full cheeks of the superbly shaped gluteus maximus bounced energetically. More saliva poured into her mouth as she watched Rei use her weight to impale herself on Shinji's erection and then flex her butt, belly and hip muscles to raise herself for another cycle.

`So smooth and perfect…' She could easily imagine the soft, silken skin of it under her caressing hand. `Noooo, I'm *not* like that…' Somehow her protestations seemed to be getting weaker by the minute.

After a few more bounces, Rei straightened up, centered her torso over Shinji's pelvis and began jackhammering her body up and down, riding him in the position Asuka knew was named "Cowgirl". Unmuffled by Shinji's mouth, her high-pitched cries rang in Asuka's ears.

She eyed Rei's jouncing form with an odd combination of sensual appreciation and envy. `Gott…every inch of her skin is perfect…his cock is going straight up into her…she sounds like she's going insane from the pleasure! I yell louder when I'm just cussing Shinji out, but that's still the loudest sound I've ever heard from her mouth…'

A few more sweaty minutes of this and all three Eva Pilots experienced another satisfying climax.

Asuka clenched her inner muscles around her hand as the world went white.

`UNNNHHH! Gott, Gott, so good, so fucking good…' She could hear Rei and Shinji's mixed male and female tones as they groaned and moaned their own satisfaction nearby. Close and yet so far away. Panting through her mouth, Asuka slumped in place, feeling the now-bittersweet rush of climactic afterglow comfort her.

`So…I like the idiot, and I'm feeling rather…unusual things when I see the Vunderfraulein's naked body…can this day get any weirder?'

She turned her head again, seeing Rei resting on Shinji's chest, her body bobbing gently up and down with his deep breathing. `She looks comfy there…bitch.' The insult was half-hearted at best, and Asuka knew it. `Time to leave before I become any more pathetic…'

Gathering her strength, Asuka turned away and bunched her weary muscles for an attempt at getting up quietly.


`Oh *Scheiße*.'

Asuka's head snapped around, revealing Rei herself standing in the opened door.

Asuka's eyes snapped to, and were momentarily held by, the messy state of Rei's groin. Whitish semen was slowly oozing from her rival's blue-furred pussy and mixing with the glistening coat of female secretions already there. `Shinji's cum…'

Feeling another pang, she wrenched her gaze to Rei's face, finding it tranquil. Her eyes narrowed. Tranquil, as opposed to blank. Ignoring the repeated pangs to her heart, her mind barked, `How the hell did she move so fast? And so quietly!'

Rei spoke softly, looking down and into Asuka's eyes. "Please come in, Sohryu-san."

Asuka was stunned. `Come in? That's it? What in the hell…I wouldn't expect outrage from the doll, but an invitation?'

Her body automatically got up and walked into the room, following Rei. She had to make a conscious effort not to stare at the pale moons of the albino's flexing buttocks. `It's only a girl's bare ass, Asuka! No need to stare.' She flicked a glance down at the smoothly rolling, utterly flawless flesh. `No matter how perfect it is…' Cursing her confused, traitorous libido, she fixed her gaze determinedly on the back of Rei's head.

Rei walked over to the bed and sat on its edge, next to Shinji. His voice was tired as he spoke with his eyes closed. "Rei-chan? Where did you go? Did you need a drink?"

Rei tenderly ruffled the messy, sweat-tangled hair on his forehead. "Pilot Sohryu is here, Shinji."

Shinji stopped breathing. Rei continued to play with his hair as he turned the concept of Asuka being in the room, *at that very moment*, over in his mind.


Her heart pounding with renewed nervousness, Asuka sat on the edge of the bed, a few feet down from Rei. As soon as he felt the bed sink with the weight of another person, Shinji's eyes popped open as if jet-propelled. His upper body snapped upright, and his eyes locked onto Asuka. His mouth dropped open as if the string holding it shut had been cut with a sharp knife. Feeling an unfamiliar timidity, Asuka met his blue eyes with her own.

Her heart dropped as Shinji's eyes, normally so open, even if it was only to reveal his sadness and pain, shut like two armored windows. His face, so warmly tranquil only a moment ago, became more like a bleak cliff for her hopes to break upon. `Gott, he reminds me of…his father, aghk, he looks enough like the Commander to turn me off for life!'

Shinji bit out his next words. "So…come to heckle, Asuka? You've caught us making love. Going to stay and laugh, or run to Misato to tattle?"

The breath whooshed out of Asuka's lungs at the verbal shot. Just as Shinji's had a moment ago, her mouth dropped open like a puppet with its strings cut, as she was hit with her own tactic of preemptive attack. After a moment of vulnerability, her hardwired defenses snapped into place. Face returning to its familiar angry mask, she shot back, "Just because I caught you fucking your doll is no reason to assume I'm going to run to Misato, Baka!"

Shinji's face didn't flinch at the harsh words. He simply stared coldly, as if waiting for her to curl up and die under his icy glare. After a moment of angry stare vs. frigid stare, Asuka's face crumpled as she realized she really had nothing else to say. She had made several important realizations from what she had seen today, and now she had just had her one possible opening into a different future crushed.

The world had changed: she had no interest in staying and wasting time in futile verbal combat. Any day prior to this one she could see herself teasing and berating Shinji for having a girlfriend, or for doing something naughty under Misato's nose, or any of a hundred other verbal assaults. Now, with her own feelings for him exposed, if only to herself, she considered staying in this room, this reeking-of-sex room and exchanging angry words with him in the same light as she would carving up her own flesh with a kitchen knife for fun.

Asuka swung her head to the side, away from the painful sight of Shinji's angry face, fighting the urge to bawl. `Leave with dignity, Sohryu, at least try to accomplish that from this train-wreck of a weekend.'

Just as she flexed her legs to get up, keeping her face, with its watering eyes and trembling lip, turned to the side, Asuka felt a gentle touch on her arm. Managing to maintain control of her face, barely, by clenching it into a paralyzed mask, she turned to see what it was.

Rei was looking at her with compassion visible in her eyes. `Gott, Shinji becomes his father, Ayanami gains a soul, what else? The sea turning to blood?'

Holding Asuka's arm to restrain the redhead from flight, Rei turned to Shinji, whose face had unfrozen just a tiny bit. A trace of puzzlement was visible in his eyes as he processed Asuka's lack of verbal follow-up and her wounded-animal body language. His face thawed from ice to slush instantly as Rei used her other hand to administer a feather-light caress to his cheek.


Thawing completely, Shinji's eyes, if not his face, smiled warmly at his beloved. "Yes, Rei-chan?" Asuka's heart gave a hard wrench at the tectonic shift in how he behaved towards her fellow female Pilot. She clenched her aching face more tightly shut. `Don't cry, don't fucking cry in front of them, that would be the end of me…'

"Pilot-" Rei paused and began again, "Asuka is not here to cause disruption, Shinji-chan."

Shinji listened attentively, if expressionlessly, his eyes never moving from Rei's face.

"I believe," she glanced at the frozen Asuka, "That Asuka-san discovered us accidentally, and then wished to participate, but was afraid of rejection."

Shinji simply looked at Rei.

She added without condemnation, "The rejection you just showed her, Shinji-chan."

Slowly, like a machine that needed a good oiling, Shinji's head turned towards Asuka. She didn't move, staring off towards the wall, her eyes aimed between Shinji and Rei. Her stressed-out mind was afraid to hope one way or the other, and so she concentrated on using her dwindling energy reserves to keep herself under control, waiting for Rei to let go of her arm. She decided to take that as her signal to flee.

Unseen by Asuka, Shinji's face slowly softened as he discovered the signs of fear and pain in Asuka's face, rather than hatred and contempt. He questioned Rei softly without moving his eyes from his examination of the paralyzed redhead. "And how did you detect this, Rei-chan?"

Rei's fingertips softly stroked the arm she had in her gentle grasp, making Asuka shiver. "The same way I sensed your feelings for me, Shinji-chan. The light of her soul."

Shinji nodded, slowly, still looking at Asuka, his eyes now caressing more than examining. His face lightened swiftly, but gradually, as if the sun were coming up inside it.

Rei glanced at Shinji for a long moment, and then at looked over at Asuka. With the air of someone taking a calculated risk, she continued, "The same way I sensed your warm feelings for Asuka, Shinji-chan."

Shinji just nodded, now looking like his usual self, minus the constant angst. His now warm blue eyes stayed fixed on Asuka's face. Finally processing the true import of what Rei had said, he started looking even more like his usual self, sporting the face he displayed when he wasn't sure what to do in the presence of women. In a word: twitchy. His hand started to jitter on his bare thigh, and he began to take quick, uncertain glances at Rei and Asuka alternately, as if asking himself, `What do I with them now?'

It took even longer for Rei's unexpected statement to melt through the ice clogging Asuka's brain. When it finally did, her heart filled with hope. Hesitantly, she turned her head, bringing Shinji's face into focus. Her heart jumped and seemed to begin beating again for the first time in an age, when she saw that both his eyes and his mouth were smiling warmly at her. Rei and Shinji blinked as a blinding smile came forth from Asuka.

`Whoa. I don't think I've seen anyone so happy since Father annexed Greenland.'

Shinji's voice, when it finally came, was soft and halting, picking its way carefully among a minefield of words.

"I've always…been impressed by you, Asuka. I even started to feel…well, *feelings* for you, if you know what I mean…"

Asuka nodded her comprehension, her eyes serious, though she was still smiling, thankfully without the blinding lightshow.

"But…" Here the pause was long, and Asuka's smile began to dim.

Shinji looked down thoughtfully, his left arm reaching over and encircling Rei's waist as if of its own accord. She sighed with pleasure at the contact. Asuka's smile showed signs of curdling at the sight.

"You were *so* hostile, for *so* long that I…gave up."

Shinji's face was serious as he looked up, locking eyes with the redhead.

"And then, when I was feeling so alone, Rei let me know she cared, and…we became closer."

He glanced at Rei, a faint smile crossing his face.

"That was months ago. Every day since…I've never been so happy."

His smile gained intensity as Rei returned it, smiling warmly back at him. Looking back at Asuka's now solemn face, he bathed her in the warmth of that smile.

Rei brought her face close to Shinji's ear and whispered for a minute. He listened, his face at first calm, then gradually assuming a look of barely concealed amazement or amusement, or a bit of both. He glanced at Asuka several times during Rei's recitation.

Asuka's heart beat a little faster. For some reason, the look in Shinji's eyes was making her nervous, though not in a bad way. `What the hell is she telling him?"

Smiling mischievously at Asuka, Shinji took Rei's bum into his lap and gently spread her legs. He murmured in pleasure as the movement made her soft flesh rub against his groin. Asuka's heart sped up some more as he looked into her eyes while stroking the short, springy blue hairs tufting out of Rei's pussy. She let out a little gasp as Shinji, still holding her gaze, used his fingers to slowly spread open Rei's pink-lipped opening. Her eyes locked onto the dribble of thick white goo that immediately began to ooze out.

He leaned forward and whispered into Asuka's ear. "I want you to clean out Rei's pussy."

She jerked her head away from him as if he'd bitten her and stared at him, appalled. "WHAAAAT?!!"

Shinji just grinned at her.

"Rei tells me that you find her sexy. I think you'd enjoy eating her pussy. I want to see you do it. Would you do that for me, Asuka-chan?"

Asuka opened her mouth to tell him to go to hell, and then hesitated. Would Shinji reject her if she refused to service his current girlfriend? Her pride flared up and stated in no uncertain terms that no matter what the consequences, she wouldn't allow herself to be forced to do something degrading..

Rei spoke softly, interrupting her thoughts. "I know you enjoy eating salty things, Asuka. Shinji-chan's semen is very salty. I think you would like eating it." She smiled. "I certainly do."

Asuka licked her dry lips, staring at Rei's cum-loaded pussy. She *did* love salty-tasting things. And she *did*, traditional gender-orientation be damned, find Rei's body sexy. Her mouth watered.

Rei, alert to every nuance of Asuka face, and perhaps, her soul, reached down into Shinji's lap and pulled his penis into view, ignoring his gasp. She positioned it below the junction of her spread legs and stroked it several times, causing it to stiffen and grow. Her voice was alluring as she tempted her flame-haired rival. "Afterwards, we can share Shinji-chan's penis. I think he would enjoy both of us licking it at the same time."

Asuka pulled her eyes from the tempting combination of male and female flesh, and looked up to see Shinji's smiling face. His blue eyes seemed to twinkle at her. Tentatively, Asuka smiled back.

`Ohhhhhh, *now* I get it! They're just teasing me! Hmph, I guess it certainly broke the tension. Well, two can play at that game…'

Shinji's hard-on, captive in Rei's stroking hand, grew faster as Asuka smiled a sultry smile and began to strip. To Rei, it felt like it gained an inch each time a piece of clothing hit the ground. By the time Asuka was fully nude, Rei's small hand was barely able to close around the steel-hard piece of meat.

Looking sexily through her eyelashes at Shinji, Asuka hefted her full breasts, the shapely flesh filling her palms nicely. She noted Shinji's appreciative gaze, and let out an exaggerated sigh. "I guess a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do..."

With that, she dropped to her hands and knees and stalked towards her friends' shared laps like a hunting cat.

As her face came within close proximity to the bluehead's groin, she hesitated. She took a delicate sniff of the air. Rei smelled…musky. It was a pungent, but not unappealing odor. Asuka also smelled male spunk, as well as seeing a whitish trail oozing sluggishly from between Rei's pink folds.

Tentatively, she extended her tongue and ran it along one of Rei's outer labia. The flesh was warm and slick, pleasant to the touch. `Tangy…not bad.' A little more boldly, she dipped her tongue into Rei's creamy center and scooped up a sample. Shinji watched in mingled arousal and amusement, Rei simply seemed serene.

Asuka smacked her lips and smiled. Hungrily.


Rei's serenity dissolved into a gasp as Asuka began to eat with a will. She used her tongue to rapidly scoop Shinji's semen from Rei's orifice, incidentally giving the albino's inner folds a stimulating massage. After consuming all the easily accessible semen, she took a leisurely cruise around the outer labia, seemingly enjoying the taste of Rei's juices. Shinji fondled one of Rei's boobs, smiling, as the slim girl moaned out her enjoyment of Asuka's mouth.

In mid-feast, Asuka noticed the stiff cock pulsing not six inches from her face. She took a mouthful of it and sucked meditatively for a moment. `Mmm, hard and warm…' More saliva poured into her mouth as she tasted the salty tang of pre-cum emanating from its tip. Shinji groaned and plunged his hands into her hair as her suction became vacuumlike.

"Ahhhh…you're killing me Asuka…unnhhhh…oh god, don't stop!"

Enjoying the groans of her two victims, she began alternately eating Rei's pussy and slurping on Shinji's erection, part of her feeling like a complete and utter slut as she did so. Another part of her mind was chagrined by the moisture pouring out of her crotch due to her sky-high state of arousal.

*slurp* *suck* *slurpslurpslurp*

`Mmm-mMM! I'm in heaven…Gott, I'm acting like a total whore…'


`And I'm loving it…Gott help me…'

Panting a bit, Asuka felt time suspend itself as she stared at Rei's moist, pulsing flower. Now that she wasn't fighting her body's attraction to both male and female flesh, she found that it was quite lovely in its own way. She licked her lips, enjoying the aftertaste of what she had been sucking and swallowing so eagerly.

Staring fixedly at the albino's sex, she somehow knew that there was more, far more, of Shinji's semen deep inside it. Not only that, but the salty food would be seasoned with the sour tang that her body seemed to love almost as much. With a soft sigh of surrender, Asuka *moved*.

The world dissolved into flesh, warmth and the addictive salty/tangy taste of Shinji and Rei's mingled juices.

* * *

His heart pounding and penis feeling like it was going to explode, Shinji took advantage of Asuka lunging forward and clamping her entire mouth onto Rei's sex, using the temporary distraction to shakily knee-walk down the bed, eying the length of the redhead's succulent body as he did so.

He struggled not to fire his load onto the sheets as a deep, throaty moan burst from his blue haired lover's throat. He desperately tried not to think about what he knew was happening as Rei's vocalizing went up and down the scales, from a low, vibrating moan to a high-pitched wail as Asuka did something particularly intimate with her tongue.

He arrived at the redhead's firm, athletic bottom. It bobbed slightly, in synch with its owner's movements as Asuka adjusted for Rei's spasming body, keeping her face planted squarely in the albino's lap. Shinji was seized by the urge to ask for permission as his hand reached out, longing to touch its smooth perfection.

`No…she likes boldness. She'd hardly obey my request to clean out Rei and then turn me down when I ask to touch her bum.'

His eyes narrowing, Shinji let himself fall into the person he had learned to become over the months of intimate contact with Rei. In many ways, he became a kinder, gentler version of his father. Decisive, commanding, even in some ways, ruthless. All the qualities that had inverted when his personality was left to rot without the psychic nourishment provided by loving parents.

Smiling an attractive, yet rather sinister smile, Shinji reached out with both hands and fondled Asuka's bottom. It was marvelously soft and smooth. `Oh yeah…nice!'

He grimaced as the arousing feel of Asuka's flesh made his hard-on ache. `Only one thing to do…'

He reached down and gave the head of his penis a brief, but painful pinch. `OW! Kuso, damn that hurts!'

Listening with half an ear to Rei's cries and Asuka's hungry slobbering as she ate pussy, Shinji nodded in satisfaction. He was still hard, but most of the urgency had gone away. `Wouldn't do to finish in the middle of making Asuka-chan see stars…'

He started fondling Asuka again, loving the fact that he could touch her at will. His eyes were thoughtful even as his erection once again began to reach full hardness.

The process of walling off the part of his heart that belonged the feisty redhead had been a long and painful one. Even when he had finally achieved a certain detachment from his more intimate feelings for her, his respect and admiration for her more sterling qualities had remained. Now, with that inner barrier gone, he felt stronger, less cramped inside, since he didn't have to restrain his natural emotions.

With a little groan, Shinji rubbed the head of his cock against the soaking wet flesh of Asuka's plump pussy. Its spongy lips were fat with blood, hot and slick against him. They parted easily to allow entrance to his male organ, calling for him to engage in the primal act of mating. He swallowed hard, staring down at the inviting crevice, rubbing against it and feeling his self-control gradually spiral away into the void. He knew from long hours of sweaty pleasure with Rei that a mere inch inside Asuka's body there lay a place that would wrap snugly around his member, a place of utterly divine slippery-wet heat.

He knew, logically, that sex with Asuka would be much the same as sex with Rei. The same physical sensations would be felt, the same inevitable, ecstatic result of emptying himself into her would occur.

It didn't matter. Some quality of the male organism made the privilege of having sex with a new, different girl both extremely exciting and irresistibly inviting. Both Shinji's body and his subconscious mind wanted to take Asuka, claim her, *conquer* her. She was *his* and he wanted to ravage her, bring her to the height of pleasure until she begged for mercy, or for more of his cock, he didn't care which.

Shinji's hands feverishly stroked Asuka's superb ass as an ocean of raw lust bubbled up inside him, joining the gentler warm emotions he felt towards the sexy redhead and churning his soul into a volcano of passion. If she had been able to see his eyes as he stared down at her back, she would have shivered in a mixture of fear and arousal.

`You're so damn sexy…and I've wanted you for so long…'

`I love you Asuka, and I'm going to start showing it by being the man you want, the man you respect…' he smiled his new smile, looking both handsome and sinister. `…and, by making you come so hard you're going to feel it for a week.'

He grabbed firmly ahold of her hips and sank half his length into her with a single authoritative thrust. The absurdly pleasurable sensation of being inside her tightly squeezing pussy instantly dissolved his restraint. Without waiting for a mental command, his body automatically withdrew and speared his full length deep into her body. More deep, satisfying penetrations followed as Shinji fought for control, praying he could last against the intense pleasure of being inside Asuka. Each time his cockhead slid in, rubbing against and pushing aside the resistance of her hot, slippery inner walls, it felt *so* incredibly good, he wanted to come right then.

Sweating, he struggled to control the speed of his hips. He wanted to thrust faster, and at the same time, he wanted to thrust slower. He ended up doing a bit of both, groaning as he slowly sank his cock deep into her body a few times, then losing a bit of control and pumping furiously against her perfect bottom for a few more.

`Ohhh…I don't know how long I can take this…unh, Asuka-chan, you feel so good…'

He sank three hard thrusts into her, grunting each time at the exquisite sensation.

"Unh! UNH! *UNH*!"

He felt Asuka's body shiver under his hands, even as her pussy spasmed for a moment, squeezing him pleasantly. He heard her moan and realized that for some reason she had stopped eating out Rei. The thought was instantly swept from his mind as Asuka's sheath gave a few more gentle squeezes.

He panted through his mouth as he thrust, "You like that Asuka?"

Groaning, he gave her another "triple", thrusting fast and powerfully, slapping his hips into her bottom and adding a little grinding twist at the last moment.

He knew this would make his penis rub against Asuka's G-spot, stimulating it unmercifully.

`Rei loves it when I do that…oh lord she feels good around me! Unh!'

Shinji grinned through the sweat pouring down his face as a violent shudder vibrated through her body and into his fingertips, coupled with a deep, desperate moan from where her head rested in Rei's lap. The grin lasted only a moment before becoming one of those silly faces people make during copulation, as her sex convulsed, longer this time, gripping his penis and milking it to the brink of explosion.

"*UNH!* God that's nice! Gotta hold on-UNH!"

Forcing himself to ignore the awesomely pleasurable sensation, he began using some of the tricks he had learned during rear-entry sex with Rei to move towards his goal of making Asuka go out of her mind with sexual enjoyment. Thrusting in subtly different ways, speeds and angles, he focused on the sound of Asuka's moans as he would the sound of his cello, getting out of his own way and letting the combination of instinct and experience move his body in the most efficient way possible.

The intense state of concentration thus produced allow him to not come inside her, for the moment anyway. He smiled again as his partner's moans began to run together, peaking and cresting in an almost…musical…way.

`You're going to look at me differently tomorrow Asuka, I guarantee it. Unh! Oh god yeah…'

* * *

Focused as she was on sucking out as much sperm as she could swallow from Rei's tasty crevice, Asuka had hardly noticed Shinji's fondling her bottom, other than to notice a small increase in her already great bodily pleasure. She was happy as a sea-creature at high tide as she noshed on Rei's clam.

It was a day of barriers dropping. As her tongue swirled inside Rei's body, lapping up tasty juice, Asuka listened distractedly to Rei's soft cries and felt the most relaxed and happy that she could easily remember. She wasn't really thinking, so much as feeling.

Humming happily to herself, images of Shinji's warm smile made her insides all warm and fuzzy, even as her arms wrapped around Rei's warm waist. This allowed her to grip the tight tush of her rival-turned-food-source and hold the helpless albino's warm, wet vagina more securely against her hungrily working mouth. She felt a certain satisfaction at the quivers she felt wracking Rei's body.

Sucking teasingly at Rei's engorged clitoris for a moment, she grinned inwardly as the slim girl's body shook like jelly, even as her voice, normally so quiet, attained an almost Asuka-like volume.

`I eat pussy pretty good for a first-timer, eh Ayanami? I'll bet you wouldn't be so good on your first try. No fire! Hmph.'

The incongruity of her thought almost threw her off her stride for a moment, but she threw it off with typical assurance and resumed delving between Rei's inner vaginal lips. Sucking furiously, she felt a rush of salty goo touch her lips, and realized she'd hit the motherload. Her intense suction and overall stimulation had finally convinced Ayanami's cervix to unseal and release a womb-load of stored ejaculate.

Feeling more depraved by the second, Asuka sucked madly and used her slim, strong arms to control her victim's thrashing pelvis. Breathing through her nose, she slurped down the tangy, salty mixture as it was pulled from inside Ayanami, showing no mercy in her constant licking, sucking and nibbling.

`Gott, yes! Umm…I love this stuff…Scheisse, I feel like a vampire…a very perverted vampire…'

She swallowed more, pausing to enjoy the taste. As the flow finally ran out, she felt a bit of gratitude to her supplier and sucked Rei's clit until her quivering and muted yells peaked and then ceased, indicating an obvious climax.

`Ahhh, you're good for one thing at least, Blue, you make a great cum-bucket for my Shinji's loads…'

Both girls rested for a moment, Asuka keeping her head in Rei's comfortable lap. As she relaxed, Asuka enjoyed Shinji's eager fondling of her bottom.

`Mmm, nice…he has strong hands, though they're kinda delicate…an artist's hands…'

Asuka blinked, feeling both Shinji's affectionate hands on her ass and Rei's soft tummy moving against her face, as the blue-haired girl breathed slowly, recovering from her intense orgasm.

`Since when am I so mushy?'


Taken by surprise, Asuka moaned into Rei's muff as Shinji rubbed the head of his penis against her swollen, sensitive pussy.

`So…intense! Unh…more!'

Her mind blanked out as Shinji slid half of his length inside her, causing a burst of the most powerful sensation the redhead had ever felt to cook her nervous system. Seemingly no time later, the whole, hard length of his erection drove deep inside her, causing an even stronger wave of pleasure.

Then…he began to really go to work, and a starry-eyed Asuka felt the world…go away.

Or rather, she felt the world narrow to the sensations coming from between her legs. The feeling of Shinji's hard, hot flesh *entering* her, actually going inside her body, was so utterly new and so utterly mindblowing, that Asuka, normally so quick with a reaction, could only lie there and enjoy it.

Reality strobed in and out for a while, until she adjusted to the high-voltage line connected to her pussy and became aware that a soft hand was gently stroking her face and running its fingers through her hair.

The tender feelings generated by the hand almost brought tears to her eyes. Realizing who's firm thigh her head was pillowed on, Asuka knew that the person touching her could be only…


"Wonderful, isn't it?"

As Rei's soft murmur reached her ear, Asuka tried to respond, but could only gasp as Shinji slammed three powerful yet controlled thrusts into her body. For an endless moment, her moan of profound enjoyment and his grunts of exertion were the only sounds she could hear.

Rei's voice intruded once more, holding a tone of subtle amusement. "He is enjoying himself, I can tell. I *know* you are enjoying yourself, Asuka-chan."

Asuka drew breath to protest the use of the overly intimate form of her name and instead expelled it in another rising moan as Shinji's hips slapped repeatedly against her bottom. To her virginal sheath, his stiff penis felt like it was the size of a baseball bat, impaling and gently stretching her, bringing a composure-shattering ecstasy. She cried out again, almost a wail, the intensity of her pleasure making her hips writhe in his hands' hard grip and causing her to rub her face in Rei's lap in a completely uncontrolled motion.

Rei resumed caressing Asuka's head in an almost motherly way as the body of the fiery Pilot of Unit 02 lay limply in her lap, burning with sensation and struggling simply to breathe. Asuka found the gentle touching pleasant, but subtly disturbing. She was unable to dwell on why, as another rapid-fire burst of pleasure knocked her thoughts astray.

`Unhhh…feels like my legs are made of water…'

With a feeling of near-panic, Asuka realized her arms had already collapsed, dropping her head deeply into Rei's lap, while her legs had the strength of jelly, rather than firm, toned flesh. Ninety-nine percent of her attention, her ability to concentrate, was pinned like a butterfly pierced with a steel spike to the endless waves of pure, fiery heaven coming from her super-sensitive vagina.

Not only that, she realized that she was pushing her butt into the air, and that she couldn't make herself bring it down.

She worried her lower lip with her teeth, eyes closed, as Shinji made one of his periodic rapid attacks on her body. The redhead savored each impact of his hips on her bottom, strained to fully experience each deep, satisfying penetration.

"Unnnhhh…oh, GOTT! Keep doing that forever, never stop Shin-chan, unh!"

Moaning deep in her throat, Asuka devoted the remained of her failing strength to arching her back and pushing her butt higher in the air, inviting her lover to bury himself in her body.

Over the next few minutes, Rei talked to Asuka in her soft voice, stroking the redhead's face and hair, using the time between Shinji's bursts of aggressive thrusting to chat with her moaning, sweating, would-be-rival. She picked up the conversational thread where she had left off.

"It is wonderful, is it not? Having his body joining with yours, feeling the heat of his desire for you…"

Rei paused, her crimson eyes twinkling, a disturbing sight if you were not used to it, as Shinji gave Asuka's pussy a brief, fierce pummeling, with the redhead responding by loudly voicing her delight.

Rei smiled and smoothed Asuka's sweat-tangled hair from her forehead.

"I cannot get enough of it. At times, when we could not be together for a few days, I would roam NERV, my vagina moist, thinking only of joining with him. I…"

Asuka panted through her mouth, enjoying the slow, deep thrusts Shinji was making, and twisted her head to see Rei more clearly. She was looking away, her eyes distant, her expression a bit embarrassed.

"Several times I found an unoccupied room and rubbed myself to climax, but it was not satisfying."

Rei turned back to look down at Asuka, stroking the side of her face tenderly. Her smile, when it came, was warm and a bit teasing.

"You will not be able to get enough of it. You will find, as I did, that masturbation is possible, but inadequate. After only a few days, or even a few hours, you will find yourself craving it, craving him, wanting him to ravage your body until you lose consciousness from the pleasure."

Holding Asuka's gaze with her own, she smiled wickedly.

"I have asked him to do so several times and he has…"

Her gaze turned inward and she shivered.

"…obliged me."

Asuka face went from intently-listening to eyes-popped-open-wide in a instant, as Shinji tried something new. Rei smiled as a shriek burst from the redhead's mouth, her eyes rolling crazily in her head for a moment.

Rei paused again, waiting until Asuka calmed down and was only venting a continuous, occasionally quavering low moan.

She stroked Asuka's face, smiling placidly. "Perhaps you will get to enjoy that, perhaps even tonight."

* * *

Shinji was reaching his limit. He felt certain Asuka had come several times, each time more powerfully than the last. He had managed to resist coming inside her, enduring, with great difficulty, the excruciatingly pleasurable way her tight, slippery tunnel would squeeze and pull at him during each climax. The way it would contract around his penis in waves as if to urge the sperm to spurt forth was absolutely maddening.

This was on top of the exquisite heat and softness of her body. Her boiling hot pussy wrapped snugly around his dick each time he slid deep inside her, and then the soft skin of her buttocks would be against his thrusting pelvis, causing him to groan with pleasure. The feeling of her hips in his grasp as he used them for leverage and buried himself to the base in that snug crevice between her legs, over and over…it was like a wonderful dream.

Only intense focus on making *her* come, as opposed to simply enjoying her marvelous body, had enabled him to resist. Barely.

Another mini-orgasm was the feather that broke Shinji's restraint. The brief cycle of contractions that resulted made slow-paced sex simply no longer endurable.

Groaning deep in his throat, Shinji began to slam-fuck Asuka. His thrusts were so hard and fast that his hips were actually rebounding off the redhead's tight bottom.

The sound of the Teutonic siren's helpless moans was joined by the loud slap of flesh on flesh as Shinji pummeled her pussy with tremendous force. He fucked her with an edge of desperation, not sure how long he could last against the intense pleasure of the deep, hard penetration he was giving her.

`OH GOD! She's so *tight*!'

Sweat nearly blinding him, something made him look up. He saw Rei looking intently at him. As their eyes locked, she mouthed, `Let yourself go.'

He closed his eyes for a moment, a harsh noise coming from his throat as his world narrowed to the intense friction of his penis pushing aside Asuka's inner walls. He could feel her body vibrating as his hips beat a furious tattoo on her soft bottom.

When he open his eyes again, Rei was there. Her eyes twinkled as she said, silently, `She loves it, Shin-chan.'

Through the tremendous rush of pleasure, he noticed that Asuka's back was arched to the extreme limit of human flexibility, allowing him to ram his cock practically into her womb. Straining his senses, he could hear her whimpering in either extreme pleasure or distress. Rei's words gave him the confidence to choose the positive interpretation.

He let out a whimper of his own as his lower body filled with the unique, incredibly intense pleasure/distress of male pre-release.

"Oh god…"

A flash of vision revealed Rei, her eyes blazing with emotion. The world seemed to slow down as her delicate mouth moved, saying, "-Come-."

With a rending groan, he did.

He gripped Asuka's hips with ungentle force and pushed forward with his own, mating his pelvis to her bottom so that they became one creature, and emptied himself with a series of long, excruciating spurts.

He could feel Asuka's body quivering continuously as her womb filled with the hot, thick emission. She made no noise that he could detect. He looked down at her head in Rei's lap as he came, her long, glorious red-gold hair spread out in a fan on her back. Rei's hands tenderly stroked Asuka's head, seemingly evoking no response. Rei looked up and said, simply, "She is overwhelmed."

Shinji felt Asuka's quivering slow as he spurted for the fourth time. As per usual by this time, the uncomfortable sensation of needing to expel his seed had begun to transmute into a drug-like high, as his body recognized that it had done what its DNA demanded it do to perpetuate the species.

By the sixth, totally euphoric load of semen being deposited into Asuka, her body was completely limp. Smiling wearily, he quirked an eyebrow at Rei. Her smile was almost mischievous as she reported, "She has passed out." It became almost a smirk as she said, "Happily."

On the seventh and a half spurt he mumbled, "I'm gonna join her…" and flopped down onto his face next to Asuka, throwing an arm over the quiescent redhead. She responded by murmuring happily in her sleep as he pulled her nude form to his chest.

Rei smiled at the two, and then slid behind Shinji, spooning to his back. She sighed in contentment as she was enveloped in his bodily warmth. Her hands could barely reach Asuka, and she gave a few teasing touches to the redhead's perky boobs before becoming overcome by the need to nap. Her muscles had already spasmed more than once in orgasm tonight, and watching Shinji drive Asuka out of her mind with pleasure had been enervating in its own voyeuristic way.

Shinji's Lovely Suite resounded with the soft sound of the tidal breathing of sleep, as the "Shinji-sandwich" rested.

* * *

The End

* * *

Teasing possible continuation (no guarantees):

* * *

"Damn Kaji!"

Misato cursed to herself under her breath as she arrived home and pulled off her shoes.

"He's as reliable as a horny dog in a cathouse, that man!"

She blinked. "Damn, that makes no sense…I'm either more tired or more pissed off than I thought."

A faint noise attracted her attention.

`Hm. No one supposed to be home…'

She strode on sock feet towards the children's rooms.

`Probably Shinji. That boy needs to get out more!'

Something about the noises made her slow and move more cautiously as she approached their source, Shinji's "Lovely Suite".

The purple-haired sexpot muttered under her breath as she dropped to a crouch and approached the door, "Sounds like…what Kaji and I were *supposed* to be doing tonight. Surely not, not my Shin-"

Her jaw dropped like a lead weight as she spied a most unusual sight through the slightly ajar door:

A beautiful young redhead and an equally stunning young bluehead, using their hands and mouths with enthusiasm, sharing the rather impressively erect penis of none other than Shinji Ikari, Esquire. He looked predictably happy, considering the circumstances, and was tenderly caressing the heads of the two girls as they feasted on his cock.

Misato's jaw flapped like a windsock in a gale. As her brain struggled to process the impossible vision, her male-starved eyes locked onto the huge, hard weapon of her first and most favored flatmate.

`Good freaking god, he's *big*! My little Shin-chan is full-grown in that area, at least…'

Misato blinked again, her eyes refusing to move from their target. `Why is my mouth watering?'

* * *

End of teasing possible continuation

* * *