ASUKA: Virtual Final Fantasy



I was just plugging in the second headset when the doorbell rang. I left the pile of equipment in the living room and unlocked the front door, Asuka stood on the porch, self-conscious as usual, clutching her bookbag and shuffling her sneakers.

I opened the screen door and ushered Asuka inside. I latched and bolted the front door shut, then followed Asuka into the cluttered living room.

"What's all this?" asked the red-haired schoolgirl, setting her bag by the end of the leather couch, her large blue eyes filled with curiosity.

"A new virtual reality console. I bought it so I could play Final Fantasy X-XX."

"How does it work?" asked Asuka, folding her legs beneath her and picking up one of the sets of headgear.

I leaned over and settled the VR helmet over Asuka's thick red curls. The silver helmet completely encased Asuka's head, a visor locked into place over Asuka's beautiful eyes. I gave Asuka a quick kiss on the mouth, then I settled on the carpet facing her, placing my own helmet over my head. Reaching for the console unit, I depressed the power button, the unit hummed to life, there was a white flash before my eyes, then...

I jumped onto the beach, wielding a heavy machina rifle. More Al Bhed poured from the transport, storming the golden beach of Besaid.

"We don't know which girl is the summoner, so take them all!" roared Cid through the loudspeaker of the hovering airship.

I raced after my fellow Al Bhed, weighed down by my hot body armor, the machina rifle a lead weight in my straining arms. I skidded to a halt when I saw the red-haired girl peeking over a thick green bush, she squeaked when our eyes met, then she was ducking into the deep undergrowth.

I chased the red-haired girl into the shaded forest, branches tugged at my limbs, I stumbled over gnarled roots, I had to blast away some to make enough of a path for me to pursue the nymph girl deeper into the shadowed wood. I blasted and hacked my way through the forest until I half-fell into a small glade, there was a crude cottage in the center, the front door slammed shut, I had tracked down my nimble quarry.

The door was latched shut, but I made short work of it with two blasts from my machina weapon. I shouldered my way past the ruined door and discovered the red-haired girl shivering in the corner with another girl, the second beauty had short, dark brown hair and wore a snug white tunic with long, pleated, blue skirts.

"You two are coming with me!" I growled, indicating they should rise with my rifle.

The teenage redhead started crying, the dark-haired girl tried to soothe her, when she looked at me I noticed she had mismatched eyes: one green, one blue.

"Please! We'll do anything you want, just don't take us from our home!" begged the green/blue-eyed girl, her bright eyes welling with glittering tears.

I considered her offer, then nodded and set my rifle down by the smoldering door. "Get me something to drink then! You! Come over here!"

The red-haired girl blinked tears from her large blue eyes. At the older girl's urging, the teen redhead stood and shuffled over to me.

"What's your name, angel?" I asked, pinching the girl's right nipple through her cotton tunic.

The redhead blushed before answering, "Asuka, sir."

"Kneel down, Asuka," I ordered, grabbing the hem of the girl's tunic and pulling it over her head.

The naked teen blushed hotter, but knelt in front of me as I ordered. I cupped the young girl's tiny chin, then I unzipped my trousers and rubbed the knob of my prick over her trembling lips.

"Lick it."

Asuka stuck out her pink tongue and started licking my cock softly from rounded tip to hairy balls. The older girl brought me a cup of wine, I drank it greedily, then tossed the empty cup aside to wrap my right arm around the green/blue-eyed girl's supple waist.

"What's your name, honey?" I grinned, while Asuka covered my hard rod with her saliva, fat beads of drool dripping from my swelling member.

"Yuna," murmured the girl, her mismatched eyes drawn to her younger sister who was now sucking on the fat head of my pulsating erection, moaning softly around a mouthful of throbbing cock.

"That's a pretty name, Yuna," I leered, reaching underneath Yuna's right arm to tear open her white tunic, her milky breasts dropping free while she gasped in surprise.

While Asuka slurped on my stiff shaft, her small lips working over my dripping length, I sucked on Yuna's perky tits, gnawing on the blushing girl's hard caramel nipples, my tongue lapping her swollen, tender areola, my hand cupping and squeezing Yuna's soft mammaries as I suckled on her luscious mounds. Stuffing my ravenous mouth with Yuna's warm left breast, I slipped my right hand underneath her flowing blue skirts, my fingers dug inside the whimpering girl's panties, scratching and stroking Yuna's puffy cunnie lips.

I groaned when Asuka's sucking brought forth a geyser of spurting fuck. Asuka's blue eyes grew wide, but she kept her moist lips locked upon my cock, her slender throat working to swallow all of my salty discharge. I ran my fingers through Asuka's thick red hair while I bit Yuna's throbbing nipple, my delving fingers becoming sticky with the juices flowing steadily from Yuna's hot snatch.

"Why don't you join your sister?" I smiled, squeezing Yuna's tight ass.

Yuna's cheeks flamed, but she knelt down beside Asuka. The two girls licked my oozing prick clean together, when they were done Yuna licked her younger sister's lips clean of the beads of cum still clinging to the young redhead's rosebud mouth.

"Let's go to the bedroom," I said, helping Yuna up, then stripping her while Asuka padded on bare feet into the cottage's small bedroom.

Asuka climbed into bed as I led Yuna by the shoulders inside the room. I slapped Yuna's bare ass sharply, she squealed and jumped, then climbed into bed with her naked sister.

"I want both of you to lay on your back, side by side."

The two nude sisters stretched out on their backs, they both stared at me wide-eyed, their small breasts heaving, their ivory legs parted to display beautiful, pouty, hairless pussies.

I took off my sweaty clothes and armor, then I climbed into the girls' bed, stroking their flushed, smooth limbs, inhaling the sweet perfume of their wet, inviting cunnies. I lowered my lips to Asuka's puckered sex, the redhead sobbed when I began sucking on her delicious twat, nibbling on her pert clit, my tongue stroking her moist vulva.

While I ate out Asuka's sweet pussy, I fingered Yuna's tight hole, wiggling my right index finger into the nubile girl's sticky gash. Yuna closed her warm thighs around my working wrist, she clutched at my right arm with both hands, bucking on the mattress, her spine arching when her cunt sprayed sweet nectar over my plunging fingers and across the bedsheets.

Asuka moaned when I made her climax, her juices flowing into my ready mouth. I lifted my face from the panting redhead's honey-soaked crotch, I cradled my hard cock and brought the engorged head to Asuka's drooling slit, we both groaned when my member was swallowed by Asuka's hungry cunt, I shoved my prick into Asuka's fluttering tummy, the teen beauty sobbed and clawed at the sheets, her pelvis lifting as I pistoned my stiff shaft back and forth between her splayed, sticky thighs.

I pumped into Asuka a dozen times, then I withdrew my honey-drenched cock and inserted it into Yuna's gaping pussy. Yuna tossed her short, dark hair, writhing underneath me, her gleaming breasts rolling as I pounded into her bucking crotch. Ten, twenty times I penetrated Yuna's slurping sex, then I ordered both naked sisters onto their stomachs, I spanked their rounded little asses till their creamy cheeks glowed, then I humped Asuka's luscious butt while I slapped Yuna's shivering cheeks until they burned scarlet.

I dripped strands of pale cum over Asuka's sore ass when I switched to her moaning sibling, snaking my arms around Yuna's small waist, then plunging into her sopping wet cunt, the small bed creaking violently as I rammed through Yuna's yielding fuck hole, panting in ecstasy when Yuna's vagina enfolded and milked my aching dick. Hugging Yuna's rocking hips, I humped her hard and deep, then filled her slurping cunt to overflowing with dribbling fuck.

I rested between the two naked sisters as they took turns rubbing my limp member clean with their soft lips and caressing pink tongues. Eventually I left them snuggled together naked and sweat-soaked, I dressed, then hefted my rifle and began the long walk back to the beach and my waiting ship.


I helped Asuka out of her helmet, her fiery hair was damp with sweat, her angelic face excited and flushed.

"I want to play some more!" begged the wide-eyed teen beauty.

"Let's have some dinner first, then we can play for a few more hours," I suggested, helping Asuka to her feet, the schoolgirl's bare knees wobbling.

Asuka clung to me as we both walked to the kitchen to make supper.