ASUKA: Teacher's Pet



"Are we going to have sex again today?" asked Asuka after the last students had filed out of the classroom after last period.

"Not here," replied Hiro Oshi, slipping into his tan jacket, then hefting his briefcase. "We're going to my house."

Asuka rose from her desk, retrieved her satchel from the floor, and meekly followed the teacher out of the classroom. The hallways were empty, the students wasting no time in leaving the hated campus. The sun was bright and warm when Asuka and Hiro emerged onto the teacher's parking lot, they walked to Hiro's car, a small economy model painted light blue. Hiro unlocked the passenger side door for Asuka, his right palm briefly caressed her little ass after he had unlocked the door. Asuka's slim body became rigid from her teacher's touch, her cheeks were burning when she climbed into the passenger seat and closed the car door.

Hiro climbed into the driver's seat and locked both doors with a flick of a switch. He glanced at Asuka's blushing, young face.

"You should put your seatbelt on," rebuked Hiro, leaning over Asuka and tugging the belt strap across her small breasts. The belt clicked into place, Hiro let his left hand drop to Asuka's left thigh, he rubbed her warm leg, enjoying the sensation of the school girl's smooth skin beneath his palm. Asuka whimpered and stared down at her lap, she avoided her teacher's smoldering eyes.

Hiro smiled and released Asuka's creamy thigh. He secured his own seatbelt, then started the car and backed out of his parking slot.


Hiro's house was a small dwelling in a quiet neighborhood. Hiro drove into a tiny garage, he unbuckled himself while the garage door clattered shut. Asuka released her seatbelt, then climbed out, holding her satchel.

"Leave your bag here."

Asuka rested her satchel on the passenger seat, then closed the car door and followed Hiro through a screen door into his home's kitchen. The young girl and her teacher went through the kitchen into the living room. There was an entertainment center against the far wall with a large screen TV and DVD player. To Asuka's left was a leather couch, to her right, a draped window, tall lamp, and easy chair.

Hiro dropped into the easy chair. He looked up at Asuka as he unbuckled his trousers.

"Take off your uniform."

Asuka bit her lower lip, but complied with her teacher, first untying the scarf from around her slender throat, then unbuttoning her white uniform blouse, cheeks crimson when she slipped the blouse from her small shoulders, displaying her bra-clad breasts.

"You can leave your skirt on for now, kneel between my legs," ordered Hiro.

Keeping her eyes downcast, Asuka dropped down to her knees between her teacher's out-spread legs. Hiro leaned forward, he smiled as he unclasped Asuka's bra and slipped it off her young body. Hiro tossed the bra onto Asuka's discarded blouse and scarf, then he cupped Asuka's little tits, milking the soft mounds with his fingers. Asuka whimpered softly, her blue eyes gradually raised to meet her teacher's hot gaze, her lips were trembling as Hiro fondled her warm breasts, gently pinching the hardening nipples between his fingertips.

Hiro's eyes bored into Asuka's. "Take my cock with your hands, stroke it."

Asuka hesitantly reached out with her hands, wrapping her fingers around Hiro's rising shaft, gently rubbing up and down.

"Faster!" moaned Hiro, his eyes closing in ecstasy from Asuka's fondling touch.

Asuka's tongue stuck out the side of her mouth while she concentrated, pumping her teacher's cock faster with her small hands, her palms becoming slick with the droplets of milk already beading from the tip of Hiro's engorging prick. Hiro let go of Asuka's small breasts and reclined back into the easy chair, gasping as Asuka stroked his throbbing member, her blue eyes focused on her work.

"Put my cock in your mouth," groaned Hiro, glancing down at Asuka with glazed eyes.

Asuka looked up at Hiro, hesitating. Hiro's dark eyes hardened, Asuka bit her lip, looked down at her teacher's gleaming erection, then slowly, reluctantly, lowered her lips to Hiro's stiff cock.

Hiro moaned sharply when Asuka licked the tip of his member. The school girl held her teacher's hard shaft in her slender fingers, running her tongue up and down the veined pole, her lips glistening with Hiro's sticky cream. Finally, Asuka opened her mouth wide and sucked in Hiro's cock. Hiro clenched the armrests of his chair, his crotch shuddering while Asuka slurped on his cock, her head bobbing energetically, her red tresses framing her young, flushed face. Asuka raised her eyes and watched Hiro as she devoured her teacher's swollen prick, Hiro smiled and combed his fingers through Asuka's soft, scarlet hair, Asuka dropped her eyes and pressed her face into Hiro's crotch, sucking his entire shaft into her tight throat, almost gagging while her tongue lathered the throbbing pole with her saliva.

Hiro could feel his cock swelling, preparing to explode in young Asuka's warm mouth. Hiro pressed his palms over Asuka's hot cheeks, he raised her face so their eyes met, he held her still while he flexed his pelvis, driving his thick member between Asuka's tender, pink lips, drool and semen dripping down Asuka's tiny chin.

"When I cum, I want you to swallow every drop," panted Hiro, fingers pressing into Asuka's crimson cheeks.

Cupping Asuka's beautiful face, Hiro thrust into the school girl's mouth faster and faster, finally releasing his load, hot cum squirting into Asuka's working throat.

"That's a good girl, swallow it all," groaned Hiro, resting the bulb head of his cock against Asuka's drenched chin, watching as thick streams of white cream splashed over Asuka's tongue.

Asuka stared up at her teacher and moaned softly, gulping down the man's salty milk as instructed, her bare tits shivering while she swallowed mouthful after mouthful of thick jizz. Finally, Hiro's cock was spent, he removed it from Asuka's cream-covered lips. Asuka licked her mouth clean, she moaned softly when Hiro ran his hand through her warm hair.

"You did that very well, Asuka-chan, for your first time. You'll get better with practice."

Asuka blushed and lowered her face. She didn't want to think about sucking off her teacher again.

"Now it's time to go downstairs," declared Hiro, zipping up his trousers before leaving the easy chair and heading for a nearby door.

Asuka stood up from the carpet and reached for her discarded blouse and bra.

"Ah, ah! You're fine as you are, leave your blouse on the floor," admonished Hiro, opening the door and holding it for Asuka.

Crossing her thin, white arms over her warm pink breasts, Asuka crossed the living room and peered into the dark stairway. Hiro flicked on an overhead bulb, the narrow stair plunged into a dark basement. Asuka descended the stairs, the cool air soothing her flushed skin, her heart pounding fiercely in her chest, her nipples stiff beneath her shielding arms. Hiro stayed close to Asuka, he reached over her right shoulder to flick on another light at the base of the stairwell, the basement flashed into view, a stark cellar of gray concrete walls and stained mattresses upon the floor.

Asuka wrinkled her nose, the basement reeked of stale semen and rank sweat. Hiro placed his palms on Asuka's small hips, he guided her further into the basement. There were two mattresses on the concrete floor, one in the center of the room and another against a wall. Hiro pushed Asuka towards the mattress near the wall, the young school girl's blue eyes widened when she saw the chains driven into the concrete, four strings of chain hung to the floor, each string ended in an open leather manacle. Hiro rested his hands on Asuka's shoulders when they reached the edge of the filthy mattress.

"Take off your skirt and panties now. After you remove your socks, I have some new things for you to wear."

Asuka glanced over her left shoulder at Hiro when he left her. Looking down, Asuka unbuttoned her uniform skirt and let it drop to her ankles. She leaned forward to tug down her white cotton panties, once they were with her skirt, Asuka slipped off her white ankle socks.

"Here, put this corset on," instructed Hiro.

When Asuka appeared unsure about how to put on the garment, Hiro sighed and placed the corset around the young girl's slim tummy, he tightened the corset until Asuka gasped, then he securely tied the strings over Asuka's belly.

"Raise up your hair."

Asuka gathered her long, red hair in her hands and lifted it up. Hiro fastened a thick leather collar around Asuka's throat, he locked the snug collar in place with a heavy padlock.

"Now sit down on the mattress."

"Iie! It's all stained and gross!" grimaced Asuka.

"Do as you're told!" spat Hiro, slapping Asuka sharply across the face.

Sniffling back tears, Asuka dropped onto the smelly mattress. Hiro knelt down in front of Asuka and took one of her thin wrists, positioning it for one of the open leather manacles. Hiro cinched the manacle tight around Asuka's wrist, he locked the manacle with another heavy padlock. The teacher quickly secured Asuka's other wrist and both ankles in the remaining black leather manacles.

"What an exciting scene," leered Hiro, leaning back to admire his handiwork.

Asuka placed her hands in her lap and looked away from her teacher, cheeks burning. The chains binding Asuka to the wall clicked whenever she moved, the chains were long enough so she could move anywhere on the reeking mattress, but not beyond it.

"You like wearing those manacles and corset, don't you, Asuka-chan? You feel like a real slut, don't you?" purred Hiro, stroking Asuka's bright hair.

"Don't say things like that," whispered Asuka, unwilling to meet her teacher's hot gaze as he petted her.

"Would you like to suck my cock some more, little slut?" asked Hiro, unzipping his trousers and letting them fall at his feet.

Asuka raised her face, she stared at Sensai's crotch, his poking erection. Unconsciously licking her lips, Asuka leaned forward, she kissed the fat head of Hiro's prick, then sucked the shaft into her small mouth, moaning as she caressed the stiff shaft with her tongue.

"That's my pretty, little whore," groaned Hiro, burying his hands in Asuka's scarlet hair, thrusting forward with his hips, ramming his cock into the blushing school girl's wet mouth.

The chains linked to Asuka's manacles jingled as she fondled her teacher's member with her manacled hands, her fingers caressing his hanging balls while she slurped loudly upon his meat, nose pressing into his hairy black bush as she sucked his entire cock between her moist lips, her cheeks taut with the effort of her sucking. Hiro wrapped his arms around Asuka's head, he hugged her to his crotch, grinding her beautiful, young face between his shaking thighs. Hiro's cock swelled quickly from Asuka's eager sucking and licking, he stopped the flushed young school girl before she made his prick geyser in her mouth again.

"Lay..lay back on the mattress, Asuka-chan," gasped Hiro, his chest heaving, his face hot and gleaming with sweat.

"Hai, Sensei," murmured Asuka, falling onto her back upon the bare mattress, thin legs spreading for the panting teacher.

Hiro pressed his body over Asuka's, he pinned the manacled school girl to the stinking mattress as he impaled her cunt with his aching cock. Asuka gasped sharply, her chains shuddered as Hiro pounded violently into her young pussy.

"Please..stop," sobbed Asuka, her small breasts bouncing above her tight corset.

"Pain will soon become pleasure, Asuka-chan," whispered Hiro over Asuka's panting lips. "Don't you enjoy sucking my cock now?"

"Y..yes," whimpered Asuka, squeezing her eyes shut with shame.

"That's my good girl," smiled Hiro, kissing the weeping girl hard on the mouth, his tongue fondling hers as he stabbed into her belly ever deeper, cum and vaginal honey running between the panting school girl's open thighs.

"I'm going to cum inside you, Asuka-chan!" moaned Hiro, arching his back, ramming his cock to the hilt inside the manacled young girl's slick pussy.

"Iie!" screamed Asuka just before her teacher climaxed inside her, warm milk flooding her vagina, dripping from her cunt to stain the firm flesh of her lower buttocks.

Hiro lay limply on top of Asuka, wheezing for breath, flesh hot from his exertion. Asuka rested her warm right cheek upon the reeking mattress, fresh tears welled from her dull, blue eyes, her limbs lay limply in their manacles, her crotch was wet and sticky. Hiro raised his head, he smiled and kissed the cleft between Asuka's small, flushed breasts, he grasped the soft mounds and began fondling the pliant flesh.

"You are mine, Asuka-chan. No other shall have you as I do," whispered Hiro, extending his tongue and slowly licking Asuka's pale left cheek.

Asuka closed her eyes and whimpered softly, the leather collar locked around her throat constricting while her teacher fondled her small, bare breasts.