Neon Genesis: Evangelion
Episode 22.5
Sidestory: Asuka's Pride

Ladies and gentlemen! Perverts of all (legal) ages! Welcome back to The *Not* Greatest Show On Earth, the perverse mind of... me, SIGMA! I told y'all in the Parting Shot of my last fic that I wasn't done with Eva, not by a long shot. Seeing as Shinji's confidence is up thanks to his encounter with Misato, I figured he's not about to take any more crap from Asuka. Besides, she could use a confidence boost as well, don't ya think? Critics please note: I am well aware that the events of these stories play hell with the series' continuity, but frankly, I don't give a damn. Consider it a 'parallel' storyline if that makes you feel better. Like the first chapter, this is heavy on romance and plot development, so just be patient. I promise you, the buildup will be well worth the delay. Really. And now, may I direct your attention to the center ring, where I am proud to present... *drumroll please* THE LEGAL CRAP!! I don't own Evangelion. If I did, I'd be rich, and I'm not. This story contains scenes of a graphic sexual nature between minors, so if you have a problem with that, you need to run away very very fast. Ditto if you aren't of legal age to view such things in your area. The characters used herein are fictional. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or otherwise, would be extremely freaky. That's about it. Thank you, GOOD NIGHT!

Note: * = thought. Duh.

She sat there, staring blankly ahead, as the crimson giant before her was drawn back down the launch shaft. If she noticed the movement, or anything else around her, there was no sign. She had failed; that's all there was to it. She'd had her chance, her last chance to do something, anything, against the Angels, but the damn thing had just hovered there, out of range of any of her weapons. Then it happened. A presence, something foreign, inside her head, raping her mind... Making her relive every terrible memory of her past, over and over again... And to top it all off, she'd been rescued by... by that heartless bitch, Ayanami. It was too much for the German girl's pride to take. To lose was humiliation enough, but to be saved from certain death by that emotionless doll! She hugged herself tightly, rocking slowly back and forth, lost in her own despair. Until she heard a familiar voice, calling a familiar-sounding name...
"Asuka?" Shinji Ikari approached the barrier of yellow "CAUTION!" tape surrounding the battle scene, relief and concern vying for dominance in his voice. "Hey, I'm... glad you're all right, Asuka..." His concern tapered off at her response.
"Shut up!" the redhead snarled, choking back a sob. "Who in the hell is OK? How could it get any worse?" Her shoulders shook as her sobbing increased. "That little bitch... That little bitch Rei rescued me! Don't you know I'd rather have died?! I hate her! I hate you, Shinji!" Her voice rose to a piercing scream. "I HATE EVERYTHING!!"
Shinji didn't wait to hear another word. Moving with a swiftness and deliberate purpose unlike any he'd ever displayed, the young boy ducked under the barricade, grabbed a very startled Asuka by the shoulders, and forcibly yanked her up to face him. He glared at her for a moment, then suddenly slapped her across the face!
Asuka could only stare in shock, her feelings of despair momentarily submerged by this utterly unexpected reaction. The Shinji *she* knew didn't have the guts to speak his own mind, let alone show *any* signs of agression! Yet there he was, shaking her by the shoulders and fairly yelling in her face!
"How dare you?" he growled furiously, rage stamped across his features. "Don't ever say that, Asuka! You're an Eva pilot, just like me. We have a job to do, one that only we can do, whether we like it or not." Releasing her shoulders, he backed away a step, though his tirade only seemed to gain momentum. "You think I want to pilot these things? I hate the Evas even more than you do!" Lowering the volume, but not the intensity, he held her blue eyes with his dark ones. "But I won't run away. Not anymore, not ever again. And I won't let you just give up either."
Asuka seemed as though she could be knocked over by a feather. "W... why?" was all she could think to say.
Shinji turned away from her, embarassment clearly evident in his voice and posture. "Because... because I care about you, Asuka. You... mean a lot to me, and I've already lost so much..." His voice dropped to barely a whisper as he finished. "I couldn't bear to lose you, too..."
There was total silence for a long moment as the two young people just stood there, each wrapped in his or her own thoughts. Then...
"Asuka! Thank God you're all right!" Misato puffed out as she came running up to them. "I came as soon as Ritsuko gave me the OK." Wrapping a blanket around the shivering girl, the violet-haired woman put a comforting arm around her young charge. "Come on, let's go home..." Shinji just stood there, watching in silence as the two made their way towards Misato's car.

Later that night...

Asuka tossed and turned in her bed, unable to sleep. No matter what she tried, she couldn't get Shinji's words out of her head. Misato had driven her home, and the older woman had not pressed her to talk, for which Asuka was grateful. Even though she and Misato didn't always see eye to eye (more like never, truth be told), deep down, she admired the major's willingness to take her and Shinji in. She'd taken a long, soothing bath soon after coming home, then fallen asleep at once, completely drained from the events of the day. Sometime later, she awakened to find that night had fallen. >From the silence in the apartment, she assumed that everyone else must be asleep. As she lay there, her mind kept coming back to her earlier confrontation with Shinji, his words to her... *Scheist...* she thought, frowning. *Why can't I get that baka out of my mind? Just what did he mean, anyway, "Couldn't bear to lose me"?* After nearly an hour of this futile circle of thought, she decided to settle the matter once and for all. Not bothering to dress, she opened her door silently, then crept slowly down the hall towards a door marked "Shinji's Lovely Suite". With a stealthy approach that would put a professional thief to shame, she slid his door open and slipped inside.
Shinji, meanwhile, was enjoying a thoroughly wonderful dream. Memories of his time with Misato, a few days ago, floated through his mind. In his unconscious state, various other naughty thoughts took the opportunity to make an appearance, and the lovely figure of Misato was soon joined by images of both Asuka and Rei in various states of undress. Just as Misato's lips were about to meet his, he felt a familar pinching sensation holding his nose shut. With a loud gasp, he was rudely jolted awake, only to have his jaw drop in shock at the sight which met his slightly muddled gaze.
There, standing next to his bed and bending over him, was the lithe, redheaded form of Asuka, wearing her customary sleep clothes: an oversized T-shirt and boxer shorts. Removing her hand from its grasp on his nose, she gave him a somewhat weaker than usual version of her trademark evil grin. "Well, it's about time you woke up," she grumbled.
"A... Asuka? What are you doing in here?" was all Shinji could think to say. To his further confusion, the smile fell from her face, to be replaced with a look of sadness as she shyly looked away.
"I... I couldn't sleep," she confessed, a clear hesitation in her voice. "Do you... think we could, you know, talk for a while?"
Shinji blinked, totally nonplussed. "Uh, sure, I guess." he answered. "What did you want to talk about?"
Asuka moved to the foot of the bed and sat down, still pointedly facing away from her male compatriot. She was silent for a moment, gathering her thoughts. When she spoke, it was without the normal, arrogant tone in her voice, more the sound of the scared young girl that indeed she was. "I... I could have died today, Shinji. I knew that whenever I fought in the Eva, I was risking my life, but I never really believed it until today. It was terrifying," she confessed, a noticeable quaver in her voice. "It was like someone else was inside my head, making me relive all the most horrible, depressing things that ever happened to me, making me remember things I've tried so hard to forget." Sensing her pain, Shinji impulsively moved to comfort her, but stopped short as she continued.
"When I realized I couldn't beat the Angel, couldn't do anything to stop it, something inside me just snapped. I lost all control of myself. I wanted to die, but then..." she took a deep breath to steady herself. "Then Ayanami came out of nowhere, with that strange lance thing, and did in one moment what I couldn't do at all. I hated her for that, and I hated her more for saving my life."
Shinji nodded silently, even though she couldn't see the movement. "I guess I can understand that, Asuka. You always wanted, no, needed, to be the best, didn't you?" His tone made it clear that it wasn't really a question, and he continued without giving her a chance to interrupt. "But there's nothing wrong with making mistakes. As much as you may try to deny it, you're still human, and people sometimes make mistakes. That's no reason to stop trying." Greatly daring, he reached out to place one hand on her shoulder and turn her to face him. "You can't just give up, Asuka. You're too good for that," he joked, getting a tiny smile in response.
Summoning all her courage, Asuka finally decided to ask the question that had brought her to Shinji's room in the first place. "Shinji," she whispered softly, "when you said, earlier today, that you cared about me, what did you mean?"
The boy gulped audibly at the question. "Um, well... I guess I meant just what I said. Even though we've had our share of fights, deep down, I guess I've always sort of looked up to you. You're so much more confident, with the Evas and everything. I... I guess what I'm trying to say is..." His words trailed off as he saw her eyes fill with tears. "I... I'm sorry," he stammered in his trademark apology.
Asuka couldn't help but smile through her tears at his nervousness. "Baka," she whispered softly. "I asked, and you answered my question, so don't apologize." She locked her eyes on his and continued. "When you told me... that you cared about me... You were the first one to say those words since..." she sniffled and wiped her nose on her sleeve. "Well, since a very long time ago." She smiled at him as her voice got softer, somehow different. "It meant a lot to me, Shinji..." Without further ado, she pressed her lips to his.
Shinji almost pulled away, remembering quite vividly what had happened the last time they'd tried this, but quickly relaxed as he remembered his experience with Misato. That, and the fact that she didn't seem to be pinching his nose shut this time, calmed him down enough to actually kiss her back. The kiss lasted only a moment before Asuka pulled away. "Shinji?" she whispered softly.
"Yes?" came the equally quiet response.
"Can... can I stay here with you tonight? I just... I don't want to be alone..." As these words were said, Asuka lost all pretense of self-control and fairly leapt upon a (pleasantly) startled Shinji. Wrapping her arms around him, she sobbed into his shoulder as the events of the day finally became too much for her to bear. For his part, Shinji just held her close, not speaking or judging, just being there for her, gently stroking her hair and back as she cried. Eventually, the emotional storm tapered off, and Asuka released her hold on Shinji. "Thank you," she whispered.

Shinji smiled at her. "It's all right. I'll always be here for you, Asuka..." Greatly daring, he cupped a hand to her chin and kissed her tenderly. Asuka wasted no time in upping the ante, her tongue twining with his as she wrapped her arms around him. Shinji returned the favor, running his hands up and down her back as she melted into his embrace. The kiss lasted much longer this time, that is, until Shinji decided to take another risk. Moving his hand around between their bodies, he gently but firmly cupped her left breast and squeezed slightly. Asuka's eyes shot wide open at the feel of his hand on her, and she broke the kiss and pulled away with a jerk.
"S... Shinji! What are you doing?" she gasped. Shinji's eyes locked with hers, confusion and embarassment clearly visible in his gaze.
"I just... I thought you... I... I'm sorry..." he stammered out, blushing brightly. Asuka stared at him for a moment, then grinned.
"Well, it's about time you took a hint," she grinned back at him. "And here I thought I was going to have to make all the moves tonight..." Before Shinji could react, she leapt back into his arms, twisting so that her back was to his front. Taking his hand in hers, she placed it firmly back atop her breast and leaned back into him, whispering, "Just be gentle..." Confused, but not about to let this opportunity go to waste, Shinji brought his other hand around to cup her other breast. Remembering what Misato had taught him about the female body and its reactions to pleasure, he ran his fingers in slow circles around her nipples, feeling them harden against his palms. Asuka moaned softly at his touch. "Mmm, nice..." she purred contentedly.
His confidence rising, Shinji began toying with her right nipple through the fabric of her t-shirt, while his other hand began to drift lower, caressing her ribcage and belly before taking hold of the hem and tugging slightly. "May I?" he asked, pinching her nipple as he did so. Asuka's soft *oh!* of pleasure was all the answer he needed. Using both hands, he slowly slid her top up her body, causing her to cry out again as the fabric rubbed against her hardened nipples. Pulling it off, he placed his hands back on her breasts, enjoying the feeling of skin against skin.
Asuka whimpered softly as she felt his hands on her body. She'd been a little nervous at first, having never let *anyone* touch her like that before, but the feelings she was experiencing more than made up for that. *Mein Gott,* she thought, *who would have guessed that Shinji knew this much?* As his hands continued to toy with her sensitive flesh, she began to feel a strange hardness pressing against her from behind. *What the...?* she thought, confused for a split second, then blushed brightly as she realized what *it* was. Pulling away from Shinji just enough to turn in his embrace, she placed a swift kiss on his lips, then smiled at him. "I see you're enjoying this..." she teased, causing him to blush an equally bright shade of red.
Shinji gulped and nodded. "I've been dreaming of this moment ever since I met you," he admitted with a sheepish grin.
Asuka smirked as she ran her hands under his t-shirt to caress his chest, causing Shinji to groan in pleasure. "I bet you have," she teased, the grin on her face belying the mock-annoyance in her tone. "I always knew you were a pervert..." she continued as her hands made their way lower, tugging at the waistband of his boxers.
"I'm a pervert?" he whispered back, grabbing her hands and pulling them away with a teasing grin of his own. "And who was it that wasn't wearing underwear the day we met, hm?" Before she could answer, he pulled her into a tight embrace, his mouth meeting hers yet again. Asuka melted into his kiss, retaining enough control to pull his shirt off. Shinji gasped at the feeling of her rock-hard nipples scraping across his bare chest, the small sound echoed a moment later by his partner. The two young lovers stayed there for a long moment, both of them ready for more, but neither wanting to be the one to break the embrace. Eventually, though, Asuka felt the need to come up for air and broke the kiss, reaching again for the prominent bulge in Shinji's shorts. Shinji reached out to intercept her once again. To her questioning look, he replied, "Now now, just wait a minute. I'll show you mine..." he reached out to caress her cheek as he finished, "if you show me yours..."
Asuka nodded. "That seems fair," she agreed. "You first." Chuckling slightly, Shinji nodded and stood up, sliding his boxers to the floor as he did so. The redhead could only stare in awe. *!* was her only thought, the sight of his stiff, five inch tool causing her pulse to start racing and juices to begin flowing. She reached out a tentative hand to touch it, then hesitated. Shinji's encouraging smile was enough to reassure her, and she slowly wrapped her hand around it and squeezed gently, causing Shinji to moan in ecstasy. "You like that?" she teased, stroking up and down his length.
"Like it? Oh GOD yes!" Shinji gasped as she began to pump him. The feel of her fingers on his shaft was literally intoxicating to the young teen. He closed his eyes and sighed in bliss as her movements gained confidence. All too soon, however, he began to feel a familiar pressure building up in his balls. "Asuka..." he moaned, trying desperately to hold back. "I... I'm gonna..."
At the sound of these words, Asuka hesitated momentarily, her memory flashing back to the descriptions given by her college roommates, who had been much older and more experienced. She knew what was about to happen, and she didn't want it to make a mess. Her mind raced through several options, then settled on one in particular. Wasting no time, the redhead opened her mouth and wrapped it around his tip. She wasn't exactly sure about this, as she wasn't sure just when he'd last washed, but the girls at school had said guys loved this, so she was willing to give it a try.
Shinji's eyes shot open as he felt her mouth on him. "Asuka, you don't have to..." was all he had time to say before he lost all control. His hips bucked sharply, and he cried out as he released his load.
At the first taste of his semen, Asuka pulled back in surprise. Her inital reaction was one of disgust, but as the taste of him registered, she realized something. *The girls at school said it was nasty,* she thought to herself, *but it's really not that bad..." Licking the remnants off her face, she pulled him back into her mouth and ran her tongue along his length, cleaning him thoroughly and making him shudder in ecstasy. The knowledge that she'd given him pleasure caused a warm glow of happiness to fill her, as well as to produce a warm tingle between her thighs. Releasing his cock from her mouth, she stood up and wrapped her arms around him. "Did you like that, Shinji?" she whispered in his ear.
Shinji nodded. "You bet I did," he murmured back. Returning her embrace, he slowly sank down to the bed, pinning her underneath him. Asuka quivered as he ran his lips down her neck to the base of her throat. The unfamiliar sensation of being pinned under him, of reliquishing control to another person, was exciting the normally dominant Asuma to no end. She moaned as he took her nipple into his mouth and ran his tongue around it, sucking and flicking at the sensitive knob of flesh. As his fingers slipped under the waistband of her shorts, he ceased his attack on her breasts to whisper softly in her ear. "It's your turn now..."

Asuka moaned softly. "Go ahead..." she murmured, blushing prettily as she did so. Ever so slowly, Shinji began sliding her boxers down her legs, drinking in the sight of her body being revealed, inch by inch. Her bright red pubic hair, the same shade as that on her head, came slowly into view, and it was all the young teen could do not to forcefully rip her underwear off her. As he slipped the garment off her legs, she blushed even more brightly, clamping her legs shut and looking away from him. "Please be gentle..." she begged, her eyes closed in anticipation.
Shinji nodded and reached up to cup her cheek softly. "Don't worry, Asuka. I'd never do anything to hurt you," he promised. A tear of joy ran down her cheek as she smiled nervously at him. His other hand squeezed her breast softly, then began to trail down her belly. Nudging her legs apart, he placed his palm over her mound and pressed down gently.
Asuka gasped at the sensation. Arching her hips slightly, she was rewarded by a feeling of intense pleasure, like nothing she'd ever experienced. Sure, she'd masturbated before, but this was different somehow, the sensation of another person doing it to her adding to the experience, magnifying the pleasure. Seeing that she enjoyed his *ahem* 'handiwork', Shinji decided to up the ante, pressing a bit more firmly, and moving his palm in circles around her mound. The effect was immediate. Asuka's hips bucked sharply, and she bit off a cry as the movement stimulated her clit directly. As he began useing his other hand to attack her nipples, first flicking with his fingers, then pinching lightly and repeating the process on its twin, she lost all control. Surrendering fully to his ministrations, Asuka lost all semblance of dominance and started squirming wildly. "Please, don't stop..." she begged, desparation evident in her tone.
"Don't stop? Now why would I do that?" Shinji teased, slowing down dramatically as he did so, then abandoning her breasts to spread her legs wide. Running a finger across her puffy, wet outer lips produced the loudest moan yet from the redhead, only to be replaced with a groan of frustration as he stopped completely. "Do you want more?" he teased, knowing full well what the answer would be.
"Y... yes..." came the frantic response.
"Then tell me..." he whispered, tracing slowly up her lips to barely flick her hardened clit before stopping again. Asuka groaned and tried to bring her own hands down to touch herself, but Shinji intercepted them with his free hand and pinned them down above her head, producing a whimper from the overstimulated young girl. "None of that, now," he smirked as he continued to tease her. "Just tell me what you want, and I'll give it to you..."
Asuka's willpower didn't last long. The feeling of submissivness, of surrendering control to him was something she'd never dreamed of, and what was worse, she liked it. A lot. "I... I want you to touch me, Shinji," she begged. "Make me... make me come..." This was what the teenage boy had been waiting for. Using the same technique that Misato had taught him, he slid first one, then two fingers inside her and began pumping slowly in and out. Asuka cried out in pleasure and began bucking her hips, trying desperately to increase the pace of his thrusts. She let out a quiet shriek as every muscle in her body contracted at once, her orgasm more powerful that any she'd ever had at her own hands. As she slowly came back to reality, she felt his fingers slide out of her, leaving a curiously empty sensation in their wake.
Shinji lay down on the bed next to her. "Not bad for such a baka, huh?" he teased, wrapping his arms around her and pulling her into a passionate kiss. As they parted, Asuka noticed his renewed erection stirring against her leg. Shinji noticed her noticing, and both lovers blushed slightly, unsure of just where things were headed next. Surprisingly enough, it was Shinji who made the first move. Gazing into Asuka's beautiful blue eyes, he smiled at her. "It's your call, Asuka. Do you want to go through with this?" he asked gently. "If you'd rather not, I understand..."
Asuka smiled back. "Anta baka..." she whispered, tears of happiness glistening in her eyes. "Of course I want you to. Just... just be gentle, OK? I've heard the first time hurts a lot..." she trailed off.
"Don't worry," he soothed, caressing her hair. "I'd never hurt you, Asuka. Never." Their eyes met as he finished his statement, saying three simple words he'd been waiting forever to say. "I love you..."
Asuka lay there, stunned beyond words. "You... love me?" she whispered incredulously, blinking away a sudden surge of tears. "No one's told me that since... since Mother..." Smiling through her tears, she sniffled and pulled him into a tight embrace, as though afraid to let him go. Shinji held her close as the emotional storm passed, and after a few minutes, she pulled back and smiled at him. "Shinji?" she whispered.
"What?" came his response.
"I need you," she said softly, rolling onto her back and pulling him atop her. "Make love to me, Shinji. Please..." Shinji's dick stiffened immediately at her words. Poising himself at her entrance, he hesitated, making sure she was ready for him. Asuka nodded and closed her eyes. Very slowly, so as not to cause her any undue pain, he began pushing his way in, an inch at a time. Asuka stiffened, the feeling of something so big inside of her was different, almost painful, but felt good as well. Fortunately, her hymen was already broken, the training for the Evangelions had been active enough to see to that. Still, it was different than anything she'd ever known. As he finally buried his full length inside her, she let out a sigh of relief. *Thank God he's not huge,* she thought to herself. *I don't know if I could take much more...* Her train of thought was interrupted as Shinji began to slowly withdraw, the movement bringing his groin in contact with her clit, sending a shiver of pleasure through her.
"Are you all right?" he asked, concern clear in his eyes. Asuka only smiled, letting her actions speak for her. She raised her hips to meet his, driving him deep inside her in the process. Taking this as a sign to continue, he began moving his hips in time with hers, sliding slowly out of her before pushing back in. The two lovers slowly sped up their pace, getting faster and faster, his thrusts getting harder and more forceful until he was fairly driving in and out of her. The slapping sounds of good wet sex filled the room, joined by Shinji's moans and Asuka's soft cries. It didn't take long for the pair to reach their limit.
"Asuka, I... I'm gonna come..."
"Me... AAH! Me too, Shinji..."
"NGGAAH!" Shinji grunted as he went over the edge, his dick twitching inside her, sending load after load of semen into her depths. Asuka was mere seconds behind, as the feel of his cock pulsing inside her triggered her own orgasm. With a loud scream, she clamped her legs around his waist as her internal muscles squeezed every last drop out of him. Completely spent, Shinji collapsed atop her, and they simply lay there for a few moments, exhausted. As soon as he could muster the energy to do so, Shinji rolled off of her to lay by her side. Asuka let out a small *eep* as she felt him pull out of her, then turned to wrap him in a loving embrace.
"That was... that was incredible, Shinji," she whispered. "I feel so warm in your arms, so safe..."
Shinji smiled at her. "For me too, Asuka." he said softly. Taking her hand in his, he pressed it to his lips before continuing. "I just want you to know that, no matter what happens to us, or what mistakes you may make, you'll always be the best to me..."
Asuka's eyes glistened with tears at his simple declaration. "Thank you..." was all she could say, her gratitude too great to be put into words. She yawned suddenly, the exertion of before quickly catching up to her.
Shinji yawned as well, a powerfull need for sleep coming over him. Rolling over to grab his SDAT from the bedside table, he placed the headphones in his ears and gave Asuka a tender kiss on the forehead. "Sweet dreams, Asuka," he whispered. Before he could close his eyes, she interrupted, raising a hand to his head.
"Shinji?" she asked softly. "Could I..." Realizing what she meant, Shinji nodded and pulled out the left earbud, placing it in her ear so that she could share the music with him. As the tape's 26th track began to play, Asuka snuggled into Shinji's arms and whispered softly, "Good night, Shinji. I love you..."
And with that, Asuka Langley Sorhyu fell asleep, cradled safely in her lover's embrace.

A Parting Shot

Well, another one of my brilliant ideas bites the dust. Though I must admit, I was heavily influenced by another wonderful Eva lemon I've read: "Body Heat", by Axel Terizaki and Disaster. Credit where it's due, and all that crap. Seriously though, it's probably the best Eva fic I've ever read (besides my own, of course!) You know what they say, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery!
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