ASUKA: Training Day



I opened the cellar door and descended the creaking wood steps to where I had chained Asuka to the wall. The petite redhead wasn't resting on her mattress, she was squatting over the bucket I had left for her, her fingers spreading her puffy labia apart while piss poured from her puckered urethra into the plastic pail.

Asuka stared at me in horror, but she couldn't stop the steady flow of urine. The naked schoolgirl finished emptying her bladder, then she returned to her mattress and dropped to her knees, tears welling in her large, anguished eyes.

I drew closer to Asuka, dragging down the zipper of my jeans. Asuka glanced up at me, her tear-streaked cheeks burned, her lower lip quivered when my cock fell free. Standing beside Asuka, I stroked her warm, bright red hair, she lifted her angelic face, then pursed her rosebud lips and started kissing my rising member.

I kept my left hand atop Asuka's head while she caressed my veined rod with her soft, pouty lips. When I rubbed my swollen prick tip over Asuka's small mouth, she swallowed my dick, her tongue licking and inflaming me, her pink cheeks taut when she took her first suck on my thick pole.

"That's my good girl," I moaned, hugging Asuka's head to my crotch, humping the kneeling schoolgirl's slurping mouth harder and faster, driving my cock down Asuka's tight throat, the young girl moaning softly around a mouthful of throbbing dick, saliva running down Asuka's tiny chin in long, sticky strands as she sucked down all of my manhood, her gorgeous blue eyes squeezed shut when I filled her gulping mouth with warm, salty cum.

I slowly dragged my spent member out of Asuka's semen-soaked lips. The naked schoolgirl stared up at me, her little pink tongue licking my spunk from her pouty lips. I stroked Asuka's hot cheek with my fingertips, then I withdrew the key that opened the lock of Asuka's chain leash.

Wearing nothing but her leather collar, Asuka let me take her hand and lead her upstairs. I took Asuka to the bathroom, she stood still and quiet while I started a hot shower for her, when the stall steamed I beckoned Asuka to enter, she obediently stepped into the marble tub, closing her big, blue eyes as hot water washed over her lean, nubile body.

Soaping up a long-handled brush, I scrubbed Asuka vigorously, lathering pert pink breasts and tight, rounded buttocks. After I finished soaping Asuka, she rinsed beneath the pounding shower spray. I watched Asuka shampoo her thick, scarlet hair, she smelled of peaches after rinsing, blinking droplets of water from her sparkling blue eyes.

I turned off the shower and helped Asuka out of the tub. The dripping schoolgirl stood still again while I scrubbed her pink body dry with a fluffy white towel, Asuka gazed up at me when I dried her wet cheeks and ruffled her red mane, I smiled down at her and kissed her soft, sweet lips, Asuka moaned softly, her cheeks glowed after I released her little mouth.

Leading Asuka by the hand again, I took her to my bedroom. Asuka was nervous when she saw my large bed, but she relaxed a little when I handed her the cotton panties she had worn to school, freshly washed during the night. Asuka gratefully slipped into her clean underwear, then she put on her freshly washed white bobby socks.

I took Asuka to the dining room next, where I made her a sandwich and poured her a glass of cold milk. Asuka devoured her meal, then gulped down her milk, licking her lips clean and smiling hesitantly at me.

"Are you going to keep me here?" asked Asuka while she drank a second glass of milk and I sipped from a can of soda.

"No, Asuka. You can go home whenever you want, but you have to come visit me everyday after school."

"What if I tell the police?"

"I post these pictures of you pissing on the Internet," I replied, fanning out a collection of digital pics I had printed out.

Asuka bit her lip, finally she lowered her head and said softly, "Okay, I'll come here everyday."

"I knew you were a smart girl, Asuka," I grinned.

Asuka blushed, but finished her milk. After we were done, I wrapped my arm around Asuka's small waist and took her back to my bedroom.

"Climb onto my bed."

Asuka climbed on, her little butt lifted high as she crawled to the middle.

I stripped and left my clothes on the floor before I approached the bed. Asuka was kneeling, cheeks flaming, blue eyes lowered when she noticed my nakedness.

"Lay down on your back."

Asuka stretched out over my bed, slim arms crossed over her frame of fiery hair, thin ivory legs slightly parted.

I climbed into bed, I reached out and stroked Asuka's warm, creamy limbs, my hands sliding from Asuka's calves to her lush, young thighs. Asuka bit her lip, cheeks glowing, small breasts rising when I tugged down her cotton panties, licking my lips at the sight of her hairless, puffy cunnie. I spread Asuka's short legs apart wider, then my mouth was on her pussy, kissing the soft labia, licking the pert clit. Asuka whimpered, closing her eyes, her bare tummy fluttering while I ran my tongue across her pouting vulva, my drool mingling with her first trickling flows of cunnie honey.

Asuka sobbed when I started sucking loudly on her swollen sex, her thighs quaked, she clawed at the bedsheets as I ate her delicious pussy, dipping my tongue into her dripping honey pot, my hands stroking the schoolgirl's smooth, flushed pink thighs. I nuzzled Asuka's soft twat, lapping inside her melting vagina, sucking the sweet nectar from Asuka's virgin hole. Asuka gasped raggedly, arching her spine, her toes curling when I brought her to breathless orgasm. I gave the panting schoolgirl one last savoring lick, then I mounted her, my cock slipping easily into Asuka's gaping pussy, the young angel too drained and weak to struggle or protest.

Asuka's pussy was deliciously tight and wet as I thrust into her, spearing through her hymen, drawing an anguished sob from Asuka's drool-soaked lips. I snatched Asuka's limp wrists and pinned them to the rocking mattress as I humped between her open legs, Asuka gazing up at me with tear-filled blue eyes while I plowed through her teenage cunt, working my aching prick into her warm belly, slapping my hairy crotch onto Asuka's bald snatch.

I pressed my naked body to Asuka's, devouring her yielding lips, licking her creamy throat, then sucking on her small, sweaty tits as I impaled the schoolgirl's yawning twat over and over again. I felt Asuka writhing underneath me, her pussy sucked on my pistoning cock, milking my plunging prick. With my lips locked upon Asuka's bare shoulder, I climaxed inside the sobbing schoolgirl, my spunk overflowing her tight vagina, dribbling down her crack to stain the sheets beneath her.

I spent the rest of the day fucking Asuka every way I had ever imagined. I pounded Asuka's small, perky ass, holding her wrists behind her as I humped her bucking bottom to a cum-gushing climax. After feeding her slurping pussy, I filled the sweat-slick schoolgirl's puckered sphincter, Asuka moaning raggedly as I reamed her clenched virgin rectum.

I bounced Asuka on my lap, spearing her spunk-drenched twat on my driving pole while I milked Asuka's slippery tits and licked the musky perspiration gleaming across my bucking angel's clenched tummy.

Asuka clung to the headboard of my bed while sitting on my face, her head thrown back while my tongue explored her hot cunnie, coaxing another outpouring of sweet juices from the naked schoolgirl's open gash.

I let Asuka sleep for an hour, cradled in the crook of my right arm. It was getting late, so I ordered a pizza for supper, I planned to drive Asuka home after we ate. I enjoyed just having the naked angel beside me, I kissed her wet red hair, brushed a sticky bang from her beautiful, heart-shaped face. I hugged the young schoolgirl tight, she murmured softly and snuggled closer to me. I smiled and savored the warmth of my captive angel.