ASUKA: The Pink Pussy



Takashi looked up from polishing the counter when the front door of the bar opened. A teen girl still dressed in her school uniform stepped tentatively through the open door, looking about the spacious floor area with wide, blue eyes.

"We don't serve underaged kids, sweetheart!" yelled Takashi.

"I'll buy her a beer!" cackled Ota, licking his rubbery lips as he looked over his beefy shoulder at the petite redhead.

The other regulars hunched over their drinks joined the fat man's coarse laughter. The schoolgirl blushed, but closed the door behind her and walked around the empty tables to the bar where Takashi glared.

The very pretty redhead hopped onto a bar stool and dangled her slender, ivory legs. "I'm looking for a part-time job, sir."

"I ain't looking for no kid to work here, I'm not your babysitter, angel."

"I really need the money, sir! I'll work really hard!" insisted the schoolgirl, her blue eyes fierce.

"Give the little honey a chance!" called out one of the bar squatters. The other regulars also gave the beautiful teen their support.

"Bunch of perverts!" muttered Takashi under his breath. "Girl, did you notice the neon sign outside? This place is called the Pink Pussy! You know what kind of bar this is?"

"Um..a geisha bar?" answered the girl, biting her lip.

"Ha! Takashi's too cheap to have real geishas!" guffawed another half-drunk patron. More cackles made Takashi's veined face turn purple.

"Morons like those guys are gonna be feeling you up all shift! Think you can handle a bunch of clammy-fingered lechers tugging up your skirt?"

"I can handle them..I think," pouted the blushing schoolgirl, which earned her a few bawdy catcalls from the other side of the bar.

"Tell her what happened to Aiko," panted Ota, wiping at his sweaty forehead with a pair of white cotton panties.

Takashi glared at the sweaty fat man, then stared hard at the expectant teen. "Alright. Truth is I need the help. You'll work afternoons and evenings, you'll bus tables and serve the customers. You'll get minimum wage, plus extra if I need you to work late on a school night. That alright?"

"Yes, sir!" beamed the redhead. "Thank you!"

"You can start tonight if you want, there are some waitress uniforms back in the storage room."

"My glass is getting empty!" grinned Ota, shaking his tall glass.

The other patrons also called loudly for service, Takashi grimaced at them, then turned to watch the schoolgirl drop from her stool and head towards the storeroom door behind the bar.

"Hey! What's your name, sweetheart?

"Asuka, Asuka Soryu," smiled the petite redhead.

Asuka came back out wearing a snug black blouse and a short frilly skirt with a thick froth of lace petticoats underneath. Asuka's slim alabaster legs were sheathed in black fishnets, her small feet were adorned with black stiletto heels.

"She looks wonderful!" drooled Ota as Asuka walked to the counter, where Takashi handed her a tray with several tall drinks and beer bottles.

"Just go over there and give the guys their orders," instructed Takashi, admitting to himself that Asuka did look sexy in the waitress uniform.

Asuka grinned at Takashi and tossed her thick red hair, she carried the heavy tray to the men perched on their stools, she dodged Ota's sausage-sized fingers that attempted to hike up her lace frills, she handed out drinks and took the men's money, she did give an angry pout when one brash customer stuffed a bill inside the cleavage of her low-cut blouse.

More thirsty men came into the bar as the evening progressed. Asuka worked around the tables, dodging pinching fingers and enfolding arms. The patrons of the Pink Pussy tipped Asuka very well, so well that the blushing teen finally gave in to the chanting crowd and flashed her black silk panties at the howling, swaying drinkers.

"Thanks for that," smiled Takashi, taking Asuka's empty tray and piling on some bowls of nuts and a few more tall-necked beer bottles. "A little tease calms the guys down for awhile."

"It's okay, sir! It was kinda fun!" giggled Asuka, plucking the reloaded tray from the counter before carrying it to a table of singing dockworkers.

After ten the door opened and a man in a fedora and a trenchcoat entered the Pink Pussy. Heading straight for the bar, the stranger stopped long enough to watch Asuka handing out bottles of sake, squealing, then slapping a scruffy loader who had pinched her upraised bottom.

"A new girl?" inquired the stranger from Takashi.

"Yeah, her name's Asuka. She said she needed the money."

"She needs money..interesting," purred the man beneath the shadowed brim of his hat.

"Take it easy on her, it's her first night," begged Takashi.

"You should have replaced Aiko sooner!" snapped the customer. "Have her bring up a bottle of warm sake, I'll explain how things work upstairs."

"Fine," sighed Takashi, waving for Asuka to come back to the bar.

Asuka knocked softly on the door, she stood in a narrow hallway, closed doors lining both stained walls.

"It's unlocked," called the customer from the other side.

Asuka balanced her tray on her left arm, she opened the door and walked in, it was a small room, with a table, two chairs, and a dirty mattress set beside the far wall.

"Close the door behind you," ordered the patron, his hat and coat set on the second chair, he sat facing Asuka, one leg crossing the other, a cigarette smoldering between gray lips.

Asuka bumped the door shut with her bottom, then she brought the tray to the table, setting it down next to a single flickering candle.

"Takashi tells me your name is Asuka," said the customer before he took a long drag on his cigarette.

"Yes, sir," nodded the teen girl, placing a small ceramic bowl before the patron, then pouring him a measure of heated rice wine.

"He says you need money pretty badly, which must be true if a young thing like you is working for a bar called the Pink Pussy."

"I do, sir," whispered Asuka, clutching her empty tray to her small breasts, her cheeks burning.

The patron withdrew a wad of bills from his trouser pocket, "You can have all of these, angel."

Asuka stared hard at the wad of money. Tears welled in the girl's large blue eyes. "W..what do I have to do?"

The stranger smiled, he exhaled toward the ceiling, then stubbed out his cigarette on the table. "Come over here."

Takashi shoved the last tipsy customer out of the front door, then he bolted the door shut and started collecting empty glasses and bottles from the closest tables. Takashi stopped to glance up at the bar's ceiling, it had been two hours since he had sent the schoolgirl upstairs, the bar owner felt bile rise in his throat, Asuka was the youngest girl he had ever hired to work the Pink Pussy.

Going behind the bar and setting all the empty glasses he carried into the large sink, Takashi twisted on the tap and poured some soap into the sink, if the patron wasn't done with Asuka by midnight, he would go upstairs and stop whatever was going on.

"Kneel down right here between my legs, honey," instructed the patron, patting both parted knees as Asuka reluctantly drew closer.

Asuka knelt down on the hard plank floor, she remained still while the smiling patron ran his hands through her thick red hair, he caressed a blushing cheek, then pinched her tiny chin.

"Now reach out and unzip my trousers."

Blinking tears from her bright blue eyes, Asuka stretched out shaking small hands and dragged down the stranger's zipper, she could feel the bulge of his swelling cock.

"Put your hands inside, baby."

Biting her glossy lower lip, Asuka obediently slipped her cool fingers into the patron's pants, she touched the warm mass of the stranger's folded dick, she closed her eyes and gently fondled the customer's veined member, shy fingers touching, lightly caressing.

"That's it! P..pull it out!" gasped the ecstatic patron.

Asuka tugged out the customer's thick prick, it was a huge, pulsating, purple thing, she ran her small fingers all along it.

"Now..kiss it!"

Asuka pursed her cherry-glossed lips, then closed her blue eyes again before puckering and kissing the knob of the patron's stiff cock.

"Run your lips against it!"

Asuka rubbed the patron's prick with her puckered lips, moaning softly as she slipped her little mouth from the fat knob to the customer's pair of heavy, hairy balls.

"Lick it!"

Asuka tilted her head back and stuck out her pink tongue, she licked the patron's dick from testicles to beading urethra, she grimaced when she tasted the stranger's salty cum, then the customer buried his hands in the teen girl's fiery mane, forcing his dripping cock into Asuka's warm mouth.

Asuka sobbed as the patron fucked her gaping lips, thrusting his shaft down the young redhead's gagging throat. While he humped Asuka's beautiful face, the patron pulled down the teen girl's low bodice, catching her hard cherry nipples between his fingers and pinching the swollen pubescent breast buds.

"Suck it as hard as you can!" gasped the shuddering stranger.

The patron let go of Asuka's head, the young waitress nuzzled between her customer's open legs, slurping wetly on the moaning patron's saliva-soaked member, her cool fingers milking and fondling the stranger's hairy nuts.

The stranger cupped Asuka's flushed face, smearing his spunk over the panting teen girl's salivating lips. "Go over to the mattress and strip."

Asuka rose to her sharp heels, then walked to the waiting mattress, dragging down the zipper of her waitress uniform, shrugging out of the tight blouse. While Asuka wiggled out of her frilly skirt, the patron removed his shirt and pants before joining the naked teen.

Asuka whimpered as the patron's large hands rubbed up and down her small naked body, fondling pert little tits, stroking pale, creamy, young thighs.

"Lay down on your back."

Asuka dropped down onto the mattress and lay back, she spread her luscious legs wide for the customer, her pussy strawberry pink and hairless.

"Mmm, your cunnie looks so good!" moaned the patron, kneeling between Asuka's splayed legs, then dropping his mouth to the naked teen redhead's swollen pussy.

Asuka sobbed weakly while the patron sucked greedily on her moist, sticky-sweet sex. Clinging to Asuka's pale, open thighs, the stranger drove his tongue through the petite redhead's honey-oozing gash, lapping the delicious cunnie juices dribbling from Asuka's hot snatch. The slurping patron buried his mouth in Asuka's drooling vagina, the naked teen bucked helplessly, her little belly quaking when the customer took her over the edge into cunt-gushing climax.

Without giving Asuka a moment to catch her breath, the patron rammed his jutting prick into the naked teen's yawning pussy. Holding the crying young waitress's pale legs apart by her tiny ankles, the grunting customer shoved his slick meat into Asuka's warm tummy, pounding her soft cunnie till it glowed scarlet, driving hard and deep through the virgin teen beauty's incredibly tight, blood-stained fuckhole.

Humping between the young redhead's uplifted legs, the customer leaned over Asuka, licking her sweaty, bouncing tits, kissing her hot cheeks, her gasping, drooling lips.

Arching his spine, yanking Asuka's spread-eagled legs apart as far as they would go, the patron blasted the sobbing young waitress's sucking vagina with a torrent of hot, thick spunk. Tugging his oozing prick from Asuka's gaping pussy, the patron dripped fat drops of fuck over the panting girl's heaving stomach.

"See you again next week, Asuka," smiled the patron, shrugging into his trench coat before leaving Asuka limp and cum-splattered upon the stinking, filthy mattress.

Takashi found Asuka gingerly slipping back into her wrinkled waitress uniform, her bright red hair disheveled and damp, the small room reeking of stale sweat and sex.

"I tried to warn you," said the bar owner, collecting the empty sake bottle and bowl while Asuka stuffed her wad of cash into the bodice of her blouse.

"It's okay," murmured Asuka, still dazed and aching from her first upstairs customer.