By: bsmart

Disclaimer: Why the hell am I writing this? Nobody reads them and they have no legal weight. It's a complete waste of time and bandwidth and yet I'm still typing. If you're under the legal age where ever you are don't read this, but since you're going to anyways at least don't let your mommy catch you. This fic is very much NC-17.

Note: This is fic is slightly out of whack with the normal Eva timeline, an extension of the atmosphere of the first half of the series, none of the depressing shit that characterizes the last half of the series.
“…” Normal Speech
`…' Thought

"Kami-sama it's hot!"

"Well it wouldn't be so bad if SOMEBODY hadn't dropped an angel on top of the power sub station."

Shinji didn't have to see Asuka to know that she was staring daggers at the back of his head while she said that.

"Lay off him, it was just an accident."

'Misato,' Shinji thought, 'Every once in a while she stops teasing me and actually defen...'

"Unless maybe he wanted to see the two of us all hot and sweaty..."

'...ds me...never mind.' Shinji felt the cushions on the back of the couch shift as Misato leaned over the back of it.

"Is that it Shinji?" she teased. "Did you want to see little old Asuka and me all hot and sweaty?" Misato had started off in a teasing tone but the last two adjectives had come out in a sexy hiss that went straight to Shinji's shorts.

"Errr, no!"

In a flash Misato was around the couch and perched on the edge of the coffee table in front of him, leaning in like a cat toying with a cornered mouse. "Oh you did, you naughty little boy! Is there anything you wanted to see me and Asuka doing that would get us all hot and sweaty hmmm?" Shinji's mouth moved like he was trying to form an explanation or apology but the sudden proximity of his guardian short circuited his efforts as his brain was fully tasked to processing her scantily clad body.

"Oh EWWWWW! You do not need to be giving that hentai any ideas you disgusting old cow!"

Misato ignored Asuka but decided that the Teutonic redhead would need an extensive battery of sync tests after the power outage. "You know Shinji," she went on, leaning forward and invading Shinji's personal space in a big way, "if that's what you wanted, all you had to do was ask."

Even though her guardian's voice had dropped to a whisper Asuka could still make out what had been said and she exploded into string of curses in a half dozen different languages before storming off to her room and slamming the door hard enough to make a picture hanging in the hall to fall to the floor.

Her redheaded charge's string of invectives had impressed Misato, even if she couldn't speak half the languages she had heard she still knew what most of the words had meant. 'Creative composition and a lot of emotion, if she learned the right words to say she could turn a man to jelly with a mouth like...'

Asuka's eruption distracted Misato long enough for Shinji to bolt for his room.

'...that.' Misato frowned as she watched her prey disappear into the hallway to his room. "Damn." Then she remembered the look on his face and started to giggle to herself. "I need a beer."


Shinji hated to admit it but Asuka was right, in the most literal sense he was the reason that there wasn't an air conditioner or TV on in all of Tokyo 3, of course she didn't mention the part about the fact that if he hadn't killed the angel right then she would be dead along with everyone in Tokyo 3, and maybe even the world if you believed his father.

"Underground everywhere but where the angel lands."

Being that Tokyo 3 was meant to be a battleground it was thought that having a power plant in or near the city would just be asking for trouble so when the city was designed it had been decided to bring the city's power in from somewhere else. Again since the city was going to be a war zone it had been decided that the power lines would be buried underground and they had been, for the most part. Unfortunately when it came time to make the connection between Tokyo 3 and the outside supply the entire Tokyo 3 project was already massively over budget and the power project was under the purview of mid-level bureaucrat seeking to get ahead anyway possible.

Seeing a chance to make a name for himself as one of the only people on the whole project to keep their part of it on time and under budget the paper pusher decided that instead of digging down a hundred meters and carving out a large vault in the rock in order to put the sub station underground he simply had them bring the power lines to the surface and build a normal substation. The power line project came in several billion yen under budget and the bureaucrat got himself a nice promotion.

Fast forward five years. Whether by incredibly bad luck or Kami-sama just having a sick sense of humor Shinji, Asuka, and Rei had intercepted the latest angel before it made its way into Tokyo 3 in the little valley where the substation was located. Used to fighting in the city where property damage was expected and ignored and being given no special orders to watch out for anything they had attacked the angel full force.

Naturally the only place in the valley where they wouldn't want the angel to fall after Shinji shoved his progressive knife into its chest was the one place it did fall. Eighty five meters and four thousand tons of angel had fallen right into the middle of the substation. Lights out. As he laid on his bed and Shinji found himself remembering the time he had built a model rocket when he was little. He'd found a beautiful field to launch it in that had only a single tree in it, of course the very top of that tree was where his rocket had come down. Now the entire city was blacked out.

Their de-briefing hadn't gone well, no real accusations had been thrown around but an air of disgusted disbelief had permeated it. Ritsuko had told them in no uncertain terms that it would be a week at the bare minimum before they could get everything cleaned up and the power restored, but more likely two.

Naturally the Geofront had power; it had its own Tokamak, but no way to share the juice with the surface and when they had asked if they could stay down below for a while Gendo had refused them without so much as an explanation. 'He doesn't give a damn about me.'

Six months ago that thought would have depressed him for the rest of the night and maybe the week but after a year around the bastard it didn't phase him anymore. It wasn't that his father hated him exactly; he just didn't care about him in the least. Shinji suspected that if he were killed fighting an angel his father's only concern would be recovering Unit 1 and finding a new pilot, and he was strangely ok with that. Shinji wasn't happy about it by a long shot, his only family in the world didn't care whether he lived or died but now he knew that there was nothing he could do to change it and that was strangely liberating. After spending most of his young life trying to figure out why his father didn't love him and how to fix that it to learn that there was no apparent reason and that he couldn't made him

But that led him to question why he was even still here fighting for his life every couple of weeks or months. Logically the moment he realized that he could never make his father love him by piloting Unit 1 he should have told the elder Ikari that he could shove that big purple robot right up his ass, but he didn't, and he didn't know why.

'That's a lie,' Shinji thought. He knew exactly why he was still here, Red, Purple, and Blue. He knew that if he ever did quit piloting NERV would ship him off so fast it was doubtful his feet would hit the ground till Yokohama and the thought of not coming home every day to Misato and Asuka and never getting to see Rei again was intolerable.


'Why does she have to be such a SLUT!?' Asuka mentally raged as she paced back and forth in her room. It was bad enough that she was going to have to spend the next week in this heat with Shinji but did Misato have to make it worse? 'Like I would ever go for that old hag, she reeks of Yebisu. There are plenty of other ways I could get hot and sweaty with Shi.....' "AAAAHHHH!" Asuka dove onto her bed and buried her head under a pillow but that only drowned out the outside world and just left her with her thoughts.

When she had first seen her fellow Eva pilot Asuka had thought she'd hit the jackpot, sure he didn't compare to her Kaji but he was still cute in a sad poet sort of way. Then he'd opened his mouth. Asuka didn't mind the occasional apology, what she minded wasn't that he apologized; it was that he apologized for every gott verdammt thing; he would even apologize when she complained about the rain.

"Ughh, I hate the rain."

"I'm sorry Asuka."

It had taken every gram of her willpower not to slap him silly at that point. 'What did he have to do with the rain, how was it his fault?!' She just couldn't reconcile the cute Japanese boy who piloted Unit 1 into combat with the spineless twerp she had to live with, there we're two Shinji's and she was stuck living with the one she'd rather kill then get hot and sweaty with.

"AAAAAHHHHHHHH!" 'I do NOT want to get hot and sweaty with him! Damn you Misato!'

Unfortunately such rouge thoughts had been getting more numerous over the last few months. She had only realized it in the last few weeks but every example she had of Shinji being a wiener were going farther and farther into the past. It had been almost eight months since the rain example and she couldn't think of one example within the last week of him doing something that made her want to hit him. Of course he was still a pervert and she had caught him staring at her from time to time but he didn't immediately act like he'd gotten his hand caught in the cookie jar and look away and apologize when she caught him doing it. Five days ago she had run into him on her way back to her room from the bathroom and the only thing she'd had on was a towel. As they stumbled back from the bump he had clearly given her a thorough once over when he got his feet back under him. She'd naturally called him a hentai little boy and the only thing he'd done was shrug and smile at her before ducking into the bathroom himself, no apology, no panic, just a shrug and a smile. Asuka hadn't been able to put her finger on the emotion that had raced through her but she knew one thing...hitting him hadn't even been part of the thought process.


Misato sat at the dinner table with her chin in her hands staring intently at the refrigerator. With the power out the only light coming in was from the big sliding glass door to the patio and the kitchen seemed strange in the spotlight like glare. For the third time in as many minutes Misato let out a deep discontent sigh. The logic was inescapable, with the power out the fridge wasn't running and even though they had bought as much ice as the could and stuffed it all into the icebox it was only a matter of time until it warmed up, and that time got closer every time they opened it. Being the dutiful son, 'Son? Well I guess that works, Asuka might say houseboy,' that he was Shinji had tried to take out everything they'd need to eat today early in the morning and told them to try and keep the fridge shut, every hour it stayed closed was another hour they could avoid canned meat and soup.

It also meant she couldn't have a beer whenever she pleased, not that there were that many left. 'Why did I have to listen to Shinji?' He was right of course, he usually was, if they put warm beer in the fridge it sort of wrecked the whole reason to stuff it full of ice but that didn't make it any better. By her count she only had a dozen or so beers left and contrary to what most people thought of her she wasn't enough of a drunk to start slamming back warm beer. "It's gonna be a long week," Misato murmured.


The nice thing about not having any electricity was that it cleared out a lot of distractions, course it was only nice if you didn't want to be distracted, and Shinji wanted to be distracted, big time. He was no stranger to less then honorable thoughts about the women he lived with but he'd never really resolved them with the way he felt about them. When he had first moved in Misato had just been the drunken slob he'd had to live with but over time that had changed. The complete familial vacuum that he'd been raised in had left Shinji with no emotional support and the fact that Misato actually seemed to care about him had caused him to start to think of her more like a big sister or maybe even a mother, which made the times he found himself staring at her chest or ass when she came out of the shower all the more weird. Asuka, sometimes Shinji wondered if he might be a masochist, his redheaded roommate dished out a constant stream of hate and occasional physical pain. He could barely keep track of the number of times he was called baka in a single day much less a week and yet somehow the adjective had lost any of it's power with him long ago, it was almost an endearment to him now, he got worried when she called him by his real name rather then by her pet name for him.

Unfortunately for Shinji he'd gotten bored as soon as he'd come home to an electricity free house yesterday and he'd burned up all the charge he had left in his SDAT. He supposed he could go to the store and buy a set of disposable batteries but with the electricity out Misato's car was only to be used for emergencies so he'd have to walk. Normally he would have but with no air-conditioning awaiting him at either end of the thirty five degree heat he decided that he'd rather be bored and tormented, he was already hot enough.

Yesterday hadn't been so bad, the apartment had still been cool by the time they had gotten home and keeping the windows and all buttoned up they had managed to keep the apartment below twenty seven all night, but not today. The apartment had hit thirty by nine in the morning and it showed no signs of getting any cooler. Thankfully his and Misato's rooms were on the west side of the apartment and they were spared the early morning sun and they had a nice breeze blowing into their rooms and the living room, Asuka on the other hand had her window on the back side of the building facing the walk way and the morning sun, her room got hotter faster and she wasn't afraid to tell everyone about it.

Looking over at the pile of books on his desk Shinji considered picking up one of his textbooks and working on some school work, the lack of power meant that classes were canceled for the duration and though no assignments had been handed out Asuka and him were constantly behind in their school work because of their NERV commitment. Deciding that he needed something to think about besides just how good Asuka and Misato really did look when they were all hot and sweaty Shinji decided to give it a try.

That lasted until he cracked opened his pre-calculus book and look at his first integration, 'Forget this.' He tossed the textbook back in his school bag and his eyes turned to the tall stack of magazines and books that Asuka had made him grab the day before on their way out of the Geofront.


"Come on baka, make yourself useful!"

"Asuka I don't know if we should be in here."

"Nonsense, we're cleared for almost everything; of course we can go in the library. Now be quiet and hold these you little feigling."

Shinji did as he was told and dutifully followed Asuka around the library while she picked books and magazines off the shelf and deposited them atop the growing pile in his arms. The titles of many of the books she loaded him down with went right over his head aside from the impression that they were psychology books and one's probably meant for someone with a degree in the field. Interspersed among all the psychology books were a few upper level math texts that were far more difficult then pre-calculus along with girly-magazines and a few fiction books that probably weren't appropriate for someone their age.

"Well, are you going to get anything?" Asuka asked after Shinji had deposited the load of books on one of the tables in the library and Asuka had started to load up his school bag.


"Baka, the power is out thanks to you, and that means no TV, no video games, and no SDAT eventually, so unless you want to spend a week doing school work and staring at a blank TV I'd suggest you get something to read."


Right now the stack of manga on his desk looked way more interesting then the school work next to it. Even the 'educational' books he'd grabbed looked better. Picking up a history of feudal Japan Shinji laid back down on his bed and tried to do something that might make him a better person.


It was hot.

Actually it was worse then hot, she was being steamed to death.

'I didn't have to put up with this scheisse in Germany. It got hot in the summer but damn, nothing like this.' Thirty two degrees, ninety five percent humidity and the air was perfectly still. 'I can actually chew the air,' she thought, 'I can bite off a piece and swallow it. Asuka shifted a little, bringing her legs up onto the bed with her but she continued to stare at the ceiling. With nothing better to do Asuka started to mentally calculate her heat transfer coefficient in the still air but stopped when it got too depressing, 'I need a breeze,' her instincts and college education both told her.

The problem was that the breeze was coming from the west, which meant she'd either have to go out into the living room and deal with Misato's teasing or into Shinji's room. Going into Misato's room wasn't an option, Asuka had had a drink before, she'd had a beer at almost every big occasion before coming to Japan but the last time she'd visited her guardian's room she thought she'd get alcohol poisoning just from breathing in the fumes.

So her options were to go into the living room and have Misato tease her mercilessly or she could go to the little boy's room and...nothing came to her. Shaking the thoughts from her head Asuka hoped off of the bed and immediately decided she had to change her shirt when the sweat soaked garment she was wearing fell back and stuck to her. "Never in Germany," she growled.


Misato did her best to relax under the giant umbrella and enjoy the half dozen beers she'd retrieved from the fridge. While it wasn't any cooler out on the balcony the breeze was directly on her which made it almost tolerable. Just like she'd expected there were only a dozen beers in the fridge and she'd decided that she'd enjoy half of them this afternoon and the other half tomorrow, she didn't have anything better to do since the commander had told her to stay home with Shinji and Asuka until the power outage was over. Of course her plan would leave her without any cold alcohol for a while but she'd decided to enjoy them while they were still cold rather then dole them out and feed her addiction with miserable lukewarm beer. After another twelve ounces of Yebisu slid down her talented throat in a single swig Misato simply hurled the can over the balcony's railing and stretched out her long legs with a contented sigh. It was when she relaxed back into the vinyl straps of the chair that she heard first one door and then another slid open and then shut.

The smile on Misato's face could have lit up the whole Geofront. There were exactly three sliding doors in the apartment, the bedroom doors, and since neither of the children entered her room without a VERY good reason she knew it hadn't been her door that had opened, add to it the rattle the second door had made when it had closed and Misato knew exactly what was going on.

'Glad I never bothered to tighten Shinji's door jamb, I'll have to tell Rit-chan the next time that I see her that being lazy really does work.' The purple haired tactical commander of NERV took a sip of her fifth can of golden ale. 'It's about time those two started to get along, I've been worried about her for a while, and I've been worried about him from the beginning.'

Misato could remember what it was like to be young and horny and that combined with the constant life threatening danger and the fact that they lived together Misato had started to wonder what was wrong with her charges. 'I thought both of them were batting for the wrong team for a while there, now I just think Asuka's a switch hitter.' Misato's fears hadn't lasted long, they'd been assuaged one day when she'd caught Shinji staring at Rei's bottom as the albino girl had been climbing into her entry plug and again when she started to pay more attention to him a home and found him sneaking glances at Asuka constantly, 'And me occasionally,' she thought with a smile. She'd caught Asuka doing the same on many occasions and once or twice with Hikari but she'd let it all slide since she was trying to avoid doing anything that might mess the two of them up. 'I could tease her for a week about catching her staring at Hikari's legs.'

When Misato had been planning out her life during college surrogate mother had never been on the list, not even normal motherhood had but for different reasons, but now, nearly two years later she realized that her impulsive decision to take Shinji in had been one of the best of her life. Oh the two of them could be royal pains in the ass from time to time but those were mostly when they were fighting and those times were drifting into the past, Asuka hadn't flown into a screaming rage in weeks. Misato actually found herself enjoying the responsibility of raising the two teenagers, the first time they'd brought their report cards home she had been thrilled by their grades and had actually put the cards up on the fridge, an action that gave her the shivers later that night when she realized what she'd done. She'd even found that some of their habits were rubbing off on her, thanks to Shinji there were now a grand total of four places in her room where you could see actual carpet and she was more likely to roll over in bed and crush a pillow rather then a sake bottle. Of course she wanted to think that some of her had rubbed off on him and that was why he was loosening up. At the thought of 'rubbing off on him,' Misato started to snicker at her own entendre. 'Not that he's not cute and all but...,' the slight mental haze of developing buzz clouded Misato's thoughts, '...I bet his dick is bigger then Kaji's.'

Thoughts of her former paramour soured Misato's mood. 'Asshole.' She was glad he was gone, ecstatic even, it had surely caused some pain and a LOT of hurt feelings but it was for the best. In her opinion it had been Asuka's infatuation with the spy that had been the source of the friction between her and Shinji. 'I'm glad that idol's been torn down.' It hadn't been easy to tell Asuka that Kaji had just up and left the moment Gendo released him, even less so to tell her that he hadn't left any kind of contact information or even a goodbye note, just gone. Shinji hadn't taken it well either, apparently the boy had started to look to the older man for guidance much to Misato's dismay. 'He'd be better off taking interpersonal skills lessons from his father then going to that idiot for advice.'

But now he was gone, had been gone for a while, and it looked like her charges we're getting closer to each other. 'Like they should. After all, they were made for each other.' Cracking open her sixth and final beer for the day Misato was all smiles. 'They should keep each other busy for a while so I can work on my tan some.' As she unhooked her bikini top and let the umbrella down Misato glanced over at her pet.

"You'll warn me if Shinji comes right PenPen?"




It didn't surprise Shinji that Asuka barged into his room without knocking, she acted like she owned the apartment most of the time, it surprised him that she came in at all. Without any fanfare or even the slimmest explanation Asuka walked right over to his bed and flopped down on her stomach across the foot of it, putting a thick green book and magazine in front of her. Still ignoring him she opened up her magazine and started reading.


"What?" she asked without taking her eyes off her magazine.

"What are you doing?"

"It's hot as Teufel in my room and you're hogging all the breeze."


"And don't get any ecchi thoughts either," a look of disgust washed over her face, "I don't even want to think about what I might be laying in."

Well it might have been a pipe dream but it had been nice while it lasted. Still, Asuka was in his room, and she wasn't being too much of a bitch, and she looked gooood. While Asuka got back to her magazine Shinji tried to relax against his headboard and get back to his manga but every time he drug his eyes away from Asuka she'd shift or move or pick at her clothes and his eyes would be all over her again.

This time it was her tugging at the bottom of her shirt to keep it from riding up to much while she read about the newest shooter game in her magazine. Before she managed to get her clothes rearranged Shinji caught a glimpse of the smooth creamy skin right above her waist band, the gentle ridge of her spine and the shallow dimples on either side of it. He felt a profound sense of loss when those few square centimeters of flesh were again covered up, until Asuka's hand brushed over her butt before going back to her magazine.

Shinji couldn't pull his eyes away as Asuka's delicate long fingers slid over the gray cotton of her shorts, the cloth pulled tight across her rump revealing the edge of her panties. The thin smoky cotton smoothly clung to her bottom showing off the perfect arc of each glorious bun, no dimples, wrinkles or anything, 'Perfect.' He'd heard Touji and Kensuke say that Asuka didn't have an ass before but as he watched her hand complete it's sweep and head back for her magazine it was once again confirmed that they were wrong, she more then had one, it was spectacular to Shinji. Small and tight with nary a jiggle Shinji found himself staring at it every time he was behind her while they were in their plug suits and somehow it was more awe-inspiring when wrapped in cotton then coated in latex, or whatever it was they made the plugsuits out of. The legs of her shorts kept riding up a little higher every time she moved and they sank farther into the crack of her ass any time she slid back across the bed a little. 'Just a little father and I can see the bottom of her...OH SHIT!'

Shinji's eyes dove back to his manga the instant he saw Asuka's head start to move out of the corner of his eye, the consequences of her catching him staring at her would be severe, 'Worse then severe, she'd make me wish she'd just killed me.' The tongue lashing alone would wake the dead and then she'd probably beat the hell out of him to boot. Misato of course would want to know why she was driving him to the hospital at which point she'd find out and start to taunt him. Just thinking about it made him hope she'd just break his neck and be done with it.

'You little lustmolch,' Asuka thought as she caught Shinji staring at her for the third time. She momentarily considered beating the crap out him like she had almost done the last two times but her reasoning stood firm, 'No one else is around and after all, who could blame him? At least it's me and not das wunder-slut.' When she realized that she was starting to feel a little randy because Shinji had been staring at her Asuka almost bolted. 'I am NOT getting horny because that little boy is staring at me like some pervert!' but there was no feeling behind it. 'It's the heat, I'm not thinking straight.' Despite her mental protests Asuka slid slowly back on the bed and she could feel her shirt getting pulled up higher and her shorts being pulled taunter across her backside, she didn't move far enough to show anything, just enough to get Shinji's attention.

It worked, the instant a few millimeters of lightly tanned and previously covered skin were exposed Shinji forgot all about his manga. He hurriedly tried to commit every detail of bare flesh to his memory expecting Asuka to reach back like she always did and cover everything up again, but she didn't. Instead she rocked back and forth a few times making her shorts ride up even more. Shinji's mouth went dry as Asuka settled back down and kept on reading, seemingly oblivious to the state of her clothes.

'Mmm, enjoying that Shinji?'

'He damn well better be!'

'I wonder if he knows I can see him in the mirror?'

'Scheisse when did I become such a tramp for that sissy.'

'Shut up and enjoy it.'


Shinji's staring was interrupted when he just barely heard Asuka whisper something. "What was that?" he asked as he looked up, right into his mirror and Asuka's eyes.

"Nothing," Asuka said defiantly with a raised eyebrow. "When is dinner going to be ready?" she asked as she slid off the bed.

Shinji looked at his clock, they'd managed to kill almost two hours just laying here reading. "I guess I can start on it."

Asuka padded softly across the carpet to the door. "You'd better, I'm starving," and with that she slipped out of his room.

'I wonder if she'll give me enough time to go to the bathroom,' Shinji mused while he closed his eyes and thought of Asuka's cotton clad butt.



Shinji leaned against the shower wall, enjoying the feeling of the cold water spraying across his back and running down his body, even if he did start sweating the moment he got out of the shower he was going to enjoy his few minutes of the other extreme.

As bad as it was during the day it got worse when it came time to cook. Misato's old grill meant that they wouldn't have to eat cold food but to use it he had to stand outside in the heat two feet away from six hundred degree coals. The steaks they had cooked had tasted great and apparently their meat and potatoes met with both Misato and Asuka's approval, he wondered if man-eaters just tended to be carnivores.

Unfortunately for him the cold shower prevented him from getting any release from the day's torments, first Asuka on the bed and then he'd gone out to start cooking and had found Misato laying on her stomach, topless, and working on her tan. Follow that up with having to eat dinner with Asuka in the same clothes she'd laid on the bed in and Misato still in her bikini and Shinji was hurting.

'No way I'm taking care of this after I get out.' Shinji wasn't going to chance heat stroke for a little relief, he figured he had a day or two before things got critical. With a dejected sigh Shinji levered himself off the wall and out of the shower.


It was still hot.

Asuka was laying on top of her covers trying to escape the heat, she'd stripped down to just her panties before going to bed but even that wasn't helping, the warm air in her room was completely stagnant leaving her to roast in air that wouldn't move. The breeze was still out of the east and it would be another couple of hours before it cooled off to anything resembling a reasonable temperature. 'How am I supposed to get any sleep like this?' She wasn't sweating hard but she could feel the clammy layers of perspiration that clung to her like a wet blanket, just sitting there, unable to evaporate in the humid air. "Ughhh, this is disgusting." Asuka toyed with the idea of sleeping on the couch but never gave it serious thought, after all, SHE wasn't going to sleep on some stupid couch, especially not one that had a loose spring at one end that threatened to spear you if you moved a certain way. Since Misato's room was out of the running that left Shinji's room.

'It wouldn't be like it was the first time I'd ever spent the night in there.' Asuka had spent quite a few nights in Shinji's bed during the worst of the angel attacks and they had been some of the most restful nights she'd had in a long time. 'But then I thought he was a twerp,' Asuka thought, 'If I acted like that with him this afternoon what am I going to do when I'm sleeping next to him?' Asuka let loose a disgusted groan when she felt the tingle that accompanied the idea of sleeping next to Shinji. Even if he was getting more tolerable he was still Shinji, the same little boy she spurned and mocked for more then a year, the same boy that cooked and cleaned up, that walked with her to school and every once in a while got in a giant robot and helped her save the world.

'Gott it's hot.'

'You can sleep with Shinji or you can be hot.'

'I'll have to put a shirt on.'

'You don't HAVE too...'

'Ughhhh! Too much time around Misato.'


Try as he might Shinji couldn't get comfortable enough to sleep. The breeze blowing into his room helped cool him off some but not enough to make his sheets anything but a bad idea. Even on top of them he couldn't get comfortable, stomach, side, back, no matter how he laid down part of him was even hotter then the rest of him. He huffed and rolled over onto his back to stare at the ceiling just as the door slid open.


"Quiet baka, it's hot in my room, I just need somewhere to sleep."

Shinji nodded as he tried to swallow around the cubic meter of cotton that had appeared in his mouth. In the dim light of his room he could just make out Asuka and he couldn't stop staring at her. When she used to come into his room to sleep she would be wearing a t-shirt that would cover her from thighs to neck but she'd traded in that shirt for a cut-off t-shirt that didn't reach her belly button, in fact it came up a good six or seven centimeters short. The panties she was wearing were pretty standard fare for her, plain white cotton, but at the moment they looked sexier than anything he'd ever seen of Misato's.

'Gott he's staring right at me!'

'Of course he is, just look at the way you're dressed!'

"You're starting to drool Baka," Asuka whispered as she climbed onto the bed.

'OH SHIT!' Shinji thought as he wiped his mouth and did indeed find quite a bit of wetness. She'd not only caught him staring at her but she'd caught him drooling. 'I'm a dead man.' But instead of unleashing some Bavarian fury on him Asuka ignored his slack jawed rudeness and climbed over him into the bed, forcing him out of her way as she laid claim to two thirds of the bed.

"Don't get any ideas hentai or you'll wake up a girl."

At that moment the only thing on Shinji's mind were ideas, all of which would get him castrated if he tried them. 'Even if trying anything is out of the question, I'm still glad she'd here.' As the angel attacks had lessened in intensity Asuka had taken to sleeping in her own room again, and where as Shinji could previously have counted on her to spend a couple of nights a week in his room, three or four guaranteed right after an attack, she hadn't slept with him in more then a month now, and he missed it. 'I don't have nightmares when she's with me,' he thought, 'and I don't think she does either.' Shinji used to hear Asuka wake up in the middle of the night screaming, or sobbing, but she never did when she was with him, which is why he supposed she slept with him. Occasionally he wished he had the guts to get up and go in her room to lay down with her when he had a bad night but he suspected he would sing soprano the next morning if he ever tried it. Still he took a kind of masculine pride in the fact that his presence calmed Asuka's mind at night and even if he couldn't touch her he would be happy that she was here.

As she settled in next to Shinji Asuka had to stifle the sigh that tried to escape her lips, she had no intention of admitting just how nice it felt to be laying down next to Shinji. 'No nightmares tonight, maybe you are good for more then just housework baka.' Unfortunately there was another complication, while the full bed was plenty big for one, and almost big enough for two the close quarters it required meant that she was right up next to Shinji and his body heat wasn't helping her keep cool. 'Damn it, I just want to forget about him and sleep!'

Asuka wasn't the only one noticing their body heat and wishing she didn't. 'It's just Asuka, it's not like you haven't slept with her before, you see her every day, she's almost your sister.' Shinji's member pitched its tent a little higher. 'Oh come on!'


"Wake up Shinji, it's time to wake up." Shinji's sleep addled mind fought the suggestions but other parts of him responded to the sweet coaxing of Misato's voice.

"I'll show you how to wake him up," a certain redhead declared a half second before she sat on his chest.

The feeling of bare flesh and moisture on his chest woke Shinji up immediately.

"Told you," Asuka said with a grin directed at someone off to his right.

Shinji tried not to think about the tuft of red hair where Asuka's body met his or the small flow of slickness that was starting to seep between their thighs and glanced over where Asuka had been looking.

Apparently Rei's hair was naturally blue, and Misato, Ritsuko, Maya, and Hikari weren't faking it either.

Asuka started to slid back and forth on Shinji. "Morning Baka, we were wondering if you were ever going to wake up." When Shinji just kept staring at the other girls she reached down and lightly smacked her mount on the side of his face. "Hey, pay attention to the naked girl on top of you stupid." She was immediately rewarded with Shinji's undivided attention. "Good." The next time she rocked back Shinji felt her hit his dick. "Oh what's this?" she purred as she turned around. "Mmm, I think he likes us," she said as one delicate hand wrapped around his manhood.

"I think he does," Misato added as her hand joined Asuka.

Shinji thought he heard some murmurs from the peanut gallery but Maya, Ritsuko, and Rei were a distant third in his attention.

"Don't worry, you'll get your turn! Misato, a little help?"

Shinji felt Asuka's hand let go of him and Misato's start to aim him for something. When he felt his cock rubbed into something hot and wet Shinji's head snapped up and his eyes locked with Asuka's in time to hear her say, "Time to make you a man Shinji," and Asuka dropped down engulfing him completely.

Shinji woke up with a start to find himself in a dark room with none of the women to be seen anywhere, well most of them. Shinji's sudden movement brought a mumbled protest from Asuka who tightened her grip on him and pulled him closer to her, his back against her bosom. Shinji's heart continued to hammer in his chest as he looked about trying to locate any of his paramours, 'It was a dream,' he quickly realized. 'Damn.' As his heartbeat slowed down and his breathing calmed Shinji realized something, 'That was the first good dream I've had in...years. I actually wanted it to keep going.' Even if it had been a figment of his imagination getting molested by every beautiful woman he knew was one mental image he'd like to get lost in, it was then that a particularly strong gust of wind blew in his open window. 'Damn that's cold!'

Shinji rolled over and beside him Asuka whined and pulled herself tighter up against his side.

'It must be thirteen degrees in here!' Shinji quickly grabbed a handful of covers that had been discarded on the end of the bed and drug them up over Asuka and him. Shinji's heart was back in his throat when Asuka let loose a contented coo when he covered her up. 'Kami-sama she's gorgeous.' Even in the darkness her bright red hair stood out against the white sheets like a fiery halo around her head as she slept. Shinji reached over and tucked a stray piece of her hair behind her ear so that it wouldn't bother her and Asuka leaned into his hand as it brushed along her face. Emboldened by the happy smile she wore Shinji brought his hand back and let his fingers play along the soft skin of her cheek, reveling in his momentary ability to touch her freely. The last time they had slept in the same bed Shinji had been too scared to even look at her, this time he still knew that she would probably kill him if she woke up while he was stroking her face but he didn't care. 'I'd die happy,' he thought as his fingers trailed off through her hair.


Without an annoying alarm clock to wake her up Asuka found her return to consciousness much more tolerable then normal. Instead of the harsh electronic buzz of her alarm the only sound the assaulted her ears was the quiet snoring of her bedmate, and with a full night's sleep under her belt Asuka didn't much care and she just snuggled up closer to him enjoying the last time she wouldn't mind being next to something warm for the day. 'Why can't I wake up like this every morning, and no sun in my eyes.' The soft breeze coming in the window blew over them drawing a shiver out of Asuka and she didn't hesitate to draw Shinji closer to her, adding a leg to the arm that was already wrapped around him. 'You're good for a lot of things baka.' When Asuka shifted her leg a little higher to get a better grip on her living space heater her peaceful morning was shattered as her leg bumped up against something long and hard.

'Gott in himmel, you got hard from that?'

'The fuck? Dummkoph got a hard on because of me?! Ewww!'

'Quit being such a bitch and enjoy it, he can't help it, he's asleep.'

'I am not enjoying this!'

Asuka could practically see the evil sneer on the voice in her head's face, it was hers after all, 'Yes you are.'


Shinji jumped half way out of bed before he realized that Asuka's cry hadn't been an order for breakfast and that it had come from beside his ear and not from outside his door. "Are you alright?" he asked as Asuka snatched her arms and legs back from around him.

Asuka rolled over to face the wall making Shinji stare at her back. "I'm fine." '..Except for the part of me that wants to fuck you.'

"Are you sure?"

Asuka swooned when Shinji laid his hand on her shoulder but just as quickly her spine stiffened. "I'm fine, shouldn't you be making breakfast houseboy?" she spat.

"Alright, any thing special you want?"

'Ugh! Grow a spine you pathetic little boy!' "Pancakes, and syrup."


Asuka stared at the wall and stewed as Shinji got out of bed and put his clothes on. 'How can I be attracted to such a worthless twit?! He just does what he's told, no guts, no spine. Gott why the hell can't you just act like you're in your Eva all the time.' When Shinji left the room Asuka rolled over onto her back and gazed at the ceiling. "I'd trade the Eva driving Shinji for that moron any day," she muttered.

Shinji didn't mind cooking breakfast, even if he had to do it over the grill the chill of the night air wasn't completely gone yet though in an hour or two he figured he'd be sweating up a storm again. With a deft hand he flipped another pair of pancakes off on a plate with the other's he'd already made.

"Ughhhhh, what time is it?" Misato groaned as she stumbled out of her room and leaned on the sliding glass door.

"Dunno, no clocks."

"Oh, that."

At one point in his life Shinji had found his guardian's morning routine disgusting wondering how anyone could be that pathetic in the morning, now he was just prepared.

"Eh?!" Misato squealed as she easily snagged the cold can of Yebisu out of the air. She didn't ask any intelligible questions as she slammed the beer down in one long gulp.

Misato's sudden perkiness after ingesting twelve ounces of alcohol made Shinji question what he'd heard about it being a depressant. Rather then stagger around in a stupor she immediately brightened after downing her drink. "Aaaahhhh! Any more?"

Shinji shook his head and flipped another pair of pancakes. "No, I left the other five in the fridge for later."

Misato sighed as she crushed the can. "Oh well, thanks for the pick me up Shinji-kun!" Misato didn't think anything of the quick kiss she place on Shinji's cheek but the young pilot blushed furiously the instant his buxom guardian planted her lips on him.

Shinji did his best to calm down as his purple haired guardian bounced, in more ways then one, off to her room. He had just managed to get his breathing back under control when Asuka made her appearance. "Is breakfast ready yet?"

"Yep," Shinji said with a flourish of his spatula towards the plate full of them.

"What got into you?" Asuka asked as she served herself and then drowned the helpless griddle cakes in syrup and butter.

Shinji shrugged, "Dunno."

"Whatever," Asuka mumbled before digging into her breakfast.

In spite of Asuka doing her best to completely ignore him Shinji enjoyed his breakfast, the sun was still on the other side of their building and under the big umbrella over their table the air was cool, he figured this was as good as it would be today.

"Any pancakes left?" Misato asked as she came out onto the deck.

Shinji just nodded without looking up from his own stack and pointed to the plateful that was left. Asuka's startled, "Scheisse!" got his attention though. When Shinji looked up he saw that Misato had helped herself to the entire stack of pancakes but that was only a peripheral concern. Misato was in her normal cut off jean shorts that Shinji knew would barely be covering her impressive rear but she had apparently forgotten her normal yellow tank top and was sitting at the table in one of her bikini tops who's tiny dark green triangles were fighting a losing battle to keep her impressive assets contained. "Put on some clothes!"


"Put on some clothes you beer-pickled sex fiend!" Asuka snapped pouring as much contempt as she could into the last few words.

Misato looked up at Asuka with a mouthful of pancakes still in her mouth. For a minute she just stared at Asuka in confusion until she noticed Shinji gawking at her, or more precisely two parts of her. She easily swallowed the mouthful of flapjacks and licked the syrup off her lips languidly, making sure that Shinji was watching them before swallowing noisily. Asuka's stomach leapt into her throat as Misato's gaze shifted from teasing to sultry in a flash, her big almond shaped eyes flattening out into twin slits that forced her to look at her through her thick black lashes. The oldest member of the household kept her rich brown eyes locked on Asuka and purred, "What's the matter Asuka-chan, afraid Shinji will stop staring at you and start drooling over little old me?"

Asuka was transfixed as Misato's full pink lips danced around until what her guardian had said sank in. "Verpiss dich hure!" Asuka roared.

"Hmmm Shinji?"

Asuka's curse knocked Shinji out of his trance and made him realize that Misato was no longer occupied by his German roommate and she was staring at him, while he was staring at her chest.

"See anything you like Shinji-kun? Maybe two somethings?"

Asuka's rage found a new outlet when she saw Shinji staring at Misato. "Scheisse baka, just drool all over her." 'Damn it look at me....AH!'

Shinji was well and caught and he knew it, this time it wasn't just Misato hinting that he was being a pervert, she had caught him staring right at her. If he bolted now it would give Misato teasing material for days and if he apologized he knew that Asuka would go ballistic. The only thing that pissed her off more then his apologies was when she caught him staring at a girl, though compared to those explosions she only seemed annoyed when she caught him staring at her. 'I bolt and my life's hell, more so then it already is, there is no way either of them will let this be and if I apologize Asuka will kill me and Misato will tease me even worse. I'm dead, fuck it.' "Yep," he said non-chalantly and went back to his breakfast.

For several moments that stretched out like hours neither of the girls made a sound, Shinji couldn't even hear them take so much as a breath. Plowing along he did his best to act like his comment was nothing but he knew it would have to draw some kind of reaction but time kept passing without so much as a peep from the girls. Finally Shinji's nerves could take no more and he glanced up to see the stunned faces of his companions.

Misato was the first to recover, when she saw the slight unsureity in Shinji's eyes, 'So you want to play along Shinji-chan? Ok then, let's play.' "Maybe you'd like a closer look?"

Misato's sultry question caught Shinji off guard, but he quickly recovered, 'Can't back out now.' "I would."

"That's so sweet of you to say, how about tonight?"

Shinji wasn't sure how much practice Misato had at turning her voice into pure audible sex but he was even more insanely jealous of Kaji now that it had been directed at him. Even her eyes seemed to promise a world of carnal delight that sent a jolt straight to Shinji's shorts. 'Too bad the mouth spoils it, damn.' Indeed Misato was trying to give Shinji a sizzling smile but her joy at finally having him play along betrayed her. "Sounds good. My room or yours?"

"Mmmm, my room, that way we don't disturb Asuka and when you're done...admiring me, you can go snuggle up with her and make her a happy girl. How's that sound As-chan?"

For a brief second lust won out in the swirl of emotions racing through Asuka's head, 'To hell with that, let me join you,' but only for a moment. Her old stand by anger quickly displaced it. "Fine! Go fuck the stupid hentai so he stops leering at me all day! You two make a perfect couple, a pedophile and a pervert!"

Shinji was used to Asuka not taking care of her dishes when she was done eating, he wasn't used to her throwing them on top of his plate while he was still eating.

Misato choked back a giggle as Asuka blew by her and stormed back into the apartment, Asuka wasn't usually that much fun to tease because of her temper, whereas Shinji would just blush and run off Asuka erupted at you in genuine anger. This time Misato was sure that the rosy glow in Asuka's cheeks wasn't completely rage related. 'That girl is so hard up for Shinji, it's a wonder she doesn't just explode. I guess I'll just have to work harder to embarrass Shinji now.' Misato stood up and leaned over the table into Shinji's face. "So Shinji-kun, wanna go to my room now?"

Shinji only made eye contact with her for a heartbeat before his eyes darted south, he stuttered something about "Maybe later," and then he darted back inside with a stack of dishes.

"I've still got it," Misato told herself gleefully.


In contrast to the mornings antics the rest of the morning and afternoon passed relatively quietly, a fact that Shinji contributed to the heat sapping their strength. Asuka had eventually rejoined the rest of the house though she sat on the floor away from Shinji and didn't say a word to either him or Misato at lunch or dinner.

Deciding not to let Asuka's fuming ruin his mood Shinji pulled out another volume of his manga and settled down on the couch trying not to let the sweat dripping off of his brow fall on the gray pages. The darkness of the night forced them get by on the dim light given off by a gas lantern but it was sufficient for them.

'What the hell is so special about that bitch anyway?' Asuka wondered as she pretended to read her psychology journal. 'Kaji drooled over her, Shinji drools over her, every damn male asshole in all of Japan gawks at her.' Asuka looked over the top of her magazine at Misato who was finishing off the last beer in the apartment. Asuka's eyes dwelled on the swell of Misato's chest and slowly made their way down her legs, paying special attention to where the frayed edge of her jeans gave way to tight skin. 'Nothing special about her.'

'Damn it, does everything she own ride up?' Shinji's manga was starting to get ignored as Asuka's shorts worked their way farther and farther north. With his attention firmly locked onto her posterior Shinji noticed that her round little bottom was very slowly sliding back and forth on the carpet.

Asuka buried her face in her journal and groaned, 'Uhhh, not now! Why the hell would I get horny now!?'

"Ahhhhhhh!" Misato sighed as she slammed her now empty can on the kitchen table. It would be her last for a while and she had taken her sweet time finishing it off. "I'm gonna miss that," she declared. Instead of typical exasperated sigh from Shinji or Asuka declaring her a drunk, in German of course, she heard nothing. "Eh?" When she looked out into the living room she saw Asuka obviously pretending to read her journal with her nose only a millimeter from the pages and Shinji's eyes didn't line up with his manga in the least. 'What the...ohhhhhh.' Misato's quiet chuckle went completely unnoticed by either of the distracted teens. 'Got a little problem As-chan? Getting a little distracted Shinji-kun? Why can't you two just get it over with and fuck already?' Misato blew out the candles on the kitchen table and pretended to relax and enjoy the minor buzz the five beers had imparted on her.

'What the hell is wrong with me?' Shinji wondered, 'Even sweaty she looks good.' Little Shinji started to make his presence known as Shinji's eyes wondered over Asuka's back, the light blue t-shirt she wore was soaked through with sweat from the hot and humid air they were forced to deal with. The breeze wafting in off the patio might have made it bearable but it was still hot. The breeze also had an unintended consequence, 'What the...what is that?' Shinji cautiously took another sniff of the air while he stared at the slick skin on the back of Asuka's neck and shoulders. 'That's her? Shinji inhaled deeply again. 'How fucked up am I, even her sweat smells good.' Concerns about his mental state didn't stop Shinji from trying to draw every little bit of his roommates scent into his nose with every breath as his eyes molested her long lean body, his gaze clinging tighter to her then the soft light of the lamp.

Asuka grimaced as her toes kept rocking her back and forth. No matter how hard she tried to think of the least sexual things she could she couldn't banish the fiery itch in her groin. Ever little bit of motion forced her shorts up tighter against her groin which only compounded the itch. 'Just think about Shinji, nothing will kill a nice buzz like Shinji, just think of Shinji...NO! no no nononoNONONONOOOOOOOO!' she railed when she realized that every mention of her fellow pilot's name only made the itch worse.

Shinji was startled when Asuka's head snapped around regarding him with pure unbridled rage. The breath caught in his throat as her eyes bored into him full of accusations that he had no answer to, 'What did I do now?'

Misato relaxed, trying to appear as non-chalant as possible, keeping herself balanced by her heels as she leaned the kitchen chair back. Her trained eyesight couldn't miss the sudden flurry of movement from Asuka or the rage she directed at Shinji. Misato casually dropped her hand and let it dangle at her side and she smiled to herself when Asuka's eyes locked onto her and traveled up her legs, across her stomach, over her breasts before finally coming to her face; where Asuka found Misato smiling at her devilishly and one eyebrow arching in invitation.

The contrition in Shinji's eyes had mollified Asuka a slight bit but she could actually feel her blood pressure shoot through the roof when she saw the look on Misato's face, 'Does that bitch actually think I'd? UGH!'

Asuka's sudden leap to her feet caught Shinji as off guard as when she'd turned him loose from her stare. Her journal crashed into the corner in a flurry of pages as Asuka stomped out onto the porch, disappearing into the shadows at the edge of the railing.

"I'm going to bed," Misato said. She stopped by the coffee table to turn down the gas lamp on it, bending over and giving Shinji an eyeful of cleavage as she did so. "Why don't you go see what's the matter with her," she whispered conspiratorially. When Shinji nodded she stood up and announced, "You two don't stay up too late, get to Shinji's bed as quick as you can!" While the words were garbled Asuka's meaning was clear from her vehement shout from the porch.

'Man she's pissed,' Shinji thought as he watched Misato's rear end wiggle its way into her room. Shinji sighed, 'Even when it's that time of the month she waits for me to do something to get pissed off at, she's not just mad at me for the hell of it, usually.' Shinji tossed his manga on the coffee table and tried to see Asuka out on the porch but even the dim light from the lantern ruined his night vision. While part of him screamed not to get involved, to just go in his room and ignore everything Shinji's sense of duty prevailed, Asuka was mad about something and he had to find out what it was so that he could make it better, though he wasn't going to start apologizing for something he didn't do or had no control over.

The short thick carpet of the living room gave little hint of his passing allowing him to make his way out to the port unheard. The cool concrete felt good against his feet as Shinji made his way to the railing and leaned against it. His stillness removed all the little sounds of his movement from his ears, leaving only Asuka and the city to give him something to listen too and without the electricity to fuel it the city was surreally silent. There was no hum of cars as they made their way to errands or dates or jobs, no airplanes buzzing overhead, no streetlights, no railroads, no house lights. The whole city was perfectly silent and perfectly dark.

Shinji risked a glance Asuka's way but the German girl was looking off in another direction and all he could see was a river of red hair. She had either not heard him come out to join her or she was ignoring him, Shinji preferred to think that she just hadn't noticed him. Shinji slowly exhaled, keeping quiet to prevent Asuka from noticing him while he tried to think of some way to break the ice without putting her off. As he looked over the quiet city Shinji's eyes caught sight of a glimmer between two skyscrapers, a tiny shining object he hadn't been able to see until his eyes began to adjust to the darkness.

"It's really beautiful out here now, you can see the stars now, thousands of them." Shinji had been keeping an eye on Asuka and he saw her jump a little at the sound of his voice but he just kept on talking. "Even when I lived in the country I couldn't see this many stars, makes me wish the power would never come on."

"Until tomorrow morning when it's thirty degrees at breakfast."

Shinji just smiled at Asuka's snarled pronouncement. "Yeah, heh, but tonight it's not so bad."

"Maybe not, the stars are pretty I guess."

'I've gotta ask her some time.' Shinji shifted nervously. "You looked mad at me in there a minute ago."

'DAMN IT!' Realization came screaming back to Asuka, she had been enjoying the moment with Shinji but he had managed to ruin that by reminding her how badly she didn't want to enjoy anything with him. "So?" she snapped.

"Well I just wanted to know what was wrong." Shinji turned his head to regard Asuka and found her already glaring at him, her green eyes filled with an inner fire. Her nose was scrunched up as her delicate pink lips pulled back into a sarcastic leer. Like always Shinji couldn't help but think about how beautiful she was, even when enraged.

"Why?" she spat. "So you can apologize?"

Shinji swallowed once, twice, trying to keep his ingrained urge to smooth things over in check. "No, I just want to know so I can try to help."

Asuka's face hardened, he'd offered no apology, he hadn't backed down, he was just being reasonable, so unlike the little boy who had pissed her off so many times in the months before; and she hated him for it. "You can't do anything, YOU'RE the problem."

Shinji's face remained impassive for a moment while his guts tied themselves into a knot. It had been a long while since Asuka had been like this with him, she was still as verbally abusive as ever but it had seemed that her heart wasn't as in it lately, it was more exasperated or annoyed. The directed rage he saw in her eyes took him back to a time he'd been happy to leave behind and would just as soon forget.

Asuka's blood started to boil as Shinji continued to stare at her stoically, but then he cracked, he turned back to look at the stars and she saw his face fall for just a moment. 'That's right you little boy, just run away!' she thought triumphantly. 'You're still the same little twerp you always were.' "Gott, the day I'm old enough I'm out of here, you and the drunk can have this shithole all to yourselves."

"Don't talk about her that way."

Shinji's softly spoken order caught Asuka off guard. "What did you say?" she demanded as she turned her body towards him.

Shinji could feel the cool night air gently blowing across his skin but its chill was completely lost on him as a small surge of adrenaline was dumped into his veins. "I said don't talk about Misato that way."

"Or what, you'll cry on me?" Asuka's voice was drenched in contempt, as she started to slowly advance on Shinji. Her hips started to swat from side to side as she walked, her arms thrown back thrusting her chest outward. 'You want some of this little boy? You'll never get any of it, not in a million years.' "I'll talk about that drunken hure any damn way I please. Besides, who's going to stop me? You?!"

Shinji angrily shoved off of the railing and turned towards Asuka. "DO. NOT. Talk about her that way, she's taken care of us and given us a place to live."

Asuka felt her oldest protector starting to wrap itself around her, her anger was rising with each defiant word of Shinji's. "Taken care of us?! That bitch can't even take care of herself! And you know what? I envy wunder-slut sometimes, at least she doesn't have to live here with you!"

Shinji's eyes narrowed and they bored into Asuka's. "You're no better then the rest of us."

In a flash Asuka's face contorted in absolute rage, her left arm crossed her body, winding up to backhand Shinji, not caring if he saw it coming, she was sure he would do nothing to stop it. Like a viper after prey Asuka's hand lashed out at Shinji's face, her red painted nails the only spot of color in a pale blur heading directly for Shinji's cheek.

It never made it. Twenty two months of training, fighting, and simply growing, had honed Shinji's reflexes, strengthen his lean frame, and trained him how to use both. Asuka had telegraphed her blow and Shinji was able to easily intercept it, catching her delicate wrist in his right hand and holding her fast.

Asuka's shock at Shinji's defense threatened to overwhelm her but her anger kept her focused, and his touching her, his rough handling of her only fueled her rage. When Shinji pulled her left hand to her side she struck out with her right, an inelegant but effective jab towards his face with her closed fist.

Like the first her second blow never connected. Just as quickly as his right hand had caught had caught her left his left easily stopped her right. Still, stopping her strikes was one thing, holding onto her was another. Asuka's slim body belied the strength that it possessed and it was all Shinji could do to keep hold of her wrists, he knew it was just a matter of time before she wormed her way free of his grasp and then things would get really ugly.

Asuka was positively beside herself in her fury, not only had he caught her first slap but then he'd done it again with her punch and to top it off he hadn't let her go. As she strained against she could feel his grip tightening on her arm, getting progressively harder as she struggled, she could see the muscles straining in his arms and she knew she would have to try something different to get loose so she could make the bastard pay.

Shinji was surprised when Asuka's struggling started to lessen but that ended when he felt her weight shift as she got ready to kick him. 'No where pleasant I'll bet.' Seeing an opening he let her start to wind up, to put as much of her weight on her left leg as she was going to and then he lunged.

Just as she was about to ensure that Shinji never poisoned the gene pool Asuka realized her mistake, they had both taken the same self defense classes at the same time and when Shinji moved she knew what was happening, it didn't make her like it though. In a flash Shinji shoved her arms behind her back, crossing them and holding them there as he darted forward, using her imbalance to slide between her legs and then drive her back. Asuka felt the cold concrete of the balcony wall contact her thighs, the sharp edge stab cruelly into her butt and the cold thick steel of the railing slap into her arms as Shinji trapped her between it an her. For the first time Asuka was afraid of Shinji, she knew that with a little lift and a shove he could send her falling seven stories to the pavement and there was no doubt in her mind that he could do it, she could feel every muscle in his body as he pressed up against her. 'Did I push him too far?' she wondered. 'Did he finally grow a spine and now I've done it?'

Despite the doubts in her mind none of them showed on her face where Asuka's rage only increased as Shinji manhandled her. 'You can't hit, you can't kick, you can't bite, you can't do anything but stand there and glare at me,' Shinji thought. As he stood there holding her against the railing Shinji's anger at Asuka started to wane, her futile struggles against him started to slacken, her face started to soften as the pointlessness of her fighting began to sink in, and different thoughts started to creep into Shinji's mind. It felt so strange to him to be in control, instead of Asuka being in the driver's seat telling him what to do she was suddenly, and unexpectedly, helpless. She could rant and rail all she wanted but ultimately it was Shinji who now had the power and as that thought took shape in his mind others began to creep in as well.

'Scheisse baka, just do whatever it is you're going to do and get it over with!' A fresh round of wiggling and fighting only caused Shinji to lean in on her harder, not enough to hurt but it was almost there, she could feel the cold metal of the railing driving into her arms, much more and it would bruise. As she calmed down a strange look began to form on Shinji's face, a far away look that would have made her think he was daydreaming some other time, only know it made her blood run cold. 'What is he thinking about?' Shinji was now breathing completely through his nose, deep lung filling breaths that pressed their chests tightly together. For many long seconds Shinji's deep breathing and Asuka's pained whimpers as she struggled against him were the only noises that broke the deep silence of the blackened city, then Shinji lunged at her.

When Asuka suddenly writhed in his arms the errant thoughts that had begun to form in the back of Shinji's mind leapt to the forefront, his anger with her evaporating. 'Kami-sama I can't even stay mad at her,' he thought, but he didn't release her. He had been pressed up against Asuka before, she often clung to him when they slept but he had never been belly to belly with her and she had never squirmed like she was doing now. Asuka tensed up again, one of her legs sliding up his trying to knock him off balance but she found no purchase, her smooth soft skin sliding over the light coat of peach fuzz that was starting to come in on his. Her breasts smashed against his chest as she bowed out trying to push him off her, the delicious little whimpers that came from the back of her throat as her struggles proved in vain. As he inhaled deeply he pulled her scent into his nose, he could smell the sweat on her, the glistening droplets shinning in the moonlight as the started to dry, her whole body shined slightly from the heat of the past day. Another inhalation brought more of her scent rushing in and Shinji reveled in it. He knew his next thoughts came from a primitive place in his brain, a place he was supposed to ignore but he didn't, he didn't want too. He let himself think about how good it felt to have Asuka under him, his tormentor under his control and there was nothing she could do about it. He could do whatever he wanted to her and she would have to submit, he could make her submit. Even better she wasn't just giving in, she was fighting him but it didn't make any difference, she was weaker then him and she couldn't do anything to resist him. The next time she bucked against him Shinji reveled in the futility of it, she was in his thrall and he could do as he pleased, take her, break her, maker her his. When she relaxed against him Shinji leaned forward to claim his prize.

Asuka was too stunned to move when Shinji jammed his lips against hers. She tried to compare it to the last time she had kissed him but it didn't come close, the first time he had been caught by surprise, she had been the aggressor and she had been in control, now those roles were reversed. She wanted to fight back but she was petrified as a riot of thoughts exploded in her consciousness.

'THAT LITTLE SHIT! I'll kill him!'

'Oh gott that feels nice.'

'Damn it, I wanna be on top!'

'This is Shinji, you should be puking in his mouth right now.'

'Where the hell is the scared little boy.'

'TO hell with the boy, here's a man.'

'I want him so bad.'

Asuka's indecision was solved when she felt Shinji's tongue slid between her slightly parted lips and between her teeth.

"OWWWW!" Shinji screamed as Asuka's teeth clamped down on his tongue hard enough to make him taste copper. "You bit my tongue!"

"You jammed it in my mouth!" Asuka panted. She watched as whatever wind have been filling his sails departed. The dominant surety that had been there was fading as she watched him, any moment she knew he would stutter out an apology and ruin everything.

'I don't wanna go back!'

'It's Shinji, he held you down and kissed you!'

'I liked it, Gott help me I liked it.'

'You can't like it, it's Shinji, he almost raped you!'

'He did, he almost raped me....'

Shinji was fumbling for an apology, something to make up for the gross disservice that he had just done to Asuka, he was so preoccupied that he forgot to let go of her, but not preoccupied enough when arched up off the stone, not to escape, but to get closer, his nose was once again filled with her musky scent, sweat mixed with something...something else, something that commanded his attention. "The only way a little hentai boy like you could EVER get a woman like me is if he raped her!" Asuka hissed right into his ear.

"Asuka, I woul..."

Shinji's words died as Asuka brought her face up beside his ear, her breath tickling him as she huskily whispered, "What are you waiting for...rape me."

Shinji stuttered, unable to process the request that had been given, he just stood and stared at Asuka.

'Damn it, blew his mind.'

'I am NOT encouraging this!'

No longer particularly caring about that part of her mind's protests Asuka gave into the desires of her body, if things didn't work out later she always had an out, right now she needed Shinji to snap out of it and start acting like she knew he could. Asuka started to struggle against Shinji, making a big show of getting away and whimpering like a scared little girl. She pushed against Shinji, dragging her breasts up his body then sliding down acutely aware of his hardness sandwiched between them and a growing wetness in her panties.

"Come on Shinji, I know you want me, so take me," Asuka said as she writhed in his arms. "Or are you not man enough to rape me?"

When Shinji's confusion was replaced by a flash of anger Asuka was worried that she might have pushed him too far but when his lips smashed back down on hers the concern faded.

It made no sense that it pissed him off that Asuka accused him of not being man enough to rape her but it did, and Shinji would worry about the implications of it later. For the moment Asuka was willing to let him do what he wanted to her and he wasn't going to put the time to waste. Given her tendencies any moment she would change her mind and beat the hell out of him.

Asuka recovered and began to return Shinji's kiss just in time for his tongue to slip into her mouth. The intrusion surprised Asuka and it dawned on her that his was her first French kiss, that she was allowing. She had precious little experience with the regular kind, just a few practice ones with Hikari and one aborted real one with Shinji months ago, and now Shinji's tongue was in her mouth, and she didn't know what the hell to do with it. Everything she'd ever read had talked about foreplay, the act, in all its many varieties, and even the afterwards but it was dawning on her that every book she had ever read had just assumed that you knew how to kiss, and she didn't.

'Scheisse, what the hell do I do?'


'Kiss him back!'

'Bite it off!'


With only a cursory brush of her tongue against his Asuka pulled her head back and demanded, "Is that the best you can do, force yourself on a girl and then just kiss her? Come on baka, I said rape me, not make out with me!" Asuka bucked hard against Shinji, trying to look like she was trying to throw him off but holding back just enough to keep him firmly atop her and give her no real chance to get away.

This time Shinji wasn't caught as off guard as before and he let his baser urges take over. He brought his mouth onto the exposed length of Asuka's neck, he felt the smoothness of her skin against his lips, the warmth of her body and he even thought he could feel her pulse in the split second before he started to suck, hard.

Asuka gasped when Shinji started to suck on her neck, the flash of pain at his rough treatment of her neck blasted the lustful haze away from her eyes but when his tongue lapped at her skin. The wet muscle left a wet spot in its wake and Asuka sagged into him as her knees buckled. The protesting voices in her head went silent as she thought about the mark that he was about to leave on her.

When Asuka went limp against him Shinji's hands started to move on their own, his left keeping a firm hold on her wrists while the right drifted around the exposed skin of her stomach. Her tank top only fell to just below her breasts and Shinji took advantage letting his fingers trace across her skin memorizing ever subtle curve and dimple. They dipped down into her belly button, circling once, twice, and then turning north. When he felt the light fabric of her top he paused, dragging his fingers back and forth along the edge, enjoying the little shivers he felt just under her skin.

"Damn it baka," Asuka moaned, "don't stop now."

'You got it princess.' Shinji's hand shot up under her yellow top, riving the flimsy cloth up around her neck. His hand fell back atop her left breast but stopped right there when he felt her hot flesh beneath his hand, her perfect little nipple pressing up against his palm, already tight. The feeling of the hard little nub pressing up against his palm was instantly the most erotic thing Shinji had ever felt, 'It's not that cold out here.' When he tentatively moved his palm in a small circle the twin sensations of her nipple rubbing into his palm and the softness he felt under his finger tips concentrated all his thoughts on that hand, everything else, for the moment, was secondary.

"Eehhhhh," Asuka whined as Shinji began to caress her breast, pleasant little shocks ran up and down her spine as her nipple was drug over every crease and fold of his palm while the feather light touch of his finger tips caused goose bumps to race across her body, tightening her skin and making every touch even more enjoyable. 'Oh damn it baka, next time, ohhhhh fuck! Next time.' She was starting to become sure that there would be a next time. "Is that it? I said rape m...AHH!"

The R word kicked Shinji's urges back into high gear, if he was lucky he might get a chance to properly worship her in the future but for now he wasn't going to risk derailing the chance he had or cutting it short. His fingers clamped down, pulling his whole hand tight against her tit and crushing her nub into the tender flesh it sat on. He didn't squeeze hard enough to hurt, he didn't think, but he had enough of a grip on it that any wrong move on Asuka's part would cause her delicate anatomy pain.

She moved anyway.

When Asuka's body moved but her captive tit didn't it sent a bolt of pain shooting right into the base of her brain. 'Damn it!'

'You're being raped, you have to fight it!' the indignant voice in her head screamed.

'Yeah!' the horny voice agreed.

'Shut up!'

Asuka pulled back again just not as hard, the pain was still there but it was melding with the feelings Shinji's hand was eliciting and she didn't mind it at all. She started to fight back against Shinji and was rewarded with him leaning into her harder, pressing her arms almost cruelly against the railing behind her.

The longer things went on the easier it got for Shinji to be rough with Asuka, every time he did something that he worried might hurt her she just whimpered and begged for more. Shinji cupped Asuka's breast in his hand and did something he'd wanted to do since the day he'd met her.

When Shinji's lips clamped onto her bare breast Asuka stopped trying to convince herself that she didn't want this to happen, she wanted him to keep going. 'It just feels so fucking goood!' Shinji's lips kissed softly around her skin but they grew more and more insistent as he spiraled in towards the pink nub in the center, when his lips finally clamped down on her nipple Asuka let out a shrill screech.

Thinking as quickly as he could Shinji let go of her breast and clamped his right hand over her mouth trying to stifle her. He let go of the treat in his mouth and got in her face. "Be, quiet!" Asuka finished her howl but looked deep into his eyes, pleading with him while she arched up trying to press her forsaken chest against him. Shinji's lips rapidly replaced his hand over her mouth and his free hand latched onto her nipple, pinching hard enough to get her attention but not to hurt her, permanently. "I'm going to let go, you're not going to try to get away are you?"

Asuka shook her head no.

"Good." With that Shinji used both of his hands to try to take Asuka's tank top off but her arms clamped down holding onto her clothes and modesty. Shinji was having none of it though and his quick smack of her rear loosened her grip long enough for Shinji to snatch her top off. Just as quickly as her top was removed a flash of anger at her treatment flared unbidden within her and she shoved Shinji off of her, hard.

Shinji was riled up enough to mistake her anger for more play and the withering look she gave him rolled of his conscience like water off a duck's back. Rather then terrify him Asuka's fury only made her more beautiful in Shinji's eyes, her fists balled defiantly at her sides ready to strike, her blazing red hair hanging down her chest, concealing and revealing her as it swayed back in forth, even the vengeful flush of her skin made her look more gorgeous to him.

Asuka was caught of guard when her obvious anger didn't drive Shinji away, instead he moved up and pressed against her again, his hands grasping at her chest, tracing across her skin, grasping at her hips and pressing his erection against her stomach.

"You told me you weren't going to run away," he said against her ear.

Shinji's hot breath washing across her ear was almost enough to extinguish the anger in Asuka but her reflexes reacted quicker then her body, her hand snapped up again but this time Shinji wasn't able to catch her hand and it left Shinji's cheek burning in its wake. "You expect me to just let you rape me?!" Even as the words left her mouth the anger was fading but she knew that she wanted him to rape her, a dichotomy she knew she'd be pondering for a long while.

Rather then back down from the strike Shinji saw red, he was going to have her, one way or another. Even though her hand had managed to connect with Shinji's face it wasn't able to evade his hand.

Asuka's puzzlement was cut short when Shinji quickly snatched her around by her arm until she faced the railing and she was bent over the railing, pinned there by Shinji's body, his hardness pressed into her behind. Even though she was pinned in place Asuka's arms still flailed about, snatching free of Shinji's grasp until she was able to grab the concrete on the far side of the railing. Asuka's shocked yelp was cut short when she found herself staring over the edge of their balcony at the long drop to the concrete. Even though she was sure Shinji had no intention of causing her permanent harm Asuka was still terrified when she heard Shinji hiss into her ear, "Try that again and you'll regret it."

'What the hell has gotten into baka?'

'You finally pushed him over the edge.'

'Who cares, I just hope the wuss is gone for good.'

Poised behind the object of his lusts Shinji took a moment to savor the experience, Asuka's silky white skin glowing in the starlight, her russet hair falling across her back, her long lean dancer's legs spread in front of him while her tight little ass was pressed up against his hard on. In his mind he had never seen things happening like this, it had always been romantic, usually awkward, and occasionally spontaneous, but having her bent over the balcony railing demanding to be raped? Never. Was he going to waste this chance? Never. He was able to easily slip his hands under the loose waist band of her cotton shorts and simple white panties. The soft globes of Asuka's rump proved to be as perfect to touch and fondle as they had been to look at. His assumption that it was flawless was proved true as his fingers grazed over the warm skin, smiling to himself Shinji pried the last bit of Asuka's clothing off of her and slid it down her legs.

'Oh mine Gott he's gonna...ohh Gott he's gonna see...'

Shinji did in fact see, several things actually, the first wasn't a real surprise, there was no confirmation that Asuka was a natural redhead, but then again you just had to trust Shinji about that sort of thing too. His total lack of body hair had been worrisome as time had worn on, Touji was one thing, but when Kensuke started to have to shave before him Shinji started to panic, enough to go see Dr. Akagi, willingly. The cat obsessed multi-PhD had assured him that everything was normal, his lack of body hair was due to his constant exposure to LCL, and she had blown it off as a side effect of a necessary hormone in the coppery tasting concoction. Her explanation had allayed his fears but it still bothered him that he was almost sixteen and he had yet to pick up a razor, now though, staring at the baby smooth juncture of Asuka's thighs, he didn't mind one bit.

The lack of any hair anywhere on her body wasn't what concerned Asuka, or occupied Shinji's attention, it was that Asuka's hairless vagina wasn't closed up and dry as a bone, it was that Asuka's bare pussy was spread open and glistening with moisture.

Asuka knew that Shinji had to kneel down to get her shorts as low as he did, which meant he would be face to face with her crotch and he hadn't moved since he had kneeled down. Asuka tired to bend her head over to look between her legs but found the think metal railing blocking her view, the only thing she could see in the dim light was Shinji's legs where he was crouched behind her and her shorts and panties around her ankles. When the warm air of his breath replaced the chill night air on her most private parts Asuka sagged into the railing. She had learned a lot in college, a good bit of it not taught in any class and she knew what was coming next, or at least she thought was coming next.

'Hopefully me.'

'Like baka would have any clue what to do.'

Shinji couldn't figure out what was wrong with his nose, first Asuka and Misato's sweat, and now Asuka's....whatever it was, he knew they didn't smell like something he'd normally want a noseful of but his body didn't care, as soon as he got a whiff of Asuka's scent he had to taste the source.

Shinji's first hesitant lick didn't send Asuka to the moon or make her scream, it prompted a far worse fate. The soft first lick lingered on her petals dragging slowly across her womanhood, it wasn't the harsh stab or rough lick she had expected, almost hoped for, it was the tender caress of someone who cared and it made her want to cry.

Nothing Shinji had ever tasted compared to Asuka, every dirty joke he had heard that compared a girl to any number of things were completely wrong, she just tasted, like her. As his tongue finally made its way across the depression that led to her entrance he pulled back, licking his lips clean of Asuka and savoring the taste, then like a starving man before a feast, Shinji went back for seconds.

Shinji's second assault on her womanhood was what Asuka had expected for the first, his tongue drug roughly across her pussy, his lips pulling hers in and sucking, an almost vicious attempt to push into her to find the source of her excitement.

Shinji was consumed by Asuka, her scent, her taste, the feeling of her surrounded him and he wanted more, seeking it he pushed his tongue deeper into her, she was the only thing he could taste, her sultry moans and whines were the only thing he heard. If any doubt remained in his mind that she was a willing participant in this little pseudo-rape remained it was eliminated when he came up for air for an instant and she pushed her bottom out after him, whining, practically begging for him to return to his work.

'Hurry up you idiot! You want her to tell us to leave her alone? HURRY UP! She's begging for it now but in a minute she'll be cursing you!'

Hoping to hold his fiery partner's unavoidable change of heart Shinji quickly stripped his shirt off and resumed his torment of Asuka while he fought with the rest of his clothes.

Despite the sweet agony she was suffering below the waist Asuka still had enough of her wits about her to know what was about to happen when she saw Shinji's clothes, all of them, waded up in a pile underneath the patio furniture. A half a second later it was confirmed when she felt a hot shaft sliding across her bottom, down her leg and back up, before finally resting against her entrance, two strong hands wrapped around her hips.

"Not man enough? You still think so?"

Asuka could feel Shinji's dick starting to press into her, to penetrate her every so slightly, her doubts about his manhood were fading fast but she still mustered up all the malice she could in her voice and cast a hateful glance back over her shoulder at him. "You wouldn't dare you little hentai," she snarled.

Shinji's eyes remained fixed on Asuka's, a dangerous leer on his face as he started to push forward, his mask of arrogant confidence faltered though as his cock slid into heaven. It took every bit of Shinji's will to take her slowly, to hold off every instinct, and most of his subconscious, that was telling him to fuck her fast and hard. Even if everything else waited until the next time he was going to take his time with this, with her, he wouldn't hurt her but he though it might kill him.

Asuka didn't know if it was because she was tight because she was a virgin or if he was that big but she could feel every bump and ridge on his manhood as he slowly advanced into her. 'Gott he's huge!' she thought. 'Damn it don't wait, hurry up, pleeeease hurry up!' In spite of her attempts to remain defiant her please came out as a thin whine as she closed her eyes.

Asuka's facade was lost on Shinji as the whole of his consciousness was focused on the organ he was slowly violating his roommate with. Asuka's hot wet hole surrounded him, gripping him tighter then any vice but softer then a velvet glove, and wet, 'Kami-sama she's drenched.' He was so focused that he didn't realize how far he had gone until his thighs were pressed up against her. A reverent whisper huffed out of his mouth, "Holy..."

"...Scheisse," Asuka finished as Shinji leaned forward pressing his belly to her back. She could feel his heart beat in her back and deep inside her, every thump made him swell inside her.

"Still think I'm not man enough?" he whispered into her neck.

"Not a chance in hell," she grunted with a smile.

Shinji pulled back until just the crown of his dick rested inside her. For a half heartbeat he paused enjoying the sight of his tormentor bent over in front of him, her lithe body layed open before him just waiting for him to plunder her, and with a hard thrust he buried himself in her.

"Uhhnnnhh!" Asuka's huff was half pleasured squeak half ecstatic grunt. "Is that all you've got?! Come on baka!"

Shinji came back and gave Asuka what she was asking for.

"AhhhHH! If this is how you rape a woman wondergirl has nothing to worry about."

Shinji bucked into her harder, a quiet slap momentarily drowning out the cicadas.

"Yeeeaaaaah, Gott you couldn't even take advantage of Misato is she was..." Shinji's hips snapped back out of and into Asuka as quickly as he could, "Ohhh! Drunk!"

Smiling Shinji started to thrust in and out of Asuka not waiting for her to finish her sentences.

"This wouldn't.."


"...ohhh, even wake up..."


"...riig yeaaa, Hikari"

SMACK, Asuka knew that Shinji wasn't holding back, the backs of her thighs stung where he was hitting, so she shifted gears. The feeling of him sliding in and out of her, stretching her and filling her up, lighting off every pleasure receptor in her body before retreating, leaving her empty and wanting only to invade her, claim her again.

"Gott Baka fuck me, please...ohhhhYES! Fuck me, hard, come on Baka...Unnghhh! me what kind of man you...OH are!"

Shinji was happy to comply with Asuka's request, he doubted he could stop even if he wanted too, Asuka the Tormentor, the Teutonic Terror herself was begging him to fuck her. Even the chill of the night air couldn't stop the sweat from beading on his brow as he plundered her moist treasure and the moonlight was starting to shine off of Asuka's back. The twin smells of her, her sweat and her essence mingled in Shinji's nose, womanly, earthy, and perfect all at once. He didn't know where it came from but Shinji felt a surge of energy run through his body and he sped up.

The knot that had been forming in the pit of Asuka's stomach over the last hour suddenly flared into a pit of writhing snakes when Shinji started to ravage her with a renewed vigor. "Oh...ohh...unhhh...ohhhhhh gootttt Baka, oh gott, come on, please, please....uggghh fuck! Please Baka, ohhh please!" What she was begging for was a mystery to Asuka but she desperately wanted it and she knew Shinji would give it to her. "Pllleeaasssee baka, I'll be..uh...nic...uhh...I'll be good. Oh Gott Baka I'll be nice...ughh..good....fuck!...please just please...ohhh anything Shinji...whatever you want you can have me whenever you want just pllleeeeeaaase!"

Asuka's pleading appealed to the same normally repressed urges that Shinji had been following since he had come out onto the porch. His thrusts started to lose some of thier timing as he instinctivly began to franticlly seek his release. The sounds of the two rutting teens filled the air, the squelching slap of skin on skin as Shinji fucked Asuka as hard as he could, the German girl's constant babbling growing less and less coherent as her virginity continued to be ravaged and the labored breathing of Shinji as he did the ravaging.

Try as he might his instincts wouldn't allow Shinji to calm down and drag things out, they demanded satisfaction and he soon found it, the deliciousness of Asuka's pussy was overwhelming his senses. Shinji's fingers dug into Asuka's hips and started to viciously drag her back into his jack hammering hips and after a handful of beats he crushed their hips together as he came.

Every time Asuka thought Shinji couldn't pound her any harder she would beg him to and to her surprise Shinji delivered picking up the pace and driving her wilder. The pit of squirming snakes in her stomach had long since consumed her, spreading through her body and demanding something from Shinji something she knew he was trying to giver her but had yet. "Please Shinji, give it to mmmeeeeee!"

When Shinji gripped her tighter and slammed in once, twice, a third time she knew that it was his real name that was going to earn her her reward and he pressed hard against her burying himself completely as he gave her what she wanted, the thing she craved crashed into her womb and everyone of those writhing snakes bit her. "ShinjiiIIIII!"

Shinji didn't know how long or how much he came but he knew it had easily dwarfed anything he had coaxed out by himself and long after he finally finished he continued to hold Asuka against the railing as her pleasured wails continued on and on. "You have to be quite or you'll wake up Misato!" Shinji half laughed into her ear.

Displaying her remarkable flexibility Asuka bent up and around to pull Shinji down into a kiss, grinding her lips against his before backing off but still holding him forehead to forehead. "Mein Gott Baka, you can rape me anytime you want."

"Sure thing As-chan er...Asuka," Shinji panted. Even though he was dripping with sweat and about to have to sleep in an apartment without air conditioning he couldn't care about their condition.

"As-chan Baka, As-chan."

"Ok..As-chan...I...I...I l..."

The sweet sound of Asuka's laugh was something Shinji would never tire of hearing. "I think I love you too Baka."


Shinji and Asuka froze in place.

"Oh don't let me interrupt, you two were finally having so much fun."

"Oh...," Asuka began.

"...shit," Shinji finished.

Shinji backed off of Asuka and they both turned around trying to hide their nakedness even knowing how futile it was. Misato leaned against the door frame, her purple hair tousled all about her head and her thin cotton sleeping clothes hanging off her hips, and only her hips. It took Shinji a half second to realize that the only part of her usual sleeping attire Misato was wearing were her shorts, where he top he didn't know but he wished it well.

"I guess you don't really need a bra," Asuka observed dryly.

Misato beamed, "Nope."

"Errr we...umm..gotta..." Shinji stammered but the sight of Misato's naked chest was defeating his attempts to concoct a bullshit reason to bail. He felt guilty about staring but thirty eight inches of D cup perfection demanded his attention.

"Awww, don't run off Shinji-kun, I heard As-chan screaming her little lungs out and I was just wondering..."

"Wondering what?" Asuka demanded coldly.

Misato smiled at Asuka, try as she might the German girl couldn't keep her eyes on Misato's face. "If you and him might be up for raping me."

The silence of the dark city was absolute as Shinji stared slack jawed at his guardian, and the moment refused to end, simply carrying on in oppressive silence. Shinji could hear Asuka breathing and he was pretty sure he could hear Misato as well. 'At least I went out with a bang.'

Asuka finally killed the silence. "I think we might be able to arrange something."

Shinji almost fainted.

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