Broken 4th Wall: I Can’t Wait For a Branching Before the Lemon! [Episode 60016]
by St Fan

Oh yeah... Asuka. Ranma was thinking he must have been not fully awake for not recognizing her on the spot. Just the weird hair-clips were a dead giveaway.

Now, before he could start pondering, Asuka stirred and opened her eyes. Seeing Ranma's face, and the hesitant look on it, she smiled.

"Hello." she said chirpily.

"Hi..." uncertainly responded Ranma.

Raising herself on her knees, Asuka lengthily stretched her arms, unabashed of her nakedness as she gave Ranma-kun a show. The boy's eyes couldn't keep away from her breasts, bouncing shortly with the stretching.

Ranma remembered the famed temper of the redhead, and blinked. She hadn't shown any surprise finding him here, so he guessed she must know what was going on. Otherwise, she would certainly be busy bashing him in a rage already.

"Err... Asuka?" started Ranma, glad that for once he remembered a name despite his faulty memory.


"Don't'cha know... what you're doing in my bed?" he hesitantly inquired. A quick look around had confirmed he was in the guest bedroom of the Tendo Dojo. No panda around, though, which was certainly a good thing.

"Why... can't you guess, Ranma-kun?" impishly answered the redhead, while slithering closer and circling her arms around his neck.

Ranma gulped from her closeness; the blanket was still separating their most intimate parts, but had fallen down enough for her bosom to be in direct contact with his chest, and flattening against his pecs as she hugged him.

"Hu..." Blushing fiercely, it took a moment for Ranma to respond... at least in words. His body was responding quite immediately to the contact of female flesh, thank you very much. "S-Some lame-ass writer wanted to see us together and didn't care for even a semblance of plot to bring it on?"

"Bingo!" smirked Asuka, the tip of her nose now almost touching his.

Ranma sighed deeply. Just as he doubted. Then he gazed into the Eva pilot's deep blue eyes and asked: "Ya don't look that much mad about it... how come?"

Asuka's cute face took a more serious look, and she glared back. Then her shoulders shook in a quick shrug. "Well... it beats any time being the last living female in an apocalyptic world, with a broken-minded weenie as sole company, don't you think?"

"I guess..." conceded Ranma. Noticing she still looked a bit upset by his question, he added: "Sorry Asuka-chan... it ain't that I have anything against you... it's just that it happens to me way too often, after a while you get sick of it..."

"Yeah, I've heard of it... Casanova" giggled the girl, recovering her good mood as Ranma groaned.

"It's not my fault! I never got anything to say about it! And most of the time nothing at all had happened anyway, many just skip the Lemon scenes and leave it Lime..."

"Well, THAT would be a big objection of mine in such a 'waking up' scenario!" pointedly commented Asuka.

"Ah..." trailed of Ranma, reminded of their current, very intimate position. "I dreaded you'd want that...."

"Yup!" merrily confirmed the redhead. "But don't sweat it. I'm not going to wiggle in that fiancée mess you call your life. I'm just here for a quickie, then I'll leave you to your loving girlfriends!"

"Don't joke with that..." whined Ranma-kun.

"Owwww comeon, that'll lift up your mood for the day, I promise..." concluded Asuka, before crossing the last inch that separated Ranma's lips from her own.

Ranma rolled his eyes, but didn't struggle against the kiss. Then, closing eyelids, he gave in and responded to the apnea contest. His own arms circled the lithe redhead to complete the embrace. His mouth opened and he let her tongue meet his in a wet wrestling match.

Since he would be in trouble anyway if others found out she'd been sleeping in his room; sleeping with her wouldn't change anything to it. And he was well enough aware of slapstick laws to have no illusion about escaping discovery. So, it was best to enjoy it as much as he could.

Ranma moaned into Asuka's mouth as the hot redhead squirmed on top of him, grinding her hips above his crotch, a thin bedcover the only protection from direct contact with his growing manhood. The boy's hands instinctively moved down her back to reach her buttocks, and squeezed the firm, toned flesh here.

Asuka broke the messy smooching, tongue still sticking out as a trail of drool linked her to Ranma's mouth. Smirking, she licked her lips sexily, and was pleased that Ranma was smiling back. She cooed lightly from the stimulation of Ranma's hands, exploring the curves of her ass and venturing into her sensitive cleft with skilled fingers.

Leaving only one hand groping her derrière, Ranma raised himself with the other arm. He was pushing Asuka up doing so, and captured her mouth in his as he reached a sitting position, the girl still plastered to his body. They resumed the mouth-to-mouth for a while, the redhead's hands roaming over the martial artist's torso and his hard muscles. Those small hands moved south along Ranma's side, to meet behind his back and give back what Asuka was receiving, by squeezing his tight butt in return.

They finally separated, the girls' boobs regaining their roundness as the strong male chest stopped pressing them any longer. Asuka switched the position of her legs, from laying against Ranma's to sitting sideway on his lap. The bedcovers was still a barrier from direct skin contact between female flesh and manly oak, but the girl could feel its hardness pressing her arse. And Ranma could swear there was some wetness seeping through it.

Ranma's left hand immediately latched on a breast before Asuka could escape, and she gasped. The round orbs weren't bigger than Akane's in Ranma's opinion, but they were firm and plenty satisfying on the younger girl's frame. He massaged one in his palm and gently tweaked the dark pink nipple between skilled fingers. Leaning his head, he pinched the other with his lips and started sucking on it. Aspiring a good chunk of the mammary in his mouth, he expertly licked the areola, the tip of his tongue running in fast circles all around the tit.

"Ooooh... that's good..." complimented Asuka between moans. Her hands weren't doing anything constructive at this time, just tussling Ranma's hair as he made her squirm.

Since the girl was holding herself to his head, Ranma devoted his free hand to reach between her legs. Confirming his first impression, he found the slit of her vulva already quite wet. Teasing the outer lips, his fingers played with the puffy, reddish labia. Asuka immediately tensed.

"W-Wait!" she pleaded, not wanting Ranma to do all the pleasuring job. It took a little effort to unclamp Ranma's face from her nipple. The Saotome boy, once in 'eating' mode, was hard to push away.

A little disgruntled, Ranma gave her the look of a toddler denied his feeding bottle. The flushed, naked, sweaty body of the redhead, though, promised other kind of baby food.

Crawling backward on her butt, she was so impatient that she grabbed the annoying cover with her feet and tossed it away. Ranma's pride finally sprang into view, and Asuka licked her lips in wanton hunger.

"What next, Ranma-kun? What about I give you head while you eat my pussy?"

Ranma looked tempted, but then he sobered. "Asuka-chan... I'd like very much to do that... but you know, at this point somebody is bound to barge on us any time... that's just what always happens with me. And then, we wouldn't have gone any farther than foreplay...."

Beside, he'd already done a sixty-nine with Kagome not so long ago in another thread....

Asuka frowned. "Now THAT'S something I would hate!" Standing up, she stared intently at his erection. "I guess we'll have to go for the gold right now, then."

Ranma nodded. "If you think you're ready."

Asuka straddled the pig-tailed boy, facing him, and calmly reached a sitting position over his lap. Ranma's arms were supporting her weight by holding her scrumptious thighs and bottom. Crossing her legs behind his back and her arms around his neck, she smiled heartily for her lover.

"I'm plenty ready enough. Give me your beast, stud-boy!" she commanded. Ranma could bet her pronouncing 'beast' instead of 'best' was fully intentional. He felt a short twinge of pity for the writer who could find such a lame pun funny.

Carefully lowering Asuka's hips, he aligned her dripping hole with the bulbous head of his rod. It was not that easy since he couldn't get a good view of their sexes past her boobs. The first try wasn't that successful, since the large prick just missed and slid against her tummy. It nonetheless made Asuka jolt, since the length of the shaft had rubbed her clitoris. But despite the pleasure, she could see Ranma was getting frustrated. Holding on his neck with only one arm, she wiggled the right hand between their bodies and opened her petals with thumb and pinkie. Lifting her anew, Ranma struggled a little bit until the three free fingers caught the top of his knot. Giving a short gasp, the girl guided the large mushroom cap in her flower.

Sighing in pleasurable relief, Ranma pushed the advantage. His blood-engorged glans parted the outer, then inner labia and invaded the drenching wet folds of the vagina. Asuka yelped, eyes tight shut, and threw back her arms around his neck to hold tightly.

Still, the conquering asoko met no resistance and plunged deeper into her love hole. Asuka could have been a virgin for this encounter, like any experienced lemon regular, but choose not. Unlike some other Anime girls who valued the emotional symbolism of it, she didn't care much for the pain. Likewise, she could have been older, but her usual 14-years old body was sexy enough in her opinion.

Reaffirming his hold on the shivering girl in his grip, Ranma huffed. Not just from arousal, but because her lean but strong legs and arms where squeezing the life out of him. But if anything, he was used to having sex with strong and wild women. A few little upward thrusts, and Asuka was sheathed to the hilt on his sword mighty rod spear manly tool reproductive organ cock prick shaft penis manhood phallus wood boner — #$@&%§# — purple-headed warrior!

Ranma rolled his eyes in acute annoyance at the writer that simply couldn't find the right-sounding synonym to say dick. But then he was distracted by Asuka, howling in shock from the deep penetration. He tried to shush her in a panic, afraid that the whole Tendo house would barge on them, and then finally silenced her with a frantic kiss. Hugging the warm, squirming redhead against his frame, Ranma felt his desire peak and forgot about anything else.

Asuka calmed down a bit from lack of air after a short while, but now it was Ranma's turn to give in to the lust. Hands firmly clenched on her butt cheeks and fingers digging in the flesh, he pulled up and pushed down her bottom around his turgid mast at a steady rhythm. The proud boy wouldn't be satisfied with a sloppy job, and with each thrust he was driving himself fully into Asuka's womanhood, filling her to the brink up to her cervix. This had the effect of bumping the little nub of her clitoris against his pubis, greatly increasing Asuka's pleasure each time her hairless mons met his bush.

Almost delirious from the relentless fucking, the teenaged girl trashed wildly in Ranma's lap. Even the martial artist had a hard time restraining and muffling her loud moans and cries. He was flying the Eva pilot to the Moon, to the Seventh Heaven, and she wanted the the whole world to know. Especially when her entire body was wracked by the spasms of an orgasm. Her mind was similarly blown out, and the whole system crashed in a pink screen of little death.

When Asuka rebooted, panting raggedly, it was to discover Ranma hadn't slowed a bit. The boy didn't cum along with her, and so was still enthusiastically pounding her body. She was now on her back, almost folded in two, her widely spread legs held by Ranma behind each knee, thus allowing him easy access to her sloshing twat. Rocking his hips regularly, Ranma drove his red-hot shaft in the red-engorged pussy of the red-flushed red-head. She could see her lover's face above her bosom, tense from the heavy exertion, teeth clenched and grunting like a rutting animal. Which he was anyway. Asuka threw her head backward and arched her spine, moaning lengthily.

Ranma's eyes had lost their focus, until they fell on the girl's waving breasts. Mesmerized, he followed their every move as they gainaxed in rhythm with his pumping. On a whim, he changed the pace and watched the animated boobs lost their synchronicity, then spinning in every direction as he was putting more or less force in each thrust.

'Now this is funny...' he thought with a childish grin. As amusing it was, he still cared for Asuka's pleasure and glanced at the redhead's pretty face. No apparent problem from her part, she was obviously enjoying herself if the cute twisting of her mouth and the moans escaping her were any indication.

Asuka was lost in a sea of intense feelings, where the shame and embarrassment had been buried fast by lust, joy and pleasure. She was heading fast toward a new orgasm, and maybe even multiple ones, so good Ranma was making her feel. She sure wasn't regretting the slightest having jumped in his bed; he was so much better than that wimp Shinji!

Ranma had his fun making this last as long as possible, but even his Wild Horse stamina has its limits. His stick was almost painful from the need of release, and his balls were tense from the pressure. Not fooling around any more, he speared Asuka's compliant body, burying his ready-to-burst hose all the way to her womb. He kept the position a few seconds, as typical for a man on the verge of exploding. But Asuka came first, and the walls of her vessel clamped around the bulging shaft, the fleshy folds hugging it tightly despite the serious work-out they already got. Female secretions generously bathed the male organ, and Ranma groaned in extreme pleasure mixed with frustration.

The pig-tailed boy rammed again in Asuka's flooded pussy, twice, then thrice... each time eliciting an hearty shriek of female climax. At least, Ranma experienced the blissful feeling of ejaculation. His twitching knot coating the girl's enthrails with thick semen, the creamy stuff pooled at the bottom of her hungry womb. Asuka came a last time, milking Ranma's fuck-tool for the last droplets of Saotome seeds.

Totally spent (though not for long if any author feels the need for the martial artist's insane recovery rate to come into play), Ranma slumped on top of Asuka-chan. His prick still imbedded in her as he covered the girl like a loving blanket. Both teenagers were out-of-breath and sweaty and smelly and sticky, but definitely happy.

"Guess what...? Nobody walked on us, finally." whispered Ranma.

"Cool..." answered the exhausted Asuka.