ASUKA: Teacher's Pet II



Hiro sat in his easy chair, feet propped up, nursing a cup of warm sake, waiting for beautiful Asuka to arrive from school. Hiro had been fucking Asuka for over a month now, he had decided that she should walk to his house after last period rather than ride with him. The danger of getting caught having a sexual relationship with a young student was always in the back of Hiro's mind, he couldn't afford to lose his job over Asuka, but he couldn't let her go either. Asuka was his, he had never possessed a schoolgirl as utterly as he possessed Asuka, he couldn't bear to release her.

Hiro was finishing his cup of sake, preparing to get a refill from the kitchen, when Asuka's soft knock sent his pulse racing. Hiro set aside his empty cup and rushed to the front door, he unlocked and unchained the door, then pulled it open, a smile spreading across his face when he gazed down at the thin-lipped, crimson-cheeked schoolgirl.

"Hello, Asuka-chan," greeted Hiro, stepping aside so the short redhead could enter the foyer.

"Hello, Oshi-sensei," replied Asuka shyly, crossing the open door's threshold, then slipping off her brown loafers before padding across the carpet in her white bobby socks.

Hiro never took his lustful, dark eyes off Asuka as he closed and locked the front door, he licked his lips while running his eyes up and down Asuka's slim, milk-white legs, her pert little ass that peeked from beneath her short, pleated, school uniform skirt, her long, scarlet hair that spilled down her small shoulders, a gorgeous, glossy mane that filled the air with a tantalizing peach scent.

Joining Asuka in the living room, Hiro enfolded the young girl's small waist briefly, brushed his lips across her warm, bright hair. When Hiro removed his lips, Asuka looked up at her teacher with luminous, enormous, blue eyes, she pursed her cherry-glossed lips, waited for Hiro's instruction.

Hiro let go of Asuka to walk to the endtable where he had set his empty sake cup. The high school teacher picked up the heavy, black leather buckled collar, he turned to hold out the open collar to Asuka. Biting her lower lip, blushing furiously, Asuka slowly crossed the carpet to stand next to Hiro, she gathered up her long, red hair and held it above her head so that Hiro could fasten the leather collar around her slender, pale neck, cinching it tight and buckling it over her throat. Asuka clasped her little hands before her while Hiro turned away briefly to retrieve another item from the endtable, a pair of leather cuffs that matched the black collar. When her teacher presented the open cuffs, Asuka offered the man her thin wrists, Hiro fastened the cuffs in place, binding her small hands together.

Heart pounding, Hiro cupped Asuka's tiny chin and tilted up the blushing schoolgirl's beautiful face, he smiled down at her, then kissed her softly, tasting the cherry gloss clinging to her small lips. Asuka moaned softly against her teacher's eager mouth, she squeezed her large, blue eyes shut while Hiro's kiss became harder, his lips sucking upon hers.

Reluctantly letting go of Asuka's sweet lips, Hiro caught his breath, his chest heaving with excitement. Hiro dropped down into his easy chair, spreading his legs apart, unzipping his fly and gazing at Asuka expectantly.

Asuka descended to her bare knees, she shuffled across the carpet until she knelt between her teacher's parted legs, she kept her wide eyes upon Hiro's crotch as she reached into his trousers for his waiting cock. Pulling Hiro's stiffening prick free, Asuka raised her bright, blue eyes to meet her teacher's, the way he liked it, before she began kissing the tip of his member, soft, glossy lips brushing down the length of his trembling meat, lips caressing, tasting her teacher's manhood.

Hiro sighed with pleasure while Asuka kissed and licked his aching cock. He gazed down upon the submissive young schoolgirl, combing his fingers through her thick, fiery hair, staring deeply into her brilliant, mesmerizing, blue eyes.

"Suck on it now, Asuka-chan," gasped Hiro, his pelvis quaking.

Asuka obediently opened her small, wet mouth and drew in her teacher's member, eyes locked with Hiro's, her cheeks aflame as she slurped noisily upon Hiro's meat. Hiro moaned and clutched Asuka's little head, he groaned as he felt Asuka's small, cuffed hands fondling his dangling balls, her fingers gradually rising to the base of his engorged prick, milking his shaft while her stuffed mouth slid further and further down her teacher's manhood, until her lips met her fingers at the throbbing base. Hiro hugged Asuka's head to his shuddering crotch, holding his cock inside the young schoolgirl's tight throat, Asuka's lips pressed firmly around the swollen base of his shaft, her tongue stroking the engorged, pulsating vein that ran from his prick's base to the bulb-shaped head, coaxing her teacher's cock to squirt its salty cream inside her warm mouth.

Hiro gasped when he orgasmed, clutching Asuka's head with shivering arms, pelvis thrusting spasmodically as stream after stream of thick cum sprayed from his prick into Asuka's clenching throat. Asuka drank down her teacher's warm semen, flushed cheeks and slender throat working, her eyes squeezed shut while she swallowed mouthful after mouthful. When the flow was done, Asuka slowly opened her pretty eyes, she stared up into Hiro's sweating, gasping face, a drop of white jizz escaped from her mouth and slowly slipped down her little chin. Hiro looked down at Asuka, he wiped the heavy droplet of semen from her chin, placed his cum-stained fingertip against her soft lower lip. Asuka sucked Hiro's cum from his finger, she licked the digit clean, her little tongue moist when it flicked from between her glossed lips.

"Sit on my lap," instructed Asuka's teacher, patting his left thigh.

Asuka climbed to her feet, then struggled onto Hiro's lap, draping her cuffed hands over her teacher's neck, then pulling herself onto the easy chair, splaying her slender, alabaster legs across Hiro's.

Hiro started planting wet kisses along Asuka's exposed throat and beneath her chin, his hands slipping underneath her white school uniform blouse, caressing her smooth, warm tummy, groping the soft, cotton cups of her training bra, clutching her small, young breasts. Asuka bit her quivering lower lip, tilting her head back, baring her pale, collared throat to her teacher's hungry, cool lips. Asuka whimpered softly when her teacher pulled up her training bra from her small tits, his fingers wrapping around her little, pliant breasts, kneading and squeezing her warm, creamy flesh, pinching and tweaking her small, berry-sized nipples until they were swollen and throbbing. Asuka dug her fingers into Hiro's dark hair when he yanked up her blouse to bare her little, milky tits, she moaned huskily when he started sucking on each of her swollen nipples, his teeth pinching into her blood-engorged areola, his wet tongue soaking both of her stiff nipples in saliva.

Letting go of the loose hem of Asuka's school uniform blouse, Hiro hiked up the panting young girl's pleated skirt, pressing his right hand between her luscious, parted thighs, vigorously rubbing Asuka's pussy mound through her white cotton panties until the front fabric of her underwear was moist and sticky with her spilling vaginal juices. Asuka hugged her teacher's neck tightly while he suckled upon her small breasts and fondled her wet pussy through her damp panties, she moaned into his neck when he tore off her soaked underwear and jabbed two fingers into her moist cunnie, burying his stiff digits deep into her young love hole.

When Asuka's little cunnie was soaked through with sticky honey, Hiro pulled free his dripping fingers and guided his cock to his moaning student's lubricated pussy. Asuka pressed her beautiful face into her teacher's dark hair when she felt his thick erection push up through her slippery vulva, shoving ever deeper into her small vagina until the veined shaft filled her. Hiro began bouncing Asuka upon his lap, the young girl whimpered in his ear, clutching his neck with her slender, bound arms as his prick speared through her yawning pussy over and over.

Asuka hung limply from her teacher, arching her back, red hair bouncing from her small shoulders while Hiro bucked sharply beneath her, his hands groping her little, pert buttocks as he thrust himself inside her, burying his swollen, pulsing cock in her clenched tummy. As Asuka rode him, Hiro ran his tongue from her shivering stomach to her little bobbing tits, licking between her soft, budding breasts, sliding his wet tongue around her engorged nipples, covering her young, pale skin in gleaming drool.

Falling forward into Hiro, Asuka kissed her teacher, she moaned into his mouth when he stroked her tongue with his, she clung to his strong neck, flexing her little pelvis, enfolding his swelling prick with her small, contracting pussy, slapping into his crotch over and over until her teacher's member shuddered and burst in her vagina, hot cream soaking the warm, pink folds of her young fuck tunnel.

Staring down into her teacher's climax-glazed eyes, Asuka brushed his panting lips with her wet mouth, then reached between her splayed legs to grasp Hiro's cum-soaked shaft, she slipped the slick meat pole from her oozing cunnie to her tight bung, she relaxed her sphincter as she pressed the bloated tip of her teacher's manhood against her tender, pink bung. Asuka smiled at Hiro, then bit her lip and groaned, closing her glittering, blue eyes when her teacher's cum-soaked shaft entered her tight rectum, ramming up deep into her little, trembling ass.

"Fuck me, Sensei," breathed Asuka, her slim, pale arms resting over her teacher's shoulders as she kissed him ravenously.