Touji's Big Descision

By:Dawn B.

Touji sat at his desk fight away the sleep.
"There is no way this old man can on forever about these damn fish!",he thought.
He felt his head drift towards the table when *BLAM* he was immediately cracked in the dome by a book thrown by Hikari the Class President. He put his fist up in the air and his head got a big knot on it.
"That's it I outta pound ya!"
She just pointed to the board and mouthed "No way Suzuhara, I'm a lady"
Touji frowned and looked over at the board again...more fish.
"I wish someone was here today! Shinji is gone to retrain, Aida is sick, Askua's rack is bouncing around NERV without my eyes to watch.", he thought.
"Shimatta! Fuck it I'm going to get a damn nap in" ,and with that thought he unceremoniously plopped his head on the desk and fell asleep.


Touji opened his eyes to the greatest site he'd ever seen NERV's HQ ,but not like it usually was! Everyone was hanging in clear Entry plugs naked waiting for him to choose them! Misato's plug was next to Ritsuko, Maya, Asuka,Rei all the gorgeous women his eyes could handle!
"Oh yesssss! No one will ever believe me!"
As he strolled down the room a little further there was Shinji, Kaworu,and Aida.
"Ick.",gasped Touji, "Too far!"
Touji sat down on the floor what to do? Who should he screw there were just so many to choose from. He tilted his head to the side and scratched his noggin.
"I want Misato ,but Ritsuko's rack is hotter and Ayanami has a great ass. Then again Asuka's cunt looks tasty...Oh the descions!"
Touji jumped up screaming,"I know.... Release all the women!"
Touji was ready to rip off his jump suit and make love to all the beautiful women when he realized nothing happened.
He ran up and down the aisle pressing all the womens release buttons...nothing.
"What?" Touji's eyes started water and they got a familiar shine, streams of tears started to poor out of his eyes.
"Don't tell me I can only have one. NOOOOOOOO!!!!!!! Why? Kami-sama, why?!"
After his bout of crying he stood up. Feeling his massive hard on he turned in a circle three times, close his eyes, and headed toward the Entry plugs, this way his choice would be a mystery; even to him.
He got over to the plug and pressed the button. Touji stood back as he heard the plug open.


Touji opened his eyes and shot his load all over his pants as the world went black. Touji fainted and hit the floor.
"Are you okay?"
Touji woke to the sound of a soft lulling voice.
"Hey wake up."
"You? Is it you?"
"Did I open your Entry plug?"
"Then your mine?"

Touji stood up and looked at the girl he could feel his earlier hard on returning...
Ayanami started to pull off his clothes until she got to his boxers and stepped back.
"Pull them off."
Touji went along with her and pulled off his boxer revealing a perfectly erect nine inch shaft. Ayanami's eyes grew wide and Touji just blushed.
"Lie down and close your eyes."
"Hey, look I ain't takin' no orders from no one!"
Rei's voice got harder "Lie down and do as your told or there will be no fun."
Touji did as he was told, lying back with his eyes closed he felt a warm mouth surround his member. She was using her tounge to tease the mushroom shaped head and bobbing up and down on the long shaft. Ayanami was amazed, that always got Shinji in minutes, but Touji was still holding on. Her mouth was exquisite! Now she was moving further off the shaft while stroking her tongue in the opposite direction ... if she kept that up Touji thought he'd explode it all in her mouth.

Suddenly Rei moved her mouth off of him giving the rock solid cock one last taste, getting the idea Touji laid her down on the floor and lied in front of her and placed her knees on his shoulders.
"Time for dinner," he thought as he attacked Rei's delicate outer lips.
Taking his tounge he licked the length of her center,enjoying the taste of her natural juices. Touji wanted more and from her whimpers he could tell Rei did too. Using two fingers he separated the walls of her hot sex and shoved his tongue into her hole.
Rei let out as a cry, Shinji had never done that to her before... Touji held Rei's bucking hips down and pushed further into her secret region, savoring the salty taste. Rei's undulations told him she was ready for more, but he couldn't resist one more. Taking his tongue out the hole he swallowed the clit into his mouth, sucking on it hard enough to make her cry out in pleasure.

"Nooo I-I- want"
Touji understood and positioned himself for entry.
"I'm sorry, Rei this might hurt; your too small."
"No, Touji it's ok. Just do it."

With that Touji slowly pushed the nine inch rod into the small woman, despite her slight whimpers she showed no singes of the pain she was bearing. Touji lied over her body and started kissing her to take her mind off the pain, he even paid attention to the diamond hard nipples; sucking them and rolling them in between his fingers. Slowly he started to move with in her making sure nothing was pain and that the walls of her tight sex would slowly stretch. Eventually he was pulling in and out of her and she was eagerly meeting each force filled thrust.
Rei locked her legs against Touji's thighs and was pulled upward for ever downwards thrust he made. The squishy sound only added to the excitement, she could feel his two balls slapping her after each of his whole length, force filled entries. "Ahhhhhh" ,she cried out as the tingling sensation grew with in her, she knew she was about to cum.
Touji hoped he was hiding it well with a few more thrusts he would be there even if Rei was satisfied or not. He grabbed her by her firm ass cheeks and pulled her forward while driving his still hard cock into her wet orifice hard and fast. With two more of those thrusts they both came long and hard.
"UUUUUUUUUHHHHHHHHHHGGGGGGGHHHHH," their cries mixed together in one ball of sex.

Afterwards Touji rolled off of Rei and held her and the both fell asleep.

"What a loser!"
Everyone in the class had long since given up on work because of Touji's snoring. Too bad that wasn't all he did.
"Oooohhh Rei I'm gonna, I'm gonna Ahhhhhh" ,moaned Touji.
Class President was ready to smack him when Aru said "Let him finish."
"So tight...ughh ughh."
Suddenly Touji's head shot up off the desk and he went off in his pants. The whole class was giggling....
Touji just blushed as sunk into his chair.


Shinji made a mocking voice, "Way to go Tiger! Give it to her..oooh so tight Rei..."
>POP< Touji knocked them both in the face and stormed away.
"Geez some guys can't take a joke," said Shinji with a black eye.