ASUKA: School Snatch



"Raise your legs, Asuka-chan," ordered Hiro Oshi, the school girl's last period teacher.

Asuka obediently raised both of her slim legs high up, calves together, as she lay resting on her back upon her desk within the dimly lit classroom, the bank of tall windows to her left blocked by the lowered blinds.

Hiro smiled smugly as he reached underneath Asuka's pleated blue uniform skirt, grasping the elastic band of her white cotton panties and dragging them up and over Asuka's creamy legs. Asuka clung to the edges of her desk while her teacher ran his tongue up and down her raised calves, his palms stroking her luscious, ivory legs to her firm, young thighs. Grabbing Asuka's ankles just above her white bobby socks, Hiro spread Asuka's upraised legs apart and placed her loafer-shoed feet upon his shoulders. The leering teacher dropped down to his knees, he caressed Asuka's silky thighs, then leaned his face towards the prone school girl's open crotch.

Asuka whimpered when her teacher started licking her young pussy, his wet tongue slipping up and down her little cunnie. Hiro made low moaning noises while he tasted Asuka's sweet, pink cunt, rubbing his lips over the red-haired girl's swollen, puffy, labia petals. Asuka let her head drop back over the edge of her desk, long, bright, red hair spilled down onto the desk's seat, Asuka moaned softly as Oshi sensei slurped on her hot pussy, his tongue digging into her tender vulva.

Sucking on Asuka's tiny, pert clit, Hiro reached out and unbuttoned the school girl's white blouse. Asuka raised her head and watched Hiro spread her shirt open, then grasp the tie strap of her cotton bra and pull it up to free her small, pink breasts. Asuka's teacher seized her little tits and began massaging them firmly while he sucked harder on her cunnie, his tongue flicking inside her melting vagina. Hiro dragged his tongue out of Asuka's moist pussy and licked inside her raised thighs as a stream of sweet honey flowed out of the school girl's flushed, pink twat. Asuka let her head drop back again, she gasped as her small belly clenched, orgasmic spasms rolling across her pelvis.

Hiro stood up and leaned over Asuka. With Asuka's feet still resting on his shoulders, the girl's teacher plucked her small right nipple with his wet lips, sucking on the little dark pink bud. Asuka bit her quivering lower lip to keep from crying out, she clenched her desk while Hiro suckled on her small right breast, tugging on her erect nipple with his teeth, his right hand groping and squeezing her soft left tit. Releasing Asuka's nipple, Hiro covered the prone school girl's gasping mouth, sucking on her young, tender lips, stroking her little tongue with his larger one. Hiro's mouth slid away from Asuka's, saliva clung to Asuka's trembling lips and tiny chin. Raising her head and looking between her bare, heaving breasts, Asuka saw her teacher reach down and unzip his trousers, her blue eyes widened when she saw his thick cock drop free.

Dragging his left palm down Asuka's warm, bare torso, Hiro cupped his erection in his right hand and stuck it between the puffy, glistening lips of Asuka's small cunnie. Kissing Asuka's right calf that brushed against his left cheek, Hiro stabbed his cock through Asuka's wet vulva, driving the shaft in until his balls rested on the school girl's labia.

Asuka sobbed gently, her large, blue eyes watering while she slid back and forth across her desk, propelled by her teacher's thrusting crotch that slapped between her open legs. Hiro wrapped his thin arms around Asuka's raised thighs, he grunted as he impaled the school girl's damp cunt over and over. Hiro gasped when Asuka's tight vagina contracted around his bloated member, he moaned with pleasure and pounded between Asuka's slim legs faster. Asuka's small, bare breasts swayed as she slid across her desk, Asuka squeezed her tearing eyes shut, sharp gasps exploded from her slack lips every time her teacher's stiff cock jabbed inside her.

Hiro's thrusts became sharper, he arched his spine, sheathing his aching prick within Asuka's warm, dripping pussy, then releasing his cream inside the young girl, gasping, his hips twitching with every spasmodic gush of semen into Asuka's small body.

Hiro panted raggedly and lay over Asuka, he felt her small breasts press against his heaving chest, her slender body warm beneath his. Burying his hand in Asuka's thick, damp, red hair, Hiro raised the panting girl's head and kissed her hungrily, Asuka moaning weakly inside his mouth, her breath sweet between his cool lips. Letting go of the school girl's warm mouth, Hiro planted wet kisses along her neck, then dragged his tongue down the cleft of her small, milky tits.

Asuka's head dropped back and dangled above her desk's empty seat, she moaned softly when her teacher's cock pulled out of her cunnie with a moist pop, his mouth fastening over her left breast, crushing it while his tongue lathered her aching nipple in drool.