I still don't own NGE, and most likely neither do you.  If your under 18 and this story turns you into a pervert, don't come crying to me, you shouldn't be reading it anyway.  This story contains bondage, spanking, female domination, anal sex with a strap-on, a perverted doctor, and a naughty little slut that likes it when people tie her up.



            Three people watched a screen as a redheaded teen girl slapped a brown haired boy so hard it knocked his head back.  "As you can see Dr. Akagi, the Second Child is growing increasingly violent towards the Third."  The man seated at the desk turned his eyes to the single woman at the meeting.  "Her behavior is totally unacceptable.  You are prepared to correct it?"  He waited for the woman's answering nod.  "Your plan will not affect her piloting, correct?"  He waited again for the woman's nod then said, "Dismissed."


            "Are you sure about this Ikari?" asked the oldest person at the meeting after the doctor left.  "Giving the Second Child to your son as some sort of..."


            "Little Bavarian sex-pet?"  Supplied Gendo, smiling slightly.


            "I was going to say slave."


            "You know that Shinji would never mistreat her.  Heh, he'll probably spoil the little brat rotten."  Gendo turned to lock eyes with his old teacher and continued, "You don't seem to have any problems keeping Chisame around for when your bed is too cold for one."


            Deciding to change the subject from his own bedroom escapades, Kozo said, "There are better ways to make amends for what you have done.  You could always try just asking for his forgiveness."


            "I'd probably die of shock on my death bed if Shinji doesn't tell me to say hi to Satan for him."


            "But, Instrumentality..."


            "You know as well as I do that I will never live to see Instrumentality, the Angels aren't coming even remotely as fast as the scrolls suggested.  In over a year, we have only faced five of them.  I can't hold off Naoko's revenge any longer."  He paused to cough into a handkerchief, on which a red stain could be seen as he shoved it back into his pocket.  "Unless the Angels succeed in their quest, the world will never see a Third Impact.  So, I might as well do my best to see that my last remaining family is happy."  Gendo paused a moment to consider, "You didn't complain nearly as bad about Rei's pet."


            "Rei's 'pet' isn't a pilot and has no hope of ever being one."  Fuyutsuki snapped back.


            "Still, they should both be far happier like this.  She just needs to learn a better way to influence him than with slaps and name calling."




            Ritsuko contemplated her options as she walked to her office.  The girl's main problem with her teammate seemed to be her lack of understanding about how she felt about him.  She was attracted to him when he was strong and commanding, but couldn't stand him being his normal submissive self.  As she saw it there were two options:  Figure out a way to get Shinji to act more confident, which would be a monumental task in and of itself.  Or, given what the girl's psych profile said, turn her into a submissive and use her to encourage him to act more dominant.  She settled into her chair in her office and pulled up the latest psych report on Asuka to make sure that her conclusions were right.  As she flipped through reports, she remembered a brown haired girl fourteen years ago who was angry at the world and the two women that saved her from destroying herself.  'Given how much I owe their mothers, helping them like this is the least I can do.'




            Asuka stomped down the hall fuming.  Stupid Shinji had gotten to go home after their sync test, but not her.  Dr. Akagi had some exam that she just HAD to perform today, it didn't matter that she had just spent two hours inhaling orange goo.  Oh no, she had to stay here and get poked and prodded while the apple of everyone's eye got to go home and mope in his room.  Scowling something fierce, she flung open the door to the examining room.  Stomping in, she came up short as she noticed that the room was entirely bare except for a wheeled bed.  Then the cloth soaked in something strong smelling was pressed over her mouth.  With her first startled gasp, her vision began to grey around the edges.  As her struggles grew weaker, the person holding her up started dragging her over to the bed.


            "Mmmooahh," Asuka moaned as she slowly swam back up to consciousness.  Trying to bring her hand to her aching head, she found that she was unable to move.  Finally taking an interest in the world around her, she looked down at her naked body.  She was restrained to an examining table, legs spread and strapped into the stirrups.  The entire room was shrouded in darkness, the only light being a pool that the table was centered in the middle of.  Indistinct forms loomed ominously in the gloom.  She would normally have been shrieking obscenities at this point, but she was too worried about what was going to happen next. 


            Her answer came from behind her with a 'click, click, click,' sound as someone walked over the floor towards her.  With a faint tinkling of a bell, Dr. Ritsuko Akagi stepped into her view.  Gone was her usual outfit of blue top, and black miniskirt under a white lab coat.  Now all she was wearing was shiny black leather.  Black boots went up to her thigh, black micro-skirt started just below her crotch, a corset covered her chest and forced her breasts to jut proudly.  The outfit was completed by a pair of gloves that went up to her elbows.  The tinkling sound was coming from a small silver bell attached to the collar she was wearing as it struck a silver disk attached to a metal ring on it.  'Oh, shit!  The crazy old maid finally snapped and is going to take things out on me.'  Asuka started to shake as she remembered the whispered stories she had heard about people that were into S&M.  She could end up in a cage, be tortured, sold, or murdered for no other reason than the woman felt like it.


            "Whats wrong?" asked Ritsuko with a nasty smirk.  "No yelling, and threatening me if I don't let you go?  I didn't think you would give in so easily."  The doctor paused to give her an appraising glance, then continued, "Or, could it be that you already know what a nasty little submissive slut you are, and want me to punish you?"


            Asuka's jaw dropped in shock, 'The crazy bitch actually thinks I LIKE this?'  Pissed beyond all previous experience, she started to scream and rave at the woman about what she was going to do to her if she didn't let her go now.


            Ritsuko just stood there with her arms folded and watched with a faintly bemused expression as the young girl vented.  'It's always so cute how they rant and rave at first.'  When the teen finally stopped yelling, she was panting in exhaustion.  Ritsuko then asked, "Do you know why you are here?"  Answering Asuka's blank look with a smile totally void of compassion, she stepped forward and took the Unit 02 pilot's left nipple between her fingers.  Rolling the rapidly hardening little nub between her fingers she said, "It's because you're a bad little girl, and can't get along with others.  You know what happens to bad girls don't you?"  Dr. Akagi purred as she pinched and twisted the crinkled flesh cruelly, causing the girl to arch her back up against the straps.  "They get punished."


            Whimpering slightly as the deviant doctor released her smarting flesh, all Asuka could do was glare at the woman.  "Why are you doing this?"


            "Just like I said, you're a bad little girl that can't play well with others."  Ritsuko paused to tap her chin with her finger, then added, "Well, that and I felt like doing it."


            "Let me go you crazy bitch!"  Her only answer was a stinging cheek as the woman slapped her.  All Asuka could do was stare in shock, no one had dared to hit her in years.  Sniveling slightly she gave the older woman a fearful look.


            "Your not going anywhere until I finish punishing you.  And, if your thinking about running to the Commander after I let you go, he won't do anything to me."  Pausing to give the redhead a nasty smile she continued, "He was the one that ordered me to correct your behavior, and there are far worse ways I can do that than just spending a few hours playing with you."  Ritsuko gave Asuka a tender little smile, "And I'm doing it because your mother helped me this same way when I was your age."


            Asuka's outburst of, "You crazy bitch!  There is no way my mother would do something like this!" only got her a second stinging cheek.


            Ritsuko brought her hand to the slender strap of old leather around her neck, touching the silver disk hanging from it.  Leaning close so that the girl could see first the front engraving that said, 'Ritsuko Akagi' she turned the worn tag so Asuka could see the other side which was marked, 'Property of Kyoko Soryu and Yui Ikari,'  "Your mother gave me this after our first time together.  I was a little brat, always getting into fights in school, and in trouble with the law.  I'd probably be in prison or dead now if they hadn't helped me."


            'Momma wouldn't do something like this to someone, would she?'  Asuka wasn't sure, the collar was clearly old and well taken care of.  It could be a fake, but the way the words were clearly worn by time had her torn.  Then she noticed the doctor caressing her cheek.  As the hand ran down her neck, between her breasts, and over her belly the feeling of violation confused with pleasure gave her something to hold onto.  Screaming fresh, ineffectual threats at the woman just made Ritsuko shake her head.


            Clucking her tongue while she picked something up from the table next to the bed, she said, "Does Shinji really like foul-mouthed little girls like you?  Well, if you can't stop swearing, I have something to stop you."  With relish, she held the object up for Asuka to see, causing the red head's ocean blue eyes to widen in fear.  It was a red rubber ball on a strap.  Dr. Akagi watched as the girl locked her jaw and breathed in little panicked huffs through her nose.  Ritsuko chuckled to herself while thinking, 'Like that is going to stop me.'  Pinching the pilot's nose closed, she said, "You might as well open up and let me put this in your mouth, unless you think you can breathe through your ears that is."  She watched as the girl's face turned red with her need to breathe, waiting for the moment she broke down and opened her mouth.  Asuka spited her by sucking in fresh air through her clenched teeth.  'Alright, if you want to play that way.'  Ritsuko twisted Asuka's nose painfully, causing her mouth to involuntarily pop open.  After forcing the gag between her teeth and locking it in place, she stepped back to admire her work. 


            As Asuka tried to push the ball out of her mouth with only her tongue, all it did was turn on it's axis.  Finally settling down to just shooting the doctor glares that would turn a lesser being to ash, she resolved to put up as much resistance as she could.


            "I don't mind if you want to fight as hard as you can, it will just make it more complete when you finally give in and submit.  It isn't much fun making someone like Shinji submit to me, I'd rather play with someone who will fight like I did the first time.  I fought your mother and his for what felt like hours as they alternated pain and pleasure."  With a wistful little smile, she continued, "Once I finally broke down and submitted myself to their authority, they showed me pleasure beyond what I had ever expected."  She gave Asuka a knowing smile.  "I didn't stop shaking for hours after they finished." 


            Stopping the flow of pleasant memories she got down to business.  "After I finish punishing you, I will untie you and let you go to the bathroom to clean up.  After that you have a choice, you can either join me on the bed behind you and find out what your mother taught me about being a woman.  Or, you can take your clothes and walk out the door.  In the end, the choice is yours.  Will you submit to your punishment and be rewarded, or endure it and leave?"  Ritsuko ran her hand down the girl's leg, "Either way, your going to be punished for how you act."


            'Kaji will come to save me I just know he will!'


            "Are you thinking that someone is going to come help you?  Kaji perhaps?"  Ritsuko laughed out loud at the idea.  "The last I saw him, he was trying to patch things up with Misato after she caught him with my assistant."  She smirked into the pilot's blue eyes and continued, "Even if he did find his way here, he would be as likely to help me as to rescue you."  Remembering something, she smiled nastily at the bound teen.  "Next time you see him, why don't you ask him if he still has the dog collar I made him wear back in college?"  At the redheads shocked look she clarified, "I slept with both of them at the university.  Did you know that Misato makes one hell of a Dom?  I'm kinda hurt that she hasn't had Kaji and myself over for some fun."


             Standing between the teen's spread legs, she ran her hand over the girl's belly, causing the muscles to jump as it tickled.  Running her hand down to the forest of red curls, she paused to rub the mound they concealed.  Then she took a handful of fiery curls, and pulled sharply causing the bound young woman to whimper in pain.  "We're going to have to do something about all this hair first, it's...unsanitary."   Pulling a tray on a wheeled table over to her, Ritsuko picked up a small pair of scissors and showed them to the trembling girl.   With that she started to trim the hair short, catching the fallen curls in a shallow tray.  Finishing with the first trim, she set the scissors back down on the tray and showed the girl all the hair that she had cut off.  Asuka pressed her eyes tightly shut, and missed the gentle smile the older woman gave her before walking off into the darkness.  Her eyes were still shut when Ritsuko returned with a bucket of hot water.  She set it down, then pulled off her black leather gloves, and put on some regular rubber ones.


            Asuka could hear the older woman moving around her, but didn't want to see what she was getting ready to do to her now.  Her eyes shot open as she felt something hot and wet being placed over her crotch.  She could see the doctor packing a hot towel over her pubic area in a mirror that she had placed where Asuka could see it.  She started shaking as in her mind she just KNEW what was going to happen after the cruel doctor shaved her.  She would reach under the cloth cover on the tray and come out with all sorts of evil clamps and would pierce her most tender bits while making her watch in the mirror.


            Ritsuko watched in surprise as the Unit 02 pilot started to shake and give little terrified whimpers while glancing from her to the covered tray.  While imagining the worst could be some scary fun during this kind of play, she didn't want the girl to faint.  "Asuka!" she said while slapping the girl's leg to get her attention.  "I'm not going to do anything that would actually hurt you!  A little pain and some discomfort sure, but nothing permanent."  While she did want her to be a little afraid, she didn't want her to think she was about to be tortured and pass out.  Seeing the young woman calm visibly, she picked up the washcloth from her patient's crotch and dunked it in the hot water again.  This time when she placed it over her trimmed pubic hair, Asuka let out a little pleasure filled moan.  'That's better.'  Ritsuko rubbed the hot cloth gently into the girl's mound getting a little shiver and another moan.  'She's starting to get into it now, a little anyway.'


            Asuka gasped slightly as she felt the cooler air of the room on her wet patch as the warm cloth was pulled off again.  Then warmed once again, it was back soothing her slightly.  'I can't be enjoying this!' she thought as she felt  pleasurable tingles come from the juncture of her legs.  'I can't like this, only bad girls like to be tied up and abused.'  A shiver ran through her as she remembered that the doctor had called her a bad girl, and said that bad girls had to be punished.  She wanted to be at home with Shinji.  Safe little Shinji who would never hurt her, even if she touched herself sometimes at night thinking about him pushing her down on her bed and taking her.  'No!  Bad Asuka!  Don't think things like that, only bad girls like that.'  Her thoughts were interrupted as the cloth came off again, and this time stayed in the bucket.  She watched in fascination as her superior arranged the mirror and the stool she would be sitting on so she could watch as the woman worked.  Asuka swallowed past a dry throat as Ritsuko picked up a can of shaving cream and a razor from the table.  When the older woman held the items up for her to see, Asuka found herself nodding without knowing why.


            Ritsuko nodded happily to herself.  While Asuka was still going to have to be punished, at least she she was relaxing and seemed to be enjoying it a little now.  Feeling better about the job she was doing, she started to apply the foam. 


            Asuka watched in horrified fascination as each stroke with the razor wiped away the foam, and the hair under it, leaving only soft pink skin behind.  She had been very proud when it had sprouted, proof that she was becoming an adult, but she was finding out that it coming off was pretty arousing too.  She flushed bright red as the doctor leaned forward to examine the area she had been working on.  With a clearly unsatisfied look, the older woman pulled the washcloth from the now soapy water and wiped down the area.  After once again scrutinizing her work, she finally seemed satisfied.  Dr. Akagi then picked up a tube of lotion from the table, spreading it over her gloved hands filled the area with the smell of lemons.  As she rubbed the lotion into Asuka's freshly shaven skin, the girl threw her head back into the headrest as her eyes fluttered closed.


            Ritsuko was careful not to let the smile she was feeling inside show itself on her lips as the young Eva pilot's hips started to thrust up at her hands.  Unfortunately for the girl, all the lotion was rubbed in and she whimpered in disappointment as the caressing hands left her crotch.  'Can't let her get off until she properly submits and is punished for her behavior,' thought the naughty doctor as she noticed a small drop of whitish fluid run out of Asuka's vagina.  'Let's see, we've had some humiliation, a little pain, a nice touch of fear, and some pleasure.  I think it's about time for a bit more humiliation.'  With that she started rooting around under the cloth again.  Smiling cruelly, she held up the largest instrument she had for her newest playmate to see.


            Asuka's eyes nearly popped out of her skull when she saw what the gleeful doctor had in her hand.  There were not many women over twelve that were unfamiliar with it, and it was one of her least favorite parts about being a woman.  The older woman turned the steel speculum so that it caught the light, and reflected it into a pair of scared blue eyes.  Asuka knew from past experience that a metal speculum that had not been warmed up first, would be very uncomfortable in her.  Given the way the sadistic doctor was beaming at her, she didn't hold up much hope that the older woman was going to warm it up first this time.


            Watching the way the girl flushed and squirmed as she realized what was about to happen was rapidly becoming a addictive pleasure for the naughty doctor.  Putting the instrument down for a moment, she picked up a tube of lubricant.  Watching as Asuka grimaced with the knowledge of the coming intrusions into her most private place, Ritsuko carefully lubricated a finger.  When the finger covered in the cold, clear gel touched her, Asuka jumped and squirmed against the restraints as her muscles clenched her opening closed.  "Now Asuka, you know that's not going to stop me.  The only one that is going to be hurt by you resisting is you."  Ritsuko paused to contemplate her patient, then continued in a meditative tone, "You know that I will just punish you and then do what I'm going to anyway.  You don't really get a say in what's going to happen, just how unpleasant you make things for yourself.  Or, are you hoping that I'll punish you?"  She couldn't help but smile as Asuka scrunched her face up into an unhappy little grimace around the gag.  The girl relaxed slightly, and Ritsuko was finally able to work her finger into the pilot.  She could feel herself getting wet as Asuka's vaginal muscles worked to milk her finger, while a muffled gasp came from behind the gag.


            Asuka bit into the rubber ball between her teeth as she felt the doctor wiggle the intruding digit in her.  This wasn't the doctor's normal, impersonal exam.  The older woman was flushed and panting slightly, clearly enjoying the feeling of violation that she was inflicting on her.  An unwilling moan was pulled from her throat as the finger hit something particularly sensitive in her.  'I can't be enjoying this!  This isn't like me, I'm a good girl!'  But, her body seemed to think something different as her hips started to buck against the doctor, trying to get her to go deeper inside.  She met Ritsuko's laughing brown eyes with her blue ones as the older woman pulled the teasing finger out of her while giving her an amused look.  Asuka flushed all the way down to her belly as it became appearant that in spite of her mental protestations, the doctor could tell how much she was enjoying things. 


            Ritsuko clucked her tongue at the flushed and panting pilot, doing her best to look disappointed with how the young woman carried on during an exam.  'I wonder if she has noticed just how loud the whistling of her panting through the breathing holes in the gag is getting?'


            She watched as the doctor picked up a far smaller, but still intimidating, speculum from the tray and started coating it with the contents of the tube.  Seeming satisfied with her tool, she positioned it at Asuka's opening and started to push it in.  Asuka's eyes shot open as she felt the cold intruder start to slide into her.  Head pressing back into the headrest, her body tensed as she tried her best to keep her vagina relaxed and allow the intrusion.  She knew that clamping down to keep it out would just make the cruel doctor only stop long enough to slap her, then Dr. Akagi would put it in her anyway.


            Ritsuko pressed the handle of the instrument, causing it to open so she could take a look inside.  "Still haven't succeeded in seducing Kaji I see."  She chuckled to herself as she released the handle, allowing the girl's muscles to close the tool.  Ritsuko carefully worked the tool through the opening in the teen's hymen, it wouldn't do to go and pop her cherry early on accident after all.  Glancing up at the grunting girl, she saw a single tear run down her cheek.  She was pretty sure that it was just due to humiliation, and not actual pain due to how careful she was being, even if it didn't seem like it to the girl.  'Heh, if she thinks she could never feel more humiliated than this in her entire life, she should just wait a couple more minutes.' 


            Finally satisfied with how deep the tool was, she squeezed the handle and locked it open.  Taking a look into the girl, it was all she could do to keep from laughing.  'I knew that she was enjoying this but I had no idea how much.'  "Oh my Asuka, I knew that you were a nasty little slut, but isn't this a bit much?"  Reaching into the indignant teen, she dipped her gloved fingers into the liquid that was pooled in her.  Stepping up to the head of the exam table, she showed Asuka the gleaming strands of fluid that connected her coated fingers.  Smearing her coated fingers over the girl's upper lip so she had to smell her own arousal, Ritsuko said, "What a nasty, dirty little girl you are, getting off on being treated like this.  What would Kaji say if he could see you now?"  Smiling nastily as a thought struck her she continued, "For that matter, what would Shinji think?  The girl that hits him and calls him a pervert, leaking all over the place as she gets off on being tied up and humiliated."


            Asuka's face went from flushed red to white, as embarrassment turned to mortification at the thought of the men in her life seeing her like this.  Especially Shinji, he would never look at her the same way again.


            "Hmm, given what a nasty little slut you've turned out to be, I think you might actually like it if they were here to see."  Ritsuko noticed an increase in the moisture seeping from the redhead's pussy walls in the mirror.  She took the teen's head in her hands and forced her to look in the mirror at how wet she was.  "Looks like someone likes the idea of people watching as she gets punished.  Not just a submissive little slut, but an exhibitionist also.  Maybe after we finish punishing you, you would like to take them both on at the same time?"  Ritsuko took a moment to send the horrified teen a curious glance.  "How about it, want me to call them?  After we take turns spanking you, you could suck Shinji's cock while Kaji shoves it up your ass?  Or, maybe you would prefer things the other way around?  After all, Kaji only wishes he was as big as Shinji."

            Asuka shook her head back and forth, horrified at the thought of them seeing her like this.


            "No?  Ah well, more Asuka for me then."  Ritsuko paused to look into the mirror, then continued, "First we need to do something about all this juice in you.  How do you expect me to preform a pelvic exam if you're leaking all over the place?"  Dr. Akagi walked over to her tray and pulled a syringe off of it.  She smiled into the teen's scared blue eyes as she pulled the needle off the end.  She rolled the piece of plastic between her fingers, the metal catching the light, as she savored the pilot's terror.  With a gleeful smile, she popped the needle into the medical sharps container.  Her fingers twirled the syringe as she stepped between Asuka's spread legs.  She poked the end of it into the girl, and proceeded to suck up as much of Asuka's lubrication as she could. Once she had filled the tube with a surprising amount of fluid, she held it up for Asuka to see.  "What a very naughty girl you are!  Just look at how wet you are from me just tying you up and shaving your pussy."  Ritsuko paused to look at the trapped liquid, then continued, "What shall we do with all this yummy pussy juice?  Hmm, your such a naughty little girl that I bet after you finish fingering yourself while thinking about Shinji having his way with you, you lick your fingers clean." 


            Asuka shook her head in disgust, she always wiped herself clean with a tissue after fantasizing about Shinji having his way with her.

            Ritsuko stepped up to the head of the table and leaned over Asuka.  "Let's just have a taste shall we?"  Ritsuko squeezed some out onto her gloved finger where the teen couldn't help but see, and popped it into her mouth.  "Mmmm, very tasty!  But, it would be wrong of me to take all this tasty honey you made for myself.  Here, try some."  With that Ritsuko took Asuka's chin in her hand, popped the end of the syringe into one of the breathing holes in the gag, and pressed the plunger down.  She stepped back to contemplate the gagging teen as she tried to deal with the sudden flood of tangy fluid in her mouth.  "Tasty aren't you?  No?  Well, don't worry, you will grow to love it in time."


            Ritsuko stepped back to contemplate what to do with her new playmate next, and came up...blank.  While she had lots and lots of hoses, and nozzles, and catheters(oh my) that she would simply love to introduce the girl to, there was the question of going too far their first time.  And, it didn't really help that Asuka was already slated for someone else.  When Asuka finally stopped sputtering, she stepped back to the head of the exam table, and took the gag out of the panting teen's mouth.  While she wasn't broken by any means, she looked pretty aroused.  Knowing that she should be far less resistant to anything sexual now, it was time for Rits-chan to have some real fun.  With a whirr of motors, the table returned to its flat position while she stripped the rubber exam gloves off her hands.  As the doctor hiked her micro skirt over her hips and displayed her black silk thong, she said, "Now, you're going to go down on me, and you're going to do a good job of it or I'm going to punish you even more than I'm already planning on.  Oh and by the way, if I should feel teeth you are going to feel something get pierced, understood?"  Ritsuko watched the scared teen nod, then told her, "If you are a good girl and do what I tell you, you will get a nice reward."


            Asuka watched with wide eyes as the doctor straddled her head.  As the older woman's panty covered crotch approached her face, she could see the growing wetspot.  Asuka had never even thought about sex with anyone but a man, and started to panic as she realized she had no idea what to do and the crazy doctor would punish her if she didn't do a good job.  Her lips trembling, Asuka closed her eyes and gave the wetspot a tentative lick.  Grimacing at the flavor, she made herself lick again and again.  While she hadn't been terribly fond of her own flavor, it was far better than Ritsuko's strongly flavored pussy.  She must have been doing something right so far, as the doctor sighed and started to play with her breasts.  Asuka arched up a little at the squeezing hands, just before they were pulled away.


            "No, no, no, little subslut," Dr. Akagi playfully reprimanded.  "You please me, then you may get pleased.  Not the other way around.  Stop licking through my panties, pull them to one side with your mouth and get your tongue up in there and I'll give you something niiiice."


            Asuka didn't even think twice about doing what she had been told.  She just took her tongue and ran it under the elastic so she could get a grip with her lips.  She had to try a few times before she was able to bare the older woman's bald pussy.  This time, she only hesitated for a moment before she started lapping at the wet flesh.  The flavor was much stronger now, but she was slowly getting used to it.  The doctor clearly approved of her enthusiasm as the hands that had been gently squeezing her breasts, now returned and focused on her nipples.


            Ritsuko moaned with pleasure at the feeling of the unexperienced tongue working on her pink folds.  What the girl lacked in skill, she was making up for with growing confidence and enthusiasm.  As a reward, she ran her right hand down the girl's belly to where the speculum still stuck out of her. Running her fingers around the metal, and then gently twisting the device, she started to teach Asuka about pleasing women.  Every time the teen did something she liked with her tongue, Ritsuko would hit a spot that she knew Asuka would love with her fingers. 


            After a few minutes, the naughty doctor decided that the tool was more in the way than helpful, and it was time for it to come out.  She first closed the device, and then pulled it out of the girl.  Tossing it carelessly onto the covered tray, she was presented with Asuka's gaping and leaking pink hole.  She waited until Asuka started to lick around her clit again, then leaned forward to do the same to the teen.  Ritsuko smiled into the pink and glistening cleft as the girl stopped licking and moaned loudly into her pussy.  'Looks like little Ms. Soryu enjoys a woman's touch after all.'  Ritsuko sat up and then turned herself so that she was facing the redhead while straddling her chest.  "Did you like that Asuka?"  Smiling at the eager nod, she ran her fingers through red hair matted with sweat, "If you do a good job and get me off soon, I'll go back down there and lick you some more.  Does that sound like a good deal?"


            "Y-yes," Asuka stuttered as the way the older woman was looking at her like a cat that had just cornered a fat and juicy mouse made her heart pound.  She kept her eyes open this time as Ritsuko straddled her face again, watching as the pink and leaking lips approached her own.  She leaned her head forward, trying to get her tongue into the other woman as soon as she could, but the cruel doctor had stopped just out of reach.  Asuka felt like she was about to burst into tears.  Pain, humiliation, fear, and arousal had combined to cloud her thoughts and now that the older woman was teasing her when she actually wanted to do what she was told, it was almost more than the teen could take. 


            Fortunately Ritsuko had teased herself enough for one day, and finally settled down onto Asuka's face.  Tossing her head back as she felt an eager tongue drug up her slit, the fake blond's eyes fluttered closed.  Asuka was clearly into it now as she attacked the hole in front of her, little moans and sighs escaping her lips as she worked.  Running a hand through the bound girl's hair, it was all Dr. Akagi could do to hold on under the enthusiastic assault.  Her hands suddenly gripped the redhead's head tight as her body arched back in a painful looking spasm, thigh muscles visibly flexing as she came into the teen's eager mouth. 


            Asuka winced at the rough hands, while coughing as she tried to deal with the large amount of tangy juice that suddenly filled her mouth to overflowing.  Her stunned sapphire eyes met the doctors glazed brown ones as the older woman finally came back to herself.  Watching as her still twitching superior climbed off onto legs that wobbled like jelly, all she could think was, 'Wow!  I did that?'


            Ritsuko, still quite dazed, regarded the girl on the table.  She wanted her in the worst way, but Asuka still wasn't quite there yet.  "I think someone deserves a reward for doing such a good job for a first timer," the doctor panted.  Sitting on the stool between the teen's spread legs, she went to town on the freshly shaven muff.  As her tongue and lips danced over the teen's cleft, Ritsuko was careful to listen to and gauge how close Asuka was getting.  She needed to get the girl as close as possible to coming as she could, without pushing her over for the next part of her training.  It didn't take long for Asuka's cries to become sharp and fast, the moment it looked like she was right on the edge, Ritsuko pulled away and stood up.  Faced with how adorably disappointed the girl looked as she whimpered for her to continue, it was all she could do to keep from burying her face back into the teen's crotch.  "Sorry Asuka, but I just remembered that I still haven't punished you yet."  Giving the pleading teen a gleeful smile, she continued, "We can't have you getting your reward for being a good girl before your punishment right?"


            It took everything Asuka had to not burst into tears.  She was really sorry for being a bad girl, and was going to do her best to behave if the older woman would just continue doing what she had been doing.


            "It's just a little punishment, and I think that you will actually enjoy it.  Do you know what it is?"  Dr. Akagi asked.  At Asuka's shaken head, Ritsuko smiled and continued, "It's what every bad little girl needs, a good spanking."  'Hmm, nice.  She actually looks a little excited as well as afraid, perfect.'


            Asuka held still as the straps were undone, any thoughts of running had totally fled her mind, pushed out by the burning fire in her loins.  'I'm actually looking forward to this?'  She thought wonderingly as the final bond was removed.  'I think I'd agree to just about anything if she will just let me get off!'  When Ritsuko helped her off the table, she just stood there waiting for what would come next as the older woman sat on the stool, then patted her lap.


            The teen just stared at her uncomprehendingly, Dr. Akagi clarified, "Come on, assume the position."  When Asuka kept looking at her, clearly not knowing what she wanted, Ritsuko pulled her arm and positioned the Unit 02 pilot across her lap.  "This is the position, when some one says 'assume the position,' this is what they mean."  Seeing the redhead nod, she started to rub and squeeze the firm young buns before her, "Now, I'm going to turn your butt the same color as your plugsuit, are you going to take it like a good girl?"  At the scared nod, she stopped her caresses for a moment, pulling her hand away.  Ritsuko laughed inside as the teen jumped when her hand returned to gently rubbing her soft skin.  Then she pulled her hand away and gave the teen a good, firm swat.


            Asuka's entire body jerked at the slap on the ass, a shocked gasp coming from her mouth.  She moaned slightly as the doctor returned to caressing the now rosy spot on her ass, then came a second hard whack on the other cheek.  Asuka whimpered a little from the pain and humiliation she was feeling as Ritsuko alternated firm smacks with tender caresses.


            Pausing to contemplate her work for a moment, Ritsuko examined the nice cherry red of the Unit 02 pilot's ass.  "That should do for a good warm up Asuka."


            'Just a warm...up?'  Was all that Asuka was able to think before the older woman got back to work spanking her.  This time after each sharp crack against her ass, the hand dipped between her legs and caressed her drooling hole.  The first time the doctor's fingers flicked her clit, Asuka jumped almost as hard as when Ritsuko first started to spank her.  Moaning loudly now as her ass came up to meet the hand, she couldn't stop herself as the pain in her ass mixed with the fire in her belly, then exploded.


            Ritsuko had to hold on hard to the thrashing teen so she didn't drop her on the floor as Asuka came all over her leg.  Ritsuko pulled the twitching girl into her lap, "There, there.  That's a good girl, let it all out," she soothed the teen while rubbing her back.  'That couldn't possibly have gone better,' she thought as the girl calmed down.  "Eh, what was that Asuka?"


            "S-sorry.  I'm so sorry."  Asuka sniffled a little as she pulled back to look into the older woman's eyes, "I've been such a brat."  Her tear filled eyes widened in surprise as the blond leaned forward and gave her a gentle kiss.


            "That's all right Asuka, I'm not the one you should really be apologizing to though."  Dr. Akagi took the girl's delicate chin in her hand and looked into her tearing eyes.  "You know who you should really tell that you're sorry, right?"  At the teen's nod Ritsuko grinned, then put her finger over the girl's lips to stop her from talking.  "We'll talk about how to make things up to him a little later, for now are you feeling better?"


            "Yes," came the low reply from Asuka.


            "Good, good.  Did you like your punishment?"  'She's just too cute,' Ritsuko thought at the younger woman's embarrassed nod.  "There is nothing wrong with enjoying that, you should see the things Maya likes me to do to her."  Reassured by the small smile she got from the naked girl, Dr. Akagi motioned for Asuka to stand.


            Asuka let the woman lead her back over to the exam table, then leaned forward over it putting her red cheeks in the air.  The Unit 02 pilot shivered at the feeling of her juices running down her legs from her drooling pussy.  She could hear the doctor doing something behind her, but didn't know what it was.  Then she gasped in surprise as something cool and soothing was rubbed into her smarting butt.  "Ooh," she moaned at the massage.


            Ritsuko was grinning broadly as she rubbed some more lotion into Asuka's sore ass.  The teen was pushing back into her fingers, now eager to be touched.  Unfortunately the tube was soon empty.  Regretfully Ritsuko pulled her hands off the girl's butt after working the last of it into the tender skin. Wiping off her hands on a towel, she picked up a control from the table and pressed a button on it.  "Asuka, why don't you go clean yourself up in the bathroom?"  She asked while pointing at an open door across the room that light was now spilling from.  "When you are done, we can play some more if you want to."  She paused to wag her finger playfully at the teen, "But, no playing with yourself in there, ok?"


            After cleaning herself up in the shower, Asuka looked into the mirror.  Her eyes were still red from the tears she had shed during the spanking and her apology to the older woman.  She was rather surprised to find that she wasn't mad at herself for breaking her promise to never cry again.  She actually felt better than she had in years.  'I...guess I really did need that.' 


            Opening the bathroom door, she came face to face with the choice that Dr. Akagi had told her about.  On one side of the room she could see the now lit up door out.  On the other, Ritsuko reclined naked on a large bed covered with black silk sheets.  In the middle, the exam table stood, her school uniform folded neatly on top of it.  Asuka took a step towards the table...




            Shinji looked up at the sound of the apartment door opening.  "Misato, where's Asuka?"  he asked, worried when he saw a distinct lack of volatile redheads. 


            Misato walked over to the battered couch, and sat next to the boy.  "Shinji, you know how Asuka is angry all the time,"  she waited for his answering nod before continuing, "Dr. Akagi is giving her a special...treatment."  At his scared look she clarified, "It's nothing bad, Ritsuko is just helping her get in touch with some of the feelings that she normally keeps buried.  She should be a lot calmer and happier afterwards.  But, she is going to need your help and support.  Are you going to be able to go along with what ever she wants you to do, no matter how strange it may seem?"


            "Y-yes, Misato." he said, still worried about his roommate.


            "All right, go ahead and get started on lunch for the two of us.  Asuka probably won't be home until dinnertime."




            Asuka took a step towards the table...and then started walking towards the bed.  Her inhibitions and pride teamed up to remind her that she didn't have to stay here and put up with this shit any longer.  Curiosity and desire were stronger this time and she kept walking to the bed.


            Ritsuko smiled openly as she watched the play of the toned teen's muscles under her soft skin.  'This is going to be sooooo much fun!'  She was flexible enough that she could play either top or bottom, but a new playmate was always her favorite.  "Asuka, do you remember why you are here?"


            Asuka licked her lips nervously before saying, "I'm a bad little girl and need to be punished."


            "That's right.  But, you have been punished and can leave anytime you want.  Why are you still here?  Did you like being punished or something?"  Ritsuko listened for a moment to a murmured reply.  "I'm sorry Asuka, I didn't catch that."


            "Y-yes, I liked it."  The redhead murmured a little louder.


            "Hmm, what part did you like?  I might do it for you again if you tell me."  Ritsuko just looked at the flushed and embarrassed teen standing infront of her.  After about a minute of waiting for a reply, she decided that a more hands on approach might work better.  Standing up she started to circle the teen, caressing her flawless skin with gentle strokes of her fingers.  "Did you like waking up naked and being humiliated by me?"


            "Yes," Asuka whispered.


            Ritsuko took the trembling girl's arms and crossed them behind her back, holding them in place with her left hand, while she whispered into Asuka's shell-like ear, "Did you like being tied up?"  She paused to hear the girl answer in the affirmative.  "You looked so cute and helpless, it was all I could do not to jump on top of you." 


            Asuka moaned as the older woman first gave her ear a little lick, then popped her earlobe into her mouth for a quick suck.  She arched her back when she felt Ritsuko's right hand start to knead her breast.


            Giving the firm mound one final squeeze, she savored the feeling of silky smooth girl skin as she ran her fingers down Asuka's belly to the fork of her legs.  Cupping firmly the moist heat she found here, she said, "Did you like it when I touched you?"


            "Yes Dr. Akagi,"  Asuka said breathlessly.  She gasped sharply when Ritsuko suddenly pushed one of her fingers into her tight little pussy.


            Ritsuko pulled her smeared finger out and held up in front of Asuka's face.  "There is only really one thing you need to remember, obey and you will be rewarded.  Disobey, and you will be punished.  Do you understand?"




            "Good girl."  Ritsuko brought her finger up to the redhead's lips, "Now lick."  She swallowed past a throat that seemed filled with cotton as she felt the girl's delicate pink tongue lap at her finger.  'Oh yeah, this is so hot!' she thought as Asuka wrapped her lips around the digit and started to suck.  When she slowly pulled her finger out of the teen's mouth with a small pop, the girl followed for a moment to give it a last lick. 


            Asuka shivered as the older woman left a trail of moisture down her body, before dipping it back into her drooling pussy.  When it was nicely coated again, it was once again held in front of her sapphire blue eyes.  When she leaned forward to suck it again, the finger wiggled no.  Asuka turned her eyes towards Ritsuko for instructions.


            Dr. Akagi smiled warmly at the teen, she was learning well.  "You may now suck," she commanded.  Once the girl had popped the finger into her mouth and started to try to suck every single molecule of her essence off, Ritsuko said, "Mmmm, looks like you have quite a talent for cocksucking."  Pulling her finger out again, she released the arms she was holding behind and walked over to the nightstand by the bed.  "How would you like to try sucking something a bit more substantial?"  She opened the second drawer down and looked over her dildos.  Arraigned in a line they went from smallest on the left, to largest on the right.  She picked up one from the middle, and gave the tip a quick kiss before rubbing it against her cheek.  Shinji-kun was one of her favorites.  From the next drawer down, she pulled out a harness that had a dildo sticking up out of the crotch, space for one to attach to the front, and two controllers on cords.  With a practiced hand, she attached Shinji-kun to the front of it, hooking it up to the second controller.  Ritsuko turned to face Asuka, and looked into the blue eyes of the nervous and fidgeting teen as she worked the crotch dildo into herself.  She adjusted the heat setting on both controls before walking over to Asuka and taking the girl's right hand and wrapping it around the rapidly warming length.


            In awe Asuka squeezed the warm, firm, length in her hand.  It felt like she had always thought that Kaji's would feel if she could just get him interested.  She moved her hand back towards Ritsuko, and the outer layer of 'skin' peeled back, showing the large purple head.


            "This is one of the finest dildos money can buy.  I have them specially made to specification, this one is based off Shinji."  Ritsuko couldn't help but laugh when Asuka's eyes bugged out and she snatched her hand off the dildo.  "It won't bite you Asuka, it's just based off measurements I took from him, not actually him."


            "But...he's not that big!"  Asuka exclaimed.


            "Hmm, sounds like you've seen him naked," Ritsuko said, smiling like a shark.


            "Hah!  The pervert exposed himself to me!"


            "Meaning, you walked in on him in the bathroom right?" the older woman said knowingly.


            'More like accidentally walked into his room while he was getting dressed,' thought the blushing teen.  "He's still a pervert," she muttered.


            "Asuka," Ritsuko said in a warning tone.  "Do I need to remind you about who just came all over my leg from getting a spanking?  You know as well as I do that he is innocent of what you like to claim."  Seeing the girl settle down at that, she patted the bed next to her and waited for the girl to sit down.  "Men grow a lot when they get turned on," she said with a naughty smile.


            Asuka just gave her a dubious look.  "How did you find out what he looks like when hard?"  A naughty little fantasy played out in her mind where the doctor forced her attentions on Shinji.


            Dr. Akagi gave a very naughty smile, "Sperm samples don't take themselves, and he was having a little trouble with getting it for me.  Want to hear about it?"  At the girl's nod she started her story.




            "Here you go Shinji," Ritsuko said as she ushered the boy dressed only in a paper exam gown into the small room.  "There is plenty of reading material so there should be something you like.  Movies are over here, lube on the counter, just try to fill the cup to the line, ok?  If you need anything you don't see here, don't hesitate to ask."  With that Ritsuko closed the door behind herself, leaving Shinji alone.


            He looked nervously around the room.  There was so much porn that Toji and Kensuke would think they had died and gone to heaven.  From racks of SDVDs advertising "18 Hours of Non-Stop Hardcore Action!" to very explicit magazines, to jars with pumps marked "Jerkin' Juice." 


            On the list of places he would least like to be, this room was just above going lingerie shopping with Misato again.  He didn't want to sit on the little couch, he didn't want to stand, and most of all, he didn't want to touch anything in the room.  After standing there for several minutes he thought, 'I...guess I should get started.'  He tentatively reached out and picked up a magazine from one of the racks.  His eyes bugged out a moment later at the sight of two hairy men engaged in a very deep kiss.  He quickly stuffed it back onto the gay porn rack, and returned to standing nervously in the middle of the room.  He was still just standing there twenty minutes later when someone knocked on the door.


            "Everything all right in here Shinji?"  Dr. Akagi asked as she opened the door and walked in.  With a meaningful glance at the still unopened specimen cup she said, "Can't find anything you like?"


            Shinji just stood there blushing, while he tried to sink through the floor.


            Ritsuko smiled warmly at him.  "I thought you might need a hand.  Go sit on the couch, I think I have something that should really get you in the mood."  With that she turned away from him and started working on the TV.  She replaced "Beach Blanket Bondage #23" with an unmarked disk from her lab coat. When she turned around, she was pleased to see that the boy was obediently sitting on the little love seat.  His eyes were still locked on the floor though.  She watched him from the corner of her eye as she sat next to him, noticing a nervous glance her way.  Casually settling next to him, she took the remote and hit play.


            Shinji flicked his eyes briefly to the TV, then they bugged out when he saw who was on it. 


            "Is it on Sempai?"  Maya asked while reclining nude on a bed covered in black sheets.  A moment later, Ritsuko Akagi stepped into view, naked as the day she was born.


            Next to her, Dr. Akagi noticed Shinji making preparations to bolt for the door.  Wrapping her left arm around his shoulders amorously, she said, "I've seen how you look at Maya, and caught you sizing me up a few times."


            He squeezed his eyes tight in preparation for the slap he knew was coming.  "I'm sorry!"  They popped open a moment later as her fingers gently turned his face towards hers.


            "We don't mind Shinji, it's flattering for a woman to be appreciated by such a handsome young man.  I was very happy to see you checking me out, and that nice large bulge you got in your pants made me know how much you liked what you saw."  She took her right hand and started to rub his knee through the thin gown while purring, "Just watch the movie and let me take care of everything else."


            He settled back in the couch, but was unable to keep his attention on the film when the older woman's hand started to massage its way up his leg, pushing the hem of the gown higher and higher.  Shinji swallowed hard when her hand started to rub his growing erection through the thin paper.


            Ritsuko smiled to herself as she felt him grow in her hand.  'He's got a nice fat one,' she thought while licking her lips with desire.  Deciding that he was hard enough, she took her hand away for a moment to pump some lubricant into her palm.  Pushing up the gown, she took him back into her hand and started stroking firmly.


            Shinji just sat there, almost too nervous to enjoy the warm slick grip around his dick.  The the naughty doctor next to him scooted closer and pressed her full breasts against his arm.  He turned his head to meet her smiling eyes as she snuggled against him.


            "Do you like this Shinji?" she purred while squeezing his meat.  "Mmm, you're so nice and hard.  Young men really are the best, it's always a pleasure to teach sex ed hands on.  Do you want to try something that's even better than just a hand job?"  At his timid nod, she took the sample cup in her hand while she got down on her knees before him.  Still stroking firmly, she leaned forward to give his head a lick.  After a quick tongue bath, she popped the engorged purple head between her lips and gave him a firm suck.


            Eyes rolling into the back of his head at the sensory overload, even Shinji couldn't be depressed at the polishing his knob was getting.  Actually, his sense of self worth did try to tell him how worthless he is and that Dr. Akagi was just doing this so he would stop hogging the room her porn collection is in, but it was bitch slapped down by his libido.


            Slurping happily on Shinji's cock, Ritsuko contemplated just how much she loved breaking in virgins.  A love that had required Commander Ikari's intervention to keep her out of jail a couple of times.  Not that she hung around schoolyards or anything like that, but a few times she had picked up young people in clubs. 


            'Hopefully, Shinji will like this and ask me to teach him a few more things.'  She smiled around the mouthful of hard man she was enjoying at the thought.  She almost ended up swallowing the sample she was supposed to get due to her fantasy, but managed to get most of his load into the cup.  The first couple spurts that hadn't ended up painting her tonsils, she swished around in her mouth enjoying the flavor.  She waited until he was looking right at her before she showed him how much of his load she had kept for herself.  Looking deep into his ocean blue eyes, she swallowed noisily.  "Mmmm, you're very tasty Shinji.  Did you enjoy that?" 


            The Unit 01 pilot could just nod dumbly as if the doctor had just sucked his brains out.


            Dr. Akagi gave him a steamy smile as she started to pull her lab coat off her shoulders.  "Want to try something else that's really fun?"  She asked just before a loud beeping came from the pocket of her coat.  "Shit.  Sorry Shinji, but we will have to take this up again later on."  She leaned forward to kiss him on the lips before saying, "Any time you feel like you need a woman, my door is always open."  With a last smoldering look, she walked out of the room.




            "You mean you...?"  Asuka trailed off in shock.


            "No, unfortunately every single time I try to go past just a blow job, something always comes up."  Ritsuko gave the redhead a naughty smile.  "As far as I know he's still a virgin, ripe and ready for the plucking."  She paused for a moment to start Asuka jacking off the strap-on she was wearing again.  During her story she had managed to get the horny teen to play with her meat substitute, after all this was supposed to be educational for the girl.  "You could land him pretty easily if you try..."


            "Ewww, what would I want a little boy like that for?"  Asuka said, scrunching up her face.


            Ritsuko squeezed the girl's hand around the veiny shaft in her hand.  "He's not that 'little' remember?  And I think we both know what you actually think about him."  When the teen opened her mouth to give voice to her constant stream of protests when ever anyone suggested she had any interest in the boy, Ritsuko interrupted, "Would you like to see the MAGI data from your plugsuit?  Every time he acts the least bit commanding, your heart rate, body temperature, and respiration spike.  So which should I believe, repeated scientific data or a bad little girl that I've already had to spank once today?"


            Asuka just flushed and stared at the tile floor.  "Alright, he's not all that bad.  If he would only act like he has a spine more often," she groused.


            'Perfect,' thought the smiling woman.  "What would you say if there was a way to get him to act like that more often?"   Ritsuko said meditatively.


            "How?"  The redhead demanded.


            "Kneel," the older woman commanded, pointing to the floor between her legs.  When Asuka just gave her an uncomprehending look, Ritsuko grabbed her shoulder and pushed her onto the floor.  "Do as you're told and I will tell you how to get him."  Once the girl was playing with her fake dick again, she said, "Do you remember your Psychology classes from the University?"  She waited for the girl to nod before continuing, "Do you remember the section about conditioning?"


            Asuka nodded while she kept running her hand up and down like Ritsuko had showed her.  "What does that have to do with getting Baka to act like a man?"


            "I'm glad you asked that Asuka," Dr. Akagi said while pulling the teen's head close to the dildo.  "Kiss it." 


            Once the girl was doing as she had been told, she continued, "You've been trying to get him to act more confidant by punishing him when he acts weak.  That hasn't really worked too well has it?" 


            Asuka paused in rubbing her pink lips over the plum colored head.


            "Lick now."  She smiled down at the girl as her little pink tongue started flicking around the head.  The feeling of power over the usually volatile pilot was intoxicating.


            "You would get better results if you reward him when he acts confidant.  What have you learned today?"


            Asuka pulled her lips away but kept pumping with her hand, "I'm a bad little girl and I like being punished."  She couldn't help but shiver as she admitted how she really felt.


            "Very good.  Now would you like it if Shinji was the one punishing you for being bad?"  She waited for Asuka's embarrassed nod before continuing, "If he was strong and firm with you, how would you reward him for being so confidant?"  She smiled as Asuka opened her lips and popped the head of the strap-on into her mouth.  "Good girl.  Very good girl,"  Ritsuko patted the teen on her head while she gave a clumsy attempt at giving head.   "You're getting the idea now.  You act up once in a while to get him to punish you like you want, and in reward for him acting strong, you have some nice hot sex with him."  She reached down to grab the Unit 02 pilot's delicate chin so the girl was looking into her eyes.  "Now, how are you going to get Shinji to act the way you want to?"


            "I'm going to apologize, and ask him to punish me for being a bad girl."  Asuka gave a pleasure filled shiver before continuing, "Then, I'm going to reward him...very well."


            "No, you're not going to just reward him," Ritsuko gave Asuka a naughty, conspiratorial smile.  "You are going to fuck his brains out."  Looking into the teen's scared blue eyes she continued, "For the next part of your training, we are going to get you over your fear of intercourse."  She pointed to the bed, "Lay down and we will get you ready."


            Asuka swallowed hard, suddenly more scared than she had been in quite a while.  "I'm a..."


            "Virgin?  I know, you just let me worry about that."  Dr. Akagi watched as the trembling girl lay back on the silk sheets.  She walked back over to the nightstand and opened the top drawer this time.  From it she pulled a single rubber glove and a tube of lubricant.  Pulling the glove on her right hand, she climbed into bed with the nervous redhead.  "Do you know how I'm going to fuck you, and have you stay a virgin for Shinji?"


            Asuka shook her head, she had no idea how the older woman was going to pull this off.


            Ritsuko purred, "I'm going to stick this," she paused to grip and stroke the fake dick sticking out of the harness, "Up your ass."  At the redhead's terrified look and attempt to scoot back, she said in a low, sensual tone, "Don't worry.  I have a lot of experience in this, and I will be very gentle.  It will only hurt for a moment, just like when Shinji pops your cherry."  Looming over the smaller woman, she smiled and said, "You do trust me don't you?"


            Still really unsure about what the older woman had proposed, Asuka nodded nervously.  She had heard that it hurt a lot, but other than the spanking, Dr. Akagi hadn't done anything painful to her except when she disobeyed.  "O-ok,"  she said in a small, unsure voice.


            The fake blond reached out and ran her fingers soothingly through auburn tresses. "There's a good girl," she said soothingly.  "Just do what your told and everything will be fine."  Ritsuko lay next to the teen, and started to gently pet her.

            While not as hesitant about intimacy anymore, Asuka still paused a moment before sinking into the woman's embrace.  She sighed as Ritsuko wrapped her arms around her and held her for a moment.  Asuka stretched lazily as the fake blond ran her hands up and down her back.  Then she suddenly felt warm breath and lips in her hair, she looked up inquisitively at the smiling older woman.  When Ritsuko leaned in to kiss her, the girl let her eyes flutter closed.  They popped open a moment later as she felt a wet probing at her lips.  Other than an abortive practice kiss with Shinji after a particularly boring blind date, she had no experience at this.  The doctor's tongue was insistent though, and she parted her lips.


            Ritsuko couldn't help but smile as she pulled back from the moaning teen who was trying to clumsily return the kiss.  After sharing a smile for a moment, she leaned back in for some more kissing.  While her mouth and tongue were at play, she got the girl to roll onto her side and worked her hands up and down the Unit 02 pilot's smooth skinned back.


       Asuka felt like she had died and gone to heaven, she had never felt so accepted in her whole life.  When the older woman started to run her lips down to her neck, she turned her head to offer better access.  Her eyes popped open in shocked surprise as she hissed in pain when the older woman bit down on her soft shoulder. 


            Ritsuko smiled at her as she gently lapped at the dented skin, "Nothing like a little pain to spice the pleasure."  Not having to worry about getting Asuka off by accident anymore, she went to town on the girl.  She latched her lips around one nipple, while reaching around the teen's back to tweak the other one with her left hand.  Her right, she ran down Asuka's firm stomach, tickling the fine hairs and making the moaning girl twitch in her embrace.  She then ran her fingers over the soft and smooth bulge where the redhead's pubic hair used to be, then plunged them into the warm, inviting wetness.  She had raised this technique to perfection on Maya, and was going to make sure that Asuka nearly drowned in pleasure.


            Shuddering and writhing under the assault on her senses, it was all that Asuka could do to hold on.  Gone were the teasing caresses from when Ritsuko was trying to teach her how to please a woman, this time the older woman went right for what she knew would have the biggest effect.  Just when she seemed right on the edge of coming again, the naughty older woman pulled away.  Asuka whined in displeasure at the sudden lack of attention to her hot and needful bits.  "Ooh," she gasped as Ritsuko started to run her lips and tongue down her chest and belly.


            Unable to keep from grinning like a lunatic at how well things were going, Dr. Akagi finally reached the soft, warm cleft her fingers had just left.  While her tongue and lips worked to keep the girl hot and bothered, her hands were busy with their own little project.  Once her right index finger was smeared with cold, clear gel, she started to lick deeper and deeper.  Once her newest playmate was gasping and twitching with a building orgasm, she pressed her lubed finger against the pilot's little rosebud and started to massage her way in.


            Asuka squealed in surprise at the cold and slimy intruder at her backdoor, her hands batting ineffectually at the older woman's head.  Whether to push her away or to pull her closer, even Asuka couldn't say.  Nothing had ever gone up there before, and the novel sensation quickly pushed her over the cliff as she came hard.


            Happily lapping up Asuka's cream like a large blond cat, Ritsuko kept twisting and probing at the girl's clenching hole.  Once the teen stopped thrashing and just lay there panting, she was able to work the tip of her finger inside.  She took a moment to suck at the pink and glistening lips before her while Asuka got used to the intrusion.  While she worked the pilot to a second orgasm, she began to gently stretch and lubricate Asuka's tightest passage.  Once she decided that her sphincter was loose enough, she worked in first a second and a few minutes later, a third finger.  Motioning for Asuka to lift her hips, Ritsuko slipped a pillow under her lower back and butt.  "Are you ready Asuka?"


            Nodding nervously, Asuka watched with wide eyes as her superior applied the contents of the tube to the fake cock before positioning herself between her legs.  She swallowed past a very dry throat as she felt the warm hardness nestle between her buttocks. 


            The naughty doctor looked hungrily into the scared blue eyes under her.  Asuka's lip was trembling in the cutest way she had ever seen.  Traditionally, Ritsuko should have had Asuka on her hands and knees, but there was no way she was going to miss seeing the look on the girl's face when her ass was filled for the first time.  "Hold yourself open for me," she instructed.  At Asuka's baffled look, Ritsuko took the teen's slim hands in her own and positioned them on her buns.  Now that the girl was pulling her cheeks open, the naughty doctor paused to appreciate the view of the slightly gaping hole.  It was shiny with lubricant, and she could see a little bit of her pink insides.  "Ok Asuka, now try to stay relaxed and push out a little."  With that, the blond started to press the plum colored head against the puckered hole.


            Asuka tried to do as she had been told, but this was a totally new experience for her.  Her tiny little hole did its best to resist the intruder, but due to all the lubricant and the careful stretching, the fake cock slowly slid into her.


            Ritsuko watched fascinated as Asuka's face twisted at the sensation of having her ass drilled for the first time.  "It's almost in, Asuka."


            'Oh god that thing feels huge,' Asuka thought as the shaft just seemed to keep getting bigger and bigger as more of it pressed into her.  "Guh...Ahhh!"  She grunted as the head finally popped into her.  Pain mixed with pleasure radiating from her violated hole, it was all she could do to keep from pulling away from the older woman.


            "Shhhh," Ritsuko whispered as she ran her fingers through sweaty red hair, "It's all right, the hard part is over."  Kissing the girl's tears away while she held very still so Asuka could adjust to the intrusion, she thought, 'She's been so good and cooperative, I'm going to have to treat her extra nice to make up for this.'


            The pain in her ass finally fading away, the Unit 02 Pilot could finally semi-enjoy the feeling of being stretched.  Nodding her permission at the blond's inquisitive look, Asuka braced herself for more fake dick in her bowels.


            Carefully thrusting with her hips, Ritsuko slid two more inches into her newest playmate.  She was unable to keep from smiling at the surprised look the younger woman gave her, "See, I told you the bad part was over with."  Then she leaned forward and kissed the girl tenderly.


            Asuka wasn't too sure how she felt about having her ass fucked.  On one hand now that it didn't hurt, the feeling of fullness was kinda nice.  While on the other, it wasn't really doing anything for her.  Still, when the doctor worked another inch or so into her, she would pause to kiss her, and spend a few minutes trying to make her feel special and appreciated.  Finally the older woman's hips met her legs.  Her eyes bugged out at the realization that the intimidatingly large shaft was now all the way up her butt.


            Seeing that everything was going according to her scenario, Ritsuko reached down to the controllers and turned the vibration on.


            "Oh, fuck!" Asuka exclaimed as the pleasurable tingles from the dildo spread throughout her body.


            "Mmm, you like that?"  Ritsuko asked as pulled her hips slowly back until just the head was left in the teen's clutching ass.  As she pushed slowly back in, she took the redhead's breasts in her hands and started to knead them firmly.


            "Yes, Dr. Akagi," the writhing young woman gasped as the Project E head started to pump faster.


            Ritsuko licked her lips before saying in a breathless voice, "Call me mistress."  At Asuka's surprised look, she took her hand from the girl's right breast and hit the only switches on the controllers that she hadn't touched yet.


            "Oh god! Mistress, oh FUCK!"  Asuka cried as the dildo in her rectum started to writhe and twist.


            "Do you like getting your ass fucked?"  Ritsuko asked as her left hand alternated tweaking the redhead's sapphire hard nipples.  She could feel her own orgasm building in her belly, and desperately wanted Asuka to come with her.


            "Yes, Mistress!"  The pilot panted, "Please don't stop fucking my ass."


            "Are you my naughty little anal butt-slut?"  Dr. Akagi demanded as her right hand rubbed hard at her playmate's drooling lower mouth.


            "Oh, god yes Mistress!  Oh fuck, oh fuck," The Second Child chanted, almost too far gone to understand what she was saying.  All she knew was that all the talk was making her hotter than ever before.


            "What are you going to do when you get home?"  'Almost there, just a little more...'


            "HA, HA, I'm going to fuck Baka's brains out his ears, and make him mi...mi, MINNNEEEE....Ugh!"   With that last cry, Asuka's blue eyes rolled back into her head and she flopped bonelessly onto her back, unconscious.


            Shuddering in her own titanic orgasm, it was almost a minute before Ritsuko was in any shape to check to make sure the pilot was alright.  'Damn, I've never seen anyone come like that before,' she thought awed as she took the girl's pulse and checked her pupils.  "Wow," she panted as she slowly pulled the strap-on from Asuka's abused hole.  As much as she wanted to just cuddle up to the girl and nap, her partner's safety came first.  'She's going to be sore later on, but looks fine.' 


            After she turned off her toys and removed the harness, she put her still trembling legs over the side of the bed and grabbed her cell phone from the nightstand.  "It's me.  Yeah, everything went better than I planned."  She paused to listen to the person on the other side, "Yeah, once she relaxed and got into it she was a very good girl.  I don't think you will have many problems from her now, just make sure everything is ready on your end.  Hmm?  No, she was very good for me, I'm going to take her for something to eat and a bit of shopping before I drop her off.  Ok, I'll drop her off at six."  Ritsuko punched disconnect, and tossed the cell back on the table before laying back next to the napping teen.


            Dr. Akagi ran her fingers tenderly through sweaty red hair, "You were a very good girl today, and put up with a dirty old woman's perversions.  I'm going to show you a very good time."  Pressing her slick body against the girl's, she cuddled up for a quick nap.




            Thanks to my prereaders:  bsmart, Warpwizard, and Rommel who suggested some really nice kinky things to happen to Asuka in the future.