ASUKA: The Date



Asuka marched ahead of me as we followed the sharply curving street down to the market district. The sun was setting, a hazy red orb that set Asuka's lightly fluttering hair afire, her lean outline picked out in perfect detail, a flash of white cotton panty when a sudden breeze hiked up the skirt of her light summer dress. Asuka glared at me over her right shoulder, watching to insure that I hadn't caught a glimpse of her underwear.

"Baka!" snapped Asuka, flouncing her bright scarlet hair and resuming her march, small shoulders thrown back, hands curled into tight fists as she walked.

The street lamps were flickering to life when I finally caught up to Asuka in front of the theater. I joined Asuka in line, she glared up at me, then lowered her fiery eyes and stared straight ahead, not speaking.

I used some of the money Misato gave me to buy our tickets to Demon Beast Invasion, The Live-Action Movie. Asuka didn't answer when I asked her if she wanted candy or soda, but she did grudglingly accept a small soda pop when I handed it to her.

I guided us to two seats in the very back row, right in the far corner. There weren't alot of other viewers, and they all sat up front or in the middle.

"Can't we sit closer?" whispered Asuka when the lights lowered and the preview trailers started. Asuka was sitting to my left, in the last seat of the row.

"I don't want anyone bothering us," I murmured, turning in my seat to face Asuka, who was staring at me warily with her large, blue eyes. I placed my right palm on her bare knee, Asuka's lovely face flushed, she visibly fought with herself to keep from screaming.

"!" hissed Asuka.

"That's not what you were saying last night, when I was licking your sweet little nipples, with your legs spread open across your futon."

Asuka shamefully lowered her eyes, and I rubbed her right leg from her knee to her upper thigh, her skin so soft and warm, her thigh sleek and taut beneath my caressing hand.

"Stop..stop it..," blushed Asuka, squeezing my wrist with both of her small hands.

"I can't, Angel..I want you," I murmured over Asuka's right ear, before I licked her tender lobe, my hand working underneath Asuka's skirt, slipping into her panties, scratching her soft, pouty cunnie.

Asuka's fingers clenched my wrist in a vice while I stroked her trembling labia and tweaked her tiny, bud-sized clitoris. Asuka gradually leaned against my chest, the scent of her freshly washed red hair tickling my nostrils as she murmured unintelligibly into my t-shirt.

"Don't..I'm gonna cum!" breathed Asuka when I inserted two questing fingers into her yielding vulva, the mouth of her pussy sticky and wet with her vaginal nectar.

"Kiss me then," I suggested, cupping Asuka's tiny, quivering chin with my free hand. Not giving her a moment to think, I kissed Asuka hard, devouring her compliant, sweet lips, my tongue working in to stroke hers, to taste her saliva.

I was leaning over the armrest of our joined seats, pinning Asuka to the back of her chair, sucking wildly upon her delicious little mouth while my fingers plunged in and out of her puckered twat, a flow of musky cunt juice following my withdrawing digits, soaking the front of Asuka's snug cotton panties, and staining the cushion between her parted, shivering thighs.

Asuka released my flexing wrist and hugged my waist, crying into my chest as she climaxed violently, her tummy quaking, her sticky thighs crushing my hand between them.

I separated from a panting, perspiring Asuka to relax in my own seat. I languidly licked Asuka's cunt honey from my fingers while I watched a young, bowl-cut, green-haired girl get tentacle fucked in the pussy and anus while another slimy, obviously plastic tentacle wriggled inside the blushing actress's gaping mouth.

"That looks so fake. That tentacle wrapped underneath her tits looks like a garden hose," I snickered, lifting my cup to take a sip of soda.

Asuka didn't reply. She smoothed her skirt over her thighs, then drank from her soda cup as if nothing had happened between us. Halfway through the movie, I draped my left arm over Asuka's small shoulders, I gently rubbed the creamy skin of her upper arm, Asuka sat still, a flame-haired statue, for the remaining length of the low-budget film.


Asuka and I had dinner in a small cafe by the movie theater. We both had cheeseburgers and french fries, along with milkshakes and a piece of vanilla cake to share between us. Asuka was very quiet during dinner, I didn't pay it mind, eating with gusto, then devouring my half of the cake.

"You can have my half too," whispered Asuka, her food barely touched.

I sighed. "What's wrong?"

Asuka glared up at me. "What's wrong? You've practically raped me twice! Once in my own bedroom, and now in the theater!"

"But ya liked it though, didn't ya?" I grinned before I swallowed another piece of vanilla cake.

"I didn't!" insisted Asuka, staring down at the table again. "I didn't!"

When the frilly waitress came by our table, I asked for the check, then finished the last of my milkshake. "C'mon, then, Asuka, let's go back home."

Asuka stayed next to me as we followed the winding road home, but she kept her thin arms wrapped underneath her small breasts. I coiled my left arm around Asuka's little waist, she shot me a murderous glare, but didn't shrug me off as the long line of street lamps lit our path up the hill.

I brought Asuka to a halt when we reached the top of the hill and stood across from a small community park. The small park had a fence around it, an open gate connected with a sidewalk path that led deeper into the shadowed trees.

"C'mon, the night's still young," I smiled, catching Asuka's little hand and tugging her after me along the park walk.

"I wanna go home," whined Asuka, trying to free her cool hand from my grip as we walked beneath hanging lamps, some of them broken, creating pools of deep shadow along the park path. Long benches lined the path at intervals, some were used by drunk bums as makeshift beds, at others, couples the age of Asuka and I made out in the concealing darkness, one young schoolgirl was sucking her gasping boyfriend off while we passed, her short skirt hiked up, her honey-stained panties on open display.

"That's disgusting!" scowled Asuka, her blue eyes lingering on the slurping classmate.

"Looks like she's enjoying it," I grinned, giving Asuka's hand a brief squeeze.

Asuka stared up at me. "You're such a lech!"

"That's why you love me," I retorted, finally arriving at an empty bench cloaked in deep darkness, the lamp above shattered with only an empty socket remaining.

Asuka snorted as we both sat down. Asuka looked suddenly nervous, wringing her small hands on her lap.

"Can we go? I don't like it here!"

"Suck my cock, then we'll go home," I said, leaning back in the bench, spreading my legs apart.

"You're crazy! I'll go home without you!" barked Asuka, shooting to her feet, then sticking out her tongue before she started to march away.

"Go home now and I'll tell Misato you were masturbating during the movie. She'll see your panties, she'll believe me."

Asuka froze. Slowly, the scarlet-haired teen turned. Asuka's small hands were clenched, pale fists, shaking with fury, angry tears welled beneath Asuka's flashing blue eyes.

"You wouldn't dare!"

I scratched my crotch negligently. "I would."

Making a small, frustrated sob, Asuka stalked back to the bench, she dropped to the grass between my open legs, with a sharp jerk she unzipped my jeans, then she reached into my shorts, drew out my stiffening prick.

"Do it just like that girl we saw, I know you watched her carefully."

Cheeks burning, Asuka squeezed her tear-filled eyes shut and reluctantly opened her rosebud mouth. Asuka stuck out her little pink tongue and began licking up and down my veined meat, her lips were tender and wet as she rubbed them along my cock, her nostrils flaring as she inhaled the scent of my manhood. Caressing the base of my cock with her small, cool fingers, Asuka looked up at me suddenly, blue eyes shining as she lapped at the swollen tip of my member, her bright pink tongue stroking the opening of my penis, then her pouty lips enfolding the bulb-shaped head, her mouth gently sucking as she slowly went down on me, her glowing cheeks tightening, her tongue fondling while she made a soft mewling sound, her mouth sucking all the way down to my balls.

My splayed knees quaked while Asuka sucked furiously on my aching erection, her head bobbing, silky red hair flying as a gentle moan came from her slurping, milking lips. Pre-cum gleamed inside Asuka's little mouth when she opened it and stared up at me, her blue eyes glazed with arousal as her pale fingers fondled and gently squeezed my heavy testicles. Asuka ran her cum-stained tongue up the engorged vein that pulsed under my jutting prick, she lapped just beneath my oozing cock head, then she swallowed my shaft again, her small mouth squeezing every drop of salty jizz from my dick.

I could feel my climax coming, my cock grew thicker between Asuka's hungry lips, my balls shuddered, the pressure building, ready to burst out, to fill Asuka's taut cheeks with warm cock cream. I was ready to cum inside Asuka's sucking mouth, my hands were buried in her thick, soft, red hair, I was thrusting down her throat, her small ivory teeth gently raking along my meat, coaxing it to squirt between those tight, moist, cherry-pink lips. But looking down at Asuka's bobbing head, at that beautiful teen angel so eagerly going down on me, I wanted to do more than give her a protein milkshake.

I cupped Asuka's ballooning, hot cheeks and lifted her heart-shaped face from my shuddering crotch.

"What's wrong?" murmured Asuka after swallowing a mouthful of warm jizz.

"Climb onto my lap," I ordered, hugging Asuka's little waist and lifting her easily onto my thighs while she clutched my arms and squeaked in surprise.

Digging my hand underneath Asuka's skirt, I jerked down her panties, then shoved my bulging cock into her pussy before she knew what was happening.

In another heartbeat we were bucking together, Asuka clinging to my neck, her panting breaths warm upon my right ear as I squeezed Asuka's rolling hips and pounded deep into her tight cunnie, driving my aching cock to the hilt inside her warm tummy.

"It feels so good..!" moaned Asuka softly, hugging my neck tighter, flexing her small pelvis, grinding her drooling pussy into my slamming crotch.

Combing my fingers through Asuka's damp, wild, fiery hair, I caught her gasping lips and kissed her passionately while we crashed together harder and faster, the bench groaning beneath our writhing bodies until together we climaxed, long streams of blasting semen flooding Asuka's shivering belly.

Asuka hugged my neck loosely, her head resting on my heaving chest, her slim, open thighs warm over mine.

"It's not so bad with me, is it?" I whispered into Asuka's ear, before I lovingly brushed my lips over the young teen's wet, shining hair, savoring the taste of her.

Asuka murmured something I couldn't hear, but her warm arms tightened upon me, she held her sweet body to mine, and we both rested in the cool darkness until we were ready to return home.